Friday, November 30, 2012


First up today, Bex has her midwife appointment... so I will be taking her as Steve is using her car to get to and from work now.
I don't mind of course.

After we have been to see Debs we are going to pop over the harbour bridge and check out a shop in Wairau Park... it's a craft shop.  I would like to get a few coloured pencils or inks ?  to colour in the darling wee pictures Tracy sent me.

Yaaaa!!! COLOURING IN... something I have always loved doing... must hark back to when one was a child I suppose!  lol

Wanna see some photos???

Yeah... I just know ya do... it wouldn't be my blog without a photo or two eh?   

First up, would you believe I got ANOTHER parcel ???  I am starting to think I am SUPER DUPER SPOILT ROTTEN!!!  I wonder what I have done to deserve so many gifts? 

 ABOVE:  this one is from a lovely friend of mine named Donna... she lives here in Auckland.  She sent us...

ABOVE:  some darling wee baby clothes for Steve and Bex's Baby Boy!  Bex said to say "Thank you so much Donna"... they are just so cute.

 ABOVE:  She sent the gift along with this super cute wee Froggy card!   *smiles*

 ABOVE:  OH... and she sent something for me too... this adorable ... OMG I love it ...  Brass Frog!  He is going to be my paper weight on my computer desk... cos he ROCKS.  THANK YOU  so, so much Donna. You made our day.  XOXOXOX

NOW... must be time for some BELLY SHOTS!

 ABOVE:  Bex last night... before she stripped off and had a spa with Steve...
Yeah... ya must know what's coming next eh?  hee hee....

ABOVE:  The BIKINI SHOT!  lol... she was a little MODEST... and covered up the bottom half.  *smiles*  She looks adorable.  Gotta LOVE the BLUE bikini.  She has good taste... if I do say so!

ABOVE:  we had a Wood Pigeon visiting our neighbour's tree ... isn't he/she stunning?

ABOVE:  we are so, so lucky to live in an area of Auckland that has an enormous native park on it's doorstep.  We often get Wood Pigeons, Fantails, Moreporks, Tui, and many other small native birds in our garden.  It's really lovely to hear them all.  Even better to see them.

Right .. for now... here's the last photo:

ABOVE:  last night.  ALL three dogs standing at the top of the stairs waiting for Dad to come home.  Aww... it was rather sad, cos Stew didn't come home last night!  He is due home tonight.  Yaaaa.
Puppy was only standing there because Coco and Teddy were of course.  He's a little live wire is that Phantom.

AND... I have to say it.. he is VERY CLEVER.  He already goes outside (with some prompting) as soon as he wakes up and goes 'Toilet'... he knows 'Bed' means get in the crate for bedtime... sometimes he does, and sometimes he makes me run around the lounge trying to catch him! 

He is so clever.  He knows he can run behind the couches and chairs, and he plays peek-a-boo with me!  I start to get near him and he scampers off in the other direction.  SO CUTE.
I am training him to stay out of the kitchen too.  Sometimes it even works.
Little puppies under foot in the kitchen.. yeah not safe, not for him and certainly not for me.

Hopefully his new family will keep up my good work!  I'm sure they will... I am starting to feel sad that he is leaving us in just over a week!  But... we really can't have a little puppy in the house over these coming holidays... our house is going to be FULL of family... and in the New Year... there will be ONE MORE added to the mix ... we are all eagerly awaiting this little baby boy! 
I, of course, am going to be in 7th heaven.  So many grandkids/babies to smother in loves. 


Bex and I went out at 9.30am, and I had only one thing on my list to get... Copic Markers.  We went over to Wairau Park to find the Craft Shop I was going to had moved and REALLY, REALLY downsized... so I was quite disappointed, but did mangage to find a few bits 'n' bobs, so did Bex.

We then headed back to Manuaku to the Spotlight there.  BAD MOVE.

They were closing down their store and moving across the road to a bigger shop... so the shop was almost empty!  There were staff frantically packing up all the stock left in the store.
I found a couple of things suitable for Christmas presents.
THEN we went to Warehouse Stationary, and they didn't have Copic Markers either... grrrr.

I think I will be shopping on the 'net for them now.

Right... a couple of photos of our purchases:

 ABOVE: what I bought... and:

ABOVE: what Bex bought. 
We will probably go down to the garage tonight and make a few cards... Bex wants to send a homemade one to her Grandmother this year.

Debs the midwife is happy with Bex's progress, baby is measuring just a bit above average, but nothing to worry about.  Bex also has some fluid retention going on... but again... nothing to worry about right now. She just has to keep an eye on it, and report to Deb if she gets headaches, sees stars or feels faint.  Usual stuff.  Well for me.  Not for her, being as it's her first baby.  *smiles*

LOUISE: thanks for the link, I will check it out later tonight.
MARY H:  very funny!  *smiles*

End of Day:  time to wind down... got a busy weekend coming up... got to get this house sorted out and bedrooms set up for Russell, Tess and their kids... who arrive next week! 
Think I might just go downstairs for a little while and 'muck around'.  *smiles*
nite nite

Thursday, November 29, 2012


I  AM !
I have been spoilt rotten this week... so many lovely emails, text's and phone calls... AND... yesterday I got another parcel in the post!
Little Molly's new 'Mum' sent me some card making things... after I told her I did a bit of card making.  She (Tracy) makes the most AMAZING cards... and is in a design team who come up with new ideas for cards and the like.
Anyway... I was EXPECTING a few stamped characters to paint and put on cards... this is what I recieved:

 ABOVE:  OMG would you just look at all this stuff?  I am gobsmacked!  

ABOVE:  I have not used many of these materials before.. but now I'm itching to give it a go!  

ABOVE:  a gorgeous card from Bailee, Tracy's 10 year old daughter.  In it she thanks me for letting her be Molly's Mum.  Awwwww ♥♥♥  what a little sweetie.

GLENYS:  I forgot to tell you the other day... did you know that I did not have a star for the top of my Christmas tree?  Cos the one you sent me is going to look PERFECT on top of my tree this year!  *smiles*  
Court.  Bex is staying home and caring for Keera while Lacy and I are in court.  It is likely to be a long day.  The allocated time for the hearing is 3 hours. I hope things get settled in that time.
NERVOUS.  I have very little trust in the New Zealand Courts... Family Court?  Even Less. 

WELL, very impressed with the LAWYERS and the PARTICIPANTS in today's hearing.
Instead of thrashing it out in front of a Judge, where it could have go really nasty ... our Lawyers did HEAPS of to'ing and fro'ing between us and Wade and we agreed on all issues and it got signed off by the Judge.

The Protection Order in respect of Lacy and Keera stays in place, and she keeps Day to Day custody and care of Keera.

His access is settled, with reviews in place for a few months down the track.

We will now take baby to meet with him at Sylvia Park every 2nd Saturday for an hour, and on the other Saturday I will drive baby to his SISTER'S home, and Keera will be there for 4 hours... with ME being present until such time as I am confident that Keera's health and safety are assured. 

Then FURTHER down the track Keera's visits to his sister's home will be supervised by his Sister.  So Keera will be her responsibility.  But that is not going to happen until we are 100% sure she will be cared for in the same manner as we care for her.

This saturday he did not want to see Keera, as he wanted to let his family know of the access conditions.  Hopefully that goes well.

I have no intention of going to his family home and being 'hostile'... it is so if Keera gets upset I can settle her down (hopefully!).  Keera is a stroppy wee baby when she gets going!  Takes after her parents of course!  lol

I am just so relieved it did go so well.. I lost so much sleep over this! 

NOW I am starving!  Off to find food...

WHOOPS!  I had no idea I hadn't been on here all afternoon!  Sheesh.  Naughty me.  I think I just needed time to digest what happended this morning, and realise that for goodness knows how long, our Saturdays will revolve around taking Keera to access visits with her father.  
Luckily we know that the the baby's needs come first...  but sometimes I wonder if we will EVER be able to put us first?

I'm not complaining, far from it.  Just saying how it is.  ONE DAY my kids are gunna have to look after US... so swings and roundabouts eh?
They better look after us REALLY, REALLY WELL is all I can say!

End of Day: I made everyone a cheese/bacon/tomatoe and onion omelette each for dinner... OMG they were lovely!  Filling too.
Stew is away tonight, he's at a business meeting ... already missing him.
nite nite

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Bex finally arrived last night... to live here with us.  (yeah, AND Steve)!   lol

ABOVE:  Little Phantom saying "HI" when she arrived.
Bex was only in the house for 10 minutes before it was TIME.  Time for Steve and Bex to get that pram out of it's box:

ABOVE: it was really cute to see how excited they were.

 ABOVE: And out it comes...

ABOVE:  Steve struggling to get the plastic wrapping off... what a funny face.  *  *

 ABOVE: yeah, not sure what she was doing here... I think she had been showing me the little sweat rash she had...

ABOVE:  I'm very surprised it's not ORANGE Bex has a thing for orange and greenMight have to beat that outta her... BLUE is the bomb!   Actually, it's a lovely pram and the red is quite nice too.

 ABOVE:  taa daa!  Me new (to me) lovely computer chair.  I'm wrapt with it.

ABOVE: Bex had some rather interesting nail polish!  You put it on and while it's still wet you hold a special little magnet over it and it forms shapes... She had the purple on her finger... rather cool eh?  What will they think of next!

TODAY: I'm off to meet up with my Blog friend Penny, Bex is going to tag along.  Hopefully we will be going to Spotlight ... my friend Penny wants to go there, and hell... so do I.  Love that shop


Tis a cold morning... I am putting off having me shower..I'm a sookie la la. 

BLONDIE:  HA HA!  Steve painted her toe nails of course! 
We are home from our outing... meet up with Penny which was lovely.  Us girls sure know how to yak... lol.  The time flies... we even got the chance to shop! 
Penny bought some calico to have a go at making soft dolls for her young relatives.. and I just added to me stash and found the cutest little seahorse punch. 
 ABOVE:  before I could lay me purchases out on the floor... a certain little pesky bugger up and flinched the bag!
He's fast is little Phantom.
 ABOVE: the lovely fabrics I bought today... all of them were ends of rolls so cheaper than usual. And yes...Phantom is making off with some booty...
ABOVE:  bring me punch back ya little bugger!
ABOVE:  We went to the Chemist in Sylvia Park and got these.  Going to give them a go.  Don't quite know what they are supposed to do for 'Weight Management'?  I need them for fluid management!  Fingers crossed they work.

 ABOVE:  the very cute seahorses that my new punch makes. 
End of day:  just spent a few hours in the garage sorting through Christmas stuff, working out where the 'gaps' were and what I still had to get.  Christmas is a nightmare when you have a large family... this year I am trying to only get gifts for the grandkids.  The Adults will just have to accept that there is only so much I can spend!
nite nite

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Today:  I'm off to the Lawyers to sign my Affidavit, in readiness for the Court hearing on Thursday.  I'm catching the train in today... trying to find parking in town is a nightmare... and one I have no intention of having!

Bex moves in permanently today.   She has her next midwife appointment tomorrow.  She may need a growth scan soon as baby boy is on the larger size.  She is shitting herself thinking about that!  hee hee... I'm sure baby boy will not be as big as his Daddy ... Steve was 10 pound 12 ounces!

I  heard from the people I bought the chair off last night.  We can pick it up tonight.  Silly but I am really looking forward to it.  I know it's just a chair, but I love it.

TEDDY:  he's had a cone on his head for what?  A couple of weeks at least.  His rump had healed completely so I took it off him last night so I could test how he would go without it on.  He's his own worst enemy usually.

ABOVE: yep... he only lasted about 10 minutes and he was back to gnawing himself.  *sigh*  The cone is back on... and it will just have to stay on until he can be trusted to STOP chewing himself till he bleeds.  I am really frustrated.  
While he's in an 'allergic' phase he really stinks.  I have bathed  him, but within a few hours he stinks again. SO ANNOYING.

It can't be fun being itchy all the time and having to live in a bloody cone.  I totally blame the breeder for his allergies.  These things happen with too close familial breeding... and she was a dreadful breeder who used and abused her dogs.  (if only I had known this before getting a dog off her)

A friend of mine got one of her dogs a couple of years ago... a little girl who had failed to fall pregnant, so they sold her off to the highest bidder. That little dog was PETRIFIED of men, and was underweight and uncared for.  Puppy Mills!  They should be outlawed. 

At least I know that while I am breeding from Coco, I am also keeping her best interests at heart and taking extra good care of her.  She will be having probably one more litter then she can 'retire' from motherhood. 

Right, enough chatter... better get a move on and make the lunches etc...



APPROPRIATE ... in so many situations. 

Off to the Lawyers soon... I was supposed to be taking a friend of Lacy's with me, she was going to sign an affidavit too... but she pulled out.  I'm really cross about that.  This is about KEERA and her future, and you couldn't even be bothered to come and sign a piece of paper? 

Train trip into town was uneventful.  Nice to be moving but not having to drive or find a darn carpark!  Lawyer's visit went well too.  Now we await the court hearing.  Thursday. 

SOUTHGIRL: You are a pain in the butt!  I rang them and am now waiting for a call back with an appointment time.  Pffffff... as IF I would put it off or forget.  Ha!  I laugh at the very idea!  ♪ lah lah la la ♪♪.... 

Monday, November 26, 2012


I have been wanting a chair for my computer area in the lounge.  I've had me eye on an old leather computer chair on Trademe for 3 weeks... it failed to sell during it's first two weeks and was relisted, so I went over to the North Shore to see it, with a view to bidding on it last night,  just before the auction closed.

And... I won it!  Best thing?  Well there's three actually.
- I got it for $20 less than it's original list price.
- It is GENUINE leather, and feels lovely to sit in.
- It will 'go' with everything else in our lounge.

I am chuffed (thrilled) to have got it... stuff paying over $150-200 for a new one when you can get one that is just perfect and comfy as hell for so much less!

Wanna see it?  Ya or Nay... here it is:

ABOVE:  See?  Rather nice... well actually I just LOVE IT.  Will be picking it up just as soon as I hear back from the owner.

Right.. today?
Make an appointment to see the Dr about my test results, and make an appointment for Griffin's 11yr old immunisations. 
He was disappointed on saturday that he couldn't get it right there and then! Silly boy... he obviously hasn't had an injection in years. 

Sewing.... got to make cot and bassinet sheets for Bex.  She's bought the fabric.. all I have to do it cut it to size and hem them.  Simple.


Good morning so far... found out I've won a Blog Giveaway!  Score (2) in the last 24 hours!
Good things come in three's don't they?    Dumm dee doooooo....

I DID say nice things happen in three's didn't I?

Cos... This just arrived on my front door!

 ABOVE:  I can't believe a gorgeous Chick in Aussy sent me this parcel! And for NO REASON even!  Thank you so much Glenys, you made my day even brighter. ♥

ABOVE:  Glenys has sent 2 cute soft Giraffes, one for Keera and one for Bex and Steve's baby boy and a stationary pack for Brylee and Griffin.  Notice the pretty shell card too?  *smiles*  This Chick knows me... AND BEX!  Bex loves giraffe's.  lol
THANK YOU GLENYS... you ROCK!  We all know receiving a gift in the post can lift one's spirits.

It has been a very quiet day ... but my mind is very busy.  Lots of things going around and around and bothering me a bit.
But more on that tomorrow I think. (or not) 

It is getting closer to Christmas and I'm starting to fret a bit about just how BUSY it is going to be in our home. 
But also how lovely it is going to be to get to spend some real good quality time with the Aussy family ... and get to know Haylea, Sienna and Bodhi. 

Damn! I just realised I didn't call the Dr today.  Will do that first thing tomorrow. 

Coco has just gone mad!  Running inside and outside like a mad thing... little Phantom is utterly perplexed by her nutty running around!  So cute too.  He's trying to jump on the couch.  He gets himself all ready (quivering) then leaps... and smacks his face into the front of the couch!  TOO FUNNY! Sorry Phantom, you have at least 2  months to go before you will be big enough to jump onto a couch!

Steve came home with what he thought would be good news.  NOPE.  Just made my day go from sunshine to darkness.  Sad.

KATE:  no... he had a fleeting hair brained idea... but it would appear Bex killed it.  It did make me upset though... and the little shit said he was half winding me up anyway!  Karma Steve... wait for it ya shit.  *smiles*
HAPPY ELF MOM:  yes Steve is 100% OK.  lol 

End of day:  A lazy day.  A less that productive day.  A day of reflection.  A day of sadness too. Can't get over some people's duplicity. 
nite nite

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Miss Keera was having a bad hair day yesterday (like EVERY DAY!)... so I had a go at putting the middle section up...

ABOVE:  Keera and her big brother Griffin. 
ABOVE:  in this one she almost smiled... she has the most heart stopping smile. Notice how her hair is getting lighter?  Lacy was born with pitch black hair, but by the time she was 1 yr old it morphed into a dark blonde.  I think Keera's hair is doing the same thing.

ABOVE:  Silly Bex @ about 5 and a half months along.

ABOVE:  Now @ almost 8 months.  Thank goodness she finishes work in 3 more days... cos I SERIOUSLY doubt that uniform is gunna fit her much longer!  

In two more sleeps she will be living HERE with Steve permanently!  They are so looking forward to actually living together finally.

And I am looking forward to never being lonely ever again! 

HAVE I mentioned that in exactly 9 more sleeps Russell, Tess, Haylea, Sienna and Bodhi will be here too!  I am so, so looking forward to that TOO.  It's probably time I started sorting out the bedrooms to accomodate them...

Keera woke up at 2am... so I very reluctantly got up and fed her a bottle. So... I just got up, feel like shit cos I had a restless sleep.  The guys are already up watching rugby!  And ... I might even go back to bed yet...the guys are perfectly able to look after Miss Muppet.


We just did the grocery shopping... was badly necessary.  We play this game called 'How much will the bill be?'
And the weird thing is.. I almost always guess very close to the right amount!   Today I guessed $625, Stew guessed $680.  Actual cost?  $615.  I WIN!
Stew always likes my guess's!

So, we get home and put it all away... and I go to put something in the bin under the bench and this is what I see:

ABOVE:  My Mary Lou Doll... in the bin!!!!
OMG... I whipped her out of there quick smart.
Stew... found her on the floor.  The dogs had chewed one of her arms off... so he decided she was only good for the bin!
I have had that doll for 30 YEARS!  No way is she going in the bin.
She is now sitting on my computer desk.  I am never throwing her away.  She is precious. 

Seems I fell asleep on the couch.  Can't have lasted long ... sleeping with Brylee and Griffin around is near impossible.  They sure know how to bicker and argue. 
Might be tempted to send them to bed early if they keep it up. 
It's Monday tomorrow eh?   EXCELLENT. 

End of Day:  well we have been watching 'New Zealand's Got Talent' tonight.  I was so impressed with so many of the finalists.  I have 4 favourites!  Only one can win, which is sad cos there were so many that were OUTSTANDING. 
nite nite

Saturday, November 24, 2012


And that is so easy to do... just by showing some cute Phantom photos... while we still have him here!

ABOVE:  Coco plays with him fairly nicely, but sometimes she gets a bit rough... and we have to tell her off!

 ABOVE:  Phantom... he's such a delight!  Full of life and fun.

ABOVE:  He's so funny!  And CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!

ABOVE: yep, the little bugger found me new sneakers were nice to chew on.  Lucky for him I'm not 'precious' about me sneakers.

ABOVE:  A couple of really nice ones with Stew and Phantom.

ABOVE... lastly... a cute one of puppy and Steve.

That's it for now!

We have to go out this morning... and this afternoon and evening we have Miss Keera to stay.  That is going to be lovely.

I read a Singaporean girl's blog... she sews like me... and she posted something that I wanted to put on my blog... so with Jane's permission:

10 things you should know

1. Any food offered to you with a "this is good for you" is sure to taste horrible.

2. Whenever someone starts a sentence with "No offense but..." you know you're going to get pretty offended. Same goes for "Nothing personal but..." Yes, it will be very personal.

3. The person who says "I don't mean to pry..." means to pry. Very much.

4. The person who says "I'm not trying to be mean..." is being mean. Very mean.

5. When you hear yourself saying "I hope I'm not boring you...", yes, you are.

6. If you say "It's for your own good" to your teenager kid, it's bound to end very badly.

7. When anyone says to you "I hope you are happy now" or "Are you happy now?" you know the person really wants you to be miserable.

8. Never tell a bad mother she's a bad mother. Especially if you're her kid.

9. Never tell a horrible kid he's/she's a horrible kid. Especially if you're his/her mom.

10. Anytime someone says "I'm not a racist but..." is sure to say something very racist.

I found her list rather good reading.


KAREN:  in answer to your question, the puppies will be a similar size to Teddy and Coco.  Small to medium in dog size.

Tired of puppy photos?  Well let me rectify that ....

ABOVE: here we have Miss Keera, Granddad and our wee friend Sofia Grace ... ALL of them looking very pretty in pink!

ABOVE:  Sofia Grace has just turned 1, it has been lovely seeing this special wee girl growing.  She was a much wanted, hard fought struggle for her Mum and Dad to bring her into this world.  Special.  And Precious.

ABOVE:  Jaquie and her gorgeous little Sofia Grace.

ABOVE: she's a little imp.. and has just learnt how to 'bum shuffle' around ... and apparently she can go really fast!  She is wearing holes in her pants.  lol

ABOVE: leg dents.  This is what fluid retention looks like... since the Dr told me to stop taking my piddle pills!  My legs, feet, hands and face have all swelled up ... NOT a pretty sight in the morning I can tell you.
AND now as I'm not taking the pills, I pee maybe twice a day?  The rest just settles in me feet/legs mostly. 
I am going to talk to the Dr about what other alternatives I can take?

I think I over fed Miss Muppet!  In the last hour she has thrown up on my right shoulder... then half an hour ago she did a MASSIVE throw up all down my front.. and it settled in me lap!  And just now.. she was nuzzling me neck and threw up on my left shoulder and it ran down into me AMPLE cleveage!  All in an hour.  NICE ONE BABY.  Talk about sharing her lunch.

AWWWW CHRISTY:  Diet Coke is 99.9% WATER.  Right?  And I first got bad fluid retention 23 years ago... when I did not even drink Diet Coke.

TRACY: she wasn't 'sick' as such... just too full!  Poor poppet... she's sound asleep now... and I need a shower... *smiles*

I got a bit distracted tonight on the computer... so after I had given wee Keera her bottle at about 6pm I gave her to Stew to hold while I was 'just a minute' on the computer. .... and yeah... 2 HOURS LATER... I realised what the time was!!!  Our baby was SOUND ASLEEP in her Granddad's arms.   Awwww... naughty Grandma.  lol
So I changed her nappy, fed her some veges and now she's down (hopefully !) for the night.

ABOVE:  so darling ... the love of my life and my very special little granddaughter.  I DELIVERED HER... I will NEVER forget that moment as long as I live.  It was AMAZING.  She looks rather comfy there ... it was a shame to wake her up.

End of Day:  slowly getting over the sick feeling in me tummy.  Looking forward to tomorrow, for no other reason than it means Stew is home with me.
nite nite