Saturday, June 30, 2012


Our 'local' Doctor's clinic has about 8 doctors... and I think I've seen all of them over the past 4 years.

I have wanted to stay with just ONE of them... you know... for continuity of care.  But it just never seemed to happen.  But now... I am going to stick to my guns and stay with just the one... if she's not on duty... I will wait.

She's just lovely.  She's married to one of the other doctor's in our clinic... they have 4 kids ... and I feel really comfortable with her.

At my visit yesterday I think she was more concerned about my 'mental' health than the diabetes!
We had a good yak, and the upshot is ... I am seeing one of their 'specialist' Doctors there, for a while anyway... to deal with depression.

It rears it's ugly head now and then... and my Doctor wants to try and find ways to help me deal with it in conjunction with medication.

The medication I take to help with the hot flushes is also an anti depressant... so one pill works for two things for me! Score.  But I hate having to take them.

I started with one pill at night.. now it's up to 3! Sheesh... I hope my freaking hormones settle down soon... and my life settles down too!  

9 days until Miss Muppet is due.  The days are going to drag ... especially for Lacy!  She's been trying a few old fashioned ways to bring on labour... like brisk walking and Raspberry Leaf tea.  Wonder if any will 'do it'?  lol

BLONDIE:  if the kids are excited by the prospect of a little sister arriving soon they are hiding it pretty well!  lol

It's freezing here today, we even had a frost!  AND we have no water pressure, my washing machine is still filling up ... Stew turned it on 20 minutes ago!  Hope pressure comes back soon cos we've got heaps of washing to do.

I feel the urge to go out somewhere new... but damned if I can think of anywhere new... we have explored our city pretty well already.  

Well.. we are still home... we cannot think of what to do today!  So... we are watching new neighbours move in across the road instead.  I'm sure we will go out at some point?

We ended up having lunch in Henderson Mall... then we took up Lynda's suggestion and headed over to MOTAT (Museum of Transport and Technology) but the queues were horrendous, so we didn't even get out of the car.
On our way home we stopped in at Harvey Norman's to look at headboards... I wouldn't mind a new one for our new bed when it arrives.

I didn't exactly find a headboard... I fell in love with an entire suite:

ABOVE:  to die for!  That dresser is $2,000 on it's own...

ABOVE: sadly they don't sell a seperate Headboard in this suite.... 

ABOVE:  how dinky is this chest?  It has a sliding door .... I love it so much!  How much?  $2,000 just for that one piece.

Maybe in a couple of years I can get it, if it's still around!

Home now, and I'm going to have a spa to wind down.  For some reason the kids voices are driving me NUTS today.

38.5 degrees C... and all to myself.  Bliss... nothing like a spa to relax yourself.

End of Day:  a nice day... struggling to stay awake most of the evening!  Must have been the spa!
nite nite.

Friday, June 29, 2012


For years,  Auckland City and surrounds were divided into several 'smaller cities'... but a few months ago they were merged into one SUPER CITY... so instead of being in Manukau City, we are now classed as being in Auckland City.

This was just fine by me... EXCEPT for one thing.
Auckland City Council decided in their wisdom to try and double the dog registration fees!

So, instead of us paying about $120 for Teddy and Coco to be registered, it was now going to cost over $300!

I (and thousands of others) wrote to the City council to express our disgust at this increase.

I had just paid to have the MANUKAU City Council inspect my property and dogs and give me a discount because I passed their 'Responsible Owner' inspection when all of this happened.

So ... the upshot was... we got our new bill yesterday... and the Auckland City Council has BACKED DOWN!  
Now instead of having to pay heaps more, they have reduced what I have to pay!!!!

SCORE!  So relieved.

TODAY:  Going to see my Doctor.  Got the blood test results.... and was told I need to see my Doctor.  The 'numbers' were not THAT high... but apparently high enough to need to be addressed.  So... I'll tell ya all about it when I get home OK?



Alllllrighty then. Went to Dr's.  I DO HAVE TYPE 2 DIABETES.  We discussed 'options'... well she discussed them... I told her what I was doing.  NOT taking medication.  WILL diet and exercise and see what the next blood test 'says' in 3 months.
She weighed me... but as requested, she did not tell me the number.  She will weigh me again in 3 months and see how I did.  Still not to tell me the number.  I want to know the number after 6 months, and she's cool with that.

After that visit, I picked up Lacy and we went down to the mall...  had a walk around then came home.  

I wanted to buy some red sneakers... but there were none in my size anywhere... bummer.

DEBBIE: please don't worry!  If I can't turn the diabetes around in 3 months I will do the medication.  I just feel SO SURE I can in fact get a good result from diet and exercise!  My Doctor was happy for me to give it a go.  She will reassess after my next blood test in 3 months.

I'm not so silly that I would refuse to take totally necessary medication for my health. 

ANON:  why don't I want to take the medication?  Not sure really, just want to be given the chance to turn things around myself first.  
My Mum was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes some months ago.  She took the medication and was sick as a dog!  So very sick that she vomitted every day... so she went off it and she's just fine now... she lost weight and stopped eating insulin spiking foods and BOOM... no more diabetes. 

Once the kids arrived home from school we went down to Manurewa so Lacy could pick up her prescription, then I took her home. 
Her home still smells musty, so I spent some time mopping her floors and spraying room deodoriser around.  Hopefully it helps.  

Oh and I also popped into the Hospice Shop and picked up a few more baby clothes!  Going to build up me 'stash'... there's plenty of babies coming to use them!

End of Day: Another day that went fairly well... this is good!
nite nite.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I am dedicating this morning to blog catch up ... reading and commenting on YOURS ... I hope to catch up with all my regulars! lol

Seems to be the norm for me lately... getting behind and having to do a big catch up.

In my defense (again)... life is just so BUSY here!  And it's going to get worse soon with the arrival of Miss Muppet!

I feel sure there will be lots of visits to make sure Lacy and baby are doing well.

Miss Muppet's due date is 8th of July... only 10 days.... I hope she isn't late!  I am SO impressed with how well Lacy is coping at this stage of the pregnancy... but I don't know how she will feel if baby is late!  Suppose there is NOTHING we can do but wait!

Griffin is home with me this morning, his school has Cross Country running today, but as he has his Speld Lesson at 1pm I didn't feel there was any point him going for half the day then turning up at his lesson covered in MUD!  Cos there is A LOT OF MUD around now due to all the rain we've had!

Right, let's get the day started eh?  Make lunches, beds, get washing on, vacum then sit and read blogs...


So... I'm sitting in the lounge, with me blankie on me legs cos it's cold... reading blogs.
And I think "where are the dogs?" ... cos they are usually on my lap if I'm sitting down!

I get up and start looking, but I don't even get out of the lounge before I 'find' them:

ABOVE:  I look out the lounge room sliding doors... and I can see something in Griffin's room....

ABOVE:  there they are!  Curled up on Griffin's bed trying to catch some sun.  Griffin's room gets sun streaming all ALL DAY LONG ... not that there's much sun going on right now... it's cloudy and COLD.  

Oh well... at least I know they are happy.  On with me blog reading...

Blog reading done.  Speld lesson done. Lunch done.
Stew home early?  Done!  He had his quarterly Doctor's appointment to keep an eye on his Type  2 Diabetes.  I forgot he would be home early.  Tis nice to get to spend more time with him than normal.

Right... I am about half way through the first book in the Shades of Grey trilogy.  So far out of 10.. I'd give it a 5.  It's a bit 'smutty'... and almost predictable in it's content.  Some how I think I may not be reading the next two!

End of Day:  a nice day in all... managed to catch up on blog reading/commenting, which always pleases me.
nite nite.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I went to Hamilton last night.... for this:

 ABOVE:  8 weeks and 1 day old... Number 12 Grandbaby!

ABOVE:  Amanda at her first baby scan... for her baby Number 4.

Do you realise in the last 7 days I have seen 3 grandbabies on scans?  Lacy's, Bec's and now Amanda's !  And of course, there is Russell's partner Tess over in Australia who is due to have their baby on the 19th of July!  

We have 4 Grandbabies ON THE WAY!!!

My calendar is getting full!  LOL.  It's such fun.

TODAY:  off to Hospice shop.... I've missed it too.
I wonder if there will be any treasure for me today?


Nice day at Hospice... busy... found lots more baby clothes... think we are going to need them! lol

Lacy is 'home' for the afternoon... it's good cos I don't have to worry about her if she's here!

I'm freaking tired today.  Not been sleeping well... staying up too late.  So a quiet afternoon for me I hope.

I lay on the couch for a few minutes... next minute it was bloody 5pm!  Hell's Bells!!!  I must have been tired.

ABOVE:  look what 'we' bought yesterday... I forgot to mention it ... so much went on yesterday after all!  lol

Anyone read them?  I bought them cos I'd heard lots of hype about them... I bought 2 and Bex bought 1... we are sharing them.

I just hope I do actually get the time to read them.. *sigh*.   I used to be such a bookworm, but now blogging seems to have taken over my 'spare' time!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Steve bought a new camera in readiness for when their baby arrives.... so he's been practising taking all sorts of photos.

His camera can do black & white photos which also HIGHLIGHTS certain colours.. it's quite an awesome feature!  

Now I want a camera like that too!  But it probably won't happen... got to pay off new beds first!

Anyway, here's a couple of photos he took last night:

ABOVE:  taken using the option of only showing the blue colour!  Amazing eh? 

I've got a fairly busy day today... this morning it's sewing/housework, then after lunch I pick Lacy up and take her to meet the 'alternative' midwife, in case her primary midwife (Debs),  is unavailable when she's ready to have Miss Muppet.

Then I take Lacy back to my home so she can babysit Brylee and Griffin while I go to Hamilton in time for an appointment at 6.30pm.
I shall be taking Bex back to Hamilton as well, as she has work tomorrow.


This morning I am making a 'back up' blog over at wordpress... so if my blog is deleted again you can still find me somewhere!
That blog address will be on my sidebar once it's finished importing everything from here.

ANON:  this is their camera.  It's very cute.  And small... it fits in Bex's handbag easily.

Monday, June 25, 2012


My blog has dissapeared!

OH MY GOD ... I nearly died a thousand deaths.

I did NOTHING... yet my blog deleted itself!

I tried everything ... but for the last hour nothing seemd to work... I still have no idea why it was deleted, who deleted it (it wasn't me!) and why it's back.

I am just thankful it is.  I felt physically sick when I couldn't find my blog!

SICK I tell ya!

QUESTION:  is there a way to copy your ENTIRE blog for 'safe keeping' in case this ever happens again?

I really did panic when I kept getting a message saying my blog was deleted!

Thanks for the suggestion Paula, I have indeed changed my password, as of now.

I remember visiting a blog earlier on this evening... and got a 'WARNING MALWARE PRESENT' on her blog... so I'm thinking as my blog disappeared soon after that ... it might have been that?  NOT 100% sure... but it's the only thing I can think of.
So if you see that warning... get off there!


I am going back on my diet... BUT....



Why I can hear you asking?

-  If I do I will immediately feel like crap

-  If I do I will become obsessed with standing on them ... probably up to 6 times a day (I've done it before let me assure you!)

-  If I do I will be letting a bloody NUMBER dominate my day, my feelings, my reactions, my food choices, my emotions.

SO... no scales!  No weight charts. No stress. 

I am just going to do 'my thing' to the best of my ability and see what the scales say in 6 months!

I will exercise EVERY DAY... even if it's only 10 minutes to begin with.


I know how to do this.

I have done it before with stellar results.

I will not look back at where I was 6 years ago and bemoan how I stuffed up again and landed back HERE.

It is a new day.  And a new me.

AND I know you poor buggers have heard it all before... and seen how I fell off the wagon over and over again.
But this time... my strategy is different.

Cos clearly my past efforts have failed.

So... I'm changing the way... NO SCALES.  No stress about goddam bloody NUMBERS.

AND... If I am feeling down and think of reaching for food to self comfort.... I am going to remember why I am NOT going to do it.
I want to be fit again.
NOT slim.


Cos right now everything I do is an effort... and it sucks.  BIG TIME.

And I will do it on my own.  I am not in Palmy with my friends to support me anymore... and I have to get over that too.

ABOVE: this picture sums it all up rather well.

TODAY:  housework.  
And sewing.
And some form of exercise... maybe I'll get on the treadmill.

And ring the Dr's for my Diabetes blood test results... not holding my breath that it's a negative result.

Steve went down to Hamilton on Saturday night to spend a couple of days with Bex.  They are due back here today.  

Stay tuned cos I think there is some rather exciting news to share too.

ABOVE:  I broke my ENTER.  Fook.   


JENNY:  yes I did a triple batch of the carrot dish last night.  It took way longer than I ever imagined doing so much at once, so today I am pre-cooking the carrots and freezing them, and I will take them out when I want to cook the carrot dish some more.

ANON: I know all that.... but thanks for ramming it home.  

I'm going to morning tea at my neighbours today.  Invitation out of the blue!  She is repaying a morning tea I invited her to about 3 years ago apparently!

SORRY LYNDA.  Took that bit off... I was not in a good head space when I read your comment.  A bit too tired and grumpy.  I should have know better.  Your prerogative re: comments.

- My little old neighbour is bed bound in a rest home, but she's still here and doing well.  She visits her 'home' every now and then.

- Bec's and Lee... when I visit the Dr this week I shall get them to record my weight.  As for my measurements, well I do believe my clothes will tell me how I'm doing.  I'm NOT doing numbers ... either on the scales or the tape measure.

I've been cutting up carrots and cooking them all morning... time to go to my neighbours for a break!


On saturday night this happened...

ABOVE:  pictures tell the story!  We are very happy for them both.  

He thought of the way to propose... so cute.

They are home now, Bex is going back to Hamilton tomorrow night.  I'm taking her as I have an appointment there at dinnertime.  More on that probably tomorrow or the next day.

End of Day:  a nice one!  Feeling really good about 'stuff' today.
Stew's meeting in Tauranga today went well... so he's happy, and I'm sure the 'big bosses' are happy with him too.  He sorted out a rather tricky situation ... he has the gift of the gab does my man.


Nite nite.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I saw wee Emily and her Mum and Dad yesterday for a few minutes.  Time enough to get a few lovely photos of her:

 ABOVE:  Amanda cut her fringe (bangs)... now she looks even cuter!

ABOVE:  she is such a happy wee girl.

Today:  well as we didn't get around to doing the grocery shopping yesterday... It will have to be done today.

After that?  Not sure yet... might just stay home and try and get the washing up to date.. boring I know!

JUST REMEMBERED... we bought a few carrots on the way home from Hamilton yesterday, and I intend to turn them into baked carrot ... and freeze lots for future use:

ABOVE: ummm... we bought 20 kilos of carrots... so I think that's what I will be doing in me 'spare' time today and tomorrow!  

In case you are interested:

I chop up the carrots, boil them till soft... then mash them up.  Drain the excess liquid off.  Cook some onion (about 1/3 the quantity of the carrots)... add to the drained carrots.  Then add as many beaten eggs as you think it will need to become a firm consistency once cooked... add some grated tasty cheese, some chopped up parsley and any other herbs you fancy... bake in the oven at around 200 degrees C until cooked. Trial and error on how long.  
I never did get a 'recipe' as such for this, just word of mouth type of thing.

I HATE cooked carrots, BUT LOVE LOVE LOVE this dish!  So, don't go ikkkk if ya hate carrots cos I assure you, this is worth trying if nothing else.  *smiles*  If ya do hate it... feed it to ya kids!

This dish is lovely as a side at dinner time... or on it's own for lunch (which I intend to do).


Saturday, June 23, 2012


ABOVE:  wondering what she's doing?

ABOVE:  yes, that is a Teddy Bear, NOT Miss Muppet!!!

ABOVE:  Lacy... practising tucking her baby in the bassinett!

ABOVE:  well... Teddy looks snug as a bug... so I'm sure Miss Muppet will be too!  lol
I just hope next time I go over to visit Teddy isn't in a nappy too!  

First up:  Stew has his latest blood test .. the same one I had yesterday in fact!  

Next up:  Grocery shopping.  OH Ya hooo... *sigh*
NO other plans yet... but I think we will be checking out a bed for us... our old one is utter crap!  Just LOOKING right now, deciding on what one would be right for us... and comparing costs.

I'll be back .... later.


So it's much later ... we went and lay on many beds in a couple of places here in Auckland... did some pricing... then rang our favourite store in Hamilton and asked a few questions... and drove down there on the spur of the moment... tried out the bed they said would suit all our requirements... and bought it.  And more sheets, cos we need them.  As the bed has to be ordered in, I'm not sure when we will get it... can't be soon enough for our backs!

We had lunch at The Base, very nice it was too. 
Saw a car's number plate that was perfect for our Griffin:

ABOVE:  considering just how much this kid ate for lunch.. it suits him.

We did a very quick stop in at Amanda's, where I got a quick parting cuddle with Emily then we came home.

It broke my heart that Emily didn't want to come near me.  That's all I'm gunna say on that though.  It's too painful.

As I'm in a bit of a  mood now... I'm gunna try and drown me sorrows with evil wine.  I shall no doubt regret it tomorrow morning!

Did I mention I ended up on the couch last night?  That I got virtually NO SLEEP due to hot flushes and acid reflux?
NO.... don't think I did.  
Last night was the night from HELL!  I ate too much at dinnertime... pastry and me are not a good mix .... live and learn... AGAIN.

So tonight I only had a little dinner... no more big meals in the evening.  It's just not worth the pain... or lack of sleep.

I'm already feeling better for making that decision.  Now I just have to make a few more GOOD decisions in relation to my health and well being.

It's got to be 'back to baby steps'.  Cos I've don't think I've been this unfit and heavy in about 6 years.  Just let emotional eating get so out of hand in the past few years.  Why is life so rocky?
I hope I've learnt something from it all.... the up's and down's of life must be for something eh?

End of Day:  well a mixed day.  Can't wait until our new bed arrives, I'm COUNTING on it helping us both sleep better and not wake up with dreadful backaches all the time.  God I hope that happens.  
nite nite.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Right... today I've got a few jobs to do this morning... then after lunch Lacy and I are visiting a blogger friend of mine who has a wee baby girl.

And we are going to get to cluck over her baby... I'm super clucky... and so is Lacy!

ABOVE:  Lyn and her husband Craig... they were blessed with a their GORGEOUS baby girl almost three months ago...  they never knew they could have a baby at all!

ABOVE:  Ysabella at 2 weeks old.  I can't wait to see how much she has changed in the last few weeks.

The other nice thing about today?  It's FRIDAY! I love Friday's ... it means Stew will be home for two days.  And I get off having to get up and make school lunches.  Gotta love that.
I can't wait until they can make their own lunches.  Maybe I should start training them now!
What am I saying?  Shit I still make Steve's lunch!  DOH!


Ya... I did the blood test... will have the results on Monday I think.  I also got my other little jobs done... and my car now has it's new Warrant of Fitness.  That feels so good.  Legal for another year.

Now... time to do some housework before I head out to visit Lyn and Ysabella.  (silent 'Y', so you say "Isabella")

Well Lacy and I had a really lovely hour visiting with Lyn and Ysabella... I got a hold of baby, who proceeded to coo and talk to me, and I'm sure she laughed too!  She is such a cute wee bubba:
ABOVE:  Lyn and her little miracle baby!  

ABOVE:  everyone go "awwww" about now!  LOL   But really, she's a real little doll.  Ya just can't help but love every little person when they are this cute !

On our way home we popped into the supermarket to grab a few things.... going to try making chicken parcels tonight for dinner.
*drooling * just thinking about it!  

End of Day: and my chicken parcels were really delicious!  We had them with a salad on the side.... so worth the 3 hours it took to make them!
nite nite.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


TODAY is gunna go something like this:

- Steve is home as it's his day off, so we will pick up Lacy at 9.

- Then we will go to Manukau Mall to get some photos printed.

- Go to Manurewa for Lacy's growth scan of Miss Muppet.

- Head over to Botany to pick up my new floor rug... I can't wait to get that home!

- Home and do more sewing.

Talking of sewing, here's what I got FINISHED yesterday:

ABOVE:  well... it is amazing I got all my placemats finished... as Coco wanted to sit on my lap all afternoon and evening!  (note, Coco is sitting on the back of a placemat)

ABOVE:  I got all 9 placemats finished!  In one day.  I was so wrapt.  I think I started these over a year ago!  I love them, they were fun to make.

Blood test!  Shit I forgot.  I've got the lab form from the Dr's ... I have to do the next blood test for diabetes.  Should know the results by Monday if I get the test done today sometime.
*sigh* ... I freakin hate needles.

I will be using our small car today as Stew has taken my Highlander to get her new tyres.  Then she will pass her Warrant of Fitness!  Yaaaa.... then I can drive her without freaking out when I see a cop!... or a parking warden.  lol

SPARKLING:  FOE is short for 'Foetus'... not rocket science eh?  Steve and his twisted sense of humour!


Right:  Lacy's Miss Muppet is measuring in the 60% (percentile) so she's just above average in size.  All good there then.
I haven't had a chance to do my blood test yet, might do it tomorrow.  (hear the cluck cluck noise?) lol
Steve managed to do the things he wanted to get done...and we picked up the new rug:

ABOVE:  there it is... love love love it.

Gunna take a break now... then find another UFO to finish.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012


As my vehicle does not have a Warrant of Fitness right this minute, I am staying home today.
The car park wardens down in Manurewa are like bloody Nazi's and will ticket me quick as wink... so I'm not taking the chance.
I can little afford the new tyres let alone a freakin' ticket as well.

How typical that I have spent all me money on a new rug... and BOOM... need cash for tyres!  Grrrrr.  
I can pick up me new rug next week.  I will enjoy it anyway!

As ya probably know, Steve and Bex had their 12 week scan yesterday... here is the best picture of their baby:

ABOVE:  this little baby was very, very active... so this is probably the best photo they got.  12 weeks and 2 days... Due 1/1/2013.  Steve objected to me and Bex referring to baby as 'The Rugrat'... so we await a new nickname that meets with his approval.  (he wanted to call baby 'FOE'.... yeah right!)

Now, as I'm not going to Hospice today... I'm gunna sew!  Yes indeedy I am... Yaaaaa.


ABOVE:  I'm sewing!  I really am.  And I've decided to work on UFO's today  (UnFinished Objects) first up is the placemats I SHOULD have finished months ago.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So... today is gunna go something like this:

-   Take Lacy to see her midwife.
-   Buy some Dunkin Donuts.
-   Take Lacy home.
-   Steve and Bex leave for Hamilton for their 12 week scan.  ( I can't go)
-   Await visitors from Indonesia.  (Brother-in-law and his wife and their twins Vern & Dewi)
-   Stew due home mid afternoon to see said visitors.

And of course those plans could change if Lacy goes into labour!   But she probably won't!  I bet she's LATE.... that would drive her nuts... lol  !

So see!  It's gunna be another busy day!

WHEN OH WHEN am I ever gunna get time to sew?

ABOVE:  I knew there was a reason I loved rhinos!  lol

ABOVE:  I saw this on someone's Facebook the other day... I like it too.

Yesterday I said Lacy had 21 days until her due date.... well this little darling:

ABOVE:  Sienna, is going to be a BIG SISTER in exactly 30 days!!!  Our son Russell and his partner Tess are having their baby on July 19th.... and we have no idea what baby is!  VERY exciting!  Sienna will be 14 months old when her brother or sister is born.  


Another week down... all is well with Lacy & Miss Muppett.

After the midwife visit we took my car to the VTNZ for it's warrant of fitness check.  And BUGGER IT... we need two new tyres.  *sigh*  Just as well we have 3 weeks to get them cos it's going to cost over $600 for two tyres.

12 noon... and right now Steve and Bex are having their 12 week baby scan.  Waiting to hear how it went.

Our visitors arrived and we had a really lovely visit.  Their two kids were SO QUIET... until Brylee and Griffin arrived home. THEN it was a different story.  lol
I FORGOT to take photos, but will get a few when they are on their return journey for sure.

DINNER?  *sigh* no idea... better go look in the freezer I suppose...

HUGE APOLOGIES!  The scan went well... I will post a photo tomorrow of the baby.

End of Day:  we ended up having takeaways for dinner... I just could not be fagged cooking.
nite nite.