Sunday, February 28, 2010


ABOVE: all three of us bought a hand massager yesterday... Chris D and I got a 'Dolphin', Sandra got a 'Shark'... but all three do the same thing... massage wherever you put it... and it feels SOOOO nice! Spoilt Tarts we are. (and obviously, I got the blue one, lol)

Sadly, both my girlfriends are heading home at lunchtime today. I will miss them. But not for long! We are going to go down to Palmerston North for a visit in the next school holidays (April).. so that is really something to look forward to! We will be able to catch up with all our friends, and also see our two boys.

As for today, once the girls are gone it will be housework and gardening around here. My Mum and her partner are due to arrive here on Tuesday.... they are flying in from Australia for two family weddings. So, better get going and start doing something.

ABOVE: me and the girls. We have been bestest buddies for about 6 years now.... I miss them so much, so much more than I ever thought I would! So having them here for the weekend was special.

End of Day: spent the afternoon doing housework, odd jobs. A quiet evening followed. Stew cooked yummy beef rissoles with a fresh coleslaw for dinner. nite nite.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


That's for breakfast today! We are having a really scrummy start to the day.
After breakfast.... Sylvia Park for some shopping.

'Diet' is going great guns. First real test will be today when we buy lunch. I ALWAYS have a kebab... and today I won't! well... I will try not to! It is so hard finding food in a Mall that does not have carbs! So, here's hoping I can stick to my resolve... I don't want to fail.

And tonight: we three girls are going to the movies! Avatar again for me, first time for them. Chris D hasn't been to the movies in about 25 YEARS!!! She is in for a treat! She have never seen a 3D movie! Wonder if I shall take a salad to munch on? ha ha ha!


TAAAA DAAAA! I cooked! I couldn't eat it all. Teddy didn't mind having to eat bacon! *smiles*

BELIEVE.... Chris D gave me this yesterday. To remind me that I have to Believe in myself. So sweet.

Shopping awaits....
Shopping... was fun! Sandra loves bears (the Tart has over 1,100) and now... she has three more! Chris D and I bought her the one on the right for her birthday tomorrow!
Heee Heee! We stopped and tried out the massage chairs in the mall! OMG they were devine. So, we all bought a small hand-held massager instead! I have to go now so we can all find a power point and plug them in....
End of Day: well the girls and I had dinner out.. I ended up having a chicken salad. Well done there! Then off to see Avatar again... loved it second time around just as much as the first time! Ate NOTHING naughty! I need a medal I do! nite nite.

Friday, February 26, 2010


It really isn't a good look. But it could be worse! I could be UGLY.... lol! I know it's too early for the Anti-Depressants to have kicked in... so WHY THE HELL am I now feeling happy?

I KNOW. I have myself under control again. I am in control. NOT my emotions. WHOOOOOOP. This is the best feeling... well apart from sex of course! And getting tiddly. And eating chocolate. And shopping.....

I also have an awesome thing happening today! One of my VERY BEST FRIENDS in the whole wide world is coming to visit... she arrives this afternoon! Chris D from Palmerston North is up in Auckland on business, and she's extending her stay so she can spend the weekend with us. I can't wait to see her. AND there is a little SECRET about something else happening today too... but I can't put it on me blog till later!

I have been flat out this morning... washing, beds, picking up dog shit (what joy), vacuming... and then I had my shower. AND MY FACE PEELED OFF! I swear, I looked like something out of a horror movie! My entire forehead peeled off. GROSS. I must remember to put on sunblock eh?


Here is my surprise~! My other bestest friend from Palmerston North DROVE all the way up to spend the weekend with us too!!!
I am wrapt to have them both here. Back later when we have stopped gass-bagging!!!

End of Day: Sandra is pissed. Chris is not, but she's drinking my Totara Cafe and likes it! I am just happy to have them here. Stew has slunk off to bed and left us to it. Fun! nite nite.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have thought about WLS more than seriously now for several weeks... if not months in the back of me head... and after last nights seminar, where I was told in no uncertain terms by the Surgeon that once you become morbidly obese virtually NO ONE can lose the weight and keep it off and SURGERY is the only answer.... I have decided...


I will not let myself feel like a failure.
I will not be a statistic.
I will not have anyone tell me I can't do this.

I will do it AGAIN and it will stay off. I am a strong, bloody-minded TART and I will be slim and healthy again.

WATCH THIS SPACE .... it will be getting SMALLER.
Pfffffft... tell me it's impossible! Stupid man. But I thank him, for getting my goat up and motivating me to prove him wrong.


I am NOT bagging WLS... don't think I am! I am just saying I am not doing it (now).... maybe if I wasn't quite so terrified of having surgery again (after all my problems last time) I WOULD consider it again.

For the first time in about 3 months ... we have RAIN. Really heavy rain. And it's beautiful. The temperature has dropped dramatically, it's bearable again. I could dance with JOY.

ABOVE: a very short video of the rain coming down our Chain 'Downpipe'... as you can see, it doesn't do a very good job, but it's pretty! *smiles* OOO did I mention my washing is hanging out in all that rain... and I don't care! lol

HOLY HELL! We just ran outta Diet Coke! *sigh*... now I have to go out in all that rain to get more. Simply can't live without me Diet Coke...

Been there, done that. The sun has come out again, so we are now living in a sauna. Went up to the school for a meeting with Griffin's Specalist Teacher... I wanted to know just WHAT she was doing with him. I left feeling reassured he was in good hands.

End of Day: and it's been a really nice day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow too! Something nice is happening tomorrow! nite nite.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


SIX days on Super Low Carbs. And I am on a roll. I really am doing it. Finally. Finally. I have myself under control .... my mindspace is finally in the zone. THANK GOD!

Today , well first thing this morning actually... I'm off to see the Doctor. HIS idea. To talk about my issues. To try and help me cope better with all the crappy things that happen in life. I need to learn how to KEEP away from food when upset/bored/lonely etc!

SO... ONWARD....

Dr's visit: well he's one of those people that keeps saying "And what do YOU think YOU can do to turn things around?" and so on. Don't think it is very helpful when you SIMPLY DON'T BLOODY KNOW and that's why you are there asking for help! Anyway... I shall go again NEXT Wednesday and see how it goes ... AGAIN.

After being there I drove down to the mall... and went to the movies! I saw 'It's Complicated'... it was a nice romantic movie.. and I enjoyed it. I DID not enjoy the $45 parking ticket I got cos I had parked in the wrong carpark! DOH! Win some, lose some.

Now I'm home and Teddy is (as per usual) licking my feet.... he loves smelly feet. YES, we have a weird dog! And I shall do a few chores around the house... and think about what we shall have for dinner.
My 'diet' is SPOT ON still ! I took a salad to the movies! And Diet Coke...of course.... lol.

ABOVE: Northridge Surgery. I'm going there tonight to listen to a seminar on Lap Banding. I am feeling 50/50 on this option for me right at this minute. There are a few pro's and con's that I have to weigh up for a while before I make a decision. But knowledge is everything.. so off I go.... (well, I will as soon as Stew get home eh?)...
End of Day... and I am older and wiser... but not much! The seminar really didn't tell me anything I didn't already know... except that it costs between $17 and $18 thousand dollars. I have a lot to think about. nite nite .
OH and ANOTHER day TOTALLY ON TRACK. Low Carbs is easier than I thought... with the right mental attitude.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have to go shopping this morning... School Physical Education uniforms... so nothing exciting drat.

THEN if it's still early (and a lovely day) I am going to take myself out to Maraetai for a swim! And I will lie on the beach and totally enjoy the peace.... it's bound to be really quiet out there today!

My niece sent me this yesterday... and it totally made me laugh! For those who don't know... the shirt on the left is an Australian Rugby shirt, and the one on the right is a New Zealand Rugby shirt. Napisan is a diaper/nappy cleaner! There is a very 'healthy' rivalry between Australia and New Zealand when it comes to sports!


UNIFORMS: bought.

WEATHER: totally overcast and feels like 99% humidity. I'm STILL going to the beach... in fact what the hell am I doing on this computer? I'M OFF.....

The beach was lovely! Virtually NO ONE there but me and a couple of others. Water was devine. Cloudy and a bit of wind... but really lovely.

Home now. Doing a wee bit of housework. Found one of my old pedometers and put it on! shame ya can't wear them in the water! I did get some exercise swimming eh?

End of Day: and my darling man is home again, safe and sound. The kids and I have really missed him... and Teddy certainly has! He has sat by the window for two whole days pining away. I wonder if he would do that if I was away? lol. nite nite.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Stew said "Let's go get you another microwave"... so we did! First thing yesterday in fact. I am wrapt. It is exactly like my last Panasonic... which I loved. No more trying to cope with the built-in microwave that was in this house when we bought it. It's set a bit high for me to get stuff out of safely....I have 'Ducks Disease' arse is too close to the ground!!! lol

It's Patchwork Class today, where I will continue to work on a few ducks. At some point I intend making a Baby's Cot Quilt too... for my next grandbaby, whenever he/she GETS MADE!!! No pressure of course!

Stew is off to Wellington today too... he will be away until tomorrow night.... lucky bugger.

It is now THREE FULL DAYS that I have been doing 'low carbs' and to tell the truth it has not been hard at all! I have been eating salads and meat (chicken) for lunch and Stir-fry veges and meat for dinner. It's working for me! I don't snack. I don't do breakfast. I don't do water. I have been having a little fruit when I feel I really want a sweet something.

I have cut out all:

- bread. rice. pasta. potatoes. cakes. biscuits. crackers. pastries.

The only carbs I am eating are the ones that are contained naturally in fruit and veges. I have not had a huge sugar drop... or felt ill. Weird!

Feeling much better. Like I maybe CAN turn things around. Dare I say MOTIVATED?

*~*~*~*~* HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY LACY *~*~*~*~* I hope you have a wonderful day.


Class: was great. I didn't do much! Just enjoyed being around the ladies, chattering and just 'being there'. *smiles*

Came home, had my chicken salad lunch... some dehydrated banana chips.. then had a long natter with my niece Christina who is over in Melbourne, Australia. That was lovely. I am bloody glad she isn't here... she would be around here every day nagging at me to get on the Cross Trainer! I have PROMISED to get on the bloody thing for 10 minutes every day. *sigh*

The kids just got home, so it's time to full finger and sort them out... they are going to jump in the pool in a moment... which means I am on Life Guard Duty! lol

CHRIS in AUSTRALIA: just wait ya TART!!! I just finished getting the kids to bed, and vacuming the house... friggin cross-trainer is NEXT. Pffffffffft.

End of Day: Cross Trainer DONE... it just about killed me too! It's soooo hot down in my garage! I am now off to have a cold shower and head off to bed. nite nite.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Morning! I'm pretty sure we are all heading out to Maraetai again today..... only this time we will take the kayak... and it shall be another awesome day!

ABOVE: two more ducks I have started making... the one on the left is an order from Froggy.... for her Mum.... it's looking really neat. It could get boring making ducks.... but so far I have found it so much fun... just changing the colours makes each one different!

I have been really, really working hard on doing the low carbs the past few days, with much success! Maybe I got to the bottom of that nasty spiral.... and am on the way up again! UP in mood, NOT weight!

This is the second time in my life I have ever been really depressed... it isn't easy pulling yourself out of it without help sometimes. Luckily for me I know when to put my hand up and say "HELP". Life is too short to be miserable. FULL. STOP. END. OF. STORY.

ONWARD.... it's gunna be a lovely day!

It WAS another totally gorgeous, hot, sunny day. And the water was WARM...
And today Griffin learnt how to float, tread water AND do breaststroke! In ONE day! He has gained so much water confidence that he will happily swim out of his depth for ages! (with adult supervision of course)... we are wrapt. This kid couldn't even stand water on his face a year ago!
It was an extra special day today because Amanda and her family came too.... it's was lovely sharing such a lovely day with them.
End of Day.. and I'm sunburnt! It might be an extra hot night tonight! nite nite.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


TODAY... we are going to the beach. Taking the kayak and going to just chill out.

It's supposed to be a lovely day. I'm gunna pack a picnic... lots of drinks (non-alcoholic obviously) and some sunscreeen.... and just have a bloody nice day!

We are expecting Amanda and her family tonight... Amanda and Andrew are going out and want us to babysit the boys. Brylee and Griffin will love having them here, they havn't been here in ages.

ONWARD.... the beach is calling!

ABOVE: Maraetai Beach on a perfect summer's day! And YES, I was in the water when I took those photos of the kids and boat! I love being in the water... and you forget everything bothersome when you are in the water. It was just lovely.
ABOVE: The guys behind the kids were trying to cut their big watermelon on the grass.... so Stew gave them our wooden cutting board to use... and they were just lovely and gave the kids some too. Stew and I declined... we know how hungry big boys get! They needed it more than us! lol
WATERMELON, BEACH... perfect! Griffin, being the greasy little pork sausage he is managed to get another piece off the guys too!
In total we spent about 4.5 hours at the beach... it was neat.
Home now, washing to get in, beds to change (visitors coming)....then a shower and hair wash! I look like a dragon lady with bits of hair all over the place! AND no, ya ain't seeing it!
This has been the nicest day by far in weeks. I have felt really happy... AND I have managed to stay on track with the eating for two whole days! LYNDA you will be pleased to know you had a hand in that... Low Carbs is the way to go!
End of ... an awesome day. Brylee, Griffin, Huston and Joel are happily playing together... almost time to send them all off to bed. Peace will reign. Amanda and Andrew due back a bit later, and we will play POKER! Yipeeeee. nite nite.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Oh well, ya can't have everything eh? At least it's pretty! In a green / purple sorta way. lol

I hope they kick in fast. I'm over feeling miserable. I'm sure you are all over it too. Why the hell do you even read my blog? I am THANKFUL you do though! I feel the support, I really do... and I thank you for it.

I have promised Lynda that I will write out a plan of action today. This will involve exercise, sensible eating, trying to get myself involved in SOMETHING BESIDES sitting here in my lovely home feeling sorry for myself. I have been too self indulgent I think. ONWARD.....

I am not a fan of taking anti-depressants. I am going to take them for now... because I am miserable... about more than my weight... my weight is one of the biggest side effects of being miserable. If I was in a better frame of mind the weight WOULD come off on it's own... my head space would be much more positive about the work needed to lose it. But it's not. I have quite a few 'issues' in the background that are upsetting me, which has been going on for months. I cannot cope with it all. I am an emotional eater/overeater..... so that is why I will take that pretty little pill... and be thankful that I probably won't slip even further into depression and want to do something stupid....

Lap Band: My doctor will refer me, but not right now. He wants to work on my HEAD for a little while first. But he is all for it actually. He knows how long I have struggled with the weight issue.

I am pretrified of having surgery again... my bleeding issue and having had a Pulmonary Embolism last time scares the shit outta me! BUT if I find it NECESSARY I will do it... Public or Private... either way it will be done. I am going to a seminar on Lap Banding next wednesday to learn more about it. I will not go into this without all the information.

I went on the hunt this morning for red material... for a bloody duck ... lol... found some, but hell it's not an easy colour to find! Well... not when you have something specific in mind.

I found some 'other's too....

Isn't the ABOVE material just GORGEOUS!!!! Will make a really pretty duck I'm sure!

Right, I'm now going to go make myself a salad for lunch....cos I was EVER SO GOOD while out and didn't stop at a coffee shop for morning tea! Score to me.

End of Day: been sipping on my Totara Cafe tonight.. not sure if you're supposed to mix pills with grog..but oh well... pleasantly mellowed out now! nite nite.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm off to the Doc first thing this morning.. Top of the list: swelling of feet. Then I will ask about my knees. And not sleeping. And being a miserable bitch. Think that's all! OH and if I am a candidate for Lap Banding???

After that. Grocery shopping. I. CAN. HARDLY. WAIT. ....I LOVE Shopping... but not for the groceries. Who does???

Stew went a grabbed a couple of things last night, and came home with a new Re-useable shopping bag. I seem to be collecting them! I have ... hell more than I can ever use probably, but I just love buying them! Weird .

ABOVE: The new Trelise Cooper shopping bag.... and below the other side of it. I love the stripey side best.
I better get a move on..... Doctor Bruce awaits..... ONWARD....

My visit to the Doctor went something like this:

- My swollen feet:

HE said: "Hmmmm, just something you will have to live with, might change your piddle pills"

What I HEARD: "You are FAT"

- My Knees:

He said: "You don't have arthritis"

What I HEARD: "You are FAT"

- MY noT being able to sleep:

He said: "You are stressed out"

What I HEARD: "You are FAT"

- My wanting to get a Lap Band:

He said: "You might want to try counselling first"

What I HEARD: "You are FAT... and grasping at straws you lazy, fat, ugly Tart!"

- Round-UP: He made me fill out a questionnaire... then he assessed my answers and put me on an ANTI-DEPRESSANT cos he reckons all my problems stem from being DEPRESSED. And I have to go see him EVERY Wednesday morning for the next few months. No new piddle pills, no Lap Band referral (YET)...

After that thrilling appointment, I went and got the groceries at Sylvia Park....

ABOVE: The groceries, in my pretty bags. Just have to put it all away now. FRIGGIN THRILLING.

AMANDA: gee that was ever so helpful. NOT. If I could find something to be really happy about I would FOCUS on it. And you of all people must SEE how I have been struggling with my weight for the last 2 years with no sucess! Thinking about having a Lap Band is not taking the easy way out for me, it is going against everything I ever thought I would do.

End of Day: Feeling hopeful I can get on top of my shitty self. nite nite.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I got a letter from Griffin's school yesterday... just as I was starting to wonder just WHAT they were going to do for him. I know several 'referrals' have been made to outside agencies... but they all take time... lots of time. Anyway, the letter... said that Griffin would be taken out of his class and be working with a Special Teacher for Perceptual Motor Programme, Reading and Writing. This will be every day for 2 1/2 hours except Fridays! I am really happy with that.
My ONLY concern is: just what does this teacher know about teaching a dyslexic kid? She has only been teaching literacy and the Reading Recovery Programme for a year. I suppose I shall have to ask. I am not giving up on the idea of taking Griffin to SPELD yet.
OH I must get that book (above) too.... the more WE know, the better off Griffin will be.
I don't have any plans today... expect to try and stay cool... and read some blogs. Yesterday I think I managed about 10! Awful of me!
ONWARD... today I woke up feeling......FLAT. Like....... I really don't have anything to do all day except housework, sewing (I hate the doll BTW).... and that's it. Bored. Depressed. Fat and ugly. Depressed cos I'm fat and ugly. So I decided... to try an experiment.
How long could I stay in my nightie?
I lasted until 12.15pm! Awesome! I have now had a shower, washed me hair and ... I'm thinking about drying and straightening it. THINKING about it that is..... and I'm out of me nightie! I'm in a dressing gown now. *SMILES*
End of.. a crap day. That is all. nite nite.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My gorgeous ROXY (Toyota Highlander) has to go to the doctor today. She got recalled for a potential problem with an oil hose. She is also going to have her 6 monthly checkup. I'm sure it will all go fine.

While she's at the doctors I will have to walk the streets! As the Garage is not too far from shops, I don't think that will be a problem, do YOU? lol

Last night I started work on a doll... no idea what I'm doing... just making it up as I go.. kinda normal that!


While Roxy was being tended to, I wandered down to the nearest shops.. and passed a BB's Coffee Shop... as I hadn't had breakfast (well actually I never do!).... I stopped and had morning tea.. a diet coke (what else?) and a bacon, cheese and onion scone. OMG that scone was TO DIE FOR! I was so, so tempted to buy a couple more for my lunch... but I resisted as they were soooo stodgy and laden with carbs. *sigh* Score 1 for the day I suppose.

So, as a consequence I didn't do any shopping. I read the paper, drank me diet coke and savoured my scone.

Home now, got to do a bit of housework... Yaaa friggin ya... and then do some sewing I think....

End of Day: it's been the most stinking hot/damp/muggy evenings in ages! I dread going to bed... last night it took me hours to get to sleep. Since I stopped taking the sleeping pills and the HRT I have started to suffer again. Pffffffft. Luckily I'm going to see the Dr on Thursday. nite nite.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Wooo hooo, after keeping my stupid feet up in the air for almost 36 hours solid, the swelling has gone down at last. I am going to visit my Dr this week to see what the hell is going on... it is NOT diabetes though.

Stew tested my blood yesterday morning and my reading was a normal 7. HIS on the other hand was 11... but he takes his Metformin every day and is keeping his Type 2 Diabetes under control.

There really isn't much PRETTY about feet NOW is there? lol

I'm off to my Patchwork Class this morning ... I am going to make a few more Ducks, and I also want to find a pattern for a fish. A FUNKY FISH!

Also today I will make that Dr's appointment, and talk to him about Lap Bands... and whether or not I can get it done SAFELY, considering my tendency to BLEED during and after surgery, and my last operation caused a Pulmonary Embolism too (bloody clot in lung).... so I may not be even allowed to do it. We will see eh?


Any minute now he is going to realise I am going out... and he's going to quickly run under Brylee's bed and hide. I know. He's a shit. A cute shit. But still a shit. So..... I'm not going to put my lipstick on until I have grabbed him! He KNOWS when I put my lipstick on, I'm going out. He's clever if nothing else.

Class today was lovely... it is such a neat group of ladies who go there! Can you imagine sitting in a room next to all these GORGEOUS materials....

And not buy any???? Well, I did it today, but that might be a first.

ABOVE: Today's duck, I made him in class this morning. I'm calling him Monday. Original? MUCH... lol!

End of Day: it's been a quiet afternoon/evening. Spent a good deal of time with my feet up so they wouldn't swell up again. Oh and I read a book! Not something I've done a lot of lately at all... sewing seems to take up most of my 'free' time! nite nite.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


How cute can they get? These ducks are what I got finished yesterday... they are going to my SIL's gallery today. Her shop is not doing that well at all... just not getting enough passing traffic. If she closes up , I shall just put them on here for sale!

Today we are going out to Bethell's Beach, where my SIL lives. Three reasons for going.... 1) To visit her, 2) to drop of the ducks and 3) to visit the beach, and hopefully get some seaweed for the compost bin! I am really looking forward to getting some lovely fresh, wholesome compost in the future from our bin.

Shit, I forgot! It's VALENTINES DAY... oh well, just as well Stew and I never 'celebrate' it then..... it's been over commercialised and really doesn't mean anything now. I don't need a 'special' day to tell Stew how much I love him! HE JUST KNOWS.. I MEAN, HELL.... I SLEEP WITH HIM DON'T I? That's says it all. ha ha ha.

having lunch... watching the Winter Olympics... then heading out to the beach....

Ducks in the window at my SIL's Gallery... very cute...

ABOVE: our sky today... a welcome relief from the sun...

YAAAaaa, Stew is cooking dinner tonight too! I can put me feet up and be waited on. BLISS. He's making chicken burgers. NICE.

End of Day: the burgers were lovely! far too many carbs... AGAIN. Watching the telly, feet up, sipping Totara Cafe. yum. nite nite.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I have nothing to say ... yet!

Hopefully I am having a sleep-in.
Or not.


I'm sitting up in bed, couldn't sleep in... too hot. I have as of last night stopped taking the sleeping pill.... cos a side effect of them was WEIGHT GAIN.... and I have gained weight .... not sure if it was them or just my general 'don't give a shit' attitude. But I am not taking them anymore. I do give a shit. I am terrified that pretty soon I will end up back where I started.

I'm now seriously thinking of attending some seminars on Lap Banding. I have NO IDEA how I would pay for it ...YET.... but for now I am looking into it. Shame I don't live in Australia, over there you can get it mostly funded.

I wonder if Stew would like to live in Australia? I would.

We are staying home today, I sold our Baby Gym on TradeMe and I'm expecting the buyer sometime today. I wasn't able to pin them down to a time.... which is a bugger..... I hope they turn up!

My feet are STILL swollen. And it's like... REALLY HARD to sew with your feet elevated higher than ya head...EH?
ABOVE: Stew assembling the new compost bin.. which we ducked out and bought this morning. I'm now sitting with me stupid feet up again.. doing some hand sewing. It is IMPOSSIBLE to sew at the machine with one's feet up... stop FANTASISING about how that would look, you weird Tarts! My left foot is fine now.. but my right foot is still very swollen, and it hurts.
WEBBSWAY: I like your thinking.. I do believe I must be one hell of a GODDESS !!! lol
End of Day: It's been a decent day, got lots of sewing done. Baby gym picked up and paid for finally. Feet have gone down a bit... and now? nite nite.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Sadly, it's almost the end of the first week of school. Then again.. it will be nice to know I don't HAVE to jump out of bed tomorrow morning and get the kids off to school ! Ya just can't win eh?

I think the kids have enjoyed being back at school though. They sure seem happy to go in the mornings... *smile*

Today... well I hope to finish the 4 small ducks, post the two bigger ones to Kim in Aussy, and go find us a compost bin!
What fun. I can happily shop for just about anything! As long as it's shopping. I know, I'm weird. (pretty picture eh?)...

I havn't gone out yet.... been cutting out a few more ducks. And now.. I must put my feet up (literally).. my feet are horribly swollen... it's from the heat I am sure ... even me piddle pills are not helping today. Dammit. Thanks for the info Lynda, I'm sure it has something to do with it.

ABOVE: I'm surrounded by ducks! I am making more, gunna offer them for sale RIGHT HERE... small $12.50, Large $ 18.00. Postage on top of that. So, if you fancy a duck... ask me.... otherwise I shall just take them out to me SIL's shop.

ABOVE: I'm trying a different colourway.. muted I think you would have to call it!
Me feet are still swollen, even though I put them up for two whole hours! Pffffffft.

End of Day... another hot one. Kept my feet up all evening... didn't make much difference. I'm off to bed... nite nite.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


ABOVE: last night.. well I didn't exactly do NOTHING... I did start on these two bigger Ducks... cos Kim in Aussy wants two ducks for birthday presents. So I have an ORDER! How cool is that?

So... today I will try to get them finished so I can get them in the mail in time of a certain wee girl's birthday!

Not much else to yabber on about right now... got to get a move on and get the kids ready for school....


I've just been out and about posting stuff, getting stuff... just sorting STUFF out... and it's a stinking hot day AGAIN... and after yesterday's rain it's like a sauna out there.

I got a letter in the mail today: My TOYOTA HIGHLANDER has to go and have a wee repair done... ON THE COMPANY... *sigh*... something to do with a potential oil leak developing due to a faulty part. WONDERFUL. Don't worry, I still love my car! It's just such a shame TOYOTA have had so many problems lately, not good for the company at all.

ABOVE: Two adorable ducks done and dusted... they just have to fly off to Australia now!

My computer is being an absolute SHIT SHIT SHIT today. It keeps freezing..... or NOT RESPONDING. I've give it NOT RESPONDING soon with a bloody sledge hammer! I AM GETTING REALLY REALLY MAD.

AND while I'm annoyed... friggin well give me a comment now and then if you are reading this friggin blog eh? I go OUT OF MY WAY sometimes to even do an update.... and OUT OF MY WAY to come visit over 200 bloody blogs AS OFTEN AS I CAN.... and some ...SOME of you? Never even bother to return the favor. Pffffffffft. OVER IT NOW.... just so ya know.

End of Day.... forgive my rant. I am just hot and bothered. I got 3 crank calls in quick succession, had a few other things get up my nose too. Just one of those afternoons. No one HAS to leave a comment... I will not track you down and bitch slap ya, I promise! Then again....
nite nite.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I'm one of those 'pain in the butt' people, who everything has to be JUST SO for... and that is why it took me hours to find just the right containter to put fruit in.. to fit in the old microwave space. I drive MYESELF nuts being so finicky too ! I have several perfectly acceptable fruit bowls already, let me assure you! But I got this idea in me head, and that was 'it'... just had to go get another one.

It's a wonder I have any money left. I'm such a bloody shop-a-holic. *sigh*

On a totally different tract now.. my Aunt is having her cat put down today.. that is sad. Wonder if his funeral will be as touching as my microwaves? LOL... far out I'm sick.

It's a lovely day.... and I am going to go before I offend too many with my outrageous sense of humour! I can feel more sickness coming on....


ABOVE: I have been mucking around with eyes this morning. Opinions... which looks better?
I have already done the first 4 ducks eyes, so they are stuck with them, but for any more???

OOOOO CATHY: now there's an idea! Thanks for the input chick!

I've been a busy girl! Did some sewing, did some shopping ... needed some extra purple material, had to go to the Post Office... and then when I got home I decided to put the sprinkler on my vege garden (it was parched)... and now? IT'S RAINING. Murphy's Law eh?

Today is the first day this summer I have watered the garden.. and it's the first heavy rain all summer! Pfffffffft.

I'm feeling decidedly jaded today, don't know why? *sigh*.
End of Day, and I have done bugger all this evening except catch up on some telly. There is a monumental pile of washing waiting to be folded and put away... *sigh*... something for tomorrow eh? nite nite.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


So... today is the Big Meeting up at the school to discuss Griffin's programme for this year. Stew is coming with me... I hope like hell it goes well. We have spent a long time and a lot of money to get this far.

Progress on the Ducks... they all have a smile! BUT no eyeballs yet... I don't feel like they 'come alive' until they get eyeballs! ha ha ha!

ABOVE: I might make me a lightbox, but the window will do for now!

ABOVE: Last night's sunset... we get some really amazing pink sky's up here!
ONWARD.... the day awaits...
- The meeting went really well, the Educational Psychologist outlined Griffins strengths and weaknesses, everyone had their input, everyone made suggestions for 'WHERE TO FROM HERE' and Stew and I are feeling guardedly optimistic that things will improve for Griffin from here on.
- SPELD help is on hold as they all felt that there is going to be far too much going on for now and it will be too much to add that into the mix. AWESOME, they better be right!
- My main microwave died this morning.. I am planing a grand funeral this afternoon, all welcome. I loved that microwave. Now I have to make do with the little one that is so much slower, and smaller. *sigh*
- I'm off to buy a square fruit 'bowl'..... to put in the microwave 'space'... which will not be filled with a new microwave for now as I simply don't have the money!
- The kids school stationery was $198 ... and the school fees are $360. And let's not forget the PE uniforms... they are going to cost around $200 too. *sigh*... it's never ending.
Off to spend what little money I have left!.....
It took me two hours and much walking around to find a suitable recepticle to be our new fruit 'bowl'... I'll show it tomorrow. I've been sewing this afternoon, and making a bacon and egg pie for dinner. It's friggin hot this afternoon too... so I'm drained. Being FAT is the pitts in this heat.
And being FAT is my own fault. *SIGH*. I am starting to think about WLS... anyone got a spare $15,000? (lap-band)
End of Day.. the pie was huge so I invited my Aunt and Uncle for dinner. .... my Uncles LOVES pie!... a pleasant evening, a few wines, a few Torara Cafe's ... a bit tiddly now ! But happy. Off to shag the man now. TMI? Tough titties. nite nite! lol