Monday, August 31, 2015


Stew is off to Hamilton today for 3 days... and he will be staying there overnight, so won't be home till Wednesday night.

I will miss him heaps I'm sure.

While he's away I shall be touching up more walls where I've taken pictures down from.
I did a pretty 'fast' job' of it on Saturday, now I've got time to do it better.

I need more paint roller sponge thingees, so will go down to Bunnings this morning to get some.

I'm happy to go it actually, it means one less big job when we do leave here.  I might just look around and see what else I can to keep busy or I'll go nuts!

Lastly for now, I'm going to have a go at making pork buns (steamed or baked).  Bex and Steve have been getting adventurous in the kitchen making them and I tasted one the other night... OMG yum!
So... I'm checking out recipes on Pinterest then I will get the recipe requirements while I'm out this morning.


11.41 am:  Well that was fun!  Running around in the rain.  NOT.
But I did get some groceries and a steamer... probably the last one available in Manukau in fact.  I had to go to several different places to find one.

ABOVE:  I didn't even come in it's box,  or with instructions... the store printed out the Instruction Manual for me.  It was cheap though, so SCORE.
So... what else do you steam besides Pork Buns?  lol

I'm cold now... so might turn on the heater and have some lunch.

4.15 pm:  Really struggling with motivation today.  Can't get enthusiastic about anything.  Living in LIMBO is hard.  There is bugger all to do but look at 4 walls, wondering what else I can do to enhance the house's saleability.
I know I've done virtually everything I can now.
Dumm dee dooo... BORED SHITLESS.  Have been eating chips and lollies this afternoon, and seriously, I don't end like them any more!

End of Day:  Well it's been 'one of those days'.  Bla.  Hopefully tomorrow is better.
nite nite

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Ikkk, it's wet today.
And we have our 6th Open Home this afternoon... to be followed by an appointment with the Real Estate Agents to discuss 'where to go to from here'. 

We are going to put a 'Fixed Price' on our house, instead of 'By Negotiation'.  Hopefully that will give buyers a clear indication of what we want for the house.

And that might help to sell it.

We have quite a bit of dusting and polishing to do this morning after the sanding/painting yesterday.

My house looks so weird without all my pictures on the walls and flowers/ornaments.  I have THREE ornaments in my lounge... THREE!
And one container of flowers on the credenza.
Stew said it's stark, not like our home at all.
I agree.  But, it's also quite calming.

Maybe I won't be putting so much out in our next home?  Clutter that is.  I did have far too much going on in the lounge!

I can see more trips to the Hospice Shop once we move... to take more stuff back!

Right, yakkity yak over.  On to the dusting.
And vacuming/washing floors bla bla bla.


3.09 pm:

And we had 6 groups through today, and it is pissing down with rain, so a good turn out considering that.
The Agents are coming back at 4 to discuss changing the price marketing.

Until then.... relax time.  I've got a cracker of a  headache again.  Grrrr.  Wish I knew why.

End of Day:  fixed price has been set, Stew is all packed for 3 days in Hamilton, starting tomorrow.  Yes Sparklikng, it's no doubt a stress headache!
Time for bed.
nite nite

Saturday, August 29, 2015


I've had a couple of lovely girls suggest I join the online FitBit community and 'friend' them.
Sorry, but I fail at online communities... I started a Weight Loss support group through Facebook... and haven't been on it in weeks!

I suck at online groups.  So, NOPE, I won't be joining the FitBit communities either.  Sorry girls, I just don't want to disappoint anyone again.  

It's a time thing really.  I just don't have the time!  Keeping my blog updated is enough for me.  And sometimes I even manage to read some blogs, and check out a few friends on Facebook.  But that's it.

On to today.  I would like to do something nice today... maybe a walk ?
But I know how tired Stew is, so it might just be a stay at home day so he can relax.
We will see.

Catch ya later.


10.25 am: 

Someone said recently that my home was too PERSONALISED and there were a lot of BIG STATEMENTS.
I stewed on this for a while, and thought "Nah, I don't need to de-clutter anymore".  
But the doubt festered.
So, last night while in bed,  I decided to de-clutter some more after all.... it may make no difference what so ever, but I will do everything I can to effect a sale.

So today, I've taken 75% of 'stuff' off the lounge walls, taken away all the flowers, half the candles, most of the ornaments and filled all the little picture hook holes, ready for painting tonight.

I also did that in all the bedrooms, the family room, and some pictures came off the hallway walls too.

This means I have quite a lot of painting to do tonight!

But, I'd rather be busy and doing something that MIGHT help sell the house, than have it fester in me head.

Now... I just have to wait for the polyfilla to set.  We are going out to the mall soon, Stew has made a little grocery list of stuff I forgot the other day.  I can't remember what else we are going out for... just to get out of the house I think.

11.15 am:

And we still have not gone out.  Been fluffing around, moving a bit of furniture in the lounge.... took down the net curtains (what a difference THAT made!)... so much more light in the room.  Amazing.  Might have to rethink my love of net curtains.  *smiles*

I'm really happy with the changes we have made, and am anxious to see what the Real Estate guys think of it tomorrow.

ABOVE:  See, most of the pictures etc on the walls are gone.  I've just finished painting the picture hook holes so the walls are looking a bit 'patchy' right now.  I might need to go over a couple of the walls totally yet,  as they might still look patchy when dry.   I'll have to wait and see.

Now I better have a shower and wash/dry my hair before we go out this evening to the 'fancy dress' post wedding party.

11.35 pm: 

Well... we got the the party venue at 7.30 pm, had a relatively nice time till 10.30 then left in time to pick up the kids and get home.
I have to say it, I'm just NOT a loud pub type person at all.
It was too loud, conversation was virtually impossible, but the food and company was lovely.
I didn't take photos, as posting them on here would have involved explaining to everyone about the blog and getting their permission to post their faces.   Too much trouble.

There were some really good costumes I must say.  Judges, Jail Birds, The Joker, Transvestite, Queen Tut, Tina Turner, Tinkerbell, Jogger, Jem, Tigger, Tea Ladies, Truant, and so on.

Once we got home I immediately got changed and painted one wall in the lounge that really needed a 2nd coat.  Now Stew is watching rugby (shock horror! What a surprise!) and I'm about to go to bed.
End of Day:  a busy day I must say.  Got a lot done, went out to a party for the first time in years and ... I did 14,021 STEPS today!
That sure makes up for the dismal amount I did yesterday.
nite nite

Friday, August 28, 2015


Yesterday I got to 7,210 steps.  I was very pleased with that.

Today my goal is 7,500 steps.  The rate I'm going I should be up to 10,000 steps a day in a week or so. 
That will be excellent eh?  The FitBit has been so good to help motivate me to get off me bum!

Funny how when ya get something like a FitBit,  you start to see and hear adverts all the time for similar devices! Garmin Vivo/Nike Fuelband/Polar Loop/Jawbone Up/iFit Active/Misfit Shine.... I wonder how many more there are?
I take it they all do the same thing?
Either way, I'm thrilled with my FitBit.  *smiles*

Stew goes to Hamilton today, back tonight.
Next week he's there for 3 days.  I wonder how long it will be before they want him down in Hamilton full time?  Sheesh, I hope we sell before then.
Otherwise, he's gunna have to either live down there during the week 'somewhere', or commute up and down every day.

I don't have any plans for the day really.  I could do some dusting/polishing/washing bla bla bla.  *sigh*
Or I could do some sewing after my exercise?  We will see...


1:28 pm:  my day hasn't gone to plan at all.
I got a cracker jack headache around 10 am so have taken some pills and just kept still!
Might be from all the stress of the week?
Dunno.  But it's easing slowly, thank goodness.

If I feel much better soon (fingers crossed), I will get on the treadmill and exercycle for some exercise.

5.05 pm:  well I'm feeling much better, so have been doing some housework.  Nothing riveting that's for sure.  
I'm thankful for a quiet day to be honest.

End of Day:  well a very quiet day.  I  had a really lovely phone call in the afternoon from a dear friend in Aussy,  that was so nice.
nite nite

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Well me boobs might be 'just fine'... but right now the left one is bloody sore!
Freaking mammogram machines are brutal.  Well... 2 weeks ago it wasn't so bad, but after yesterdays multiple exams and 'squishes'... I'm sore.

So, being a bit careful what I do today.  Sneezing hurts, moving my arm too much hurts.  But, I'm thankful I'm just sore and not facing anything else.

I must admit to eating a 'few' jellybeans yesterday.  I won't say it was 'stress eating', more YAAAA eating!  lol

Today... I'm going to get on the treadmill and exercycle and undo the damage.  And get me steps up to 7,000 today.   Yesterday I went to bed on about 6,000 steps.
I'm finding it hard to past 6,000 at the moment.

I'm starting to see a pattern.  I'm active from 8 am to about 12 midday.   Then NOT MUCH from then till about 4 pm when I get the washing in, prepare dinner etc.

Then I'm inactive again after dinner till bedtime.
I need to think of ways to get some exercise in those inactive times.  

Right.   I'm off to start the day, bring it on.


10.08 am:   And I've just done 20 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the exercycle.  Not a bad start to the day.  I'm hoping to do the same tonight.

Right now I'm going to go out and find something for Father's Day for me man.

11.49 am:  Before I left for the mall I'd done 3,800 steps.
After shopping the length and breadth of Sylvia Park my total is now 6,436 steps.  


Shopping is good for you!  Yes it is.  *smiles*

Talking of shopping... I did get something for Father's Day... and another couple of things:

 ABOVE:  Finally!   Pinocchio!   He's a special edition to Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Disney.  We've been waiting for him since May.
He's utterly gorgeous.  

ABOVE:  A bit more boring, but I really needed some pot mitts.  I've been using tea towels to get stuff out of the oven for years.  I hope these last, but then... they were half price.  SCORE.

I had a lovely time shopping and walking today.

End of Day:  we had a lovely dinner out at Carl's Junior tonight, then spent the evening watching some good TV programmes.
nite nite

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I got a knock on the front door yesterday afternoon... and look what had arrived...

ABOVE:  Some gorgeous flowers from my girlfriends down in Palmerston North!
They know I'm a bit stressed out right now so sent them to cheer me up.
How lovely is that?
Thanks girls ♥♥♥

Stew is home today, he's accompanying me to an appointment I have.  More on that later.

After the appointment I think we shall be doing a small grocery shop and having lunch out.  Might as well make the most of having him home after all.  *smiles*

Right.  ON with the day.


10.43 am:
Stressful time is over!
My mammogram results came back with an 'area of concern' in my left breast.  I had to go back today for another mammogram, an ultrasound and physical examination.

After literally a dozen more mammogram photos.... and the ultrasound/physical examination I was cleared of having a 'problem'.

We are just so relieved, and thankful that Breastscreen Aotearoa are so thorough and careful.  

This has been the most stressful two days of my life lately I can tell you! You can't help imagining the very worst can you?

I'm just so thankful I don't have to give away all my fabric and sewing machines!  lol  (the things you think of, it's a bit weird!)

Karen Jones, if the worst ever happens, my Brother Dreamweaver and fabric is all yours!  *smiles*

Stew is going back to work as he's dreadfully busy, and I'm off to get some groceries on my own, then have lunch with Bex and the boys.

5.35 pm:  Groceries... done.  Lunch with Bex and boys... done.
Home, unloaded groceries,  then sat down to think.

Funny how having the possibility of losing your health can make you so thankful for the little things in life!

I'm not going to stress about the house selling, it will happen eventually.
I'm just so happy to  enjoy what I do have... my loving family and my health.  Even if I am unfit and overweight.  I'm working on it!

The huge weight on my shoulders is gone...the stomach churning fear is gone... I feel so, so lucky.

I'm making a lovely dinner of beef spare ribs in marinade with garlic bread.  Everyone will enjoy that.

End of Day:  well today started with DREAD, and ended with a much happier state of mind.
So grateful.
nite nite

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Today I'm babysitting Dante for Bex for a while this morning.
She's got an appointment and doesn't want to take his nibs.... and I sure don't mind watching him.

I'm looking forward to it, just him and me... we don't get to spend one on one time together very often.

After Bex gets back I'm sure we will spend a bit of time yakking... as ya do.

I will be getting on the treadmill and exercycle again today too.  I only did about 6,000 yesterday, and I'm trying to up the total to at least 7,000 today.

Stew is off to Hamilton today, but he's coming back tonight.  

Right, that's all I've got for now... catch ya later.


1.05 pm:

Babysitting Dante went well... he was happy to stay with his Grandma for a couple of hours. Bex got back just as Dante was starting to fret for his Mum though.  
Bex stayed for an hour or so, then took the boys home for their midday naps.

I'm spending the rest of the day quietly.  
Just killing time really till I have to cook dinner.
Here's a few photos of the boy(s) visit today:

 ABOVE:  This is his "I'm an imp" face.  Such a cutie.

 ABOVE:  Stalking Coco... and hogging Tallulah's toys.

 ABOVE:  trying to entice Tallulah to play with him.  She loves to run around the house with Dante, but she won't jump on him, which is good.

ABOVE:  Archer getting grumpy, just before Bex put him in his carseat to go home.  Archer does not like being in his carseat at all.

End of Day: well... another day where I did bugger all.... just the usual sort of day.  Only 5,600+ steps today.  Just didn't feel like getting on the treadmill or exercycle.  
Off to bed.  
nite nite

Monday, August 24, 2015


I wanted to know if the FitBit would record my 'steps'/exercise while I was on the exercycle.

So, I did 5 minutes on the exercycle with the FitBit on my wrist.  It did not register a single step.

So then I put the FitBit down in my sneaker, and did another 5 minutes on the exercycle.  It did not register a single step AGAIN.

Obviously there was not enough motion to activate it.

So then I pinned the FitBit to the top of my knee, and did another 5 minutes on the exercycle.  YAAA... success!   It recorded my motion at steps.

So, now I want to see if it registers while I'm on the cross trainer!

My goal yesterday was 6,000 steps.  By the end of the day I had done 8,800+ steps!   I am really happy with that.
Today my goal is 7,000 steps.
I'm not going to be as busy as I was yesterday, so I will have to get on the treadmill and cross trainer to get those numbers up.

I don't mind though.  This FitBit thingee is certainly motivating me to get more active.  It's GREAT!

I know I'm still recovering from the flu, but every day I feel more energetic and well.  I will have kicked it in the butt by the end of the week... just got that lingering cough still.
So has Stew, but he's much better now too.

Well... I don't have any plans for today really.  I will get some exercise in,  then do some housework... there's 2-3 loads of washing to be done and that's about all.

If it's not too cold in the garage I might even make a start on another block for my latest quilt too.


I've had some 'news'. Nothing to do with the house sale or anyone else.  My day has gone to utter crap.
I'm not up to talking about it yet as I don't have enough information yet.  
Just know it's rocked me for six.

Just sitting here feeling a bit ill and massively stressed out.

I will share when I can.

I don't think I will be doing much else today, even doing some exercise has gone out the window.

7.55 pm:  Well I really have done NOTHING today except the washing!
I've been wallowing. Playing on the computer, watching TV etc.

Now I feel like doing something!
I'm going to get me sneakers on and get on the treadmill and exercycle.... while putting washing through the drier to air.

There is bugger all on the TV right now, so now is the time.  And I need to get my steps up to at least 6,000 for the day!

ONWARD and all that.

End of Day:  I've done good... 15 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the exercycle.  Very happy I did that.
nite nite

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Todays' Open Home is at 2 pm, so we have plenty of time to get ready today.

Which is just as well because neither Stew or I have that much energy after the flu.
I can't believe how nasty the flu is!  Having never had it before, I sure appreciate how it can actually kill people!

Next winter I'm getting me a flu injection... and that is saying something, cos I hate injections!

I will make sure Stew has one too.

All going well I should get to 6,000 steps today.  I am going to keep going until I do in fact.  I am sure I can do it!

Does anyone know if you clock up 'steps' on an Exercycle?  Cos I'd really like to get on the Exercycle today too.  I like to mix up me exercise, it's good for ya.

Right, I better go and make a start on the housework... got to do quite a bit today... vacuming, wash floors, dusting... gawd.  I hate Open Homes.  *sigh*


11.54 am:   all going well.
Russell, Ange and her some Caleb arrived on their way to Maraetai, so we had a quick visit with them and their puppy.

 ABOVE:  Russ and Ange have a chocolate lab named 'Mika'... she is very cute.  She is 4 months old.  Tallulah did NOT like her at all, but she didn't growl at her.

ABOVE:  That's Tallulah hiding under Russell.

ABOVE:  all three dogs... look at the face on Tallulah!  She was not happy at all!  At one point she tried snapping at the puppy which quickly got her reprimanded.

ABOVE:  Coco and Mika.  Coco liked the puppy, but I think Mika is a bit too boisterous and BIG for our girls.  *smiles*

I was thrilled when they left because... they took Brylee and Griffin with them!  SCORE!  I hope they have a nice outing with them at the beach.

Stew and I have almost finished getting the house ready for the Open Home now.

4.57 pm:  4 groups through today... all made positive comments.  Fingers crossed someone has fallen in love with our home.  If not... we have another Open Home next sunday.  *sigh*

Steve, Bex and the boys have arrived, I've got a roast of pork in the oven... looking forward to a nice dinner.

End of Day: a lovely evening, dinner was delicious and much appreciated by everyone.  It was the first sunday roast I'd done in a while I must say.
nite nite

Saturday, August 22, 2015


In pictures:

 ABOVE:  Tallulah and Coco staying out of the kitchen.

ABOVE:  And ignoring me.... tarts!

 ABOVE:  My fireplace... WORKING.  It's so pretty.

 ABOVE: My funky jug surrounded by pretty lights. 

 ABOVE:  My reflection.  Gettting smaller. THAT makes me very happy.

ABOVE: That pretty Spring Heart in my bedroom.
I love making my home pretty.

We are having a sleep in this morning.  I am going to post this early and go back to bed.  
Later on... I reckon a nice walk in the park/gardens might be nice.
We need some fresh air and light exercise to blow the germs out of our systems.

This afternoon Stew will be mowing the lawns in readiness for Open Home tomorrow.

I shall be doing the washing and usual housework.


1.25 pm:  We decided to do the 'right' thing and return that bloody heat controller to the plumbers.  I checked online to make sure they were open, and their website said they were open today, 7 am - 8 pm in fact.
So we drove over there and found.... LOCKED GATE, NO ONE THERE.  And we couldn't even put it in their letterbox cos it was behind the locked gate.

So, I rang the 0800 number and let them know that I had tried to return it, but now it would be in my letterbox waiting for THEM to pick it up.  I'm done with EURO PLUMBING, St Johns, Auckland.  I would NEVER EVER recommend them to anyone.

After that we went to pick up my fabric from The Ribbon Rose ... that took 4 months to arrive.  The owner gave me half a metre for free as a 'sorry' it took so long gesture, which was much appreciated.

We also did some clothes shopping, just a couple of tracksuit tops.  Stew is going as a Jogger to the dress up party too now.  

Did you know at Rebel Sports they do not have a single thing for WOMEN,  in their Woman's section,  above a size 16?  Seriously, Women don't get bigger than a size 16 it would appear!

That surprised and annoyed me I must say.

*sigh*.  We are home now and I've done about 4,600 steps so far today.  Shopping is good for ya step count! 

End of Day: Well.. I didn't get to 6,000 steps today, only 5,563.... but I'm getting there!  It might take me a couple of weeks to get to 10,000 steps a day, but I will get there.
nite nite

Friday, August 21, 2015


Three days ago our gas fireplace in the lounge stopped working.  It keeps turning itself off.
Can you imagine how upset I was?  It was like... "What the hell will happen next?"

So, I rang the company that overhauled it a couple of years ago to come and fix it.

It took me two days to get to actually TALK to someone there... and she told me that the EARLIEST someone could come to look at it was mid to end of September!

I burst into tears when she said that.... I was just so over all the crap that's been happening with everything!

So, once I had calmed down,  I told her that our home was on the market,  and having a broken fireplace was just not an option.

She said leave it with her and she would see what she could do.

4 hours later she rang me and said there would be a service man at my house at 8 am this morning!  AND they were not charging me a call out fee either. 

Some days my faith in people's kindness is restored.  

So, I better make sure I'm up and dressed before the man arrives eh?  

Once he's been and fixed it (I hope he can!)... I am going over to Botany to pick up my new umbrella.  While over there I'm going to pop into Early Settler too... it's an awesome shop.  I drool every time I go in there.

I'm going to make sure I walk heaps while out, park as far away from the shops as I can... get back to doing everything I can to increase my steps!

Right, catch ya later.


Yaaaa!   The fireplace guy arrived bright and early and YES, it was an easy fix!  He stayed for quite a while to make sure it was indeed fixed.  Nice guy.

 ABOVE:  The man fixing me fireplace.  The dogs had to be locked up while he was here cos they kept sniffing him.

 ABOVE:  My new brolly.  I was expecting it to be totally BLUE, but it's not.  It's black with blue accents.  That's OK I suppose.  I can't be bothered taking it back for an exchange.

ABOVE: I found this in RAPT too... so pretty and it was on SALE for half price.  It makes me think of Spring, which is coming soon I'm sure.

After getting those two things I walked across the road to The Hub and had a browse around Early Settler.  It was a nice little walk.

So far today I've done 4,788 steps.  I'm really happy with that!  I'm loving my FitBit, it is certainly motivating me to get off me bum.

My mood has lifted too... I found myself singing along to the radio in the car today... that ain't happened in ages.

Nearly lunchtime, I've got leftovers from the other night ... chicken rice risotto.  YUM.

5.46 pm:  I've spent part of the afternoon napping, and part reading blogs.
For every blog I open, only 2 out of 10 are 'active'.  That's sad.
I suppose it makes it fast for me to read all the updated ones though.

Stew is due home soon.  I've asked him to bring home chocolate.  And Jelly Beans.  I've missed jelly beans.  Time to have a few and nope, I ain't gunna feel guilty.  I'm just so happy I feel like something to eat.  

I've not coughed and thrown up today, first day in nearly two weeks that's happened.

Yaaa, I have done more than 5,000 steps today.  So pleased.  Tomorrow I'm going to aim for 6,000.

End of Day: Another good day, they are starting to add up!
Chocolate wasn't that nice.  Just feel ikkk now!
nite nite