Friday, March 30, 2007


Thanks for all the suggestions and support! I do believe I am getting much more support from 'Blogland' with the weight journey than Weight Watchers, too right! And as for what to drink: I'm going to alternate between the friggin orange flavoured soda water (sugar free) and diet coke, it isn't going to kill me to have some!

I know it is the artificial sweetners that are the evil part, but hey I don't smoke or drink, I avoid buses and big trucks on the road (like I look both ways before crossing eh?), so I reckon I'm allowed to take a risk and drink it.... as I said, you only live once!

For those of you who suggested 'Crystal Light'... what is it, I have never heard of it before... maybe we don't get it down here in New Zealand?
Today: kids to school, gym workout, walk the dog, housework.... and hopefully the Gasfitters will come and fix me stove? Waiting....

BLOODY HELL Jules ! Suppose I better go have a look at Phoenix Organics then !! Thank you soooo much for caring enough to comment FIVE times eh? lol

Boody hell again! I have got suggestions coming out me ears! Thanks so much! I am going to get on the net and check out the options, Phoenix Organics sounds good, don't know about importing Crystal Light, seems to be a lot of hassels involved, payments, inport fees, duty taxes etc. BUT thank you for the information. The wee dog is how I looked when I saw how many comments came in over the morning! LOL!

YES MELLISA, Diet Coke Rocks for sure, but drinking over 3 litres a day does not ! that's how much I USED to drink, and I don't want to go back to that much.... ever.

The Gasfitters arrived, dicked around, couldn't find the leak (There IS one), and are coming back later with their gas detector..... derrr, like shouldn't they have brought it in the first place??? Fuckwits. OH , BAD BAD LANGUAGE.

What da ya know, they came back with their thingee, and found a leak.... fixed it and and told me to send the $175 call out fee from the Gas Company to them.... too right I will !
Now I can cook on me stove again... yaaaa.

So I cooked.... lamb chops in mint sauce, fresh spuds and veges.. and I had too much and now feel sick. Twit. Am going to watch American Idol now... then may get on the exercycle, so that's me for another day... nite nite. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR COMMENTS, I really appreciate it.


  1. Diet coke is the love of my life. I wish I had thought to use it as my blog title.

    I think the worst part of diet coke might be the effect on your teeth, not the artificial sweetner. Now Diet coke uses aspartame which poses no risk of cancer like the other sweetner saccharin. So we're safe there and as long as we brush, we're good :-)

    I also drink lemonade crystal light. It's awesome. Helps me drink so much more water. They have a bunch of flavors. If you can't purchase it online, then I'll send you some :-).

    Anywhoo, thanks for the support you've given me.

  2. I think Crystal Lite is American... I've heard people mention it on
    You were asking whether we reintroduce real food on my diet. Yes - once we get to the weight we want to be, we start 'management'. Over 12 weeks we add a meal at a time and certain foods. The first week for example we replace 1 foodpack with a piece of chicken or fish. The next week we can add green salad leaves. And so on.
    I am looking forward to that time!

  3. You have to do what is right for you and, if you have no other vices then you have the right to choose. But .... and there always is one .... aspartame makes you crave carbs. (check it out!!)

    I would change to Chi, if you like it. It doesn't have artificial sweeteners but doesn't have a lot of sugar either. I mean, you know that you should mostly be drinking water and herbal teas etc and that other drinks should be a treat and not an all day long indulgence, whether it be diet or not. You don't need me to tell you that. I really enjoy nice drinks too but I wouldn't drink a diet drink if you paid me to.

  4. And ... I just phoned Phoenix Organics and enquired as to whether they still make their honey sweetened drinks (no actual sugar only honey) and they do. They make a lemonade, a natural cola and a ginger beer. You would have to find the Phoenix distributor in your area and find out where you can buy it from, I know it's expensive but if you aren't going to weight watchers anymore, maybe you could spring for some lovely organic honey sweetened drinks for yourself, you're worth it.

  5. Phoenix also does the feijoa sparkling water which has no added sugar or honey. Just carbonated water, feijoia juice, apple juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate and vitamin c.

  6. Actually, to be a pain in the arse, they do a whole range of sparkling fruit waters which are all no added sugar and majority of the natural fruit sugars are under 10g per hundred ml, which according to the dietitian and Chch Women's Hospital is more than acceptable for being low sugar.

  7. And, no - I don't have shares in Phoenix LOL! Just think they have a great product.

  8. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I commented about Crystal light in the other post...

  9. I agree that bloggers do offer a lot of support to us. Once we know what to do (and you do) it is really up to us.
    Hope the gasfitters have arrived. I hate having broken appliances. Such a pain!

  10. Yeah just drink it.. I drink diet dry ginger ale with my scotch.. figure the same as you... I dont drink it all day everyday... only weekends... and not usually too excess... ha well not usually...

  11. Wow - piles of suggestions for your drinks! I'm sure you will find something out of that lot. See you tomorrow:)

  12. Chris, you can absolutely do it without WW. I was a successful WW member.... 3 times! As you can tell, it never stuck. :( I did learn a lot from them, but eventually I found my own way, involving a lot more exercise and a lot less reliance on low fat copies of the crap food I'd always eaten.

    As for your diet Coke, a couple of glasses a day won't hurt you. There's a lot of rubbish spouted about aspartame - I won't touch it myself, but only because I think it tastes vile. From my own research, there's nothing harmful in it IF you keep it to small amounts. Loss of bone density is probably the biggest concern with large amounts of soft drink - diet or sugar-laden, it makes no difference. debunks the "aspartame causes MS/ blindness/ lupus hoax email that was doing the rounds over the past few years, if anyone's interested. Unless you have PKU (and you'd know about if you did), you're unlikely to have a health problem from a few diet drinks.

    By the way, choose honey over sugar if you prefer the taste, but don't be deluded into thinking it has less calories. 1 tsp sugar has 16 calories, 1 tsp honey has 19. Mind you, honey tastes way better than the refined white stuff.

    OK, I'm done.... :-)

  13. wow you definately are a popular chick huh? lol

    I had a real chuckle at that pic of that stressed out little doggie... heheh

    When I was going to ww meetings I too actually found my online blogging was more of a support to me, because I could talk about everything that was going on food and otherwise. I think at the meetings there's not the time allowance for everyone to spout out everything that's going on with them. And besides people often are too embarrased to open up that much in 'real life'.

    I have joined ww online this time and use my blogging as my support network. I love the food journal gadget on the ww online version (serious gadget addict here)

    Whatever you choose as your support network is totally up to you. I seriously think you need some sort of support network, be that online or otherwise.

    Ok, enough of filling up more space, need to allow room for all your other commenters :p

  14. Stay strong and stayed focused and know that you can reach your goal. If you keep thinking you can't reach your goal you won't. Our minds are very powerful and what we think about we bring about...

  15. Check out this link for some info about Crystal Light! Keep on doing what you are doing, it is working!

  16. Hiya Hunny
    I'M BAAAACCCKK!!!!! Sorry for not updating we had a prob with our Broadband provider and lousy BT god that is one greedy, misleading company.

    OH WOW have I got some catching up to do.

    SO GOOD TO BE BACK, I've sure mssed ya...hugs

  17. Thank goodness they fixed the leak. One has to have some pleasures in life. Anything in excess is bad. So enjoy a glass of the bubbly if you so desire. It is diet after all.

    As per "The Boy" I will have to look for a more appropriate photo. The ones I have at work all have him misbehaving.

    Have a nice weekend.


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