Thursday, March 31, 2022


Photos of last night's efforts:

ABOVE: The object of the exercise was to move the carport BACK and to the right.... then take off the front left post, so the driveway can be dug up, then concrete put down.

ABOVE:  Once the carport was in the right position, Steve put the metal support pole up...

ABOVE:  Time to take the left post off!
I was literally shitting myself, imaging the whole thing falling over!

ABOVE: The only thing that fell down was that part attached to the post... right on Griffin's head!

ABOVE:  And there ya go!  Nothing on the driveway getting in the way.
Tomorrow.... the concrete company arrives to start the prep work.

ABOVE:  While the carport was being moved, the little boys had fun prising up the asphalt.  Crazy to think that two little boys could do it !  

I can't wait to see NO DAMN ASPHALT on my property.

First job of the day?  Water the grass seed.
Then... I think Stew and I will be having a quiet day.  Yesterday was crazy tiring.

11.32 am:  And that was scary!  My computer decided to just DIE.

No reason.   Just went black.   Nothing I did worked to bring it back for AGES.

Then suddenly... it started popping up with random screens.... not what I had open at the time it froze either.

Crazy.  That was scary. 

It's a worry when so much is now done via computers, and how much 'stuff' we store on them.

So anyway, it's decided to work again.

Stew is outside mowing the grass verge.  It's the only grass we have right now, so it should take him.... about 5 minutes. lol

I spoke with the concrete company this morning and got answers to all the questions we forgot to ask.

Like what time are they arriving (early tomorrow morning), how long before we can walk on it (36 hours or so), when can we drive on it (7days) and so on.

We have decided to stain it 'full black', which is actually just a dark grey, instead of light grey.

We are going out for a nice lunch somewhere.

Knowing us, it will involve a water view.

We ended up at Lake Karapiro for lunch at the Podium Cafe.

Gorgeous food as always.

Then we did a little drive around the lake...

ABOVE:  We stopped at several lay-bys, boat ramps etc.  The lake was picture perfect today.

Then on our way home we stopped into Cambridge and visited a newish gift shop.

We'd visited it before, and each time it was closed.

Today it was open...

ABOVE:  I found a couple of new little glass bottles.  The one on the right is 'supposed' to be for oil.  Me?  Nah.  It's just gunna be a pretty bottle on the table.  😊

Stew cooked our dinner tonight, pork sausages, mashed spuds and veges, with a really lovely brown onion gravy.  Griffin came over and had dinner with us, after he baked a Feijoa Cake under my supervision. 
Now... we have moved our cars off the driveway in readiness for tomorrow.

Can't wait!!!!

Catch ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022


 If having a 'close encounter' with a Praying Mantis is supposed to signal good luck, then we are in for HEAPS!

I can now say I have had SIX Praying Mantis's on or very near me in the past week!

Last night one flew in, right past my face and landed on the wall.

ABOVE:  I put him outside to live another day.

He's a boy, so some girl will end up eating his poor head off!  lol

ABOVE: Dante commandeered the new weed eater box for school projects.  But not before climbing in it, then getting stuck!

I ended up having to pull him out while Bex held onto the box.  Typical boy.

ABOVE:  Today's job.  All of this has to be raked, have the bigger grass roots pulled out, then stomped down and raked again.

Only then can we put some new topsoil on it.

We sure can't wait until this job is done!

And I'm looking forward to watering it every day and watching the grass grow.

I hope all the hard work will be worth it.

11.40 am.... and:

ABOVE:  Topsoil is finally going on!

Stew wheelbarrowed it from the front of the property down to here, and I spread it out and stomped it down.

Till I got to there... then I had to take a break.
Went inside and promptly threw up.
Whoops.  Might have over done it just a bit.

We are probably going to buy a trailer load of 'lawn soil' as well today, to spread on the very top.  It's supposed to be excellent for facilitating a really good lawn.

If this lawn doesn't come out really beautiful, it won't be for want of trying!

But for now... I'm sitting here feeling a bit weird.  Tingly and very headachy. 

ABOVE:  The Landscaping place on Wickham Street.  We got to see the different grass samples before buying ... we chose a universal mix, suitable for our area.  We hope!

ABOVE:  They also sell little rock birds and owls.  I couldn't resist getting one.  That is 'Wickham'.  He will go somewhere down by the new lawn.

Stew and I have spent the past couple of hours laying the seed/fertiliser and lawn mix soil.

It was exhausting, though Stew did the majority of the hard work.

ABOVE:  And NOW my friends, you get to watch grass grow!!!

Dare I say.... AGAIN?  lol

It's now 3.46 pm, and we get to take a break for a couple of hours.
THEN the guys are going to move the carport, in readiness for FRIDAY, when the concrete company arrives to do the prep work for the driveway.

OMG very exciting knowing that by next week that will be done too.

7.49 pm:   Well the carport has been moved successfully.   It wasn't too difficult, with 4 of us doing it.  And Steve's know how and equipment.
I've got a few photos... for tomorrow of course.  😂😅😊

Stew and I are both KNACKERED now, so it's probably going to be a quiet evening, then off to bed early.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022


 This week we had planned on going on a few day trips, as Stew is home on holiday.

He's got so much holiday time accrued, he had to take several weeks off, scattered over the next few months.

So.  We WERE going to go somewhere today and tomorrow.  But seriously, there is nowhere we want to go right now that we've not been to before.

So we are not going away.

Maybe in April we will try to go away for a week long break... thinking of the South Island now.

So what to do?

ABOVE: Simple.  Get our back lawn done and dusted.  It is totally DEAD now.

We will turn it over today, and get new soil for it tomorrow all going well.

ABOVE:  New hydrangea cuttings.   Oh I hope they grow!  They are ones that produce BIG old fashioned blue ones.  Big round flowers, not the flat tops so many people favour now days.

The little one I brought back from New Plymouth is growing well, so all going well it will be in the garden in a couple of years, along with those ones above.

ABOVE:  Stew would totally agree with this!  😂😅😋

Right, let's start the day.

12 noon:  And we have been out to Mitre 10 to buy a new metal rake, and ended up also buying a new line trimmer/blower.
We seem to go through them about every 2-3 years!

ABOVE:  Now Stew is turning over the back yard in earnest.

And I've chipped a bit more of the asphalt away.

I'm very relieved we didn't go away, as we are now expecting an unexpected visitor.
Very excited to see him again.

ABOVE:  And there he is.  My Brother In Law, Richard.
He's been living and working overseas (Primarily Indonesia and Western Australia) for years.
He's home for an extended period of time now, as he's secured a job in Pukekohe.
His family (wife and two teenagers) are still in Indonesia, but will visit regularly.

I'm thrilled to bits, it means I get to see him more often now.

Last time I saw him was October 2020 while I was in Australia.

He has now left to visit other family, and we have knocked off for the day.  It has become rather hot outside now.
Stew got all the back yard turned over, so tomorrow we will work on raking and getting top soil on it all going well.

8.30 pm:  And that's today done and dusted.
We got some of the yard work done, and will continue with it tomorrow.
The really hard work (turning over the lawn) is done at least.

It's been a hot day, like summer having a last laugh really.  I want winter to be here now.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Monday, March 28, 2022


 DENTIST ... today.


That is all.

ABOVE:  Garden Place this morning.  Deserted.

ABOVE:  Waiting to go into the Dentists.  Last time I was there he said I had one BIG cavity and one small one.  He also said I needed to get the tooth that had a failed root canal done on it 3 years ago pulled out.

I didn't get it done.
I freaked out at the very thought, so cancelled the Oral Surgeon appointment.

Today.  Well the dentist decided I still needed that tooth pulled out, as he's QUITE SURE it is that tooth that is causing me pain, and the constant HEADACHES.

AND he's not even sure I have a big cavity beside the 'root canal' tooth!  He can't see it properly.
That's why he wants the tooth pulled out as well.  *sigh*

He didn't want to touch me today, he  has referred me to the Hospital, so I can be (hopefully), put the sleep and get the tooth pulled and the filling (s) done all in one foul hit.

That's because of my irrational, but very real to me, fear.

I had horrible diarrhoea this morning, and felt like throwing up, coupled with chest pains. All down to anxiety of course. 

So now we wait to see if the Hospital accepts me for treatment,  or not.

ABOVE: What is it with Praying Mantis's and me?
Over the weekend I had one fly onto me while I was sitting in me lounge chair.  Today?  Inside Stew's Car, looking at me like 'What's up?'.

ABOVE: We had a wander around the shops, and saw a new piece of Britto!  Bought it.
Seems they are finally getting more from overseas.  I might have ordered a couple more.

5.25 pm:   WE have had the most lovely lazy afternoon.  Watching tv, watering the gardens etc.

I was wrung out from stressing over the dental appointment, so had a little nap too.  

Now... contemplating dinner.  Pork stir fry.

And... dinner was OK.  Lacy got lucky as I'd cooked a bit much for just Stew and I.  
That will probably happen every so often.

At least she doesn't have to travel far for left overs.  😂
Time to go to bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, March 27, 2022


 First up for the day, a couple of photos from yesterday, cos I can...

ABOVE:  The girls getting spoilt rotten by Steve.

ABOVE:  Bex got a commission to crochet a cow and calf.  And the calf had to be able to 'go back into the cow'.

Yeah.  I'm not a fan of this one at all.  But it was worth showing, cos Bex did do a good job of it.

Today we are going for a walk in Parana Park.  It's here in Hamilton, and has special memories for Stew.

His Dad used to be in charge of Hamilton City Parks and Reserves. 

ABOVE: Stew and his family actually lived in Parana Park for a few years when Stew was a kid. It was a City Council House, shown by the arrow.

So... we have visited it a few times over the years, but not lately.  

Stew said he wanted to go there again, so that's what we are doing today.  I think Steve, Bex and the boys are joining us there too.

Right, that's me for now... catch ya later.

Here we go.... photo dump!

ABOVE: This is my photo of the day.

Left, Brylee and Griffin on the little rock bridge in Parana Park, taken exactly 8 days before I started blogging in 2006.

And today, Dante and Archer, on the exact same bridge 15.6 years later.

The bridge has had some new concreting and smoothing out over the years, but it's still the same bridge.

THIS is what I love about my blog.
The memories it is creating for my family.

ABOVE: That is the house Stew lived in as a kid.
It's well guarded within the park by a rather ferocious acting dog.

ABOVE:  The children's playground has evolved over the years.  It's just lovely now.

ABOVE: This tree is rather famous I think.  I bet there's been over a million children climb on it over the years.
I know literally ALL our kids have.

ABOVE:  We spent a very pleasant time in the park.

And now we are home, and Stew is about to clean the pool cover, so I shall go out and help him.

And.... another one goes down!
Amanda now has Covid.  So she will be working from home for the next week.
I wonder who will be next?

Quiet afternoon here.  Stew got a few jobs done outside, and he got the pool cover on.

I meantime, went to Spotlight for some backing fabric.  Shocked at how low they are on patchwork fabric, but as I don't usually buy my patchwork fabric there, it's OK.

Dinner this evening is left overs from the fridge.

And.... just did a quick trip over to Amanda's with a couple of boxes full of groceries.  That should keep them afloat with goodies till they can leave home again.

ABOVE:  Bye fam, hang in there and I hope the kids remain Covid free.
Joel was home too, and I got a quick cuddle.

Right, that's our day done and dusted.
Catch ya tomorrow.