Tuesday, October 31, 2006



Now my favourite food must be .... a potatoe top pie ... and I havn't had one in 3 bloody years!!!!
Left is Griffin with his idea of YUM! And my darling husband thought this was a really good "nutritious" afternoon tea for our son... a sandwich with Tomatoe sauce, Mayonnaise, Mild American Mustard and Dijonnaise !$%#!! EWWWWWW ha ha ha.
Today, usual start, kids to school/kindy, puppy for little walk, off to the gym where my gym buddy and I went for a 45 minute walk followed by a sauna. Home, then walked up to the shops, then down to the school to do the enrollment forms (again) for Griffin, then picked Griffin up from kindy, and home. Griffin starts school 20/11, so can't wait......
Lunch was a yummy Weight Watchers Chicken Chow Mein dinner (4.5 points), and was really nice. I get tired of sandwiches and want something different on occasions.
WATER: I have drunk 1.5 litres of the stuff..... amazing.... found one called Aqa, peach or pineapple flavours.... really nice stuff. I am drinking carbonated water so it's like coke, fizzy and drinkable. Might go into town tomorrow and check out the price of a Soda Stream Machine, and if they have many Diet Flavours.
STEPS: 11847 so far today, and will clock up a few more before bedtime no doubt.
Next thing to do tonight..... get out the chainsaw and shave me bloody legs!!! I swear I'm gunna lose at LEAST half a kilo from hair loss !! You should see em, I ignore them cos I can't see them under me trou..... but really, they are gross. ha ha ha
I still havn't put the second coat of paint on the ensuite..... too many other things to do today. We are hoping like hell Stew doesn't come down with a cold or anything before Thursday...... fingers crossed....
Oky dokey, time to go do the business with the chainsaw....till later...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Countdown to operation!

OK, three more sleeps till Stew has his operation...... and if the buggers don't do it on Thursday morning, the staff at Public Trust have their own "Theatre" ready for him....with all the necessary equipment lined up and ready... haa haaa ha (even a nappy for him) I just don't know who the surgeon will be????
Today, started the usual way, kids to school/kindy, dog for walk, off to gym for my hour of cardio followed by a sauna. Then picked up the Dude (Griffin) and went into town to do a few jobs, and a quiet afternoon at home.
NO painting so far today! Maybe later........
I have drunk 1 litre of flavoured water today, and 1 litre of diet coke, so I think I am doing very well.
Am now off to take Izzy for a walk, will post my steps for the day later.....total steps today 10448, not counting the couple of hundred I will do around the house till bedtime. I ain't gunna do any painting tonight, just don't feel like it! Am going to watch ER, and chill out. nite nite

Sunday, October 29, 2006


I have finished another item on the list, yaa hoo! The kitchen looks fantastic, even Stew thinks so. I took the "roller door" off the wall cupboard, it was driving me nuts, but now it's permanently open till I make some doors for it. So it's all good.

I got a sleep in today, Stew was a darling and got up to Brylee and Griffin for me (it was his turn for a sleep in). That was really nice cos I was so tired last night after painting for so long. I'm like that, once I start something I just gotta finish it, never mind how late it gets.

An curled up in my lazyboy thinking about doing something, don't quite know what yet! Will tell you later...
Stew and I had lunch at the Ashurst Domain, just because we could! NO KIDS, left them at home with the teenagers, it was soooo lovely.
Then when we got home I decided I just couldn't leave it alone, and put the first coat of paint on our ensuite...... when I post the b4 and after photos you will see why it needed to be done! After that I needed a shower, so used the little kids bathroom ..... and it felt really weird being in a different shower..... I couldn't figure out why it felt soooo weird .... until I realised I was washing my BRA !!! ha ha ha... I hadn't taken the darn thing off, what a blonde !
So that's me done for the day, will probably get on the treadmill and exercyle a bit later on tonight, followed by a sauna. No idea how many steps I've done so far today, .... till later.....

Saturday, October 28, 2006

What Havn't I Painted?!

Okydokey... went to Weight Watchers this morning...... it was all about "Drinking Water".... only trouble is I don't drink ANY! Interesting discussion tho. I only drink Diet Coke, around 2.5 - 3 litres a day....DREADFUL I know, but I'm addicted. I have managed to lose my weight only drinking Diet Coke, so can' t relate to the saying "you will only lose weight if you drink your water".
Am being encouraged by my W/W Leader (Sandra) to try some carbonated flavoured water, so am committed to giving it a go for 2 weeks....... while still drinking my Diet Coke, only NOT SO MUCH. If I stop drinking it I get a MAJOR HEADACHE, stands to reason eh?

Got home around 11.25 am and have been painting the kitchen cupboards ever since..... pure white.. what a shitty job. But I am sure the results will be lovely.... hey it's a great way to spring clean the kitchen, just paint everything.... ha ha ha

On the family front, Stew was "Mum" all day, took the kids out for lunch and a play in the park, Steve and Lisa are out at her family's for dinner, and Mike is glued to his computer, as per usual. I swear to God he would sleep with it if he could!

I have been very good on the food front, had a couple of yummy Chocolate/Mint Weight Watcher Bars while painting, and have just had corned beef and coleslaw for dinner.... so yum too. I drunk a whole bottle of H2Go Sparkling Water as well, so on the right track.

Pedometers don't chock up the numbers when you are painting, even tho you are on your feet for hours and hours, you ain't going anywhere but between the paint pot and the wall..... so dismal numbers for the last few days! Yesterday was only 7960 steps, today so far (6pm) it's only at 2703, but I am going to take Izzy for a walk later on, so that should add a few thousand.

Ok, I'm outta here, things to do, places to go, cupboards to paint (2nd coat), oh yeah.
Till later....EXHAUSTED UPDATE.... TOOK THE PUP FOR HER WALK.... AND DID 2ND COAT ON KITCHEN CUPBOARDS ... HAVE JUST FINISHED AND IT'S 10.45 pm. And I thought I'd get to do the ensuite too today, yeah right! I might just have a "day off" tomorrow and do nothing, I mean NO PAINTING ! My fingers are soooo dry from the paint and constant washing etc. Am now going to have a shower and go to bed. nite nite.
Pedometer: 7884 STEPS.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Hmmmm, what shall I paint today?

Kitchen Before Painting started, finished results tomorrow......

Hmmm, what shall I paint today???? Thought about doing the upstairs hallways, but then while I was in the kitchen I thought.. I'll do the kitchen!

Because I have so much of the cream paint, that is what I used, the kitchen is a light yellowy colour right now. I started at 9am and painted non-stop till 4pm this afternoon! Luckily Steve and Lisa are home at the moment, so they picked up the kids for me. To say I am a bit tired is an understatement, but the end result is great! I shall probably do the cupboard doors tomorrow while Stew can watch the kids for me.

In case anyone is wondering, Stew WOULD help me, but I like to start a job and finish it, by myself! That way, if I stuff up, it's my fault and I can't yell at anyone else, ha ha

Food today has been rice crackers and diet coke! I got on the scales this morning and nearly died, showed a 2KG GAIN!!!! That will serve me right for having a birthday! I am retaining water too, almost THAT time of the month....... once that arrives I should drop those kilos immediately. Oh the joys of being female eh?
It's nearly time for dinner, so I better get off my bum and go cook it. Hopefully tonight I will get some exercise, it will depend on how I feel later on, might take Izzy for a walk. Griffin has been grizzling something rotten for the last 30 minutes for his dinner, so am outta here. Till later.....
This is funny... Stew got to work today to be informed by the staff that they were having a meeting, so he followed them into the Meeting Room and found that they had set it up like an operating theatre, and were going to perform his operation , cos the hospital wouldn't.... haa haa too funny. They had put a green cloth on the Board Table, had implements, bandages, operation notes etc etc. He was touched, really! Luckily for us they didn't quite know how to use the hacksaw, eggbeater (?), piece of 4 by 2 to knock him out etc . !#@!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Midday update...

Ok, Stew didn't have his operation, so this afternoon I finished Griffin's bedroom, put on the frieze and hung pictures. Looks really neat if I do say so myself! I also put the second coat on the stairwell, so that's finished as well! Bloody hell I am powering through it all.

Took his nibs to hospital at 7am, sat in waiting room for 2.5 hours, then into next "waiting room" where I got the PLEASURE of shaving his tummy... oh it was sooo tempting to shave more than necessary... hee hee he. Then at 11 they were ready to take him in for the chop, so I said " ta ta" and left. It wasn't till I was driving home that I actually felt a bit nervous for him, gee I must love him eh?!

The good thing about the long wait was that I took me knitting (lovely Granny that I am) and almost finished the back of Joel's jumper. So not exactly wasted time.

Rachel, we have two spare bedrooms, remember the two biggest teenagers share the "rumpus room", being engaged and all! This IS a big house, 6 bedrooms, rumpus etc etc. I couldn't imagine living in a smaller house, I like lots of room. So when I get Stew home from the hospital I can "park" him in our bedroom and bugger off to the other end of the house, and if I'm lucky I won't hear him when he bleats..... lol

Well, might get some washing out before I go back to check on how his operation went... oh yeah, and to visit him!
till later..........

Stew rang me at 11.45, he got as far as the pre-op room, was talking to the anethetist... and the surgeon came out and said "OH SORRY, CAN'T DO YOU TODAY, WE HAVE RUN OUT OF TIME" FUCK!!!!!!!

So now he has to go back next Thursday... here's hoping it's third time lucky? I am spitting tacks, Stew is livid. I could thump someone really.

One good thing, I did the stairwell last night with sandtex, looks so-so, needs another coat. But I am getting it done! more later!
Kind of a "three part" post today eh? hee hee. Finished Griffin's room etc, and now it's dinnertime. Stew is over his hissy fit about today's events, and is now cooking dinner, what a honey. I am a very spoilt girl. Had thought about going to the gym tonight, but really my legs and arms are giving me shit from all the painting, so I don't think I will afterall. Going to have a nice quiet night, might do some more knitting and watch Coronation Street! Yaa....
Nite nite

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Above is a picture of the spare downstairs bedroom that I finished painting a couple of months ago, I only did it cos I was putting off doing the hallways! And guess what? I finished the downstairs hallways by 1.30 this afternoon, who cool is that!!! No picture cos they just look the same in a photo! But do I feel great about them.
Now I just have to gear myself up to do the upstairs hallway and plaster the stairwell and paint it too. Just decided not to plaster the entire wall, I'm going to use sandtex paint, it will cover all the imperfections and not take so long or so much money to do. Not IDEAL, but who cares? I'ts not like I'm going for a house award... ha ha

Tomorrow Stew (hubby) goes into hospital for an operation. He is having an umbilical hernia repair, and have a gauze patch put over his midline muscles, apparently they did not meet at birth, so he is in danger of his guts spilling out from under his breast bone down to his tummy button, it's already started. Yummy stuff eh? eewwwww. Then he is home for about 3 weeks recovering, hope I don't kill him! lol

Obviously I haven't been to the gym this morning, I was so geared up to do the painting. I shall probably go this evening instead.

The kids are dropping like flies again, am taking Griffin to the Dr. at 4pm, he's coughing and spluttering all day and vomitting at night... and Mike is not feeling too crash hot either... high temp, sore throat and headache. Friggin hell, hope no one else gets sick before tomorrow, I want to go to the hospital with Stew!

I spoke too soon, now Lisa's feeling ill too..... I'm going to cook dinner for them, and bugger off to the gym.

On the food front, I have been a good little vegemite, ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, am having 1 sausage and some veges for dinner. (after I've been to the gym). Better go for now, lots to do.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


So, I have been procrastinating about painting my hallways for 18 months at least... I have managed to strip the wallpaper, sand and undercoat... now I have the paint too, I just need to actually pull my finger out and paint them! These are only the downstairs hallways, there is a huge stairwell and a couple of smaller hallways upstairs too. Wish me luck, I am going to start tonight, instead of pigging out and eating junk after dinner! This could be a good way to avoid food eh? hee hee

Left photo: Front door to lounge, Middle photo: lounge to bathroom, Right photo: Master bedroom to bathroom. I think I shall start at the front door, that way the entry looks nice first!

As for the rest of the day: Took kids to school/kindy in car (raining) then back home, picked up Izzy and took her for a walk in the rain..... our puppy walk is 2.6kms long and takes about 25 minutes, depending on how often Izzy has to sniff trees etc. Then I went to the gym for another 30 mins on the treadmill, 20 mins on the exercycle, and a 30 min sauna.

Since then I have done bugger all...(unless vacuming counts?) Am having a girlfriend over for dinner, Roast lamb and veges. I will probably get to the painting after that, and knowing me I shall not stop till it's midnight!

till later...update.... it's 11.40pm, I'm covered in paint, and the hallway from front door to lounge is done! Ya bloody hoo! And I ate nothing, only drank diet coke with ice for the last 4.5 hours. So there, I just needed to keep myself occupied! Roll on tomorrow night....

Did 10147 steps today, I'm happy with that.

Monday, October 23, 2006

No# 56 DONE

Here is a picture of the roof loft area, before it was tidied up! And I take no credit for the state it was in! Most people in this house just chuck things in there, and it's called outta sight, outta mind. Too bad if you want to find something.

And HERE is the same area after it was tidied up tonight! And I can take no credit for this either! My son Steve did it for me..... Yaa hoo. Now I can find things, and I have more room for "stuff" that isn't needed right now.

Poor Izzy, Stew took her for a walk in the rain this evening.... she looks like a drowned rat.... come to think of it, so did He!

Today.... has been slow, what can you do when it's pouring with rain non-stop? I have eaten too much again, shit shit shit. Stew and I had to do the grocery shopping, and as per usual it was well over $600 for the fortnight's food and necessities. The most we have spent is around $720, so when it's under that we breathe a *sigh* of relief.
Tomorrow the mail comes again, and we are hoping like hell there isn't a letter from the hospital saying Stew's operation is being postponed again! Last time we got 3 days notice of it being put off, and Stew was not pleased..... he has to rearrange his whole shedule/appointments etc for a whole month to have this op', so here's hoping it doesn't happen again. Fingers crossed......
Ok, am definitely going on my exercycle now..... till later.....

Just did 32 minutes on exercycle, 10.3 kms..... pity the pedometer doesn't work while I'm cycling, that would make an impressive total, and we already know pedometers don't record UNDERWATER STEPS either ! ha ha ha Only did about 5600 steps today.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rain, rain and more rain

Here is my lovely nephew cleaning the eaves... what a honey!
And I spoke too soon..... my pedometer gave a last gasp and died so it was a quick trip to Rebel Sports today to get a new one, and it does say "NOT WATERPROOF", Hmmmm, must remember that!
Today it has rained non stop, miserable weather. Took Izzy for a walk this morning in the pouring rain, it was fun! I love walking in the rain. Izzy can only walk about 2 - 2.5 kms at the moment, it will be great when she can go further.
Lunchtime, we went for a drive through the Manawatu Gorge, saw several neat waterfalls. We had lunch in Woodville, hot chips and seafood fritter, very yum! That shop should be visited if you are ever over that way, it is fantastic. (The Fish Spot).
When we got home, I felt so guilty about the chips I decided to go for another walk... in the pouring rain again. This time I did 5 kms, and when I got home I jumped in the sauna to warm up again. BLISS!
Now I am knackered! Am going to lie in my lazyboy chair and just blob out for a while. Stew is cooking again, homemade rissoles, spuds and coleslaw.... I am not having any..... I feel stuffed.
Till later.....

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy Birthday


..... went to Weight Watchers this morning, really enjoy going just to say Hi to everyone... we are getting heaps of new members lately and it's nice to say hi to new people. Then it was on to morning tea... a skinny Latte with my w/w buddy, also named Chris. Our W/W Leader (Sandra) came too, so that was cool.

Home, then back into town for our usual saturday lunch in town with Brylee and Griffin, I was not good...... Hey it's my birthday! Had a chicken open sandwich type thingee, and WEDGES..... bad bad bad.

Then I got home and found my nasty useless teenagers baking me a chocolate cake.... awwwww !!!! That is sooooooo nice, and they had bought me a couple of "scratchies" and I won $7 on one.... yaa.

Might not be going to Castlepoint afterall, the weather is turning to shit. There is always another weekend eh?

Got a phone call from my Mum, she's in Coffs Harbour, Aussy. It's raining there too, so I don't feel so hard done by. It almost always rains over Labour weekend so I'm used to it. Anyway, it's not the weather that makes a birthday nice, it's the people you spend it with..... and ok, I bitch about my teenagers often, but I LOVE THEM! Mike (almost 17) even offered to get me some hot chips for afternoon tea..... hmmmmmm what chance do I have to lose weight this weekend eh? I didn't have any chips! But I will have to try the cake, it's not every day your kids bake you a cake!

I did weigh this morning (at home)...... stayed the same...... boo hoo. Next week I shall have to work extra hard to counter what I have eaten and am going to eat, today.

Oh My God, the cake was so YUM! Not dry, and with PINK icing , so pretty! They did so well, we all had cake for dinner....... nothing else, just cake!$#@!!!!

Well, that's me for the day, am going to try to get on my treadmill and exercylce later, after the cake's gone down, ha ha.
till later.....

Friday 20th October

So, what I posted today has shown up as Thursday's post, it's wrong and I havn't figured out how to fix it yet.... hopefully by putting this on it will correct it? We will see!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Aww ain't they cute?

Aww, ain't they cute? This picture was taken 2 weeks ago in Parana Park in Hamilton. My husband spent an awful lot of his childhood in this park, his Dad was Deputy Director of Parks and Reserves, so they lived in the park! How cool is that? So it's a special place, and our littlies looked so cute. Just love em.

We have had a lovely day today, Stew took the day off as the kids had no school/kindy either. AND it was fine and warm again, stupid weather. We went bill paying this morning, and I tried to find a couple of 3/4 length track pants for the gym, but Ezibuy only had 1 pair !!!!! Farmers' ones were yuk, almost down to my ankles and the waist was too high. So didn't get any. Stew was going to get me some for my birthday, which is tomorrow.... yee gods, I am really getting on..... (48 tomorrow), should I cry now?

What else, oh yeah, spent some time getting links onto my blog to other ladies I read regularly, so visit them! They are all lovely.

Then after lunch we took Brylee and Griffin to the movies, watched Garfield 2.... it was OK, but not that fantastic. Nice for the kids I suppose, tho I think they enjoyed the popcorn and lollies much more than the movie really!

Stew is now cooking dinner, meatballs and noodles.... what a honey. I shall not be having any.... want to get on the treadmill and exercycle as I didn't get to the gym this morning.
Lastly, my pedometer is still DEAD, shall have to give it a decent burial........ in the bin. SAD SAD SAD....
Till later........

It's Freezing again

Well it's freezing again.... blowing a gale..... don't know why the snowball tree bothers getting flowers, they get blown off within a week EVERY year!! I hate being cold.

Took kids to school/kindy in the car today, took Izzy along for the ride, she loved it. Then it was off to the gym.

It was "Grandparents" day at kindy today, and as I am Griffin's Mum and Grandma, usually I would go, but as I had a commitment with a gym buddy, Steve (teenage son) and his fiance Lisa went as his "special" guests instead... oh how nice! I suppose they do have some good points eh? They even bought him lunch at McDonalds too, tho I didn't need the ice-cream sundae they brought home for me! (I ate it anyway) DOH. They are greasy pork sausages me thinks......try to butter me up all the time they do.

Haven't done much else today, went to a meeting at school in regards to Brylee's learning. She is doing well, has had a wobbly start and has needed some extra help but she is coming along now.

Griffin starts in a month or so, I am counting down the days!

We have a long weekend coming up, and if it's fine we plan on going over to Castlepoint on the east coast, so i can walk up to the lighthouse again, only this time I shan't be falling down on the ground gasping for breath like last time!!!! I am so proud of myself and how far I have come in the last 3 years...... I used to find walking to my letterbox an effort (REALLY!), and I couldn't bend down and get something off the floor.... now I can with ease. Life is so good now. Losing the weight is like gaining a whole new life, take it from someone who knows! I have a favourite saying and it goes like this:

Nothing tastes as good and being slim feels..... and it is sooo true.

Let me clarify "slim", when you have been a size 28, going down to a size 14 is SLIM, maybe it isn't to a chick who's a size 10, but to all you bigger girls out there, 14 is SLIM eh? !! hee hee

I just been to Aqua KickBoxing again, another good workout.... so much fun in the water with a bunch of other ladies .... only thing is.... my pedometer did not enjoy it, in fact it DIED !!! BUGGER BUGGER. So all you people out there, don't take your pedometer swimming, THEY DON'T LIKE IT. lol

Now that's about all from me for today, time to watch some telly and unwind. Till later....

Thursday, October 19, 2006

MY Rumpus Room

Left is a picture of MY Rumpus room, where the "piglets" live... See how they keep it, they are pigs. I hate a mess, so this is one of the reasons I am stressed !

Today.... started with walking kids to school/kindy, with puppy dragging me along, then home to do some housework... oh the joys! Washed some floors (not all of em), and did a bit of vacuming.

Stood at the door of MY rumpus room and threatened to throw icy cold water on the lazy teenagers to make them get outta bed (at 10.30am).... I HAVE done it before, so they moved pretty fast! Funny really, the power of icy water! hee hee, I am evil. The teenage son and his fiance have the rumpus room as their bedroom cum lounge, cos its a huge room. We have two spare bedrooms, but they are a bit small for their bed, computers, tv, etc. I can't wait till they bugger off and give me back my room, I have plans for it.

Just had lunch, coleslaw again (cos I really do like it) with some chicken nuggets. Feel like having 1..( or 5) of the kids cereal bars....... but I WONT.
I'm sure I get stressed out and eat because of those darn teenagers, they drive me nuts. I hope you read this you lazy little shits...!

Ah, the rest of the day looms... will add on later....
Went to pick up Griffin from kindy, and he's gone home with another wee boy!!! This is a FIRST ! So cool, no endless chatter all afternoon, how cool is that? Took Izzy for a walk up to the shops, it isn't very far, and was roasting by the time we got home... where did this hot weather come from? Just two nights ago we had a hail storm and it was freezing.
till later...
Not much else happening today, got lazy and we had sausages and chips for dinner..... not good.
Oh well, can't be perfect I suppose.
Might get on the treadmill and exercylce in an hour of so...... NO... I WILL! I need to now that I've had an evil dinner.....
till later...
Just did 20 mins treadmill, 20 mins exercyle, 40 mins in sauna. Steps today: 11071,time for bed. nite nite

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Awesome Day

Here is a picture of my puppy..... she's beautiful!

I have had an awesome day! Started by taking Izzy our puppy for a walk, dropped Brylee and Griffin off at school and kindy;, then went for a walk with my gym buddy, we walked for 45 minutes, then I had a sauna at the gym.

Then home where I was a good girl and had salad and mushrooms for lunch, yummy.

My nephew came around after lunch and waterblasted the eaves under the second story of our house... something that has been screaming out to be done for at least 2 years!!!! I have two strapping great teenage sons at home, but try getting them to do anything!

I cooked dinner for the family, left it in the oven and my husband and I went to Aqua Kickboxing at the Lido... which is where my gym is too..... and it was really neat! I shall definitely be going again.
So, today I have done 11242 steps and eaten NOTHING BAD! This is really working..... lately I have been raiding the pantry out of boredom, eating heaps of rubbish! But I havn't since Saturday, so I must be on track finally. My weight watcher leader will be so happy with me!
So, that's me for today... time to watch a little telly and unwind.
Till later.....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Today: I did 1 hr and 20 mins cardio, took 12591 steps (that's good!) and am now off to have a sauna.....
Food was great too, friggin coleslaw and mushrooms for lunch, meatloaf and veges for dinner. I drink DIET COKE.... nothing else! Water is yuk yuk yuk! I have tried it in a million different ways, and it still sucks.
I was told in order to lose weight one had to drink AT LEAST 6 glasses of water a day.... I lost 61 kilos and didn't drink a drop.... hmmmmmm ! Go figure that one.
till later he he he

You know what? This is fun! I went to the gym this morning (as per usual).... just love going. I think it's because of the social contact as well as the exercise... if I didn't go I'd be at home virtually all day on my own (not counting Griffin after kindy). So as a consequence, I LOVE IT. I have a treadmill and exercycle at home.... but it's so much nicer to be around other people and have the odd conversation while exercising. My hubby uses our equipment at home, so it's not just gathering dust in a corner, let me assure you!

Janene, glad to hear you are pumped up and motivated again, just LEAVE THE CHIPS ALONE! I shall be on your case if I find out you have eaten them.

I have found a photo of my hubby and me taken last week in Auckland to post, it shows how I've grown a bit, and how he's shrunk....... he's my hunk. The poor bugger has an operation next week for a hernia, and will be home for 3 weeks recovering.... f--k I hope he doesn't drive me crazy! He threatened to buy a bell to summon me when he needed something, told him where he could put the bloody thing!

Ok, am going to have a go at putting the photo on... if it works, you'll see it.

Till later...

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Wow, I didn't think my list of things to do would take up so much room, oh well, too bad it's done now. I have been compiling it for over 2 weeks, it's not that easy to think of realistic things to do!
Today has been spent working on this blog mostly, I am not that computer literate, but have managed to get most things on that I wanted. Hope it looks ok?
It's been a shitty day outside, cold and windy, so the kids have been stuck inside, driving me nuts. Brought our puppy inside several times, so add her to the mix and you have chaos. Izzy is a golden retriever, 13 weeks old and adorable. We start dog obedience at the end of the month, hope it goes well.
On the "diet" front, I have been very good..... not counting points......but have been good. Lots of coleslaw and skinny mayo. No exercise today tho, sat on me arse all day! Never mind, tomorrow is gym day again. I go to the gym 4 days a week, doing mostly cardio to try and burn off the fat. I was doing lots of weights and going 7 days a week, but have stopped that now as I was building muscle.... not a look I wanted. oh yeah, and muscle weighs more than fat eh?
This week I am also going to start going to an Aqua Kickboxing class... sounds like fun! May even get my hubby to come along too... he's on a "get healthy kick" as well, he has lost around 12 kilos over the past few months....... I must have FOUND THEM!!! Yep, it's his fault (gotta blame someone). lol till next time....

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ok, second post for the day! Thought I'd try and put a photo up, and I did It! Not bad for an old girl eh? And I did it without help from know-it-all teenage son. Ya for me. This is a photo of me BEFORE I gained the 15 kilos. So I will soon post a photo of me NOW.... thats it for today.

My First Ever Blog Comment:

So, how to start??? Simple, here goes... I was a while ago at "goal" and felt fantastic (I lost 61 kilos), then I got complacent and have gained back 15 darn kilos.....so I have decided to keep an online journal to try and get back on track and back to goal.
I read lots of other girls blogs and have been inspired by them, but not enough to do anything about my gaining. So, maybe if I am "out there" myself I can turn myself around? Who knows, it may work!
There are lots of reasons why I have gained 15 kilos, the biggest one being I thought by going to the gym most days I could eat whatever I liked........doh......... does NOT work. And at Weight Watchers once you reach goal you become a Lifetime Member and don't have to weigh every week, in fact you don't have to weigh at all.... just pay for one meeting a month and wah lah, you can still go.... lovely social outing, no weight gain shows if you don't get on the scales. NOT something I reccommend.
So, there you have it, my downfall in a few short months. And now for the hard work to really start, I must lose my 15 lovely kilos all over again... hope it isn't as hard as losing the 61 kilos I lost first time around!