Saturday, February 28, 2009


LATE IN THE DAY POST: so shoot me, I slept in!

Gale force winds and torrential rain... WHERE?

The storm didn't happen... just rain:

Wouldn't wanna be that postie! Poor buggers having to work in this weather.. I suppose they are happy it's not gale force winds eh!

So..... taking the shitty weather into consideration, we shall be blobbing out in front of the telly today I reckon... and I can do some hand sewing... got lots of that!

Well... I don't think we could have done LESS today! It has been a long and miserable day... Stew hardly left his lounge chair, and I sewed. Talk about Darby and Joan!

Stew was a darling and made dinner... and I sewed some more!

Tomorrow... hell's bell's... more of the same I reckon. ... I mean, what can ya do when it's miserable outside???

End of Day... glad it's over. nite nite.

Friday, February 27, 2009



- Kids to school
- Pick up Stew from airport

Home... housework... sewing... try to do some exercise too!

Watched a tv programme last night about people who have lost enormous amounts of weight through various methods and their lives afterwards. It reminded me why I have to shift the weight I have gained again... hell I so don't want to be in the same position again.

MOTIVATION.. it is hard to maintain... and sometimes I wonder where it is, then I get a whiff of it and off I go again. But it doesn't last long nowdays... why is that???

I am frustrated, angry with myself.... and feel pathetic. I have done it, I know I can do it... but why can't I do it RIGHT NOW???

I think much of my recent health issues have been because I am not in good form, am not fit, or healthy. I need to get a grip and start again.. take small steps back to building my fitness...

I will do something today... I will do something today... I will....

Teddy was beside himself with excitement to see Dad home again! Hell he was only gone a day mate... I don't get a welcome like Stew got! Pfffffft. Hubby has a sore head... wine is evil ! Serve him right!

Stew came home early... fell asleep on his chair.. so I sent him to bed at 5pm! He's out to it.... I do believe him and his work mates stayed up too late drinking last night! Suffer!!!

End of Day: I have had a friggin headache all day AGAIN... and wish I could go to bed too! But alas, someone has to look after our little kids eh? *sigh*

We are supposed to be getting a storm tonight... hope it happens, I love a good storm and I still havn't seen thunder and lightening here in Auckland! Fingers crossed. nite nite.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm gunna get it this morning... last night I told Griffin it was his swimming day today (thought today was friday didn't I?).... so now I will have to tell him it's not swimming today... and OH MAN is he gunna moan at me! I have NEVER met a kid who can bitch and moan like him.... and he doesn't stop for ages, and he probably won't let me forget all day. *sigh* What a great way to start the day!

Anyway.... Stew is off to Wellington for the day, so I'm dropping the kids off at school first thing, then Stew to the airport... then I shall do a grocery grab and head home to...

do the housework and sew I suppose. Though today I will have to do it with me feet UP... last night me feet were so swollen from sitting at the sewing machine all day, they were aching! Grrrrr, wish my kidney's would friggin well behave! AND WORK.

I've had fluid retention for almost 20 bloody years, I have had countless tests to determine why... the verdict: NO APPARENT CAUSE. Pfffffffft. Just one more thing to piss me off I suppose.

Right, better get going.....

After dropping Stew at the airport I went to Onehunga to check out a patchwork shop... it was closed... so I dropped in on Lynda instead. Hee hee, caught her in her dressing gown I did! She was ever so nice about it though... so I stayed for an hour and had a nice catch up... then off to Sylvia Park for some groceries and home.

I have been just pottering around at home since then.. feeling a bit 'off' today... heachachy and just listless. Dunno why. Ya just have days like that eh?

Thank god for pills... I have had to resort to taking some Panadol ... my head is hurting and so's my neck... too much sewing? Maybe!
Going to do any easy dinner for us tonight... not sure what yet but you can bet it won't involve me cooking much!

LYNDA: *snigger*... and you looked fine in ya dressing gown... YES YA DID!

End of Day: well we had fish n chips and I felt like shit afterwards, thought I was going to throw up in fact! Don't know what the hell is wrong with me today, just not up to par. Hope I feel better tomorrow. nite nite.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


And I am afraid to get on the scales.... all this sewing means lots of sitting on me butt.... and not getting much exercise.

BUT I have been rather good with the diet so maybe I havn't done too much damage...

Might get on them later... after I've had 50,000 piddles eh? lol

Not much on today, I am going to continue sewing (what else?) really is lovely sitting in the garage with the doors wide open looking out on the view and the big planes flying past! Our garage doors open extra high so it is a neat view.

I love this house.... and I love Auckland... and while I'm busy I am happy and not lonely either. The neighbours are getting used to hearing The Dixie Chicks I hope... that's about all I have on at the moment.... I've got a DVD player in the garage with The Chicks on a DVD so it's bliss.....

So.... onward eh?

There's a knock at the door, parcel delivery:

HUH? I didn't order a tea pot! From Wellington....

Aaaa HAAAA... fresh lavender from Superstar! What a doll... and:

I'm running outta friggin pins! *drat*

KAREN: there is no QUICK way to make Cathedral Window squares! It takes ages!!! Lots of hand sewing too.. can't believe I am doing it at all!

LeeAnneL: OHAKUNE!!!! Oh you poor, poor tart! Hope ya love carrots... and being friggin cold!

36 blocks done, now all I have to do is hand sew the 'inner' pieces on... I hope to get 6 done a day... it's a lot of hand sewing!!!

Then I can start putting them all together! Sheesh, it's so much work! But I am sure Brylee is going to love her new quilt. Well she better!

End of Day: and it's been productive and enjoyable... a bit lonely today.... Teddy isn't much company really! nite nite.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


There is a really lovely lady in Australia ( Tia ), who is asking all sewers out there to make 12.5" star blocks so she can assemble them into quilts for the Australian Bushfire Survivors!

So, if you are a quilter/sewer how about it?

Here's her blog address:

All ya have to do is make one (or a few) and send them to her. She will gladly give you her address if you ask!

- kids to school
- ME to patchwork class... and I can't wait!

I'm going to the shop first to get yet more material... I have a quilt in mind for Brylee now!

ABOVE: for those who asked, this is the dog food Teddy is now eating. Today is the first day he's turned his nose up at it... I hope he doesn't keep that up.

"CLASS" was great again... I say 'class'.. but really it's more like a major gossip session with some sewing thrown in! The 'tutor' sure has a cushy job I tell ya.... she seems to be there to just show us the odd thing now and then! But I am loving it ... and that's the main thing.

End of Day: well I havn't been very 'chatty' today eh? Not a lot to tell, spent the afternoon cutting out patchwork bits and pieces, have to get sewing now. Stew is home late tonight, so I have to get the kids off to bed.... nite nite.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Picture this:

Stew is doing the weeding, I've asked Brylee to sweep the patio.. I'm lying on the couch with a killer headache... and Brylee askes Stew:

Brylee: "Dad, how come we have to do all the work? What does Mum do every day? Does she just lie on the couch all the time?"

WTF? Stew did his best to explain just WHAT I did every day.... I'm lying there listening, thinking: "Great, my daughter thinks I"m a lazy tart who just lies around doing nothing all day!

All I can think of is... YOUR time will come little Miss, and you are going to find out exactly what a Mother does all day!!!


So, it's Monday, and everyone knows how much I love monday's... he's at work, kids are at school and I can do whatever I like... hmmm.....might just LIE ON THE COUCH! ha ha ha!

But in reality I will do the bloody housework and potter around doing whatever needs doing.... you know... housewifey stuff. Gawd how thrilling ....
Here's Teddy looking soooo much happier/healthier than he was 2 weeks ago! I'm just so happy he's better.... AND I weighed him yesterday and he's put on 1.3 kilos since he started eating his new food!!! I will have to put him on a diet if he keeps that up! ( he was 3.70 kg and now he's 5 kg!)

One for the books... I get up to school today and Griffin's teacher pulls me aside to tell me that 'they' have reviewed Griffin's paperwork that came from his old school... and lo and behold they HAVE to take him into their Reading Recovery Programme as he was on it in his last school and had not completed it! So, he starts on Thursday.... see what happens when you kick up a fuss? EXCELLENT. Shame I had to get all stroppy before they did it though.

I've been making swimming tog bags for the kids... and lying on the couch! lol

I don't read blogs over the weekends anymore... so I make a half hearted attempt at catching up.. and give up! I just 'marked as read" over 100 updated blogs... errrrr sorry about that!

Got to pull finger now and sort out dinner... Stew did dinner over the weekend, and folded all the washing... seems he DOES do everything around here! Now where was that couch?...

ABOVE: the finished tog bags... the kids are wrapt with them!

End of Day: another day bites the dust... I got a bit done and am happy with the day. nite nite.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I THINK the rash has improved... I still have the swollen glands in me neck and on the back of me head... but MAYBE??? things are settling down. I can only hope so... cos I am sure I don't have SHINGLES... my rash didn't get blistered and pop etc (eeeew).. so probably just a random infection. NICE ONE anyway!

I havn't looked outside yet, so no idea what sort of day we will have.... I want to pop out again and find some more material... I'm HOOKED on friggin patches now. It's not good for ya bum sitting for so long though, I swear my tailbone is screaming : "Get the hell off me" !

Oh and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACY" 29 today.... right that's all for now....

I have made 8 more little blocks:

Three are 'double ups' so that's why there's only 5 on show.... and I actually dislike orange but the material was on sale and I only bought a tiny bit .... I think they look alright though.

An Auckland lady who reads me blog called into today with some fresh lavender for me! Thanks Donna, you are a sweetie!

The weather today is the pitts, one minute hot and sunny, the next pissing down with rain. I hung half the washing outside, the rest has gone in the dryer! I hate using the dryer, but I want some of the stuff to get dry.

End of Day: I've just made 3 more of those friggin little lavender bags, that means since tuesday I have made 21 of them! Errrr MAYBE I should stop making them now? lol

nite nite.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


After Teddy being so miserable for two weeks, he's finally back to normal!

He's loving the new 'special' food (which is going to bankrupt us!)... and he's put on masses of weight! His skin is clear and his eyes are bright and sparkly again. It's such a relief.

Think we will stick close to home today, I'm going to have a lie in and try and get my headache to go.. .I've had it for about a week now! Might be from the rash/pains in me head.... YEP I RECKON!

Lacy wanted to visit today, but I said "NO", don't feel like having visitors .... it's her birthday on Sunday, she will be 29. Pfffft, I can still remember her birth... she gave me lots of trouble then and simply HAS NOT STOPPED! *shaking head*....

My dearest friend Chris D got a new baby last night, here he is:

He is a Bichon Friese puppy... as yet un-named.... but already much loved. I am so happy for her... she needed some company now that her darling husband has passed on. I think this little bugger will keep her on her toes! *smiles*

LATER... The puppy has a name: BUDDY.... and I'm sure he will be Chris's little buddy too!

We went out for a while today to look for material for me.. I wanted to suss out the local material shops ... found on in Devonport called "Cushla's" which was mind boggiling! So many fabics it made me head spin! Luckily my 'nether regions' have settled down a bit today eh? lol

End of Day: I've been sewing this evening, the eye strain is really getting to me... and as for threading a bloody needle... GRRRR I could scream! Time to go to bed and leave it for another day. nite nite.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Well I suppose I should have mentioned the rash on me hairline and the large lump on me head too eh? Lol... the lumps are swollen glands caused by an infection or something!

So I'm on antibiotics for a week... the Dr thinks I either have infected hair follicles (NICE) or... bloody SHINGLES....cos of the pains I'm getting radiating up me head in bursts. Even NICER!

So, if the antibiotics don't work it's shingles and I have to go back on Monday.... fingers crossed the antibiotics work!

The Doctor asked me if I'd been unwell lately... NO....
Had I been under any stress lately.... YES..... WELL MADAM, (he said)... that can cause shingles! LOVELY.

I have so far had ONE huge antibiotic pill (last night) and I already have bloody diarrhea! So, todays I am thinking I will be spending most of today here:

Luckily I have a good book handy. THAT'S. ALL. FOLKS. ha ha ha!

While I was waiting at the chemist's last night, I saw these 'things' on the counter..... at first I thought they were CONDOMS... but no, it's something to help you NOT get a hangover! It really, really ticked me fancy:


now come on I had to laugh!!!

I am a kiwi... and I like LOTS of Australians... but there really is a healthy rivalry between our two countries eh? lol

I'm sewing again... it's the most rotten day out there, wind and rain... THANKS Aussy, it came from your side of the ditch!

End of Day: a long day stuck inside... and now it's 10.40 pm and it's like a sauna inside... and still raining! nite nite.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yep, I shall grow my own lavender... thanks for that! But for NOW.. I need to find some already dried eh? LOL....


- kids to school
- hunt down lavender
- finish dem little bags...

Not much else to report right now...

Oh hang on.. I have a really sore little lump in me neck... so I'm going to the doctor today too. Had a sore neck right down to me collar bone for days, it was kinda tender and swollen, but now it's just this one place with a nasty little sore lump (and NO, it ain't a bloody pimple!)... so I better get it checked out I suppose. *sigh*


I made these two last night..pretty? MUCH.... (hate me later for boring you with patchwork..OK!

Pfffffft, can't get in to see the Dr till 5.30 tonight... so will just sew I suppose! Havn't tracked down any lavender yet... been sewing and listening to me Dixie chicks DVD in the garage... probably driving the neighbours nuts. Such is life! lol

This one got made this morning.... I feel like every one I make is nicer than the last one!

ABOVE: This afternoon's effort, I made 4 like this, and think I will incorporate them into a quilt for Brylee... they are just so darn pretty.

Stew, (the Darling) has come home early so I don't have to drag the kids to the Doctor's with me! AND he's going to get dinner (takeaways!).... yaaaa.

MELLISA: I doubt you could send me your lavender (BUGGER) due to quarantine issues, but THANK YOU SO MUCH for the offer!

End of Day: been to Dr... will yak about that tomorrow. Tired and grumpy.... going to sit on me bum and sew! nite nite.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


After my marathon blog post yesterday.....
Today I'm just going to chill out at home and do some sewing!

How boring can I get? lol

I will have to pop out for some padding stuff for those little lavender bag thingees... and some lavender too I suppose. But that's about all....wonder where I can get lavender? Anyone know?

Sure helps with the diet....being busy ! I didn't feel hungry AT ALL yesterday! THAT'S SO COOL. I love having a project on the go... shame it's not the painting, but I enjoy the sewing too.


I have been a busy little beaver... went out and got some more material and padding stuff.... and cut out a couple more of those cute bags.

Remember my neighbour who left her baby at home alone? I've seen her a few times since then... she's always got baby with her! AND you would NEVER GUESS what her husband does for a job! He's only a member of the Armed Offender Squad (POLICE) ! Derrrrr.

End of Day: and I'm seeing double! I have been doing the hand sewing on 5 little lavender bags this afternoon/evening... and it's really hard on the eyes, and the bum! It hurts to sit for so long .. sheesh! nite nite.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009



Griffin has been struggling to read and write ever since he started school... he got a small amount of help while we were in Palmerston North... and I let the new school know way, way in advance that he had learning difficulties and would NEED Reading Recovery help as soon as he arrived ...

We arrived at the START of September last year... they did not have any help set up for him. I was told he would be put into Reading Recovery at the beginning of this year.

Yesterday afternoon his teacher told me that he was TOO OLD for the Reading Recovery programme now! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!

I am totally LIVID, I cannot believe this is happening. Griffin is 7.3 years old, he cannot read or write beyond a 5 year old level (if that)... and he is not going to be getting any help?

I was so upset his teacher offered to take him for 1/4 of an hour BEFORE school, starting next week. She is so very nice... but I don't think 1/4 hr a day is going to help him much.

So my job today is to try and find some outside help for him.. which we will obviously have to pay for. So be it. Griffin is not an idiot, far from it.... but he does need help in this area. I feel so sad for him. He is already realising that he can't read and write like his classmates. I don't want his self esteem to suffer, I don't want HIM to suffer because an inadequate education system let him down. Like, they KNEW (both schools) he needed help....

... can you see the steam coming out of me ears from there?

On a happier note... Teddy seems to be getting better! He isn't so miserable looking, he's wagging his tail a bit... and he is tolerating the new food... and not scratching so much .. THANK GOD!

I am going to my patchwork class this morning... I am going to DE - STRESS and just enjoy some GROWN UP company. (wonder if I can take some rum?)

I have talked to the Principal... got the run around.. but she did promise that they would do SOMETHING for him. In the meantime, I have approached his teacher to see if she would be interesting in doing some private tuition .. she said probably 'yes'... will wait on that.

The Patchwork Class: was a hoot! About 9 ladies, varying ages... I had a wonderful time! Lots of jokes and natter... SOME sewing going on too! They all stay after 'class time' and order lunch from the downstairs coffee I did too... it is really NEAT and I can't wait till next week to go again. Thank god something is going well.

When I finish today's little project I will show you all. .... bet you are on the edges of your seats waiting for that! LOL

Enough suspense:

This is my view while at my sewing machine... in the garage....

And this is what I'm making today... once it's finished it will be a little lavender bag for me Mum's drawer... I'm gunna make her a few... all different colours of course! They are partly hand sewn and partly machine sewn. Fiddly friggin things, but cute. I love working with different colours and patterns, it's fun.

We have dinner guests... I invited Lynn and her daughter to dinner (private blogger), so I better pull finger and do something about that!

KAREN: Oh Ok, so they are 'Cathedral Window Blocks'... I kinda enjoyed making the first one so...

I just made two more!

End of Day: our dinner guests (Lynn and Lauren) have left... we had the most lovely visit. Today has been the NICEST day I've had in ages... well let's not count first thing when I was mad as hell... the rest of the day has ROCKED. I like day's like this. Wish there were more. nite nite.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm absolutely POSITIVE I've said that before! Coming up with a new day's title is DIFFICULT SOMETIMES , ya know?

LOL... Stew goes to work, kids go to school and I am left here at home to make it all TIDY again after they have been home all weekend.

So, that means I love Mondays! I can get my house all spic and span again.... and I can have some 'me' time without other people annoying the hell outta me! Much as I love my family... ya just need some peace and quiet too.

I have to pop out and get a refund from the Art Class too... still looking around for an alternative class... but havn't found one yet. I am still so very disappointed about that.

Nothing else to report yet... so I will bugger off ...

Right.. I have made a decision... If I can, I am going to change to a patchwork class this term... so now I have to hope that the ladies (I'm sure there won't be any men) .. in the class are not all total fuddy duddies. I may look 50 on the outside, but I sure in hell don't feel it on the inside! I hope I don't live to regret going! My Aunt goes to this patchwork class... so at least I will know someone...

I am going to patchwork tomorrow... I have bought some 'fat quarters'... material pieces... and for now I am shelving the art class.
I am once again fuming... will tell you all about it tomorrow... on this here blog cos it's not THAT PERSONAL! *lol*

I am making meatloaf for dinner... I wonder if Griffin will notice the broccoli? He vomits when he eats broccoli...!

WHOOPS..! Once again I got carried away and forgot I wasn't feeding an army! Luckily, it freezes well... and I have just saved myself a few days of preparing dinner eh? lol

"My Meatloaf" .. cos I have been asked a few times, just reduce the quantities for a small family!:

2.5 kg mince, 1 kg sausage meat, 5-6 big potatoes - grated, 3 big onions finely chopped, 3 large carrots - grated, 6 tomatoes chopped up, 1 whole spring onion finely chopped, spinach leaves chopped up, broccoli finely chopped.... any other veges you want to add..... 3-4 cups fine dry breadcrumbs, 10 eggs, about 2 tablespoons dry beef stock, 2 teaspoons salt, 1 tablespoon mixed herbs, 1 tin tomatoe puree.... all mixed together by hand and put in suitable ovenproof dishes and covered with tin foil.

Bake at 200 deg C for about 1.5 hours, then remove the tin foil and bake for a further 20-30 mins. OH! I added chopped up bacon too today, about half a kilo. See ... you can add anything!

***I started to feel "uncomfortable" with divulging so much personal info on my private blog... so I have deleted it. My apologies to you who bothered to get invited to read it! ***

End of Day: The ups and Downs of life... just the usual really. Diet... spot on! Griffin LOVED my meatloaf! No vomiting in sight! lol. nite nite.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I got a phone call yesterday from the Art Class Co-ordinator.. they have had to CANCEL the Art Class I was going to be starting on Tuesday due to lack of numbers! (they only had 2 enrolments)

BUGGER IT! I was so looking forward to tuesday too! AND I have only gone and spent about $250 on materials for the darn class!

Grrrrrrr..... I feel like stamping my feet. Childish I know, I know.
So, today I will look on the net and see if there are any other Art Classes starting up around here, surely there is?

TODAY: not sure yet... yesterday we stayed home all day... I am now feeling stir crazy! I like to get out and about on the weekends.... so hopefully we will go/do something!

I suggested to Stew that we go for a walk around the entire suburb... he's keen.. so that's what we are going to do! The kids are going to hate us, especially Griffin...but that little guy needs to get his butt away from the TV screen!
Now I need to find a peodometer that works....

That took 50 minutes.... Griffin whinged and moaned and bitched for the first 30 minutes, then got the stitch and REALLY moaned.. then he decided he could jog uphill...! Friggin kid! Brylee was great... she is quite fit... I found it hard going .... it is so hot out there today! Not a cloud in the sky...

Wednesday night I bough 6 X 2.25 litre bottles of Diet Coke.. it should have lasted at least 6 days....
TODAY... all gone. And there is NO WAY I drunk it all, in fact I know that I have not had much AT ALL... So I look at Stew:

That bloody man goes on about how much Diet Coke I drink... and he's the one guzzling it...! He will pay.... oh yes he will! lol

KAREN: yep he'd love to be drinking Waikato beer or Rum and Coke... but he's a type 2 diabetic... so ain't allowed! Poor bugger....

End of Day: it's been an interesting day, ups and downs ... looking forward to tomorrow when I get to spend 6 hours on me own. nite nite.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I am gobsmacked!

This week has gone sooooo darn fast.... my head is still spinning.
I think it's because I was so stressed out actually... with lots on me mind.

BUT... thanks to delicate handling and the reassurance from a wise lawyer... we are all happy again. Our problem seems to have been resolved and I can stop stressing. YAAA BLOODY HOO.
I was a basket case for a little while there!

I still have a worry on my mind, but there is NOTHING I can do about that one but hope it turns out well for all involved.. at least it doesn't have to affect me this time. (I hope!)

Today I am going to choose to be happy.... right down to me swollen toes! We don't have any plans for the day..... unless Stew has something up his sleeve?
VALENTINES DAY an' all.... but he's NO ROMANTIC.... so I better not hold my breath... *sigh*

I hope all you gorgeous girls and guys out there get spoilt by your 'someone' special......

*update on private blog*

WHOOPS!!! Me man FOUND his Romantic Bone....

Doesn't he look pleased with himself? LOL.... I sooooo was not expecting a card... let alone a gift!

He gave me the most cute summer dressing gown.... I wore it NAKKID... he did rather like it! lol

We've had lots of rain today... now the sun is out and it's like being in a sauna.

Havn't done much today at all.... even put me feet up this afternoon... the swelling is going down thank god. Extreme heat is obviously NOT good for my fluid retention.

End of Day: well it's been an OK sorta day, nothing more to do but get into me cute dressing gown and toddle off to bed. nite nite.

Friday, February 13, 2009


I have decided that today I am going to do NOTHING!

I mean it... bloody nothing.

My spirits are low... and I need to just chill out.

So I'm going to do the usual morning routine.. then do some exercise in the garage (treadmill and exercycle), have a suana and then a cold shower...

...lie down, put me feet up and read a book! I NEED to put me feet up, they are soooo swollen... I'm sure it's from this dreadful heat. Wanna see?

OF COURSE YOU DO..! See... I have CANKLES...! Such a good look.

Things are ticking along in the background so to speak.... I think I am a lot less stressed out than I was a couple of days ago. We know where we stand legally now, so that is great.

***This is my blog, I can and will write whatever I want... I do try to remain respectful of other people's privacy.. there are things that are NOT put on here.. present stuff for instance. And just to be clear... anything I put on here concerning FAMILY is always cleared with them first.

Some of my family LOVE my blog because it means they can keep up to date with what's happening 'at home'.. and this is lovely to know.

Some of my family do not like this... and for that I am sorry. But I feel this blog is good for more than just me and some of my family.. so while I have seriously considered deleting the whole bloody thing... I will not because at the end of the day.. IT IS MY BLOG and I love doing it. It helps me get through each and every day.... I have made literally HUNDREDS of friends from my blogging... and for that I am eternally thankful.

I hope that if you really don't like what you read here on my blog you will just stop reading! Why go reading something if it upsets you? If you want nothing to do with me, fine, stop reading my blog. It's simple.

(Civil conversations are fine by the way... being screamed at and abused are not... and that is what I am avoiding.... this comment is directed at ..#*%%@^^). And that's all I will say on that matter.

My life feels like a bloody Soap Opera ....someone save me from myself! ONWARD....

Go away... I'm doing NOTHING remember?...

It is really really hard to do NOTHING.. I have only been semi successful..... I did vacum the lounge and a few other odd jobs. I still havn't put me feet up! And it's 4pm. DOH.

Here we have poor Teddy in his crate, where he's had to stay for the past few days... the wound on his rump is OOOZING and there is NO WAY he's gunna sit on my furniture with OOOZING wounds!

Ewwwwww.... On a positive, he's taken to the new prescription dog food well, this is great. Here's hoping it helps his allergy subside (if it is a food allergy!).

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have another little blog....

It's where I am going to rant and rave!

It is 'by invitation only'... if you can be bothered reading about me problems and me ranting on about them... send me an email. This new blog will only be updated if/when I feel the need to rant, or have news on certain issues. You will be advised of updates.

This new blog is ONLY for people I know and trust with my personal issues... and it is not open to my immediate family... OH SO SORRY about that.

There is some satisfaction is doing this... *smiling now*.

So, on with more mundane things...

usual morning doing the usual things....*laughing*....

Diet... spot on! Yesterday I was excellent... due to strong will power ... I will not cave in to stress eating.. I will NOT.

My decision to do volunteer work at the Hospice is on hold.. there is too much on my mind right now to think about adding something else into the mix. I am sure once my stress levels drop I can get into it.

One thing at a time eh?

*private blog has been updated*

SLOW DOWN...! I can only process so many requests at one time! AND I can only invite 100 to read the other blog too.... so it is going to be limited to just those people I really KNOW. Sorry if this means you miss out.

I took the poor dog for a walk this morning, he has to get up and moving so he doesn't become constipated.... he 'went' thank god!

Just around the corner from us is a paddock with 4 horses in it... they followed us along the fenceline.. very intrigued with Teddy they were! Teddy on the other hand thought they were monsters and growled at them... lol.

I'm off to school now, got a couple of things to sort out up there... you know... LEGAL TYPE THINGS.

I am starting to feel really bad.. cos there's so many who want to read da other blog and I am having to say 'no' to so many ... not because I don't TRUST you, it's because I don't really know you. I don't want to offend people, but that blog is open to just those readers that I have built up a real relationship with... over time. Lurkers are nice to hear from... but that's all you are.... a lurker! If you want more you have to give more. Like build up trust eh? SORRY IF I OFFEND ANYONE BY NOT INVITING THEM.
So, inbetween feilding over 193 e-mails/comments so far today (far out!).... I washed the floors:

I'm freakin clever like that, I can MULTI-TASK... ha ha ha!

It is still freakin hot and sticky here.. sooo sticky! I don't want to do anything but find a cool windy spot and lie in it! Been up to school and sorted a few things there... going to go cook dinner now... a beef stew. We need to eat more red meat... I tend to give the family too much chicken ... cos I LOVE CHICKEN!

End of Day: it's been long, too hot and I am bloody tired! nite nite.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Due to certain circumstances my blog will be only about ME for the forseeable future... not my family or the kids.

This will be in effect till some things have been sorted out and I can feel comfortable yakking about anything and everything again.

Stew is seeing a lawyer today ....

I am FURIOUS that this is happening.....

God help anyone who comes near me right now and pisses me off......


Now Teddy (I can talk about him)... is in a bad way. His skin is playing up again and I am sure he's getting bothered by flies on his sore skin... yesterday he was being driven nuts and crying... so I'm taking him to the vets today.... hell that's gunna cost a bomb!

I over ate last night... blame it on STRESS...... now of course I am even more pissed off about everything.
I feel like crying at the moment, due to being so INFURIATED about the shit going on right now....

I really must try and stop stressing .... and NO MORE eating crap. I am only hurting myself.
Sorry I am such a sad sack today.

Teddy has been busy overnight and knawed off all the fur from his rump... it is festering and so sore looking... he's off to the vet's at 10.15 today. I hope they can help him....

When he came in this morning he started attacking himself again and I yelled at him to 'STOP" and he jumped up on the back of this chair and looked real 'hang dogish'! He stayed there for ages not moving! See the neck cone thingee? DOES NOT STOP HIM... he's been wearing it for almost 4 months non-stop. It only stops him scratching his face.
I have tried changing his food several times... nothing seems to help....

ANONYMOUS: while I appreciate the support ... perhaps 'blasting' a certain person will not help OUR situation right now? It will only make things worse I think.... but thanks anyway.


Poor Teddy has a SEVERE allergy to SOMETHING... as you can see... we do not need to take him to the groomers right now!

THIS is how bad he knawed himself in just two days! He is now on steroids (probably for the rest of his life)... he's had an injection to give him some immediate relief and the vet has ordered some special food for him. It should be here later today.
When they shaved him he screamed and yelped... I CRIED. I am such a sook.

For the time being he will have to be inside ALL THE TIME, so I shall get his crate set up inside... I will have to help him eat and drink as the NEW neck cone thingee is too long for him to do it himself.

End of Day: just picked Stew up from the airport, he's been away in Wellington since monday morning. Teddy is still totally miserable... whimpering and crying constantly. Poor bugger. I am coping.... feel rattled but I'm sure all will sort itself out ... nite nite.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


- kids to school
- weigh in a bit later
- shop for something to lug art stuff around in


Last night I was bored out of my mind... nothing on the telly, Stew was not home... so I ate crap. STUPID TART.

Boredom is my biggest enemy....what's yours?

I have been out and about all morning, sussing out a good carry-all bag for the art stuff.... while out I also got some more art supplies :

ABOVE: this is the bag I finally found... I had to look for 3 friggin hours before finding it. *sigh*... and it also involved a bit of road rage too... the traffic here is just diabolical some days.

It doesn't help that it is stinking hot still, with 100% humidity today. You just can't do anything without breaking out in a sweat.

WEIGH IN.... can I lie? NO? Oh well then... I gained 800 grms. Not that happy, but it can be undone just as quick.

I am going to sit and watch the news now, it is so sad to watch the death toll rising all the time in Australia's Bush Fires. TRAGIC. I hope they catch the Ba*$#ards who lit some of them.

I *WAS* having a nice day... till I got a text from a certain family member... now I am fuming. Might just have to go see a lawyer real soon.

I am dying to have a MAJOR RANT and RAVE about this... but I don't think that would be wise here.. it might come back to bite me in the arse. BUT you can bet I want to..... just IMAGINE lots of nasty swear words....

End of Day: wound up and upset... can't say more. nite nite.

Monday, February 09, 2009


I proudly present:

I couldn't resisit OK? Stew picked this tomatoe a day ago..... it tickled me fancy. I have no doubt we will eat it.... ha ha ha. Doesn't take much to amuse me obviously.

Teddy got bathed yesterday too... he really isn't very cute wet. And he's getting bloody knots again, so I will be booking him in to be groomed again... but not at the Manukau place I took him to last time! They butchered him...

- kids to school
- housework

Might try going for a swim too... will wait and see.
Didn't go swimming... went shopping instead! Saw an advert on the telly where a shop was selling art canvas's for half price, and in light of the fact that I'm starting an art course next week I thought it would be a good idea to get some now.

So I got some, and some paint and other stuff. All set for class now I reckon.

Home now and it's stinking hot, supposed to rain later on today, and for once I hope it does! This heat is a bit much after a while.

NOLA: google "Haw Coo Clock" and you will find them.

KAREN: I want to go to an Art class to learn how to paint properly! I don't feel I am that good at painting, mostly I just muck around.

We didn't have water at our house (or street) all morning... this guy comes in his truck and turns on the water valve at my driveway... he told me we would have water back soon, then he drove off....

A couple of minutes later... and I have WATER... like a major fountain of it! 10 minutes later the guy comes back and turns it down a bit.... and it continues pissing out for another 45 minutes before it stopped! Meanwhile, 2 of my neighbours have rung to let me know I have water pissing out of me water valve! (errr, tell me somthing I don't know ladies!). I hope I don't get billed for all that water!

I WAS hoping for rain this afternoon, but not from under the ground! lol

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Yesterday we bought a new clock for the lounge... it's a 'Haw Coo' clock! Sounds weird eh? Instead of a Coo Coo Clock with a bird coming out on the hour, ours' has a donkey!
I thought this was totally appropriate seeing as we have a donkey across the way who hee haws sometimes!


Also yesterday I found this really cute little plaque for the lounge too:

It has a 'nautical' theme too.

ABOVE: from this angle the lounge finally has some colour....

ABOVE: from this angle... it does not. I am not sure if I need to make new cushions or not... I might just get a colourful picture at some stage. Maybe I can even paint it in the Art Course I am starting soon!

Today ... no plans as yet, maybe just lazing at home for a change.

ABOVE: a quick movie of the clock in action.

Stinking hot day... lay in the sun ... and the paddle pool.. sooo hot we just couldn't do anything. Really don't have much else to report so...

End of Day: a blissful weekend ... did lots of NOTHING. Kids are already moaning about having to go back to school tomorrow. Poor little buggers are probably going to melt in their classrooms. nite nite.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


LAST NIGHT: The movie was actually very disappointing.. much as I love Brad Pitt, in this movie he was not beautiful for much of the time! I kept waiting for "something" to happen to make the movie interesting. It did not happen. It was a slow, quite boring movie. SAD.

Stew and I had a quick cafe dinner before the movie.... there was a television in the bar...

and like a typical sports mad man he left our table to watch cricket! BLOODY MEN and their sports! At least he's 'normal' I suppose!

NOW, back to my lounge and titivating it a bit:
I put together a little bowl of artificial flowers ...

Add the candles from yesterday and...

My lounge is starting to get colorful .... I still want to get some new cushion covers too.....maybe I will find something today..or buy some material and make 'em. Hell, I've made dozens of cushions in my day, I can do a few more!

One year I made EVERYONE cushions, these were the ones I made my Mum:

I really loved these ones.. they were so pretty.


So far today we have been out to the mall .. I saw something there yesterday that might look good on the lounge wall... then home for lunch. The kids are now playing in the paddle pools. There's lots of paper wasps around... nasty things! They are attracted by the water... so I am staying inside... I'm a whimp.

GRIFFIN: "Mum, what's for dinner?"

ME: " Stewed cat 'n' onions, fried peas and beans"

GRIFFIN: (without missing a beat) "Cool, I love meat!"

He got spagetti on toast.

And on that note...End Of Day: an awesome day, got lots done and had a nice time. nite nite.