Monday, July 22, 2024



Another Monday rolls around.  And I don't have an FBG walk today, so it's a stay at home day for me.

And I am going to make a runner today that is NOT a Braid Runner!

ABOVE:  In fact, I'm going to be using some of the 'ends' that I have cut off Braid Runners.  The ends that come off, so the runner is square ended, instead of pointed.

I think joining them together will make an interesting runner.  Well, I hope so.

Before doing that though, I shall be doing all the usual Monday morning jobs around the house.

I've got a pile of washing to fold and put away, and a few other odd jobs.

So ... I better get on with it.


ABOVE:  8.30 am.  Preparing dinner, and I fumble with an open tin of tomatoes.  I end up wearing them, and make a hooah of a mess as well.
Splattered tomato everywhere.  😖😔😒

ABOVE: After a big clean up... we have a lovely Beef, Bacon and Tomato Casserole in the crock pot.

Dinner is sorted.

Now... back to the housework.  Nearly finished all that as well, so will be in the sewing room fairly soon.

ABOVE:  2.07 pm:  And there we have two more runners.  I'm calling them 'Pointy End' Runners, cos they were made using the pointy ends from Braid Runners.  

I'm now going to stop for lunch and a rest.

6.25 pm:  And I have just finished sewing for the day.  I have another runner ready for it's binding, which I will do tomorrow afternoon.

I'm really happy to have found a use for those cut off bits.  Waste not and all that, and they are becoming quite nice runners.  Win/Win.

Stew is now home, and enjoying a bowl full of casserole.  I think he likes it.

And that is me for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, July 21, 2024




ABOVE:  Run the bath...

ABOVE: Get yourself a drink, book to read, peanuts to eat and ya phone to keep up to date...

ABOVE: Wallow, like the cherub you are...

ABOVE:  Drink copious amounts of Totara Cafe, then decide to shave ya legs.

NOT a very good idea, but hey!

Ya got away with it!  

Even though the soap kept falling in the bath, and ya took FOREVER to find the fucker again.

AND... ya didn't nick yourself once! Bloody miracle.

Get all dizzy... Text the man to fill up the glass again ... so ya ended up having about 6-8 nips of Totara Cafe in quick succession!

Can't read the book!  The words are running together... WTF?

So read the news on ya phone.


ABOVE: Reach for the book again... WHOOPS!

The bloody book ends up in the bath!

Save it.. but it's a bit wet.  Oh well.

Have another mouthful of Totara Cafe.

Finish it.

Stew is engrossed in the goddam rugby, can't ask him for more grog.

Get out before I sink into the depths, never to be seen again.

Afterwards?   Sit in me lounge chair, wondering how I actually feel?

Tired. Definitely.

Chilled out?  Definitely.

PISSED AS A CHOOK?  Definitely.

Happy?  TOTALLY.

Shut eyes.  

Room spins.  

Stomach churns.  


Three hour nap later, all is good in the world again!

LESSON:  Baths are lovely.  But lots of alcohol is not for me.

Today?  Gunna go look at bloody rain jackets.  AGAIN.

This time, dragging Stew along with me.

We are also going to look at options for covering the wet/muddy ground at our Tamahere Stall site.  Maybe fake grass with a thick plastic backing?   We really need some way to keep the water and mud from pooling in the stall.  It was horrible yesterday.


11.57 am. We have had a busy morning. 

Stew did his grocery shopping while I did some mundane housework. 

Then we came to The Base and looked in a few stores for rain jackets.

We finally settled on some. I'll show you later.

ABOVE: We are now at The Foundation for lunch. We have ordered a selection of 'Bar Snacks', it's a nice way to have a variety of things.

Lunch was so so.
After lunch we went 'flooring' shopping... to cover the muddy, wet patches at market.

ABOVE: We bought two large and one smaller rubber mats.  They should solve our ground issues.

ABOVE:  We got a rain jacket each, both the same.  They are slightly heavier than we intended getting, but they were about the only ones we could find that didn't stop at the waist.  We really wanted slightly longer ones.  We are happy with our purchases today.

Now that we are home, we are tweaking the car pack up again, to account for the mats, and to be able to unload in the rain in a more organised manner.  Yesterday worked OK... but it did need some tweaking.

90 minutes later, and we have it sorted.  Hopefully next time it's raining cats 'n' dogs, we can unpack and pack up much easier, and have no massive mud patches putting off people coming into our stall.
The mats cost us several hundred dollars, but in the long run it will be worth it.

Stew and I are now done for the day.  We are gunna sit down and relax for the remainder of the day.

8.20 pm:  We've had a lovely, quiet evening. Just watching TV, browsing the 'net and so on.
Time to sign off for the day.

Saturday, July 20, 2024



5.45 am.

It's pitch black outside.  No idea what the weather is doing yet... but we are expecting RAIN. 😖😠

I really hate the July/August/September markets.  They are invariably COLD, WET AND MISERABLE.

The only reason we do them is to hold our spot at the market.

*SIGH*.... we are not expecting much today.

In fact, it will probably be a bust.

And I will bitch and moan about it all day!  lol

Stew is thinking the same as me.  

Time to get a move on though, the sooner we leave, the sooner we can come home again!


ABOVE: Our 'wet' set up. Everything tucked in, only half our stock out.

ABOVE: A few hardy souls braving the wet, miserable weather.

It has lightly rained non-stop all night,  and it is still raining.

We set up in the rain. It was HORRIBLE,  but we managed to keep everything dry. 

I'm wet across my back... but oh well. I'll  live.

There's only half the number of stalls here today, which doesn't surprise us. You have to be mad to be out here in this weather.

So, it's  now 8.10 am, we are all set up... waiting to see if any shoppers arrive.

ABOVE: Ahhhh.... that's  better. I took off the wet sweatshirt and put on my amazing puffer jacket. All is good in my life again. Well... cupcakes help. 🤣😅🤣

Remember me saying just the other day I WASN'T gunna get a rain jacket after all ? 

Ha ha ha... Stew just said we both need one, after we both got wet setting up the stall this morning. 
So we shall probably look at some tomorrow. 

ABOVE: 10.30 am. Can ya see the crowds? YEAH, me neither.
It is absolutely pissing down now. 
Happy Happy Joy Joy. 

100% looking forward to a long, hot soak in my bath this afternoon. 

ABOVE: Finding amusing things while just sitting in the wet misery that is today.
GREEN LICHEN on a tree.
It's pretty.

11.51 am. OMG it really can't get much worse! HEAVY RAIN. NO PEOPLE. Just over an hour until we can pack up and get the hell out of here!

1.30 pm:  And we are home.  The organiser of the market came around and told all of us to pack up an hour early.  The weather was just atrocious.

We now need to get our thinking caps on, to work out what we can do if it's that wet again, because of this:

ABOVE: We had to be extremely careful moving around, to keep the water and mud off the patchwork!
It was horrendous.

ABOVE: Our site, once we had put everything back into the car.
We again, had to be very careful how we packed up and put things back in the car, so we didn't traipse too much mud into the car.
What a mission.
Luckily, the only things we need to clean are the gazebo, it's sides, the plastic 'flooring' and a table cloth.
Everything else stayed clean and dry.
Bloody miracle.

Now that we are home, we can reflect on what a day it was!  We made NO SALES!
Hard to sell to people who are scurrying around trying to keep dry.  And there were VERY, VERY FEW 'customers' today.

Although we made no sales, we still had a good day.
We saw our market friends, the organiser (J) came around and thanked everyone for turning up, and we were given a big bag of tamarillos for free from the lady opposite us.  

I am now about to run a lovely bath.

Bath is done.  And there's a story about that!  Tomorrow.

For now, I'm gunna sit and sober up!


I think... I might be... a little inebriated. 
Stew is getting our dinner.
Think it might be takeaways.
After the rugby.
NOTHING can happen until after the rugby.
New Zealand vs Fiji, played in San Diego.

7.23 pm:  Well... around 4 pm I was feeling very tired.  Me eyes shut and then...
My head spun, my stomach churned and I felt really ill.
Alcohol and me just don't like each other at all.
So I went to bed to try and get over the ikkk.

THREE.  HOURS.   LATER.   And I'm feeling much better.

We are now gunna have some dinner.
And that is all I have for the day.
I think that's quite a lot if ya ask me!

Friday, July 19, 2024



Lacy put up a Facebook post yesterday, and I just had to copy and paste it.

I'll never forget who raised are the best thing that happened to our Mum and Family xx
Stew, I do believe Lacy 100% loves and appreciates YOU.
I believe that Stew deserves all the accolades for taking me and 4 little kids on, way back in late 1985!

Now onto something else I saw on Facebook and MUST SHARE:

ABOVE: Who agrees that it's hysterical?

Moving right along... I did NOT get that third Braid Runner bound yesterday, I got caught up in some frenzied 'Spring Cleaning'!
So, I WILL do it this morning.

When I was cleaning all my precious blue glass and Polish Pottery yesterday, I decided to start USING the blue Polish Pottery dishes.
What is the point of 'saving' them for special occasions?
How many special occasions do we have left?
I should be using it, and enjoying it NOW.

Don't leave anything for later.
Later, the coffee gets cold.
Later, you lose interest.
Later, the day turns into night.
Later, people grow up.
Later, people grow old.
Later, life goes by.
Later, you regret not doing something...
When you had the chance.
Life is a fleeting dance, a delicate balance of moments that unfold before us, never to return in quite the same way again.
Regret is a bitter pill to swallow, a weight that bears down upon the soul with the burden of missed chances and unspoken words.
So, let us not leave anything for later. Let us seize the moments as they come, with hearts open and arms outstretched to embrace the possibilities that lie before us. For in the end, it is not the things we did that we regret, but the things we left undone, the words left unspoken, the dreams left unfulfilled.
( — Before the Coffee Gets Cold is a 2015 novel by Toshikazu Kawaguch.)


LAURA: I am more than happy to give you a reply to your comment, but it would need to be via a private email.

ABOVE: Finally got this one finished. NUMBER 99 Braid Runner.
I keep thinking I've made more of them, but after double checking, it's 99.
I might do the top part of #100 today.
Then I can stop and have some lunch, even though it's already 1.25 pm.

ABOVE: Guess what?
I made AND FINISHED number 100 this afternoon!
It's 4.45 pm. Not a bad effort.

Now... I'm going to stop, close the curtains, turn on the heat pump and sort out dinner.

Forgot to sigh off.
Better late than never.

Thursday, July 18, 2024



Hmmm... damn cold this morning.  Might just stay in bed for a while.  There is no rush to get up for me.

Once I DO get up, I'm taking a quick trip to the Base for business, then back home.

ABOVE:  I laid out my huge roll of batting on the garage floor yesterday, so I could cut out batting for the latest runners.
Marley IMMEDIATELY was there, sniffing, rolling around on it, and generally going into raptures over the friggin batting!
Clearly that little tart LOVES batting!
Weird dog.
And that is why my batting has to be up HIGH, so she can't get at it.

ABOVE:  That is the last runner (for now) that is waiting to have it's binding stitched on.  After that's done, I will do a big clean up in the sewing room.
There's plenty of threads and scraps of fabric on the floor that need tidying up.

ABOVE:  Cute photos from the other day... Marley getting spoilt by the girls.

ABOVE:  I saw this somewhere and just had to copy it for here.  I am sure we all forget that we matter too.

ABOVE: Another fog. Cold and damp.
I've been doing what can only be called SPRING CLEANING! 
Its a bit early right? 

But when the mood takes me... I do what I need to do to get it off my mind.

ABOVE: Todays calling was grubby ornaments, glass jars/bottles and all the blue glass.
I now smell like cleaning products.  Ikkk.

I'm now finally at The Base doing some business, heading home soon.

What a job!  I have cleaned virtually every ornament in this house.  All my blue glass bottles came down from above the kitchen cupboards, got scrubbed and then put back up.

I've tidied up the linen cupboard for the millionth time.  

While at The Base,  I bought some new tea towels and flannels.  Our current ones are starting to look tired and manky. The new ones have been washed, and are now drying.

It is now 3.20 pm and I'm knackered!

It is now 8.14 pm, Stew went to the pub, I visited the kids for an hour or so, then joined Stew at the pub.
It's neat going there now that I know lots of the people there.  
And that's a wrap on my day.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024


 Today my plan is to quilt and bind these:

ABOVE:  These three runner tops.  Quilting and binding them will probably take me several hours.

Once I have done them, I am going to have a walk on our treadmill.

Then it will probably be well after lunchtime... so I will stop for a late lunch.

After that... I might venture out to find that rain jacket.   edit:  ya know what?  I've lived till 65 WITHOUT a rain jacket/coat!  I don't care if I get wet.  I'm not going to buy one, or a smaller umbrella.  I can take a second sweatshirt to change into if I do get wet on a walk.

Just saved myself $100 - $200 bucks!  

Fabric money  😂😅😊


It is almost midday.

And I have spent the last three hours doing shit I had no intention of doing today.

WTF?  I decided to rearrange the pantry and organise the laundry better!

I had two tiered rack type things I had used to display the Britto in the 2nd China Cabinet.  I didn't want to 'waste' them.

So I had a bright idea to use them in the pantry for the tinned food.

ABOVE:  It does look better, easier to see what's there.  But did it need to take me TWO FREAKIN' HOURS???

The laundry just got tidied up, lots of bottles of cleaners were sorted out, chucked out and so on.  It looks much better too.  Lacy gets to actually 'CLEAN' that area next week.  

ABOVE:  I just had a parcel arrive.  I'm like, I don't remember ordering anything?

Can you BELIEVE IT?   It's only the screws to secure the Induction Cooktop to the bench!

In a box, INSIDE a  big box with polystyrene and heavy paper to 'protect' them screws!

And they only took two months to arrive from Auckland.  I could have WALKED there and back in the time it took them to send them to me.

OUTRAGEOUS.   But, oh well... at least I now have said screws.

I am now going to take a break, have me lunch then FINALLY get into the sewing room. 😂

ABOVE:  Well, I got two of the Braid Runners finished this afternoon.  One left, which I will get done tomorrow.

Stew arrived home, and we decided to go to Lone Star for dinner.

ABOVE:  Waling through the shopping block, heading to Lone Star, and we passed The Honest Butcher shop.  I screeched to a stop and said "Let's go look".

So we looked.

ABOVE: Whoops!  Ended up buying a week's worth of meat.  Lucky it is a bloody cold evening, cos we could just put the meat in the car, and then have dinner.

Dinner was very average.  We have decided Lone Star is probably not somewhere we will go again... added to the meal being average, they have had a big price jump across the board.
Sad really, because we used to really like Lone Star.

We are home now, and are just going to chill out, 'n' watch some mindless TV till bedtime.