Wednesday, April 30, 2014


My knitting ... is not going to become a cover for the little wing back chair.  *sigh*

I had another look at how it looked on the chair late last night, after I'd knitted a heap more of the first 'strip'.  It still did not look good.

So I am throwing in the towel.  My knitting will have to become a really pretty scarf or blanket.  I might try and knit a jumper or two for the littlies with some of the wool I've accumulated over the past couple of weeks.

It won't go to waste.

My next project in the sewing room will be a couple of mug rugs for some people, then I might just get back to my Dresden Plate Quilt.

It is constantly glaring at me from the sewing desk... I've not put it away, I've kept it out so it is 'IN ME FACE'.

TODAY?  Well because I have put the chair cover 'on the back burner', I might take a break from all craft for the day and just blog, read blogs, read the news, play a game or two, just fill in the day with other stuff for a change.

I might pop out this morning and check out a couple of fabric shops.  I've not bought any fabric in a few weeks!   I can always do with some more, now that I'm not buying wool!
Or maybe I can look for a pattern or two for summer dresses, shirts/shorts for grandkids next Christmas?  No time like now to get a head start on presents.

WOW!  I just realised it's the LAST day of April!  Where the hell has 4 months gone already???


I've roused the kids out of bed.  The one thing I LOVE about kids this age?
They sleep in.  It's so GOOD.  *smiles*

A BIG THANK YOU LYNDA.  I took the wool I bought yesterday back for a full refund.  Now I have $$'s for fabric!  

After returning the wool at Spotlight, the kids and I enjoyed an ice cream at the mall before coming home again.

Now I think I will pop around a few blogs.

Nearly dinnertime, and I'm happy to say I'm not cooking it!
Bex is.

I've popped around a few blogs and feel good about that.  I've also done some knitting, I'm tossing up what to do with my big Chevron Strip... it's either going to be a baby cot blanket, or something else.  Time will tell I suppose.

It's just as well I can change my mind, cos I do it every half and hour!  lol

ME:  I left the pattern as a comment on your last blog post.

End of Day: not a busy evening.  It was nice to see Steve home, even if he was a pain in the butt.
I'll elaborate tomorrow.
nite nite

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Well, after deciding that individual blocks joined together would look hideous on my wing back chair, I've started working on long strips of the Chevron Pattern...

 ABOVE:  I started this strip last night.  And this morning I'm going to Spotlight to try and get as much of the 'foundation' pink/blue/multi-coloured wool I can.  It's a limited line and they didn't have much left last time I looked.  Fingers crossed I can get enough for my chair.

Bex was in the family room yesterday crocheting, and she could hear this little 'beep, beep, beep'... and didn't know what it was at first.  Then it dawned on her...

She looked behind herself, into the kitchen. Yep.  His nibs has found the microwave, and he knows how to make it beep.  *sigh*   
Next thing we know he'll be warming up his bottle, or some toy!

Luckily, he actually needs to grow about 2 inches taller before he can get something in it.

So, as I said, I'm going out this morning to Spotlight.  Griffin is going to a movie with a friend.  

I think Bex is coming with me, but time will tell.  Sometimes Dante really needs a sleep before lunch, so maybe she is coming, maybe she's not.
Of course, Brylee will have to come with me ... oh yaaa.   Right now I'm tempted to put masking packaging tape across her mouth, I'm so sick of her mouth.  edit: Packaging tape takes more effort to rip off than masking tape!

I know... that doesn't sound nice of me.  But really, ya have to live with her to know where I'm coming from.

After I've been out and about, I plan on catching up with a few more blogs.  I miss feeling connected to my favourite bloggers.  

This year I have probably been the worst blogger ever when it comes to keeping in touch, and I'm sorry about that.  

I was spending too much time on my computer, so I took a step back from spending so much time reading blogs.  I needed to devote a bit more time to my interests outside of blogging, and just spend more time with the family.

So, I hope in some way that explains my slackness.

Anyway.... I am off now to make a start on me day.


Easter was very generous to me.
It gave me 2 pimples, and 3 kilos.
Now I have to pull finger and really work on my will power, or lack of it.

Did anyone else go mental and stuff their face with chocolate?
I'd like to think I'm not alone.

WANNA B: if my knitted 'cover' still looks hideous, I will have a go at recovering the chair... even though I have NO IDEA how to go about it!

FROGGY:  I have wanted to give her a right bitch slap on MANY occasions, but in this country you are not ALLOWED to slap you child.  You end up with a criminal conviction for assault on a minor.  WE know this only too well.

Been shopping.

Bex thinks I have a HUGE stash of wool.
I don't think I do!

While I was out I had a brilliant idea for something to sew, so I'm off to do that now.

I'm starting to think NO ONE wants to see me knitting... cos there's not many remarks about it.  *sniff*

I'll come back after I've made my 'thing'.

LYNDA:  I am inclined to half agree... so if the knitted strips (once pinned on) don't look good I will scrap that idea and turn them into a blanket.
All will not be lost, because either way, I will have made something pretty.

And I can decided what to do with the chair later.  

I have finished my little 'project' ... and now just need to take a photo to share.

ABOVE:  I made a big drawstring bag.

Explanation:  I used to have a jug on the bench for all used plastic bags.  Every Monday I'd take them to the Hospice Shop with me, as we need all plastic bags we can scrounge from people.
We are not supplied with plastic bags from Hospice very often.

Anyway, I decided to make a nice bag, in the same fabric I've used in the lounge and family room (cushions, mug rugs, etc) and hang it in a handy place near the kitchen.  

So, there ya have it.  One gorgeous bag hanging out of the way, but in a handy spot. edit: it might not stay there, I will see how it goes.

End of Day:  Well, not a bad day... not a fantastic day either.  It was nice to get out on my own for a little while.
Griffin was out till almost dinner time, so he was happy.
Brylee?  Bored shitless.  I bet she can't wait to get back to school!
I can't wait either.
nite nite

Monday, April 28, 2014


How do I know it's winter?

In winter my right arm/hand gets freezing cold to the touch, while my left arm stays warm!

I know.  It's weird but true.

So, I have a 'Winter Arm'.  It never fails to do this once the temperatures drop.

So, all the beds have their electric blankets on, and warm flannelet sheets.  We will be warm and toasty now.

Sad.  Stew has to go back to work today.  I will miss having him around.

I think Bex is going over to Lacy's today, I will stay home and knit/sew/do the housework I think.

"Date my arse" means:  Like hell is going grocery shopping with Stew a 'date'!    Not literally 'date my arse'... cos well... the rest of me is attached to me arse eh? lol

Steve is away with the Building Company he works for in Rotorua for three days.  I'm sure we will all miss him.

Now: how about I show you that rather difficult knitting pattern I got my head around and accomplished last night...

ABOVE:  It is called 'Homes of Donegal Castle'.  I wouldn't want to be knitting that pattern for a big project!  It's 26 rows long, and every row is different. 

I'm really chuffed I managed to decipher the pattern, and stick with it.

Now I have to find the next one I'm going to attempt.  It's a bit like finding complex patchwork blocks to sew, challenging but fun.

Right, I'm going to bugger off and get some housework done, so when I do sit down to either knit or sew I won't feel guilty.


I went back to bed after feeding the dogs, checking emails, etc.  Only for about an hour, but it was so nice.

Now I'm doing housework.  I didn't think there was much to do!  FUNNY HA HA.  There's always heaps to do.
So... I'm doing it.  

Griffin is stuck in his room until it's a safe place again, in case Dante wanders in there and chokes on something on the floor.
Lego... is not good for a toddler.  Nor is batteries.
So... here's hoping I can instill in Griffin the reason WHY it's so important to have a clear floor.

So... there's a few jobs done!  It's taken me hours to clean the fridge, tidy some cupboards in the kitchen, do the washing, and general mucking around.  
Now, lunch.  Then watch some Home and Away before getting down to doing some sewing or knitting.

I've got a big pot of Pea & Bacon soup on for dinner too.

I just laid out some of the knitted blocks on the chair to see how it might look.

The only blocks I like on the chair are the Chevron Patterns, indicated by the arrows. So, I'm going to use the other blocks to make a baby blanket, Bex is taking a couple to unpick for her crochet.  And I will make heaps more Cheveron Blocks... and I will stick to Pink, Blue, White, Purple and the Multi-Coloured wool.
NOT YELLOW, or GREEN, or any other colour.

I just cut Griffin's hair, now he can see where he's going again.  And I need a shower to get all the hair off ME.  It's itchy on me boobs!

End of Day: well... so little is happening around here, I'm signing off early tonight.
nite nite

Sunday, April 27, 2014


So, Stewie has to go back to work tomorrow... I bet he's looking forward to that like a hole in the head.

While we have not gone 'away' on holiday, we have enjoyed having some nice times at home together.

Sunday.  Hmmmm.  Might do some sewing or knitting .... or, grocery shopping.  Probably grocery shopping.  Has to be done eh?

TODAY:  I'm feeling really tired.  My mind is going around and around, wondering why? some things happen.  Is it possible to mend a broken bridge, when you need more than one person to want to do it? 

Here's some photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Steve and all his new tools.  Combined with what Marty gave him, he's got most of the 'essentials' now.
Ha, now all he needs is a van to carry it all!

 ABOVE:  Master Dante chillin' out on his favourite cushion.

 ABOVE: cute.  And see my snuggly electric throw?  It's out and ready for when it gets cold.
Which won't be long now surely?
April and it's still warm!  That's nuts.

ABOVE:  I love how my lounge looks with the new blue/nautical accessories I've made.  That colour even matches the rug!  Didn't even realise it until now.

Right, I'm gunna go and check out the cupboards, see what we need when we do the freakin' shopping...


MARY H:  all Steve's tools are covered under his Employer's Insurance.

I'm actually COLD today!  Feels GREAT.  I am going to put the electric blanket on my bed today.  Cos it was just a bit chilly climbing into bed last night.

I'll also change the kids sheets to warm ones, and put their electric blankets on too.

After lunch Stew and I will do the grocery shopping.  I'm actually not dreading it for once.

Steve and Bex are going to stay home and babysit B & G for us too.  Yaaa, no kids in tow.

NATALIE:  ha ha... you are a funny girl!  Date my arse!

Well, another fortnight's shopping done, and put away.  It sure is so much easier when there's so many hands to help put it all away.

The dogs got a treat:

ABOVE:  I'm sure they thought Christmas had arrived early.  I have come to the conclusion that Teddy's allergies are Environmental, not food related.  So, they can have bones to chew on.  
I doubt we will see them for a long while now.

Well... it's been a quiet afternoon/evening.  I decided to give a knitting pattern I'd given up on another go... and I blindly followed the pattern, even though it made NO SENSE to me at all.  And it worked!

I will show you tomorrow.  

End of Day:  a nice, productive day.  Sad it has to end, as tomorrow Stew goes back to work.
I will miss him.
nite nite

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Because of Easter and Anzac Day, and then Stew being home on holidays, along with the kids, I have no idea what day it is!  

Right, looking at the calendar, it's Saturday! 

So, Steve is working today.  I don't know if he's doing a full day or a half day.  If it's a half day he will come home, then go shopping!

He's received his 'tool grant', which is given to all Apprentices after they have been on the job for a certain length of time.... so he can now go and buy a few of the bigger ticket tools he will need as a Builder.

I'm excited for him... shopping is so much fun.  *smiles*  He's also been incredibly lucky that our friend Marty has literally given him hundreds of dollars worth of tools for a pittance too. 

Ah... I think I need to get that 'pittance' off Steve, cos we are picking up those tools for him today!

AND, I am making scones for lunch today.  We are having lunch with Marty, Jacqui and their kids today while we are over that way.

I don't fancy having to walk up their driveway again!  But, needs must I suppose.

Once we are home again, I am going to take some time out and read some blogs and catch up with a few of you.

ABOVE:  A lovely photo of our Dante, I had forgotten to share it.  So, ya get it now... cos it's that or nothing.
Till later.


My house smells divine!  I've just taken cheese scones out of the oven ... lunch is ready to be taken over to Marty & Jacqui's house.

I'll be back later. 

Well, my scones went down well with everyone.  Which is nice.

PAULA:  My scone recipe?  Ha ha!  I don't really keep to any recipe.

As a rough guide:
For every BIG cup of flour I add a heaped teaspoon of Baking Powder.  (I usually use around 6 cups of flour, so I add 6 heaped teaspoons of Baking Powder).  Then I grate a HUGE amount of Tasty Cheese (around 500-600 grams), and about 100 grams of grated butter and I stir it into the sifted flour and baking powder.
Then I pour in milk, a good splosh at a time, and I mix it together with a knife, until it is a big clump, but not too sticky.   Then I DO NOT KNEAD it at all.... I just tip it out onto a floured bench, pat it into a rectangle about  30 cms think, cut it into squares and chuck them on a greased baking tray and bake them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes.  Temperature 220 degrees C.

BOOM!  Done... and delicious.  You would not believe it, but a tasty cheese scone with jam and cream is freakin' amazing!  You can't even tell they are cheese scones.

If you want a more savoury scone, just add some fresh herbs, bacon or ham bits, dried tomatoes... etc.

All the comments left on my blog USUALLY come via an email, so ... something is up with that cos so many comments have been left, but no corresponding email has arrived for a few days.  Weird.
And slightly annoying.  Because of the delay, I am left feeling like no one likes me anymore!

Now, I have to go to my settings page and publish comments from there.  So, if you have left a comment, but not seen it yet, it's because I just realised what was going on.

 ABOVE:  Marty's Mum made this gorgeous quilt for her Granddaughter Sofia Grace.  It's so cute.
Gives me ideas for the next Granddaughter who comes along.

 ABOVE:  The guys securing a huge tool box on the car.
ABOVE:  Steve had just got home when we got back from lunch, so he had a chance to drool over the tools Marty had given him.
AND now?  He's gone off to buy the other tools he needs.  Stew and Griffin have gone with him.  It's a 'man' thing buying tools... lol.

COTTONREEL (Kathleen):  I can't leave a comment on your blog for some reason.  I would like to!

End of Day:  well another in a long run of nice days.  Long may they last.
nite nite

Friday, April 25, 2014


Griffin was talking to Bex about a truck we saw on the road yesterday, that had some 'balls' hanging off  the tow bar... next thing out of Griffin's mouth:

" Bex, does a 'boner' have a bone in it?"

She said "Have you had 'the talk' yet?  Maybe that should be your first question to ask"

Griffin said: "No .... and I don't want to".

Perhaps it IS time Stew took Griffin aside and gave him the 'Birds and Bees' talk.  I have done the 'talk' with all the girls, so it's only fair he has to take on the last boy! 

It's Anzac Day here.  Another public holiday.  This day is to remember all men and women who fought in the War(s), and our surviving War Veterans, both here in New Zealand and Australia.

Some happy snaps from yesterday:

ABOVE:  Steve loved his Banana Cake.  Bex did a good job.  The writing says "No 1 Dad, 27".

Dante's most favourite word right now is "WOW!", and he loves planes, and dogs.
Dante and I spend time each day looking at planes and dogs on the computer.  Last night we came upon a rather special plane:

 ABOVE:  I just had to print it out for him.  He loves it.

ABOVE:  the latest knitted block.  It's called Small Diamond Brocade.  It wasn't a hard one at all.

OK.  That's all from me right now... 


WOW!!!!  No comments today!   And I've not updated at all today either.  Man, that doesn't happen too often.

So... we went out after lunch to Marty and Jacqui's.  Marty was offering some of his building tools to Steve, so we went over with Steve to have a look.
The guys went through a whole heap of stuff, and Steve chose quite a few bits 'n' bobs.
Stew and I will go over tomorrow and pick it all up. 

ABOVE:  guys having fun.  Jacqui kept trying to get Marty to part with more and more, but he wasn't having any of it.

Some things are just 'special' and hold memories, so I could understand why he was holding on to certain things. 

Marty and Jacqui recently moved to there current address, and they warned us about their driveway.
We had to park on the road and walk up.... and OMG it was a killer of a driveway!
I am sure it's the steepest driveway I've ever been on.

 ABOVE:  photos never show the true gradient ... but let me assure you, I felt like I was mountain climbing!  It was not only STEEP... it was a long way up.

We are going back tomorrow to pick up the tools ... our car was too full to fit anything else it today.

Right, time to do some more knitting before dinner... which Bex is cooking tonight.  I'm rather spoilt having other adults in the house who can cook.

End of Day:  VERY late!  Well after midnight in fact.  It's been a lovely day.  Did not get any knitting done tonight... the two patterns I tried did not have 'complete' instructions, so I had to stop and unravel them... very frustrating.
Shit happens.
nite nite.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY STEVE.  He's the child who was responsible for maiming me during childbirth.  He was 10 pound 12 ounces and he got STUCK.  
I finally got all that damage surgically 'fixed'  in 2008.  And it nearly killed me!  

I had a quick look back to that time on my blog, and it was scary how badly that all spiraled into a nightmare!  If you are interested in reading all about it:    edit:  sorry, wrong date!   Friday 27th of June, 2008 is the start of the operation saga.

RIGHT .... onwards!

Since grabbing me knitting needles, you poor buggers have been visually assaulted with me knitted blocks.

Sorry 'bout that.  

But, as this blog is about anything and everything I do in me life... you just have to put up with me, or leave!

But, I am aware I'm probably boring you to death!  

Today I will show you blocks 10 & 11.  Then hopefully later on I'll have some photos of other stuff.

Stew has suggested we go out and about, and see if we can find something to hold me knitting patterns upright while I'm actually knitting.  I've been using a cushion, but it sucks.

So... here's those two new blocks:

ABOVE:  this one is called Star Stitch.  It's a tricky bugger to do, but I'm pig headed and determined.  Which is just as well... cos this one:

... was a tricky one too.  It's called Smocking Stitch.  It looks like the smocking on the front of a baby's dress/shirt.  I love it.
But it's a shit to knit too.

Oh well... it wouldn't be interesting if it wasn't a challenge eh?

So, I'm looking forward to getting out of the house today.  Yesterday I literally stayed inside all day, except to hang out washing.  
Need some fresh air. 

It's getting a bit cooler here now.  I am wearing socks!  And a long sleeved thin cardigan too.

And the freakin' hot flushes are settling down again too... thank god!  Maybe the weather is helping?

I swear, they really do drive me mental.  It's now been about 9-10 years for me.  So not fair.  Some women never get any!

I was talking to a woman at the Hospice Shop recently, and we got to talking about hot flushes, and I said I'd had them for about 10 years, and she said she'd had them for four.  

I said : "Four years, you poor thing".

And she said "No, I have only had four hot flushes ever!"

Pfffffft.  That sure made me NOT feel sorry for her.

Try almost 10 years, and up to 24 times a day (and that is a VERY conservative guess)!

I hope like hell I'm not grizzling about them in another 10 years!

Right, time to go make a start on the day...


COTTONREEL:  thanks for that, I will go have a look when I've got a minute spare.

PAULA & ENZ:  yep, I think we are going to Warehouse Stationary to look.

Well... we had a look around and saw several options.  Some cheap, some bloody expensive!
And got neither.
I am sure I can make something from stuff we have here at home.  edit:  Stew is making it for me... even if it takes hours and hours for him to get it done.  nah nah na na.  MEN!

ABOVE:  Bex has made a Banana Cake for Steve's birthday.  she is going to ice it with Chocolate icing.  YUM.

ABOVE:  Stew made me a pattern holder.  And it didn't take hours after all.  Thanks Darling.

End of Day: such a nice day.  The temperature is dropping, so much more comfortable for everyone.
Steve got a Birthday cake made by Bex (photo tomorrow), and we all had a lovely dinner of Pizza and Cake.
Very happy that my 'knitting area' in the lounge is workable and comfortable now.
nite nite

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Well I'm sadly lacking on anything riveting to blather on about right now, so I give you these:

 ABOVE:  He's kissing the fan (it's going).  Why?  I don't have any idea, except he was rather taken with it.  

And ewwww, look at all that dust on the darn thing!

 ABOVE:  A sweet moment in his madness...  You will see what I mean in the next photo!


I only got ONE knitting block done yesterday, but I was thrilled with it because: 

 ABOVE:  FINALLY!!!  A Chevron Pattern that works!  Now that I've found it, I won't lose it.
Someone thought I was making a Pattern Book or some such thing, and that gave me the idea...

ABOVE: to actually make one.  Thanks whoever it was.
Seeing as I have been trying out all sorts of knitting patterns, it seems a sensible thing to do.

Right, I might just go and get started on a few household jobs... and rope the kids into helping too.  I'm sure they won't mind....  And pigs can fly.  YEAHhhh... NAH.


I'm on the warpath.

A certain person in this house seems to think 'tidying the bedroom' means throw everything in the wardrobe or on top of his bed.  Ahh, no.

HE is now sulking, because after asking him numerous times over the past few days to tidy his room, and not seeing a tidy room, I've banned him from the XBox for the day.

BOYS ... well KIDS really.

Why do they think their throats have been cut when I ask them to do some jobs around the house???

Do they think the house keeps itself clean and tidy?

It may look like I do NOTHING all day, but in reality, I never walk from one room to another without picking something up, straightening something up, or cleaning it.  It's a HABIT I had hoped to install in all my kids.

Waste of time.

I don't think there is one single kid I've raised who is tidy like me.

Maybe Mike is?  I wouldn't know because I haven't seen his 'living space' where he lives now.

Sometimes I despair at how untidy my kids are.

Yaaa, I now have 9 knitting patterns in my Pattern Book.
And now... I'm starting on another block.
Such fun.  No ... really it is!

I absolutely ♥love♥ sewing, and will never NOT sew, but I'm also loving knitting right now.  *smiles*

Watch out though, I'm good at up and trying something else too.

In my lifetime so far, I have done:

Knitting, Sewing, Patchwork,  Card Making, Pottery, Crochet, Painting, Lead Light Glass making, Woodturning, Embroidery, Felting, Rug Making & Chocolate Making.


I am sure there's a few more I'd like to add to that list eventually.

Have any of you done any craft type stuff that is totally different?   I'd like to know.

FROGGY:  You are lucky to only be picking up after ONE person. 

NUMBER 5:  Dream on sunshine.

KAREN: ummm ... none of those ideas tickle me fancy!  *smiles*

TRACY:  trouble with letting them have a pig sty for a room?  They can't find stuff.  Clothes don't get washed and they stink!  AND they then start making a mess in other areas of the house too.

I am trying to teach them that living in a clean and tidy home is better than living in chaos.  

Seems some lessons are never learnt.

End of Day:  Well ... got a bit of housework done, not much, but better than none.
Also got one more knitted block done, and a 2nd half done.
I've started trying to do really intricate ones.  I will show you the two latest tomorrow... cos I need something to post!
nite nite