Monday, December 31, 2007


How weird, I make a weight loss chart and it makes me all rearing to go! I can't wait till next saturday to put my next red dot on it! And it will be LOWER than the first one ..... I am sure.
Yesterday was a scorcher of a day, and all our teenagers got sunburnt at the beach, dorks. Stew got some too, he worked all afternoon on our needed rewiring and so on. It still isn't finished but I'm sure he will get it done today. We will need it to move all the 'stuff' the moving company doesn't touch, like paint, petrol, gas bottles etc.
As per normal, I'm sitting up in bed awaiting my latte.... that will change next week eh? darn, wasn't going to think about that today!
Today : might go into town ... Stew wants to get some new business shirts.... maybe I can find something to buy yet?

Sunday, December 30, 2007


I'm starting to freak out! My hubby is moving hundreds of kilometres away from us in just a week! How the hell am I going to cope with that??? I feel sad already.

Today: no shopping, I promise. I have given up on finding anything I really really want or need. Like, I don't need anything!

May go into town and meet up with a couple of friends for morning tea though, just cos I can! Other than that, no plans today...

I might sit down and draw up a weight loss chart to put on my wall, I did that last time and it was a great motivator, watching the line go down.... I work best with visual incentives/reminders. AND I am going to throw out the last of the evil food left in the panty, the kids certainly don't need all those lollies! What else? Oh an exercise plan too.... I need to get disciplined again... follow a set routine, not just a hit and miss one.

Now that my iron levels are coming up there are no more excuses eh? So, lots of positive stuff today.

Well I met Janene and Chris D for morning tea... I'm quiety minding my own business and Janene grabs my phone and takes this photo!!! It's to prove I ate well I suppose? Fruit salad and BLOODY WATER... cos they had no Diet Coke! I wasn't that impressed with having to drink water I can tell you! But, it was a nice morning.

I'm now working on my new weight loss chart...

Right, that's done... there is a little red dot up the top .. that's the start weight.... got 20 kilos to lose this coming year. I will take a photo of this bloody chart every Saturday morning... watch the red dot go down! I need to lose 384 grms a week to achieve this... totally DOABLE people!

I bought something today! Some new bras and knickers. So there! And did you notice, I'm kinda SMILING in that photo, eyes are a bit screwed up cos of the sun though! *snigger*

End of Day: started grumpy, ended happy. So in all, a good day!

NSV: totally on track today, no slip ups at all! Ya hoooooo. nite nite.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


BUT WE ARE NOT!!! Today, taking Stew's pants back to Otaki to be adjusted to fit his shrinking arse, then we are going to Levin to check out the shops there!

I think I might just buy a couple of 'inspiration' items... you know, ones that are a bit too small that I can only wear when I lose the extra bloody kilos! Do we think this is a good idea???

Oh yeah, I got the montly today too, so that kinda explains SOME of the weight gain eh! I seem to be in a three week cycle now, which is a total pain in the butt! Shitty mid-life changes, when the hell did I become middle aged???? I don't FEEL like a middle aged woman, hells bells!

What the hell, my body may be saying one thing, but that does not mean I have to ACT like a nearly 50 year old eh? I'm gunna be 29 forever! Off shopping.....AGAIN.

Friday, December 28, 2007


We have decided to go back to Wellington today as the Suit shop Stew wanted to look in was closed on Boxing Day..... like I mind having to go back! Not at all, shopping is my No# 1 LOVE !

This time we are taking Brylee and Griffin with us, they need to get outta the house ... and Griffin actually LOVES shopping too ! Weird boy.

What else? Well I still havn't quite got on track.... it's all the bloody evil food in the house and my lack of restraint. I think I am going to have to walk around naked for a while just to see how my bits wobble to remind myself why I need to do this ! Maybe not today out shopping though eh? lol .

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Today's activities will consist of :

- Go to Ezibuy Sale

- Buy Steven's car some tyres (his are BALD!)

- Put the christmas tree and decorations away

- Clean up the panty and throwing out all and any evil foods not likely to be eaten

- vacum the entire house (shit havn't done it for over a week!)

- Wash all the floors

- Clean all the bathrooms and loos (oh joy)

- Getting all the toys BACK in the bedrooms

- Sorting through all Stew's work clothes and tossing out all 'manky' shirts etc

- Take Izzy for a nice big walk then give her a bath

- Have a Granny nap!

How's that for a 'to do' list then? Think we are going to be busy.

But for now.... I'm still in bed waiting for me Latte, and Griffin has already had a mini bitch about Brylee giving him a headache! Is this the start of the holiday squabbling already? Gawd I hope not.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


WHOOP WHOOP....Stew and I are off to Wellington to do the sales.... and the best part?

We are leaving the littlies with the teenagers! Oh man, what bliss!

In less than two weeks Stew is off to Auckland, so it will be nice to spend a whole day with him, just the two of us. BLISS.

And.... I am going to be 100% ON TRACK from today on. It was very nice to eat whatever I felt like yesterday, but it wrecked havoc with my tummy!

I did not feel very well last night at all... too much rich food and two glasses of wine... all a bit much for my tummy.

Just realised I did not include a photo of Steve in yesterday's post... so here is his butt playing Wii with Griffin!

Now I wonder what we can find to buy in Wellington today?...... later ......much later....... you will find out!
The traffic was horrendous, the crowds were manic, the shopping was... neat! We managed to get me 3 new summer dresses, a new suit for Stew, and new work shoes for Stew. All that took 7 hours!
This was my DINING room when we got home! Hmmmmm, wonder how much "child minding" was going on? They ASSURE me the kids were looked after all day!
End of Day, no pics of dresses, I'm feeling FAT ... so there!
NSV: been on track (minor slip up when I got home and was confronted with a humongous mess and ate some chocolate in a fit of anger). Derrrrrr. nite nite.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Now... what was in that little box?



I am a SPOILT TART! More to come..... oh the kids were so nice, they slept in till 6.45! We are waiting for Steve and Lisa to arrive before we open presents, Brylee and Griffin are being so good waiting........

What a scream of a photo! Griffin looks like a monumental dork!!! Waiting to open their presents....
All done now... gifts opened, oooh! and ahhh'd over.... kids happily playing with Wii etc.... so is Stew! They are playing golf... Griffin is 'smokin' Dad's arse!!! Well, so he thinks!

I have been out in the rain .. took Izzy for a walk, and am now having some delicious homemade fruit salad for breakfast.

Mike got this 'beanie' from his girlfriend, amongst other things... so... I suppose I will have to get used to seeing him like this now cos knowing him it won't ever leave his stoooopid head!

Can you see how much crap I've got in my pantry today???? .................................... H E L P !
Being the gorgeous wife I am, I got Stew a Rotisserie for the BBQ... kinda like a wife being given a new vacum cleaner eh? Ha ha ha.. I have been marinating 2 chickens since yesterday... they are going on the BBQ later on this afternoon..... OOOO I can't wait!
Yipee, the chookies are on! Now we wait to find out just how long they take to cook on the BBQ.Girls like cars too... so Brylee got a PINK Polly Pocket Race Track! Cute.

OH MY GOD!!! If you could smell this.... Teriyaki Chicken done on the BBQ.... My mouth is watering!!!
Griffin, totally engrossed in this toy, it's quite awesome really! It transforms into over 40 different boats etc!

Here's my nephew Deon playing the weirdest game of golf ... on Wii. No wet shoes even!
End of Day: it's been wonderful, tiring, happy... just as it should be.
NSV: I ate till I could eat no more... cos tomorrow I diet! nite nite, and if you have bothered to read to the bottom of this post I salute you!

Monday, December 24, 2007


Today Stew is going to dismantle Griffin's bed cos we are selling it.... I really love it but Stew doesn't.... so off it goes onto TradeMe soon. It has to be dismantled completely cos it does not fit through the door! Such a pain.

So, Griffin will end up with a 'normal' bed with storeage boxes underneath for all his toys and junk.

What else? Oh yeah, going to the grocery store for all the fresh salad stuff we will need over the next few days, can't live on HAM alone eh?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

MORE SHOPPING? (42 sleeps till school)

What to do today? Well..... I'm sure we could find SOMETHING to buy in town!

I forgot to pick up the kids Santa Photo, so that's on the list, and aimless wandering too..... kinda INTO this Christmas shopping lark now! It's fun.

I have just realised that I have TOTALLY BLOWN it this year on the diet front.... I gained instead of lost! Far out, what a twit! So, next year I hope to do much better, or so help me I might at well just give the fuck up and gain back all my weight, and the belly!

DOH, don't think I could live with myself if I did that, so 2008 is going to be 'it' for me..... the year of many changes, new home, new location, new grandbaby, new gym, new friends..... yada yada ya!

But until then.... I will just try to do the best I can over the silly season, and enjoy spending time with my boys who are staying here when we move north.

He's just trying to make me feel GUILTY eh? NIIIIICE legs though!

Thanks for that Casdok.... though it is beyond me why people seem to like me! I swear like a trooper, I'm opinionated, I really don't like kids much (babies not included, I love them), I have lots of faults....... so why???? *shaking head*

WE have been to town, had lunch at Breakers ... yummmm. Did some randon wandering... Stew picked up some shorts at Rebel for a song (on sale)... now he and the kids are going back for another look. I'm staying home to enjoy the peace and quiet. It is still not that busy in town, I'm really surprised.

End of Day: rather a quiet afternoon/evening. Finished reading a book, sorted out all the kids toys and got rid of broken/incomplete stuff... ready for the new lot!

NSV: well I didn't like the Chocolate Mud Cake made to look like a Christmas tree! So I shan't be having any more! This is good. nite nite.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Seems Griffin woke up at 6.15 (I didn't hear him Stew did) and he took himself off to the lounge and is watching TV quietly... and it's now 8.15 in the morning!!! How bloody cool is that? No demands for food/attention/ anything!

Here I was thinking we would not get to sleep in till the little shits were teenagers.... I like this kid. I think Brylee is still asleep even! BLISS.

I got my L I T T L E gift in a box last night, he did not make me wait till Christmas day! BUT, you buggers ain't getting to see it till Christmas! nah nah na na. I am going to spend the next few days banging into things cos my eyes will be on the finger! ha ha ha.

Today: we need to go do a grocery shop .... ham/salad stuff/pudding stuff.... all the usual christmas stuff eh? I am sure the supermarket will be packed with other people doing the exact same thing.... oh well it is CHRISTMAS time eh? Gotta expect it.

Before that though I am going into town to meet my girlfriend Chris for a coffee.... we have gone back to our old saturday morning routine of just the two of us! It will be nice to meet up with the other girls come January again too.

Friday, December 21, 2007

STEW'S LAST DAY WORKING IN PALMY ( 44 sleeps till school)

Dear Santa

So, I'm not that nice sometimes.... can I change in time for Santa to be nice to me???? I live in hope.

Stew has a busy day today, packing up his office in readiness for his move to Auckland Central..... shit it's only a couple of weeks to go!

We have a few more things to do this coming weekend to be totally ready for Christmas Day... food shopping etc. Going to be a busy few days.

To you lovely ladies out there who sent us a Christmas Card...THANK YOU.... I don't send out cards! So just know I love each and every one of you!

Some lovely news.... The Teenager from hell (Mike) finally talked to me last night after no words being exchanged for OVER A WEEK!! He apologised and tried to explain how we got into this situation....I got a big hug (melts my heart) and now all is good between us again! I am so relieved, I hate it when there is friction between me and my kids.

Yipeee..... done and dusted, finished the Christmas Shopping at last... I thought I was finished days ago... but NOOOOO, just had to get a couple more! Shopping with two kids isn't that bad, I asked them to sit nicely on the floor in a china shop and they did! People came and went and commented on how bloody wonderful they were sitting there so nicely! Awwwwww.

I took the horror (Griffin) out for a haircut..... talk about a fidget arse !!!!! The hairdresser kept saying "Keep still" and he said :

"LADY, my middle name is STILL !"...... everyone in the salon cracked up laughing! How could you NOT love this friggin kid?
End of Day: been to visit my friend Chris, her husband is so sick the poor bugger! It looks like he has lost 30 kilos in the past couple of months, I feel so sorry for them. When I am bitching and moaning about my annoying family I really must remember that other people are facing much much worse things.
NSV: I could not eat even half of the chinese I got myself for lunch today! nite nite.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

SCHOOL FINISHES TODAY AT MIDDAY....(45 sleeps till they go back)

Am I looking forward to the kids being home for nearly 7 weeks???

LIKE HELL! But.... there are some bonus's... no having to get them to school on time, no having to work around picking them up at 3 pm... no lunches have to be made in the morning (like I did them! Stew did!), no getting uniforms ready..... so maybe I should be happy?

So, I'm going to try and view it with a positive attitude!

This morning I'm going into town (again), Stew's work are having a morning tea 'shout' so I'm going..... will try to make some wise choices.... and do a bit more shopping for Christmas. Onward....

I have decided: so many of 'you' have asked me ... I will spill....

Daughter No# 2 decided to have a baby... god knows why... so she did.. left the biological father as soon as she got pregnant. Had Brylee, kept her (part time, cos I had her every evening and weekends) for 10 weeks then decided it was all too much effort for her... so dropped her off and left.... without telling us she had no intention of coming back! When she did come back, we went and got legal custody of Brylee.

A few months later, she turned up again.. pregnant again... too late for an abortion... so it was decided (after much agonising) that we would have that baby too... not much choice really. Griffin was born and handed to me immediatley and that was that, she buggered off again after only 3 days, having signed the legal custody papers over to us.

FATHERS? Brylee's has never met her, nor has his family, they 'do not want to know'. Griffin's? NO IDEA REALLY! Must have been a bloody good looking big bloke.

Our daughter has seen Brylee and Griffin very rarely, in fact she has only seen them once in the past 2 years. Her choice.
So there ya go. Some useless information for ya.

Our daughter is now and always has been.... on a benefit of some sort or another... lives for the next party... the next boyfriend..... sleeps most of the day, parties most of the night. I still love her, she will always be our daughter that we care about very much... does not mean we have to like her lifestyle or life choices.

Morning tea was lovely, I had a bit of everything! Still don't think I was evil though! Have now picked up the kids.... countdown begins!

Feeling a bit jaded this afternoon.... above is our Christmas tree.... wanted to take Izzy for a walk but she's still being a 'girl' having her monthly! Drat.
Kids are watching telly, thank god for cartoons eh? It will be great once 'Santa' has been, lots of new stuff to keep them occupied.

MARGARET: You are right! I can be a hard nosed bitch... for sure.... when people/kids get up my nose! But my motto in life is 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'.... so I try not to be nasty too often! No sweetie, I am not offended! I am an 'up front' person... bang on! I like that about myself, no bullshit coming from me! I say it how it is.

End of Day: it's been really nice! Quiet too.

NSV: Pretty good on food consumption... had some tinned chicken.. it tasted and smelt just like salmon! Was kinda eewwww. lol. nite nite.

8.58pm WOW!!! We just had a hooah of a big earthquake, it went on and on and on......... the whole house rocked and shook!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! Update: earthquake measured 6.8 on richter scale, caused damage in Gisbourne which is on the coast about 5 hours away from here.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


It started raining yesterday, and I'm sure it hasn't stopped since then! And the temperatures have dropped quite dramatically, so quite a bit different from the past week for sure.

Today: kids to school (in the car for once!) then home to do a bit of ... nothing!

Yesterday I was sure Stew was about to tell me he no longer intended to take up the job in Auckland... I just was so sure the other shoe was about to drop! He had been making noises about how he wasn't happy about 'this and that'.... so anyway, I decided to take the bull by the horns and talk to him about it, no pussy footing around.... what a good idea!

While he is concerned about how long it may take to sell the house, and how long we may be seperated, he is NOT going to back out of the new job. Thank God! I really really want to move. Not that I hate this town, I have some amazingly lovely friends here, but my heart is NORTH, it's where I want to be.

So, all is good here, and I am really happy Stew and I are going to be ok.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


After 16 hours without the internet... Telecom 'found' it for me again... so it's a late start on the day.

Meet Linda and Brandon and their three adorable kids: (from left) Braydon, Lila and Ellie. This gorgeous lady has sent me the Jordin Sparks CD that I so wanted and could not get here in New Zealand, all the way from America!!!! She is so very kind... and the BEST Mom in the whole wide world... she actually LOVES her kids..... hey, they are NOT TEENAGERS yet eh?

Laughing now..... and Brandon and her have had to fight really long and hard to get their precious girls... all the way from China. I have been reading Linda's blog for quite some time now, and felt like I was 'with' her when she finally met her darling wee daughter Ellie a wee while ago and got to take her home. It was special following their story. Thank you LINDA, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

Today: kids to school, then I am going to tackle the presents and get wrapping! OOOO what fun.... really!

But before that..... I have a few more jobs (shopping) to do in town.... later....

I have done almost all my Christmas shopping!

I have wrapped all the presents, WITHOUT having a major hissy fit.

I have caught up on all my favourite blogs.

I am feeling bloody tired now!

AND........ I put up the bloody Christmas Tree last night.... after vowing I WOULD NOT!!! Hell, seems I have caught the darn Christmas bug. Bugger it. lol

End of Day: very productive, and resolved a few more issues with Me and Stew... all is good.

NSV: Well I did have some lovely home made fruit salad again... but I added icing sugar (hanging head in shame) ! nite nite.

Monday, December 17, 2007


The kids finish school on thursday, so I am going mad for the next couple of days and shopping.... must find something for my hubby.... and me! I am leaning towards another ring.... well... I AM A GIRL EH?

I was going to get a Pandora bracelet but have changed my mind.... they are lovely but I already have a lovely bracelet and bangle....

Also, a girlfriend just moved into her new house on saturday, so am going to visit her too. I am so envious, she sold and bought in 6 weeks flat. Lucky tart. When I think of our situation my heart just drops.... Stew will be living and working in Auckland from January the 7th..... permanently!!! He will only be home once a fortnight for a weekend. How the hell and I going to cope with that?

***QUICK SLAP AROUND ME HEAD***...I am trying to be positive today..... no more bitching! You poor buggers must be sick to bloody death of me moaning and groaning!

Right .. where was I? Oh yeah, shopping....... yipee! Off I go.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Here we go, our last chance to sell this house before the Xmas Break.... next open home won't be until Jan 13th.... so I am crossing EVERYTHING!!! we get a buyer today.

And here is something weird.... my fluid retention is at an all time LOW.... and the only thing I have been doing different is.... DRINKING HEAPS MORE DIET COKE! Hmmmmmm..... let me think about this... Diet Coke is supposed to be bad for me, yet I have been drinking about 2 litres a day this week and my fluid retention has gotten 100% better? Before upping the Diet Coke I was having ice (gallons of it) and it made no difference. So, I think I will continue drinking my Diet Coke eh? YEEE HA!.

Ok, time to make my latte and then get cracking on the housework that MUST BE DONE today....

Saturday, December 15, 2007


After the shit that's been going on around here, I have actually done NO HOUSEWORK since I got home! I finally unpacked my bag last night... didn't really want to either, would rather be anywhere but here right now.

Our Saturday Morning Get Together is 'on hold' now till after the Silly Season.... so I'm just meeting one friend this morning in town... she is going through hell too. Her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer last week.... so she is not is a good place right now.

Our Xmas plans are changed now too...we were going up to Whitianga for 2 weeks, but with everything that's going on here we just don't want to! It is such a long way to go, and Mike wants to stay home... LIKE HELL am I going to leave him to mess up the house for two whole weeks!

I feel like this blog is full of "woe is me" right now, and I hate that.... I am not normally a down sort of person, but in some situations that's just how it is eh? I wish I could just snap my fingers and magically find a unconditional buyer for this house, then we won't lose the house we want in Auckland. Somehow I don't think it will go like that.

Friday, December 14, 2007


There is only so much a person can take without bursting a Fu Fu Valve eh? Well last night I lost it over a teenager again.... ended up taking myself off to Janene's for a while to cool down. Thank god for friends is all I can say!

Am still stewing over last night's issue, but will not go into details cos I am too upset really. Suffice to say it was the final straw for me, with all that is going on right now I did not need any more upsets.

Telecom are coming today to try and find out why our internet connection keeps cutting out... god help them if they piss me off cos I'm likely, in my present mood, to throttle the technician ! LOL.

Another good thing, I have lost my appetite... shit hot.

- telecom guy has been at our house for 2 hours, can't find the fault yet
- I am at Starbucks using a Telecom Hotspot
- I almost packed up Brylee and Griffin today and left Stew
- Being told by Stew that he would leave me if I kicked Mike out did not go down too well.
Things are very tense at the moment, don't know what will happen. STESS LEVELS ARE GOING OUT THE WINDOW.

So, Mike is now not going to do the Physiotherapy course in Auckland, he is not going to Auckland at all.... he's staying here in Palmerston North.... this was told to Stew yesterday, 1 day before we paid the $7,000 to the University in Auckland for his accommodation! I WAS SO PROUD of him, now I am just guttered. And trust Stew to 'side' with one of his kids.... never mind that in 5 years I just know Mike is going to regret this decision

This really doesn't describe my mood.. should be "FUCK FUCK FCUK" but I couldn't find it. WE finally have internet again, took 8 hours .... it did not help today to be locked out of the internet~!
Food has been spot on, had a salad sandwich for lunch, but actually felt ill afterwards, I think my stress levels are too high.
My doctor rang, my iron levels are coming up and my ECG was fine, so one bit of good news today.
End of Day: food excellent, mood foul, not much resolved except the kid has caused a huge rift between Stew and I at the moment. I cannot get over him saying he would leave me. Still not talking about it either.... I am just not in the mood to forgive him right now.
NSV: Foul mood = no appetite. nite nite.

Thursday, December 13, 2007



Kids to school, go have another blood test.... ring Dr for ECG results.... do a bit of RETAIL THEREAPY.... then I really need to do some housework ! AND read about 200 blogs!

Stew has done a fantastic job of keeping things going at home, but I'm such a fussy tart ... I won't be happy until I've cleaned the house from top to bottom myself! I am my own worst enemy I know!

PLUS Izzy needs a walk, and I want to get some serious exercise in today too. AND work on eating right.... such a lot to achieve today....

STEVE.... if you are reading this... ya shit - bring back my bedroom laptop.... how the hell can I sit up in bed and do my morning update and sip me latte when you have nicked me bloody laptop !

Been out all morning, running around like a blue arse chook... got lots done though. It bloody hot and humid too, does not help one's mood at all. My blood test stung like mad today, but I was brave and only bitched for about 5 minutes! LOL
Got a few more Xmas presents sorted..... got heaps of salad shit to eat... going to make Tabouleh (sp?).... need to find some fresh mint now.
The internet keeps stopping here too, driving me nuts it is!

I just had a hissy fit at Telecom... our internet connection has been 100 times worse today! I am fuming... what the fuck am I paying for???? They are getting a technician "on to it" tomorrow! Friggin WONDERFUL.... in the meantime, I come and go....

I have been fantastic with my food so far today, using Diet Coke as a crutch, but hey, I ain't over eating! I'm starving, we are having steak and salad for dinner.... I will be having NO CARBS either. I had a sandwich for lunch and that is all... I am feeling quite proud of myself... I hope I can continue it tomorrow!

DINNER: Steak, lettuce salad, taboulie (sp?), Broccoli and feta salad with greek yogurt, an egg and some seeds. YUM. Doing good eh?

End of Day: I done good! Got lots accomplished, but still have not unpacked my bags! Can't take Izzy out walking either, she has decided now is a good time to have her "monthly"!

NSV: Lots today! Really chuffed with myself I am. nite nite.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Today: First thing this morning I am popping into the Real Estate Agents office to do final signing of House Contract, then heading home.

It has been a busy few days, Auckland has been overcast, windy and wet the whole time I've been up here, but not cold. I have gotten lost once, most frustrating!

Can't wait for lunchtime either.... in Taupo is the same Doner Kebab shop like the one we have down in Bulls!!! The guy in Taupo owns the Bulls one too, and he was ever so nice when I had lunch there the other day on my way up here to Auckland... he opened his shop half an hour early cos he could see I was waiting ... neat eh? So.... todays lunch will be a kebab.... mouth is watering thinking about it! Foooooood...... *BIG SIGH*. I reckon I have lost some weight this week, my Aunty and Uncle are small eaters, and almost never have carbs with the evening meal. Weird!

Anyway.... better get going.....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


And... all I dream about is houses, houses, houses! My Aunt and I are off to have another look at the "first choice" house this afternoon.... I can't wait!

Then, if I'm sure about it being the right house for us, Stew and I will make an offer... conditional on the sale of our house of course!

For all who would like to 'check it out' it's with LJ Hooker, Listing No # 3E9GQN, Named: "Elegant & Age Defying"..... It's in Conifer Grove, I have already visited the school, Decile 7 (so-so), I met the Principal (she was nice) and it's a school that goes from New Entrants to Form 2... then the kids would catch a bus to go to Rosehill College. Heard that college is OK too.

So, there you go.... it's slowly coming together, just hope our home goes unconditional soon!

This morning, I think I will go to a shopping centre and browse around,

Monday, December 10, 2007


Ok, another day of house hunting.... had a few tears yesterday, couldn't help myself.... it is so depressing!

Today I have only two !!! lined up worth looking at, don't even know if it will be worth it cos so many look "OK" on the net but in real life are bloody awful!

And the agents use tricky photography to make a house look bigger than it acutually is! Wide angle lenses and the like, it's just so frustrating!

Yesterday I looked at a house that in it's photos looked really huge, but inside.... NOT AT ALL! That is when I first cried!

I am starting to really realise that we are going to have to 'downsize' from 320 m2 to about 200 m2 !!! This means a good half of my house furniture etc will have to be sold. I think I might cry again.....

And.. I am hating not having the time to read all your blogs! I havn't read any since I left home! I am using my Auntie's computer, so no favourites list... nothing! So, I apologise for not popping by to leave any comments ...... just don't have time! Wait till I get home! later ....

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Sunday 10 pm... went out with an agent.. looked at half a dozen houses... starting to feel depressed already!

I don't think I am going to find my "dream house" here for the money I can afford.... hell's bells everything is tiny and soooo very expensive.

I think I want to pick my Palmerston North house up and bring it with me! Anyone got a REALLY big trailer??? LOL. I have not seen anything yet worth considering at all..... onward....

Lunch time.... might just need something nice to perk me up!
Well overall an interesting day, very "eye opening" for me! My money is not going to get me much up here.... but that's how it goes I guess.
End of Day: it's rained all day, even been cool! I have been ever so good with my diet... my Aunty only has small meals! Though, we did have fruit and ice cream tonight.... yummy.
NSV: havn't been able to get out to the shops and go nuts and eat shit! This is GOOD. nite nite.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Right, I'm off to Auckland, don't expect to hear from me for a day or two, unless I can access hotspots or someone's computer.

Wish me luck finding some decent houses to consider!

This is more a "find the right area" mission though... if I do find "the house" I may have to put a "conditional offer" on it.... like there is on our house.
Bye for now.

I'm in Auckland... The Big Smoke.... the Mad House.... Jaffa Land... you name it... I'm here!
Already been for a drive around my Aunt's area, lots of houses for sale, a gorgeous area it is too! It has an almost brand new area school, Decile 10 (the best) so am hoping to find something here!

On my way up I stopped in Hamilton and dispensed Xmas presents to two daughters... Daughter No# 3's belly is getting bigger! She's 26 weeks now, oooo it's getting exciting! I am hoping to be with her for the birth... I got invited today! I am so wrapt about that, you have no idea!
What else? Not much, I'm kinda tired from the trip, it took me almost 9 hours to get here... with a 30 minute stop in Taupo and an hour in Hamilton. Me bum is killing me from sitting all day!
End of Day: Bit different from the last week for sure... NO KIDS OR TEENAGERS TO DEAL WITH...... Phew!
NSV: spot on with the food.... no exercise though! Does driving count... me thinks not. LOL. nite nite.

Friday, December 07, 2007


My poor man is up in Auckland, slaving away at a new very stressful job, and what am I doing? Text'ing him threatening to throw out his youngest son! I mean, what can he do from up there? Not a lot! So, he's coming home to War on the Homefront.... but at least I can get away for a few days and leave them to it...

Bit sad really, he's only going to be home for one night and I'm buggering off....AND he will have to do all the work on sunday to get the house ready for another OPEN HOME! Oh well, that's life.

I am still seething about Mike, so might be just as well he's off to work today...less I see of him the better. Today: kids to school, walk Izzy, home to do some housework, sort out a nice dinner for

Thursday, December 06, 2007


I am feeling really positive about today, I will get it right... I will do my last day at the Hospice Shop, maybe I will buy something, maybe not....

Only *1* more sleep till Stew comes home, and I am going to turn right around and bugger off to Auckland myself!!! How sad is that? But, it is for a good reason, we do not want to get caught out with our home sold and nowhere to go!

My Aunty knows Auckland very well and can steer us in the right areas.... she lives in the general area where we want to be too, so it's great. For you Aucklanders and others who worry about us living in South Auckland, we are looking in The Gardens area and similar areas like that, not the 'grotty' areas!

Here is Griffin, his Teddies and our CHRISTMAS TREE ! Isn't it pretty? ha ha ha. No clutter!

Today's purchases: Another tray, a cute skirt and two nice shirts....and..

HOW could I resist!!! It's a boat, a wooden funky wee boat.... and I love it! Buggered if I know where I will put it, but I just couldn't leave it there could I? More useless clutter I know, I know.

I might just be chuckking Mike out of this house tonight...he is a lazy inconsiderate little bastard... and that is all there is to it. I HAVE HAD IT WITH USELESS BLOODY TEENAGERS WHO TAKE EVERYTHING FOR GRANTED.

I think I'm having a mini meltdown, my temper is rising, my wick is getting short... don't think I am coping well with all this shit.

I have Screamed at him, slammed a door, huffed and puffed, demanded he leave my house..... and the little shit hasn't left! He's upstairs playing on his computer with his friend Ben ! NOW WHAT?

End of Day: it's been good, it's been bad... kinda normal for here eh?
NSV: well I have been on track if nothing else! Could go a whole block of chocolate right now though! nite nite

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I JUST ELF'D US! Dunno if this worked.... but it was funny! I just checked.. it did work! It is funny, thanks for that Ann(ie) from Life is Short.


This will be quick.... spent too long last night looking at houses on the 'net... far out there's a lot up in Auckland to choose from!!!

Got to get going now, kids need feeding, lunches making, house quickly tidied before I go to work.

It's my last day at the Hospice Shop today, feel sad about that but it can't be helped.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Sitting up in bed.... no latte.... AND I am going to have to get up much earlier than 'normal' and make school lunches too.... *BIG SIGH*.

Oh well, I shall be positive about it... he's only away for the week this time! Feeling like I havn't had any sleep.... soooo tired!

Photos from last night.... will come later in the morning.... no time right now that's for sure!

Today: kids to school, walk Izzy (maybe!)... and then I plan on doing 5/8ths of bugger all !

Monday, December 03, 2007


1st thing today... take Stew out to the Airport to catch his 8.20am flight to Auckland... he's home on Friday night. Booo hooo.

2nd - Kids to school by 9am

3rd - Get to hospital by 9.15am for ECG (oh joy!)

4th - Get home and bloody relax!

Oh yeah... Izzy had a wonderful time at my girlfriend's yesterday too... the little tart ruled the roost it would appear!

Right... let's get this day started, the sooner Stew is away, the sooner he is home again.

Just to keep you amused while I'm out and about, here's some of the Calendar Photos:

"Roderick" the chook at Moxie's having a muffin... something Stew OFTEN got himself for morning tea...

Roderick the Chook in Stew's wardrobe amongst his ties, in his Union Jack shoes and doing "I have no idea" on his knees!

Roderick the Chook outside the Panel Beaters, where Stew's new Toyota spent most of it's first few months!!!!

OH!!! Forgot to mention.... I am having some guests for dinner tonight.... Anne and Bloss from Australia, another blogger to meet! Also coming is Anne and Peter from Palmy and hopefully Janene. Stew would have loved to be here... but alas work calls.

The ECG went well, I did not have to flash me boobs, this is good! No results.. they are being sent to my GP, but I'm sure they were fine.

Open Home yesterday, slow, only 2 groups through. No change on our situation.

Been getting dinner sorted, have it in hand so can relax for now. Yaaa!

End of Day: Fantastic get together with Anne/Peter, Anne/Bloss (who does have a 'real' name!).... dinner was devine, company was excellent, conversation flowed no problems .... and it was nite nite at 10.30pm.

NSV: O errrr... NONE! Had a few drinks, a good dinner and hot apple pie for desert! Photos to come tomorrow, to tired now! nite nite.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Quiet looking forward to today, even though we still have to do Open Homes, it is comforting to know we do have a contract on the house. It would be FANTASTIC if someone turned up today with CASH and made an offer, but really I want that lovely wee family to have my house!

The kids are both starting to feel much better I reckon, last night they drove me nuts with their noise ... lucky for us Steve and Lisa are having them this afternoon while Stew and I go to his "farewell party"... MUST remember to take my camera and take lots of photos.

Righty ho, I suppose I better get outta bed and get this house sorted, kids fed, bla bla bla! later...

3 Toilets, 3 showers, 2 baths, 6 bedrooms, a rumpus room, a kitchen, dining room and lounge - all done. Dog off to friends for the afternoon, kids off with Uncle Steve, us off to PARTY.... and relax! BRING IT ON.... I am exhausted. It's a stinking hot day too, so the party is at a beach... hmmmm might end up in the water even..... wet t-shirt photos???? *snigger*

Above: when we arrived .. the first thing we were offered was a JAFFA Lollie.. afterall, we are going to become JAFA's soon! What is a Jafa? Just Another Fucken Aucklander OF COURSE!!!! lol
The gorgeous setting, view from the deck....
Santa and his Fairy getting dressed.. or were they???? HMMMMMM...
Santa getting ready to dispense the gifts....
Santa, Fairy and Robyn....
Karen... spent hours and hours making a "going away" gift for Stew....
She had sewn a chookie, with a colourful tie (Stew is renowned for wearing LOUD ties !), and American Flag feet... like the shoes we bought in Sydney last May!!! Also, she had taken lots and lots of photos of the chook around Palmerston North and around our home and had them made into a calendar.... an awesome momento of our time here in Palmerston North!
The water was.... freezing... so NO wet t- shirt shots... SUCH A SHAME... I'm sure!
End of Day: ate too much, drank too much, had a bloody fantastic day.....
No idea how the Open Home went, havn't heard from the Agent yet.
NSV: I learnt that if I go back for seconds of the cheesecake I WILL FEEL ILL !!! ha ha ah hahahahhaha! nite nite mates.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


I can't imagine much! Yesterday was such a happening day, hopefully today is nice and quiet.

Girls are here for morning tea, then we will have to go to town so that Griffin can spend his "Tooth Fairy" money, a whole $2 !! Two Dollar Shop here we come I suppose!

Even though we have a contract on the house, that does not mean the end of Open Homes ... as the sale COULD fall over... so I will still be madly cleaning, tidying etc ready for tomorrow. OH JOY.

And also tomorrow, at the SAME time as our Open Home, we have to be at Waitarere Beach (40 minutes away) for Stew's Farewell and End of Year Xmas Function.... that should be fun.