Thursday, November 30, 2017


Today I'm off to Aqua Fit first thing this morning, then I'm coming home to make a couple more Christmas Bags.

I also want to make a few more mug rugs, they come in handy as 'extra' gifts.  They are quick and easy to make, and fun too.

I went to a Scentsy Party a couple of weeks ago, and my new burner and wax melts arrived last night.
I just lovelovelove Scentsy!

ABOVE: This is my new burner.  It's so pretty!
It acts like a little lamp too.
If you want to keep your home smelling delightful, I can highly recommend these!

I have one on in the garage all day too, it keeps 'puppy' smells under control too... though the pups hardly ever do poops inside now.  But it's just so lovely to have it going.

Tonight I have a walk planned... but it looks like there will only be 2 of us, so I might just cancel it, and go on an even later walk with just Brylee.  It gets much cooler after 9 - 9.30 pm, and I know no one from the FBG group will want to walk at that time!  But I do!  So, we will see what eventuates on that score.


2.06 pm:   My day has gone so well!  Brylee and I dropped Keera off at school, then went to Aqua Fit.
While I did the class, Brylee enjoyed swimming around with snorkel and mask at the other end of the pool.

After my hour long class, I did 4 laps breaststroke, 2 laps freestyle and 2 laps power walking.  So, lots of good exercise today!

After that, we came home, showered and headed into Hamilton, where I finished the Christmas shopping for the grandkids, and got myself some swimming togs.
NOT for class, just for around home really.  My wobbly bits are not for 'public' viewing!

I wear cycle shorts and a rash top (with sleeves) to Aqua.  *smiles*

Over 30 years ago, before I started with Weight Watchers, I used to count calories.
I find it amusing that I am now going to be doing the exact same thing!

ABOVE:  I found the book I needed at Chartwell Square, and for cheaper than I could have got it off TradeMe!   

Funny how once upon a time you could find cheap stuff on TradeMe, whereas now it's pretty much like online shopping in some respects.

I'm going to spend my afternoon (what's left of it), reading the book, sorting out a recording book, weight loss graph and so on.  First weigh in will be on Saturday morning here at home.

MEL, LYNDA, SANDY, CRANKY AND ALL YA OTHERS:  I will be cutting out MOST things with sugar in it, and carbs like Bread, Pasta, Rice, but will still eat small portions of potato, onion, beetroot and so on.   So, kinda low carb.  But *shush*, I didn't really say that!

I spent my evening doing the usual.. cooking dinner, watching TV, mucking around in the sewing room... just a normal night.

Time to sign off for the day.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Tuesday morning I woke up feeling really crabby about the changes to the WW's programme.  Yet AGAIN.
And so I mulled over it for several hours, and then I made up my mind.

I cancelled by membership.  

I don't need to be going to an organisation for an hour a week just to be constantly annoyed by their programme!

And seriously, half the reason I was going was to get to know people here in Cambridge!  

TOTAL waste of money!  Total waste of time buying any of their products, as they DO keep changing shit which makes their products redundant.  I have been caught out like that before... and not even once.

So I quit!

Now I have to sit down and work out what I am going to do!  I KNOW what works for me, so I shall probably go out and buy a good calorie counting book and do it that way.

Stew can weigh me once a week, I will record it and be accountable that way.

I've messaged several ladies I have gotten quite friendly with at the local WW's meeting, and we are going to keep in touch.

So I don't feel so bad about it.

I am technically still a member until Boxing Day, as I'm paid up till then.  So I will still go to the local meeting till then. 

So today?  I'm going into Hamilton to a good bookshop, to find a calorie counting book.
I might try and do a little bit of shopping too... Dante's birthday is in three weeks, so I need to get him a gift.
Then of course there's Xmas shopping to be done for little grandkids.  Big grandkids are getting cash or vouchers, so they can get what they want. 

I dare not leave it much longer or I won't be able to find what I want!

And that's about all I have for now.  Catch ya later.


Yaaa a successful morning shopping.  Brylee came with me and we got most of the presents for the little kids,  and Dante's birthday present.  So I can tick that job off my list.

After that we came home and I've been doing some sewing.

I heard back from one of my WW leaders:

"Hi Chris, I understand how the change could stress you out, I was initially quite shocked with them too, but like everything you've got to trust the experts and the process. It people's whole job to research the latest nutritional science and update the programme.

The programme is always going to change, medical staff and educators wouldn't continue practicing what is no longer considered best practice in the field, and it's the same with us too. "

She was trying to explain the reasoning behind the new changes.  Still doesn't wash with me. 
I just see it as another money making process...and I'm not going to be spending $700+ a year on an organisation that pisses me off!

And now... I'm going to put me feet up and watch something on TV till it's time to go and get Keera from School.

THUNDER for ages!  Finally... some rain.  Hope it cools things down overnight. 

Tonight I'm cutting out another Christmas Bag... I need to make 4 more then I'm done.  

Not much else to report so will sign off for the day.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Weight Watchers rolled out some major 'tweaks' to the Smart Points system last night.

Well, they say it's not  A NEW POINTS SYSTEM, and it won't affect the products you already have (cook books, scales etc) but that is bullshit.

Now... there are lots more 'FREE FOODS', foods with no points values.

Only, excuse me, but if I'm eating a chicken breast or turkey breast, fish, seafood or eggs, they ARE NOT FREE food to me! Corn? Peas? FREE? Nope.

And ummmm... let's say my daily allocation of points was 30 yesterday. All of a sudden, my daily points allocation has gone down by 5-7 points! So, why did my points allocation go DOWN. Oh I know, to take into account the 'FREE' foods I'm now eating. So NOT really free are they? *smirk*

All the cook books I have with 'Smart Points' are now redundant, cos... well, Chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, shellfish, eggs and a whole host of other things are now 'FREE'.

Yes, I can look up the 'old' recipes on my 'App' and they will show the new points for that recipe, but it doesn't change the fact that the books right in front of my nose NOW are not correct anymore! 

And I'm sorry, but as far as I'm concerned, Chicken & Turkey breast, Fish, Shellfish, Eggs and so on ARE NOT FREE FOODS! They have calories, they COUNT.

I'm just so annoyed right now. I'm of two minds to leave AGAIN. I'm sick to death of them changing shit that works, and in the process making everything I've bought over the years redundant.

Scales. Cook Books. Calculators. All redundant.

So.. I want to go back to using PRO POINTS. Do YOU have any Pro Points value books I can beg/buy from you? Pretty please?

Or maybe I will just count calories, and stay around 1,000 a day?

Any ideas people? What should I do?

*** Small change with Steve and Bex's move. It's been pushed out till the 22nd now. That's going to make it better in relation to Dante's 5th birthday party on the 16th. It won't be right in the middle of the move now.

And we will have Keera for another week, which is just fine. She will finish out her first year of school here now.

Now... today?

The ONLY thing on today is my Aqua Fit class this morning!

After that I will come home and get on with some sewing. I want to make more bunting for Keera's new room for a start. Of course, I have heaps I want to do/make ... just prioritising what/when! lol


11.45 am:  And... I didn't go to Aqua!
At the last moment I decided to go on a FBG walk with a few girlfriends... we went around the little local lake X's 3.  It was a cloudy morning and not very hot, so lovely.

 ABOVE:  A very pretty area ... the steps lead up to the playground.  We didn't go up... *smiles*

ABOVE:  Gwen's walk photo.. mirror image for some reason.

Afterwards we had morning tea together, that's the part I like the most!  lol

ABOVE:  I got home and asked Griffin to put more Sulphate of Aluminium around my hydrangeas... it's keeps them blue.  I actually got him out of his bedroom!  But not for long.

The puppies didn't want to step outside... then FINALLY Marley did on her own, and Griffin went inside and carried Denim out!  She was fine once she was outside with the other two. 

I've got a few flowers coming through.  I really don't like the lillies much, the colours are really IKKK.  But I can't make myself pull them out, we have very few flowers as it is.

 ABOVE:  I just LOVE my hydrangeas!

ABOVE: And these iris's?... are lovely too.  
Been told the above flowers are gladiola's.

So it's been a hot, sticky afternoon/early evening so far.
I cooked Chicken kebabs on rice for dinner.  Was OK... but not that great.  Not that tasty, and the chicken was quite dry.  I hate it when the chicken is dry.

I did something that I really had no idea I would be doing today.  More on that... tomorrow.  ha ha ha.

Monday, November 27, 2017


Today I've got three things on.

But first up, get Miss Muppet to school, then grab a bit of cash cos I need to pay for our Patchwork Christmas Lunch.

Next... off to Patchwork, where I shall be stitching my little hexie's together.  No more lugging my big machine around.  Yaaaa!

I have my little hexie bag ready to go:

ABOVE:  It is so cute!  It's actually a 'Fat Quarter' bag, but I've found another use for it.

After Patchwork I shall be coming home and doing a bit of housework... as ya do.
Also have my lunch and play with puppies.

They just love their ice cubes, so I'll be giving them some of those.  They make a right watery mess, but hey! It keeps them cool.

Second thing 'on' today is Weight Watchers at dinner time.  There is a new 'thing' being rolled out today, some 'tweaks' to the programme.  From what I have seen so far it's just additions to the 'FREE' foods list.
But I will find out more tonight for sure.

After WW I have another walk planned.  There seemed to be some interest in me posting walks in the evening still, so I have two planned this week.

I'm also going to Aqua Fit on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  So I think I'm getting my 'quota' of exercise in per week?

Bex and Steve are on to it... they are sussing out what school to send Keera and Dante to next year. There are several to choose from in their NEW area... I am sure they will have that all settled by the time the kids start next year.

If they do, they can visit the school over the holidays and show the kids where they will be going.  Great way to get them familiar with the place.  The Kindergarten for Archer is fairly close to their new home too!  It is going to be so handy for Bex!

I am SO RELIEVED I pushed Bex into looking again... they had a place lined up on Saturday morning which they thought they would get, but I told them 'NO'... it wasn't suitable and they listened!  

So, so happy they found and got the one they did ON THE SAME DAY, it's perfect.

I'm so excited, you'd think it was ME moving!  But seriously, they needed to move.  This is going to be so positive for them.

So... that's me for now... better get a move on.


3.10 pm:  today has gone like clockwork.  My morning at Patchwork was just lovely!  I'm slowly starting to feel happy there.

I was home at 12, just in time to see Griffin rise out of bed.  *sigh*

Since then I've done bugger all!  Looked at potential schools that the little kids might go to.... while in 'consultation' with Bex!  lol

Weight Watchers rolled out a 'new' thing today... and I'm NOT impressed at all.
more on that tomorrow.

Right now I'm going to get ready for my walk.
Feeling rather crabby so hopefully my walk cheers me up.

ABOVE:  Lovely walk tonight, but still HOT HOT HOT for me!  We had quite heavy cloud, threatening rain... so very oppressive.  I don't know how much longer I can keep walking in this heat.  If I go any later (therefore cooler), I will be walking on my own!  
Most of the FBG girls find 8 pm too late!

Oh well.. we will see what happens.

Winding down, cooling down... bed in a couple of hours.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Well... I slept in a bit.
I was going to pop on here and say I wasn't going to blog today, but I do have something worth yabbering on about.

Steve and Bex have found a new home!
It took over 2 months as it's so very hard to find houses to rent in Auckland at an affordable price.

There are literally dozens of families turning up for each house viewing, so they were extremely lucky to see the newly advertised house YESTERDAY, get to view it YESTERDAY, and be told by mid afternoon that it was theirs!

I am sure Steve being a builder helped in their choice process, as the house needs a new bathroom floor!  Steve immediately said he could fix it... and BOOM!  They got it!

ABOVE:  MOVE IN DAY... only three weeks away.
It's going to be a hectic few days because the day after move in day is Dante's 5th Birthday!
And they have a little party planned for him and his friends on the day after they move!

Keera and I will be going up on the 15th so I can look after the kids while all the furniture and so on is moved to the new house.

I'm so excited!  They will be leaving their teeny, tiny little house for a much bigger, warmer, drier home.  Bex won't know herself!

There's 3 good size bedrooms, a separate Kitchen/dining room and a separate lounge.

The house is only 10 minutes from Steve's work base too... so it's such a good move for them.

So, there ya go.
My job now is to sort our all Keera's stuff, cos she will be moving in with them .... ON THE 15TH too.

I can't tell you how happy that makes me.  She's been with us full time for 14 months and I'm over it.  Time to get back to 'normal' and not be tied down with a 5 year old at our time of life.  Roll on the next 3 weeks!

Back to today now.
No definite plans except the usual housework and so on.
I hope have a lovely day... catch ya later.


Just to clarify... Keera is thrilled to bits with her impending move.  She keeps looking at her 'new house' on the computer... she's so EXCITED!  And she loves knowing that she will be living with her 'brothers' and her new Mum and Dad (aka Aunty Bex and Uncle Steve).

JO:  for various reasons, what you suggested is not possible. It would require TWO parents permission. That would never happen.  We are certain things will work out just fine with an informal arrangement, as it has worked out so far for the others.  I will not publish your comment as I do not intend to put it out there as a subject of 'conversation' beyond this reply.

Well... not much has been happening today.  Lots of lovely comments though, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
It's nice that everyone knows just how neat our news is!  

Off to bed soon, another stinking hot night ahead.  Can't believe it's this hot and it's still only November. 


Saturday, November 25, 2017


Today I've got a few little videos for you, all of the puppies:

ABOVE:  I felt so sorry for them, it's so hot!  It's not even officially 'Summer' yet and we have stinking hot weather.
At least they are all getting groomed next week, that will help them feel cooler for sure.

In the meantime, they can play with ice!  

This morning I will go out and buy them a paddle pool.... let's see what they make of that.

Surprise, surprise!  Stew came home last night with beans for the bean bags!

ABOVE:  He got three big bags full, but that wasn't enough for both bean bags.  We will get more today.  Cute seat eh?

They are going to be lovely down under the trees.

This afternoon is the Fat Bottomed Girls End of Challenge Celebration... a pot luck afternoon tea type thing, a few drinks, a lot of laughs, and catching up with all the girls. It should be a nice afternoon.


And, just like that, plans change.
We are going to be rather busy in the garden today, it's a cloudy day, so perfect for it.
We also plan on going into Hamilton for lunch with the kids and do some pre-Christmas shopping.

Keera needs a new bike, so I shall be sussing out her size so 'Santa' knows which one to get.
And I want to get a few things that might not be available closer to Christmas.  Been caught out like that before!

I'm in a foul mood. Today is ending early.

Friday, November 24, 2017


Our poor wee puppies are feeling the heat something rotten.
Most afternoons now I squirt them with the hose to help cool them down.
They don't actually LIKE it much, but hey... it must help them feel cooler.

Next Wednesday they go back to the groomer for a FULL GROOM!
OMG they are going to look so different!

They will lose most of their dark colours and be much lighter.  *sob*
I am going to trim off Marley's black tummy patch before she goes, as a keep sake.  She will lose it at the groomers anyway.

ABOVE: They spend most of their days outside or here in the Family room.
It's the coolest place for them...  right by the open door and window... yet yesterday that corner was 28 degrees C!

Poor babies.  I'm going to buy them a paddle pool this weekend... I bet they will enjoy that!

Or not.  Ya just never know with dogs... who will love water and who won't.

So today is going to be fairly busy.

- Keera to school
- Aqua Fit at the pool
- Home, quick shower etc.
- To friend's to pick up free stuff!
- Into Hamilton for Weight Watchers meeting
- Home
- Pick up Keera

Dinner will be something quick and easy.  It always is on a Friday night.  I like to call it a 'Silly Bugger' dinner. *smiles*

And on that note... catch ya later!


Well the day has gone to plan bar one thing.  I didn't go to Aqua Fit.
My body is aching in all sorts of weird places!
And I was trying to jam too much into my morning!

It didn't help that when I got Keera to School I realised that her school WHITE shirt was filthy!  Like really, really disgusting.
So I took it off her (she had a white t-shirt under it), and I brought it home and quickly washed and dried it, and took it back by 10.30 for her to wear.  Clearly I hadn't noticed just how grubby it was yesterday afternoon!

After that, I popped out to my friend Robyn's home and picked up two lovely outdoor bean bag covers.

ABOVE:  Now we just have to get heaps of beans to fill them.  Perhaps Darling can get some tonight?  lol

OH YEAH... just remembered:  I LOST half a kilo this week.

We had an unexpected visitor at dinnertime.. Jacqui from Tauranga.  It was lovely to see her and spend an hour or so yakking.

After she left, we put Miss Muppet to bed and then wound down for the day/week.

I'm going to watch Coronation Street while Stewy watches sport in the lounge.

Stinking hot inside again.  

Thursday, November 23, 2017


First up today:

ABOVE:  Aqua Fit at the pool!  So  looking forward to it!

I will get a chance to swim a few laps before the class starts at 9 am.  

Keera's teacher asked me yesterday if Keera was leaving today?  Seems Keera told her teacher she was off to live with Steve and Bex TODAY... clearly she has no idea of time!
She is really looking forward to moving in with them, which is neat to know.
We are doing the preparation work well obviously.  *smiles*

After Aqua Fit I'm coming home to do ???  Dunno!
Probably get the teenagers out of bed for a start!
Then maybe we can work on the housework LIST again.  We didn't get it all done yesterday!  Cos HOUSEWORK never ends eh?

Tonight is the last of the walks I've personally organised.  If it's a no go cos no one turns up, I certainly won't be organising any more.  I'm not setting myself up for disappointment again that's for sure!

I hope the girls who have committed to joining me do turn up though.  The start time is now 8 pm, so it will be much cooler... dark even, so we will need torches!  I am looking forward to it.

Right, I'm off to get Keera ready for school, get me togs and towel etc...


Aqua was good today, ran into a lady who goes to our local WW's meeting, so that was nice.
We had a few chuckles while doing our thing in the pool.
I did 3 laps of the pool after the class, with me snorkel and mask on... it was great!  I got really tired though, it's a bloody long pool.

Good cardio workout.

Got home and literally faded on the spot.  So it's been a quiet day since then.  Is on here too!
What's everyone up to?
Busy busy obviously.

Stinkin ' hot outside, hope it cools down considerably by 8 pm!

It's 'ONLY' 28 degrees C in my lounge... I'm melting.  Wish I could migrate every year over summer... to somewhere 15 degrees cooler!

The aqua fit photo made me want to throw up and die. Not becoming at all. How to lose weight? Eat less, move more. EASY PEASY.
Pat Randall, East Dulwich, London, UK

Seriously... you are NOT from London... you are from Cyprus. You keep leaving comments like this and think I don't KNOW you are using a fake name and location? You are just a bitch.

And guess what? NONE of your comments will ever get published again, I just wanted to let you know that I am fully aware of where you live. And that you are a nasty, vile person.

Tonight's walk went ahead with just 4 of us.  It was STILL bloody hot between 8-9 pm!  

ABOVE:  Me all hot and sweaty at 9 pm, and my walking companions tonight.

Time to wind down and cool down.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Today I have to visit the Diabetes nurse for my yearly review.
That's going to be a total waste of an hour for her.
I know exactly what's going on with me.

My Doctor has text me twice in the past few days.  First time to ask me to come in to discuss my latest results, which were BAD.

I declined.  Politely.  And told her I would pull my finger out and do better in the next three months... and to trust me to do it.

Yesterday she replied and said OK, and she was sure I could turn it around.

So, the ball is in my court to do it now.  Cos seriously, I really am fart arsing around.

My exercise is on point, but my eating?  Nah.  Far from it.

I just hate having to 'tow the line'... it doesn't come easy to have to do as you are told as an adult!  I have bugger all self control at the moment.

Emotional eating to the max.  I am really struggling with hot flushes right now, and they are getting me SO DOWN.

I just can't catch a break from them.

LYNDA:  to suggest I do the day walks is IMPOSSIBLE.  I overheat then feel like I'm going to pass out and/or vomit.  So NO, I will not be doing the day walks. 

Stew has offered to go walking with me late at night, so we might end up doing that. 

Tomorrow night I have a walk on at 8 pm.  I changed the time so it was later, so hopefully cooler.  So far there's about 4 of us going.  

Back to today... this morning I really want to get Keera to school then come home and get some serious housework done.
I might even drag Brylee and Griffin out of bed before 10 so they can help me!

Those two kids ... I just don't get how they can sleep in till lunchtime!  It's crazy!   

Oh before I forget!  At cards last night I WON again!

ABOVE:  The Winner's 'trophy' is mine for the next two weeks again!    Really is luck of the cards... but I will take it.  *smiles*


Floors done... big tick.
Now it might just be time to get the teenagers up... I've got a LIST ... *smiles*

OK... so it's now 3.25 pm and today has actually gone very well.
The kids and I got heaps of jobs done around the house, so I'm very happy about that.
Even though Griffin acted like I was pulling his teeth out without anesthetic!  He rallied and finally got a few things done for me.

Visit to the Diabetes nurse:  I fully expected some bad results overall... but ... BUT... the ONLY reading that was too high was the Hba1c!

Everything else, and I mean EVERYTHING, was PERFECT.  EXCELLENT in fact!

I could post all the numbers, but seriously, every single thing they test for came back either 'normal' or optimal!

Rather pleased with that.

And I can certainly work on getting my Hba1c number down ... I just have to be more careful with my diet. 

I am 100% sure my walking has kept my OVERALL health good!

I am not ignoring my Hba1c number Lynda and Sharon.  I have already said I will deal with it.  My kidney function, Liver function, Cholesterol levels, blood pressure, foot pulses and sensitivity and so on are all EXCELLENT.  I don't think I'm about to have a heart attack, renal failure, eyesight loss, amputations or anything else like that.  Thanks for your concern though.

We took the puppies outside on the lead again tonight... and again, Denim refused to walk!
Lots of positive words and I did get her to move forward a few times after a while.  But I think it's going to take a while with that girl!
Marley on the other hand is quite good.  That's a relief.

Lovely evening ... it's starting to cool down now (8.30 pm), thank goodness!  It's been another stinking hot day.