Monday, November 30, 2009


Well.... I WILL then... but it will be DIET COKE!
Sorry to all you out there who are heading off to work... unless ya love your job!

My three are off back to school and work ... yaaaaa... peace will reign again.

And... I'm going to make an appointment to see me Dr... for some TWEEKING of my HRT pills... I am so over hot flushes. I will also look into natural remedies too...

I shall also ring the Sewing Machine shop lady to see what's the hap's with the Needle Threader replacement.... like... where is it?

I'm going to kill some weeds with roundup today too... and sew... and do some housework... so a busy day hopefully, cos being busy means not being BORED... and not being bored means NOT EATING crap.

Been out and about... picked up some supplies for the bag making... not much else.

It's an ikky day, windy and showers. .... so no gardening happening today. After the kids get home from school we are off to the doctors... me for the HRT crap, and Griffin needs some worts zapped again... darn things just won't go. That's it for now....

Kids warts are dealt to... Griffin cried... he has warts on one finger all the way around the nail... it hurt! As for me... I can't take any more HRT pills... I'm on the maximum now and as I have blood clot risks... that's it. So, he's given me (GET THIS)... sedatives! To make me sleep! Don't know how I feel about taking sedatives?

Is it safe.... I dunno. OMG! I just looked at them... they are a really pretty blue COLOUR! Anything that pretty can't be bad for you surely? lol

End of Day: looking forward to bedtime! Hoping like hell the pill works and I SLEEP! nite nite.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


PMT and MENOPAUSE are the pits.

RENA: who we don't see enough of. There was more to this post about her.. but I thought better of it. I HATE having dark hair.. and will try and get it back to this (above)... which I did love.The ONE thing in my control to change... but just can't seem to. I want to.... DESPERATELY....
See... I'm in a bit of a downer mood.... and it's only the start of the day! It can only get better... RIGHT?

I am finally out of bed... 9.55am. Blogging in bed hurts your butt after a while.. not comfy at all. pffffft. Stew is watching the rugby.. seems our boys are winning right now... so he's happy.
It's a cloudy, windy day... and not that warm. No plans for the day... might just be an 'around home' day.

I cheered myself up by doing some sewing:

Isn't this one going to be just DARLING!

I think it's just so cute! It's not finished of course...
Stew has suggested we get out and about... so we are going out for lunch.. maybe we will visit his sister out at Bethell's Beach too... will just wait and see.

We went to St Lukes Mall.. another of my favourite malls... had a very nice lunch, then popped into Manukau to get Griffin's hair cut.. now home and blobbing out in front of the telly till dinner.
I WAS going to bake a mince and bacon pie... but Stew got out Sweet Short Pastry by mistake, so now we are having fruit pie for dinner! LOL... who cares, it's food, the kids will love it ... and the mince and bacon mix can be for tomorrow night instead. Not a problem.

End of Day: in all.. a nice day. Not so grumpy now. This is good. nite nite.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I nicked this off Mark.. it totally tickled me fancy:

I have never ever decorated the exterior of my home.. so it struck a cord with me! And No KD... I have no intention of doing my house up like that!

Today: well a sleep in would be nice.. but won't happen. Griffin ALWAYS wakes up between 6 and 6.30 am... the bloody shit. I can't wait till he's a lazy teenager who sleeps all day.. I really can't!

We are gunna go over to the North Shore... have lunch at Albany Mall and then go pick up a Nerf Tag Gun Set for Sharon in Taupo, who won it on Trademe... SO...if you are in Albany Mall at lunchtime.. look for me! And say "HI"! *sigh*.... I would love to meet more bloggers up here...

ONWARD.... home now.

Had a nice lunch, picked up thing for Sharon, came home and went to sleep for nearly 3 hours! So tired. The hot flushes are back at night.. and keeping me awake ... they are so horrid. So much for HRT... pffffffft.

Not much else going on right now, his Nibs is mowing the lawns... kids are watching telly, and I'm right here ...TYPING. JOY.

Might do some more sewing tonight..... not much else to do!

I might not have a uterus anymore.. but I still get PMT ! I'm as shitty and crabby as HELL... feel like ripping someone's head off and shoving it up their bum! Honestly... if anyone annoys me right now..LOOK OUT. AND I have a damn zit on me chin which is SORE.... *sniff*

End of Day: watching tv, not killed anyone yet...feeling a bit NICER... nite nite.

Friday, November 27, 2009


I must show you what I made last night! A card and a little thingee you put a chocolate or similar in....that's the green one!

I am rather chuffed with the card.. it's so cute... .and it's got glitter on it.. BLING!
Our little group... there were 8 of us .. a nice number.. good company too. Quite a few of us want to go to a workshop to learn more! FUN!

Now, as for today... *sigh*....sewing I reckon. And if it's sunny... some sunbathing.

AND I keep saying weeding.. but it's not going to happen.. I PROCRASTINATE ...something shocking. Maybe I can supervise the kids doing some? Like .. point out the weeds and make them do it? I could PAY them! What an excellent idea~! (slave labour rates!)
I have been sewing... the machine is going really well... but the treader is not working.. I'm waiting for them to fix it.

I've almost finished the next bag.. just have to sew on the button and the inner seam where I turned the lining in/out.

I emailed the Transport Company about that bloody bus yesterday not arriving on time... and us missing it... and they have already gotten back to me! They are 'following it up with the driver'... like that's going to help now? At least they are doing something. It caused me a lot of grief yesterday.. and that counts for something.
Another bag done and dusted:
It's been (still is) a really lovely hot, sunny day.. I did a bit of sunbathing earlier on.. BLISS.
Dinner tonight: my favourite... roast chicken, mashed potatoes with CHEESE, peas, brussell sprouts, mixed veges and GRAVY... CAN'T WAIT.
End of Day: dinner was delicious! Watched Master Chef Australia, The Final.. it was great... had a couple of drinks... chilled out.. nice evening. nite nite.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I have nothing to put on me blog today!

Stew suggested I talk about my weight.. well it's the same now as it was a whole year ago. I suck.

Stew suggested I go for a walk... not gunna happen! It's hot. I hate getting too hot when out walking.

I might do some sewing.
I might do some sunbathing.
I might even do some weeding.
I might do some exercise....OR NOT.

So... I'll go for now... and do SOMETHING. Pfffffffft.
EEeee gads.. I've been watching TV! IN the morning no less!!! AND that's all!
I might just start getting ready for tonight soon... I'm going to a 'Girls Night' at Stew's work.... he's looking after the kids!
The kids and I are taking a bus to the train station this afternoon, then the train into town.. where I will give Stew the kids and go to the 'girls night'... then Stew can pick me up later. Yaaa, this means I can have a drink or 3! nice one.
It's supposed to be a 'Stamping' party.. scrapbooking shit I think. I don't really care WHAT it is... it's an OUTING... with other WOMEN.. and that is gunna be great! Much as I love Stew .. I do like talking to other adults too! And that does not happen much right now...
I am soooo going to re-join the patchwork groups next year.. once the school holidays are over. I miss them... and the ladies.
I'm off to have a shower, wash and straighten the mop (hair)... and spend an hour or so deciding what to wear! *sigh*
The kids and I walked up the hill and down the road to catch the bus... it was due at 4.18.. it hadn't turned up by 4.30 so we started walking home... and not 5 minutes later the bloody bus drove by! FUCK BUGGER AND DAMN... now we have missed the bus, and the connecting train.
I am super pissed off.. and not even sure I want to go to the party now. I'm all hot and bothered... and CRABBY.
I went.. in the car.. it took over an hour in rush hour traffic, a trip that usually takes me about 20 minutes. Pffffffffft. It was nice.. I bought a stamp or two. It is NOT going to become an obsession.. I promise you... you will not have to look at cards and such-like every day! YOU LUCKY BUGGERS.
End of Day: so, I couldn't have a drink... and I havn't had me dinner yet either.. so that's what I shall do now I think.. feed me face and have a drink! nite nite.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I loved the heart shaped buttons I bought recently at a craft fair... and wanted more... so I made my own. They worked out costing me $1.16 each to make... compared to $4-5 each at the fair. SCORE. I made the green ones a bit thin... live and learn. I've not used this Sculpting/bake-it in the oven stuff before.

AND I know you are all just dying to see the finished Christmas Tree! So... there it is! No Cross or Angel on the top either! I went for a big bow! TOTALLY CHOICE. I'm really proud of my tree.

Today... well I shall try to do some of that weeding... and some sewing too.... and the spare bedroom needs tidying up AGAIN.. it is the 'dumping ground' in this house. *sigh*


I went to Weight Watchers this morning... had a big gain. That's all I have to say about that. EXCEPT... at least I went?

End of Day: it's been a nice afternoon.. I sunbathed, then the kids and I visited my aunt.. pleasant evening too... time to sign off. nite nite.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


... UP CLOSE... I asked a 'professional' Christmas Tree Decorator in the States (thanks Teresa) for suggestions for our tree... and she said "When you think it's finished, add 50 more things!".... so I will then!
Stew thinks it's going to fall down due to the weight soon.. but I don't think so... it's a really robust tree.

TODAY: hmmmm... not sure really. Not a lot to do around here at the moment... though there is some (nah .. lot's) of weeding that needs doing. I hate weeding, but then so does Stew... so maybe I will do a bit? Miracles have be known to happen....

ABOVE: Next bag on the go...quite a shitty shape, curving in at the top.. might not do THAT again!

WHICH BUTTON?????? Round or Square????????

I just can't make up me mind on this one!

ONWARD.... Oh how sad! It's raining... I can't WEED... so.......I will go SHOPPING instead! ha ha ha...

Well.. apart from one lonely soul (FROGGY!).. The whole lot of you are saying go with the ROUND button! So I will then!

I went shopping, met up with me darling man for lunch... and now after being out and about for 4 hours.. it's time to relax for a mo! Phew, shopping is like a workout I'm sure.

ABOVE: in these bags... the 50 extra tree decorations we NEEDED... and I saw some really cute Firemen selling their 2010 Calendars in the mall... and Stew bought one for me....
BECAUSE I really do need a calendar don't I??? Ha ha ha!
I've just put the latest decorations on my tree.. and I think it's finished! I am knackered from doing it... I have NEVER covered a tree like this before...I will show ya tomorrow!
End of Day: well I've done sweet fanny all this evening! I watched Coronation Street, now I'm watching Packed to the Rafters, which I love too... and I'm doing nothing more. I am being a lazy tart eh? lol
NO sewing today at all! wow. nite nite.

Monday, November 23, 2009


So, like my bags... I was told my tree needed to have something to show it's size.. will Amanda do? LOL It's sitting on top of a coffee table... out of Teddy's reach! He would LOVE to eat some of them decorations, I'm sure.

THEY WERE lovely company... until they fell asleep! Seems they 'hosted' a party on Saturday night... poor dears! *snort*

I am frightfully pleased it's Monday again... the kids were really BOTHERSOME this weekend. Some days I am just OVER kids.
So, I'll do my housework in peace, and be thankful school is COMPULSORY !

I went to town, I bought Griffin's MAIN present, didn't want to leave it too late or there would probably be none available closer to Xmas! As for Brylee's MAIN present.. I have no idea what to get her! Girls her age are diabolical to buy for! She has enough Barbies and such like... and she's too young to appreciate clothes yet.. *sigh*... have to give it more thought.
Lunch time now, and I'm finally going to sit down and have something to eat and relax for a mo...

Another bag done and dusted!

Griffin is starting to get crabby about having to go for extra tuition... TOO BAD SUNSHINE, you are going! I took him this afternoon, with him grizzling and bitching... but I refuse to have an illiterate kid if I can help it.

End of Day: a great day today... I got lots done... I like that. nite nite.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I bought more Christmas Decorations yesterday... and put 'em on the tree.. but I'm NOT done yet! I'm loving my tree! Need some big bows and more ribbons.... You fulla's are gunna get SICK of seeing my tree!!!
And.... STAR OR ANGEL for the top??????

Also yesterday 'Santa' picked up the kayak.. here's the guys from R & R Sport putting it on ROXY... such HELPFUL Dudes! Shame we can't use it until Christmas Day! I want so much to give it a go right now while the weather is so nice.

Today Amanda and Andrew are visiting us.. which is neat cos we don't see enough of our Family ... even though we are closer in distance. *sniff* When we first moved up here we saw them ALL THE TIME! Now the novelty seems to have worn off.. or we are BORING old FARTS .... never!

Worry: last night I pricked my finger, so asked Stew to test me with his Diabetes kit... I was FINE... then Griffin picked a scab on his leg... and he bled, so Stew tested him too..... 12.8! WAY, WAY too high! So today we are going to be testing him before breakfast, after lunch and after dinner... to see if he's 'normal' again. Last night he DID have ice cream.... but then again, so did I. I am a bit worried about him.. ... he is always thirsty... is overweight... bla bla bla. I might be worrying about NOTHING.... but we won't know without tesing him today. He is gunna HATE being pricked! lol

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, this is your temporary new captain speaking. Chris is having some computer malfunctions at present, so I (Steve aka Child No. 5) shall be keeping you up to date as to what is happening untill the problems are resolved.

Well from what mum has told me, Griffin got pricked this morning, and he is fine. The exact result I am not sure of, but untill mum is back you people will settle for knowing he is fine :) The only other exciting bit of news so far today is that mum rung me at 10am to ask computer advise, now this is not unusual for her to ring me with computer problems, but she could have atleast waited till a bit later, im a 22 year old man, i was seriously hungover haha. Well other than that I have nothing else to report as of yet, but undoubtibly you will be hearing from me again soon, until then........enjoy your day :)

I HAVE A NEW HERO! Andrew and Amanda arrived, and Andrew fixed me computer!

Thank you 'Child No# 5' for your update ! Love you VERY MUCH... and sorry for waking you up! *snigger*

Now.. I have had the most DREADFUL morning! Imagine not being able to access your computer/blog/emails.... It was driving me NUTS. I was pacing up and down... even sitting my feet were twitching! I am ADDICTED to my computer.

So, I'm all sorted now... back to normal transmissions. Will be testing Griffin's blood again two hours after his lunch. Last's night's reading was probably inaccurate given it was after eating ice cream?

ONWARD.... I have visitors..

End of Day: we've had a lovely visit from Amanda and Andrew... I've got the most GORGEOUS photo of the two of them... but will show it tomorrow... this post is quite long enough! Off to do a wee bit of housework now... nite nite.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

NEW BAG... AND it's the WEEKEND! Yaaaaa.

Edit: there... a 1.5 ltr bottle of Diet Coke (what else!) to show a comparable size to me bag.

ABOVE: The first of three bags on the 'go'... and like all the others I have made.. I LOVE IT! This time the 'round shape' with a flap has come out right... It's not finished yet of course, but you get the gist.

Today I need to go down to Manukau Spotlight to get a few more bits and bobs for the latest bags so I can get on with finishing them...

What else? Sheesh... the 'usual' I suppose... lunch out.. some housework. ... some lazing around the house, some sewing... just the usual saturday!

Blogger is being a total arse today... I can't choose my font or size of print... so it's not what I want... too small! Hard for us 'oldies' to see eh? Pffffft.


JAXX: most of my bags are 'handbag' sized.... the one above is .... I will remember in future to show them in a way that shows their actual size. And NO, you are not thick!
It's been a busy day! Out and about for most of it...lunch at a mall, checking things out for Christmas... then I went into the city to pick up the Kayak ... Stew is taking it out to a friend's farm for storage until Christmas Day... it was quite a mission to find somewhere to 'hide' it! All good now though.
Nothing else to report right now.. it's a beautiful day here... almost feels like SUMMER! ......Woo hooooo.
End of Day: at 8.30 I told Stew I was just going to 'pop' down to me sewing machine and do a little thing or two, YEAH RIGHT! 3 hours later... I came back up and everyone was either in bed or heading there.... whooops! Time to wrap up the day... nite nite.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Is it really Friday?

I can't believe how fast this week has gone for me. No idea where it went.

Last night I worked on our tree:

Not sure if I'm liking it yet (that big thing in the middle just doesn't look right)... I'm going to put HEAPS more decorations on it over the next week or so!

TODAY: AHHHHhhh... sewing? Housework.... for sure (oh yaaaa). Usual stuff.

LATER...In order to put off doing any housework.. I put more stuff on the tree... and that big thing got moved to the back of the tree!

This is going to be our prettiest tree yet. I just love the blue!

MRS C: The Star on top will come LAST!

Errrrr... better go buy one at some stage.

Been sewing... working on three bags simultaneously... and the machine is being good! It's lovely and sunny outside too.. I should be working on me tan... but *sigh* I just wanna SEW!

DAMN! Have to stop sewing, ran outta bobbin cotton AND I have no more of the magnetic dome thingee's for the bags. Pfffft. Will get them tomorrow I suppose.

Kids are home so I suppose I could play with them.. Ker Plunk awaits!

SPARKLINGMERLOT: Yes you can breath again! My machine is behaving itself!

End of Day: no sewing tonight! Gunna chill out with the Man! nite nite.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I bought a new Christmas tree yesterday. Our last tree was just too big for either of our rooms.... so I got this 5ft one. It's perfect. And that red surround.. is a bathmat I already had! SCORE.

I can't wait to decorate it... is it too soon to put it up?????? Well stupid question really... it IS up! Just not going to decorate it yet. Will wait till December to do that.

I'm in a great mood. I resolved a HUGE issue with family.... a massive weight has been taken off my mind. I am sure there will be other hickups in me life, but that one was a BIGGIE.

Today: gunna sew! *doing the happy dance*....

Finally tried out my sewing machine last night... and there is a teeny tiny problem with the needle threader not working. I rang the Boss Lady last night (she gave me her home number!)... to let her know and she's going to ring me today. She thinks it's come out of alignment due to being bumped in transit or something. I'm not getting me tits in a knot over this.. as it could happen to anyone...RIGHT????

I decided not to wait... I started putting stuff on me tree..! I have NEVER enjoyed decorating the tree before... so this is a novel feeling! I am going to drag it out over several days... putting a little bit on as I go...

So.. today's addition: Blue feathers and white feathers. I bought the feathers from the $2 Shop a month or so ago. PRETTY.

Off to sew now!

The sewing.. has been going well.... except for one major jam up.. which I THINK was caused by the cotton I was using (a metallic)... and the Boss Lady rang me and has ordered a new needle threader part and will BRING IT OUT TO MY HOUSE TO FIT IT when it comes in!!!! OMG! Totally shocked by that... but pleased to, as she must realise just how close they are to having the machine THROWN THROUGH THEIR SHOP WINDOW! (as if I would do anything so stupid!, but it's tempting)

End of Day: got quite a bit of sewing done today... just the one jam up... so that's good. Have had visitors all evening (family) so really havn't done anything else! Time to relax and get ready for bed. nite nite.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today: IT'S HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GRIFFIN... he's 8 today.

Hopefully I will get my sewing machine back today too... so that's exciting! I have several things I want to get on with. I'm going to make some Christmas decorations for our tree .... and of course some more bags.

Hopefully I will have a good day, cos lately they haven't been that great. Families eh?

Sometimes I feel like I'm juggling balls up in the air all the time, trying to keep on top of what is happening with all my kids. And sometimes it is just too much! I have been dealing with a certain issue with a few of my kids lately and it has really wrung me out!

AND it has stuffed up my diet BIG TIME... I have been stress eating something shocking.... and have been rewarded with a big fat gain for me troubles. I blame my kids of course! It wasn't me stuffing my face! Pffffffft.... as if. *sigh*

Just have to keep trying to get on top of it eh? Now, I must show you my little stingray! Stew bought him for me in Paihia:
Isn't he lovely! Made from copper...
and cos I can, here's a photo of Teddy and his 'girlfriend':

SO SO cute.
Yaaaa!!! I just got a phone call from the Sewing Machine shop.. the BIG BOSS MAN just dropped my machine back personally... and I can go and get it. Apparently he's replaced a whole shit load of it's innards... AND left a gift for me too! Bloody hell...... things are looking up!

OFF TO GET IT NOW.... fingers crossed.... it goes well!

So.. I picked up the machine.

What do you call a 'GIFT' that you don't even need or want? Cos that's what it is. A thingee for the sewing machine that I do not need or want. Pfffft... I said "Thank You" anyway, cos I'm NICE LIKE THAT. I think it was just something that does not sell and they thought "Cool, give it to her"... not impressed really. Oh well.. here's hoping the machine goes FAN-FRICKEN-TASTICALLY... will give it a burl later on today.
I decided today that Griffin could 'make' his own Birthday Cake! So here is the process:
Put everything in front of the kid... and leave him to it.
Yep, he quite liked this part!
PROUD AS PUNCH... and he was right pleased with his cake!
End of Day: a good day ... once the kids are in bed I shall finally get to try out the sewing machine. What FUN. nite nite.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


ABOVE: Brylee and Griffin getting all the sand off themselves after their swim. Brylee was given a wetsuit from Tim's mother, so of course we had to then go and buy one for Griffin... or forever after listen to him MOANING about not having one! It was great for Brylee because she did not get too cold... and actually stayed in the water and played with Griffin for the first time ever.

While were having our lunch at Tutukaka, Stew amazingly spotted my Dad's last boat, which my Mum sold when my Dad died in 2000! It is now a diving/charter boat out of Tutukaka! I couldn't take my eyes off it... it brought back some lovely memories for me.

ABOVE: MERC CAT, my dad bought this boat when it was an old fishing boat and had it done up and put those two huge Mercury motors on the back.... this boat can move! It's a Catamaran, got two hulls... very stable in heavy seas.... my Dad loved catamarans. I miss fishing and boating.

ABOVE: So, this boat tickled me fancy! How many people would call their boat that eh?
ABOVE: the kids with Tutukaka marina in the background. It is a gorgeous area.
ABOVE and BELOW: the view looking back at Tutukaka... and forward towards Whangarei.
I hope we can go up again one day ... without dogs and kids... for a really good look around!
Today... I'm hoping my sewing machine comes back! I will ring them at around 9.45 to see. Maybe they will ring me? Yeah, and pigs can fly. (sarcasm? MUCH)
I went out to Sylvia Park Mall to buy birthday presents for Griffin (his b/day is tomorrow)... and now I'm home again. No phone call from the sewing machine shop so at 12.30 I rang them... seems they don't know what's happening... and are going to call the 'boss' to find out. Pffffft.
GRRRRR... the shop lady did not ring me back... so I RANG HER at 4pm... I am not getting my machine back today. Maybe tomorrow. I could scream. What is wrong with them? A simple phone call would have been nice instead of making me bloody angry all over again. God help them if that machine is not going 1000% PERFECTLY when I get it back..!
I'm feeling crabby... and lonely... and where the hell is everyone?
End of Day: just spent the last 6 HOURS 'talking' to one of my daughter's on MSN... sheesh.... knackered now. Going to bed! nite nite.
LYNISE.. you GO girl! Ha ha ha .