Saturday, March 17, 2007


Good morning! And it is, I have had no mishaps "downstairs" at all, and it is such a load off my mind.

Livy: I have binged on the protein bars in the past as they are so delicious, but I am feeling very confident this time that I can stay on track and only have 1 a day, after gym.

Celtic - girl: like hell am I going to film myself giving the "Motivation" speech !!! Yee Gods, I'm not that good !!!

I am really looking forward to it though, I have been thinking of taking my "big" clothes along to show them too, that's a real shocker to show people!

I am off to weight watchers this morning, can't weigh.... way too much fluid on board... about 3 kgs worth in fact. I wish my blood tests had shown something up that could be worked on, but they didn't unfortunately. So it's just piddle pills and lots of piddling for me.

We have just been to Breakers for our lunch, I had the chicken sandwich (devine) and .... wedges with sour cream... WELL IT IS SATURDAY EH?

Livy mate: no problem with your explanation, I'm just sorry I provoked you enough to feel you had to justify your exercise routine.. sorry. I put a reply on your blog too.

I have a rather black and white attitude to weight loss, from experience, I am afraid I tell it like it is, and to me it's simple, in order to lose weight - INPUT MUST BE LESS THAN if I'm not losing and doing heaps of exercise it means I'm still eating too much.... and if I'm eating properly and not losing, it means I'm not exercising enough! That's why I suggested you up your exercise/walking distance. I wish I could practise what I preach !

Sometimes I comment on someone's blog, then think.... hmmmm wonder if they will take exception/or take it the wrong way/pack a mental with me??? I am often tempted not to comment cos of this fear of being critisized, but then, if I am being true to myself, I will just hope people take what I say in the vein I meant it....with heartfelt care and the hope that I may be helping them, or making them have a better day, or whatever. If I get it "wrong" or upset anyone, I apologise right now! I have put my foot in it a couple of times in the past few months, you have to accept that I am only human too... I am not a saint ladies! WE all have our own opinions, and I respect your right to your opinion, as I hope everyone who reads my blog or gets a comment from me accepts my opinion as just that, MY OPINION... it does not make it a fact, just an opinion. RANT OVER.

I have been a bit bummed out this afternoon, a few things went wrong today... Mike mainly ... so I ate ice cream... it was sugar free, but still ice cream.

Mike had the Provincial Athletic Champs today, he was entered in the Long Jump and Triple Jump, with Triple Jump this morning and Long Jump this afternoon. He turned up at the event this morning and the coach (who had seen Mike only yesterday) told him half an hour before his event "You can't participate unless you have a haircut, it's too long and we won't let you enter like that" !!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! So, the upshot was Mike missed out on competing in the Triple Jump, which he would have won, and had to come home, then go into town and have a haircut so he could enter the Long Jump this afternoon! HE WON THE LONG JUMP.... and is now off to the National Finals ! Stew and I are livid with the coach, as you can imagine, and this is just the sort of shit you get from Palmerston North Boy's High. Arseholes.

Ok, I've had a bad afternoon,and I'm ranting again, so will go. nite nite. Tomorrow is another day, and IT WILL BE A GOOD DAY.


  1. I'm glad to hear that you are so strong with the protein bars.
    Do you really think I need to do more excercise than I am doing already? Fuck, I will run out of daylight!! I am already doing 30-40 minutes cardio and 3 weights workouts that are about 20 minutes each.
    I can't go walking for a few reasons (that is why I do Leslie Sansone walking away the pounds)
    1. Stinking hot
    2. Mikaela hates coming and I have nobody to look after her.
    3. Tara falls asleep in the pram so doesn't have one later, or whinges the whole way.
    4. Flies attack my face the whole way
    5. Cant' take the dogs because there are dingo baits everywhere
    6. Cattle chase me (and I am a big scaredy cat of them)
    7. I was walking 6kms a day at one point, going through all that, and didn't lose a damn kilo, and know I have to work on my diet.

    There. I wish I could fly you over Chris to stay for a weekend with me, you would just DIE if you saw what my lifestyle was like!!!

    (I hope this email does't sound shitty, I am just explaining myself!!)

  2. Wahoo on you doing a motivational speech!! after meeting you I am sure that you would both enjoy it and have so much to share!! make sure you take along some before and after photos!!!

  3. l absouloutely agree with you on all counts, that if I am excercising like a trojan and getting knowwher I am eating too much. However, I do disagree with the weights statement. I do actually sweat while I do weights, I don't huff and puff like in cardio (which I am doing a 30-40 minute workout 6 days a week), you are still doing strenuous excercise. Building muscle, and working your muscles is still using your body, body calories up and hence burning fat. Any physical movement of your body is burning fat. When your body is not moving, like sitting in front on the computor, you are not burning fat.
    I have read alot recently, that talks about weight training as an essential part of weight loss, as it builds the muscles, and the muscles then burn fat more effectively.
    You know, I just think that the amount of weight you have lost is just amazing. You my dear, are exactly how I want to be.
    I will get there eventually, but I just can't do anymore than I am doing already.
    I have 2 girls, Mikaela a 6 year old, and Tara a 2 year old.
    However, in saying that, I look at your day, and wonder how you do everything you do with everything you have on! I have to confess, I have not missed one of your posts, I find them very interesting!

    Thanks for your support.

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