Tuesday, February 28, 2023


 I really don't get it.

How the hell am I still losing weight, when at least half the time during the week I feel like I am still over eating?

I just don't understand.  *SHAKING MY HEAD*

I am having some lovely meals, and even some 'evil' ones too.

AND I'm doing bugger all exercise.

Maybe I'm just not being that bad... and it's just my 'conditioning' over the years that makes me think I've over eaten?   I dunno.

I can't believe I am about half way to my 'goal' (number wise).  Though I don't really want to focus on a number.  And again, 'conditioning' over the years makes that thinking hard to break.

Best to move on and not worry about it, and continue what I have been doing, cos clearly that is working!

Changing subject now... I'm not sure what I will do today.  Sewing is not a big priority as my next market isn't for three more weeks or so.  And I have plenty of stock right now.

There is a plant on my coffee table that needs to be re-potted, and some of it's 'babies' should go out in the rockery.

So I will probably do that.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Sandra C.  I hope you have an awesome day.  Try not to eat too much cake!  

9.37 am:  And my re-potting is done...

ABOVE:  As you can see, it desperately needed doing!

ABOVE: There were TEN pups from that one plant.  I decided to put them in pots for the time being, as I have like, plenty of pots!  😂😅😉

While I was at it, I re-potted another plant as well.  Hopefully they don't die, I'm not too flash with the soft, fleshy types of succulents.  I kill 'em.

I don't quite know why, but after bending down doing them, I felt all dizzy and faint.  So possibly a blood sugar low?  Or I dunno.  But it wasn't nice, and I'm now just sitting down getting over my Drama Queen shit.

Feeling better now.  And I went out and bought my 'post weigh in' treat meal.  Subway.  So bloody yum!

That will do me for the rest of the week.

Marley just went ballistic. The meter reader arrived to read our gas meter.  *sigh*  😦😫😣 That dog is an amazing 'Alarm Dog'.  

Coco?  Didn't give a shit.  Went off and ate some bark in the garden.

Now.. I'm just sitting watching some Crime Doco on me laptop.  Such is the life of a kept woman.

4.30 pm:  Entered a food coma after lunch.  Fell asleep.  Woke up dizzy again.  Threw up.  Lost me lunch.  Dang!

Then just sat here feeling ikk.  

Thinking about going into the sewing room for a little while.  Or not.

No idea.

7.35 pm:  I'm feeling much better now.  I even did some sewing late this afternoon.  Until Stew got home from work.

Now, just relaxing with Stew... waiting to watch Coronation Street in a couple of hours.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Monday, February 27, 2023


 I've shown you how well I'm doing with my weight loss for a while now.

But now I want to show you the other person in this house who's doing very well too...

ABOVE:  Stew has also been working hard to get healthier.

He started working on himself around October 2022, and has now lost 9 kilos.  He is feeling really good and is working towards losing another 6 or so kilos.  I am certain he will do it too.

I think I inspired him, well I hope I did.  😂😊😅

So today is weigh in day for me again.  I weigh in this evening.  If I stay the same I'll be damn happy.

I can honestly say I've not been as good as I could this past week, and certainly not yesterday.  I had several club sandwiches and two cakes.

Stupid?  Nope not really.  Sometimes you just have to have what you want, cos if ya don't, you will just blow it all the time.

It's not about denial, it's about knowing what you are doing, and being honest about it.

And then not looking backwards, but forwards.  Doing what you need to, to mitigate any damage.

I have done that.  And I will work harder this week.

I'm probably gunna go for a walk this morning, before the rain comes back.  Then do some housework before some sewing.

A 'normal' sorta day ...

12 noon:  And I did indeed go for a walk... around the Base shopping centre for 40 minutes.  It sure beats the boring streets on me own.

I re-joined The Fat Bottomed Girls walking group in Cambridge for another year.  Primarily to keep up with the social side of it, and not lose contact with all the lovely ladies I met there.  But to walk?  Nah, probably won't be doing much of that over there. 
For a start, I don't want to do early morning walks.  The day walks end up being too hot or rained off, and the evening walks are TOO DAMN FAST.  
So yeah, walking around my home streets is my choice now.

I've been doing housework since I got home from the Mall.  And now I'm gunna stop and have some lunch.  Just something light today, I don't want to bog myself down with a larger meal at lunchtime, bearing in mind I've got weigh in tonight.
I got on the scales here at home this morning.
Looks OK... might be a very small loss.

7.26 pm:  Pfffft!   I got a result I really wasn't expecting tonight.
DOWN 1.1 kgs.
I must be doing something right.

Now, cooking our dinner.  And looking forward to it as all I've had today is crackers, ham 'n' cheese.  I usually have that for dinner, not lunch.
I'm bloody hungry now.

It will be a quiet evening for us old farts. Catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, February 26, 2023


 My job this morning is to make club sandwiches in a Tupperware Jel Ring.  It's something I love making, even though it takes a bit of time and preparation.

They always come out so perfectly ... I will show you once I cut it up later.

If you are interested in how to do it, look back at my post dated :  Sunday, August 24, 2014.

I've been making club sandwiches like this FOREVER... they are one of my most favourite lunches to make for visitors.

Well that, and cheese scones.  Can't lose with them either.

Khady and cousin Barbara are due midday, so that gives us plenty of time to do a few odd jobs around the house.  Not much needs doing to be honest, except to put some washing on, and fold the linen that I got dry in the garage over the past couple of days.

I wasn't hanging it outside with the weather being so damn unpredictable.

Anyone would think it's already winter.

Well, except for this silly plant:

ABOVE: This silly Azalea has got it's seasons mucked up!  It should be flowering in October/November... not now.  Shows how stuffed up our weather is right now.

HOLD ON!   I just read up on Azaleas, and that one above can bloom up to three times in a year!  Wow.  Learn something new every day eh?

What a wonderful shrub to have.  It's doing really well where it is, must be the perfect spot.

Right, I better get up and get the washing on, then make that Club Sandwich.  

10.14 am:  And that was almost a disaster.
I couldn't find the Tupperware Jel Ring anywhere.  I looked in all the most obvious places it SHOULD have been, then in some daft places.
Couldn't find it.
Then Stew looked under the front bed, and boom!
I remember putting them there a while ago now, so they were out of the way.
Never again.  They are going back in the baking cupboard.

The sandwich is done and setting in the fridge now, it took me 1.5 hours to make.  As I said, not the simplest of things to make.
Lots of prep.

And now it's time to just sit back and wait for our visitors.

And get the washing on, cos I just remembered I ain't done that yet.

4.20 pm:  And our visitors have been, and just gone.  It was delightful to catch up with Khady, and see Barbara again.  It's easily 10 years since we last saw her as she lives in America.

ABOVE:  A couple of lovely photos for the memories.

ABOVE:  Today's club sandwich, it was delicious.  And much appreciated, which made the effort worth it.

5.20 pm:  We just got home after dropping left over cakes 'n' slices off to Steve and Bex.
I said to Stew I didn't want it in the house, as I wouldn't be able to resist it. Neenish Tarts and Salted Caramel Slice.  OMG two things I LOVE.

Best to just not have it in the house eh?

Not long till I will need to get the washing in ... then I can relax for the remainder of the day and evening.

10.41 pm:   Gosh I'm tired!  It's been a long day.  And I've over eaten twice today.  Dumb.
Just a little blimp.  I'll do better tomorrow.
And now I'm off to bed.

Saturday, February 25, 2023


 Nearly March, and we still have not had summer.

It's utterly crazy.

Stew said we had fog several morning last week too, which means Autumn is coming.

Yesterday I wore a sweatshirt all day and wool slippers too.  I was COLD.

I know I hate being too hot, but come on!  NO SUMMER?

Our second round of lettuce and tomato plants are not doing anything.  It's just not warm enough for them to grow.  Complete waste of money getting them. 

Now... today?


We can't be bothered going day tripping with the weather being shit again.  If there's lots of rain, there is bound to be more road closures and slips all over the place.

It's really been a terrible spring and summer.

I will probably get some more washing done, then head into the sewing room.  I haven't finished either of the two Fish Runners that I started last week.  I've been mucking around with other things.

And I just haven't felt like working on them.  Hopefully today I do get the motivation to get on with them.

10.25 am, and it looks like all the predicted rain has been and gone again.  It looks very nice outside right now.  Clear skies, puffy clouds, not too hot or cold.
Like the porridge.  Just right.  😂😅😉

Stew is down at the supermarket getting our weekly supply of Diet Coke.  After he gets home we are going to Farmers to find a couple more pairs of knickers for me.  I am really loving the BONDS brand, and would like a few more.
I seem to be doing washing much more frequently just so I can keep wearing the BONDS knickers!  lol  I only have 4 of them... yeah, NOT ENOUGH.  

Stew also suggested we go for a walk 'somewhere', I'm up for that as long as it doesn't get too hot.

12.08 pm:  And we have been out and about.  Chartwell Square, Farmers.  Found some knickers:

ABOVE:  Over half our population must be a size 14 on the butt, cos OMG it's hard to find that size.
But, we did find 4 pairs, so I think I am all good now.

After that, we visited THREE supermarkets trying to find a few things for lunches.  Primarily Brie Cheese and Ham slices.  After going to three different stores, we had what we wanted.  
Home now, and looking at the sky... we are probably going to get rain later on today.

It's very hot and humid out there.  So I doubt I will be going for a walk.  Maybe tonight when it's cooler, if it's not pissing down too much.

I'm going to have some lunch now, crackers, cheese and ham.  Nice, I will never tire of that sort of lunch.

ABOVE:  This one is finished.  And I'm not too sure about the alignment of the fish?
This one is only going to work on a coffee table.
I'm not sure I want to do another one like this.
What do you think?

ABOVE:  I wish the rain would just HAPPEN... instead of threaten!   We have had monster clouds all day, but no rain here.  All around us?  Yep.  Just not here.

We just went out to the cemetery and tended Stew's parent's grave.  
His sister is visiting tomorrow, and is going out there.  So we wanted it to look nice.

Then we went to the supermarket AGAIN, to get some bread for tomorrow, as Khady and cousin Barbara will be here for lunch.

That was the fifth supermarket visit today.  Crazy.

Well another Saturday winds down... and as per usual, Stew is watching sport and I'm watching other stuff in the Family Room, while playing Solitaire on the laptop.  😊
Time to sign off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Friday, February 24, 2023


 And yet again, I am faced with this annoying problem.

ABOVE:  My freakin rings are spinning around on my finger.  So annoying, sometimes two go one way, and the third one goes the other way.  Grrrr.

ABOVE: And it's not all down to weight loss.  My ring finger has 'wasted away' from wearing rings for 40+ years.  

Anyone else have this happen to them?

Today, before I do anything else, I'm gunna go to a jeweller and get a thing-a-ma-jij, that holds your rings in place.  

I used to use tape to hold them in place, but I really do need to get the right thing eh?

Can't think why I haven't done it already? Like, years ago.  😖😕😏  I'm sure I've bitched about this before!

11 am:  And I went to the Base.  Visited three different jewellers.

All of them said the same thing. 

- No we don't have anything to help them fit better.

- We can resize them OR we can solder them together.

I don't want to make them smaller, because then they won't fit over my knuckle!

I don't want then soldered together, as all three swing around my finger already, and joining them together won't stop that.

So I was told to try LOVISA, a costume jewellery shop in the mall.

ABOVE: And look at that.  And dead cheap too.
So now I just have to slip the right one under my rings and see how it goes.
I will of course let ya know in due course.

When I got home from The Base, it was lightly raining.
Perfect weather for a little walk.  So off I went.
Down to the local supermarket, where I bought some oil, as we were out of it. Then home again.
A nice little 2.8 km walk in the rain.  Nothing like it to cheer ya up.
Not that I needed cheering up.
It was very hard being in the mall, around all the food temptations.  The worst was Dunkin' Donuts.  OMG so hard to keep walking by, but I did it.

ABOVE:  I'm all hot, sweaty and a bit wet, so might go and get changed.
Then sit and chill out till I feel like doing something else.

6.48 pm:  My day has been great.  Got lots done around the house, got washing on racks in the garage... THANKS YET MORE RAIN.
Yep, as if we haven't had enough rain in this country, we are getting more.
I feel so terribly sorry for those who have already lost so much to the storms.
Hopefully this latest storm is mild compared to what we had two weeks ago.

We had a silly bugger dinner tonight, fish cakes, crumbed fish, mashed potatoes with onion and baked beans.  Sounds weird, but was just lovely.

Must not do that again though, a heavy dinner like that is not exactly in my plans to lose weight.

I will be extra good over the weekend I think. 😊

It will be a normal Friday night here.  Stew watching sport in the lounge, and me watching whatever in the family room.
I still have to do today's WORDLE, so I think I'll bugger off and do that now.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Thursday, February 23, 2023


 Every now and then, when I'm over in Cambridge, I do a drive by of our old house.

After we left, the new owners stripped it on the outside of any character.  Gardens/trees/side screen and so on... all went.

It looked NAKED.

And it stayed that way until recently... when I saw it yesterday I was very surprised.

They had.... PAINTED the brickwork:

ABOVE: And they've put some plants in the garden by the front door too.

I can't get over how changed it looks.  They have made it their own for sure.

I always wanted to paint the brickwork, but wasn't brave enough.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll paint THIS house we are in right now?

ABOVE:  A different view.  They have kept a smattering of the smaller fruit trees, but taken down the big plum trees.  And put in an inground pool.

It's looking lovely.

I really, really like it white.

I think I am going to be dreaming about painting this house now.  😖😜  I wonder what Stew would say if I suggest it?

Bet he rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

Sadly, once I get an idea in my head....

Moving on... today shall be dedicated to sewing.

And pricing house paint... 😂😅😉

Big decision... and one that rests my mind.  And probably Stew's too.
I don't think our home would suit being painted white.  The brick is nice enough on it's own.

I dreamed about it.  My dreams are usually right.

In the past few weeks I have felt like our home is getting 'cluttered'.
I'm a notorious collector.
Little bottles were the latest 'thing'.
It was doing me head in.
So this morning I spent a good couple of hours going through all my bits 'n' bobs.

I had little glass bottles in several places.  There were 5 'things' on the dining table.  And so on.  It was just too much.

So, I went through and put things that did not give me IMMENSE JOY into a box to go to the Op Shop.  I've done this many times before.  And then REPLACED a lot of shit with more shit.

But now I'm feeling like I can let go of lots of clutter and 'things'.

I believe I collect stuff as a way of controlling my life in some way?  Does that make sense?
It's something I have to try and get on top of.

Collecting stuff.  Overeating.  Worrying over EVERYTHING.  It all stems from feeling out of control I think.

Acknowledging that is half the battle.  

ABOVE:  I didn't get rid of my little glass bottles, I just condensed them into one corner.  The 'shoe rack'.  lol
It was slowly being taken over by ornaments anyway.
I think I've got 4-5 bottles that are going to the Op Shop, as they didn't really ring me bells.

4 pm:  Hi!  I got carried away with me day.   I went over to Bex's and picked up a few bags of stuff she had to donate to the op shop, then off I went.
Dropped it all off then had to gas up me car.
Then, considerably poorer, I went to the supermarket for just a couple of things.

AND I came home with JUST those couple of things!  Miracles do happen sometimes.

Then I did some more fluffing around in the house, had some lunch, and did some sewing.

And now I'm waiting for Stew to get home cos we are off to our 'local' to meet up with friends for a quiet drink.  Well ... they drink.  I do Diet Coke, cos I'm the sober driver.
Which does not bother me in the least.  I don't really enjoy alcohol.

Unlike some piss heads I can think of.  😂😅😆  Each to their own eh.

ABOVE:  For Dogstars.  I can't see it white, can you?

Best laid plans... we didn't go to the pub after all.  Stew got home late from work, so we canned it.
Had a nice dinner together and watched the telly.
Nice quiet evening.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023


 Another birthday rolls around.

This time it's :

ABOVE:  Happy Birthday Lacy, we hope you have a lovely day.

Another year older, another year...  Yeah nah, not wiser!  But, we live in hope, lol.

ABOVE: These two will be having dinner together... which is lovely.  They call themselves 'The Twins'... even though they are a year apart in age. Nice that these two sisters are so close.

ABOVE:  When Bex came over last night to play cards, she also brought some 'accessories' for my little frog. He now has a Duckie Life Preserver, and a blue fish on the end of his fishing pole.  How cute!  Thanks Bex.

ABOVE:  And Michelle M brought over a huge bowl of the most delicious grapes.  OMG I'm set for healthy snacks for the week now.  Tomatoes and Grapes.  Yum yum.

Today ... hmmm.  I'm thinking of visiting a friend in Cambridge.  But I'll need to see if she's home first.  I have a couple of tops for her to try on.

I'm still culling my wardrobe.  It's a slow process, but feels good.

Later on... I shall be sewing again.  One of the new Fish Runners is 80% done, so it would be nice to get it finished today.

9.50 am:  I'm now going to Cambridge this afternoon, that suits my friend better.
All good, it gave me time to go through my wardrobe again, and I found a few more items she can have.

ABOVE:  I'm shocked to say there's three items there that I never even wore.  Now that they fit me, I don't like them!  Oh well, I know they will go to someone who will appreciate them.

Pay It Forward whenever you can.  

ABOVE:  My two oldest pairs of cycle shorts, my 'GO TO' shorts.  My fit me any size shorts.  My TWENTY FIVE YEAR OLD shorts!
They are threadbare in places.  They NO LONGER FIT.
Out they go.
It was hard to do it, but I am not hanging on to them for another day.
I think I kept them because I always gained weight again, and they were my staple shorts.

I'm losing weight, and keeping it off.  I am finally in a good head space again, and am taking care of ME.
(and STEW of course).

2023 is the year to stop making our lives about others, and making it about us.  

ABOVE:  A major key to our contentment now.

Lacy rang.  She lost her car keys.  She insisted I had a spare at my house.  So I proceeded to hunt for half an hour in all the likely places I would stash keys.  Well, there's only two or three places to be fair.
I don't have her spare keys.

So I'm a bit stressed.   Then BOOM!  Silly bitch finds them.  

Lacy:  Go and get another set or two cut.  asap

4.55 pm:  I've been home a while, been busy in the sewing room.

My visit in Cambridge with Susan D was lovely.  She scored some 'new to her' clothes, that she was very happy to receive.
So nice to share the love.

I'm now feeling quite headachy... so am going to take a Panadol and just sit quietly for a while.

ABOVE:  For Blondie...  The Winner and Loser from last night's card game.  Sue T and Michelle M.  I love how their colours matched so nicely.  😊

And.... that's a wrap on the day.  Waiting for Coronation Street to come on, then after that, bed.
And I am tired, so rather looking forward to bedtime.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023


 First up today is to visit a neighbour who is giving away cherry tomatoes.  I love them and free ones are the best. 

Tonight I am hosting Card Night.  Hmmm.... which means I really should do some vacuming, dusting, and .... yeah NAH.

If my friends can't bear a bit of dust and fluff on the floor, they ain't me friends.  Right?

I will endeavour to make some supper, and put out some cups and tea 'n' coffee. That will do. 😃😂😆

I better find our cards too.  They should be where I usually put them, but ya never know.

I will be working on the Fish Runners again today.  

And doing some housework... just folding up and putting away washing.  Don't want to get carried away or anything. 😉

In case you missed it last night, I had another decent loss at Weight Watchers, which I was not expecting.  I really can't understand how I can eat Taco Bell and ice cream and still lose weight?

Must be on the other days I'm incredibly good I suppose.

I lost 700 grams = 1.54 pounds, for you fullas still dealing in pounds and ounces.  lol   

That takes my loss to date (after 6 months), to 13.6 kgs or 29.98 pounds OR 2.14 stone.  My goal was always a slow and steady 2 kg loss a month, and I'm pretty much bang on target.

ABOVE:  gorgeous tomatoes from my neighbour.  So yum.
I must not over eat them... cos they are so sweet they are probably high in sugars.  Dang.

ABOVE:  August 2022.  When I re-joined Weight Watchers.

ABOVE:  February, 6 months and 13.6 kilos lighter.  Bring on the next -13!  Even if it takes another 6 months, I'm happy.

Now... off to the sewing room, I have stuff to be getting on with.

ABOVE: 2nd fish done.  I've not got much done on it this afternoon, just feeling tired today.
And now I should go back into the house and sort out supper for Card Night.  
Not that I'll need to put out much as I'm only expecting 3-4 girls.  

9.33 pm:  And that was fun.  5 of us girls playing cards tonight.  So many laughs, lots of yakking and some very yummy food.  I stuck to grapes and a cracker or two, so didn't blow it.
It always feels good when I do that.

Winding up for the day now, catch ya tomorrow.