Tuesday, June 30, 2009


THE DRAW: well I took a wee video of Stew doing the draw, but it just WON'T upload.. sad.

In the end I had to give out THREE prizes...

1. The Name: "ROXY"... ( Congrats KAY JAY, aka Karen from Palmy)

2. The Lucky Draw: Anonymous! (His/Her suggestion was "Ivanna")...Anon, you have 3 days to own up or I will do a redraw.

AND ...
3. A Number Plate idea! : DC ROX ! ( Congrats Kate in Australia) ... it ties in with the name, AWESOME.

I will get the name "ROXY" put on the car ( somewhere), AND the personalised number plate....

THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO ENTERED MY WEE COMPETITION... it was fun! Must do something like that again.... one day!
ABOVE: when we moved from Palmerston North, I had a huge clean out of all my kitchen ware/glass ware etc... and I gave away a shitload of stuff, including 90% of my glasses. Hell, I had far too much anyway. BUT.. I gave away all the shot glasses didn't I?

And now that I have found a liqueur that I LOVE.. I needed some glasses! So I bought these from Living and Giving, who were having a 50% off SALE... SCORE! I didn't get 'shot' glasses, just some really cute little ones for me and some mid-size ones for Stew ... for his Baileys.

Today is Patchwork Class... and we are going on our "End of Term Outing"... to a couple of shops in and around Auckland. I am providing transport... cos I have more seats in my car than most vehicles. (7)... which is very handy... and only 1 less than we are used to.
So, I will be out for most of the day... Hope I don't spend too much cos I am getting my hair done tomorrow! Sheesh....

I crashed the new car.
It was my fault.
No one was hurt.
Except my new car and his car.
I am feeling GUTTED.
End of Day: nite nite.

Monday, June 29, 2009


This is the last day you have to suggest a name for me new car! I will be doing the draw late tonight....

BIG...BLACK...BEAUTIFUL...4X4 Toyota.... and of course It's MINE...! Lots of you have been focusing on the Highlander name... but I was thinking more of the BIG, BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL aspect really. Like what is big and black and beautiful? Who? What? Where even? So there's more ideas to help ya! There are a few really good suggestions already... but I'm open to more!

Today I am going to EXERCISE from 9 - 10 am, it's the start of my new routine... fitting exercise back in NO MATTER WHAT else I want to be getting on with. Exercise has to come first.
And I am planning every evening meal in ADVANCE, so I'm not left wondering what I'm cooking for dinner at 4pm ... and sometimes just thinking "oh what the hell, let's have takeaways!". NO MORE being lazy....

This is the last week of school before the next 2 week holiday for the kids... so I want to make the most of it and get lots done.. primarily the new blind... and maybe Brylee's quilt finished!

ABOVE: see the tennis ball? hee hee, now I can drive me new car into the garage without hitting the wall.... it's a bloody Looooong car... a bit longer than my van in fact. Oh and it took me over 45 minutes to get that bloody ball positioned just right... and two holes in the roof... *sigh* (small nail holes Stew, don't go panicking now!).

What's next? oh yes.. now to the blind... yeah forget the blind.. I had to go grocery shopping and put petrol in the car ready for tomorrow's Patchwork Class Outing....

***********NAMES: what about something that depicts the "DIET COKE ROCKS" side too????

ABOVE: I snapped this guy in the supermarket this afternoon....like.. WHY did he bother putting on his jeans if he wanted to show his arse so badly???? His underdaks were so thin I could see his butt crack... soooo not a good look. IDIOT.

End of Day: well I drove the new car with some trepidation.. especially around town... but on the motorway I actually CRIED.... cos I felt so safe ! In the van I always felt very vulnerable. I will be doing the NAME DRAW in 3 hours... then going to bed. Results will be posted tomorrow. nite nite.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Now that I can stop obsessing about the CAR...I need to get back to my sewing!

I have so many things 'on the go' at the moment it's ridiculous!
There's Brylee's Quilt
There's the Star Quilt
There's the Frangipani Project

BUT RIGHT NOW... I want to make a Roman Blind for this window in the hallway:

It's right next to the Family Room/Kitchen door.... and right near where I sit on this here computer.... and cos it doesn't have any curtain or NOTHING... it's letting a lot of heat out and a lot of COLD in.... so I am going to do the blind before moving back to my other projects.
ABOVE: luckily I found some instructions on how to do the blind in a book I've had for YEARS.... and there are already a lot of roman blinds in this house so I should be able to do it!

I just have to find the right material for it now... all the curtains and blinds in the house are very plain/neutral... but I think I'd like to go a bit brighter/louder with this blind. Not sure yet.

We are going out this morning to look at a Heat Pump for the kitchen/family room... cos I is freezing! AND get the material for the blind... and some shot glasses! I found a liqueur I LOVE! We got it in Thames yesterday:

It's a local vineyards version of 'Tia Maria' and it is devine! I sipped on it all night! 1 point per nip.... so not that bad! Maybe I will just have to stop eating dinner so I can indulge in this evil little drink! YEAH!

Griffin has packed a wobbly, cos we are going out in DAD'S car instead of the new Highlander! But that's how it is... we use the company car on the weekends cos it's FREE to run... wouldn't you?

ABOVE: Wow, I went all subdued and bought this for the blind! It does have blue in it though! AND I intend to do SOMETHING to bling it up a bit... OF COURSE!

And I got a little cable thingee to connect my iPod to my car stereo... AWESOME! Now I only have to have my iPod in the car and not lots of CD's. AND we ordered a Heat Pump, might take up to 2 weeks to get installed thought, boo hoo.

END OF DAY: a busy day... got a good deal done. Have started on the blind even! AND hemmed Griffin's new pyjamas! AND the machine is behaving itself. HUGE relief over that. nite nite.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


This morning:
- we go to the Doctor's for weigh in, (I feel like that cat looks!).

- Then we leave in my old car for Thames, where we will swap it for THE HIGHLANDER (as yet un-named).

- Then we drive over to Hamilton (an hour from Thames) and have lunch with our son Steve and his new girlfriend. Steve moved up to Hamilton yesterday.

Then we will pop into Amanda's and hopefully catch up with the rest of the Hamilton based family.

That's about IT for now....

Should be a neat day!

DON'T FORGET... if you havn't suggested a name for the car yet... you have a few more days! Make it good! You could win a prize REMEMBER!!!

Righty ho... I'm outta here.. will be back much later today with photos I hope!
7pm... finally home after a long day out and about.
1st: Stew lost 4 kilos over the past 2 weeks. WAY TO GO DARLING!
2nd: I stayed the same.
3rd: WE picked up the new car (happy, happy, joy, joy) and then drove over to Hamilton to have lunch with Steve and his new Girlfriend Brydie... who also lives in Hamilton.
Funnily enough when we lived in Hamilton over 18 years ago Brydie and her family lived over our back fence! And we knew them... She is only a few months older than our Mike. After lunch we had a lovely visit with Amanda, Andrew and a couple of their friends before coming home.
FOLLOWING: Steve and Brydie:
Awwwww, so cute a couple!
And now:
ABOVE AND BELOW: the guys checking out the new motor!
ABOVE AND BELOW: Me checking out the new motor! YUMMMM.
And of course (being me) I had to get something for the new car:
ABOVE: so I got two little Gollywogs for the car! Meet Tom and Robin (aka Forrest and Jenny off Forrest Gump!) I also got a few bright pink 'things' for the car too... but I will show them tomorrow.....
Keep the names rolling in.... it's FUN!
End of Day: what a neat day we have had! AND the best thing? I can sew in the garage and still look at me car! Wonder how long it will take for the novelty to wear off? lol .... nite nite.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Isn't it lovely to see our KIWI Buzzy Bee being played with in America! This is 'B'... playing with his (as yet to be born) baby brother's new toy! I sent it over for 'N' but of course 'B' got to it first. 'N' is due in about 2 hours time....! It's rather exciting! Their Mummy has a private blog so I can't link her, but just know she's one of those really gorgeous people out there!

Today I have to wash the car.... I didn't get to it yesterday... though I did managed to get all my junk out of it! Luckily for me I'd recently given it a clean out so it didn't take too long.

NAME THE CAR competition: When I get someone choosing a name that's already been suggested ... and if I actually pick that name, the prize will go to the person who FIRST suggested it! BUT, you will still have the chance to win a prize cos you will go into the 2nd draw along with everyone else! Make sense? Does to me. Try reading back through the comments to see what names have been suggested, then you won't double up! And I will get HEAPS of ideas to choose from! AWESOME. This is so much fun!
And tomorrow I get the car! *SQUEALS OF JOY*.....
And then... I may need to buy 'stuff' for me car.....hee hee hee! For a start, I've had a towbar put on it..... and I WANT a nudge bar too... but that will have to wait.... I blew the budget on this car ... BIG TIME!
MARGARET: awwwww shucks! Thanks for that lovely comment! And the name suggestion(s) are very, very good! And YES, I will try very hard NOT TO WET MYSELF!!!!.... LOL! I must not take my PIDDLE PILL tomorrow!!! ...MUST NOT or I might wet myself!
I am getting wet right now though, it's raining and I have PROMISED myself I will clean that bloody car RIGHT NOW... Car is
DONE. Now we just have to get it to Thames tomorrow without doing any damage to it!
I'm in the process of cooking rhubarb (from my own garden!) and apple ... yum yum! And I'm using Equal Spoon for Spoon, so no sugar in it really!
Michael Jackson is Dead... huge news! I didn't like him... yet I feel quite sad ... don't know why? Maybe because he was such a huge 'star' at one time, and he has left 3 little kids alone. Anyway, I just wanted to say 'something' about it. Farrah died too... sad.
End of Day: I had rhubard/apple and custard for dinner! I am weird.. I know. nite nite.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


So... I missed commemorating my 1,000th post and having a giveaway.... so instead I'm going to give a prize to the person who comes up with the best name for our new car! ...AND another prize to someone for just entering the contest! So, you have two chances to win!

How's that? You have till MONDAY, 10pm (NEW ZEALAND TIME) to leave me a comment suggesting a name for the new car! This is open to anyone, anywhere.... but you have to leave me a comment... (not an email), cos I likes comments!

And as to what you could win... I ain't saying! You just have to hope I have good taste eh? lol

In case you need some help coming up with a name: It's big, it's black, it's gorgeous, it's a Toyota.....4X4 HIGHLANDER! *drool*

OH YES! ...I forgot, at some stage I will be getting "Diet Coke Rocks" put on it in BLUE lettering (not too big)! Not sure where on the car yet....ideas?

I just cleaned out my car.. I need to vacum and polish inside and give the outside a clean before Saturday.... *sigh*... I'm sure I washed that car 6 months ago already! I'm thinking I will need to wash the new Highlander a bit more often eh? Where's the nearest brushless carwash around here???? Must find out.

Hee hee, there's some interesting names coming through! Can't wait till Monday night to go through them all and pick one .... and announce the winners on TUESDAY!

I am cold as hell today... so I've dug out the single electric blanket and wrapped it around myself while I'm sitting at the computer desk, and TURNED IT ON! Works for me. (OK I'm a whimp, I admit it)

GOOD GOD SANDRA! I am NOT calling me gorgeous new car IVOR!!! Just ain't gunna happen. Think of something else ya tart!

I'm like a dinosaur, when I'm cold I don't work! I have spent the last couple of hours in the lounge, blanket on.... watching telly! I have a headache too... so no dinner is being cooked by this lazy tart tonight! Wonder what Stew can buy for us? Pizza I reckon. My bad.

End of Day: we ended up going to Manukau Mall and Stew and I had Chinese.. ate far too bloody much... and feeling ill now. STUPID STUPID STUPID ME. Heading for a massive GAIN this week! Can just feel it... and on that note... nite nite.

Oh and thanks for all your name suggestions today, if you havn't already done it.... DO!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I was asked yesterday "Why buy such a big car?"...

- I am used to driving a van which is higher up than a car, and I like that.

- I like the safety aspect of being in a bigger, more solid car.

- The Highlander has 11 airbags, making it one of the most 'passenger safe' cars on the market.

- It has the seating capacity to have 7 people in it comfortably... this is important when you have a large family, visiting grandchildren etc.

- It has the ability to tow a larger load (for that boat I want one day!)

- It is versatile, having a large rear storage area for those large, bulky purchases... and we all know how I like to shop!

- It has a larger engine... making hill driving etc much easier... and passing shitty big trucks on the Kopu/Hikuai road is going to be a breeze!

- The Highlander has a rear reversing camera.. making it very safe in respect of NOT backing into any small child... or Teddy!

- It's a TOYOTA, which has an excellent reputation, and they just GO and GO!

I think that covers it all! I'm sure there are other reasons, like it's just TOTALLY GORGEOUS and I LOVE IT... *smiles*....

TODAY: I am going to stay home and read blogs! There's a couple of HUNDRED updates I need to read!!!

STEVE is moving up to Hamilton this Friday!!! THRILLED about that. He wanted to borrow our van to get his stuff up to Hamilton... Ahhhhh... NOPE.... it's getting swapped for our new HIGHLANDER on saturday! Obviously he hasn't read the blog in the last couple of days eh? lol

For only the 2nd time in my ENTIRE life... I won a prize! Coffee Slut was holding a competition to commemorate her 1,000th post... and I WON!!! I have NO IDEA what I won... and that's half the fun of it! I wish I had done the same thing for my 1,000th post! Maybe I will do one to celebrate my new car!

I'm sitting here, reading blogs, dropping a comment here and there (as I do)... FREEZING ME BUNS OFF!!! So, I have unplugged me laptop and taken it into the lounge so I can be near the fire... it's the only warm place in the house, well except me bed! And as I am expecting a plumber soon, I don't think I should be in bed!
Teddy is being a pain in the butt, he's sitting on my left arm... makes it hard to type I tell ya.
Anyway. once the plumber has been and fixed the kitchen tap, which is leaking something fierce, I'm going out to pay a bill and get me some lunch! I feel like something HOT.
ABOVE: Teddy has been evil AGAIN.. should I blame him .. or the kid who left it's socks out?? I'm leaning towards the KID.
I have a bloke in me kitchen... and he's not MINE!....
We have had a really bad leak for a while now, and Stew was right, it needed to be fixed by a plumber... cos we needed a whole new tap! TYPICAL.
At least I can clean out that cupboard now!
Oh and cos I was soooo cold, I got off me arse and did something. I climbed up into the attic to find something, but once I was up there I couldn't remember what it was! So I did some tidying up, then had to climb down to let the plumber in.... then I remembered what it was I was looking for! So up I went again.. couldn't find it.. but saw something else I wanted ...
So far today I have been up and down those horrible steps about 6 times! Well, I found several things I needed didn't I? LOL. As a consequence, now I'm hot. It's all good.
BLONDIE1: While I remember.. I have been dreaming of buying the Highlander for AGES, so did think to measure our garage to see if it would fit first! LOL... it does! Thanks for your concern.
This afternoon Griffin went to a friend's house till 5pm... that was nice. I put a big roast of pork in the oven... can't wait for that!
Stew is home late tonight, he's at a meeting at the Super Clinic for Diabetics. He is LOVING it (NOT)... it's every Tuesday night for about 12 weeks I think.
End of Day: just got the kids off to bed, Stew is due home shortly. It's been a neat day... got lots done. nite nite.
******** You have to read tomorrow's post! You could WIN something!*****

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Remember me saying I wanted one of these?
Well yesterday I got a call from Stew saying "You can go looking for one!" So I went down to the local dealer to see the one they had ... but they don't seem too keen to do a good deal so...
I'm going to Thames (about an hour's drive away) to look at this one (Above).... so I ain't going to Patchwork Class today.

We have been wanting a Toyota Highlander for about 6 months... and now I am getting it! I am so excited! This will be our most NEW car (of our own) that we will have bought... it's a year old and comes with all the usual BRAND NEW CAR warranties etc.
I'm so, so excited! Ummm, I said that already eh? *smiles*

I feel bad about not going to Patchwork Class.... but that won't last once I get to Thames and can *drool* over the car!!!

Right now though, I have to get the kids to school so I can go...

MY DAY SO FAR: I left Auckland at 8.30... got over the Bombay hills to the Foggy Waikato (Yeah, funny that!)....

ABOVE: in the fog, waiting to cross the infamous Kopu Bridge...
Which is finally going to be replaced after 40 years of wrangling!!!
So, I am supposed to be LOOKING at a car eh?

ABOVE: I saw this one, *drool* ... but they were not selling it... bugger! So...

ABOVE: Well.... I kinda bought this one instead!

ABOVE: all going well we will pick it up on Saturday!!!! OMG I can't wait! After doing the business with the Highlander... I decided to stop in at the Thames cemetery to find my paternal Grandparents grave.... last time I went it was pissing with rain and I couldn't find it. I had luck today:

ABOVE: I can still clearly remember when we buried my Granddad in 1970! I was 11....

ABOVE: as you can see, the cemetery has gorgeous views... and today was a lovely fine day.... once the fog lifted. Teddy had a ball running around here!

ABOVE: As luck would have it....when I arrived at the cemetery there was NO ONE there... but when I wanted to leave (after cleaning the gravestone etc)... I was totally blocked in by a funeral in progress! Derrrrr.... I had to sit there and wait 25 minutes until they had all moved off to bury their (sheesh how do you say it?) dead person! *lol*.....

ABOVE: the Kopu Bridge, the bottleneck, one way, 'temporary' bridge that leads into the Coromandel Penninsula. (It was supposed to be replaced 40 years ago!) Pffffft. Two years from now it will only be a memory.

So, in all it's been another busy day... and I loved it! I have to go and pick up the kids from school now....

ONWARD... OOOOOHHHH BUGGER!!!! Yesterday was my 1,000 th POST!!!! And I forgot!!! So this is my 1,001st post. whoooooop.

End of Day: it's been an awesome day! I'm a happy chick. nite nite.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I did some more sewing .... and while the machine behaved itself... I still wasn't happy with it... I keep expecting it to crap itself! So I'm still going over to the shop as planned... and we will see.

After I've been there I will have to do a grocery shop, I was supposed to do that yesterday but didn't get around to it.

And AFTER that I am going to the shop where I bought my new prescription sunglasses to see if they can adjust them, cos they keep falling off me face when I bend over... like doing the gardening yesterday. It just about drove me nuts.. I ended up not wearing them. Pfffffft, I bought them to wear outside in the sun... and I couldn't.

That's IT for now....I will come back later (much later no doubt) and update. And read some blogs and drop a few comments your way.....

It's a cracker of a frost this morning, FREEZING inside ... Stew didn't turn the heater on when he left this morning... something else I will have to train him to do I see. So, cos I'm freezing, I'm grumpy:

Hopefully it's warm in the Sewing Machine Shop! Or fur will fly. And on that note...

ONWARD... (It's NOT Father's Day here... ours is in September)

I have just spent 2 hours in the sewing machine shop... sewing... sewing... sewing... and my RAT FINK of a machine was PERFECT the whole bloody time! Pffffft. So, apart from that, I had a wonderful time over there! Learnt more about what the machine does, chatted with the ladies in the shop and had a ball! *smiles*.... so it wasn't 'wasted time'.

After that I went and did the grocery shopping... plugged my Ipod in and away I went.. CHOICE. Home now and it's 1.30pm and I'm STARVING! Might just have breakfast/lunch now!

End of Day: and I have managed to do no blog reading at all! Too tired! Had a busy afternoon... and it was very exciting! Will tell ya all about it tomorrow! nite nite.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


My totally gorgeous, expensive as hell sewing machine is still not going that well. Yesterday I rang the shop lady back and suggested I come in (with the machine) on Monday morning and sew with it until it does it's 'crappy little nasty tricks' so she can see EXACTLY what it is doing....

She thought that was an EXCELLENT idea.... so that's sorted. If it continues to misbehave she will get me a totally new machine.

ABOVE: Griffin showing off his new pyjamas... we had to buy size 14 then shorten the legs and arms to fit him.... must be made in China, where everyone is an anorexic pygmy!

Today: dunno! Lie in bed? Let Stew sleep in? *sigh* ... I do know that today at some time we will be going to get those friggin concrete things for the driveway extension. Couldn't get them yesterday cos we went out in the car, not the van.

Apart from that.. no plans.
I got out of bed at 8, made the horrors some breakfast, and went back to bed till 9.45! It was FREEZING this morning, but has of course turned out to be a gorgeous day.

ABOVE: unloading the van... now for the hard work to commence! I will, of course, document it all in photos.....*smiles*... NOT that anyone OUT THERE seems to be reading this today! *sniff*
ABOVE: progress... when Griffin saw this he said:
"It looks like we are burying GrandDad again!"....
I was eating (guiltily!) a piece of ginger crunch and nearly choked on it! *LOL*
ABOVE: getting there! (Brylee is looking for worms)
ABOVE: I was not a total slouch while Stew slaved away, I planted out the Winter Vege Patch.
ABOVE: The only bug I want in my garden! He's so cute.
I've come inside now, it's getting cold and SOMEONE has to cook dinner I suppose. *sigh*
End of Day: we gots lots done today... so that is great! Off to bed now, we are both kinda tired. nite nite.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


OH GAWD... I'm going to a Tupperware Party is afternoon!

AND don't get your tits in a knot Amanda.. I know you sell Tupperware... and I would NORMALLY get mine from you... BUT... this is a way to meet more neighbours in my new community. So I'm going. I will buy SOMETHING.... even if I don't really need it. It's what ya do.

This morning? Well I hope to drag Stew down to Bunnings to buy those concrete thingee's to go at the end of the driveway.

He won't want to of course, cos that will mean he has to dig out the dirt and lay them ... but ya gotta do what ya wife WANTS EH? He wantS to sleep with me afterall! *lol* (just saying)

That's about IT for now.... except for ringing the sewing machine shop of course!

Oh and just for your viewing pleasure, I give you:

And HE called himself that! I just love the apron, I bought it thinking I would give it to someone overseas, but I loved it too much! Looks cute on Stew.... he offered to take off his shirt too... but I thought "NAH, we all seen your belly already mate!"


Righty ho.. we went out.. I bought a dress (or 2)... we had lunch at St Lukes.. we came home, I went to the Tupperware Party.. I drank a few wines.. OH ERRRR... Stew and the kids had to walk around to pick me up cos I was a bit tiddly and couldn't drive. Bad me.

I spent a bit... on stuff I really didn't need, but oh well.. the hostess wanted a set of scales and I only had to spend $XYZ so she could get them... so I did. *sigh* Hell, she made such an effort with the afternoon tea and bottles of wine I felt "What the hell"... I enjoyed myself and that's the main thing. And the other ladies there were lovely... in all.. a neat day.

End of Day: Stew is cooking dinner, I have no idea what it is... nor do I really care. I'm going to lie down and try to sober up! My head is spinning... BLOODY WINE! nite nite.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Let's start the day with some photos eh?

ABOVE AND BELOW: the gorgeous ribbons I got yesterday.. I don't know which one I love the most..... but I think the wee Kiwis might just win!

Next, how about a photo of Brylee finishing her cross country race:

ABOVE: running to the finish... and the little tart hardly looked tired!

NEXT: this is the travel case I got for Teddy, as you can see it's about 1/4 the size of his crate. Much better for in the car.

AND FINALLY: I went into the hospice shop yesterday afternoon and scored these two tupperware dishes.... perfect for serving veges in ... and they were only $5 ! SCORE!!!

Today: Teddy is going to the groomers at 11.30... I'm taking him to a new groomer much closer to home too. I am over being TOLD OFF by the lady because Teddy has a knot or two! I don't need that THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Pffffft. While he's at the groomers, I will go to the mall across the road and kill some time. Shouldn't be too hard eh? *snigger*

Brylee has a girlfriend coming home for a play after school today... I hope it goes well. AND Griffin is going to a friend's after school next week. We are really settling into this new home .. it's NEAT.
It's a good day today, nothing has happened to make me cross.... though I can't say the say thing for Teddy!
He hates going to the groomers! But this time he got shorn beautifully, AND I did not get told off... not at all! The lady was really superb... understood just how hard it is to comb this sort of dog.... and she had no trouble from him... not like me! He fights me... the little shit. Anyway, he's all tidy again, no knots. AND she cut is a bit shorter so it stays manageable for us for longer. NEAT.
ABOVE: doesn't he do the "PISSED OFF" look so well!!! *smiles* ... he's so bloody cute.
End of Day: The play visit with Brylee's friend went well. Griffin was a shit. I have been sewing. My machine played up a few times... I will talk to the shop lady about it. I'm bloody FREEZING. Going to bed. nite nite.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


My new glasses make me feel sick... like seasick! My prescription is different from the last one... so I have to wear them from morning to night till my eyes adjust! WONDERFUL!

Stew has buggered off to Wellington for the day...
The kids have cross-country running today... so I'm hoping it doesn't rain cos I want to go and cheer them on. Brylee should do well... she's our little scooter! Griffin - not so much. *smiles*

So, apart from that...it will be a normal, housewifey type day! You know, washing, vacuming, cooking... and all that totally riveting stuff.

I've been thinking about Teddy and his 'problem'... and I think he's suffering mentally... I go out too much! I have stopped him from coming into the lounge with a barrier (I was sick of him chewing things he shouldn't)... and he has been 'naughty' cos he's stressed out I think.

So... I am making plans to keep him with me more! ... He is going to come out with me in the car when I go out and about. ...if he can't come into the mall or where ever with me once we get there I will put him in his crate in the back of the car! It's not hot anymore, so he won't overheat. If he gets stressed out for the first few times and does have an 'accident' in the car.. well it will be confined to his crate. Hopefully this will stop the behaviour at home?

I can only try... and so... we are going out! I want vege plants for the garden... then we will go to watch Brylee run!

We went out... to the pet store! I bought a smaller travel case for Teddy to use in the car... the crate is just too big I decided. So.. that's done.. he hated being confined.. and howled when I went into the shop and left him in the car. GET USED TO IT MATE, you can't have everything.
Off to watch Brylee run now.
RUSSELL: seeing as you would NOT listen to reason on the phone:
I am the legal owner of Mike's car, and he is the NOMINATED driver.. he has a license to drive it in this country. I did NOT break the law by doing this, the insurance company KNOWS he is the principal driver. This costs HIM $24 a month in insurance, not me. If this is doing him a FAVOUR... then yes .. I did him a favour.
In YOUR case.. ... you are asking me to BREAK THE LAW by hiring a car for you to use in this country, without a legal license. If you are caught doing this I AM THE ONE who would be prosecuted. I am not going to get a criminal record for anyone, not even YOU.
You ask too much from me! And might I point out that you wanted nothing to do with me right up until you lost your license and NEEDED some mug to get you a car so you could use it when you come over!
I am not going to be used by you. I would do anything for you, any FAVOUR at all.... if I could, and it did not involve breaking the law. NO matter how you treat me, I love you, you are my son.
Now, back to normal transmissions: Brylee came 9th in her year at cross country running, she did very well!
Not sure how Griffin went yet.... off to pick them up now...
Griffin came second to last in his group... but I told him it did not matter where he came, as long as he tried his best! He was cool with that.
After picking them up I went and picked up my sewing machine... seems it was a problem with the sensor.... and easily fixed. If anything happens again they have promised to give me a totally new one. So that's good. Fingers crossed NOTHING does happen again.
While I was in the shop I spied some totally gorgeous ribbons, so took them up to the counter and asked for 2 metres of each.... but when it came to paying for them the lady said: "no charge"! NICE ONE! I kinda wish I'd known she would do that, I'd have grabbed heaps more! LOL
End of Day: lots has happened today, I am feeling a bit jaded to tell the truth. Stew is due home from Wellington around 8, so I shall just chill out till then.. well apart from cooking dinner and getting the kids into bed later on. nite nite.