Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I'm a bit sore today! Hmmm wonder why? Could it be the extra weights yesterday or doing Pump as well? So, pain means my muscles had a good work out, this is good.

Am off walking today, and I think I will do another weight session too..... can't let those muscles rest too long. And yes, I did call the Instructor a little shit, more than once actually! He just laughed at me, don't think too many middle aged women call him names! But that's just me.... I can't help myself! I told the RPM (spin cycle class) instructor that the gel seat had NOT helped me fanny either, he laughed too. One day my mouth may just get me into trouble I suppose, ....

Here's more of "Just cos I can".... some pictures of stuff I've made when I was a potter.... I stopped potting when we moved to Palmerston North 5 years ago, no time, no room for the Studio, no inclination....
I used to make and sell heaps of stuff, and I used to be a Pottery Tutor, mostly at Night School teaching adults, but I did go around primary schools doing "one off" lessons as well. It was so much fun! And the pay was fantastic too! I just loved teaching..... will probably get back into it one day.
Above, some random bowls, plates etc, I have given 99% of my personal collection away to my kids, hell I havn't even got a single cup/mug left !!!
Above, this one was fun to do, the painting took ages though!
What can I say? I made 100's of these bloody cows, they sold like hot cakes.... and the wee loo's too...... they were fun to make!
NOW, no one tell me off !!! I just spent 2.5 hours tidying, cleaning, vacuming and doing all the washing from upstairs .... yep the teenagers area! I just got sooooo sick of the mess, the smell, the sheer filth of it all.... and I'm knackered. BUT.... I am charging them $15 an hour for the pleasure of my cleaning abilities. If they want to live in a motel, fine, but they can pay! 26 friggin towels, two huge baskets of clothes, and two huge bags of rubbish, empty bottles, dirty dishes...... roll on friday when they have to pay.

So, after my efforts today, I didn't end up going back to the gym.... I didn't finish all the washing till dinner time! Oh yes, and I cooked a roast of pork for the family's dinner, it was very nice too. Been watching some of my favourtie tv programmes tonight.... Coronation Street, Ugly Betty and now Boston Legal.... ahh what a life. nite nite.


  1. Way to go on all the exercising! Yeah, I'm surprised too that I do like exercise most days and how it helps my body and my mood.

  2. Gosh you're so good with all your exercise - I get tired just reading about it! Glad to hear your so full of bounce.

  3. hi there you little exercise (energise) bunny. What batteries are you funny off? cause I want some.
    Those teeth are very funny. I have kept Evianah's as well. She has only lost 3 so far, so I only have her three plus my big munter wisdom ones that just got pulled.
    Warren's sister lives on a boat (well a launch) and has done for over 10 years. I enjoy going to visit but it wouldn't be my kind of lifestyle. I LOVE grass and lying under tree's and having space to myself. Space on a boat is so limited it would drive me stir crazy. I think my colours are the opposite to yours. I'm not a blue person, but love mauve, purple, crimson.
    Have a great day.

  4. Hidden talents Chris! Love the plate!!

  5. Go you exercise junkie. I love the pain.

    Strewth you're a woman of many hidden talents.

  6. Look how clever you are. I love the blue plate with the shell on it. Gorgeous.

  7. Wow - you are so clever! Those are amazing. I've never tried to pot - I think it would be incredibly hard.

  8. Love the pottery. My mum used to do it as well, I have sooo many of her pieces at home. Yikes ! 26 fricken towels I don't blame you for charging - though $15.00 is definately not emough.

  9. you're a machine!!!!!!!!! check you out girl!!!

    love the plates....!!!

  10. Just loved the cows.

    So you've been to my basement then! That is where my teenagers hangout. Much the same as you discribed. Have to look into that maid serve you mentioned. Could prove profitable.

    Your a workout demon. Keep it up.


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