Monday, September 30, 2013



Up until yesterday, we were starting to wonder if Coco was pregnant at all.  Yes, her nipples were prominent, but she had no belly swelling going on.

Until last night, when all of a sudden she just started to 'show'!

ABOVE: Look at her now!  Boobies and a little belly... so happy!   I am so excited!  Puppies!!!  

ABOVE:  Miss Muppet simply ♥ LOVED ♥ LOVED ♥ LOVED ♥ playing on Grandma's motorbike!!!

ABOVE:  so, he crawls at last, and now?  He's freaking standing up!  Next thing we know ... he will be walking!

Magic moments.  

Today?  Sewing.  Housework.  Trying not to scream at the kids.  You know, all the usual shit.

School holidays.  *sigh*.... can't wait for our visitor to arrive ... that will give them someone else to bug the shit outta.


I have started a 'chookie' placemat.... I can't wait to show you!  It's cool.  I am going to make two for me Mum.

It's been a lovely morning, just pottering around, I've done NO housework at all!  The kids are being really good too.  No screaming at them today it would appear!  lol


It isn't finished....

But I had to show ya anyway!  It's so cute.  I am going to add a border fabric, and a few corn spears or something like that.

I have to stop sewing now and sort out dinner... I've not even given it a thought today!  Whoops.

Dinner turned out to be rather easy.  I cut up big chunks of cooked roast beef I had in the fridge, covered it with gravy and onions and slowly heated it up in the oven.  Then I got a bowl full of left over mashed potatoes, added cooked veges and beaten eggs and made it into home made bubble 'n' squeak.
It was lovely.  Score to me for using all the left-overs to feed6 of us.

I had hoped to finish the placemat tonight, but the grocery shopping had to be done.  Stew and I got that done after dinner.
Now it's time to get back to the sewing... I hope.

End of Day:  very happy with my sewing progress. 
nite nite

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Today's mission is to get the placemats for my Mum finished.

And that is all!

I don't know what the rest of the family have planned for today, though I do know that Stew will be watching rugby at 11 am for sure!  

It's the All Blacks vs. Argentina.  It should be a good game according to Stew.  Argentina are hard to beat on their home ground, so says Stew!

I'm pretty sure Lacy, Kelly and their girls are visiting us today.  I don't know when though.

I have put a new desktop background on me computer too.  It's a photo of me taken in 2008... it's my goal to be that sorta size again ... hopefully by Christmas!  If not, then to at least be close!

I have been 'treading water' the past few months now... going up and down a few kilos, but not losing consistently... I need that to change!

I can still REMEMBER how good it feels to be slimmer and fitter... and I want that feeling again... so much.

This is my motivational photo:

I am sure I can get back to something like that!  Only... 5 years older of course.  

It's supposed to be a windy/rainy day again today... so whatever everyone gets up to... it will be inside.  So far, the nasty weather has held off!  

What are YOU getting up to today?  Something nice I hope.


BLONDIE:  well with all that you have done this morning already, at least you must be keeping warm!  ☺

Today's visitors have left.  And I'm now finally finished with the housework.  

And I've managed to get 4 placemats finished.  Happy about that.

Time to chill out for a little while.  It's been a long day already.

Awww thank you MAGPIE!  I do indeed have that dress, but not the little black bolero.

I have been fluffing around with all me pretties... trying to have more out on display instead of behind cupboard doors.  I love all my pretty glass bowls etc... even  if I never use them!

End of Day:  I'm really happy with what I got done today... 4 placemats done, all the washing out, dried and aired, just have to fold it all now.
Just cut Steve's hair, it only took me about 5 minutes... I've got it down pat now.
I shall do Griffin's tomorrow too.
First time today I've felt good about myself and my lot.
nite nite

Saturday, September 28, 2013


When I think about just how much time it took to get the spare bedroom wall painted, I wonder why I dragged it out for so long?  Derrrr.  

I keep going in there and smiling, it's so pretty now.   I hope our visitor next week likes it, I've tried to make it nice and comfy.


ABOVE:  I tried to 'match' the wall colour with the blues in the picture.  I love this room now.  
The other thing that tickles me fancy:  MOST of the pictures and bits 'n' bobs, curtains etc in the room I have bought from the Hospice shop or on TradeMe.  So, it just goes to show that you don't have to spend a lot of money to make a room look lovely.  Even that headboard was bought off Trademe.  I paid $50 for it.  SCORE.

Right... what's on the agenda today?  At this stage, we have no plans.  Perhaps if it's fine we can go and visit Lacy and Co.  She has Kelly and Rena staying for the weekend.  

I am sure we can find something to do.  

MUST. BUY. LOTTO.  It has jackpotted to $30 MILLION!... and must be won tonight, by one or more.


Today is our Anniversary.  We met each other 28 years ago TODAY.  I more often than not forget today, but Stew never does.  I sometimes wonder why he remembers?  Maybe he rues that day? ... NAH... I'm sure he doesn't!  lol.

We are going out and about, even though it's blowing a gale and threatening to piss down.
Stew is going to pay off that gorgeous crystal bowl for me ... yaa!  
When we get home I will show it to you.

Just twiddling our thumbs now till Dante wakes up, then we can go.

WORD VERIFICATION had to go back on, sorry.  I'm getting bombarded with spam already.  I think that's one of the drawbacks of having a fairly busy blog I suppose.

Well... we have had a really lovely visit over with Lacy, Keera, Kelly and Rena.  We wandered the shops and market,  then picked up me gorgeous bowl.  Then we had lunch at Lacy's.

After that we went to Botany Town Center and wandered some more.

I had an awful experience in Noel Leemings in Botany... I spat the dummy in front of everyone!

Griffin was playing with an ipad and as I'm thinking of getting a smaller laptop or ipad, I asked to look at it.  So I took it off Griffin.  Griffin was playing some harmless game on it... just to clarify what HE was doing on it.

Anyway, I touched some random icons and the next thing I know I'm looking at FULL ON PORN!  I mean... totally DISGUSTING, in my face pornography!

I kinda yelled at the top of me voice... OH MY GOD, THIS IS SHOWING PORNOGRAPHY!!!  And I yanked it out of the power outlet and held it up.... so of course EVERYONE is looking at the mad woman who is holding up an ipad and yelling!

A salesman rushed over and took it off me... and I'm left there feeling horrified.  
I walked out of that shop rather fast... then thought better of it and marched back in and asked to speak to the Manager.

Which I did. He explained that it can happen when people connect to the wi-fi in the shop!  Well I was not impressed and told him so.

I'm tempted to make a formal complaint to their head office... actually I probably shall.
I was utterly HORRIFIED at what I had seen... and I'm NO PRUDE.  But really, it was disgusting and to think Griffin could have just as easily accessed that filth.  Grrrr.

While at Botany, I tried to find a pretty throw for the spare bedroom bed... but after looking everywhere, gave up.   Then, just as we were leaving I remembered I have a lovely white fluffy throw in the linen cupboard... so it's now on the bed.  Cool, didn't have to spend a cent.

ABOVE:  Perfect.  Just needs a wash by the look of it.  

ABOVE:  my darling bowl.  It's stunning and weighs a ton!  I'm already wondering what I can put in it?

Right, I'm off to find Stew's socks.  He's lost a few pairs.... hmmm....

NATALIE:  hell yes!  I thought of fruit salad too.  It's screaming out for fruit salad... or watermelon chunks!

ANNE:  yes, what other colour could it be?  Really?  lol... you know me too well Chick.

End of Day:  and Stew and I have just spent an enjoyable few hours having dinner with my Aunt Ethel and Uncle Frank.  Chicken cassorole, rice and steamed veges, followed by home grown blueberry and apple sponge pudding.  Delicious.  I even had a couple of glasses of wine!  A nice way to end a lovely day if ya ask me.
nite nite

Friday, September 27, 2013



Seriously, I've been putting it off again... yet I know it's only going to be an hour or two long job!  And I need to get it done before next week.

Today is the last day of school for the kids for two weeks.

I was wondering how to entertain them so they don't drive me 'n' Bex mental... well the first week is sorted!

We are having a visitor who has promised to  take them shopping!

They have been looking forward to that for weeks.  I am sure whatever they get will keep them amused for the 2nd week.  (one hopes so anyway!)

Having a visitor is why I need to get that wall painted... so the fresh paint smell is gone before said visitor gets here.

I want to pop into the Hospice shop sometime today too.  I shoplifted yesterday!

BY ACCIDENT....of course!

I put a warm scarf on while I was there as it was so bloody cold in the shop! (we have heaps of them in the shop).

And I forgot I hadn't actually BOUGHT it ... and was almost home before I realised I still had it on.  OOPS!

I will take it back today for sure.  I didn't want to actually BUY IT... just wear it for the morning.  lol

Sorry.... I have to share another wee video of Dante crawling!  He's come a long way in just 3 days:

He is just getting faster and faster.  
And baby babble!  He is making all sorts of noises now, he has these long conversations but we can't tell what on earth he's saying of course... but it's delightful to listen to.

Right... time to get a move on.  I don't have to make lunches today though.  It's last day of term, sausage sizzle day and mufti day too.


I ended up going out this morning, and now it's lunchtime and I've not done a thing on me 'To Do' list today.

It was a good morning though:

 ABOVE:  I got scales for the kitchen (new)... then over at the Hospice Shop I snaffled a cute little bedside table for the spare bedroom and a whole bunch of little soft toys for the puppies, and a wardrobe shoe holder.  Should come in handy in my wardrobe.

ABOVE:  we went to David's Emporium, where I got this lot for Brylee's Birthday... which is next Wednesday.  She will be....... OMG....... 13 !!!

ABOVE:  I had planned on getting NEW soft toys for the puppies from the Warehouse ... they were on sale for $5 each.... then I remembered all the soft toys at the Hospice Shop... so... I got all those for $5.  SCORE!

I also returned the scarf I accidentally nicked yesterday too.  ☻☺

Lunchtime, I'm hungry... off to find me some food.

IT'S DONE.   The wall is painted.  And now I wait a while before taking off the masking tape.  I put a really good lashing of paint on the wall... so it shouldn't need a 2nd coat.

Dummm deeee dooo.... waiting for paint to dry....

It really was quite cute.  He's gunna start thinking I'm a mean Grandma soon.  *sniff*

I've had an excellent afternoon.  I got the spare bedroom wall painted at last.
Photos tomorrow.

End of Day:  well... a quiet evening here.  Stew's watching rugby, Steve and Bex are playing on the X Box and computer, the kids?  Dunno.... but they are quiet so I can't complain.
Me?  I'm going to read a book on me Kindle.  And just chill out.
Friday night.  Wind down time.
nite nite

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Yesterday afternoon I had a phone call from a couple of gorgeous girls over in Australia!
Anne has a blog, and she reads mine, as does her daughter Toni-Maree.

Anyway, they saw some bracelets on EBay, and wanted to show me, asking if I would like them to get some for me, Bex, Lacy, Kelly, Brylee etc?

I took one look and was like "Hell yeah!"


ABOVE: ahhh... Anne... Darling girl... we would like one of each of the above!    And I'm only too happy to send ya some $$$'s for them.  

Anyone else interested, I suggest you follow this link:

Check them out... they are so cute.

Bex started a watercolour painting last night, I wish I was half as good as she is at it!  This is what she did, it's not finished yet...

ABOVE:  beautiful eh?  I think she can give me lessons in watercolour!

Today?  I've got Hospice Duty this morning, then this afternoon I WILL mask out that darn wall, ready for painting. 

I am going to buy the paint on me way home from Hospice.  So no excuses not to get it done.


Home... remembered to buy the paint for the spare bedroom... and I only spent $4 at the Hospice shop!
I got a black top for me and a couple of tupperware containers.  Not worth showing ya really.

I've just caught up on Home and Away while having lunch, and now I'm going downstairs to finish a few more placemats for my Mum.  

School holidays start after tomorrow, so I might sit down and give some thought to how I will 'entertain' the kids for two weeks.

We have a visitor next week for 7-8 days, and a friend of Bex's arrives towards the end of that week too.  So we shall have a full house. 

Right, off to do a few things down in the garage, like make me bed!  Yep, not that often I leave the house and don't make me bed.

So much for my plans.  I ended up having to go out for Lacy.  Another hour gone.  Home again and now I just want to do NOTHING.  

Stew, takeaways tonight.
I don't feel like cooking.

LEE-ANNE: no it's not awful to want alone time with ya man.  The only way I get that is when we go grocery shopping together!
I know that our time will come... in about 10 years? *smiles*

ANNE & TONI-MAREE:  THANK YOU ya TARTS!  Lovely talking with ya both just now.

The smallest little 'H' baby (in the house) is now crawling from room to room, NOTHING is safe anymore.  NOTHING.  Not even my sneakers laces.

ABOVE:  there is NOTHING more adorable than a freshly bathed baby.  

End of Day:  a lovely day really.  Even though I was freezing for half of it. (in the shop)
nite nite

Wednesday, September 25, 2013



It's midweek and the weather is the pits, so I doubt I will be going out today.

I've got plenty to do here to keep myself busy.

First up, I'm going to mask up that wall in the spare bedroom, in readiness for the next coat.
Then I shall pour over all the colour charts I got yesterday, and make up me mind what colour to go with.

ABOVE:  as you can see, I've not narrowed the choice down yet... blue/green or mauve???

Once I've done the masking out, and IF I've decided on the colour, I might venture out to get the paint.
Then paint the wall.

Here's another darling wee video of Dante crawling yesterday morning.  His 2nd day as a 'crawler'  :

He is getting faster by the day!  Before we know it he'll be all over the house and we will have to go looking for him!

Right, that's me for now... I really don't have much to yabber on about today at all.

ANON:  Dante is 9 months old.  Steve and Bex just loved the name, they trolled through names on the internet and just settled on Dante.
It is pronounced DON-TEY.  When he's older I think he will be called Don.

Unlike earlier 'day' plans... it changed.  Decided to go and visit Lacy instead.

 We even managed to dodge a shower and go look at the shops... where we did a little shopping.
I found a lovely blue glass bowl and a necklace...  and Lacy had a little gift for me!  I  don't know why...

ABOVE:  a really lovely necklace, and a funky scarf too.  Both lovely.  Thanks S.H.

I have had me 'eye' on a glass bowl and matching vase in a certain Antique shop for a few weeks now... and today I caved in and put the bowl on Lay By.  It will be mine in a couple of weeks.

ABOVE:  the bowl and vase.  

So... the weather is still right shitty...  another stay inside afternoon.  Hopefully this typical Spring weather will fizzle out soon. 

TERESA in Canada: you have gone Private!!!???  Add me please!

I just did something I've been wanting to do for a while.  I set aside 2 hours today to read blogs.  And I plan on keeping it up.
I have been THE WORST blogger this year... not giving my blog friends enough time.  NO MORE.
When I can, I will devote 1-2 hours EVERY DAY to keeping up to date.  I love reading what everyone is up to!

End of Day:  well a normal sort of evening.  Dinner... beef stew.  Watched some telly.  Thought about masking out that wall in the spare bedroom.  It remained just a thought.  There is always tomorrow.
Time for bed.
nite nite

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


DANTE.... is crawling.

Ok, not very far or fast yet, but last night he took his first proper forward crawling motions.

He's been going backwards for a while now, but not forward.

I got a little video:

Sorry if the video quality is crap... it's me camera... I want to kill it.

As for Dante crawling... it was AWESOME that Steve was home from work and there when his son crawled for the first time.  Bex cried.
So special.

Righty... today I've got Hospice Shop this afternoon.
This morning?  Not sure yet.  Tempting to go out and about, but I can't think of any reason to.  Oh well... there's plenty of time to think of something!

If you haven't seen Miley Cyris's latest song "Wrecking Ball" you have been living under a rock.  Anyway, the radio DJ's here in New Zealand did their own copy of Miley's song: Check this out!!!
It is really funny!  I PROMISE.


I've had a fun morning, just moving stuff around in the family room AGAIN.
I moved it all yesterday, but it just didn't look 'right' so back it all went.

Dante is crawling more and more... so the stair guard will have to be closed permanently now.

BLONDIE:  Yes, Stew did get to see him crawling for the first time last night.  We are all just tickled pink with his newest development.

I just put my favourite cardigan in the dryer... to deliberately SHRINK it!  Can't say I've done that before... but I want to wear it till the end of Spring, without it falling off me shoulders!
The dryer did the trick... it's a good fit now.

I gave up on my Panasonic camera today.  I got out my VERY OLD Fuji camera, it will be easier to use for now.  The reason I had stopped using it was due to the tiny viewing screen, and because the battery cover has to be taped shut.   

Otherwise, it's actually still a good camera.  I took a few test shots using it:

ABOVE:  it will do for now.    It has a slow shutter speed too... must see if I can sort that out.

I have to bugger off now, I'm due at work soon.

First time ever the shop was almost DEAD all afternoon!  Seriously, only a handful of sales and one of them was me.
I left early, but got caught in traffic and still got home when I would 'normally' have.

Today's treasure:

I had fun.  I was in the spare bedroom this morning and said to myself ... "I need a small chair in here" ... and found JUST THE THING at the shop today!  It had only come into the shop a couple of days ago... so I was very lucky it was still there.
Must have had my name on it eh?

Anyway, it's perfect for that room, it's not going to take up much room and it's nice and sturdy ... I sat on it all afternoon in the shop and it didn't collapse, so must be good!

End of Day:  another wild night ahead of us as another storm travels over the area.  It's particularly noisy down in the garage I might point out... the 'door' up into the attic rattles something shocking in a high wind.... I must get Stew to do something about that.
Off to bed now...
nite nite

Monday, September 23, 2013


I'm really excited .... Peppa is coming to visit today!  Yeah, yeah... AND her humans! ☻
I am not sure how Coco and Teddy will react, so I'm going to put them in the playpen, that way no one gets hurt if they decide to take offence at a 'strange dog' coming into the house.

I know she is Coco's baby, but time passes and who knows how they will react to each other?

So apart from that visit, the day is earmarked for housework!
How wonderful.
Like... NOT.

Oh...  AND I will be taking Miss Muppet home to her Mummy around lunchtime too.  We have loved having her for a bit longer this visit.

Here's a couple of photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Keera with her brother and sister.

ABOVE: Auckland City skyline on our way home from Albany Mall yesterday ... I never get tired of seeing this sight.

ABOVE: ya ever think to look UP while crossing the harbour bridge?  Well... I did.  Can't say it was 'riveting'... but kinda interesting.

ABOVE:  The Sky Tower... quite an interesting angle.

ABOVE:  Stew last night, with no room left on his lap.  He gave Keera the last of her bottle before she went to bed... and see Coco?  Keera had her legs on top of Coco while she was drinking her bottle, and Coco didn't budge an inch!

Granddad's lap is very popular.  *smiles*

Righty ho... I better get moving, make lunches, feed Keera, get some washing on... bla bla bla...


Do you get a thrill knowing you got ALL THE WASHING up to date, and that was with some really bad weather thrown in for good luck?
Well... I sure do!  I got a massive amount of washing done over the weekend, and it's all sitting in the spare bedroom waiting to be folded and put away.

Great way to start the day's housework.

AMERICA'S CUP:  we lost both races today. I've got a horrible feeling we will lose the cup in the next couple of days.  Talk about a come back from the Americans!  Power to them, they are racing well.

If we lose, I think thousands in our country will go into mourning, me for one.

PEPPA's visit... went so well!   I will talk more about it when I get home... we are just popping out to return Keera.

ABOVE:  Well... the visit was so lovely!  It went a bit different than I had envisioned though.  It wasn't Coco or Teddy that got growly, it was PEPPA!  She didn't really like Coco ... but I think given more time they would have ended up playing together.

Peppa was really good with the babies, even gave Keera a few kisses.

 ABOVE:  the one thing that was sad... Peppa didn't really want to know me at all.  I had to grab her and hold her firmly to get a photo with her.  *sniff sniff*  But the best thing was seeing how happy she was with Jenna and Gayle.
Gayle came over too... but I didn't manage to get a good photo of her.

My camera is playing up something rotten... I'm about ready to throw it on the concrete just to end my misery with it.

 Once our visitors had gone, we took Keera home and then stopped into the supermarket for some essential baby supplies.
Dante got to sit in the trolley like a big boy for the first time, and once he was over the strangeness of it all, he enjoyed himself.

The ladies at the check out thought he was just beautiful... and tried to make him smile.  But, he was having nothing to do with them.  He just gave them his classic "Who the hell are you?" look!

He's very CONSISTENT with THAT look.  If he doesn't know ya... you just get the blank look.