Wednesday, March 31, 2021


Last night before I went out to Card night, I washed me hair.

I was like, hmmm... wonder if I can make it look as nice as the hairdresser?

Cos we all know most of the time we CAN'T.  

ABOVE:  Well... it's not exactly like how the hairdresser did it, but it's still OK eh.  I'm still very happy with it.

Now, once I drag my sorry butt outta bed, I'm going to Chartwell Square.  I've got a couple of things to put in the post, and my favourite shop is starting to get in Winter stock.

I need some winter tops.  Badly!  I almost only ever wear black tights, and some sort of coloured top.  It's the tops I am lacking.

It's a false saving when you buy cheap tops and they only look good for a season.  I'm gunna get 2-3 GOOD tops, that will last a few years.

When I get home, I will suss out the rest of my day.

All going well... there will be another trip over to Cambridge tonight for an FBG walk, but that will all depend on the weather.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


 Most days I come on here and pretty much have an agenda for my day.

And sometimes that works, and I actually do what I planned on doing.

And some days, like yesterday, I end up doing nothing I planned on doing!

So, I have to STOP saying what I've planned on doing !  It doesn't always happen.

So... leading into today... I have no plans!

Except I have Card Night again tonight.

Yes, we only had it last week, but we are just getting back into the 'correct' rotation.  

I've gotta go as I have the winner's trophy.

We are expecting wet weather again today, so it's back to doing this:

ABOVE:  Drying racks in the sunroom.  Gosh we are so lucky to have this bonus space in our home.

It might take a bit longer to dry in here, but at least I'm not throwing it all in the dryer.

I only use the clothes dryer when I absolutely have to... and to air things like the towels.

ABOVE:  The girls begging for scraps of pork from Steve.  He spoils them.

And that is me for now.  As I said, I've no plans.

I will do what I do, when I feel like it basically.

Might sew.  Might shop.  Might do me jig saw.

AND.... finally for now:

ABOVE:  Just  a happy thought for the day.


Monday, March 29, 2021


 It was such a busy day yesterday, we had kids visiting all weekend.

And OMG they are so loud!  And hungry.  And busy. EXHAUSTING!  But so much fun.

I got some really 'lovely' photos of Liam:

ABOVE:  All I asked for was ONE nice smile!!!  Nope.  This is what I got.  Little shit.

He's a bit of a hard case.  Oh and he'd been eating chocolate donuts, hence the chocolate face.

Then I glanced over at what the girls were doing:

ABOVE:  Not quite what I envisioned that gap being used for... but whatever floats ya boat!  The girls were happy, can't imagine they were comfortable though.

Kids eh?

Today will be my 'normal' Monday.  It's the day I get all the housework done.  Washing. Tidying up. Cleaning, bla bla bla.

I'm also going out to a couple of plant nursery's, to suss out some shrubs for a big gap in the garden, down where the dogs run is.

We were going to put a couple of feijoa trees in there, but I've changed my mind. 

Steve and Bex have two or three HUGE feijoa trees that we can get fruit off, so no point us growing them as well.

The other thing on my agenda today is planning my next couple of Table Runners.  I want them to be FUN!  So I will probably spend some time looking at ideas on Pinterest, Google Images etc.


Sunday, March 28, 2021


Today is gunna just be a low key day.

We will probably visit a playground so Keera can have a play around, then go somewhere for an ice cream.

If Steve and Bex are around we can drag them along too.

Brylee is visiting so she can spend some time with her little sister too.

I have bitten the bullet and started making enquiries about Markets towards the end of the year.

I know I definitely have three lined up... but will want a few more for sure.

Bex did very well at her market yesterday, and it got me feeling like I would like to do some again.  Not for the money, more for the social side, I love meeting people!  Having them buy something I've made, because they love it, is just lovely too of course.

But NOT over winter.  OMG I simply cannot handle the cold.

This coming week I will head back into my sewing room and make a start on a few more table runners.  Not sure what sort yet... but they will be cheerful and colourful!  I don't really know how to do any other sort.  😂😊😏

Maybe a few more of those Gnome ones too... cos they are just gorgeous and make me smile.

I'm NEVER making any that don't make me smile.  Ya gotta enjoy what you are doing if at all possible.

AND that is why I shall probably never do any more 'outside' the home jobs!  

Life is just too damn short to be unhappy in what you are doing.  I love being at home, pottering around, sewing, painting, making my home a place for family to enjoy visiting, and where Stew and I feel happy and safe.

Right, I'm off to have breakfast with Lacy and Keera, and start the day.

1 pm:  and we have had a really wonderful morning. Because the weather was rather iffy, we ended up taking Keera to an indoor playground at The Base.  Steve and Bex brought their boys along too.
Rather an expensive expedition, but the kids did love it:

ABOVE:  Lots of happy faces.
And parents enjoying 'time out' from entertaining them.

After a good two hours, we came home and I fed the masses.  Sausages on bread, sausage rolls, hash browns,  hot cross buns, fruit, peanuts and juice.  


I'm gunna relax till the next round arrive.  

ABOVE: The next lot arrived, so they are playing happily.  

A couple more hours until all is quiet here again.

Well... it's the end of a busy but delightful weekend.  Time to hunker down for the evening and look forward to a normal week ahead.

Saturday, March 27, 2021



Recently I was accused of theft.

By a family member, who has now deleted themselves from my life.

Because ... when I was in Australia caring for my dying mother, I had the opportunity to TAKE Mum's stuff?  Send it home to myself?  IN other words, steal it? ! !

Now obviously, I didn't and can prove it.  But it leads me into what I'm going to talk about today.

My Mum didn't live long enough, once I arrived at her home, for her to go through all her personal possessions (china, linen etc) and say who got what once she had died.  I was supposed to help her do all that.

SO.... here I am, looking around my house at all my possessions.  And I'm thinking... HOW SOON IS TOO SOON to start putting names on all my stuff?

I want to make sure all the major items (China and paintings, jewellery etc) goes to who I want to have them.

I'm 62, could live another 20+ years, or I could get run over by a bus tomorrow.

ABOVE:  Yesterday I decided to make a start.  I've named each shelf of china in the cabinets with a person's name. And I've got 'THE BOOK', with paintings and names of who gets them.

There is HEAPS more stuff I can put names on yet!

LOL, Stew said "What do I get?".  I told him everything if I go before him, but he will have 'THE BOOK' as a guide to help him.

My master plan is to start giving all my shit away to the kids when I get to 75-80, before I kick the bucket.

My Mum's Mum (so my Maternal Grandmother) had 'THE BOOK' too, that's where I got the idea from btw.

Has anyone else given this any serious thought, or am I just weird?  Is it morbid?  

I just don't want there to be any doubt over who gets what.  I don't want any wars. I don't want to leave it too late like my Mum.  I don't want anyone accused of theft either.  It's not very nice.

So next subject, today I am going to enjoy having kids over.  Bex is doing a market, and Steve is working.  Which means we will have the little boys, plus Lacy and Keera, so fun and games ahead.  

And no doubt lunch out at the mall, cos the little kids love that.

Friday, March 26, 2021


 I'm planning on having a really quiet day today.

Just pottering around the house.

There's a little bit of tidying up to do in the garage, so I'll get that done first thing.

Then I might do some of my jig saw puzzle.

It's going to take me WEEKS to get it done!

The Grey Cat.  There's this freakin' grey tabby cat that is constantly on our property.  It sits on the fence and annoys the dogs, and I've seen it sitting on the little bridge over the pond.

I'm starting to think it's responsible for a few dead fish.

Does anyone know how I can 'encourage' it to PISS OFF? 

The only thing I can think of is sitting out there with the hose ... ready to spray it?

ABOVE: This is so damn true!

I never realised just how OFTEN I rang and chatted with me Mum and visa versa,  until I couldn't ever again.  It still hurts like mad.

I often feel at an utter loss when I can't talk to her about what's going on in our lives.  She was always my sounding board, my confidante and my staunchest supporter, (along with Stew).

It is five and a half months since she left us, I can't get over how quickly that time has gone!

It's going to be a very long time before I stop reaching for my phone to ring her.

Moving on... because anyone who's lost a family member knows you have to... I shall get outta bed in an hour or so, and make a start on my day.

My hair this morning.... not so pretty!
A side part means I have hair falling all over my face, which I loathe.  So, I've tied it back in a low ponytail.
The high bun has to be given a rest, cos it's causing thinning on the top of me head!
I think now that it's getting cooler I will wear it out more often, cos it did look rather nice.

Right, I'm off to put the washing away, tidy the garage then puzzle I think.

3.20 pm: And it's been quiet here.  I got all me jobs done.
I did some puzzling.
I had lunch then watched a crime programme on TV.
Very mundane day really.

Now though, I've got a headache.  Probably from looking at little pieces of puzzles eh?  So might take a panadol and try to sleep it off.

ABOVE:  Well me damn headache did not go away.  It's been with me all day in fact.  My head really hurts. Part of that is from the hairdressers yesterday I'm sure, parts of my scalp are quite sore.
I'm so damn sick of having headaches!  I REALLY, REALLY hope that in a few months my stress levels will be so much lower, and the headaches stop.

And now... I'm gunna bugger off and spend the evening watching mindless TV.  And keep away from the lollies!  No more dry horrors all night from high blood sugar thanks.  😆

Thursday, March 25, 2021


 Yesterday I got some new Tupperware delivered.

NOT that I actually needed any new Tupperware!

But, a friend's daughter sells it, and a week or two ago she needed to make some sales to get her over a specific target, so I bought some.

ABOVE: The pink containers are for storing stuff in the freezer or fridge.  The blue ones are for reheating stuff in the microwave, and I just love the new measuring jug.

Today I'm going to dedicate a couple of hours to re-organising the contents of my pantry, and sorting through all my plastic ware.

I'm sure I could be using more of it, instead of having it all in a cupboard in the garage!

Yeah.  I've got HUNDREDS of dollars worth of Tupperware in the garage.  Doing nothing.  

I used to sell Tupperware back in the day, hence me having quite a bit of it.

ABOVE:  Last night's walk photo.  I look like a right dick!  I think I was trying to see over the tarts in front of me.  😂😅😆  I look tired, and we were only half way through the freakin' walk.  

Gosh I have missed these girls so much. So, so happy I'm getting back over there to walk with them all again.

Even though I HATE WALKING.

OMG!  I just remembered!  I have a hair appointment this morning. 11.30 to be exact.

It's probably going to take a good 3+ hours to do my hair.  *sigh*  So, I better have a good breakfast, or I'll be friggin starving by the time I get out of there.

ABOVE:  TOTALLY how I'm feeling today.  Such an excellent feeling.  Sorry peeps, that's a 'family only knows' comment.  But just know I'm happy today.

Right, I've gathered up all the Tupperware and plastics and now... sorting!
I have a feeling I will be giving a lot away.

10 am:  And I've got all the Tupperware not in regular use on the kitchen bench.
The bowls will go back in the cupboard, cos I do use them a lot.
As for the rest?
Well I will have to start putting shit in them, and using them!
I've got a lot of baking ingredients in one REALLY BIG box in the bottom of the pantry.

This afternoon I will sort that lot out and put them into Tupperware containers.  I really should not just let them sit in a cupboard in the garage... right?

Ummmm... who NEEDS 5 Jel Rings?  Really?  FIVE?  I only NEED 2.

I wonder if Bex wants one?  Amanda?  Joyce? Can't see Lacy using one, but miracles could happen.  😉😆

I'm stopping for now.  I don't want to get more involved in filling containers and so on before I have to head off to the hair salon.

Oh ... I'm quite excited about getting my hair done again!  
I've gone REALLY GREY around me edges in the past few months.  I know why of course.  


I blame so many bastards for that, it wasn't JUST me Mum dying.  It was all the shit that followed that sad event... plus a couple of other stressors.  BASTARDS. That's all I can say on it, I've been subjected to SO MUCH FRIGGIN' STRESS ... sometimes I wonder why the hell I've not had a heart attack or stroke!

I've done everything I can to lower my stress levels lately, as you know.  Closed me shop.  No markets.  Not worrying about things I can't change.

Focus on only ONE thing at a time... and only things I can do something about.  Stew has been WONDERFUL, taking care of me so well.  
I hope I take care of him too.

Darling, I love you so, so much.  You are my  EVERYTHING.

And ummm, how did I get here from plastics and grey hair????  😂😄😋

Better go and tidy myself up... and have something to eat.
ABOVE: An hour and 47 minutes later... all the foils are in. Now I sit and wait between 40 and 50 minutes until it's ready to be washed off. I'm ROASTING under this plastic cape. 
The things we do for vanity. 🥴🙄😝

And it is now 4.05 pm, and I've just got home from the hair salon.  4.5 hours sitting.  Not the most comfortable way to spend half ya day, but oh well....  here's the result:

ABOVE:  I had a good amount taken off the length, and some shaping around the face.  Then the hairdresser gave it a bit of curl.  I like it a lot.
Not practical for when I'm scrubbing the floors etc, but nice to wear out sometimes.

So, after having an incredibly late lunch (after 4pm), I finished off the pantry and sorting out the Tupperware.
Then Stew got home and took me and my beautiful hairdo out to dinner!   

We went to Foundation at The Base, and just shared a pizza and wedges.  
It was nice and quiet there tonight, which was good as I have a bit of an headache.

Now that we are home, we shall just chill out till bedtime.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021


 My new puzzle is a BEAST!

It's gunna take me forever ... it's the biggest I've ever taken on, and it's just so difficult!

But, I'm loving it.

I'm so glad there are 'shelves' in the puzzle, it means at least you can section things off.

I'm having to use the picture to figure out where pieces go, there is NO WAY I could do this one without using the picture for help.

I've no housework today. The washing is all done for the next week, no bugger lives here who leaves shit lying around, it's wonderful.  😃😇😆

NOT that Brylee did that, I'm just remembering what it was like with lots of kids at home. CHAOS comes to mind.

I've told Brylee she can move home if she wants, if she's ever not happy where she is.

That's me.... always got the door open, even if it's just a crack!  FOR SOME, not all!  Let's not get carried away here.

I've had no more disturbing 'front door' episodes.  I'm still a little perturbed by it, but well... nothing came of it, so I should not worry really.

ABOVE:  I often forget to post our Card Night Winner/Loser photo... here's last night's one.

Right, that's me for now.  Catch ya later.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021


 Can you see what's new in me fridge?

ABOVE:  I bought something different yesterday.

Felt like a change.  But not too much of a change.

NEXT:  If ya don't have something like this, you really should!

ABOVE:  This kitchen gadget is a game changer!

I love it to bits.  It chops up my veges, onions, eggs etc quick smart! 

I got it from Farmers from memory.  

I had my salad ingredients all chopped up in like, three minutes last night.

I'm sure there are several versions of it out there, mine is an OXO.  

Now, back to today.  I have no firm plans.  If I feel like it, I'll strip some paper off the walls.

Or I might sew or... do me latest jig saw.  I'm still sorting out the pieces into colours, edges etc.

Oh, and me laundry is a bit of a mess, so I shall spend some time tidying that up too.

SO.... anyone who thinks that bottle of WATER has anything to do with ME needs to go see their Doctor, cos clearly they be losing their minds!

The different thing is NO SUGAR Coke!
I tried it while I was stuck in Quarantine, and quite liked it.
So, I'm going to have it for a change.  NOT all the time, but just when I'm like, a bit over Diet Coke.
Which does happen!  

ABOVE:  Last night's dinner.
A Pasta 'n' Prawn salad, with a Garlic 'n' Cheese pastry roll up on the side.

I was tidying up the freezer yesterday and realised we had A LOT of pastry sheets.
So, I thought of a way to use some up.

Instead of garlic bread, I tried putting garlic butter and cheese on a pastry sheet, rolling it up and baking it.  And OMG!  Delicious.  I will definitely be doing that again.

Tonight is card night, so I've put a Pea and Bacon soup on in the Crock Pot (Slow cooker), and I'll leave a couple of Garlic 'n' Cheese Pastry roll ups ready for Stew to bang in the oven when he gets home from work.

Feeling pretty good today.  Thank goodness.  Some days I just wake up, think about life and just wanna stay in bed. 

BUT NOT TODAY.  I'm gunna go tidy up me laundry, then who knows.

12.15 pm:  Well all me jobs are done.  And now, I'm listening to a true crime doco on TV while doing this:

ABOVE:  I'm using my new puzzle board for the first time.  It's damn neat.  This puzzle is going to be very challenging!  So many of the pieces are a similar colour!  Yikes.  

This afternoon I finally got to visit Lacy's home.
She's got a cabin on a farm, not far out of Hamilton.

ABOVE:  Her cabin... it's quite a good size and very comfortable.

ABOVE:  A couple of her 'flat mates'... beautiful bulls.  

ABOVE:  I think for the first time in quite a while, Lacy is settled and happy.  
Even I liked this place.
I would happily live here too.

So I'm home again now (2.15 pm), and am going to keep working on me puzzle. 

Stew won't be having his dinner on his own now.  Brylee read about what's on the menu and she's coming over for dinner now!
She absolutely LOVES my Pea 'n' Bacon Bone soup.

10.13 pm:  And I'm home from Cambridge.  It was a very enjoyable evening... we played Gin for a change.  I'd never played 'Gin' before, so was surprised to find it was just another name for 14, which I can play.
I won tonight.

Home and just chilling out now till I'm ready for bed.  Which will no doubt be in about an hour.

Monday, March 22, 2021


 Got a list of things I want to get done today.

1.  Make a hair appointment.  I'm two months overdue for a colour and cut. Can't.  They are closed on a Monday.

2.  Get the washing done. That's on.

3. Move the shelving unit from Bedroom #1 to Bedroom #2.  10.30 am:  DONE

4. Strip wallpaper in the front door area, and maybe the remainder of the dining room and kitchen.  Meh. Maybe not today.

5. Check I didn't kill the fish! All alive, for now!

Yeah... last night I filled the pond.  It was quite low.  Instead of filling buckets and adding the de-chlorination drops into the bucket, before adding it to the pond, which takes ages... I just put the hose in the pond and added drops every now and then. 

I figured it would 'mix' in the same... right?  

Well... if there's some floaters this morning, I will know I probably shouldn't have done it like that!


Lacy is coming to help with the paper stripping again... thank goodness.  We get heaps done as a team.

And that's me for now.  I'll be back later.

9.30 am:  Lacy is here, and I'm already knackered from doing the basic housework.

Changed sheets, changed duvet cover, tidied house, got washing on etc.

LOL... then Lacy left and I carried on with a couple of smaller jobs.  
And then... Bex arrived.  So we sat and yakked for a while, then she left.
And now... I'm going to the supermarket for the week's groceries.

Wallpaper stripping can wait.  I'm not in the mood now.

Worth noting... we have no dead fish.  YET.

1.48 pm:  And the shopping is done, unpacked and put away.  And my back is fair killing me.
Time to relax, put me feet up and do nothing for a  while.

I had the MOST weird experience this afternoon!
I was sitting in the family room, minding my own business when I heard the front door open and close.
The dogs went nuts, running and barking like mad to the front door.
I got up, thinking "Who is that coming in?"...

I thought it must be Bex or Brylee, cos they have front door keys.  But no.
There is no one there!

But the key is rocking in the door.  So I look outside, and inside.  No one.

OMG.  The key is still rocking after TEN MINUTES!  I just stand there looking at it.  

ROCKING.  Back and forth, back and forth.

I check for a draft.  Nope.

I go back to my chair.  Sit there for 30 minutes and go check that freaking key again.  

STILL AS, no longer rocking.

So.  Who the fuck opened the door, shut it and disappeared in like, 10 seconds????????


I just told Stew about it now that he's home.  He's no idea either.

I think we have a ghost.  A smart arse ghost.  Cos I've had that happen before in this house.

BEC:  The door WAS locked!!!

Anyone worried about Ron over in NSW, Australia in relation to the flooding.  He is on HIGH ground, so very safe from flooding.  Though I do worry about slips because he's on a ridge.  But he assures me he's safe.

9.54 pm:  First time in forever, TV tonight was hysterical.  We watched a Billy Connolly special.  I haven't laughed that much in many months.
Time to sign off for the day, catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, March 21, 2021


 Photos from last night:

ABOVE:  Jacqui's party was held at Miss Gees, a small, intimate nightclub down at the waterfront in central Tauranga.  It was very nice.

ABOVE:  Looking towards the port... it was a lovely view with all the lights from the Mount showing through the bridge.

ABOVE:  A nice view of the inner harbour from the city.  

It was quite cold last night!  A very fresh breeze coming off the water.  I was worried I'd be too hot, but nope.  I actually got cold!

ABOVE:  Miss Gees is known for amazing cocktails.  This was Jacqui's Gin and tonic... I was quite surprised at the amount of fruit and flowers there was in her glass!  Why???  Ya want a drink, not a flower arrangement!  😃😂😅

Sooooo... anyway.  We both had a lovely time.

This morning we will be popping over to Martyn and Jacqui's to drop off her birthday present (today is her actual birthday), then our plans for the rest of the day are up in the air.

We might go for a walk around the base of Mount Maunganui, followed by an ice cream.

Dunno yet.  


ABOVE: Well..  we decided to drive over to Tirau for lunch at our favorite eatery there. 
We ordered lunch.. our order number is ... 22.
Today is the 21st of March. The 22nd Anniversary of my brother Vern's death.
Coincidence??? 😔🙄

ABOVE:  I just love the rocky hills all around the Kaimai's and Hinuera.  

ABOVE: Once upon a time you would see flocks of sheep EVERYWHERE.  Now?  Not so much.
This lot were at the bottom of the Kaimai's.

ABOVE:  The iconic little red brick house also at the bottom of the Kaimai's.  I can remember seeing this house when I was just a little child.

ABOVE:  I have to say it, this used to be my favourite interior 'bits n bobs' shop.   But today we walked through it and just thought... "Bloody hell they have bumped up the prices!".  AND there was nothing that screamed 'BUY ME'.  
I am in a de-cluttering mood, so buying anything unnecessary is off my list of things to do.

ABOVE:  I mentioned being interested in getting a caravan eh?
So for the hell of it we drove from Tirau to Ohaupo, where we knew there was a Caravan Yard.
Most disappointing.
It had very few caravans, and what he did have were old and OMG grossly overpriced.
Like ridiculous prices.

We didn't even look in any.  Just not worth the effort.

ABOVE:  It is gorgeous countryside between Ohaupo and Hamilton though.  

Now that we are home, we've unpacked and settled down for a quiet afternoon.  

8.34 pm: Well happy to say I stacked a few Zzzz's this afternoon.  And then Stew cooked our dinner, which was wonderful.
Now Brylee is visiting, and we are all watching the TV.
Catch ya tomorrow.