Sunday, April 01, 2007


It is a really lovely day out there, and I'm going to be busy doing friggin housework, and tidying up the dining room. Getting something to put me computer on today... and I need to get upstairs and tidy up the writing desk has just had crap dumped on it for months and it's a mess.

Feeling positive about today, am hoping to overcome the end of day 'munchies' by keeping busy, and hoping my WW Leader gets back to me... if not I suppose I shall ring her.

Steve and Lisa are over their little tiff, thank goodness, so all is good there. Mike is joining a local rugby team, so he's happy too. He isn't doing too much job hunting, the little shit...

I missed out on a place in the RPM class today, so am just going to do my stuff around here, and maybe go for a workout later on today... we will see. Not too worried really.

BEFORE: The mess that was my dining room table / office !

AFTER: I have an office, and a dining room table that we can USE AGAIN ! I love being able to work at my computer, and be part of what's going on in the main living areas... so this is perfect cos I can even see the telly in the lounge... so cool.

Another view from the dining room, in the corner is the wee utility cupboard we got as well, a great place to put the flowers Stew bought me the other day...

I've had a thoroughly enjoyable day.... just love shopping, and getting the house and yard tidy is fantastic too... mucked around in the dining room this afternoon and got things just how I wanted them, neat.
Did I mention the shop where we got the office furniture wasn't even open today, but the owner let us in anyway! Such a lovely woman, she was frantically busy doing the end of year accounts in the shop, and took the time to help us load the van and all! Might just take her a wee "thank you" gift tomorrow.

Well, that's me for the day, so I'll say 'nite nite'.

By the way, No, I have not heard from my WW Leader/friend. Not sure if I will ring her or just go visit her tomorrow. Thinking about it.


  1. You've been a busy woman (as usual) great to have your own space for the computer. Still no call from your leader??

  2. Your computer desk looks fantastic there hun and the little cupboard is cute... he he he blue huh aren't we just the same. I am a blue aholic as well.

    I hope your WW leader rings... bit strange that she hasn't hun. Hope all is ok.

    Love CM

  3. mmmm, noice!!!
    I had to laugh at the white schedule board on the wall. I had one at work but never at home. I can certainly understand how you would need one at your place.
    I thought of you today as I cleaned up after two girls this afternoon (Evianah & friend) it seems there wasn't a room in the house where I couldn't find evidence of their presence. The kitchen was the worse, goodness only knows what the heck they were doing but there were bits of tin foil all over the bench. (grrrr)

  4. hey

    Have not read your blog in awhile, so jsut had a catch up.
    I know how you feel about WW.
    I love WW but there are only so many times you can hear the same thing. What a great idea together with a a group of WW friends each week.
    Have your heard from your WW leader yet?

  5. hey
    Typed a comment before but i think it has gone.
    I know how you feel about WW.
    I love WW but after awhile you can sometime need something else. the same topices do get repeated. I think it is a great idea together with a group of WW friends.
    I hope you leader calls you soon.

  6. It would have been nice if your WW leader had been in contact with you afterall you have gone to the trouble on several occasions to get in contact with her but maybe there has been a genuine reason as to why she hasn't.
    Good idea to go and see her.

    Hey! The dinning area looks fab, well done on all your hard work and bonus points earned...yeehaa.

    God I missed your blog when I wasn't on line, you are such a motivation and a tonic, dont you dare ever stop blogging!


  7. that would be a little disappointing no tto of heard from your leader. I think you having a break from ww will do you great. Your dining room looks great. I can't wait to have my own little space when i move into my new house. cya

  8. ooo excellent!! very organised lady!!!

    hope you managed to touch base with your leader...strange i reckon.

  9. You've been busy! I need to get more organized around here,I'm working on it!

    Hope you hear from your WW leader soon.


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