Thursday, March 01, 2007


Oh yeah, it's Ironing Day again... there is a huge smile on my face thinking about dropping all Stew's shirts off and picking them up again all done! Makes my day.

I have another gym assessment today, and hour long session on "Stretching and Flexibility", sounds a bit boring actually, but who knows? Then I will do a cardio workout and head home again to do the housework.

I'm trying really hard not to be bummed out this morning, I got on the scales and they said "No change" !! WTF? I have been busting my gut all week with exercise, I have had absolutely NOTHING bad and bang on with my points all week. Often this would send me into a funk and I'd go and blow the entire day with a binge, but not today, nope, no way, ain't gunna happen. I am going to continue being good, it will eventually show on the scales eh? ...

As I thought, that assessment was quite boring, being shown how to do stretches... oh yaaa. I went on to do an abs class, that was hard! I'm thinking of getting a personal trainer (just once a month) to egg me on and improve and update my programme on a regular basis, so that I never get into cruise mode again. I'm still loving this...

AWWW, I had a nana nap! After lunch, I simply couldn't keep me eyes open so .... it was nighty night for me. Woke up in time to go pick up the kids from school, and have just sent them to their rooms to do some tidying up.... Griffin just came out and said (with masses of expression) "Alright Mum, I finished with the Spring Cleaning !"... it was so cute.
Am expecting a quite afternoon, then its back to the gym for Bodystep again... hopefully I can keep up a bit better today...

The little shit... rocked on the chair while playing Playstation, and that's what happened to the chair. And did he care? Hell no, he just continued playing, standing up!

Almost time to go to gym again...Phew, another hard work out, had sweat running off me! I came close to stopping several times, but just thought, NO, this is going to pay off one day soon! So I kept on going.... and going....

Its now wind down time again, thank goodness! So the end of another busy day... nite nite.


  1. Girl don't fear about the scales they can take a week sometimes more for others to show up... keep going the way you are going and you WILL lose this weight woohooo

    I enjoy my PT sessions... I have 1 a week and it is bliss.

    Love CM

  2. Ignore ths scales. I know it is hard but they eill go down eventually. Have you done your measurements becaus eI find these often go down before my scales. I booked my firts PT session this morning for next Friday. Think it will help me stay focused.

  3. As you know, I was in the same predicament last week! Exercised my butt off, and no reward on the scale. However, I'm a firm believer that sometimes the "whoosh" comes the following week - and it will happen for you!

    Coincidentally, I too am looking into PT sessions. Once/week, someone coming to me. I've had PT before, and it's been amazing. It's hard to push yourself as hard as someone else will.

    Keep up the great work - you're going to have a big loss very soon!

  4. That last comment was me - Sonya - sorry! I'm thinking of starting a blog for my daughter, and I posted using the wrong account!

  5. I left a comment - it was a nice one so don't think you have deleted it!! Anyway it's disappeared. I want to say too - dont'panic about the scales. You still have an issue with fluid retention so until it's sorted you probably can't really tell how you are doing. Also read int he hairdressrs today (you probably know) that coke is a direutic and now you aren't having any maybe that's why you are hanging onto fluid??

    See you Sat for a coffee? Finally we have a weekend at home.

  6. Dear Anne, there is no way I'd delete one of your comments! It simply didn't come through? You are on for saturday coffee, same place, same time. C U then.

  7. The scale knows how to play with the mind. Glad to see its not going to throw you for a loop. Keep strong!


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