Friday, August 31, 2012


Today is going to be very busy!

First up.. I take the dogs to the groomers in Takanini by 9am.

Then I go over to Lacy's and take her and Keera to the Dr.

We want a 2nd opinion on the ''Hemangioma' that Lacy found on Keera's chest last week.  It has grown noticeably since last week... and we are a bit worried.  It is still only very small but it could (according to all I've read) grow really big.  
The Doctor did not see it last week, so that's what we want to happen today, just to reassure Lacy that her baby is going to be OK.

ABOVE:  Keera's little Hemangioma.  
Here's hoping the Dr says it is OK, and we just have to wait for the Paediatric Surgeon's appointment, which could take months.

After the Dr's appointment I will drop Lacy and Keera back home then I'm off to Karaka to pick up wee Emily's quilt.... it is finally ready to be picked up!

I will also take out Baby SJ's quilt at the same time.  Hopefully she will get it done in time for Christmas!

Clearly I'm going to be out and about for all of the morning.  
Hopefully I'm home in time to have an hour's 'time out' before the kids get home from school!

Oh and the other thing I have to fit in is try and sort out some flights down to Christchurch ... hopefully for next week some time.

Right, that's me for now....


Home again.  Long morning.
Keera's heamangioma has doubled in size in just one week!  The Doctor wants to see her every two weeks just to keep an eye on it.  But there are no plans to 'fix it' right now.  It is harmless, and even though it might get quite big, it's not going to hurt her in the least.
Lacy is reassured considerably now that a Doctor has seen it.

Picked up Emily's quilt, it looks awesome.  Now I have to make the bindings and sew them on before Sunday afternoon!  
AND a label.  I have not labelled any of my quilts!  NAUGHTY ME.  I really should do it eh?

Just picked up the dogs from the grooomers too...

 ABOVE:  finally, Emily's quilt.  I just have to make and sew the binding on now... quite a big job in itself.

ABOVE:  the dogs looking so cute, and Lacy and Keera.

ABOVE:  Keera sharing the limelight with the dogs...

ABOVE:  look at the expression on Ted's face!  It's like "OH MY GOD, what the hell is that thing, like....get that thing away from me".

Both dogs are exhausted now and having a nap... so is Keera.
I too am taking a break... even though I have masses to do, I feel the need to just relax for a little while.

I got to sit in my lazy boy chair, with Keera in my arms for a good hour and a half!  Both dogs lay on my legs too... it was so nice.  Keera is just a delight... watching her sleep in my arms is precious.

Good news... Stew has managed to book really good priced flights to and from Christchurch.  He is going alone... I decided it would be less hassle for everyone if I stayed home and looked after everyone here.

He leaves on the 12th of September and comes home again on the 16th.

Coco is only three weeks off having her pups now!  Starting to get excited!

Spent a good deal of time in the garage this afternoon and evening, re-arranging things so I had a bit more room for me sewing activities.  I was going MENTAL having to constantly move tables back and forth when I wanted to get into cupboards or search for fabric in me 'stash'.  

Done now and very happy with the results.  
Shame it meant my car had to sleep outside again... but me NOT getting crabby was more important than the car!  lol

End of Day:  A really good day ... spent with Lacy and Keera mostly.  Was nice to have them with me for the day.

nite nite

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Stew was adopted.

Twenty years ago we found his birth mother and other family members.

They live in the South Island, we have seen them only a few times over the years.

A couple of days ago Stew got a phone call from his sister in the South Island.  His Birth Mother is very unwell and not expected to live much longer than about 6 months.

So... priorities change.  We are now looking at getting down there in the next couple of months.

Days of Our Lives.  Yep.  

Today:  well if it's really nice Bex and I plan on going for a walk first thing.  Then home to do some housework I think.

Or I might do some more sewing.  I want to get cot bumper pads made to match the Lemur Quilt.  I'm really enjoying doing this set.  

ABOVE:  how Coco lies on the floor... back legs stuck out like that!  Looks like she's doing the splits.  Apparently it is a good thing she can do that with her legs... Teddy does it too.

Her tummy is getting noticeably bigger now!  She is 36 days pregnant, about 24 to go!  Exciting... but it also makes me think... WHY did I do this again?  
Caring for puppies once they are about 5 weeks old is a lot of work!  Work for ME mostly.

Both dogs go to the groomer on Friday.  They need it too.  


ABOVE:  arty farty shot... love it.

 ABOVE: Cute...

ABOVE: yukky eels...

ABOVE:  I poked this one with me glasses... 

ABOVE:  postcard shot, so pretty.

ABOVE:  this is new in the gardens.  Made of bricks...

 ABOVE:  Bex said it was really comfy...

ABOVE:  so I tried it.  Well it was comfy, but bloody cold!!!

 ABOVE: this was new too... amazing!

ABOVE: it was made of shovels.  !

ABOVE: after our lovely walk we indulged in a hot chocolate and piece of lemon slice.  That was lunch... lol.

ABOVE: The entrance to the Gardens... SOOOO pretty.  This is one side, the other side is the same.

Lunchtime... and we ain't hungry at all... so I'm off to sew and I think Bex is leaving soon too.

LEIGH: in answer to your question:  The Botanic Gardens, Manurewa, Auckland.  Take Hill Road exit on southern motorway (heading south), the  Gardens are on your left immediately as you leave the motorway.

End of Day:  well it's been a non-stop kind of day.  Totally ready for my bed.  I have fielded text's almost non stop all afternoon/evening.  
Must turn me phone off sometimes.
Nite nite.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I asked Steve to chop up some onions for me last night... and being the MACHO man he is, he did it without the googles on.
Yep... really paid for it too:

ABOVE:  rolling around on the floor in pain...

ABOVE:  Teddy and Coco checked him out... Teddy stepped over him and in the photo it looks like he's having a pee on Steve!

ABOVE:  who's the 'MACHO MAN' now eh?  lol

ABOVE: he got back to it, still no goggles... Bex just kept cracking up in laughter.

ABOVE:  I'm sure I can see tears!  Dick.

After much thought and consideration I have made the difficult decision to have the latest Baby Quilt professionally quilted.  It has taken such a lot of effort, and hours and hours of work to make the top and backing.  I don't want to stuff it up by not getting it quilted properly.
So I shall ring the quilter today sometime and get it over to her.

Hopefully she can get it done by Christmas!  She is always so busy, I still don't have Emily's quilt back from her!  *sigh*

Here's a few new photos of the grandbabies in Australia:

 ABOVE:  Cute wee Sienna...

 ABOVE:  Sienna again....

 ABOVE:  Bodhi getting a bath from his other grandmother...

ABOVE:  look at the chops on this darling wee boy!  Bodhi looks a lot like our son!

 ABOVE:  Haylea, Bodhi and Sienna with their Australian Grandma.

Right, enough photos!
I've got Hospice Shop today... so I am off to get lunches made, beds made, bla bla bla.


I arrived home to the most divine smell:

ABOVE:  my DIL has been baking!  Chocolate muffins!   Oh so yum.

ABOVE:   for the price of TWO COFFEES at a coffee shop... today's Treasure from the Hopsice shop.

ABOVE:  a box of New Zealand marine life stamps... for $1.00 !  SCORE!

ABOVE:  I am beyond thrilled by this stunning bowl!  It's MINE... no way am I giving it away.

Bex and I went over and visited Lacy and Keera for lunch.  We all had a McDonald's burger.  I tried the new Lamb burger.  Couldn't eat it all, it was HUGE.
Now home again and contemplating doing some sewing.

End of Day:  well I've not done any more sewing  yet.  Had a quiet afternoon with Bex then got dinner for the family.
nite nite.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I know of only two men who just DOTE over babies.

And they BOTH live in my house!

Stew and our son Steve.  They really love babies.  It's so lovely to see.  They don't care that other's could think they were 'soft'... they are caring, nurturing men.
That's why I love them so much.
They CARE, and they show it all the time.

How could anyone not love this gorgeous wee babe???

ABOVE:  Stew arrived home from work last night, and as baby Keera was up, he swooped right in there and nabbed her.  So cute.

ABOVE:  having a very meaningful conversation... I'm sure.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Awwww, Keera made her Granddad smile...

ABOVE: Yes Granddad, I AM coo'ing at you... and trying to smile so hard.

ABOVE:  we have one very loved wee baby.  

I can't wait until Russell and Tess come over in December, we are going to have such fun with Keera and Bodhi, not to mention Sienna and Haylea too!  

AND after Christmas we will welcome Steve and Bex's little man into our family.  How lucky can one family get?  There will be another baby added to the mix in February too, when Amanda has her next baby.

I am just so thrilled.  In case you didn't realise by now... I kinda DOTE on babies too!  lol
You can never have too many eh!

TODAY:  Well Steve has the day off as he's working 6 weekends in a row ... so we will probably all go out for a while.  I need to get some batting for Baby SJ's quilt for a start.


I've had mixed success with my shopping today.  I really wanted to find some fabric that I have already used in Baby SJ's quilt... but both the Spotlight stores I went to didn't have it any more .... bugger damn and blast!
So.., now I have to think of some other way to tie it all in.  

What else?  I took THREE pots of fly eggs back to Animates cos NONE of them have hatched and me frogs are getting bloody hungry.  They gave me a store credit ... and I'll tell you this: 

Flies are not cheap!  Roll on summer when there are lots of flies around and I can catch the buggers for FREE.  Pffffft.  I got mealworms  for the frogs instead.

So, I get home and Steve and Bex are bored.  Oh to be bored!  I've got way too much to do to ever get bored now!   

I love my home, even if it's a wee bit small... I do love making it cosy for everyone.  And I love sewing, making things for the ever expanding family.  And I really LOVE just being at home!

When we first moved up here from Palmerston North I used to be so lonely and bored...but I've kinda gotten over that now.  Thank goodness.

I'm over being miserable.  I'm gunna be happy!

I'm sitting here doing me update and Steve and Bex are opposite me on the two seater couch... and this is what Steve is doing:

ABOVE:  ya know, there is something just a little bit 'wrong' about seeing your son fondle his fiance's boobs!  He thought it was funny!  
Yeah, so do I really.

They have buggered off to the mall for some retail therapy... then they are bringing back a VERY LATE lunch.

Meanwhile, I'm moving on to the next step with the Lemur Baby Quilt.

I made lasagna for dinner tonight... it was a bit SLOPPY... whoops!  Haven't made it in years.  At least it tasted good.

I'm heading down to the garage again shortly... I decided to make a nice backing for the baby quilt, instead of just using calico like I have done before.

I think I will do it for all my baby quilts from now on... it looks nicer.

End of Day: awesome evening.  Got lots done on my sewing project.
nite nite.

Monday, August 27, 2012


I had a look at my calendar and I can't believe it!
I have nothing 'on' this week except Hospice on Wednesday.
The Baby Quilt will get heaps done on it :

ABOVE:  work in progress... putting the smaller bits 'n' bobs on it... still got a few more things to add... butterflies? Not sure yet...but the top left hand side needs something...

I'm looking forward to getting heaps done on it today... and then start doing the applique stitching on the latest additions. 

Bex is due back tonight, and I really want to have heaps done so she can see how it's coming along.  

AND I need to think about making matching Bumper Pads for the cot too... and the other day at The Baby Factory I saw a nifty padded thingee that you attatch to the top rail of the cot so the baby doesn't chew the wood.  Excellent idea!

I'm sure there was something else I wanted to blither on about, but damned if I can remember right now... maybe it will come back to me later.  Until then...


Wow... I'm cold today!  Now THAT is a novel feeling.  Ain't felt cold all winter, and today I am.  It's a crappy day outside, I dropped Steve at work and the kids at school and now I'm going to sew!  

BEEN SEWING.... for 4 and a half hours solid.  Now I'm seeing double!  But the quilt is coming along so well... I'm still doing the applique stitch around everything.   I think I might have finished that step when Bex gets here tonight!  

I hope she like it!

I had a piece of 'scone toast' for brunch... scone toast is a super thick piece of toast bread... and OMG am I suffering now!  I have the most wicked heartburn going on.

Not happy.   And I already knew that would most likely happen too.  I'm a twit.

Right... little break over... time to get back to it before the kids get home from school in a little over an hour... shit the day is flying by.  

The sun has even come out while I was in the garage!  Nice.

ABOVE:  Sewing for 6 hours in total today ... and all the applique stitching is done... and I added two butterflies and a wee bird.  Now ALL I have to do is add the batting and backing fabric and QUILT it.

OH yaaaa... that will probably take another whole day or two.

ADVICE WANTED:  I was thinking of quilting it with just wavy lines up and down the entire thing ... myself.  Do you think that will be OK? There is no way I am going to send it off to a professional to do.  I'm STILL waiting on Emily's quilt that has been at the quilters for almost 3 months now!

End of Day:  a super productive day, and I loved it!
nite nite.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


My 'nite nite' pills... prescribed to help me sleep through the hot flushes stopped working with taking 3 at night, so the Dr upped it to 4 a night.  So now I am doped up to the eyeballs!  WELL ... not really... but I'm certainly taking way more than I started with!

Bonus is they are antidepressants, and ya all know I could use them!
I'm looking forward to the day I don't need them for either 'problem' ever again.

ABOVE:  this is the baby wrap I bought yesterday for Keera.  It professed to hold the baby's arms in a more natural position while asleep.   It is "OK", but I think I should have bought the other one now in hindsight.

ABOVE:  this one is called a 'Mum2Mum Baby Dream Swaddle'.  It works like the 'Miracle Wrap' that Jo from Wellington told me about, but it has a zip closure instead of wrapping the fabric around the baby.  

Today:  I think I've got a friend coming over to do some sewing with me.  Must text her and check!
I will be doing some sewing either way.
I've done a good catch up on my blog reading, so that is not making me feel guilty now!  *smiles*


Can you tell I've been busy?
Ha ha... I've been working on the Lemur Baby Quilt.  On me own.  My friend couldn't make it after all.  Shame that... I was looking forward to it too.  Oh well... another day.
The guys and kids are having a lovely lazy day too... playing X Box (the kids and Steve) and watching rugby (Stew).  They are happy.  So I don't feel guilty about sewing.

Wonder if Stew is gunna make dinner again?  Yaaa, I just asked him and he said YES... but he's full of himself!  He said "God I'm good to you!".  Pffffft.

Miss Muppet does not like that wrap at all.  soon as I can I will get her the other one, I'm sure it will be better than the one above.

It's been a quiet evening, just blogging, sewing, watching some TV... usual sort of night.

End of Day: it's been a nice enough day.  Got lots done... which is good.
nite nite.