Monday, March 05, 2007


Yaaa, the start of another lovely week, kids back to school, Man back to work.... what more can a girl ask for?

As per, I'm off to the gym this morning, and at midday I have the last of my 4 gym assessments.... then I get the free gym t-shirt! *LAUGHING NOW*

Livy: I am sure you are desperate for rain, my heart goes out to you poor buggers over there in the grip of a dreadful drought! But over here we often get too much rain, which can have devestating effects on the environment too... so excuse me if I am hoping for a bit more sun over our summer, and not rain.

On that note, it's another beautiful summer day! It so helps with the mood....
AS for those evil cookies, I get them for Mike, he's a growing lad, does masses of sport and needs the energy they give him (ok, they are still shit), but he likes them! later...

Wow, it's 12.30 and I've just got home, I tell ya, the best way to avoid your pantry/fridge is simply stay out! Did my last assessment today, now have my lovely City Fitness T-Shirt. hee hee. Am kinda buggered, did Cityexpress (weights), cardio and swiss ball workouts this morning, am feeling pumped! Oh yeah, and I managed to fit in some passive shopping.. passive as in I didn't buy a bloody thing! Was looking at clothes out at Ezibuy, and nothing appealed at all. Oh well, I am trying to save shopping for clothes for when I go to Aussy in May anyway.

Far out, it is sooo hot this afternoon... why is it that when we have to cook dinner it is so bloody hot in the kitchen all ya want to do is go jump in a pool? Like I've got a bloody pool?! NOT The family are getting baked marinated spare ribs with potoatoe and veges.... I'm going to the gym again for Bodypump tonight.. I hope there is no dinner left by the time I get back! I'm hoping to have a WW meal tonight with coleslaw on the side..... just what I had for lunch actually! I am fighting cravings today again.... but have resisted so far...

Just talked to the Doctor's Nurse, me blood tests came back pretty much ok.... low on potassium, colesterol is up a bit but not too high, all good! Must eat more bananas!
And.... am trying to talk myself into having a smear test... havn't had one for 17.5 years! Had a very bad experience last time and vowed NEVER to have one again... but.... may yet change my mind ! Not sure....

Bodypump is fantastic... killer on the arms tho! Hmmm wonder if I should have opened that can of worms (smear) ??? I honestly don't know if I can bring myself to do it.... will tell ya all if I do or don't in the next day or two... just thinking about MAYBE doing it is a HUGE step for me.
Ok, it's sign off time for me, nite nite.


  1. Congrats on the loss, that gym must be really cool!

  2. Woohhoo a free t-shirt is always a good thing...

    I don't like passive shopping he he I am a shopaholic and would love to buy buy buy but can't afford it ho hum.

    Love CM

  3. Thanks for listening today!! THANKS for cheering me up!


  4. You are a real little gym bunny - I used to go to the gym but find it difficult to do that and walk too - which I need to do for the dog's sake. But one of these days I'm going to get my shit together!! Had a laugh at the evil cookie - have had a fair few experiences with them myself!

  5. Cookietime Cookies, I know those evil little buggers all too well. I also know the big ones, and the triple choc ones. I have a NZ 'friend' who send me them and fish, but I don't even think they're that nice (not that they wouldn't be good for a fix).

    Do you know what cracks me up? How kiwis call Australia "Aussie". I am an Aussie, but I do not live in Aussie. I have the giggles again!

  6. Now listen here ((grabs your ear)) .... If you don't go and get a smear (after 17.5 years).... I am going to e-mail you every day on the hour until you do!!!! ((chuckles))
    I have (as many others) had cervical cancerous cells (cin3) and that was only after a couple of years ..... so missy .... lets make that appointment .....!! (lol)
    Seriously .... that is very important .... go check it out!! Please .....


  7. Thanks for the text today. And go and have that smear or I'll come up there and take you to the doc myself!

  8. My God Chris, you are a very funny lady!! lol. Tara (about a year ago) was eating mulberries straight from the tree and loving them! Thanks for wishing us rain!!

    You are doing so well, you really are an inspiration! Wish you could come over to my place and do Walking away the pounds with me!

  9. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Good on you for being so committed to the gym. i'm in awe at your exercise schedule.

    and slightly ashamed of myself!!


  10. hi ya,
    gosh I thought I was the only one who had delayed my smear for far to long. I've been putting it off as I just hate them. Even finding out a friend had abnormal cells at her last check (stage 4 which is quite bad and considered cancerous apparently)
    I think we both just need to bite the bullet and get it over and done with. Whats 10 mins of anxiety compared to abnormalities not being detected and we had left it too late. I would never forgive myself if someone was wrong and I didn't bother because I didn't want to lose my dignity for 10 mins.
    I will make my appointment tomorrow. (and I will be checking back to make sure you have made one too). I think its been about 7 years for me. (maybe slightly longer, I've actually lost tract)

  11. Hi Chris. Have just caught up on your latest entries. Wow your before and after photos are amazing. You are doing so well.

    I look forward to getting to know you better. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  12. and you have the cheek to give me boots up the butt when you haven't had a smear in 17.5 years!! Get your va-jay-jay out girl and put your mind at rest.

    PS thanks for the support.

  13. OMG what were you thinking. Please take care of business and have that smear test. Its never a pleasant experience, but it will put you mind at ease.

    Congrats on your loss! Step by step you are getting closer to your goal. Hurray for you!

  14. Of course your son likes the cookies; they better be damn tasty for that many calories. But he'll be thanking you later on if you get him used to eating a lower-calorie snack than that. Or at least, I wish my parents had taken that approach with me when I was a kid!


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