Sunday, May 31, 2020


Today's plans WERE to move the single trundler bed from the smallest bedroom into the middle bedroom:

ABOVE: Then this little room was going to become our Study and overflow craft room.

ABOVE:  and... that bed was going in the garage for now.

BUT, we found out last night that Griffin is coming home TODAY, so he will be having the middle bedroom with that queen bed.

Steve and Bex picked him up from his (ex?) girlfriend's house in Auckland last night, and they are bringing him down with them today.

Sort of expected this to happen after the last few conversations with him.  Looks like Stew and I will have to wait a bit longer to be 'Darby & Joan' on our pat malone.  

Which means here, at home, without kids, on our bloody own.  

41 and a half years with kids AT HOME for me, and counting.  I need a medal.  Got the chest already.

It will be nice to see Griffin of course, and hopefully steer him into some sort of job or study.  Get him sorted and out of here again eventually.  

I'm going to make some scones for lunch today, so I will pre-grate the cheese, send Stew down the road for cream,  bla bla bla.  *smiles*

Now, what did I make last night while sitting watching TV?

ABOVE:  This.  A little 'Critter'.  I am going to make a few and see if they sell in me little shop.  I'm not sure if I will continue using the little eyes, I think I might use felt.
The bought 'eyes' are fairly flimsy plastic, so I'm not sold on them.

And the next one might get little arms 'n' legs too.


10.45 am: After getting up at 6.45 this morning, I went back to bed and didn't wake up till 9!  Sound asleep according to Stew, he said I was snoring!   Like I  SNORE!  Pfffftttt.  *smiles*

Anyway, I bit of a rushed shower and hair wash as the kids are due here any minute.

I counted my melamine trays:

 ABOVE:  9 medium to large trays.

ABOVE:  And ummm.... 63 small ones!
I reckon there's a few more floating around the house too. 
Well, I won't run out when we have a big party eh?  lol

Some of them might get tossed out soon, as they are looking a bit worn.  At least I've stopped twats putting them in the microwave! That makes them buckle, then they have to go out.  Grrrrr.

The family arrived nice and early this morning... well 10.15 am.  

ABOVE:  The scones went down a treat.  Cheese ones, and date ones.  All with Strawberry Jam and Cream.

ABOVE:  The story behind the photo?  He bought an All-In-One trimmer, and decided on the spur of the moment to see if it would 'trim' around his nipples.   It did.  He ended up shaving his whole chest.  Of course, he had to show us!

ABOVE: Super short video... he was showing us his bloody nipples.

So.  Griffin was sitting on the floor in the family room, because we only have lounge seating for 4 in there.

I didn't want him sitting on the floor, so I suggested we move some furniture.

Like... pretty unusual for ME eh?  *smirk*

The guys were really awesome and did it for me!

They tried several configurations of various pieces of furniture, and we ended up with this:

 ABOVE AND BELOW:  The cream furniture in the LOUNGE.

ABOVE:  The family room.  Now we can seat a minimum of 6 in here comfortably.  So I'm rather happy with it.

During all the moving around, I slammed my toes into a couch... the small wooden legs at the bottom. It hurt like hell.

So thankful it wasn't my right foot though... I have fused, hammerlock toes on that foot! THAT would have been diabolically painful.

All settled down now... the guys are watching idiots fighting each other on the telly.  The little boys are watching some kids programme in the lounge and I'm about to do some more knitting.

ABOVE:  These two are cooking our dinner tonight.  Feels weird others being in my kitchen.  We are having Chicken Tikka Masala, with home made Naan Bread and Garlic Rice.

I can't wait!

ABOVE:  Dinner was AMAZING!  So tasty, and filling.  Best thing?  I didn't have to cook it.  Lots of laughs today.  Really enjoying the company.
Steve, Bex and the boys are heading home soon, then things will quieten down considerably.

The little boys are having a blast running around and around the house.  Noisily! 

8.30 pm:  And all is quiet again.  The family have gone home and it's just Stew, Brylee, Griffin and I at home.
Time to sign off for the day... and just relax till bedtime.
Catch ya tomorrow.

NZ - 1504. 22 Lives Lost. 1 Active Case. No new cases in 9 consecutive days.

Saturday, May 30, 2020


ABOVE:  Can you believe it?  We desperately need a new mattress for our bed, AND one for the spare bed.
And Harvey Norman's are having a sale this weekend on... mattresses!  60 % OFF!

We will be going there this afternoon to have a look.

Who can resist 60% off???  OMG I have resisted buying new mattresses because of the huge cost involved, but I gotta go now!

This morning I will be opening my little shop from 9.30 till 1.30-2 pm, depending on how many people come in and out.

While I'm in the shop, Stew and Lacy will be taking the rest of her furniture over to her new home.

Brylee is working, so she's out for the day.

Now, something a bit different for you.

OLD MOO.... you wondered what the hairdresser did to George's Mum's hair for FIVE HOURS eh?  Well.... let's go:

 ABOVE:  THIS is George!  
According to her MUM (Robyn), she's 
a little bitch!  As in, very naughty, having been
spoilt rotten.  lol

Before her visit to the hair salon.

Later on today I will post the AFTER photo of her hair, after she spent five hours at the hair salon.  *smiles*

Yes, I'm dragging it out... George's Mum told me to!  lol


ABOVE:  Our problem child moving out again.  *smiles*  She's always welcome to visit and eat our left overs OF COURSE.  

I went online to check out the Mattresses on sale at Harvey Norman's.  Extremely disappointed to find the sale only applies to one brand, not the whole range of beds and mattresses.

The sale mattresses are cheap and nasty by the look of it.  We will still go and look, but it's not looking promising.

So far this morning I've made TWO new Bowl Cosy's.  They look gorgeous.  I'll show you how many I get done at the end of the day.  For now... back to it.

ABOVE: This mornings' efforts.  5 Bowl Cosy's.

I've had three ladies in the shop today.  One sale AND one commission!   So in all, an excellent day so far.

NO... MORE... WAITING...  here is Robyn NOW:

ABOVE:  George's Mum... aka:  Robyn, after 5 long hours at the hairdressers... now a blonde BOMBSHELL!  *smiles*
Ya look gorgeous Robyn.

It's almost time to shut shop and go... shopping!  lol
Mattress.  Printer.  Aquatic Plants... plus goodness knows what else.

SO GLAD we went and looked in Harvey Norman's!  Their website was wrong.  There were heaps of sales on.

We ended up getting an ENTIRE NEW BED!

 SALE:  40% off is better than nothing!  We went with a brand that we had BEFORE our current bed, and know that it will work for us.

 ABOVE:  Monty, the salesman, managed to talk us into getting a mattress protector... *sigh*.  He was a very good salesman.

We only went in for a bloody mattress!  He convinced us to buy the entire bed, so that we had the TEN YEARS warranty.  He did well.

 ABOVE:  THEN... I'd seen this headboard a while ago, and took a photo of it.  Showed it to Stew today and ummm.... WE BOUGHT IT TOO!
Saved Steve a job having to make us one.

Lacy is getting our old bed, it should do her for a while.

 ABOVE:  We then went to Briscoes and Spotlight and got a few other bits 'n' bobs.  A girl can't have too many melamine trays eh?  I really must count them up again!

We found aquatic plants at Animates for the fish to munch on.

OH forgot!....

ABOVE: We also got a printer.  Our old one went to the dump years ago.  This one is supposed to be a really good one, and it won't run out of ink in a hurry.


Steve is coming down tomorrow to set it up for me.  Bex and the boys will tag along for the hell of it!  *smiles*

*** YES, shopping was so fun today ***

We had not done that sort of shopping in a very, very long time.

I've spent the evening knitting and making a little something.  Will show you tomorrow.

For now... I'm ready for bed.  It's been a long day.

Friday, May 29, 2020


I seem to be settling into a good routine in the house and shop.

The shop is open Tue/Wed and Thursdays and if we are home, Saturdays.

That is working out really well.  We still get our long weekends if we want to go away *snort*, like we go away!

All but one sale has been via INTERNET BANKING, so not having EFTPOS does not seem to be a problem at all.  I'm really relieved about that.

This morning I am going to Cambridge and partaking in an FBG walk.  Then morning tea and a catch up afterwards.  I'm really looking forward to that.
I will also be dropping off the 'Finish Line' banner to my friend Stef.

After that, home to do bugger all.  Or ... maybe sewing a few more Bowl Cosy's?   I feel like I really should as they are my best seller right now.

ABOVE:  Isn't this fabric AMAZING???   I've cut three squares of it for Bowl Cosy's.  I am making each one with a different inner fabric.  I will probably do them today as I really want to see how it sews up/looks.

ABOVE:  I finally picked the TWO tangelos from our little tree, which is in a pot by the pool.  Next year there might be more?  Let's hope so as we both love tangelos.

Steve has been slowly building up his strength and stamina these past few weeks, getting is medication tweaked by his doctors and finally, he is going to be allowed back to work next Tuesday.

It will have been over 3 months off work for him.

While he's been home, he finally got around to fitting out his work van better.

It's taken him a few weeks, as he got fatigued very quickly, but this is what he's done:

ABOVE:  He is VERY like me, and likes everything to be in it's place, and TIDY.  
And now things won't move while he's driving around.
It looks AMAZING, he should be damn proud of himself.

I think his next problem will be remembering where everything is.  *smiles*


12.43 pm:  I got home from Cambridge JUST in time to get the washing in before it rained!  Phew, that was a relief.

My trip over to Cambridge went so well.  I dropped off the banner to Stef, then met up with 5 FBG's for a 3.07 km walk.  Then off for morning tea and a natter.

We went to a new coffee shop named Clementines, it was lovely.  (not all walkers partake in a coffee afterwards btw)

After that I dropped a bag into another FBG girlfriend, and came home.

I'm knackered!

Got very little sleep last night, for some reason my hot flushes have kicked in something rotten again... day and night.

I have booked in for my next FBG walk too... next Friday.  I'm only aiming for one Cambridge walk a week, and Card night once a fortnight.    That way I'm not chewing up the petrol going over there too often.

The last time I filled up my car with petrol was March the 7th!  Can you believe I still have half a tank of petrol?  Lock Down sure was good for saving money.

Well... I'm going to do some bunting knitting while watching recorded TV programmes.

8.30 pm:  The bunting is finished.  I'm now going to make some 'critters in blankets' as something different in the shop.

Watching TV after a lovely dinner of corned beef and veges, with a cheese sauce.  It was damn delicious.

Thursday, May 28, 2020



Today I am trying the new Blogger interface.
So far so good... I think!

I have to start trying it because come June I will have no option!
The shits.  I hate change like this.  What if it buggers up me blogging ability?

Well... let's see how I go eh?

ABOVE:  getting the photo in the middle was a mission!

Right ... that was a bit of a nightmare to navigate my way around the new settings!  But ... At least I got something up for today! The above photo is of the Banner I made for my FGB girlfriend.  It's done and I will be taking it to her on Friday.

Today I will be in the Studio, getting the little knitted banner finished, then making more Bowl Cosy's.  They are, as usual, proving to be a really good seller.

I've sold 5 in less than a week! 

Then I will be making a couple of Wonky House runners, as I have NONE left.  


 ABOVE: The inside fence is coming along... I found a few more things to put out there while fluffing around this morning.

ABOVE:  Before I started sewing this morning, I did some 'housework' in the studio.  That involved cleaning the sewing machine and vacuming.

The bobbin case and under the plate was clogged with dust!  Ikkk.
No wonder the machine had stopped informing me the bobbin was about to run out of thread!

I'm having a lovely day... the sun is shining, the birds are singing and it's QUIET.  No one is bothering me or messing up the house.  *smiles*

12.52 pm:  It's another good day in the shop.  I've had two groups through, browsing.  And just now, another couple through who bought stuff, and have said they are coming back.  HE loved my 'Holiday Time' runners, I won't be surprised if they come back for one!  lol

I'm starting to get hungry, so will be closing up in half an hour or so.

ABOVE:  I wasn't really enjoying the 'company' right now!  It was right above my sewing machine.  Big, fat paying mantis.  I caught it and put it outside.  It can stay there.  *shudder*

I ended up closing at 2 pm.  And went out to bring in my 'OPEN' sign, only to discover I'd not even put it out!  Whoops.
Clearly I still got customers just from having my little runner and Owl out the front.    OH and I did have a small 'OPEN' sign on my sliding door.

Did the trick.  Three groups through today.

It's just so nice to come inside and relax, even after only 4.5 hours open!  I'm just a lightweight obviously.

But then, I've been non stop busy since I got outta bed this morning, so I think I will just put me feet up for a while.

Dinner is in the oven:

ABOVE:  We are having S...L...O...W roasted lamb shanks with veges.
Baked in Thick Mint Sauce.

I AM DROOLING just thinking about it.  One of my ABSOLUTE favourite meals ever.

9.15 pm:  Dinner was wonderful.  Slightly over cooked, but still lovely.
I'm signing off for the day, looking forward to tomorrow.  Off to Cambridge to do a walk and catch up with FGB friends.

Our latest death was a 96 year old lady who had recovered from
Covid-19, but died two weeks later.  Her inclusion in the official death toll
was for 'consistency with previous cases'.
I don't quite get that, but it is what it is.
22 deaths is still damn sad, but it could have been
so, so much worse had our Government not taken
the hard line it did, when it did.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


We seem to have a little problem developing.

Coco is starting to go toilet inside.  Yes, she does not like going outside when it's wet, I get that.
But yesterday it was NOT WET.  In fact it was a lovely day.

I walked down the hallway  and caught her RED HANDED ... up on the spare bed having a piddle!!!!

Yep.  Luckily that mattress is going to the dump anyway, but there was an underblanket and a sheet still on the bed.  Grrrrr.

Then Stew got home and went into our wardrobe to find... piddle.  On his pillow and the floor.  Coco was in there a couple of nights ago too, and we shoo'ed her out.  She was probably gearing up to piddle in there then too. 

Any ideas on how to stop her doing that again?  

We do not want dog gates all over the house again... EVER.  

ABOVE:  I spent a bit of time yesterday titivating my front fence, on the inside.  Now I have a nicer view out my Studio window.
I will no doubt add more to it over time.
The canvas on the left is an acrylic pour gone wrong... so rather than throw it out... on the fence it went.  *smiles*

And the tile?  Chipped on two corners, so it's out there too.

I went out and bought more Steam A Seam late yesterday afternoon, so now I can move on to making the fabric letters for my FBG friend's banner.  I will work on that today while my little shop is open.

And that is all I have for now... catch ya later.


11.02 am:  And I'm frantically busy today and tomorrow ... the banner I've been 'working' on was in no way even 1/8th done.  And I got a call this morning asking for it to be finished in a couple of days!  FUCK.

I thought I had at least a week left to get it done!  So... that's what I have been working on since 8.30 am this morning.  I've not even made my bed or done me hair.  Well the hair looks OK-ish anyway!

Back to it.  

I will try and get Coco to the vet on Friday.

Hmmmm... I seem to work best under pressure!  I've nearly FINISHED the banner!  Seriously, there was SO MUCH TO DO on it, yet I will have it finished in the next hour or so. 

And I had a customer in the shop who bought a bowl cosy, and reckons her flatmate will be in for one, once she sees how cool her's is!  lol
Rather nice.

So... the day is going rather well after a frantic start. *smiles*

COCO... is confined to her bedroom for now... at least while I'm working.  Lacy pointed out a few weeks ago that the mat in the laundry/dog bedroom was wet... and smelt like piddle.
So I think our Coco has been doing this for quite some time already.

I'm sure I will get to the 'bottom' of this.  lmao, excuse the pun.

Well... It's now 5.35 pm and I've stopped for the day.  I'm freezing.  Less inclined to do dinner too.  Might be a takeaway night.

Well we ended up having chinese takeaways for dinner.  Rather nice..

I'm signing off for the day, it's time to totally relax and enjoy some down time.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Today I've got all sorts of things to be getting on with.

But, first up... housework, then open the shop.

While the shop is open I will do some work on the banner for my FBG friend.

Then, once I close the shop (mid afternoon), I will be doing this:

ABOVE:  I am going to dismantle this bed and put it in the garage.  Brylee will be taking it as her own when she FINALLY leaves home!

The mattress is shagged, as in: horrendously uncomfortable to sleep on, so it's going in the trailer and off to the dump.  Brylee will buy herself a new mattress when she moves out.

ABOVE: I made a start on getting all of Lacy's stuff into the garage last night.  There's still a bit down in the Tin Shed, I will try and get some of that into the garage later on today too.

I'm excited to know that in a few days I MIGHT have the bedrooms re-organised and a study set up.  Whoop Whoop.

But for now... I am off to start the day.
Catch ya later.


11.15 am:  I've been rather busy in my studio... tidying up all the drawers and various other places that had stuff just shoved in during our move.
It feels so good to finally get it all sorted out and tidy again.

And YES Stew, I have stolen the clock from your gym room!  I needed it.  We can get another one for you in the weekend.  *smiles*

I just had a customer in, who did some Christmas shopping!  No time like now to do it she said. *smiles*

And while she was browsing,  I had a chat with a lovely young Mum and Babe in the driveway.  She has the most gorgeous, smiley little baby.

I think what I am going to love the most about my little shop is the social contact.  I seem to rather enjoy yakking! lol

Lacy has been back this morning and picked up some more of her stuff, which is neat.  The less to walk around in the garage the better.

12.04 pm:  And another lady in the shop having a look around.  Yet another lovely chat, and she assures me she'll be back with her daughter soon.

Time to relax for a little while and do some knitting in the back office.  *ha ha ha*

Knitting didn't happen.  I fluffed around putting stuff on the wooden fence outside my studio window.  I want the view to be pretty, not just wooden fence.  *smiles*

While I was doing that an older man popped into the shop!  On his daily walk, I've seen him heaps of times.  He was rather cute.  I couldn't understand a word he said!  He is a Chinese man... I got the gist that he liked some of my stuff.  He took one of my business cards.  So a good day here.

VERY QUIET on the blog though! 

LAURA:  That has to be one of the nicest blog comment I have ever received!!!  Thank you so much, and I am so, so happy my blog has cheered you up.  GO FORTH AND BLOG YOURSELF!  lol

9.50 pm:  Dinner is done.  I made an apple pie for dessert.  It wasn't that nice.
I'm exhausted and will be going to be early again.  Being busy is all very well... but sheesh ya get tired.