Saturday, July 31, 2010


This will be quick...
This morning we will go out and about as per normal for a Saturday morning.

Later on this afternoon I am expecting my friend Chris D to arrive from Palmerston North... she is en route to London and will spend the afternoon here until she has to catch her flight ... she's in for a long haul trip!

She's going to Hartlepool where her late Husband's family are... she's taking his ashes to be scattered on his homeland. So, quite a special trip for her.

That's all from me right now.... back later.

ONWARD... ABOVE: Griffin only makes my bed so he can have fun arranging the pillows/cushion... todays effort is called a 'ROBOT' design! He is quite creative if you ask me. Love that kid.

We are off to visit the SIL in hospital now, she's going to be in there until at least Monday now...she must be wrapt! Still, it's better to be safe than sorry... she lives on her own in a fairly isolated area.
ABOVE: on our way to the hospital this morning, I saw this vehicle... it's a modified Toyota Van... like it!
Stew's sister has a viral infection the doctor's think... and she should be OK to go home tomorrow. Hope it's not 'catching' as we have all been exposed to her and her virus now!

Lunch in Henderson, then we went out to the airport and picked up Chris D, and she spent a few hours chillin at our place:

ABOVE: Coco certainly enjoyed her visit! Spoilt little tartlet! *smiles*... after dinner we took Chris back to the airport for the first leg of her journey... 10 hours to Los Angeles, to be followed by a 12 hour leg to London. THEN she has to catch yet another plane to Hartlepool! Rather her than me... though I envy her leaving our wet and cold climate for summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

End of a very busy day... and I can't stop yawning. Might just try to have an early night. nite nite.

Friday, July 30, 2010


ABOVE: I adore this fabric. I bought some a few months ago... and can no longer get any here in New Zealand..... so I went 'shopping' on the 'net... and yaaaaa... I found some in New York, USA! I have ordered some.... plus a couple more fabrics... wonder how long they will take to arrive?

The choice from this site was amazing... I'm thrilled I have found it. It's called if you are interested in fabric!

Today: well I'm off to work at the Hospice shop all day... and Stew is going to the IEP meeting at school this afternoon instead of me. Yaaaa... I am sure the staff at that school see me coming and groan! lol ... and so they should! I am going to keep on their case until they follow through with thier promises.


TOTAL CHANGE OF PLANS: my sister in law is being taken to hospital in an ambulance with chest pains.. I'm on my way to be with her right now. Back later...

It's later (2.30pm) and my SIL has been admitted to hospital for observation. Not sure if it's her heart (but probably not)... I (and the doctor) is thinking it might be Gall Stones. The symptoms are similar to a heart attack... I should know, having had Gall Stone attacks and me gall bladder out as a consequence.

Fingers crossed they can get her pain under control and it is something they can fix for her soon.

Stew went to the school IEP meeting, will get his 'debrief' tonight no doubt.

Off to relax for a while, today has been a bit rushed.

End of Day: no more news on the SIL, so she must be doing OK. Spent the evening making cards... watching tv.. now off to bed. nite nite.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


ABOVE AND BELOW: Bliss.... my house is so clean and tidy!

AND why is this?........

ABOVE: THIS is why! I have banned the dogs from the living areas for today... I want to enjoy the tidiness for the day! And as I 'work' in the spare bedroom and they lie under my work table.. it's not like they are all alone eh? lol

Today I take Griffin to his Speld lesson again, which means I get to go to Pukekohe again.... yaaaaa! NOT that I can spend much money sadly... I have to pay for the Speld Teacher to attend Griffin's I.E.P. meeting at his school tomorrow. *sigh*... but it's a necessary expense to get the school working in the same way as his Speld Teacher. There is no point the school teaching him stuff he cannot ever learn... like how to write! He is never going to be able to write... they need to be teaching him to touch type and use a computer.


Back from Speld/Pukekohe... didn't buy much, just some more card (it's 40c a sheet cheaper out there!).. and a little punch thingee with 3 stars on it. Handy that will be as I put lots of stars on my cards.
Weather... crappy... one minute lovely and fine, next raining and cold. *Sigh*... going to have some lunch now... starving...
End of Day: and whoops! Didn't realise I hadn't been back on here since the afternoon! Oh well... I've been busy. Dinner/kids/making cards.... you know, just the normal sort of evening around here now. Time to bugger off to bed... nite nite.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


For the SECOND time since we bought my gorgeous ROXY... I crashed her! We have a malfunctioning garage door.... and yesterday I opened the garage door, jumped in the car and started to back out... and crashed into the garage door because it had started to go down again.. ON IT'S BLOODY OWN!!! I felt sick. AGAIN.

ABOVE: the dent on the right hand side....

AND the left hand side...

...AND the broken tail light. *sigh*

I am taking my car into the panel beaters today for an assessment, and once he has the parts to repair it, I can get it fixed. Hopefully it won't be long. I hate seeing my car broken. AND I feel such a bloody fool.... fancy backing into the garage door when my car has a REAR REVERSING CAMERA!!! Obviously I wasn't looking into the camera... or I would have seen the garage door coming down again eh? Lesson learnt... USE THE FRIGGIN CAMERA, that's what it's there for.

No other plans for today, just get the car sorted out, then come home and make cards I suppose.

ONWARD... just remembered... the dogs are getting groomed today! Oh I can't wait to see Teddy all nice again! And Coco.. well I have no idea how she will look after being clipped all over!

THE CAR: will need an entire new back door, and the lights unit on the right hand side... so it is gunna cost several thousand dollars. YIKES! Expensive little mishap. And it won't be fixed until at least next week... but that's ok, as long as it's fixed eh?

Expecting the groomer at around 11, so am going to do some housework until then....

Yaaa... the groomer is here. She seems really nice. The dogs liked her too. Teddy is being groomed right now, then it will be Coco's turn.... which the groomer said won't be PERFECT as Coco is only a puppy and is bound to wriggle too much for her to do a really fantastic job on... but I expected that. Coco is going to freak out!

ABOVE: taa daaa! Two well groomed dogs! Don't they look adorable? Teddy's coat is a bit shorter than I would have liked, but the groomer was not sure how short to go... she will next time. Coco was a very good girl apparently... and only wriggled for 50% of the time! She even fell asleep at one point too! Talking of being asleep, they are both now zonked out on the couches in the lounge, sound asleep. Awwwww.

Truth be told, I'm kinda tired too.... might just join dem dogs! I vacumed and washed the floors this morning, made dinner in advance and numerous other house jobs... no wonder I am tired.

HA! No nap, kids arrived home didn't they? Oh well... I made a couple of cards this afternoon.... Stew is home now and I am making him venison pies for dinner. YUM.

End of Day: and Stew loved his pies. I got wrapt up in card making and forgot to have any dinner... is it too late at 10.30 pm to eat dinner? lol

nite nite.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


ABOVE: "Who you talkin' about?"

"What did I do?".... "dat is NOT some plant in me mouth!"

" AND I can assure you it wasn't ME who chewed the corner off the rug"...

It was Teddy... see... he even looks guilty!

Poor Teddy.... he gets the blame for so much.... when it is almost ALWAYS COCO!

Teddy is finally out of his plastic cone... it took weeks to finally get his neck healed. He looks diabolical now ... his ear hair is too short and the rest of him badly needs a grooming... and Coco needs her first grooming too.
I have rung around a few places and may be able to get them into a new place by Friday... fingers crossed. Edit: I have got a new mobile groomer coming on Wednesday. At $120 for both dogs she better be good! Fingers crossed.

Today? more of the same... card making, housework...

Feeling Dreadful.... got an e-mail from lady in England... she is horribly upset about what I put on my blog about her. God I feel so, so bad now. I should not have put it out there eh? She has even deleted me as a Friend on Facebook.... that is so sad. Now I feel like a right bitch... going to go now and try and do something nice.
Still haven't done anything nice.... but anyway... I'm sitting here at the computer, blogging and I think... What are my dogs doing? I turn around to check... and awwww... they are both curled up on a chair together, how bloody cute!
ABOVE: THEN I realise that Coco is knawing the blasted cushion... the little shit! *sigh* ... I can't wait until she has finished teething!
It's cold today, raining and cold. I am feeling crabby now. Don't come near me when I'm cold!
I HURT MY POOR CAR...AGAIN! On the phone to the insurance company right now..... (and YES, I am fine and no one else was involved)...
End of Day: and it really hasn't been a good day for me. I am having to explain to Stew how I managed to crash our lovely car again. Don't feel too good about that. In fact I have been right put off me dinner... which is quite good for the figure if nothing else. nite nite.

Monday, July 26, 2010


NOPE.. couldn't get anymore to fit in there! I used it all! And Teddy (her bear) watched the whole thing from the floor. I asked her just what was she doing and was told "Go away Grandma".... nice. lol

DUCK/$'s SITUATION: I reminded 'C' in England and she has responded with apologies and a promise to send the money today. I feel good about that.

Today: Patchwork class, where I will be sewing fabric onto card.... am nowhere near finishing the Whitianga Order yet.... but that's fine, I have plenty of time.

When I get home... I am going to blog read/comment until I am all caught up! I hate to think how many are on my Google Reader list!!! Last time I checked it was 257..... YIKES!
ABOVE: a certain wee girl loves VW's... so when I saw these VW buttons I just had to buy them! I am going to be making curtains for Rena's new bedroom, so think I will try and put the buttons on them somewhere.... or maybe on a matching cushion or two.
Class today was again lovely.... I dressed to be warm today... as last week I froze me butt off there... today... I was hot! Derrrrr.
MY. BACKSIDE. HURTS! I have been sitting here at the computer for 3.5 hours reading and commenting on blogs. I AM DONE. I did not visit everyone, I did not read all of the updated blogs... it is too much! I need to get off my bum.... it is sore!
End of Day: and I have just made 5 more cards... the minimum I have set myself for each day. Happy about that.... nite nite.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


After we have done all the housework this morning, we are heading off to Hamilton to return Rena... who has been a joy to have. It was the FIRST TIME EVER we have had Rena... without her parents being with her... and she has been so good! No crying, grizzling... NOTHING!!!

My house is a pig's sty.... I have ...seriously, done virtually NO housework this week! Well.. I did the absolute minimum... and this moring we really do have to pull finger and do some serious cleaning/dusting/polishing! I can honestly say I am embarassed at how much dust has gathered! *ikkkk*

Then I can relax when we are in Hamilton... knowing I don't have to come back to a mess. Kelly and her Fiance' Gordon just bought a house... which we are going to see for the first time today. I can't wait! I hope to take lots of photos to show you....

I took some really funny/cute photos of Rena the other day.. sitting on the a big girl... with a whole roll of loo paper shoved down the toilet and all over her legs! If her Mum and Dad say it's OK, I hope to show you all just how adorable she looked... lol. She has been very entertaining this weekend.

ONWARD.... ABOVE: all clean and tidy again, and it took 2.5 hours! ... Stew did one end of the house and I did the other! Dusted/Polished, vacumed... all DONE. Now I can relax... Heading off to Hamilton in just a mo....
ABOVE: All ready to go home to her Mum and Dad.... in her cute new clothes and shoes..

ABOVE: Kelly and Gordon in front of their new home... it has 4 bedrooms and a HUGE garage, a double carport and two other outside sheds... which comes in handy when you are a 'backyard' mechanic!
ABOVE: a huge tree in the front yard, which is getting severely pruned this coming week.
ABOVE: kitchen/dining room... hell the little Tart has more cupboards than me! *sniff*
ABOVE: a really lovely back verandah, which has thick plastic wind/weather protection walls.
ABOVE: Gordon's new 'PLAYGROUND'... lol. That man loves doing up cars and selling them on... and tinkering with his racing cars.
ABOVE: some cute trees at Gordonton, that have been pruned into these funky shapes.
That's all for today!
End of Day: and it was so nice to come home and know I don't have to spend hours tomorrow on my own getting the house all clean again! Yaaaa. nite nite.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


******What was written here has now been deleted********
Now .... onward...
ABOVE: here is my latest effort and the 1st of my 'Nautical' Cards! I think it's quite nice, even if I do say so myself.

Today: will be dedicated to having fun with my family and Rena! Then later on this afternoon I am going to a Volunteer's Afternoon Tea held by the Hospice. Hopefully it will be nice. And 'Granddad' will be on 'watch the kids' duty for an hour or so! Neat.

That's all for now...

RENA: went to bed last night at 9.40pm.... and fell asleep immediately. No crying, climbing out of the cot... NOTHING! AND she slept without moving until 8am this morning! How awesome is that? She had her breakfast (milo and fruit toast) and is now playing ever so happily with Brylee and the dogs... I am thrilled to bits at how well she is doing here with us. OH and she has not asked for her Mum or Dad once! lol

ABOVE: I just got a new watch... it was so hard to decided what to get! There is just too much choice out there! It ended up being this one or a Mid Blue Baby G.... this one won.

We had lunch at our favourite mall, Sylvia Park, bought our granddaughter some clothes and shoes... cos we could... and after being out for 4 hours came home! I am not used to having a toddler around...we went out without her nappies or wipes... luckily we didn't need them! Well... we did zip home and change her nappy after lunch, but went out again right after! lol... fancy forgetting the nappy bag!

Now... I'm tired! Think I will have a rest until dinnertime!

End of Day: dinner... chinese takeaways... naughty, naughty. Made more cards this evening... slowly getting the ever so large order going.... nite nite.

Friday, July 23, 2010


******What was written here has now been deleted.****

Now.... I am off to work at the Hospice Shop.....OOOOh AND later on today (after school) I am off to Hamilton to pick up our Granddaughter Rena, who is coming to stay ON HER OWN with us!!!


I LOVE working at the Hospice Shop! It's so busy, the ladies who work there are just so much fun.... and I get to buy stuff I don't really need... but just HAVE TO GET! LOL
I did buy a few things today, but right now I don't have time to show you... I must grab myself some lunch, pick up the kids and leave for Hamilton to get Rena... back here later....
It's later! And we have been to Hamilton, picked up Rena and are now home again. Rena has been FANTASTIC, not a single whimper.. yakked the whole way home and fell asleep like.... 2 minutes from home! Typical. Now, my bargins from today:
ABOVE: This gorgeous dress and matching necklace, for one of my girls...
ABOVE: this tie for Stew....
ABOVE: this totally to die for silver/Rosewood serving dish... it was only $1 as it has a broken leg... which I am sure we can do something with to fix it....
And finally ...
ABOVE: a cute wee American Walnut box (had to buy it, it's got a boat carved on it!) and a solid lead crystal ashtray ( I know, we don't smoke, have NO use for it) but it is soooo pretty! I am sure I can find something to use it for, even if it's only as a paper weight!
That's it.... off to feed the kids dinner now... spagetti on toast! lol
Has to be something easy tonight, I'm like.... TIRED!
End of Day: and I'm totally exhausted! Worked in the shop till 1pm, then the drive to and from Hamilton... then add looking after wee Rena and once she was asleep, making half a dozen more cards....and yep, I'm ready for my bed! It's 11.56pm!!! I do get carried away in me 'craft' room! nite nite.
Oh, and thanks for all the suggestions!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


MY PHONE'S RINGTONE! I LOVE IT... it makes me laugh every time I hear it. It's a Crazy Frog one that I got from Lacy.

Today... it's take Griffin to his Speld Lesson... and it is now 1.5 hours long. So what can I do while out there? Might just have to take a book... or me walking shoes... though walking out in the country on my own might just freak me out... NOT that safe with nobody around eh? The book might be a better idea me thinks.

ONWARD.... Well it's a wet day.... I drove the kids to school... so I definitely will be reading a book in the car today!

I've been sewing again this morning... should have all the fabric sewn on card by end of the day hopefully. Gotta go... PEE....

How RUDE of me to leave you wondering just how LONG I could stay in the loo having a piddle! LOL..... Imagine Niagara Falls...

So, been out to Drury with Griffin. His teacher is pleased with how he is doing.

Question: What Did I Do?

Did I sit in the car and read? Hell NO!

Did I go for a walk... Hell NO!

Did I drive 8 minutes up to road to Pukekohe and SHOP? Hell YES!

ABOVE: I quickly found the Bernina Sewing Shop... which along with other stuff has the most awesome selection of Buttons I have ever seen! I bought some..

ABOVE: I got 5 of these ADORABLE FUNKY FISH buttons too! They are made of metal... and cost like... $5 each... but I. COULD. NOT. RESIST! I have no idea what I will do with them YET....

ABOVE: Right next door to the Bernina Shop was a fabric shop... the owner of the fabric shop also owns the Bernina Shop (Well... yes... we had a yak !)... anyway... I managed to find some lovely fabric in there too! Totally LOVE the sneakers one.... and of course the shell one I have already been using. It's out of stock now so I was lucky to find any.

ABOVE: Faith from the Fabric Shop (Yep, we are on first names terms already)... directed me to the local Card Making shop, where I managed to pick up some more punches and a bit of ribbon.
*sigh*... after all that I had to go and get Griffin and drop him back to school.

NOW? Gunna relax for a while... sheesh, shopping is Tiring! (oooo ... that's my exercise for the day!) Yaaaaaaa.

End of Day: and did I relax? Naaah... I sewed some more. IN fact, I sewed from 1-6pm, then stopped to make dinner!

nite nite.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Sometimes I get tired of blogging!

And sometimes I wonder why I do it?

Is it for me... HELL YES! I love doing it... but just lately it's become a bit of a chore. I am totally focused on getting the rather large order from the Whitianga shop done and dusted, so it's not hanging over my head.

But then I feel I am neglecting my blog... and you will all get bored shitless with me and my friggin cards... and stop visiting and commenting!

It means a lot to me when you do visit and comment...IT REALLY DOES. It makes me feel like I am not 'alone' here, plugging away at my cards, doing housework, caring for the kids, struggling to lose weight, being a crabby old tart!

I don't know where this is going really.... just wanted to say I am struggling to keep a balance I suppose. I miss my laptop computer... I could curl up in my lounge chair in the evenings and read blogs for ages... but ... I killed it. And it looks like Steve cannot resurrect it from the dead either... dammit. AND I can't afford to buy another one. *double damn*

Yesterday worked well though, I allocated a certain amount of time to the necessary jobs, blogging and card making... so I suppose I am on the right track?

Later on I will take a photo of my latest card creations.... and bore you all some more!

I need to add two more things to my 'must do daily' list! EXERCISE and SHOPPING! Both SOOOOO important. lol

Talking of shopping, I need to go out today, I have quite a long list of things to do ... banking, shopping, parcel to post, etc! Righty ho... shopping, banking, posting etc DONE.

ABOVE: of the 17 cards made yesterday, these two are my FAVOURITES!
While I was out.. I tried to find my phone.... bugger! Not in me bag. Had I lost it? I stressed out about that... until I got home and had a look around for it. Could not find it.... began to get really worried.
But.... before I got really hot and bothered, I rung my own number, to see if I had put in somewhere weird.... (like I do kinda often)... and it was in the bathroom. Derrrrr. Very relieved I found it.
WOMBAT: the treadmill is DEAD... and hey, have you ever tried to read and type while on a Treadmill??? NOPE ... ain't gunna happen. Nice thought thought... ta.
End of Day: yikes, it's 11.30pm! I've been sewing fabric onto card.... everyone is sound asleep except me. I should be in bed! Off there right now. nite nite.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I have to get better at TIME SHARING... my time that is!

2 hours blogging/reading/commenting.
1 & 1/2 hours housework.
Rest of time cardmaking/sewing.
Sounds good to me... just have to put it into practise now.
ABOVE: some of the Heart Cards... do we like? Ha ha... I'm sure we do.... so with that... I'm off to make the lunches, get the kids to school... then start reading/commenting on some blogs...
Well.. it's working. I've done the blog thing, I've done the friggin housework, I've made 7 Kiwi Cards...and now it's like....1.30 pm and I am STARVING! Need food.... off to feed me face before I get the shakes.
So far today.. I've made 11 Kiwi Cards, hope to get at least 4 more done before bedtime. Dinner is in the oven, a roast leg of lamb roasted in Thick Mint Sauce and Onions... oooo the smell coming from that oven is to die for.
JENNY: Put the meat in a roasting dish, add onions and any other vege you want (potatoes, carrots etc) add 1 and 1/2 bottles of WHITLOCKS Homestyle Thick Mint Sauce, a bit of water, and a sprinkle of Garlic Salt on the top. Slow bake for at least 2 hours, depending on the size on your roast. Thicken the remaining liquid with cornflour mixed with water. DONE. You can also do this with Lamb Chops, Mutton Chops, Hocks etc.
End of Day: I have now made 17 Kiwi Cards today! And there is only ONE that I think is not so nice. Not bad for a day's work. I think I am 'working' for about $1 an hour though!!! Luckily I'm not doing this for the money! I just love doing it, and being arty-farty!
nite nite.

Monday, July 19, 2010


The kids go back to school today!!! I can't wait. These holidays have taken forever to be over... 2 weeks in the middle of winter... ikkkkkk. Noise.... arguments... more noise... GO TO SCHOOL would ya! (for you who don't know... in New Zealand we have 4 school Terms, which are broken up during the year with 3 lots of 2 weeks holidays and a larger 6-7 week holiday over Christmas/New Year)

ABOVE: the totally gorgeous blue jug I just had to buy in Whitianga! Told ya it was beautiful didn't I?

ABOVE: oooohhhh, about 150 cards ready to have their fabric sewn on them... hoping to do a few at Patchwork Class this morning.... I can't wait to go and catch up with the ladies there. I LOVE MONDAYS!

ABOVE: yet another wee video... of Coco the wonder gardener!

Right, gotta go... make lunches, get kids out the door, pack me bag for class... bla bla bla....


Class was lovely... but COLD! I was so cold I left early... I am sore from shivering! I will take a hot water bottle next time! It was lovely to catch u0p with the girls there. Right now.. I'm going to sit in front of the heater to warm up, then continue sewing heart blocks for cards.

OH and I have found a place online where I can buy my kiwiana fabric for cost price! How awesome is that, it's half the price of in the shops. Yaaaaaaa.

RENEE: go to, you can get the fabrics for $9.50 a metre once you become a client of theirs. I just sent them an email asking to become a client... simple as.

End of Day: well I have made 6 Heart Cards... will show you tomorrow... oh and while I was busy with card making...Coco did more gardening... and tried eating the rug in the Family Room... *sigh*.... the sooner she outgrows this stage the better! I cooked chicken drumsticks in a sweet and sour sauce for dinner... served with Egg Fried Rice... it was delicious! nite nite.

Sunday, July 18, 2010



I am up early... Stew is having a sleep in today... and I am working on cards.

At some point we will have to go out and get some groceries I suppose.... for school tomorrow.

SCHOOL TOMORROW.... yaaaaaa!!!

And I will be going to patchwork class... but not to do 'patchwork' really... I will be sewing fabric onto cards! But still... it will be nice to be socialising with other women again!

ABOVE: I thought this palm was neat... it has a small pohutakawa tree trying to wrap itself around it!
ABOVE: the kids in the park... right at the top of a rope climbing tower thingee.
ABOVE: Griffin (our little piglet) about to wrap his mouth around his lunch yesterday, which was a burger and chips...
ABOVE: a wee video of the kids in the park yesterday.
Right, that's all for now.... until I have something else to yabber on about.

WOW, I didn't realise I hadn't been back on here yet today! Well.. I've been busy!
We went out and had lunch at Sylvia Park, I bought more card, we came home... and I've been cutting card and fabric all afternoon!
There is so much 'preparation' before I even start constructing the card... but hopefully I will be ready soon to get started on the magic.... LOL!
Stew is cooking dinner.... it smells devine... and I have no idea what it is yet...
End of Day, and I'm totally knackered! I've been working on the cards all afternoon/evening! Anyone would think she wanted them by tomorrow the way I'm going! Phew.... so tired. nite nite.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


ABOVE : Whitianga beach this morning... it's not raining right now! But it's going to soon!

We are in Whitianga until lunchtime, then we have to hot-foot it home so we can pick up the dogs before 5pm!

If we don't get home by then they will charge us another full day for both dogs... another $54! No thank you!

Hopefully there is not too much traffic... it's almost the end of the school holidays, so the roads could be very congested. Yaaaa.

IT'S NEARLY END OF SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! I am thrilled about that. I love my kids, but they DO NOT come with a volume control, or a MUTE button... DAMMIT!

Monday I go back to Patchwork Class too... which I have really missed.

ONWARD.... When I get home I will update on how our two days away went, maybe with some photos?


Well... DO I HAVE NEWS! We arrived here yesterday at lunchtime, and I went into my favourite gift shop ... saw a gorgeous blue jug and just had to buy it... so mozzied up to the counter... and started yakking to the owner about her lovely shop (she was a new owner) and I saw her gift cards.... I couldn't help myself and said I made really lovely gift cards too.

Well... she asked if I had any for her to look at... and LUCKILY I had some in the car!
Stew went out and got them and I put all that I had brought out on the counter... AND SHE BOUGHT THE LOT! 24 wee gift cards, 3 medium Kiwi Cards and 5 of the Big Kiwi Cards... and she gave me an awesome price for them... more than the shop in Manukau!

She went on and on about how gorgeous they were.. how I was an amazing ARTIST ... oh my God she went ON AND ON ... and she said if they sold well she would give me even more money for them.

ABOVE: MOSAIC, the shop in Whitianga where you can now also buy my Cards!!!

I thought that was it... but while we were talking a lady came into the shop and saw my cards.... and before I had even been paid for them she up and bought one! We were gobsmacked... the owner said she wanted 300 more cards before Christmas! I am in shock... and delighted too.
So... after that we picked up Joshua and took him back to the motel where we were staying... Then Stew took the kids to the movies and I enjoyed some peace and quiet on my own.... until the phone rang 2 hours later.

It was the lady at the shop... she had sold 14 more CARDS!!! and could I possibly do more of the bigger cards within the week? HOLY HELL!!! It looks like patchwork is going to take a back seat for a while!

ABOVE: the view from our Motel ... yep... it's raining and freezing! So glad I had an electric blanket on our bed! Brrrrrrrr.
As I sit here... Stew is at the park with Brylee, Griffin and Joshua... and I am going to join them in a minute. Then we will have lunch with Josh and return him home before heading home ourselves.
I am totally thrilled with how well this trip has gone, the added bonus was getting another outlef for my cards here. And of course, seeing Joshua has been lovely too... I must remember to take some photos of him! lol
So, we had a lovely time with Joshua.. he played with B & G in the park, we all had a nice lunch.... popped in to see my Niece and Nephew-in-Law then came home!
While Stew picked up the dogs I went and bought more card and fabric.... and will spend the evening cutting more card I suppose!
I expect to be darn busy over the next few weeks making up the order for Whitianga... AND Lacy seems to have lined up a couple of shops in Paihia TOO! Looks like my wee 'hobby' is going to be a mini-business soon!
End of Day: I'm happy... tired... excited about my card success... and actually looking forward to bed tonight! nite nite.