Saturday, August 08, 2020


 Well... there's a few things on our list to do this weekend.

I'm going to get Stew to put another shelf up on the wall in the drying room... instead of having a 'photo' wall for patchwork things.

I noticed some big metal loop thingees in the garage yesterday, obviously put there by previous owners.

I reckon I can put curtain wire from one loop to the other, end to end of the garage, and use that to hang things off to photograph.

That will give me the space in the drying room for another shelf on the wall for drying paintings.

Steve is busy today, so won't be over with the other shelving till tomorrow.

So that gives us time to do the shelf on the wall.

I WAS thinking of perhaps making some fabric masks, just for us.  But Stew brought home a lot of masks for us to use yesterday, so I'm not going to now.

As for making them for sale?  Yeah, I'm not sold on that idea at all. There's going to be a glut of masks on the market, now that the Health Department has recommended everyone has them IN CASE we need to wear them.  I am sure there will be plenty of sewers out there who will jump on that particular band wagon.

I don't want to be one of them!  That would take all the love out of my sewing to be honest.  I sew because I love being creative 'that way', not just to churn out products for profit.  

I just like my sewing to pay for itself, and give me enough cash to continue doing what I love.  End of Story.

Same with the paintings too... if it becomes a 'job'... I ain't gunna do it!

Life at this point (for me) is about doing things that I love.  Being with people who I love, and who love me.   OK. OK... they just need to like me really. 


My little shop is open today... so I'm home till mid afternoon.

Stew has a few things to get out and about, darned if I can remember what they are. One is a new light/light fitting for the pantry... it died.

Typical.  Like all the lighting in this house.  We've had to replace it all.  I keep wondering what's next to cark it?

This house isn't even that old (is 23 old for a house?).  I think we were just a bit spoiled with our Cambridge home, and our Auckland home before that.  They were both relatively new when we bought them. (3-4 yrs old)

It's just as well we do LOVE this home!  We still feel it's perfect for us.

OK... enough blithering, I will get up and get on with the day.

Catch ya later.



I was reading/looking on Facebook last night at a post a person had put up ... it was an acrylic pour tutorial.

And I started reading the comments.  And I was really surprised to read that most of them were horrible, critical and downright rude.


If it had only been a couple of randoms saying that, I wouldn't have even been bothered by it.

But it was lots of people saying the same thing.  

"IT'S NOT ART.... anyone can throw paint on a canvas and call it ART !"

That really upset me.  I've watched HUNDREDS of hours of tutorials, I'm really GOOD with colour and have dabbled in 'art' for years.

Be it pottery or painting.  

True, I'm not an artist, I can't paint a landscape or portrait to save myself... but this IS another form of art surely?

ABOVE:  YES, I just threw the paint on!  But it was thought about, planned and executed with KNOWLEDGE of how it would come out.

I have not watched hundreds of hours of tutorials for NOTHING!

ABOVE:  Kaleidoscope #4.  I think it's gorgeous.  I was aiming for more brights in this one, and slightly less blue.  That worked.

What is your opinion on Acrylic Pour Paintings???  Are they ART?  Or just rubbish?   I want your honest opinion please. 

3.50 pm:  Stew and I went out for lunch.  And a quick stop at Spotlight.  For mask stuff.  YES... I decided to make ONE mask to see how it went, what it cost etc.

Even if I only make them for family, I think I can do that.  Maybe ???... orders from friends too.  We will see.

It was certainly not hard to do.  I bought pipe cleaners so the top can be fitted to ya nose, and elastic.  I was AMAZED there was any left in the shop to be honest.

Anyway... I digress... I just know you are dying to see the mask I made eh?  


ABOVE:  Stew was a willing model.  Note how high it goes on the nose?  I probably need to tweak that a bit... but I'll tell ya this.  If you put your glasses on TOP of the mask, you don't get fogged up glasses.

That's good.  This one was a 'Medium Adults' size, it fitted me too... so I'd say it's the standard size.

OH and these masks are made using two thicknesses of tight weave, 100% cotton fabric, and an ironed on interfacing in the middle.  Totally washable.

Just to be clear, I am not going to 'mass produce' these.  I'm not going to be left holding dozens of them,  if the population is told they are NOT compulsory!  Imagine that!  Hours put in, and they are never needed.  No thanks.

I'm taking a  break now.    

We have Emily and Liam arriving in the next hour, they are having a sleep over with us.  I hope they are quiet! I've got a bit of a headache.

ABOVE:  Well this little chap was easy to look after this evening!  He arrived, lay down and went to sleep within half an hour.  Emily is quiet too... she's arrived with a tummy bug.

Neither have any clothes either, just what they have on!  Whoops, bit of a muddle up there,  parents of said children?

So, they will probably have to sleep in their school uniform tops tonight.

All going well... they will be picked up tomorrow morning before Steve comes around.  He can't risk catching a tummy bug with his medical issues.

It's time to sign off ... ring me Mum for a chat then... bed.  There is bugger all on TV tonight.

Friday, August 07, 2020


Mum (The Old Moo) saw all the lovely comments you girls left yesterday, she was so chuffed she showed the ladies/nurses around her. 

As for how she's doing.... nothing happened yesterday.
Mum's in a holding pattern until the doctors can do biopsy's of the trouble spots.
They were going to do one yesterday, but had to put it off at the 11th hour due to an emergency, which bumped Mum down the list.. and then right off it.

So frustrating.  All the delays mean she's left waiting, dragging out the anxiety of not knowing what's 'wrong'.  And she's getting weaker of course, not being able to be active at all.  And worse, when she gets anxious, she vomits.  Lots of that happening.  Poor thing.

There is NOTHING we can do about it though, it is just how it is right now.
A grossly overworked, understaffed hospital, trying to do it's best for everyone.

I think it's the same everywhere.

So... moving on, trying to be positive.
I'm going to do a couple of smallish paintings this morning, before heading into town to meet up with Stew for some business, then lunch.

After that I am going to scout around and look for another set of shelves for The Drying Room.

ABOVE:  Full.  I want a set of shelves that will go to the right of the existing shelves, but it needs to be wider to accommodate larger canvas's.  Hopefully I find something.


Just heard from our son Steve.  He's got left over shelving from his Auckland home.  So yaaa!  I don't have to buy any after all.
He better be bringing  it around and setting it up like... YESTERDAY!  
Just joking Steve, you know me.  I always want it yesterday.

I'm about to start sorting out positions for the next canvas to dry on.  The single most important thing is that it's LEVEL.

Did I show you my little level?  

ABOVE:  it's rather cute.  And all mine.  I don't have to fossick  in the garage for Stew's big ones now.
And see those ice block sticks?  I have to use them to level up the paintings once they are done.
You only have to see all the paint run off the side of a painting ONCE to never want that to happen again!

Right... on with it...

12.40 pm:  And as can happen, I've changed my afternoon plans.
I really wanted to meet up with Stew too.
But I simply can't leave the painting I just did right now.
Because my painting table is NOT level, I have to constantly monitor the painting and it's run off... and make adjustments with the ice block sticks.
It's doing my head in actually.

I am going to ask Steve to work out how to make the table level so I don't have this happening after every single painting I do.

So I'm staying home and having baked beans on toast for me lunch.
How thrilling.

ABOVE: This was the 'before' photo of Kaleidoscope #3.
I'll show you how it ended up later, once it's settled down.

1.25 pm:  FINALLY.... 2 hours after I finished that painting, I've got it level and can relax a bit!
Now... the waiting game begins.
I've got about 10? paintings drying, and two almost ready for cleaning and varnishing.
Drying takes a full 3 weeks, so I'll be twiddling me thumbs till then.

2 pm:  Oh, I forgot to mention Lacy.  She arrived just as I was starting this painting, so she did the video and photographs for me.
I'm not putting the video on, it's just for my own reference.

ABOVE:  There is Kaleidoscope #3.  
Just so ya know... you cannot see the amazing detail from the photo!  Seriously.  It's amazing in real life.

11.35 pm:  It's been a quiet evening, just hanging out, watching TV and eating chinese takeaways for dinner.

Yakked to The Old Moo tonight.  Nothing will be happening with her re: Scans etc till early next week now.  Annoying.  

Thursday, August 06, 2020


So... yesterday's painting, Kaleidoscope #2 had to be tweaked.

This is the result:

ABOVE:  Sadly, the photos really don't do them justice.
Everyone who sees them 'in person' says the same thing.

I won't be making another one today as I've almost run out of shelves in  the Drying Room (formerly known as 'The Multi Purpose Room).  Gawd what a mouthful that was.  Much better just saying the Drying Room.

*** 😆😅😏 *** 

Now, a little update on The Old MOO.  She is still in hospital, still awaiting more tests/scans, and results.
She's had some pretty horrible days really.  Lost lots of weight, but NOT HER MARBLES.
She is being well cared for in Coffs Harbour Hospital, which is very comforting for me.
It's horrible being so far away from her, but even if I was there right now, I'd only be able to see her (at the most) every other day, as she's only allowed ONE visitor, once a day.
Thanks Covid-19.

So what am I doing today?  Well... me shop will be open so I might do some sewing.
And that's it for now.
Catch ya later on.


11.30 am:  It's damn quiet here.  Stew and Brylee are at work.  The dogs ain't talking to me.
No one in the shop.  Hardly anyone out walking.

I made an Owl:

ABOVE:  I used part of an old blanket on the front.  They are quite popular, soft toys made from old blankets for some reason.  I prefer the pretty fabric ones myself.  But, everyone is different.

The minute I can close up, I'm going out to get a few things from the shops.

Maybe NOT Chartwell Square though.  Some F*#cking idiot placed some homemade bombs there overnight!!!  Not much more information on that right now though.  No one has been hurt, and that's the most important thing.

UPDATE on the 'bomb' situation.  Seems someone tried to use an explosive device (or 3) to blow open an ATM machine on the exterior of the mall ... didn't succeed.  But the mall is still closed while the police investigate.

I'm about ready to close up the shop and head out shopping.

4.25 pm:  And I'm home from the shops.  Didn't get all I wanted but never mind.  I had wanted to get a larger canvas with a discount coupon I had from Spotlight, but they didn't have the right size so I just left it.

There will be another day when they do have them in.  And by then I will be more confident with the painting too.
Those HUGE canvas's just scare the shit outta me!  

I've got Lamb Chops out for our dinner tonight.  No cooking (except the veges).  Loving that.

8 pm:  Well I've not been able to talk to The Old Moo today.  But I'm hoping she has seen all the lovely comments left for her!  Wow, thanks everyone for thinking of me Mum.
I hope to catch up with her at some point tonight, so will let ya all know how she's doing ... tomorrow.

Time to sign off for the day.
Tomorrow is going to be fun.

Lunch with Stewie.
Shopping for new shelves in the afternoon.

SHOPPING... Whoop whoop!  

Wednesday, August 05, 2020


Today me shop is open again... but I won't hold me breath for customers.

I'm looking forward to doing another 'Kaleidoscope' painting.

#2 is still going to have lots of colour, but NOT 15 colours!
I learnt from yesterday's effort, less is more!  Maybe only 8-10 colours ?

And wider swoops of colour, not such thin ones.  It becomes too 'busy' otherwise.

I'm really enjoying the painting, it makes a nice change from sewing I must say.
Once I've got a few more paintings done I will get back to me sewing.  I'm sure I should get a few more Tree and Wonky House Runners done in readiness for the end of year markets.  Oh ... and Bowl Cosy's.  Can never have enough of them.

Right, that's all I have for now... I'll catch ya later.   With a new painting to show ya I hope.


11.58 am:  Well, I've had two lovely ladies in the shop today, and a small sale.
I was covered in paint! lol  They even popped into the garage to see what I was painting... and they were quite impressed.  That was nice.

Now, what have I done this morning?

edit:  I took down Kaleidoscope #2.  I hated it.
I've since tweaked it. 
You can bet it's way better now!

ABOVE:  This was the start of Kaleidoscope #3.

ABOVE:  And this was the end result!  It got some balloon kisses too.
I love it.

Right, I followed my instincts and went back to Kaleidoscope #2 and worked on it a bit.
I'll show it later.  Let's just say I kissed it to death.  
45 minutes until I can leave my Studio.  I need to go buy balloons, blown up disposable gloves just ain't that good!

I just walked past a mirror...

ABOVE:  Question to self...  "Was that paint on there before, or after I had visitors into the shop???
Either way, I'm not worried.  It enhances me eyes... right?

Kaleidoscope #2 is coming back... soon.
Right now, I'm cleaning myself up as I have a girlfriend calling in shortly... I don't want to be covered in paint!

4.50 pm:  Well I spent a couple of hours yakking with the lovely Sue from Raglan.  She used to live just out of Hamilton, but recently moved to the seaside.

ABOVE: Sue has been working on this gigantic crochet blanket!  It's amazing.  There's like over 300 stitches PER ROW, and over 40 rows to complete one sequence of the pattern!
I can't believe how much work is involved ... hats off to you Sue.  You rock!
Oh and anyone who likes Diet Coke is OK by me too.  

So, I got my lunch at 4 pm, so I won't be needing dinner now.
Stew and Brylee can have sausages and some chips.  Nice and easy.

ok.... it's 8.30 pm and I'm freakin well ready for bed!  It's tiring doing paintings, then having to clean up all the mess!
I will take a photo of Kaleidoscope #2 and show you it tomorrow.
Catch ya then.

Tuesday, August 04, 2020


Yesterday afternoon I had a visit from a dear friend from Cambridge.

Pip is an FBG girlfriend, and now a personal friend.

It was just lovely to see her.  She's been through a rough time so far this year.  Health issues.  And she's building a new home and that is stressing her out too.  I think she enjoyed just sitting and yakking.

She brought over a thing for Bex:

ABOVE:  This is the 'thing' for Bex.   Any idea what it is?  
I do know what it is obviously.

Today my little shop is open.  It's been incredibly quiet lately.  I'm hoping it picks up closer to Spring and Christmas!
Otherwise I will just have to go do more markets.

I'm not going to be sewing today.  I'm going to make a couple of paintings.  Then finish cleaning the next two that are ready, then varnish them.

I can do all that in the garage, and keep an eye on the shop at the same time.

So that's my day sorted.  Lacy said she was coming over today for left overs. Poor Lacy.
We have none !

And Bex is coming over to do some housework, so I will have company for a while, which will be nice.

ABOVE:  Been listening to these two for a couple of weeks.  I love their singing.  Mother and Son.  

Yep, it's a wool carder.  I'm sure Bex will use it at some point.

I did a painting.
It's not a wave.

ABOVE:  It's a riot of colour!  Maybe too much colour?
It's now 'clean up' time.  I've made quite a mess today.

1.40 pm:  Well... Lacy called in, and then went and bought me a pie for me lunch.  Bit of a turn around... she fed me!  
And now... I'm relaxing inside after closing me shop.
No visitors today... but that was good cos I got to spend 3 hours making that painting.

I'm itching to make another one, but as I don't have enough level shelving for more right now, I need to hold off.

I've been thinking about what to call this painting.  I will be doing more in this 'theme'... so what do you all think of this:

'Kaleidoscope.  A joyful riot of colour' ... #1

Is it too much?

ABOVE:  I 'tweaked' Kaleidoscope' a bit.  Parts of it were bugging me.  
I need to leave it alone now, or I'll totally bugger it up.

I thought I had buggered it up, but I keep going back to look at it, and it's still lovely.  Thank god.  The photo does NOT do it justice.

It's all a learning curve, and I'm still figuring out what works, and what doesn't.
My next one will be BETTER.

*** so tired ***
The company that monitors the alarms at Stew's business premises rang him at 4.53 am this morning!  Seems a door was left open and had set off the alarm.
So he had to go in and turn off the alarms.  OMG can you imagine what it feels like when the phone goes at that time of the day?
Yeah.  NOT NICE.
BUT ANYWAY... we are both knackered now... cos you never go back to sleep properly after waking up at that time.

So, as soon as Coronation Street is finished I'm off to bed.

Monday, August 03, 2020


Yaaa, my favourite day of the week.

With any luck, Brylee and Stew are at work and I've got the house to myself.

For a little while at least.

Bex is coming over to do some housework as far as I know.

I'm gunna potter around, get some jobs done too.

ABOVE:  I spy with my little eye... something that doesn't belong there.

Can you see what it is?

ABOVE: Yeah, it's that little plant.  It must be a bulb or something coming up from the original garden that we bowled over.
I shall do as Bex suggested and dig it up and put it in the garden.  
That will save if from the lawnmower I suppose.

I spent a bit of time last night nutting out how I can keep track of what stage a canvas is at. There's 6 stages (after you have actually made the painting).
Is it just wet paint?  Or is it drying after cleaning?  Or is it drying after varnishing?  etc.
So I came up with this:

ABOVE:  I've used these old felt Christmas tags... each Letter represents a 'stage' for a painting.

ABOVE:  A = WET PAINT.  B = Has had cornflour applied, ready for washing.  
Cornflour?  Yep.  Ya put it on to absorb the oil that you added to the paint to get the cells to form.
But you have to get all the oil off, so you can varnish the painting.

I tell ya, it's quite a process, and has to be done right or you can totally stuff up a painting in the end stages.  I've identified 6 stages a painting has to go through until it's finished.
I like the last one the most... F =  Sign it and it's DONE.  😊

I could throttle Stew.
Last night he said I should move my craft stuff, drying shelf etc from the Study, and have it in the larger spare bedroom.
Cos I obviously need more room.

Now that Steve and Bex live here in Hamilton, we don't need a bigger room for the boys to sleep in.
So, I shall probably make a start on doing that today.  
The trundler bed can go back in the study, to be used if we do have anyone sleep over.

So, I have a bit to get through today.  I also want to clean a couple more paintings, so they can be varnished.  Busy busy!

ABOVE:  Lacy and Keera yesterday. They had a lovely time together, and visited us for a little while too.


HELEN:  thanks for the info on the plant.  I think I will try moving it (with a lot of surrounding dirt), because if I don't Stew will mow it down!

Question:   Which shells to use?

ABOVE:  which one?  Small puddle of shells, or a single large one?
I just adore this happy accident, so I don't want to get it wrong.
I'm leaning towards one more than the other, but just want a second opinion.

I have moved #4 Wave into the sewing studio for safe keeping while I move stuff around in the bedrooms today. It's still very wet.  The rest are dry enough to not worry about thank goodness.

9.50 am:  I've been working (on my own) for two hours.
And so far I've done this:

ABOVE:  I've dismantled the trundler bed and put it in the garage (for now).  Brylee did help with this!

ABOVE:  Everything from the spare bedroom is now in the Family Room.

ABOVE:  This lot is already in the spare bedroom.

ABOVE:  And all this lot has to go into the spare bedroom too.  
I think we need to change the name of that room.  How about ???
It's going to have paintings drying in it, and all the wool, and computer/desk etc.

Yaa, help just arrived.  Amanda is here.   And I expect Bex a bit later on too.

*snort*... like I've already done half of it myself.  I'm not the sort to sit and wait for help eh.


Shit I've clever today.

ENERGY?  Nah, I don't have that much.  But when I get a bee in my bonnet... like moving shit around, I have to do it RIGHT NOW.
Then once it's done I fade.  Like... seriously have no energy left for a while.

The girls got the trundler bed from the garage and into the now Spare Bedroom for me.  The move around is DONE!

And it's not even lunchtime.

Stew will so relieved he's not gunna have to do it all.  The lucky shit.

ABOVE:  It's done.  And I have room for another set of shelves, and if need be, a large trestle in the middle of the room on occasions too.
Thankfully, we can still use the top shelf, above the computer desk, for taking photos of runners.

ABOVE:  I can't believe it... this room is back the way it was just a few short weeks ago.  
I hope we don't have to move it all again, that would do my bloody head in.

CRANKY: I have NO PLANS to move them around again!  I'm over it.  The flip side of the large shell is very nondescript.

AUDREY:  I use Harry:

ABOVE:  We have a hand truck, and his name is Harry.  I use him all the time.

PAULA:  I am leaning towards the small shells too.

KATE:  You know me too well chick.

SPARKLING:  You would!  It's not my cat. 

I've made up my mind.... to wait re: the shells.  Though I am leaning towards the small shells.  But still not 100% sure yet. 

Right, it's now 7.43 pm and I'm done for the day.  Feeling very jaded.
Dinner tonight was Pork Belly that had been cooked in a crock pot.  I put it in a roasting dish, poured Whitlock's Pulled Pork sauce over it and slowly heated it up.  Had it with mashed potoatoes and veges.  It was DELICIOUS!

Think I'll always cook it in a slow cooker now.

Time to sign off for the day.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, August 02, 2020


Yesterday I was looking at the latest Wave painting, #4.

And wow.

The progression in my technique spread over just 4 paintings is amazing.

ABOVE:  It is very clear to me how far I've already come in making these paintings.
I still LOVE them all ... but I can see the progression in colour, composition and form.
I'm kinda impressed with myself!  
Well come on, someone had to say it!

With #4 I added quite a few more colours, thankfully I wrote them all down, and taped the process.  
While you can do that, there is no guarantee that the next painting will come out exactly the same, in fact, that would be impossible. 
It all comes down to how you put the paint on, how you layer it, how you blow it out etc.
It is such FUN, and nerve wracking at the same time.

I'm sure as I do more I'll get less nervous of the outcome.  😏

Now... today?  I might have a girlfriend visiting, not sure yet.  I think we will just be having a quiet day.
Stew got lots of little jobs done yesterday, so I'm sure he just wants to chill out today.
As for me, I won't be doing another painting until the last half dozen are totally dry, varnished and ready to go off to their new homes.
I only have so much drying room!
Our study has become the drying room, I can shut the door and keep dust off the paintings as they dry.
Dust is EVIL.

Ha ha, forgot 'ONWARD'.
Oh well.
It's now 2.25 pm and it's been a semi busy day so far.

Steve and Bex called in to pick up our lawn mower.  Then Steve sussed out the size I wanted for a display easel.
He's going overboard by the sound of it.
But if he does it like he plans, it's gunna be amazing.

After they left, Stew and I went out and got some more canvas's from Spotlight as they were having a sale this weekend, 40% off.   Damn annoyed it wasn't advertised beforehand, cos I wouldn't have bought any on Friday eh?  Grrrr.

Then we went to Mitre 10 for a small level for making sure me canvas's are level.  It's a right bugger if the paint runs off the canvas cos it's not level!

Home now, and Lacy and Keera are visiting for a little while.

I've got 4 paintings in the garage almost ready for their varnish... they should be finished by tomorrow.  Quite exciting knowing there will be some finishes soon.

edit:  Make that two.  The other two need another week to cure.  

Me damn printer has crapped itself.  I've sent out an SOS to Steve.  Hopefully he can get it working.
It's so HANDY having him just 3 minutes up the road now.
Poor bugger will be constantly fixing shit for me/us.  

It's nearly time to think about heating up the chicken we are having for dinner tonight.  

Dinner was so-so.  Stew tried new noodles tonight, they were Vermecilli, they were interesting.

Steve came and re-connected the printer to our Wi-Fi.  

I varnished two paintings.  They will be dry tomorrow and ready for their hanging string, and then I will sign them and they will be DONE.
I have not been signing them... WHOOPS... probably should.
And date them.

And that's a wrap for today.   Catch ya tomorrow.

Saturday, August 01, 2020


TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY, we lost my Dad.  It does not feel like 20 years, but it is.  So much has happened in our family, and in the world since he died.  He's missed so much, good and bad.  He would have loved seeing all his Great Grandchildren come into the world, sadly he only knew of Brylee's impending arrival before he died.  Brylee was born two months after his death. Now there's 27 Great Grandchildren, and one Great Great Grandchild.  WOW that's a lot of family he never got to know.

A lot of life happens in 20 years.  Made me sit up and think about that last night.  Did some deep thinking.  I'm going to stop being a twat and start eating healthier and get more exercise.

I want to be around and HEALTHY for at least the next 20 years!  Who knows how many Great Grandchildren Stew and I will get to welcome into our family?

Today I'm opening my little shop, and will probably do a little sewing.

But my main goal today is to continue mixing up paint and medium, ready to do more painting, hopefully this afternoon.

Stew has a few odd jobs to do around here today.
Damned if I can remember what though!
It's not like I have a list for him... NO I don't!

The OLD MOO is still in hospital... funny story:

Mum said she had a really LOVELY salad for her lunch yesterday.  Then ... the nurse was talking to her, and Mum said how lovely her salad was, but it would have been even nicer if there'd been some mayonnaise.
And the nurse reached down and picked up a little tube of 'stuff' from the  lunch tray and said  "And what is THIS?"
Yeah.  It was mayonnaise.   I think The Old Moo felt a bit of a twit.  😀😂

Anyway, she's feeling a bit better, but will be there for a few more days while some tests are done.
She's a bit of a worry is The OLD MOO.

After I close up the shop for the day, I'm heading into town to buy more plastic bottles for me paint/medium mixes.
I went out last night to The Warehouse, thinking they would have plastic bottles. WRONG.  They had NONE.  I was very surprised.  I went over to Briscoes too... and they had none either!
So it's off to a dedicated plastic ware shop today. 

Oh yeah, just remembered.  I'm going to ask Steve to make me a large easel, to display some of my paintings on.  I am going to have a go at selling them at the end of year markets I'm doing.
That's if I ever get some made and not sold to freaking family before they are even dry!  Not that I'm complaining of course, selling them is neat. 😋

I was saying to Amanda yesterday, it's not just being able to sell them that's important to me.  It's the fact that I absolutely LOVE making them, and they make me feel so happy!  

And well... that's all I've got to blither on about for now.  I'll be back later to yak about more of me day.


2 pm:  And I've been rather busy all morning.  I got both tree runners finished, then spent an hour or so mixing paint.

And then I did #4 Wave Painting, it is pre-sold to Amanda, she wanted 3 for her wall.

ABOVE:  I am biased of course, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  The colours are amazing.
And for the first time, I actually wrote down a record of what colours I used.  And I took a video of the process... and again I buggered it up and it's upside down.  Grrrrr.  But I still have it as a reference.

I am now stopping for the day, cos once I get the paint pots cleaned up it will be well over 'lunchtime'.  I might even skip lunch as we are going out to dinner.
Been invited to Steve and Bex's for Lasagne.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

ABOVE:  OMG... Steve's home made Lasagne was amazing!  He even made the pasta sheets himself.  We had the lasagne with coleslaw and hot garlic butter buns, fresh out of the oven.
THEN we had Banana cake lathered in chocolate which Bex had made, and ice cream. 

We are now home, all of us are in a food coma.  I can hardly keep my eyes open and it's only 8.56 pm!

I think I am going to bed early!