Saturday, March 31, 2007


Hmmm, for the first time in 3 and a half years, I'm not racing around getting ready to go to Weight Watchers.... and I'm feeling weird... like.... what do I do now?
Still thinking of what to "replace" WW with, maybe a small informal group of friends who get together on a weekly basis to weigh and chat about our weeks' efforts? That one has been suggested by two lovely friends here, who also only go to WW once in a while... am scared actually, of having stopped going!

Scared of gaining again... scared of losing that contact with friends, like, were they only my friends on Saturday? I suppose I am going to find out eh? I textd my WW Leader, who's become a very good friend, to tell her I was giving up WW, and I havn't heard back from her... maybe she didn't get my text? Feeling let down.

I walked into town this morning, it took 45 minutes, met my WW buddy and we then walked to our usual coffee shop (another 20 minute walk) and were met by two other WW friends.. and we have decided to have an informal get together probably on a fortnightly basis, to weigh and yak... so we can support each other in the continued battle.
I also text'd my WW Leader again this morning, and will wait and see if she replies, if she doesn't, I shall ring her... cos her friendship is very important to me and I NEED TO KNOW why she hasn't replied... it is eating away at me! Maybe her phone ain't working? Usually she text's me a dozen times a week! Something ain't right there....

Stew and the kids are off over the ranges to Pahiatua, to watch a rugby game played by a team Mike is thinking of joining... so I'm off shopping!

We need another computer desk, for the dining room for me..... we already have TWO computer desks upstairs....but the boys use them, so I need one of my own! The two upstairs are mine too, but the boys want them! So, I'm outta here shopping...*BIG SMILE*

I have found a computer desk and bits that I quite like (in blue) and... a cute wee writing desk in recycled pine.... both would do fine... so am waiting till tomorrow when Stew can come look with me before I decide... pretty amazing for me actually, I am usually rip - shit and bust to get it RIGHT NOW! But I can't quite make up my mind, so another view will be good... can't wait till tomorrow now!

I got a quick text back from my WW Leader, she is going to ring me later.... waiting.....

Maybe she forgot? Feeling let down even more now. Am watching some idiot movie on the telly, might just go to bed.

Going to town tomorrow to decide on computer desk Vs. Writing Desk, till tomorrow... nite nite.


  1. wow...missed a few days and look what happens.

    Good on you, you've thought about it and you've made a decision. You know if you dont like it, you can always go back...remember that. But good for you...

    maybe the leader didnt know what to say? or maybe she'll wait til shes got time to see you...or thinking of a lovely text to write. or maybe she lost her phone? i've got a few shocking friends like that...they should never own a cellphone haha.

    you should find somethingggggg fun to do every saturday morning...something random and cool to its like a saturday morning tradition... of course i'm all out of ideas...

    maybe like aqua aerobics with friendS? or a tramp with friends? or ummmm coffee club or something similar..i dont know..whatever tickles ya fancy!!

    dont over think it....our brain can sometimes be our worst enemy..and sometimes our best friend!!

  2. Oh I hate it when you dont get a reply.. and you are left wondering if it has pissed them off or not...
    I think starting up a group one night a week to get together and chat and weigh in is an awesome idea...
    My little group here is very much like that..i wont say it is informal because we have a pledge (that was written over 50 yrs ago!) and then we have to have the minutes of the last meeting etc etc...
    But it is good as in we all follow our own thing for weightloss...
    Good luck with what you decide to do..
    I would miss my thurs nights also...
    So even when I get to goal and maintaining i am still going to be part of it...

  3. I understand your nervousness. But the important thing to remember is ... you know this, you know what you're supposed to be doing.

    I think a small amount of fear is probably a good thing, it will stop you going wrong. Make sure you weigh yourself at certain intervals and keep doing that. I think that's some of where I went wrong. I didn't want to know what the scales said and chose not to find out and before I knew it ... well the rest is history

  4. It might stay scary for a while, but you'll settle into a new routine. WW was only part of losing weight - most of it came from you, anyway!

  5. Don't feel let down. Making a change is always a little awkward. Your friend-gathering idea sounds fantastic. You could even have it focused around a group-walk or something as well. Shift the focus away from food and the numbers on the scale. The real reason to lose weight is for yourself, and no scale is going to give you that. Find the balance between it.

    Remember that your weight is a side effect of how you live. That's it. So make this about your life, the rest will follow - I promise.

  6. Some great support/ suggestions in the comments. Sue summed it up for me in her comment.

    Was a great catch up:) LOL - 4.30 and I've just got home!!

  7. Just letting you know I am back journalling again. Not so much about weight loss but everything.

    Cheers Jaxx (Hippygal)

  8. With your success, you should BE a WW leader! Seriously.:-)

    Don't feel like you've lost your footing without WW - getting together informally with other mates is a great idea.

  9. Hi Chris! I'm new to your blog and just wanted to comment on your last post (though I read through several other posts of yours - my what BEAUTIFUL kids you have!!!). I remember making the decision to stop with WW too, only I didn't really have good friends that I made from my meetings so I pretty much lost my support system. I know it's hard at first - even when you feel you aren't getting something out of it, you still have a normal "routine" in going there and this is certainly a change for you! I am really glad you have your support friends still and I really hope that your friend/WW leader gets in touch with you - I agree that perhaps she just doesn't know what to say right now. And I love the idea of making a "new" tradition for yourself to replace the meeting time!

    It's wonderful to "meet" people like you here in blogland, you have come so far and whether you feel it or not you are definitely an inspiration!!


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