Monday, March 19, 2007


When I went to bed last night, I had an amazing thought about something I was going to put on this blog.... but it's gone now! Why is it that when you wake up your mind is just a blank!

Anyway, I'm sure it will come back to me, in the meantime, I'm off to the gym again this morning, Weight training and I'm going to get the instructor to up the weights, I have learnt a lot this weekend about the positive benefits of weight training.... and I am rearing to go....

So, we upped the weights and it was awesome! The instructor was a little shit and kept putting more on, but it was great. I left with wobbly legs and jelly arms! I still find it so weird to be enjoying exercise! I NEVER EVER thought I would ever set foot inside a gym, let alone enjoy it. How life changes!
A girlfriend just turned up, doesn't happen very often so better go yak...

Above, a photo of my treasure chest... it's full of my kids teeth! We have lost a few over the years, had a burglar break into our house in Hamilton and break it open and we lost some then too (must have been soooooo dissapointing to find only teeth!), I am waiting now to put Brylee's first baby tooth in it.....There's a few "big" ones in there cos Lacy and Russell had to have some pulled out when they had Braces put on their teeth.

And above, a brass (?) fisherman figurine that my Mum gave to my Dad, and now it's mine... I just love it.... actually I love anything nautical, and I mean really really LOVE .... I would love to live on a boat one day! And I LOVE blue.... did you know that?

I'm having a nice day, don't know why, just am.

Just back from the gym, did Bodypump class, oh my god! My arms are now killing me, and my legs don't think much of me either! IT'S ALL GOOD ! The only surprise of the evening was coming out of the gym to find it was dark, and I had gone on me scooter, so I had to ride it home in the dark, that was a first, and a bit scary... but I got home fine! Going to watch the telly and wind down, have my veges and gravy for dinner .... so that's me for the day. nite nite.


  1. Why didn't they tell Mike about his bair BEFORE the day and he could have had it cut to keep them happy.

    I read Helena's comment and I'm sure there is something in it as I know for a fact to start with I could eat more and did very little exercise if any and lost and now it's a struggle, also the closer to goal you are the harder it is.

    Have a great day and isn't it good to see the sun again:)

  2. Looks like my baby brain may be rubbing off onto others!!!

    You will remember it soon. Enjoy the weight training.

    Kim and Erynn

  3. arrrgh, java script is driving me crazy. I don't think I can keep the skin you saw, it has a lot of data that is incompatible with blogspot, but I've found another one that tickles my fancy and think it will make a nice change for a while. (until I get sick of it) What do ya think of it?
    There are still a few technical glitches to iron out, but it should look relatively problem free to readers.

  4. You are the gym queen! I am really impressed with how you keep going back, over and over, and over....your committment is awe-inspiring.

  5. Isn't it good to find a great gym. I had to go through six before I found this one.


  6. Good on you for keeping all the kids teeth. I have kept some but Nick use to talk too much that his baby teeth were nearly ground down to the gum.

    Glad you're having a better Monday than a Friday. Teachers will get away with an awful lot if they think they can. Exercise your parental rights while you still have them. Getting a haircut before an event like that? Especially when he's top athlete. Has he no school pride. Pathetic excuse.

    Anyway, the sun is shining here. Probably why you've got a smile on your dial.

  7. omg you keep teeth...thats soo very cool, but weird but cool...i want to do that when i have kids...i would've loved to have been a fly on the wall at that hamilton break in - finding teeth haha.

    oo hope you're days been good!!! go the 100%!!! i'm on track, are you??? go go go!!!

  8. Teeth??? Hmm, i have never heard of people keeping their kids teeth before. I think it's a little weird, but something in me is saying what a novel idea it is ;) LOL! Weird, but Novel! hahaha...

    You were right about The Cartoon... THANK YOU :)

  9. I should show you some pics of our beach house. Quite nautical - we even have a port hole in one of the walls!

    Hey I went into Coffee on the Tce and saw Shelley - shall I keep you in suspense? She has had a scan.....

  10. Got you going didn't I!

  11. OMG I am so so so so a blue person too!! I Love blue and hubby made me promise that we wouldn't have blue in the next house he he he but we do he he he it is such a nice cool calming colour.

    LOVE your choice of colour.

    OK am I missing something but I can't see the part about his hair?? in this post? Or am I just a ditzy blonde girl?


  12. Hey I have kept my kids teeth as well, I have only 1 (Kid) so don't have any many as you, I,m keeping them for her 21st don't know what I'll do with them yet, but hopefully something embarrassing )(to her !!!rofl)

  13. I love catching up on your blog. You are so good to post everyday.

    I really admire you for going to the gym so often. Good on you.

    I have kept a few of my kids baby teeth but not as many as you. What a collection. Teeth gross me out - lol.

    And don't justify yourself for voicing your opinion. I enjoy reading your comments and advice around the blogs.

  14. you did weights and body pump on the same day? Man!

    I love blue. Well blue and purple together - it's such a serene combination.

    Love the teeth :)

  15. What a great read on a Monday morning! I love how you called the instructor a "little shit", lol. Don't you think that they're secretly very sadistic?

    Weight training is really important - it'll help you maintain your losses in the long run, so way to go!

  16. Isn't it wonderful when you are having a great day. Why not you deserve it and many more.

    Sorry not into the teeth collecting. Although I still have a ponytail from when my daughter cut off all her hair.

    Wouldn't you know it blue is my favorite color!


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