Saturday, May 31, 2008


THE DOCTOR'S: All went well I suppose... hateful procedure... done and dusted. When I finally get my hysterectomy I will also be be having a bit of a 'repair' job done on the 'nether' regions at the same time... heee heee, new fanny for me!

TRIP TO WELLINGTON: was neat, stopped at Otaki for brunch and to get Stew a new suit to replace one that was defective.... arrived in Wellington around 1.30 pm to a glorious day:

Here is Stew and the Flat Stanley from the USA at the top of the Cable Car Lookout... this is a fantastic view of Wellington Harbour and City.
This was a lovely big boat in the harbour. The water looks just beautiful.

Here are the Flat Stanley's checking out The Beehive, our Parliament Building... this is where all our Politicians meet to decide how to run the country (Like they listen to us, who put them there!)....

Here is a view of some homes in Wellington... this city is built on many hills and valley's, so lots of the homes are teetering on the side of steep hills.... IKKY!

Here is Stew and the Flat Stanley's checking out the view on the top of a VERY high hill overlooking the Kapiti Coast ( about 1/2 an hour out of Wellington City)... we are on the North Island of New Zealand, and in the distance you can see the South Island of New Zealand! The strip of water seperating the two islands is called The Cook Strait.

On the top of this same hill were Hang-gliders (4) having a great time.... NO THANK YOU!!! It is a long long way down!
While in Wellington Stew and I did lots of walking, shopping, eating out.... OH MAN...if you are ever in Wellington and want an awesome meal with AMAZING service do try out : Crazy Horse, The Steak House at 129 Willis Street!!! I can HIGHLY recommend them.
We really enjoyed our time away together... we DID NOT play 'Doctor'.... ha ha ha!
We are now safely home, Steve has been thanked profusely and been given a wee gift (him and Mike needed a teapot!).... the kids are well and happy so he did a good job.... he even took them to the Circus on Friday night. What a nice guy.
Just to prove I did have a good time:

Right, now that I am all caught up on me blog... I might think about reading a few .... later. For now it's relax time.... our Open Home this weekend is on Monday (it's a holiday)... so tomorrow is not going to be so rushed.
END OF DAY: tired but happy.
NSV: well not too many, but I am happy to say I have not pigged out this weekend at all... just eaten like a 'normal' person, stopped when I felt full.... so in fact I didn't eat everything in front of me.... this is progress. nite nite.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Think me Doctor will show me his??? No? Oh well, that's not fair!

I HATE HATE HATE having to go to the Doctor for this sort of shit.... and that's what I have to do today... THEN I can relax for a little while again.

-Kids to school
- Damn doctor
- Off to Wellington for a 2-day 'date' with me hubby! YEAH BABY... and he won't be wanting to look at me fanny.........NO, not at all !!!

Will not be updating again today I think.... so wish me luck and a happy 'date'...

Thursday, May 29, 2008


After yesterday's post, I was directed to another girls 'story'... and it is well worth a read:

Please go check her out (well this post anyway!):

I promise you it's worth it. She's a hoot too.

-kids to school
- bit of housework
- haircut (heee heee ) NOT
- try not to stress eat.
- pack bag for tomorrow's jaunt to Wellington with Stew.

Stew is home tonight... YIPEE... ONWARD...
WELL I went grocery shopping at Pak N Save... like 50,000 other buggers... and they are having a problem with their checkouts.. and there's only about 4 open.... so the queues were horrendous! And I saw several people get all shitty and just abandon their trolleys and leave... derrrr.... I stayed and after standing in the line for abut 1/2 an hour I finally got to a checkout...

Home now and now I have to unload it all, then I think it will be time to do some more sewing! Loving that.... weird.

Are ya sick of seeing me blocks yet? YES.. oh well TOO BAD cos I'm gunna show you anyway! This is the one (well actually I made 2) that I have made today...

It's kinda fiddly, but hey... it is keeping me outta the fridge and pantry and this is all good!

APRIL: you are welcome chick!

End of Day: nearly time to send the kids to bed... I havn't told them Stew is due home tonight, he's getting in too late for them to stay up anyway and I didn't want to be asked 55,000 times "When is Daddy getting home?"... I have LEARNT not to mention some things!

NSV: not so good today, I'm feeling so fat! I'm just stressing out about tomorrow, every time I think about it I get the chills, I so hate having to endure 'intimate' examinations by any Doctor! BUGGER, DAMN AND BLAST. nite nite.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008



I have been complacent of late, I need to remember why I don't want to get overweight again:

BEING OBESE FOR ME WAS HELL... the saying "fat and happy" is a crock of shit.... I refuse to believe ANYONE is fat and happy. You are only kidding yourself if you believe this.

I avoided:

- clothes shopping, nothing fitted, or it was like a bloody sack.. or I had to pay double for it cos it was specially made for 'bigger girls'.

- bra shopping.... ever tried to buy a 'sexy number' in a size 26DD? Same with knickers.

- Shoe shopping, cos you can't reach your bloody feet?

- changing rooms, those bloody mirrors where too awful, your arse looks 10X's bigger with 4 way mirrors.

- going to town, all those plate glass windows - like who the hell IS THAT FAT woman? Surely it's not ME?!!!

- shop aisles.... always too narrow and don't ya feel like an elephant when you simply can't get through?

- food courts, their seats were too small for me bum, or in Burger King my tummy was so fat I didn't fit between the seat and the table! Same with McDonalds!

- Rollercoaster rides, the bar that comes down would not lock in place cos I was too fat.... mortified.

- plane and car seat belts were too short, so you 'pretend' it's done up!

- plane toilets, yep you can get in the door (just) but you can't shut it cos the 'room' is too small for your body!

- social situations, you simply don't go cos you are too ashamed and embarassed by your size.

- playing with your kids, cos you get so breathless. So you stay home and send them to the park with Daddy.

- swimming, hell you don't go there at all! Imagine the stares on the beach... mortified again.

- bending down when you drop something on the floor... well you just don't cos you simply can't bend down that far! You can if you hold onto the bench, but getting up again is a problem!

- Hell and let's NOT forget SEX... I sure in hell did not feel like it! I could not understand how Stew would want to 'be' with me ... I was UGLY and FAT! And positions, come on people, it is DIFFICULT when your belly is so fat you might at well be 9 months pregnant. Enough said, LOL.

Lets not forget how one's FEELS:

- Depressed/Sad/Lonely/Isolated

- Slow and sluggish

- Bloated

- Suffer from heartburn/indigestion

- Irritable Bowel Syndrome from eating too much fatty food

- Embarassed

- Judged

- Unfit and breathless/ no energy

- sore from sweat rashes under boobs, belly etc.

- Too Hot in summer

- Low or no self exteem

- No confidence

- Suicidal in my case

- Pain from knees cos of all the extra weight on them

- poor skin cos of bad diet

I could go on and on eh? I could tell you lots of stories about situations in my life that were ruined because of my weight, like every holiday at the beach being ruined cos my Dad was ashamed of me and him always saying mean and hurtful things to me .... every clothes shopping trip being a misery and ending up with me in tears.... BUT I WON'T..... you must get the drift!

I just wanted to remember why I have to get back on track... get back to a happier weight, get back to being really proud of myself, get back to being fit and healthy again. I CAN DO IT, I AM GOING TO DO IT, I WANT TO.... I AM NOT GOING BACK TO THAT MISERY every again.

So there ya go, what a start to the day!

- kids to school
Dunno what else after that.... we will see...probably more sewing....

Well I have been sewing, have done two more new blocks....

I have been wondering why I did today's post... I've had that post in my drafts for about a week now, and I almost didn't post it... I'm glad I did now cos it seems to have helped not just me but a few of you too.
End of Day: and it's been a fabulous day! I've sewn 7 blocks today and I'm thrilled with all of them... and I've even getting some of the lines to match up! OOO Errrr.... food has been spot on.. too busy to pig out! And stressed out and lose me appetite when I think of friday (visiting the bloody Dr again)...
NSV: feeling very positive, this is good. nite nite.... and sorry I havn't gotten around to read any blogs today! Too busy!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008



Kids to school, then meet with the Reading Recovery Teacher at school... Griffin has been given a place for special help with his learning... he's been getting help in the classroom for about a year already, but now he is being funded for more help which is fantastic. He may seem to be a bright little bugger, but when it comes to reading and writing he has a real problem.... just isn't 'getting it' at all....

Strange thing is he can pick up complicated Playstation/Wii games and instructions NO PROBLEMS! And he remembers so many weird and wonderful things... yet not letters/words/sounds. It's got me buggered. I hope they can sort him out.

After seeing the Teacher, I'm off home to do some more sewing... gee I'm so domesticated! I've cut out 4 blocks (all the same) so that's todays mission.

Watch this space, you've just gotta know I'm gunna show you when I've finished one!

Right, the meeting went well... the jury is out on whether Griffin has a real problem with his learning processes or HE SIMPLY DOES NOT WANT TO DO IT! I am of the opinion it's a combination of the two....the teacher does not think he has dyslexia as he has made SOME progress in the last 6 months. I am not too worried cos he is getting all the help he needs, and it will all fall into place for him eventually, it did for Brylee!

Now.. sewing.....
Well OBVIOUSLY I will be getting no prizes for perfect points, lines matching etc... but it is fun! I can't believe I am enjoying this so much... cos I fucken HATE sewing.... (there is no other word that expresses it the same you understand?) ... I am trying not to swear so much, I really am! Anyway, here's todays block:
I think it's very pretty.... and blue of course!
End of Day: nothing much happening around here.... getting the kids dinner soon, then just going to watch the telly, do some more sewing and hit the sack.
NSV: sewing keeps you away from the fridge, this is good. nite nite.

Monday, May 26, 2008


I walked into the lounge yesterday afternoon and found this:

One dozen Barbie and Bratz Dolls doing this:

It did make me smile! Brylee has been having a lot of fun with her Barbie and Bratz dolls lately... and she can hold this 'pose' too, Griffin cannot.

Elf and Emperor, you will be pleased to know the Flat Stanleys even got to give it a go! :


- kids to school

- doctor at 11.30 am

- home to do bugger all!

Quite tired after yesterday's efforts so might even have a nana nap! later....
ALLLLL RIGHTY THEN: seems me innards don't wanna stay where they supposed to be! Gotta have an ultra sound to 'see' where things are... the doctor suspects I've got a prolapse of a few bits and pieces..... ooooo JULES, looks like I might be getting a new fanny too! LOL Glad I went, even though I have to go back for a more 'intimate' examination.... oh JOY! Need a haircut before I can do that! Where's me scissors????
End of Day: very glad I went to the Doctor... it pays to find out what's wrong when you have been keeping your head in the sand for months! A quiet afternoon/evening....
NSV: got a good deal of exercise today, my pedometer is playing up though.... shitty thing. nite nite.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Yep, gunna be busy this morning, got heaps to do today in the way of housework.... and looking after the kids as well while trying to do it all on me own.... ah well, shit happens. One thing's for sure, I do not go ALL OUT anymore.... if someone really loves the house they are not going to care if all the furniture is polished or not!

I am dying to drink all the darn wine in me fridge...pisshead that I am (NOT)... I will keep buying it though... cos one day I will need to celebrate the sale of this house eh? SANDRA: we have dropped our price already, by $40,000 ! I don't want to drop it anymore as we do want to be able to afford a semi-decent house in Auckland!

The rate I am going I will need quite a few people to help me drink all that wine ... cos I'm a two glass wonder! LOL

Nothing else to report so far today, going to make a start... later..

- beds made
- room tidied
- dishes done
- floors washed
- floors vacumed
- dusting and polishing done
- dead leaves raked up
- plants pruned down side of house
- paths cleaned
- 3 bathrooms cleaned
- 3 toilets scrubbed
- kitchen benches and sink scrubbed and polished
- upstairs tidied up (me sewing room too)
- kids fed and watered

I do believe I have done it all! I have even put on a crockpot full of pea and bacon bone soup....can I take a break now?
I tried to entice Steve to come over and give me a hand... he wasn't having a bar of it... the shit. I'm feeling quite crabby now, was vacuming and swearing under my breath the whole time... man I'd love to take a sledge hammer to that bloody machine!

So, it's about 30 minutes till Open Home time... I hope some bugger turns up! At least the house is tidy I suppose....

A PICNIC BAR.... is nougat and nuts covered in chocolate:

They are very nice... and I did not have one... MRS C... I will send you some soon.... for the kids mind ... not all for you!

Open Home... was once again a waste of time, no one came again. The Real Estate Agent said NOTHING is selling out there, and all the Open Homes he had done today had no one come to them, so I suppose there is some comfort in know we are not the only ones not selling.

End of Day: feeling very virtuous, done so much and managed just fine, even bathed the kids without feeling like throttling them! Cut Brylee's hair too, it was getting long again and she can't manage it long. chillin out now watching Grey's Anatomy.... in peace.
NSV: totally on track and got heaps of exercise too boot. nite nite.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I finally got my blood test back.... my iron count has gone from 2/20 to 6/20... 20 being a 'normal' iron count. So it is coming up SLOWLY but surely.... but still not very good. I am seeing the Doctor on Monday, I want a scan of me belly... 'things' just don't feel right 'down there'.... I am wondering if my fibroids are growing and causing a problem? It sure doesn't feel right, I feel yukky all the time, aching back and sore tummy. So over it.

Today I'm off to morning tea with a couple of girlfriends... hopefully Steve is babysitting! Then is will be housework in readiness for tomorrow's Open Home. *SIGH*....
Morning tea was lovely, Steve arrived just in time so I didn't need to take the kids... I bought this delicious looking piece of cake, then didn't eat it.... big tick to me!

Decided to go to the supermarket... totally run out of Diet Coke! Went in, filled the trolley, paid.. loaded up the van.... NO DIET COKE! Twit. Went back in, got said Diet coke... joined the darn queue AGAIN... home now and am totally knackered!

The Flat Stanleys were very impressed with our supermarket... And Brylee and Griffin were impressed with me cos I bought them a Picnic Bar... which I usually NEVER do! but they were very good kids so I felt it was justified for once.

LUCY: Ha ha ya cheeky tart! In my trolley is white bread (kids need white bread my Doctor told me), whole wheat bread for me (cos it's GOOD for me) and a bottle of wine (for the day we sell our house, I actually hardly EVER drink) and you would know this IF YOU ACTUALLY KNEW ME! And diet coke is my drink of choice, and it has done me no harm so far.... the other stuff in me trolley (that YOU can't see) consisted of fresh fruit and veges, some chicken, loo paper (yep ya need this), and some tinned soup (99 % fat free). Now how about you show me YOUR shopping trolley???

And what myriad of health problems? I have chronic Anemia and fibroids in me uterus, both due to 'girl' problems..... that is all.... unless you know something about me that I don't know???

LYNDA: my doctor said it is harder for a young child's digestive system to handle grainy breads, so it is better to give them white bread... and it is better for Brylee as it is more 'fattening' .. which is something she needs as she is a borderline anorexic child.

End of Day: We have had a nice quiet day, no hassles, no upsets. Watched American Idol, but it's not much fun when you already know who wins... thanks to so much media and bloody bloggers blurting it out! Not naming anyone of course!
NSV: on track, even if me jeans did try to cut me in half today. nite nite.
P.S. Thank you Margaret... I knew I wasn't wrong about the bread.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Hee hee, thanks to Zanna I have been having some fun! This site gives you the chance to mix your face with different hairstyles (and bodies)... so what looks best people????

Don't I make a pretty boy:
I look a lot like my brother and sons I think! FREAKY. I am VERY tempted to go black haired! that first one really looks neat. (like the body too)

- kids to school
- pick up flyers to distribute around neighbourhood
- do some bloody housework, I've been a bit slack and there's a bit to be done!

I just bought my 8th pedometer! Lee-Anne has set me a challenge to do 10,000 steps a day... we are both going to try! I hope I don't kill or drown this one...

What else... I've picked up Steve, he's going to do some housework with me then we will walk around the neighbourhood delivering flyers....

All the flyers are delivered, we need more me thinks!
I just booked a motel in Wellington for next weekend... Stew is home for 4 days so we are taking off for a couple of days ! Just the two of us... can't wait. YIPEEEEE. Thank god for teenagers who can babysit.... see they DO have their uses.

End of Day: a pretty good day on whole... a quiet afternoon and evening. Kids in bed... watching telly ... then bed.

NSV: feeling fat... so no victories... nite nite.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I got some lovely mail late yesterday... a package from America! Two lovely wee boys (and their MUM) have sent me 2 Flat Stanleys ... they have come to visit and spend some time with us here in New Zealand. How neat... and they added some treats for us too!

Elf and Emperor send their 'Flat Stanleys' to all sorts of places in the world, and they learn about lots of other countries in the process.

Last night the Stanleys came to Weight Watchers with me, Elf and Emperor you will be pleased to know they have not put on ANY weight yet....

- kids to school
- Sew another block or two
- Lunch with a couple of girlfriends.... yipee.

NO sewing has been done today, I ended up going up to the hospital to visit Dave (Chris D's hubby) and having morning tea with them.... then I went off to lunch with Anne, Jenny and Chris D... all three of them ended up having PUMPKIN SOUP (IKKKKKY) while I had a lovely chicken burger (more like a large sandwich) which was DEVINE.

Take note: NO CHIPS on me plate, not one!!! I am proud. and full. and home again. chillin for an hour before I have to go and get the kids from school. *BIG SIGH* I DO LOVE EM, I DO ... I DO!
End of Day: a neat day has been had! Steve and Mike came for dinner, so that was nice. All quiet now, kids in bed. BLISS.
NSV: been evil tonight, dunno why... just felt darn hungry so kinda ate 'stuff'.... derrrrr. nite nite.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I'm all fired up today... to sew!!! I have finally got the sewing machine and what not set up in the spare bedroom upstairs... it took me a while to decide where to set it all up! I mean, I have several options in this house... but I had put off doing it cos WE WERE MOVING eh??? Well, no more... it's all set and ready to go...


- kids to school
- Sew some patchwork blocks
- sew Brylee some trousers
- do a little housework I suppose
- just chill out!

I'm going to enjoy today, by hook or by crook.... I have decided, so there!

Isn't the INTERNET wonderful? I have been browsing around and last night found this block pattern:
What do ya think of my version then? I am bloody chuffed with it!

Time to take a break, I've done 5 blocks this morning! Having fun...
Oh and before I forget.... there is NO SHAME in unpicking... NONE! Just wanted to say that. ( not that I have done MUCH unpicking you understand).....
Well after saying I was taking a break.. I did another block.. and now my back is killing me and I really am stopping for a while! It's hard work bending over cutting out material and sewing it. Another thing, I have decided NOT to use the two blocks I've made with the green and yellow cos I hate them! In fact its the green and yellow I hate... so out they go! Going to find more patterns now.
"chuffed" means really happy, proud of one's effort.
"unpicking"... unpicking one's sewing cos you stuffed up!
End of day: went to weigh in... should have stayed at home! Gained 1 kilo... TOM could have something to do with that I suppose.
NSV: sewing for hours keeps you away from the pantry, this is good. nite nite.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Shit me mind is totally blank this morning! ................yep, still is.....................................................................

- Kids to school
- do some bloody housework
- go into town to pay a bill or two
- see if the letterbox flyers are ready for me?

That's it, totally normal day! later....

- for the last week every time I've looked at me sewing machine I have just felt like throwing it out the window?
- today I feel really excited about doing some sewing?
- how come for the last few days my legs have felt like lead weights?
- today they feel fine?
- how come for days I have felt dejected?
- today I feel really 'up'?
I really just don't get myself at all... up and down, up and down... is this the beginning of something I should be worried about??? I am DRVING MYSELF NUTS PEOPLE. And really this is not good.

I live to drive other people nuts, not myself.

How bloody cute!

HORMONES? Oh ok then... so what explains the other weeks when I'm so up and down then? Just being a bitch then? I give up!

I've been to town, bought Griffin a new school sweatshirt... no point putting it off anymore, we are obviously here for the winter. BUGGER IT. I had thought last winter would be our last one here, no such luck.

I have spent an hour this afternoon 'doctoring' Griffin's new school sweatshirt... I defy any bugger to say this one is theirs!!! There is light blue and orange stitching all over it!!! And even on the inside facings too...

I get sooooo crabby when some bugger nicks one of the kids sweatshirts... it happens all the time. And cos every kid is dressed the same you can't tell if they have their own uniform on or not... so that's why I've doctored my kids ones.
End of Day: it's been an OK day, kinda got some stuff done...
NSV: Feeling very motivated .... nite nite.

Monday, May 19, 2008


I am staying home today, probably tomorrow as well.... there is a full on FLOOD in this house! I've been up and down all darn night.... HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY.

Griffin has woken up feeling a bit better by the look of it, this is fantastic cos he can go to school! If he had to stay home I would have probably ended up throttling him! Sick kids and me don't mix too well... and boys are so much worse than girls when it comes to them being sick. IKKKY.

Steve is coming over today to get a few jobs done around here, he's finding it very boring being 'at home' with no job... no mates to hang out with, so me thinks he will be trying to get himself sorted out quick! Well I hope so anyway, it's not good for a young guy to be on his own so much.....

ANNE: Steve's visit to the Dr went as per usual... he's on medication to lower his stress levels which in turn should stop his postural hypotension from being so chronic.... The Skates.. I'm still at the 'bumbling' stage! Just need more confidence then I will be fine.

Just been talking to our Real Estate Agent.. I put an idea to him... make up letterbox flyers and I deliver them around the area... it MAY help? So, he's going to print lots and my job will be to deliver them... I CAN DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE at last besides clean the bloody house! YIPEE. Hope to get going on that tomorrow.
WOO HOO.... I just got this month's power/gas bill... $85 ! I'm a legend at cutting the power bill.... just get rid of ya teenagers and husband.... well I don't recommend losing the husband bit... but DEFINITELY the teenagers!!!

Working on me trip to Melbourne... I will be staying in Williamstown, Melbourne... and hope to 'run' into a couple (?) of bloggers !!! Saturday or Sunday (21/22nd June) afternoon/evening would be good! Any ideas people???

End of Day: it's been a VERY quiet day... luckily I didn't have much to do cos I have felt awful! A hottie and a few Panadol have helped. Steve and Mike were here for dinner, made a 'quickie' dinner for us all.... and have enough left overs to mean I don't have to cook tomorrow night. ya.
NSV: Well I feel fat, I look fat, so no victories today! nite nite.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I bloody hate sundays! Two reasons.... it's Open Home Day, which means masses of cleaning, then high expectations always dashed. And it's the day Stew goes back to Auckland again. boo hooo.

The Real Estate "Boss Man" is coming around to see us this morning too... I have already told him if he's coming around to try and get us to drop our price again he can suck eggs, we ain't gunna do it! Maybe he thinks he can talk Stew around? Fat chance.

I am still in bed .... have to drink me hot chocolatte eh? Then it will be all on.....

Well Tim has been and gone.... poor man ... I reckon he was quaking in his boots! He does want us to drop the price... or at least advertise that we are prepared to look at all offers over a certain amount... grrrrrrr... I have agreed to rewriting the ad to attract more viewers, but I am still not going to accept a shit offer!
Stew is now busily vacuming the house, I am sitting here feeling very sorry for myself....TOM has FINALLY arrived after 64 days!!!! I feel like shit..... my back and tummy are KILLING ME. Oh the joys.
Stew has gone.
First time ever no one came to our Open Home.
Am feeling flat and sad.
Going to go make Apple Crumble - comfort food.
End of Day: comfort food is NOT COMFORTING... Griffin has a temperature and a sniffle.... I still feel bloody awful... tomorrow might be a day in bed !
NSV: I VOS BAD. nite nite.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Misunderstandings abound.... last night Stew wanted to 'just check the score' on the rugby, seems he had no intention of watching it.... but when he flipped over to rugby I packed a wobbly thinking that's all he wanted to do and went off to my room to watch something else!!! so he continued to watch it, and I continued to think he only came home to watch rugby... so we ended up in a 'no win' situation ....

Anyways, we sorted it out later on and now I just feel like a crabby old bitch. Poor bugger can't win it seems. I'm blaming it on MENOPAUSE OK? Helps.

Today: I'm going to morning tea with a girlfriend or two... then home to spend some time with the man/kids.... well hopefully more with the man (sick of the kids).

CHANGE OF PLANS: Stew just showed me his new suit pants, both pairs have a serious pilling problem... so we are taking them back to Otaki where we got them from... they are under warranty for a year... and cost an arm and a leg!

I mean.... ya don't expect this to happen after only 3 months eh? So, I ain't going to morning tea afterall.... later...

Home again... dropped off the pants to be sent back to the manufacturer.... had a lovely lunch and I'm proud to say I was ever so good and only had a few chips, no sour cream and a really HEALTHY chicken burger ...... then we checked out the clothing shops....

I got this really neat top and Stew got a t-shirt ....
both being 'New Zealand' themed, which is nice.

Griffin did his usual "I'm out, I'm gunna be a little prick" scenario... so next time we go out I am going to leave him at home with Steve... he's got to learn that his bad behaviour is NOT going to be tolerated any more! He manages to ruin every family outing we have by being so naughty! I'm OVER THAT KID.

End of Day: a neat day .... and I stayed on track, might have gone over a bit on the points, but not too bad. nite nite.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Stew is due home tonight, I am so looking forward to seeing him.

What else?

Well, kids to school, then I am off to Pak N Save supermarket to help Arohanui Hospice raise funds for the year.... I'm begging..! OK... maybe not begging, but certainly asking people to make a donation! I'm doing a 2 hour stint, then will probably grab a few groceries and come home again.

No other plans yet... will wait and see how the day unfolds. later...

Well that was fun... and bloody freezing sitting in a supermarket doorway.... but lots of lovely people gave up their money, and I happily gave them a donation sticker on their chest! Funny how many people said "No I don't need a sticker" !... HA! No one got away from me, everyone got a sticker! I even chased one bloke out the door and slapped it on his chest... made him laugh. The only other 'interesting' thing that happened was one old chap came in, saw me and what I was collecting for and yelled at me "THEY DIDN'T HELP MY WIFE DID THEY, SHE DIED"! And stomped off! UMMMM Hello, it is a HOSPICE mate! So rude.

Good deed of the day - DONE.
Picked up Steve and we are now home getting warm..... and fed.

...Further on the old dude this morning, I do believe he was still probably grieving so I didn't really mind once I thought about it. Well Steve and I have had a lovely quiet afternoon, I even had a wee nap! Want to be bright and cheerful and full of energy when Stew gets home eh? heee heee......

Steve playing with Brylee... it's called Mercy.... she loved it!

How cute is this: above... the two terrors reading a book together, snuggled up in their Spongebob blankies!

End of Day: Stew is safely home... and I am feeling really let down. He wasn't even in the house 5 minutes and the tv was on to rugby and he was sitting in his chair watching it. I wonder why he drove all those hours home for? To watch friggin rugby maybe.

NSV: I had lots to drink today and feel much better for it... I think I was not drinking enough .... nite nite.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I decided last night... to go to Melbourne in mid-june to attend my niece's Police Graduation! I had thought it would not be possible as Stew is away... but he is going to take some time off work and come home and look after the kids so I can go! I AM WRAPT.

Finally, something to look forward to... and I hear the shopping over there ain't half bad either! OOOOO! *DROOLING*

Today: kids to school then hot foot it into town for my hair appointment.... that will kill the whole morning... then home to catch up on some blogs! I didn't read many yesterday as I was feeling so ill..... feeling quite a bit better today. later...
I have had a NICE day! Had the hair done, it looks just the same! And I love it....

I had lunch with my mate Chris D and her hubby, then I went and had me darn blood test (it was only 4 weeks overdue, come on people!)... then I went and booked me flights to Melbourne....

then I picked up Steve and brought him home so he could fix a couple of dings in the walls...

So all is good today, I'm feeling so much better today.... yipee.

End of Day: it's been a nice day, I havn't felt miserable at all today! and watching Steve do some gardening made me day too! I hates gardening! And I didn't want Stew coming home for just a day and a half and having to do bloody gardening! I cooked us all a lovely dinner of pork chops and veges.... delish.

NSV: I have had the day "off"... as I always do the day after weigh in.... it's kinda like a 'reward' for being good all week. works for me. nite nite.