Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I asked someone on a blog the other day what "Just the two of us at home" felt like!
And another girl thought Stew and I must have had some of that BEFORE we got Brylee and Griffin!

Ahhh... NOPE. When we took on Brylee and Griffin we still had two of our sons living at home, aged 10 and 12...

AND to cap it off, when I met Stew, I already had 4 children from my first marriage.... so Stew and I have never had any JUST US time! ****Unless you count 3 weeks we spent in Singapore back in 1997?**** We didn't even get a HONEYMOON. Bit hard to book a 'Honeymoon Suite' with a double bed, four singles and a bassinette eh? *sniff*

I am sure OUR TIME will come... in about 10 (?) years! ha ha ha.

Today I'm going to give my new sewing machine foot a try.... and also practise 'free motion' sewing, cos I suck at that!


So.. it has finally happened, after 4 months:

ABOVE: I got cold and put on socks! How INTERESTING is that? Shoot me, I don't have an interesting photo to put on me blog yet....

The kids had cross-country running at school today. Brylee has come home without her sports shorts.... if they are not found they will be the 3rd pair to have gone 'missing' at school since we moved here 18 months ago. I am LIVID.... there is NO WAY I am buying another pair. NO WAY. I am so over this shit. The school expects them to wear 'special' clothes for sports... I name them really, really well... and they still get stolen? FUCK, BUGGER, DAMN AND BLAST. (OOOOO wash my mouth out with soap!)

I have had a quiet afternoon... just doing odd jobs around the house. I've got a beef casserole in the crock pot... so dinner is 90% done. Awesome.

ONWARD.... and I'm warm now! socks coming off....

End of Day: Dinner was really nice... I even had about a quarter of a pototoe! It was in the stew! Going to spend some time with me man now. nite nite.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


ABOVE: THE 'FRIZZ'.... I just don't understand my hair! Once upon a time it was TOTALLY straight.. and now ? Frizzy. Pfffffft. I shall have to straighten it again this morning.

So, today I'm off to Howick to pick up a 'walking foot' for my sewing machine.... for quilting. They have given me a very generous discount too... probably because of all the trouble my machine has given me over the months I've had it? TOUCH WOOD it is going fine now!

While I'm in Howick I think I shall have a gander around the local shops.... who knows... I might find some little thing to buy ... retail therapy is always the best sort of therapy ... lol.

I get on my scales ONCE a day... and yesterday they showed a 1 kilo GAIN... I almost spat the dummy! But today? Down 1.2 kilos, so I am heaving a huge sigh of relief! I hate that the scales can dictate how I feel ... but that's just how it is! I'm a lot better than a few years ago, where I stepped on my scales almost every hour during the day!


So I drove over to Howick... the sewing foot I'd ordered over 2 weeks ago wasn't there. They forgot to get it in, but luckily the lady who owns the shop was coming over from New Lynn today, so I 'walked the streets' until she arrived ( took about an hour or so). I didn't really mind as I'd planned to check out the shops anyway.

ABOVE: Total SCORE for the day! These craft magazines were on sale... down from $9.95 EACH to .... $1 EACH!!! A saving of $107.40. How amazing is that? AND they are brand new. WHOOP WHOOOP.

ABOVE: some darn cute CUPCAKE buttons! I just had to have them.

RANT next:

I stopped at a coffee shop (right next to the Sewing Machine Shop) for morning tea, I ordered a fresh fruit salad. ($5.50) and waited, and waited, and waited... for 25 minutes.... then they brought 'IT' out, it consisted of: 4 very thin slices of apple, 8 grapes, 4 small chunks of pineapple and 1 kiwi fruit! I was disgusted. I left them a 'nice' wee note on the plate, telling them what I thought of their 'fruit salad' .... To make matters worse, I hate kiwi fruit! Wish I'd had my camera to show you! So, now I'm home and I'm STARVING again...

Off to find fooooooooood..........

End of Day: well it's been a nice afternoon. I took Brylee to the orthodontist this afternoon, she only has to wear her plate at night now... so that's neat. Made a gorgeous beef pie for the family for dinner... I didn't have any pastry, just some of the insides. I am so good! nite nite.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Someone (yeah thanks) ... reminded me that school holidays start end of this week. Oh Yaaaa. So, I better make the most of the next few days then.

ABOVE: Four little kite (Maori woven flax bags, pronunciation = kitty).. from my niece's wedding. They look lovely at my front door eh? At some point I will adorn them with some greenstone, or shell.

I did say it was Monday eh? Which means it's Patchwork Class this morning.. still working on the cupcakes runner! So lazy, have done no sewing for a week or more.


ABOVE: The recipe for the Vietnamese Spring Rolls...

50g vermicelli rice noodles, 1 red capsicum, thinly sliced, 1 Lebanese cucumber, thinly sliced into matchsticks, 1 carrot, grated, 1/2 c bean sprouts, 1/2 c fresh chopped mint, 1/2 c fresh coriander, 12 rice paper sheets, Asia dipping sauce and lime wedges to serve.

Place rice noodles in a bowl and cover with boiling water, stand for about 5 minutes or until tender. Drain. Rinse under cold water. Drain well. Put noodles in bowl, cut several times with scissors... add all other ingredients. toss to combine.

Working with one rice sheet at a time, submerge in a shallow dish of warm water (not hot) for about 15-30 seconds, or until it softens. Carefully life sheet out and place on chopping board (I placed on a damp tea towel).

At one end place 1/3 cup of the noodle mixture... fold three sides inwards, then roll tightly to enclose the filling. Repeat to make 12-14. Serve with dipping sauce of you choice.

ABOVE: Mixing the innards...

ABOVE: The innards!

ABOVE: Taaa Daaaa, I feel like such a clever Tart! *smiles* So, they were not 'perfect' in shape or anything, but they were lovely! Next time I make them I shall put some chicken in them.. as they were totally vegetarian and we like our meat! We also had a dipping sauce. I had 3 for dinner and that was quite enough to fill me.

Patchwork class was lovely, such a nice bunch of ladies. We have a two week break now due to the school holidays... pffffft.

I am starving! Last night's dinner involved no protein, so I'm so hungry I could chew on me own arm! Cooking some chicken thighs as I type this... *sigh*...

ONWARD... food...

I've had a quiet afternoon! Really did bugger all... bit of housework, bit of tv watching... got dinner cooked (roast chicken) .. dished it up to the family.

End of Day: the usual sorta day here. Cloudy and overcast, but still warm. nite nite

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday afternoon Stew dismantled the kids splash pool....

ABOVE: We are left with this mess.... and the green stuff:

IS SLIME... stinking, smelly, revolting slime. Be thankful you can't smell my photos! It is rank. Like rotten silage.... *spew*. I wonder how long it will take to go away? Grow grass there again? It's revolting.

ABOVE: me and my girls, Stew took these yesterday. I can't wait to lose that bloody double chin... Ikkkkk. The photo with Amanda (bottom) was taken at her place of work.... a jewellery shop. *drool* ... imagine being surrounded by diamonds ALL DAY!

Today we are just going to do odd jobs around the house. I have a list. Stew hates my lists!

Yesterday I mentioned I was watching some owls on a live broadcast.... if you want to pop over and see them this is the link: OWLS... I can't explain why it's so interesting... it just is! Molly is the mother, McGee is the father and so far there are three baby owls.... with two eggs yet to hatch. Millions of people around the world are watching them go about their daily lives.... inside a nesting box! Weird but true.

At my niece's wedding last weekend I tried some Asian Spring Rolls.. but not deep fried ones... totally different.. and I loved them. I found a recipe for them in a woman's magazine yesterday so am trying to make them for dinner tonight. Will show you tomorrow ( if they come out and are nice).

End of Day: and Stew (the Darling) got all the jobs done! I did a few things too I might add.... all good. Watching those freaking owls... nite nite.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today we are going down to Hamilton to celebrate three family birthday's ..... at McDonalds. Ikkkkkk. Wonder what the hell I'm going to eat?

I hate McDonalds. Ikkk.

It is Rena's 2nd Birthday...YY
It is Huston's 8th Birthday...YYYYYYYY
And Kelly's 28th Birthday...YX's 28!

Now all these birthday's are not today... they were all in the past week!

Luckily.... I don't mind going to Hamilton. It's an OK place. I used to love the place... we did live there for 12 years afterall. Our youngest son Mike was born there even. But I never want to live there again! It's freezing in winter and stinkin' hot in summer.

We will leave Teddy at home to look after the house.... YEAH RIGHT!


Arrived at Mc Donalds... the kids had a fun time. We ate later on at the Mall.. Stew and I had a carb-less kebab.

ABOVE: Rena's Birthday Cake.

ABOVE: Rena trying to blow out her candles. She wasn't any good at it! *smiles*

ABOVE: cutting the cake. Yum yum.

ABOVE: opening her present from Grandma (me) and Granddad (Stew)....

ABOVE X'S 3: our adorable wee Granddaughter, Rena. With her birthday cake all over her face. Too cute.

End of Day: and Stew got a few jobs done this afternoon.. so I'm happy. Been watching an owl family on live video from America.. will post a link tomorrow, it's quite addictive! nite nite

Friday, March 26, 2010


It rained a little yesterday... but we need more. lots more. My 'lawn' is cracking up.... and it's rock solid. There is no real grass growing, except around the kids pool. Much as I hate lots of rain.. I want some now.

I'm in the process of draining the pool too.. onto the lawn. Hopefully it will help in some places.

Friday: it's come around fast this week. We are going to Hamilton tomorrow for family birthday's. I would rather have stayed at home and just relaxed! I'm quite tired in fact. Don't know if that's because of all our tripping around and visitors.. or lack of carbs.

Either way... I'm tired. Send me some love.

ONWARD .... going to weigh later on this morning too.... must piddle a dozen times first! lol

Weighed IN: Lost 2.1 kilos this week... so am pretty happy with that. Good to know I can maintain the loss this week. ONWARD TO NEXT WEEK!

ABOVE: After Stew rearranging the chairs last night so we could be closer.. this morning I did a bit more... and now our chairs are right beside each other.... we can hold hands even! ha ha ha!
ABOVE: I also took both extensions out of the dining table.. so it's gone from an 8 seater to a small 6 seater. Much more room now. Quite happy with myself. I really do love moving stuff around.
What have I been doing? Bugger all! More friggin housework... bit of sewing... watched some telly.... read some blogs.... cooking dinner.... just the usual afternoon!
End of Day: and I have been nursing a crappy headache all afternoon. Stress. Turned off me phone again. Don't have any intention of dealing with shitty kids pissing me off. nite nite.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Remember those 2 kilos I lost in the weekend?

WELL.... they are STILL LOST ! Hoping for a wee bit more by Friday weigh in.

How awesome is that? I'm thrilled. This is like.... the fourth week of being ON TRACK.... rockin it.

Getting used to the low/no carbs too.

Today? Well......I am going to a new weight loss group run at the doctor's this morning. It's only a 4 week course. Should be nice meeting some new people if nothing else.... as I feel I really do have a handle on my weight right now. AND IT FEELS GREAT.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KELLY, No# 3 Daughter. Her little girl was two on Monday too. AND Amanda's eldest boy turned 8 last saturday too.... so quite a few to remember in the week. Going to Rena's 2nd Birthday Party next saturday. Must remember to wrap the presents for them all!

ABOVE: I just won all this material from a fellow blogger! OK... you can all go hate me now.... ha ha ha! Seems Carla thought she had too much material and wanted to give some away... so I left her an email as instructed and won it! HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? I am in a winning mood. I am. I am. Thank You so much Carla for having a giveaway!

The Weight Loss Group at the Doctors: over 20 people there... all wanting to lose weight... all looking for answers. I hope the sessions help some of them. I am going for the support.... and to just be around people! Grown up people! lol

ONWARD..... well this afternoon has been very quiet. I've just been mucking around doing a bit of housework... hanging out with Teddy... and catching up on blog reading! *smiles*
I've got chicken in the oven for dinner... yum yum.

End of Day: and Stewy got all romantic tonight, and moved the chairs around in the lounge so we could curl up together on the couch and watch telly. Awwwwww. So cute. Teddy was totally confused .... lol!
nite nite.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


ABOVE: My sister and I.

Stew took my Mum and her partner to the airport this morning early.... then he went to work.

I am getting the kids off to school then heading over the harbour bridge to a fabric shop in Devonport.... to drool... and maybe buy some materials for the cot quilt.

THEN I am meeting up with one of my Aunts for lunch... so I'm expecting to have a nice day.

Need I even say it? PEPSI has been updated.

RETAIL THERAPY... here I come.

ABOVE: it was a blustery, shower filled day at Devonport... These two photos are at Narrowneck Beach... in Devonport.
ABOVE: School children learning lifesaving.
I met up with my Aunty Joyce after my shopping for a lovely lunch together. That was nice. She gave me a really lovely 'mother hug'... which I really needed.
ABOVE: the white material (has wee hearts on it) is the background material for my baby quilt, and the stripe material is the sashings.
ABOVE: the materials for three of the blocks. This quilt is going to cost a small fortune to make!!!
Luckily I can spread it out over a few months.
Quite tired now... still a bit under the weather from the bug/food poisoning? How bloody long does it last??? Cos I am so over feeling ill. I thought I was coming right, but after lunch today... ikkkkkkk.
Kids are due home soon.. so might just lie down for half an hour....
Anonymous: ha ha you are so funny! Drink more water??? I don't drink ANY WATER .... EVER. I drink DIET COKE.
End of Day: a long day, didn't get much done around the house. What a shame. ha ha ha. nite nite.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


HE SAID " I DO"....



HE SAID " YES! "....

Mother of the Bride, Lorraine...

Stew was told he was the Master of Ceremonies, about an hour before the wedding! Lucky he's got the gift of the gab...

Father of the Bride, Richard.

Mr. and Mrs G. Happily wed at last!

DON'T ask me! I have no idea what they were doing!!!

Self explanatory really....

Same with this one.... lol

The Groom's Mother was hoping to get lucky....

No. She didn't catch it!

That's about it from the wedding, it wasn't long after this I left as I was ill...... I missed out on dinner and the wedding cake. Pffffffft.

Today my sister catches her plane back to Australia. So there is a bit to get done around here.....

ABOVE: HEE HEE, I just remembered this photo! It is hysterical....
Teddy has the shits... ikkkk ikkk ik. My sister cleaned him up this morning for me. Hopefully he will come right in a few days. I'm sure it's from the food they fed him at the kennels. Poor boy. I know how he feels! *smiles*. I am all better today.... yaaaa.
My sister and I are off to town shortly... then I'll drop her off at the airport in time to get home for the kids after school.
Autumn is definitely here now.. it's much cooler. Really nice too, not too cold, not too hot. I think this is my favourite season nowdays. I used to be a summer lover, but not anymore.
Diet is going great! Still doing virtually no carbs, just what's in natural fruit and veges.... hopefully that 2 kilos I lost will stay lost! Damned if I wanna find them again. EVER.
Sister has flown back to Aussy. Kids are home driving me batty. Teddy is sleeping. I must sort out dinner. Change bedding. Mum and her partner are arriving after dinner. Busy, busy.....
End of Day: another busy day. But there is an end in sight to all the visitors..... tomorrow we should be back to just us. nite nite.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Two Beautiful wee girls.

Intertwined hands of Flower Girls... one the Aunt, one the niece!

Two Adorable Flower Girls.
On the Left: The Bride's Sister, aged 6 yrs. (Twin Brother is Page Boy)
On the Right: The Bride's daughter, aged 8 yrs.

Just an hour before the wedding, shoes were bought for the Flower Girls and altered to fit!

On the left: The Bride's 6 yr old brother. (His twin sister was Flower Girl)
On the Right: The Bride's 5 yr old son.
So, the wee boy on the left is the uncle of the wee boy on the right!

Two little monkey's!

Here we have 'G', the most amazing woman ever!

She had a stroke just two days before the wedding, but still

managed to make the wedding cake!!!

One of the most stunning cakes I've ever seen.. simply stunning.

The cake had a true 'Kiwi' feel.

Making the Bride beautiful....

The GARTER..... G and S... for him and her.

It wasn't the dress she ordered, but it was stunning anyway.



So... there you have the first of two instalments of the wedding.
Today, it's back to normality. As my Sister is still visiting we shall probably go to the mall and try to fill our day with 'girly' stuff! *smiles*
ONWARD.... I'm still feeling decidedly 'seedy' this morning, so I'm now starting to think I might have a bug. Or food poisoning! I had chicken for late lunch on saturday... and have felt really ill ever since... might have been that and not the 'cheap, nasty New Zealand wine' afterall. *sniff*
I picked up Teddy, who had just been given a bath... and he was so tired he's slept most of the day. Poor boy.
My sister and I went to the mall for lunch... which was nice. I could only eat half my carb-less kebab. But it was lovely.
I also got on the scales to find I'd lost 2 kilos in 4 days.. hmmmm... getting ill can have some positive effects I suppose. lol
End of Day: and for the first time in a few days I am feeling normal again! This afternoon I didn't feel ill at all. Thank God. I hate throwing up! With a VENGENCE. nite nite.