Saturday, December 30, 2006


Hi!!! Having a great time, lazing around, eating way too much, reading a book no less!! The weather is up and down, one minute fine, next raining. We are just having a nice quite time.
I've not done any serious exercise in days, have only done 10,000 steps one day out of the four away so far!!

No pictures to show either, am using an Internet Cafe, first time I've done that! It is weird!

On the second of January we are going over to Cormandle town to the Keltic Fair, a huge yearly fair with heaps and heaps of stalls, markets etc. Should be fun! Will also be catching up with my DEAREST friend Frieda, who live there. Can't wait!
Bye for now.....

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


OK, we off on holidays.... hope to update sporadically if I can find someone with a computer to use.
Hope everyone has a fantastic NEW YEAR, keep up the good work, be it loosing weight, maintaining weight, having a baby!, doing well at work, not killing your kids (me), not killing your teenagers (me), etc etc. lol

And if you are travelling on the roads, be safe. ***HUGS***

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Ezibuy are having their Boxing Day "Nothing over $30 Sale" today, can't wait to get there! They have some really nice clothes that are usually up to and over $100, so I'm hoping to pick up a dress or two for $30....

The rest of today is going to be spent packing the cars for tomorrow, and getting the house tidy AGAIN. later...

Well, queues and queues of people.... and the clothes I was most interested in were not on sale for only $30, typical. I did however, pick up two more pair of workout pants, so all good. We are now doing the big clean up and pack up... this is the time when I get all ratty and start screaming at people usually, so LOOK OUT ! Wish I could just for once skip this part. later...

Here we have one totally EMPTY wardrobe......

And HERE we have all the clothes... I am just about ready to chuck the whole bloody lot out the window onto the roof ! I don't know how these two pigs find anything to wear that's clean... I know I'm not the only mother with PIGS in her house, but really!!! I am just getting so annoyed. Is that some floor I can see in the middle?

We are outta here tomorrow, and if it's still like this when I get home they are gunna be sorry.... it will all go in a rubbish bag and get chukked out of my house.

RANT OVER... kinda.... it's not just clothes on the floor, it's everything they own, and dirty dishes, rotting food, mould growing on top of left over drinks... get the drift??? And my favourtie word is "TIDY".... I'm not an obsessive compulsive tidier, but it's close!

We are slowly getting there re: packing.... had to get all the washing up to date first, and put away before we could start.... got another mountain of towels to fold... buggar.

LOOK AT THAT!!! Having a rant and rave works !!!! So, now all they have to do is about 6 loads of washing while we are away, haha ha.

Monday, December 25, 2006


He left bikes for Brylee and Griffin, and it's raining, so they are riding around and around the house (luckily it's big) and dinging me new painted walls, so I'll have to get out the paint roller again. We have eaten far too much, pudding for breakfast no less!! But it's only Christmas once a year and there is plenty of time to work it off (tomorrow)....
STEPS: 8993, 40 minutes Exercycle. Heaps of food, no coke or alcohol.
And Yes Jadey, Stew did give me a new paint roller !!! lol

Sunday, December 24, 2006


The excitment is building, Griffin was up and in bed covering me with kisses this morning.... and I got strict instructions to make sure I left out a drink and biscuits for Santa tonight.... coke no less! 'Cos Santa loves Coke it seems.
Today: finish tidying the house, go get food for tomorrow (BBQ type stuff), and relax cos I got nothing else to worry about till Boxing Day, when we will have to pack in readiness for going on holiday on Wednesday.

I am hoping that I can access the internet while we are away, otherwise this blog is going to be very quiet till the middle of January.... will keep my fingers crossed.
(I forgot to mention: yesterday I had a glass of diet coke at lunchtime, and two double Bacardi and cokes at dinnertime, I LOVED the coke!) But... I shall never ever start drinking 3 Litres a day again. So not good for me, my legs were blown up like balloons last night, and I'm darn sure it was the coke...

Ok, house and yard are as tidy as they are gunna be, been grocery shopping for tomorrow, we are having "rubbish" for lunch and a BBQ for dinner, nothing too stressful. Afterall, it's supposed to be a fun day, not one where I get all hot and bothered eh? I can't wait till tonight when the littlies are in bed and we get to put all the presents around the tree... it always looks so magical.

Ok, got lots to do this evening... santa is due soon, have to get him a drink and biscuit or two....catch ya !

TODAY: STEPS: 7944, WATER: 2 litres, EXERCYCLE: 30 minutes. That's all folks.


Saturday, December 23, 2006


Every morning the kids wake up and immediately ask "how many more sleeps till Santa comes?", two more ! Then they are going to be riding their bikes non stop and staying outta my hair.... YAA HOO.

TODAY: I'm off to weight watchers with my friend Chris D, followed by our trip to our fav coffee shop for a "skinny" Latte. Then when I get home it will be an immediate turn around and back into town with Stew and the Kids for their saturday lunch in town... always McDonalds! But they only go there for the toy, so today I'm going to get some cheap $2 shop toys to give them when we take them to a decent place for lunch instead. I am sick of them only ever having McDonalds. It's not like its even cheap there, and the food is YUK. What else? Maybe give the house a thorough tidy up in readiness for Monday .... when it will be turned upside down with boxes, paper and toys everywhere. later....

Been into town and had a lovely lunch at Breakers... kids ate their lunches just fine and got thier wee toy ( that worked!). What a nice change from McD's. Then we did some last minute Xmas shopping, amid the mad crowds. Yee Gods, it's cold today! There is no way you could call this summer.
I have spent the last hour trying to upload a photo again for my profile, but Blogger is not letting me, I'll keep trying tho. later...

Got a photo on for me profile, it isn't the one I wanted, but Blogger just wouldn't upload it... darn. It was a nice one of me at goal too. The one up now is about 5 months old and not how I want to look.... working on it...

Here is "Madam Muck" lounging around in her improvised couch in the lounge... rather cute! I've just been for a walk with Izzy, 3.2 kms. Later on I'm getting on the exercyle and then having a sauna.... neat.

TODAY: STEPS: 14091, EXERCYCLE: 30 minutes, WATER: 1.5 litres. Nothing else!

Friday, December 22, 2006


Today I am having my last aqua jog of the year, and next year I don't know if I'll do it anymore, I am just not getting anything out of it.... I think I'd be better off to do 40 laps of the pool instead. So I am going to give it some thought over the holidays and maybe change to swimming.

Stew finishes work this afternoon for 3 weeks, so that will be great. He is almost back to 100% on the health front, thank god. We are so looking forward to getting to the beach and unwinding, I'm taking one of our kayaks, the orange one, and will get a photo of me and Brylee in it, as a comparison to the one taken 3.5 years ago, where I was so huge it's a wonder the bloody thing didn't sink! I havn't been on it since then either and I'm really looking forward to it.

Today I'm off to the gym, then home to do the usual... housework. later...
I just put a new photo on my profile page, it's of me 2 years ago, at goal... and that is where I am going to be again, SOON. roll on 007...

11.20... OK, I've decided not to do Aqua today afterall, the sun is shining and I'm gunna get a start on me tan! Did 40 minutes on the treadmill then 25 minutes on the Vibration Machine, and now I've just finished vacuming half the downstairs. Thats me for now... going to find me togs (eeww) and lie in the sun. later...

Ain't this cute??? I'm seriously thinking of getting one once we are back from holidays..... it will cost $5 a fortnight for me to get to the gym and back every day compared to $80 for my car !! Hmmmmm, I want one NOW.

It has been a fairly quite afternoon, lay in the sun for about 45 minutes then the kids, Stew and I went into town to look at scooters, had some McDonalds for afternoon tea (YUK YUK), then home. Town was Mad, a million trillion people spewing out of shops and businesses. later...

Ever felt like smashing your compter??? Honestly I do often, and it's not even the computers' fault, it's TELECOM and their bloody useless internet .... grrrrr.

TODAY: STEPS: 11023, GYM: yes, VIBE: yes. Did 30 mins exercycle this evening too. POINTS: 25, WATER: 2.2 Litres.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


SO, starting today I have to try and get a teenager outta bed every morning to watch the littlies for me, or I will not be getting to the gym till 3pm!! Mike has promised he will do it this morning, cos my gym buddy and I are both doing the vibe machine then going for a walk this morning.

I can sure tell I did something yesterday on that machine, my triceps are sore! So are my calves and thighs. This is all good! It must work those muscles differently, because I already do exercises with free weights etc on those muscle groups, and they don't usually ache afterwards.

I've also decided to go for a walk every evening to avoid the dreaded boredom/eating cycle going on, oh yes, and when Stew goes upstairs to the rumpus room to do his exercise, I'm going up too, so I don't sneak food while he's up there and can't see me !!!

WE all do things like that .... don't we

??? later... So, here is the wonder machine..... doesn't look like much eh? But it is so cool to use, you either stand,squat, lie with legs on it, put arms on the plate, etc etc and it vibrates the s**t outta you! One that feels really "kinky" is when you lie on your front with just your thighs on it, and it vibrates your thighs and "lower" regions.... feels really NICE !! hee hee.
I've been riding Lisa's scooter to and from the gym the past 2 days, it's only costing about $5 a week to run compared to $70 for my car.... not rocket science to figure out the savings ! And we all need to watch the $$$'s this time of year.
Hmmm, lunchtime, wonder what I shall have? later...

7.30 pm - First full day with Brylee and Griffin home for the holidays, and I ain't really felt like killing them (yet). And once Santa has been they shall be so busy playing on their bikes and new toys they will forget to drive me crazy, yaa hoo. Roll on the 25th is all I can say.

TODAY: STEPS: 8860, GYM: yes, VIBE: yes, WATER: 1.5 litres, POINTS: 23.... Not too bad a day.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


TODAY: Kids to school, it's their last day, like, how come they have to have holidays??? 6 weeks of "Mum, can I ?.... Mum, Griffin's annoying me.....Mum, can we have?....Mummmmmm", shit I hope I don't kill em ! I am so over kids. For all you out there yet to have em.... they don't stay cute, adorable babies, you will spend 2 years teaching them to talk and walk, then the next 15 telling them to bloody well shut up and sit still !!
Anyway, I digress.... after dropping them off, it's the gym for my 2nd Vibe session, no hangover this time! Yaaa. Then at 12 I'm doing aqua jogging. So most of the morning will be physical stuff. Cool.

My God Telecom sucks!!!! I have been trying to get online for 2.5 hours already, and finally it's working again! I've had a lovely morning, did my gym workout, followed by the Vibration Machine workout, then home to do some housework and then back to the gym for Aqua Jogging..... Steve stayed home and looked after Brylee and Griffin for me.
We are lucky to still have the Vibration Machine to use, someone broke into our gym last night and tried to steal it! It would appear it was too heavy for them cos they left it lying on it's side and only got away with the steroeo system instead. Nasty bastards!
At least they didn't damage the machine, cos I sure enjoyed using it today, no nasty headache today. I did the beginners programme on Monday, and the intermediate programme today, which was a bit more strenuous. On Friday I'm going to try the Expert programme.... later...

Kinda a quiet afternoon, made dinner for family, lamb chops and veges, then took Izzy for a nice long walk. Have watched the telly mostly since then.... talk about lazy!
STEPS: 13972, GYM: yes, VIBE: yes, AQUA: yes, WATER: 1.5 Litres
I'm pleased with my exercise today, good no# of steps. Wasn't that good with food, I am going to have to change what I do at home, so I don't get bored and eat.... that's what I have been doing! Boredom = eat myself silly. nite nite

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


TODAY: Kids to school, gym, walk, last minute Xmas shopping....
I don't really need to get anything else, but I just love the Christmas atmosphere around town, so am going in to soak some of it up!
Woke up this morning and got on the scales.... shouldn't have! I've gone up 2kg!!! 83.5...... hmmmmm, wonder if that is all the grog I drunk the other night?? Or was it the pavlova, cheesecake and cream??? Shit, the rate I'm going I shall be huge again in no time!
Time to STOP and seriously think about what I really want, to be fit and healthy, and a "normal" weight .....I must remember just how fantastic I felt down in the low 70's, and get back there.

My girlfriend tried the Vibration machine today, she loved it! It's not called a Power Plate by the way, our machine is called a "FIT X", and it is cool! Remains to be seen if it actually will help with weight loss, toning, fitness etc. I am going to take all my measurements today (eeeewwww) and compare on a monthly basis. Wonder if I dare post me measurements??? I have darn sore calves and inner thighs today, but thats because I did 120 bloody squats yesterday at the gym, first time in months I did the whole lot in one session. And I got heaps of cramps in my calves after drinking so much on sunday night, seems alcohol can do that !! NASTY STUFF. later....

I've had a lovely afternoon, fell asleep after lunch!! Then went into town for a few essentials, man it's hot out there today! Ok, not as hot as Aussy, but hot for here. Ain't it neat seeing kids doing some work? Wish it was MY CAR they were cleaning tho! Steve even hung out the washing today, hmmmmm ... wonder what he's done? Or was he just being nice? Time will tell eh? lol later....

Today: STEPS: 10193, GYM: yes, WALK: yes, WATER: 1.5 litres

Monday, December 18, 2006


Might have a hangover today, first one in nearly 7 years ! Hope it doesn't affect how I go at the gym today, cos I hope to finally get a go on the Power Plate machine today.

TODAY: take my car into garage for new shock absorbers, drop Stew at work (so I can use his car), kids to school then gym. And then I suppose I better do some darn housework, such a thankless task, and the minute its done you have to start again...I guess in one respect I'm lucky, Steve and Lisa don't ever bring down washing to be done, they just recycle their clothes from the floor !!

"It" was there...
It was going...
I had my turn....
Dont ever ever do it while ya got a hangover!!!

All the alcohol left in my system got shaken and stirred... very well thank you. lol
As for how if felt, weird, made my arms ache, felt fantastic on my calves, thighs etc. Felt like my eyes would pop out, my teeth rattled, felt so weird, my head did not appreciate the vibrations AT ALL. Am going to have another go tomorrow, without the hangover.

Am going back at 12 for aqua jogging as well, so by the end of the day I will have done all my gym workouts and aqua jogging. I'm feeling much more positive today, I've decided that 007 is going to be the year I lose the kilos I've put on, and maintain - maintain - maintain. I know I can do this, and I bloody well will. Watch this space!

Far out, the water was friggin cold at aqua jogging today! But we hardy kiwis jumped in anyway and did our thing! Since then I have done bugger all, picked up kids from school, cooked dinner... that's about it! My nephew put a new radio/cd player in me car this afternoon.... YAAAAAA, now I can listen to something besides the national radio (sucks) and the Maori channel (DOH, I don't speak maori).... later...

TODAY: STEPS: 12973, GYM: yes, AQUA: yes, VIBE: yes!, WATER: 1.5 litres.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


I'm still in bed, it's raining, what else can one do on a wet sunday! Today: get outta bed eventually, go do the grocery shopping, finish the housework and .......??
I didn't get around to touching up the paint in the hallways so I shall probably do that today, and maybe even go for a long walk, seeing as it's raining and all.
Tomorrow "it" is supposed to be up and going at the gym, but I'm not getting excited anymore, Murphy's Law and all that, just my luck it won't happen... feeling a bit down I am, sick of my weight staying the same week after week, sick of knowing why (I'm a pig), just want to forget about it.
Thanks for the comment Anne, I wish I could just forget about the weight, but it is the first thing I think of every day, and it is on my mind all day constantly.... I am obsessed with it!!! I am so scared of putting all the weight back on, and because I have put some on already, I am soooo petrified I won't be able to turn myself around... its almost like I am doing it deliberately! Maybe I am so used to being fat I can't accept myself any other way? I don't know whats what in my head at the moment. I know what I should be doing, I KNOW I don't want to get so overweight ever again, but .... I am struggling.

On a happier note, Stew and I are off to his work "Xmas Do" this afternoon, a BBQ out at Waitarere Beach, on the west Kapiti Coast, it should be a lovely dinner, the "COOK" is one of Stew's workmates, who is a fantastic chef. I am taking my Bacardi and .... Diet Coke! Oh man, this will be the second time since I stopped drinking it every day that I'm going to have some.... I can't wait! I still JUST LOVE THE STUFF.... Later....

Dinner was.... fantastic! I arrived and within about an hour was quite pleasantly pissed!!!! First time in a whole year I had enough alcohol to be tiddly, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The food was amazing, the company was lovely, and the setting.... what can I say? A gorgeous house right on the beach, sand dunes in front, beach for miles. The owners are golfers and practice from their deck into the dunes, so Stew gave it a go.... how cool is that? After dinner we went for a walk along the beach, what bliss. I am now home and quite sober, feel great! Can't wait for our holidays, we are going up to Whitianga on the Coromandel Penninsula for two weeks, staying at my Mum's beach house. It is where Stew and I met over 20 years ago when we both lived there, so it is our special place.

TODAY: STEPS: 8109, STAIRS: 9, WATER: 1 litre (does alcohol count?), POINTS: ummmm didn't count. hee he
Total STEPS for the week : 75,827 and I know I could have done much much better.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


TODAY: We are off to Wellington to pick up a car part for Steve, I love Wellington! Lots of lovely shops, makes Palmerston's look sad....and the water views are just lovely. Havn't looked outside yet so don't know what sort of day we are having....

I will TRY not to overindulge at lunchtime....

Back home safely, traffic wasn't too bad at all. I was GOOD at lunchtime, had a panini, tried the sushi but we didn't really like it, could have been the soy sauce was too salty for us, not sure. It just didn't appeal, wasted $6.50 but now we know not to get it again.

The kids slept the ENTIRE trip back, how lucky can ya get!! later...

So we are all just chillin out in the lounge, dinner is over and we are relaxing.... some bloody stupid movie is on the telly and "they" are all glued to it.... I am waiting for the littlies to go to bed and then I'm touching up marks on the hallway walls...bought some new paint rollers yesterday, the one's I had been using are stuffed! (over used?) ha ha.

Had a spack at me teenagers this afternoon.... they are great at helping out sometimes, and at other times they are bloody useless... we drove all the way to Wellington to get something for them, and when we got home at 2pm they still hadn't even dried the dishes that had been on the bench since last night!! Come to think of it, some of them were still in bed !*%#!! ....

TODAY: STEPS: 10974, STAIRS: 10, WATER: 1.5 litres, POINTS: ? too many!

No gym No aqua

Friday, December 15, 2006


Today: Kids to school, back to bed!? I have woken up with a horrible fuzzy head and still got awful tummy ache, so once I've gotten the kids to school I might just go back to bed.... how naughty is that?

I suppose I could do the housework, wrap the presents, strip some wallpaper, mow the lawn, etc etc...... we will see, later...

I'm lucky I suppose, walked to school and by the time I got home the panadol had kicked in.... so woke Mike up (threatened to throw water on him if he didn't get up) and the two of us got through the housework in no time! I even got him to plant a fushia tree in the garden! Poor boy, he was working on auto-pilot, still asleep really, ha ha ha.

Then... Stew arrived home much much earlier than I expected, so we are going into town to pay some bills and have lunch... what ya bet I ain't good food wise? Bit dicey going anywhere at the mo, but what the hell, I'm going...

Had the nicest lunch, and I was good! Why was I good? We had lunch at my Weight Watcher Leader's Coffee Shop! And she sat with us , so I couldn't be BAD could I? lol
We have to go to Wellington tomorrow morning to pick up car parts, so won't be a WW tomorrow, I shall miss it ! I love the meetings, cos I can catch up with all me mates..... sad woman I am. later...

Got to lie in the sun for a wee while this afternoon, lovely.
TODAY: STEPS: 8838, STAIRS: 12, WATER: 2 litres, POINTS: 22, no gym or aqua.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


So, today I will try out that power plate machine I hope? And Stew is off to Wellington for 2 days, so I will be a bit busier than usual. Not much else planned for today....
They gym just rang, the machine did arrive, but without a couple of vital power cords.... so I am not getting a go afterall... Monday now. Far out, I was so looking forward to it too. so, am gunna stay home and do some long overdue housework, OH JOY ! want a picture of me vacum cleaner??? (ha ha) later...

I have spent the last few hours doing housework (yaa), and finally putting up our Xmas Tree, something I put off for as long as I can! Now all I have to do for Xmas is wrap all the presents, something else I usually put off as long as I can, I HATE DOING IT! Now I've got a backache from bending down for ages sorting out lights and decorations..... When Brylee and Griffin get home they can put on the last few decorations and then I will take a photo, it is gorgeous!

Wasn't good at lunchtime, had chicken nuggets! Don't know why, just did. I seem to make bad choices all the time at the moment, and I can't figure out why? Am I just stressed out, lazy, hormonal??? Whatever the reason, I wish I could snap out of it. Once I eat something bad in the day, I can't seem to stop.... "in for a penny in for a pound" it would seem. later...

So, here is our tree, it has 4 different types of xmas lights on it. I got them all from K-Mart today, with discounts on all of them, cool.

I am not going to the gym for the next 2 days, no aqua either.... my tummy is killing me and I dare not leave the house for too long! (girl reasons). Oh Yaaaa.


Me tummy is giving me so much shit.... 3 months of nothing and now shitty pain.... am going to bed with a hottie and some panadol....
TODAY: STEPS:9220, STAIRS: 5, WATER: 2 litres, POINTS: 23 no gym or aqua.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


It bloody rained on me washing! And it looks like an iffy day for the school trip to the park too.... oh well, we'll just have to wait and see if it's still on.

The POWER PLATE machine is definitly arriving today, so after I drop Brylee off (with Steve to look after her), I'm going to the gym to check it out and have my medical, so I am allowed to use it. Seems you have to be medically fit to use it, hmmmm, think I'll pass that one! I'm as fit as a horse.

10.30... Been to the gym, Brylee at school, picking her up and driving her to park later.... am home having some breakfast/lunch, and me dog is licking me legs...eeeew! must be sweaty eh? Hope to get to aqua jogging at lunchtime.... will have to see if Steve is going to be with Brylee or not so I can leave her.

Stew and I are going to the movies tonight to see the new James Bond movie... I havn't seen one of those in years! Sean Connery was THE BEST, so don't know what I'll think of this new one. Hope I can resist the lollies.... no.... I WILL RESIST THE LOLLIES, Lets be positive! later....

4.30 pm... been to aqua jogging, sun was out so lovely, then walked home from gym (2 kms) and waited for Steve and Kids to get home from school trip. All went well with them, so I left them to it and went into town for some more gym pants from Ezibuy. Success, they had some! Dinner is in the oven, casseroled chicken thighs with a sweet and sour sauce, potaotes and veges.


Well.... Daniel Craig made a wonderful Bond! Thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and the lollies DOH ! But didn't have many, forgive me sorry self! Am looking forward to tomorrow, hopefully I will get my first turn on the power plate machine finally!

TODAY : STEPS: 16081 (13.40 KMS), STAIRS: 10, WATER: 2 litres, GYM: yes, POINTS: yep, too many.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Yaaa, a normal day looms.... am off to the gym to meet my walking buddies once I've taken the kids to school. Then I am going to finish wrapping Xmas presents and post them away to the family up north.
Then I am going to try and find who sells roller skates, cos I want to be able to skate behind the littlies when they are on their bikes! interesting mental picture me thinks! haa ha.... later...
I finished my shopping,and am now home having my lunch...I was such a good girl, I walked past heaps of coffe shops starving and didn't buy a thing! I am tracking my food, counting my points.... now I just have to continue being good for the rest of the day!

My Mum got home safe, had to circle Sydney for 1.5 hours due to a thunder and lightening storm tho. It was so lovely for her to come over, even though it was so short. later, the housework awaits....

Weird, I can watch my son get cut open but when Brylee hit her head on her scooter this afternoon... a totally different story! Luckily Steve was here to help me take her to the Doctor cos my legs went like jelly!!! They put some sort of glue on the cut to keep it closed and steri strips as well. It's right up by her hairline so won't be a problem when she's all grown up and gorgeous. Hmmm, now what was I doing before that happened?
Dinner: weightwatchers prepared meal, 6 points. So I am still being good. And for the first time in months I have already hung out tomorrow's washing, on the outside line too! So it better be fine tomorrow is all I can say, cos I'll be pissed off if it rains.

Brylee is bound to have a sore head tomorrow, and it's the school's visit to a park and pool with miniature train ride etc, they are supposed to be walking there but I think I'll drive Brylee down to meet her class. So she won't get there with a headache hopefully. She will not be able to have a swim though, but she does understand why.

I am not happy with how the nurse handled tending to Brylee's wound, and plan on having a word with our Doctor about that asap. The nurse used a special medical glue to try and join the edges of the cut, but she spilt it in Brylee's hair, then literally poured it all over her forehead and it almost spilt into her eye (would have been disastorous, it's like super glue !), then she mucked up the steri strips and ended up putting one over the top of the other .. and after all that the darn cut is not joined properly and it is still bleeding a bit. I am not a happy mummy! So, rant over on that front.... am going to get on the exercycle for a while.

TODAY: STEPS: 14728 (12.27 kms), STAIRS: 5 x's, WALK : yes, WATER : 1.5 litres, POINTS: 22

Monday, December 11, 2006


Mum going today, not sure what time but it looks like 3.40pm... busy morning planned... kids to school, develop photos for mum, visit family and give out Xmas presents, maybe more shopping!
And it really is the most gorgeous summer day out there, so I'm panicking cos none of my summer clothes fit me! yikes...

Mum has left safely, so am now at home with the littlies contemplating tidying up the house.... and it is still a glorious day out there!
Havn't had a chance to go to the gym etc today, I might just go tonight?
I have been good on the food front, nothing naughty, a banana for breakfast, club sandwich for lunch, havn't given any thought to dinner yet but it won't be pudding !

I have learnt an interesting lesson this weekend, don't put stuff on the blog that you don't want certain people to see.... tho I didn't know it would be a problem till it happened. Still, you can't live your life worrying about how every little thing you do might affect someone else can You?
I try to be the best person I can be, and I think on a whole I am a nice person. Sure I can be the mother from hell sometimes, but at least my kids do love me, I know this and it is a wonderful feeling. End of rave!

Dinner was left overs, I did not cook a bloody thing! Spent the rest of the afternoon getting myself a new email address and putting all my contacts on it..... so if you are family, friend or whatever, I have a new address and I will be sending you the new address asap.
I havn't done any exercise today so far, am feeling a bit jaded actually. It has been sooooo hot today, it's a bit of a shock to the system really! We have snow on the distant hills, and now its darn hot. Long may it last!
TODAY: STEPS: 7877 (6.56 kms), STAIRS: 8 x's, WATER: 2 litres.
nothing else! No counting points AGAIN, I am useless!

Sunday, December 10, 2006


WELL, a lovely bunch of photos.... I am not gunna put captions under each one! The birthday boy is the one blowing out the candles , ha ha ha.
I'm not feeling too bad this morning after having a few drinks luckily, and I did thoroughly enjoy them too.
It is a lovely day again today, so have already got washing out (ta Ma), vacumed, washed floors etc.
Once we have woken up properly we shall be off into town for the traditional weekend lunch... and I shall be good, I will, I will.
Points today so far: I French Vanilla coffee (1.5).... later....

I had chinese for lunch... ummm, probably 30 points!!!!! So I better not eat anything else today eh?
we have been in town for a few hours, it is a mad house, people everywhere. Mum bought me some new summer sneakers, which was lovely. The ones I had planned on wearing all summer were stolen the other day while I was doing aqua jogging in the pool...some people are just shits!

Why is it that no matter what you do, someone always gets their nose outta joint with you! I am so over trying to explain myself to people who are ignorant and don't know or want to know all the facts before they get shitty with me? ! My niece is not talking to me now cos I didn't invite her mother to the party last night.... like it was my fault??? I was not the one to do the inviting, and as my sister lives in Australia and could not afford to come over, (never mind that she wouln't have come anyway because her ex-husband was gunna be here) I am the one getting the blame cos she feels excluded from her kids lives. Fuck ! My Mum came over from Australia, total spur of the moment decision on HER part, not mine. So why am I to blame for everything???
We had a lovely evening and I am glad of that.
The only thing I regret is eating more pudding tonight cos I was MAD !!! Total knee jerk reaction again. later....

Today: STEPS:8049 (6.70 Kms), STAIRS: 5, WATER: 1Litre
No tracking, no points, no gym or aqua.
Weekly roundup:
STEPS: 83,946 (69.95 KMS), STAIRS: 53 X's, Gym: 2 X's, AQUA JOGGING : 2 X'S, WALK: 2 X'S.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Today: Mum and I are off into town for the morning, she wants to get herself a cardy - it's bloody cold! Then there is heaps to do to get ready for the party, but I've got heaps of helpers, all the family are coming around to help.

My challenge today will be to make good food choices (yeah right!), but I am feeling quite confident about that actually. I think I am going to be too busy yakking and laughing to eat!! And I might just have a few Bacardi and Cokes !!! Diet Cokes that is, that will be a first in 6 weeks!! And I havn't had alcohol in MONTHS, wonder who will be getting tiddly tonight ?? ha ha ha

It seems to be a lovely fine day at the moment too, so here's hoping it stays that way, then we can be out on the deck tonight.

2.30 pm... presents bought/wrapped, morning tea in town (good choices as long as you don't count that piece of cake we shared!), sausages cooked, salads etc ready to go in bowls, ambrosia pudding made, vacumed, cleaned deck, dog around back, what else? Me FACE!! must remember to put on some make-up next! hee hee.....

10.45pm.... we have had a really lovely dinner and get together.... will post some photos for absent family tomorrow. I was a good girl, had NO dinner, but did have a small helping of ambrosia pudding... and about 5 double bacardi's with diet coke...... oh my god, I still LOVE diet coke.... but tonight was a once off, no more tomorrow I PROMISE !

(clarification for disgruntled family: I did not commit to having dinner here till I knew Stew (Dad) was out of hospital and on the mend again, and Mike was ok after his face operation, it was not going to be here till the decision was made on Thursday. I DID NOT know Grandma was coming at all until yesterday at lunchtime ! If my omission to tell you has offended/upset you, I apologise.)

TODAY: STEPS: 14210 (11.84 Kms), STAIRS: 4, WATER: 1 litre, no gym/aqua.


Friday, December 08, 2006


Bit of a mad morning, woke to no network connection, then spent 30 minutes talking to some dude in Auckland, who I think has fixed the problem... YAY
My visitors arrived en masse, and we all went grocery shopping for tomorrow night... $500 later, meat, buns, cheeses, etc etc. (lucky it wasn't my credit card being used) hee he

Once they go I'm off to Aqua Jogging, and it's raining, cool!
Later....Just got a phone call from my Mum in Australia, she is flying over here today! Staying for 4 days and then going home again! I just about cried, was so happy! I havn't seen her since April, and certainly wasn't expecting her today!!!
Gotta rush, aqua jogging awaits..... Did the aqua jogging (inside) so am feeling good about that.
I AM SO EXCITED !!!! Mum is due in 2 hours! And there is a chance that a girl I was BEST FRIENDS with in intermediate school is visiting tonight as well.... I havn't seen her in 35 years !!! OH MY GOD, I am nervous as hell. Apparently so is she, so I will wait and see if she comes, it will be so neat if she does.
Why do so many exciting things happen all at once !! ....
Picked up me Mum, that was so nice, my littlies didn't recognise her! It's been over a year since they saw her, and she's so brown now!!! All that lovely sun in Aussy, I am so envious.
Then my old school friend turned up with her husband from Marton (about 35 inutes away from Palmerston North), and we spent a lovely 45 minutes catching up on the last 35 years !!! We are not going to leave it so long again! This has been an awesome day! I am so lucky I think! ...

Here is my Mum and the little kids....

Today: STEPS: 9225 (7.68 kms), STAIRS: 8, AQUA JOGGING: yes, WATER: 2 litres

Nite nite !

Thursday, December 07, 2006


TODAY: kids to school, go to gym for walk with buddies, check out new power plate machine and hopefully book my first turn ? That's if it's arrived, today is supposed to be the day.

Not much else planned, got family arriving from various parts of the world for my nephew's 21st here on Saturday night, nephew lives is Feilding. His Dad is coming from Indonesia, his sister from Australia and various family from around New Zealand, so am expecting a neat day Saturday! So I suppose I shall have to mow those bloody lawns again !

NOPE, the machine is "held up in transit" and isn't arriving now till sometime next week - DOH ! I was so looking forward to trying it too.
Oh well, had a fantastic walk this morning, 7kms and 1hr5mins, not bad !
Might go into town for lunch with Stew....? later...

So we had lunch in town, made another bloody stupid choice (won't go there), bought more soda stream flavours, picked up kids from school etc. Steve is right now (!#!#*!) mowing the lawns... oh my god, miracles do happen. I think we are having my two nieces and two littlies staying here tonight? Havn't done anything like make up beds yet, might get them to do it.. ha ha

Mike's face is ok, giving him some pain, but not too bad. He's got about 5 stitches which will have to come out next monday...Stew's tummy is doing great, slowly getting better. later...

Had roast beef and veges for dinner, the meat was like rubber! Still edible tho, so we ate it. Not much else happening, am going to watch Criminal Minds (LOVE it) while cycling.... right now!

Today, STEPS: 20539 (19.33 kms), STAIRS: 8 X's, WALK: yes

WATER: 2 litres. Check out those steps! nite nite

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


TODAY: kids to school, housework, gym and aqua jogging, bit more housework then take Mike to Aorangi Hospital for removal of his cyst. I can't wait, it has been bothering us for ages, and we have been so worried it would erupt before we got it removed... but all is good. So 4pm today...chop chop! hee hee (yeah, then we'll get the big bill - oh lovely).

***NEWS*** Lost 2kgs yesterday! It was water afterall, lucky me eh? Just means I really DO need to take me piddle pills afterall. I had not taken them for 4 days, what with being so busy and up and down to hospital for days. It is a fag taking them cos it means I have to be near a loo for about 6 hours, cos I just piddle and piddle non stop. But, they work obviously. So I think I'll continue taking them ! later....
Almost backed out of aqua jogging today, when I got there I found out that Linton Army Camp were there for a picnic/swimming races etc! Like there was around 1000 people (mostly men) swarming all around the area, and we were expected to swim in front of them! For a good 10 minutes I was the only one waiting beside the dive pool, then luckily a few more arrived, so we got in and did our thing.... and it was OK! Those dudes weren't interested in watching us anyway! Now I'm home, just had me lunch and killing time till we take Mike to Doctors...

Ok, here is Mike before his wee op.... the cyst is the smallish looking lump on his cheekbone. It was actually much bigger than it looks in the photo. This is amazing.... the surgeon let me and Stew come into the operating room with Mike !! And he let me take photos !!!

Here is the cyst popped out of his face.... eeewww, the surgeon was surprised how big it was and called me over to take a photo ! Too cool ! That man is just amazing, the most down - to - earth Doctor I have ever come across. He was the one who did Stew's operation too, so once he had finished with Mike, he got Stew to get on the table so he could check him out too - funny.

Here is the "man" doing his work, such a hard case. The whole brocedure only took about 20 minutes, so that was great.

We are now home, and I'm thinking about what to do for dinner, I did have a roast out, but forgot to put it in the oven... DOH Might just do something like macaroni cheese, .....
Ok, we had fish and chips.... BAD! Have done bugger all for rest of evening, having trouble with my e-mail AGAIN, so if it doesn't sort itself out by tomorrow I will be posting a new address.
Today: STEPS: 8710 (7.25 kms), STAIRS: 10 X's, GYM: yes, AQUA JOGGING: yes, WATER: 1.5 Litres
nite nite

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Woke up this morning to no power, so sorry folks, no early morning blog. It was just the "normal" morning anyway : Kids to school (Griffin is great now!), then off to the gym for a walk with me gym buddies... we did 6.6kms in 1 hr exactly, so were rather pleased with ourselves. I followed that with a quick sauna and am now home contemplating my next move.

Stew, the darling, has folded all the washing (no mean feat) and put heaps of washing out to dry, so that's one less job for me. I will be going into town shortly to post my Mum's Xmas present (she's in Aussy), so apart from that the day is my own.

*** SHOCKING*** NEWS: I gained 2kgs in the last week !!! Stress/emotional eating is the problem.... must try to get over this knee jerk reaction to stress. I know all the answers to give other people, just can't seem to put it into practise for myself. SHIT SHIT SHIT

so..... will try harder eh? later....

... took Stew to Drs, his wound around tummy button is oozzing jukkky stuff....they cleaned it up and want to see him every day till it's 100% better. So that's good. Posted parcel, did a small grocery shop and bought coleslaw, sizzler sausages (1.5 points each), and fresh fruit... I am eating healthy again by hook or by crook! And I took me piddle pills and havn't stopped piddling every 30 minutes yet! So a lot of my weight gain will be water, yay. Did you know a good piddle can weigh as much as 500 gms ! Heeee hee ...

Tonight: dog training, Izzy has to show she has learnt all the basic commands "sit", "stay", "drop", and "come"..... yeah right! Come is the hard one, if she's distracted or playing with another dog I've got a shit show of getting her to come! Well, we will see... later...

8 pm : How's this then ! Izzy did everything right,she was so good ! I was so proud of her, of course she should have gotten 1st but we love the colour blue the best! The puppy that got first was a terrier and they are much harder to train, so that's why he came 1st. I understand, really I do! This is the first ribbon I have ever got with a dog, so it's special.

I have kept to my points all day, no slips whatsoever, so I'm really happy with myself. Am also doing good on steps, but not stairs, so am going to make an effort during the evening to do some. Later...
Today: STEPS: 15580 (12.98KMS), STAIRS: 10 x's, GYM: Yes, WALK : yes, WATER: 1 Litre

Monday, December 04, 2006


Well another wet day in Palmy, and I've got lots to do today.... kids to school, visit Stew, ring Aorangi Hospital and get information Re: Mikes wee op on Wednesday, and HOPEFULLY get to the gym as well. Oh yeah, and do the housework and get a plumber to come and fix the kitchen tap, it is leaking (think the seals have gone) and we keep getting up to water all over the bench, tho today it was all over the floor as well... oh just what ya wanna get up to. NOT !
And my poor puppy is spending far too much time on her own and I feel so guilty ... must try and have her inside with me much much more.... trouble is she's like an annoying toddler under foot all the time... BUT she is beautiful and I love her.
AND... I am going to take a leaf outta Sue's book and BE GOOD, BE HONEST WITH MYSELF, and no more cheating on the diet.... I AM GUNNA TRACK - TRACK - TRACK, and stick to my points allowance. 20 points and no more, and make healthy choices. So there ! I want to fit me gorgeous jeans again.
11.30 am... YAAAAAA...he's being let out. I can go get him sometime this afternoon, and as long as he doesn't trip and break his bloody leg, he ain't going back.
I'm now waiting for the plumber, we have to get a new kitchen mixer/tap thingee, 2 - 3 hundred dollars later.... just what ya need right before Xmas, more darn bills. Might just have some lunch, something HEALTHY and not fatttening.....

My gorgeous Izzy, is a twit! She has a lovely kennel, her own couch to lie on and what does she do? Perch on a chair gazing inside wistfully! What a silly tart. She had been inside for ages today and we go tired of her antics and put her out again at dinnertime.... cute.

Stew is feeling a bit sore and tired so he's taking tomorrow off work, lucky he has unlimited sick leave where he works. Might get to the gym tomorrow thank goodness, I want to see if they have the new Power Plate machine yet, so can't wait to try it. I think maybe I'm hoping it will do the trick for me and get me losing weight again. We will see....
Today : STEPS: 7633, STAIRS: 8, WATER: 1.5 Litres. No gym or walk.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


TODAY : go to picnic ! then get home and kill the kids, cos I just know what a state my house will be in by the time I get back! After that I will pop up to the hospital to visit me man....

Don't know what's wrong with Blogger, I can't change me font, colour, put up a photo or nothing! It says "error on page", anyone else got this problem ?? It is boring like this that's for sure!

Anyway, I better go and put on me face.... later...

Home again, had a lovely time in Wellington, met half a dozen lovely fellow blogges and got to share some stories etc. It was a nice break away from Palmerston North, next time hopefully they will come up to us! It was neat having Janene and Jorga for company, what a good idea that was.
Have visited me hubby and he's great, hoping to come home tomorrow, but it's still a "wait and see" scenario. Am now going to cook the horrors their dinner, go do the grocery shopping and finally, relax.

Look at this !!! Colour! I fixed the problem, I am so pleased with myself ! I deleted all temporary internet files and hey presto! Thank goodness for the help group ... later....
Left Steve stirring dinner while I did the grocery shopping.. he burnt it! I "presume" they all ate it while I was out, cos there's none left ! It rained while I was getting all the groceries in the car, bloody typical. Only spent $631 tonight, so I'm bound to have forgotten heaps. Tough shit, I'm knackered ! Having spent so much time sitting on me bum today my step total is not great, will try to add a few more on before I go to bed......
TODAY: STEPS: 7015, STAIRS: 10, no gym or aqua. WATER: 2 litres.

WEEKLY TOTALS: STEPS: 91,900 (76.58KMS), STAIRS: 60, GYM: 4 x'S, AQUA JOGGING: 1x. WOW, I walked THAT far this week!

Saturday, December 02, 2006


I don't know what's wrong with blogger.... but here goes, and see if it works. It's 8.25, just visited Stew for the 3rd time today, he's fine! The antibiotics are doing their work, the redness is subsiding. So now it's just a wait and see execise.
I'm off to the Blogger's Picnic in Wellington tomorrow, that should be nice. I feel a bit guilty about leaving them all here, but hey, it doesn't happen often and Stew is OK, not much can happen to him while he's in hospital eh?
Today: STEPS: 14027, STAIRS: 14, WATER: 2 Litres. No gym or aqua, too busy! Gardening 2 hrs !


TODAY: organise kids, visit Stew, morning tea with Weight Watcher buddy, Griffin to Birthday Party, housework, bring Stew Home ????? I hope he comes home today, it's such a fag having to traipse up to the hospital, so many things get left and not done.....
And the sun is shining again, yipee !! Maybe tomorrow will be a lovely day for the Bloggers Picnic afterall. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! later....

9.30 am : Just back from visiting Stew, seems he won't be getting outta there today or even tomorrow.... the doctor is worried that the infection has gotten to the surgical mesh patch under his muscles, and if that has happened he has to have an operation to remove the mesh, wait for the infection to clear and then he has to have another operation to re-insert new mesh. FUCK !!! So, fingers crossed the infection has been caught in time to avoid all that ...

I don't know how I'd cope if he's incapacitated for weeks and weeks again. I know I managed fine last time, but I knew that there was an "end" in sight, so to speak. I hope we don't have to do it all again, and it will be horrible for Stew, having to go through 2 more operations. So, maybe I won't cross that bridge even in me head, I will be POSITIVE, and he will be home soon just fine... yeah !

Am off to morning tea now, Steve is going to take Griffin to his friends birthday party and look after Brylee. Later....

How's this for positive.... all my teenagers doing some gardening for me, even wee Brylee is doing some.... too cute.

Here's Mike getting rid of another "weed", hee he. Lisa got eaten alive by the sandflies while out there, poor girl...... later...

Friday, December 01, 2006


THE SUN IS SHINING !!!! AND I am getting my hair done this morning, the first time I will not have to worry about getting back in time to pick up Griffin.... I can just relax and enjoy. I am a blonde gone mousey, so have to get touched up regularly, and there is some grey creeping in there too... when one of my daughters comes to visit I get her to pluck em out! That is fun!

Stew is off to the Dr's this morning, his tummy is not looking any better. I was gunna go with him but the hair comes first!! heee he

(reply to comment from sister: NO YOU CAN'T HAVE ME JEANS! I have till April to fit them before I give em away !) till later....

Hair done, still looks darkish, but better than it was. I virtually always keep it tied back cos it drives me nuts on my face. Have had a lovely lunch in town with hubby and soon he's picking me up and we going to the Dr's..... it's 2.15 pm and the three teenagers have just gotten outta bed.... what a life! Onward....

7.30 pm : Ok, went to Dr, who took one look at Stew's tummy and sent us up to the hospital. The upshot is, he's got a major infection inside, and they are pumping him full of antibiotics. He's been admitted, and I'm just home having a quick dinner, getting him some sandwiches and fruit, and then I'm going back to see if they have found him a bed yet! So it's all under control I think! Later...

All's cool, he's in his own wee room up in the hospital, being looked after beautifully, having antibiotics intravenously every 6 hours, so hopefully there will be a huge improvement overnight and he can come home tomorrow.... hopefully! Not that I'm fazed at all, these things happen, you just gotta roll with the punches so to speak. I'm very lucky that I have big kids at home who can take care of the littlies for me, that makes all the running around much easier.

so, didn't get to the gym or do aqua jogging today.... no housework done (yay), so better get my 'a' into 'g' and get some work done.
Today: STEPS :10304 (8.58 Kms), STAIRS: 8, WATER: 1.5 Litres. nite nite

Thursday, November 30, 2006


So it's raining, and it's cold.... but hey, it's like that over the entire country... and Xmas is coming and we all get some days off, if not a few weeks ! Yaaa
And we get to visit friends and family, drink some, eat some (not too much), and have fun! And if you don't, then try to make it happen.... I sure am!
When I think about my life 3 years ago and compare it to now, I am sooo happy! I am fit and healthy, my family are all well (kinda), and all is good.... so who cares if it rains and blows for bloody weeks on end? Not me! I'm the mad tart who walks in the pouring rain with a huge smile on her face... ha ha ha!

Let's all try to find a positive about today.... doesn't have to be monumental, just something that is GREAT !

Today: kids to school (that's positive), go to gym (positive), home to do the housework ( ? ), then who knows..... I can do anything I bloody want ! I LOVE IT. (POSITIVE)... later... *big smile*

Penguins at Kelly Tarlton's in Auckland, now THEY must be enjoying this weather eh !! And those icebergs are heading their way too.... hee he. Can ya see the egg? Soooo cute.
Note to self: Don't leave your cell phone where the dog can get it..... she really enjoyed giving it a good chew. And my gym membership card is kinda munted too, haaa ha. Too bad, worse things can happen.
Mike is off to see specialist next wednesday, he's got a cyst growing on his cheekbone, and they are gunna cut it out next wednesday. We have been waiting for the public hospital to give him an appointment to have it removed, but they have taken too long and we can't wait much longer or it will erupt and cause a lot more problems... so we cough up the cash and get it done privately. So that will be a load of me mind..... later....
So, I have nearly finished stripping the paper in Mike's room, it WILL be done tonight! Then... I will have to start on the lounge, I had to start some of it around the mantlepiece so I could paint it, ..... so that's next, yaaaa !
Looks like we may have to go to the Dr tomorrow, Stew's tummy has a slowly spreading red patch, so looks like it might have got infected ....we are not sure. It may just be his shirt irritating the hair as it grows back? But better to be safe than sorry.
It's been a fairly quiet afternoon, the big kids watched "The Omen" in the lounge, so I got to watch it too.... eeeeeww. Dinner tonight was Spagetti Bologniese, yummy. Am now going to watch.... Coronation Street, heee he.
Then might do some exercise on the exercycle and have a sauna...... lovely way to end the day.
Today STEPS: 10788 (8.99KMS), STAIRS: 2!, GYM: yes, WATER: 2 litres