Monday, March 26, 2007


Today, kids to school then off to the gym, I have not done much exercise at all in the last 3 days and feel really sluggish.

Then, when I get home again.... I will post the photos of my trip, feet and all.... bet ya can't wait ! lol

Hamilton Lake, with Waikato Hospital in the background.. I love this view. I had Mike in this Hospital 17 years ago!

Here's one bird brave enough to put it's feet in the Hamilton Lake, cos I wasn't! It is filthy!

The Waikato River, with the M V Waipa Delta in the background, this paddle boat does Lunch/Dinner cruises up and down the river... I have been on it twice, it is very nice, if a bit boring!

This reminded me why I don't miss the Waikato! Fog fog and more fog, this photo was taken at Atiamuri, my family used to live about 10 miles from here.... I DO NOT MISS IT ! Oh and there is water just to the left, the Waikato River again.

The most awesome stretch of water in the North Island.. Huka Falls, about 2 miles up the road is the birth of the Waikato River as it leaves Lake Taupo... This is the river narrowing to get through a gorge, it is amazing.

This is the closest my foot is ever going to get to this stetch of water, for sure! Anyone with a death wish can get closer. Huka Falls again obviously.

Lake Taupo, what can I say? My foot looked prettier than the Lake yesterday! It was dull and overcast.... shame.

My foot, encased in my shoe, there was no way I was walking over all those rocks in me bare feet! This is a mountain stream at the base of Mount Ruapehu.... and that water was friggin freezing!

Mount Ruapehu, she looks naked without her snow! Across the bottom of the photo is a dirty line, that is where the lahar came through... if flowed down the mountain then took a curve and out across the countryside to sea.... just last week! It would have been amazing to see!

Just south of Hunterville, there is a small lake - big pond ? and it has this "thing" floating in it... It looks like a shark's fin from a distance.... It has always made me smile cos it's in the middle of nowhere! And I have NO IDEA what it is or why it's there, it just IS.

So, there ya go, me Road Trip in photos...
On to the rest of my day.....
Done the gym thing, picked up the ironing from last week (ooops forgot it), picked up Stew from work, he's not feeling well, picked up kids from school... Brylee has a huge fat lip - collided with some other kid...and am now contemplating what to feed my lot for dinner.
Don't think I will be going to gym tonight, I'm feeling a bit jaded. Must be all the travelling catching up with me, and I don't sleep well in strange beds, even with my own pillow! Oh well..onward.
I have been asked on numerous ocassions now about my Tummy Tuck, so tomorrow I am going to dedicate my post to MY TUMMY TUCK, that way I will not be repeating my story over and over again! Not that I mind, but it will be good to try and answer all the questions I've been asked in one hit! Hope no one minds, gory details and all...... to come !!!
Now, don't expect me to have it up first thing! I shall have to do my usual morning routine first, so expect it around lunchtime, all going well.
That's me for today, unless something amazing happens in the meantime.. bye for now.


  1. Don't ya love meeting fellow bloggers in real life? I've met Lynda and Jo (kiwijo) and had a blast! Although people never look the same as they do in their photos, not sure why that is.

  2. Good to catch up on you and see your photos. Pleased to hear the talk went well - knew you would be fine:)

  3. That's a gorgeous bunch of "Big Kids" you have there. Can see a bit of you in all of them.
    And I'm not being smart either!!! lol.

    You made me remember Hunterville. Was in my first accident there. You know the tight S bend with the railway crossings.

    And the feet photos.... well I was only just able to contain myself. ha, ha.

  4. It sounds like you have had a brilliant trip!

    I've been to Huka Falls twice and both times WOW! The power in the water is awesome, especially the day they had increased the flow upstream.

  5. Aren't we just so fortunate to have grown up children whose company we so enjoy! What a good looking bunch - obviously got that from their mum! Thanks for the photos of the trip - lovely to see.

  6. They are great photos Chris..... I love the look of NZ .... one day I will venture out that way ......
    Your 'big kids' look really pleased to spend the time with you .... you must be proud!!


  7. Huka Falls looks amazing. I also love the previous post with all your kidlets. Looks like you had a great time.

  8. hi ya,
    things i would like to know about a tummy tuck, (if you don't mind sharing)
    Firstly, how long was the op? (hours)
    How much did it cost?
    Did they actually cut skin off and if so how much?
    What was the recovery time?
    Any complications?
    Was it done in a private hospital, or did you pay to have it done at a public hospital (but as a private procedure)
    Does insurance cover some of the costs?
    Mmmmm, what else?
    How long ago did you have it exactly and how does the scars look this far down the track?
    Well thats about it from nosey parker me. :-)

  9. hi.. well what a shock to see me on your blog... at least people are saying we look good.

    Nice pics of the trip home mum :-)

  10. Ooooo ...
    that looks beautiful....

  11. Huka Falls, been there once, love it but can never get the Peter Plumney Walker thing out of my head.

  12. Beautiful pictures, glad you had a great trip and made it home safely.

  13. Looks like you had a great time. Nice photos. Glad to hear the speech went well. Welcome home.


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