Thursday, January 31, 2008


I have fallen into the "I will soon" basket.... you know.. I will start my new diet/exercise regime tomorrow/next week bla bla bla.

I feel like I've fallen off the wagon AGAIN.. yet again....

I am totally disgusted in myself, I am full of shit.... Say one thing, do another... I blame it on boredom, stress... fuck anything will do!

What is wrong with me? I don't want to gain any more weight, I worked so HARD to lose my weight, yet now it is creeping back on and I seem to be powerless to do anything about it! I can SEE it happening, I can FEEL it happening, I CRY about it even, but I still procrastinate.....

I am struggling to find the motivation, the willpower, the WANT TO.... how much do I have to gain before I say ENOUGH! ???

Now I am saying to myself "When we move" well HELLO, that could be months away yet.... any ideas people? Cos I know I can do it, I have done it, I just don't know where to start this time.. It all seems so much harder ....

Today: I am going to try and take on board ANY IDEAS thrown at me.... and just bloody well DO IT.

Some good ideas coming in, one I like :

- Change 1 small thing.... well I will do this.... I will stop eating bread/pasta/potatoes.... all carbs in fact! Not 'good' carbs though (the ones found in fruit and veges).
This will be a good starting point. I was going out to buy a bigger bread maker... maybe I won't now!

THIS is the next small change I made today:

I took the WII out of the lounge and set it up in the garage... it was driving me NUTS... the constant noise and them rolling up the new rug so it wouldn't fluff up all over the floor while they were standing in front of the telly..... I could have put it upstairs in the rumpus room with the Playstation, but then Griffin would be constantly asking me to switch the plugs over from Playstation to WII and that would drive me nuts as well! Anything that drives me nuts has got to stop.... I eat when I'm annoyed!

I also went upstairs and looked at the exercise equipment... IT'S A START.... *laughing now*.... maybe tonight I will go up with Stew and actually DO SOMETHING!

WE have spent the afternoon out in the country with a girlfriend, I am feeling so much better! Maybe I have been isolating myself and staying home too much!

JANENE: I did post your comment, cos it is pertinent! I do worry about the size of me coffin-to-be!!! You just reminded me of how I don't want to be the size of an elephant ! Thanks for that, I am in no way offended, or worried or anything! I love's you for caring.

MANDY: I do have a treadmill actually! And the exercycle... AND I WILL GET ON THEM TONIGHT. I PROMISE! Then I might just follow that up with a bit of

End of Day: and I feel blessed to have so many friends who care.... THANK YOU.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Would ya look at the time? I have really slept in today, had a wonderful sleep for a bloody change.... might have had something to do with all the exercise we got yesterday!

Not a lot planned for today, boring old fart I am. Am on the look out for a decently priced Queen size bed for the big bedroom upstairs, once Mike leaves (fingers crossed this weekend!) that room will be EMPTY... can't have that! I have priced new ones... and looked at a few on Trade Me... so we will just have to wait and see what happens there.

Going to wander up to the kids school today too, the class lists for this year have been posted on the window at school, so we will go see who is in what class. They will only be there for the first term of this year .... by hook or by crook we will not be here come May!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Last night, like many many nights lately... I have struggled to get to sleep. Too hot, got the 'itches', toss and turn, mind going, drives me NUTS !!!

Any one else get "the itches"???? I feel an itch on me arm, then me leg, scratch scratch, two seconds later... an itch on me back, me foot, me other arm... gawd it's enough to drive ya bonkers. What the hell causes itchiness???? I don't have bites, I don't have a rash... NOTHING. Grrrrrr.

So, I think I finally got to sleep around 4am...... and Stew got up at 6 to do some exercise... wonderful. Not feeling very positive about the day.

WE still havn't heard from the 'potential buyers' from Wellington, I think I'm giving up on them. I am not too happy about them saying they were quite positive they would be buying the house, then not even turn up. BASTARDS. It really plays on your mind, constantly. And it sure does nothing for one's mood.

So, what to do today? I'm thinking, go check out the Hospice Shop! Who knows, I might find a 'bargin' or two! It's been a while..... well, I will have to wait a while, my van is still in the garage! Just remembered that.... darn.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Finally, I got to sleep ALL night, and get a wee sleep in too! AND, Stew is up right now getting me a latte in bed.... could it get any better?

Stew is working here this week.... so it's 'back to normal' for a week.... and we have quite a few things to get done today:

- take my van into the garage for a few tweaks and a WOF

- take 2nd Sky decoder back (no longer wanted)

- go to the library for reading fodder

- and... I am going to get my legs waxed! Listen out for the screams!

What fun! Getting outta the house and not having to worry about viewers today... I have had to get this house tip top for almost 5 days in a row! NOT that it's ever really a mess, I am too bloody fussy for that to happen. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to relaxing... I KNOW.

Ahhh, here comes my latte.... time to go for now...

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Just when you think.. YES Stew's home, I can finally have a sleep in ... the friggin teenager forgets to set his alarm and his employers ring the house at 6.20 am to ask where he is!!!

I am NOT IMPRESSED .... now I am wide awake and there is no chance of getting back to sleep. He will keep....

Don't have a lot to do today to get ready for the Open Home... it's all done.... might get some hot bread baking...

Stew is going to take the kids to lunch then a movie today, so I am going to get a break from the constant "Mum can I?, Mum look at this, Mum he's done this......" oh god I'm sick of being called MUM.

Even Stew does not call me "Chris".... "Darling" is nice though!


Saturday, January 26, 2008


- Morning tea with the girls, taking the kids too out of necessity.

- Izzy goes home with Anne and Peter.

- Stew is due home.

- Potential buyers due today for 2nd viewing.

Lots to do before we go out for morning tea...must have this house perfect in case the viewers arrive while I'm out! I did lots last night actually, vacuming, dusting, washed the floors etc.

All I really have to do is get the bread baking! woo hoo.

Right, lets get on with it...

-Morning tea was lovely, nice to catch up with most of the girls.
- Izzy has gone to her new home, I hear she's still smiling!
- Stew is safely home.
- The darn potential buyers havn't turned up today.... I could scream.

Apart from that... all is going well, I'm watering the lawns, have planted new herbs down the side of the house.... it's all looking spic and span. Another Open Home tomorrow.

Stew bought the kids home a new towel each....

WE won't be loosing them in a hurry eh?

Two fingers up ya nose is way better than one eh? lol

End of Day: lovely to have Stew home again. Bummed out that the viewers didn't come today after I spent ages vacuming AGAIN!

NSV: I did not weigh in cos I didn't want to get depressed, so this is good. nite nite.

Friday, January 25, 2008


I just realised... it is only 10 more days till school starts again... these holidays have gone so fast for a change! Maybe cos we have been so busy... organising the house, Stew off to Auckland etc.... I am going to be so relieved when they are back in school though.

Griffin's mouth NEVER stops!

Stew is driving back tomorrow... and he will be home for two whole weeks! Oh thank God, I can get some sleep! He can get up and take Griffin to the loo in the middle of the night (he gets up anyway, Woolworths bladder an' all!)... can't wait.

I did not get myself a gift yesterday... simply because I did not need or want anything! And it was just so nice to get the kids a gift... Steve has rung me twice already wanting to know what I got him and Mike.... like I'm going to tell him! No way, they have to wait a wee while!

I have been thinking... while it is going to be awful leaving the boys here when we move.... at least they can keep up to date with what's going on with their family through reading my blog! I know that my other kids do too, cool eh?

I am expecting to hear from the Real Estate Agent today, the potential buyers are supposed to be coming back either today or tomorrow.....

The kids and I are off into town, there is only so much anticipation I can take... and I am so bloody sick of waiting for the phone to ring... I'm outta here!

I can vacum/dust/polish later....

YIPEE, I bought myself something... a NEW mop head... god I'm excited.

OOO I forgot.. I bought me a nice new BUCKET too!

End of Day: a frustrating day really... no visitors today, most likely tomorrow now.

NSV: too nervous to eat almost! But I did.... on track so all good. nite nite.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Nothing, and I mean nothing... is what I am going to be doing today!

The kids and I are going to town.... might have to be on the bus cos I've got a flat battery in me car.... and just have a nice wander around.... get them an ice cream for lunch!

NO dusting, NO vacuming, No washing.... polishing, scrubbing loos, bla bla bla... today is REST DAY. I deserve it.

AND... I am getting the little kids a wee present each cos they have been SO VERY GOOD for their Mummy, they even helped me tidy the house before our viewers yesterday! What little sweeties.

So there ya go.. I'm outta here for now....

Well we did it.... we went to town, we had kebabs for lunch, we bought a present each...
They both chose the same thing... a pirate ship! How cool, no arguments over who got what! BLISS.
I also got a wee 'something' for my big boys as a 'Thank You' for helping me with the littlies.... but they have to wait for it! Ha ha ha.
I am expecting Anne any minute, she's coming over to visit Izzy before she takes her home on Saturday! Feel kinda sad, but it's the best thing for Izzy.
The visit with Anne went well, Izzy seemed to like her... I know Anne and Peter love her already, so it's looking good for a happy transition for her.
End of Day: and I have done NOTHING .. Yes Lyn... NOTHING!!! Except have fun with the kids, and do some shopping.
NSV: On track, no naughties at all.... of the food variety and the other! nite nite.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Today: I've got some stuff selling on Trade Me.... it's so exciting watching an auction...looks like I'm going to make quite a tidy sum today!

Kinda sad too... I'm selling a lot of my pottery equipment.... I finally realised that I'm just not 'into' it anymore! A few years ago I was fanatical about my pottery, making and selling all sorts of things, and teaching at night school too. It was so much fun. But now.... the love just ain't there. So, it's all getting sold.

Might have some potential buyers coming up from Wellington today to look at the house... the Agent is ringing me this morning to let me know, so I need to get the house all tidy AGAIN...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


YAHOO!!! I love a good storm! If it's really good I plan on taking the kids for a walk in the wind and rain... with NO umbrellas! Should be fun... and it's only water afterall!

I really hope it happens. We were expecting rain yesterday... but it didn't happen, so I ended up watering the lawns again... derrrr. Just my luck the rain will drown them today!

Nothing much planned for today other than that.... as per usual, we shall just have to wait and see what eventuates eh?

Steve starts his new job today... wooo hoo, he is working and earning again.

LOOKING..... LOOKING........ where is the storm???
It's either coming much later in the day... or Jim Hickey (the Weatherman) has got it wrong! It's stinking hot again....
Ever felt like crying... cos people piss you off so much?? Well I'm at that stage..... the teenagers stayed up watching a movie last night... some arsehole spilt a drink on the lounge carpet... and left it for me to clean up this morning! I am hoping like hell it doesn't leave yet another stain on the carpet.. I AM trying to sell this house eh?

Just hung 5 loads of washing on the deck.... JUST IN CASE in rains!

OOO LOOKEEE... we have clouds, and the wind is getting up...
Now isn't this fun? Bet ya can't wait for the next photo... lol.

Did I mention... yesterday DURING the open home, a bloody huge picture on the hallway wall came crashing down? It did, and scraped the wall.. so I have just finished re-painting the wall.... oh god it's so hot, I have sweat pouring down my back.

Still no sign of the storm, just lots of wind...

It's getting hopeful.... but still no rain... 6.30 pm...









RAIN, just heaps of bloody wind !!! Grrrrrr. Maybe I shall turn on the sprinklers!

8.44 pm.. finally have rain..too late to take the kids out walking though, typical.

End of Day: was fun taking those photos! Got a bit done, painting etc.

NSV: on track and loving it! nite nite.

Monday, January 21, 2008


See what happens when you spend so much time cleaning bloody toilets/bathrooms/floors ? Ya get a nasty SORE rash under your beautiful sapphire ring.... now I can't wear if for a while!

I'm a sookie-la-la I know....

Stew flew back to Auckland first thing this morning... and we have another Open Home this afternoon... I'm not phased though, it's getting to be a piece of piss getting this house ship shape! I'm a legend, really I am! ha ha ha.

And Wanna... I am going to try and not be CRABBY today! onward.... need me Diet Coke for breakfast.

It's been a very quiet morning! We are very lucky with the weather, it was supposed to be raining heavily today... not good with our Open Home... but it's another gorgeous day.. YIPEE! Don't have much to do in readiness either, it was all done yesterday, all I have to do now is re-vacum the lounge before leaving the house. Oh and get rid of the kids! Mike is taking them out...

It was a good Open Home, 3 groups through, of which one seemed quite interested, one LOVED it but I doubt she had the money.... dunno about the other lot. It is soooo hot and humid today, I don't know what to do with myself! If I move I sweat.... I would kill for a pool!

Now that should keep them happy for a while!....

And here's Mike drinking MY Diet Ginger Beer... so yum!

Abby thinks he's a monumental DORK, she ain't wrong!

End of Day ... what a stinker of a day... so so hot and humid! Unbearable.... and to make matters worse I cooked a roast of lamb for dinner! Steve and Lisa had dinner here so it wasn't wasted on just me! Mike was SUPPOSED to have it too, but the little shit went and had BURGER KING burgers just before dinner!

NSV: On track today, this is good. nite nite.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Let me bore the shit outta you! It's going to be our "usual Sunday" of cleaning and getting the house ready for Open Home... how riveting !

Well come on! What else would I be doing? Our neighbours are also selling their house, but they are selling on their own, no agents... the cheeky buggers just put out all their OPEN HOME signs when WE have an Open Home... so they are 'using' our advertising to get their house looked at! I think that kinda sucks. Nothing I can do about it though....

Except... I can stand on my front lawn and hand out my home brochures to anyone visiting their house eh? I will be doing that! They have their house OPEN much longer than we do... so tit for tat. Ah gotta love neighbours. *evil smirk*, I'm a nice neighbour... REALLY I AM.

A good Open Home, several groups through today, and we have another one Tomorrow. Fingers crossed we get some good feedback and maybe another offer soon.

Lovely day out there, but horribly windy today.... I hate too much wind, makes me crabby! Right... time to go check out some blogs...
HA HA HA... WANNA... YOU ARE RIGHT.. everything does make me crabby!!!!! I am just one huge CRABBY TART. Don't ya love me???
End of Day: busy again.. and expecting tomorrow to be as well.
NSV: was bang on track... till dinner..... oh errr. nite nite.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Today will be busy... have to do that painting in the dining room and hallways, got to take my van for a Warrant (which leaves us car-less for half the day), kill some time in town waiting for my van, then finish getting the house ready for two open homes this weekend.

I gave Stew his belated Birthday Present last night, he loved it!

Here it is... a really neat New Zealand ring... for his right hand. Have to get it resized though, it's a bit small. Onward with the day....

PHEW, been in town for hours... van has new tyres, early lunch in town (yikky evil food, only ate a fraction), met up unexpectedly with a girlfriend so stopped for a natter, bought some more casual 3/4 pants .... home now and trying to rev up my enthusiasm for housework. Is that EVEN possible??? At least I did the painting before we went to town, so that's one thing DONE.

End of Day: havn't read a single blog! Far too busy ... sorry!

NSV: On track, getting lots of exercise! Looking forward to tomorrow.. lots of positive thoughts. nite nite.

Friday, January 18, 2008


This is my workout routine:

- swiss ball squats (holding 4kg weights), 2X15 reps
- Walking dumbell lunges (holding 4kg weights), 2X20 reps
- Swiss Ball wide squats, 2X15 reps
- Single Leg Press/Hip Raises, 2X15 reps
- Single Leg Raises on Swiss Ball, butt raised, 2X10 reps

-Dumberll Flys (holding 5kg weights), 2X15 reps
-Swiss Ball Press ups, 2X10 reps
- Dumbell Side Raises (holding 5kg weights), 2X15 reps
-Dumbell Bicep Curls, 5kg weights, 2X20 reps
- Tricep Kickbacks, 4kg weights, 2X20 reps
- Bent Row/Press, 6kg weights, 2X20 reps

- Superman's on swiss ball, 2X15 reps
- Bench Knee Tucks, 2X12 reps
- Swiss Ball Crunches, 2X12 reps
- Pelvic Tilts, 5X10 reps.

- 30 mins Treadmill, speed 6km/hr, incline 25-30 %
- 30 mins Exercycle, av. speed 21-25 km/hr.
That's about it! Any comments/recommendations appreciated.

I am coming to love Fridays, Stew is flying home tonight.. and flying back on Monday morning.. so something to look forward to today.

Last night I fluffed around in the lounge again, did some rearranging of furniture, kept me busy: It's all about DE-CLUTTERING:

YOU probably can't tell the difference, but I can! MAN I will do just about anything to present this house better so some bugger will buy it!

And, it's 4am and I'm awake....

BUGGER DAMN AND BLAST... I bought some paint yesterday to 'touch up' a couple of scraps on walls, did the dining room patches last night, and in the light of day.... the bloody paint is a slightly different shade ... so I'll have to repaint the entire wall , goddamit. Oh yeah, good morning! Couldn't get back to sleep after taking Griffin to the loo at 3.30am, that's why I was awake at 4 am updating/reading bloody blogs!

Been shopping... bought a rebounder.... I hate trampolines (too dangerous) so thought this would be the next best thing... the kids LOVE IT and it gets them off their bums... all good.

Very quiet afternoon, Brylee has hardly gotten off the little rebounder all day! She's in heaven... Griffin bounces every now and then, but really doesn't love it like her. I havn't had a turn yet...Mike did and hit his stoooopid head on the ceiling! Not long now till we go out to the airport and pick up His Nibs....

End of Day: Stew is home safely... kids are rev'd up, sending them to bed shortly! Tired.

NSV: NONE that I can think of, except I have been exceptionally busy... that's exercise eh! nite nite.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


After being suitably chastised for eating "crap" for breakfast yesterday... (and maybe, just maybe I agree)... I will not do it again... I promise! As it did not set me up for the day like I had hoped, I will go back to my original 'breakfast' of a latte followed by Diet Coke. That is not healthy either ... come on.... tell me off!!!

I think my eating habits are complete and utter crap the past few months, like I could never tell you all just how bad! But, today is a new day... and I will try my darn'dest to do better.

I am hoping today is not as hot as yesterday, it was just diabolical by late afternoon, and boy could I tell I was carrying a couple of dozen 'extra' kilos! IDIOT ..... I could throttle myself.

WOOO HOOO you go for it Jules!!!! All you did was make me smile.... *HUGE SMILE* ! As for taking my own advice... I have never told a bloody soul to have breakfast, and I have never told anyone not to drink Diet Coke, I have always been totally 'FOR IT' .... nah nah na na na..... I love Diet Coke, I will always drink it.... if it rots me guts...SO BE IT.... I would die of dehydration if I didn't drink it.... and hey.... I COULD GET RUN OVER BY A FUCKEN BIG TRUCK TOMORROW..... both my brothers did. End of story.

So JULES, while I love you to death for caring about me, you can rant and rave all ya want, you can't change this stubborn old TART. Life is for living, and if that means I get enormous pleasure out of drinking Diet Coke.....*shrugging shoulders* onward....

You Rock
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Just a little THANK YOU to everyone who reads this silly blog... I just recorded 100,000 HITS !

Just spent the last hour and a half scrubbing polish off the kitchen floor.. now I need a painkiller cos me back is KILLING ME! Just wanted ya all to know that. And .. I eat ICE, lots of ICE.... so that counts as WATER...

I am having a good day... Steve arrived and took the kids to the park for me, so I was able to get a couple of jobs done in town.. and Steve informed me that he got a new JOB... working in a call centre for 9 months minimum... YAAAAA HOOOO! He will actually be earning a wage!

Food has been crap, but I've decided that it's just the wrong time of the month (impending) to try and be 100% good, and I'm stressed out and crabby... so there. I am though, seriously getting back into my workout routine...

- Monday : Upper body, Core and Cardio

- Tuesday: Lower body and Cardio

- Wednesday: Upper body, Core and Cardio

- Thursday : Lower body and Cardio

- Friday : Upper body, Core and Cardio

- Saturday : REST

- Sunday : Cardio.

So, that's the plan.... what's today??? LOL

End of Day: I've been keeping myself busy tonight... titivating in the lounge/dining room again.. it's been a good day too.

NSV: I love titivating, it's good for the soul. nite nite.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I told the kids about our plans for Izzy and Griffin was kinda upset... so I am hoping to take them out to Anne's today to show them just how much Izzy loves it out there!

What else.... nothing yet, but you know how it goes, things unfold as the day progresses eh?

Stew took a drive around the area we want to buy in last night, he really liked it! Thank Goodness for that! It is going to make it so much easier buying up there if we can (and have) narrowed down the "search area" Auckland is so big! Well, compared to here it is! later...

I have decided.... to try eating breakfast !!! Maybe this will stop me overeating at lunchtime/dinnertime???? And as I'm not going to the gym in the mornings anymore I don't have to worry about feeling ill after having it! So... while shopping yesterday I saw this cereal:

It IS rather high in points for a serving (5), but it's bloody delicious! And If I'm going to eat friggin cereal it better taste good! P.S..... I am terrified that eating breakfast will just add calories to my day and I will put on weight! That's also why I never usually have breakfast! Fingers crossed that does not happen.

Woo HOO... Steve has taken the kids to the park for a swim and play... a couple of hours free!!!! Hmmm, what to do, what to do?

Well since having my decadant breakfast (which was crap according to Raina !)... I have had my lunch and some fruit salad.... and I'm still craving food..... so maybe it WASN'T such a good idea!!! I swear if I gain any more weight my boobs are gunna need a friggin E cup! Or maybe the boobs are just reacting to 'impending TOM' ? Dunno, am sick of them right now!

4PM: OFF to visit Anne and her boy Toby... met her daughter and two of her grandsons too.... when we got there Anne presented us with this gorgeous Painting of Palmerston North... I was surprised and thrilled to bits... I did not expect her to do that!

The bottom right-hand Gold coloured building is the building Stew worked in, how cool is that !

Above: Izzy (in the water, front) and Toby, playing together in the dam.

Below: Izzy gazing adoringly at Toby... they seem to really love each other already! Izzy followed Toby everywhere, and she even had her first ever deep water swim.... she has never been out of her depth before. SHE CAN SWIM ! So proud I am.

End of Day: it's been friggin HOT, and I've decided breakfast is NOT FOR ME afterall! I felt like crap for ages and ages.

NSV: I learnt not to eat before 12 noon, it just isn't me. Everyone is different, I must accept that. nite nite.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I'm sitting up in bed (no latte darn)... and my mind is totally blank on what's up today!

Really, there is nothing to do... I think the kids and I will have to go into town and do some grocery shopping, that's about it! I was hoping like hell that I would hear from the Estate Agent yesterday.... she sounded quite excited about the people who came through on Sunday... but alas it looks like a NO again.

This coming weekend it's Wellington Anniversary so Monday is a holiday in this area.... so we are having an Open Home on Sunday and Monday.... I can't help getting my hopes up.

3 months... that's how long I am going to stick it out here on my own, if the house isn't sold by then the kids and I are going to relocate to Whitianga... that way Stew won't have so far to come and visit us. I hope we don't have to do that though.

Right, am getting outta bed now... let's see what this day brings.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Or not???? Today I have to see the specialist again.... he thinks I'm having another smear/biopsy... I think NOT. All I want to do is discuss having a hysterectomy.... so we shall wait and see who wins on this one!

It's 6 am, and Stew is getting ready to leave and drive back to Auckland for the week... luckily next friday he will be flying back!

Jadey: thank you for your advice sweetie.... we have already had a valuation done, our asking price is bang on.. we have already had two contracts on our home but sadly both have fallen over due to the people not being able to find the finance... our home is not overpriced as far as we can tell. The last 5 weeks have been holidays, and no one has had Open Homes .... houses in our price bracket are taking a lot longer to sell here in New Zealand, that's just how it is.

Todays agenda: see Stew off, sleep some more! Go into town and do a few jobs, try not to buy anything.... Dr this afternoon...

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Right, we all know how much today means.... as with every Open Home we have... we pray for a buyer with cash!!!!

Yesterday.... we did buy a rug for the lounge:

It is pure wool, thick and sumptuous.... perfect for snuggling on.

While we are having the Open Home, Izzy and I are visiting Anne, she is probably going to 'adopt' Izzy.... where we plan on moving to in Auckland the sections are tiny!! So Izzy will be going to a new home too, just not with us. Anne has a gorgeous Golden Retriever boy named Toby, Izzy is going to LOVE him! So, it will all come together eventually, one step at a time.

Right, time to get going on the vacuming, bread maker on etc.


Cleaning... cleaning...... my BACK IS BLOODY KILLING ME!

Open Home: only 1 couple through, but according to the Agent they were quite "keen"... we will see.

Been to the supermarket and bought stuff for my nephew's Birthday BBQ tonight.... and a cake! Am NOT baking ! Too bloody tired. Might just have a wine or two tonight too, need to wind down.

Anne and Peter just love Izzy, and their dog Toby thinks she's kinda alright too!!!! He started out not too sure about this chick on his property, but by the time we left he was in love with her I reckon! Anne has a fantastic farm property, Izzy loved it there, she even ran with Toby into the Dam (bloody big pond) chasing a stick.... she has never ever been off the lead like that before! So... it looks like Izzy is going to become a farm dog... I am so happy for her. She would have been miserable stuck on a tiny section in Auckland. We are doing the right thing.

Here we have my nephew Deon and his 30th Birthday cake:

We got him the obligatory coffee mug with "30" on it.....

And some shirts, aftershave, bottle of bubbly and the best of all.... 3 lolly pops, but he had to share those with Griffin and Brylee!

And just to make his day.... we have the movie "Finding Nemo" on the telly, and he's actually watching (and secretly enjoying) it!

End of Day: packed a lot into it.... darn tired now.

NSV: well none today, I had cake! Was nice too. nite nite.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Got lots to do:

- trailer tyre is flat (must get fixed).
- morning tea with the girls.
- Town with Stew and kids, pay bills, look for rug to put in lounge!
- Get house and section tip top for tomorrow's Open Home.
- Date with Hubby, dinner and movie.

So guess what? Don't think I'm going to be parked in front of this computer much today! Probably not tomorrow either! So if ya don't hear from me, don't ask why! Life goes on....

SCORE! Our neighbours are having a Garage Sale this morning... so the kids scored some new toys... and we got two really good unbrellas...

Morning tea with the girls was lovely, lots of chatter, lots of catching up ....LOVED IT! I also did a wee bit of shopping ... and found this amazing colander at STEVEN'S in the Plaza:

It goes from this:

To over the sink like this:

To squished flat like this for storing!:

I love it! Best thing, it was on sale, down from $39.95 ot $31.90. Another bargin. And I did need it, really I did! AND it's blue and white.

Weigh in day... I LOST : 400 grms, so I'm bang on for my weekly target. While it's not a lot this week, I have already had breakfast AND lunch so it's not too bad! I'm really happy actually, cos I'm bloated as hell with impending "monthly" even though it is really 3 weekly! Hope the Gyno can give me some good news on Monday about a hysterectomy!

Slow and steady.....
End of Day: dinner was lovely, the movie was.... a friggin horror!!! Steve and Mike said I would LOVE IT... knowing full well I hate horror movies... we saw I Am Legend with Will Smith.... they will pay for that! Somehow, someday, someway....
NSV: WE had NOTHING to eat or drink at the movies..NOTHING!!!! That is a first. nite nite.

Friday, January 11, 2008


It is going to be a l....o....n....g day today. Stew is due home around 8pm, so what can I get up to today to make it go faster?

Shopping? Housework? Dunno, might even take the kids to the park if it's a nice day, they will like that.

One thing for sure, I will be 'on track' I promise, cos tomorrow night Stew and I are going on a date... dinner and the movies.. I can't wait! I will have a nice dinner and too bad if it's evil. So there! I can always 'work off' some of those calories eh?

It's a splendid day out there! We are off shortly to visit a girlfriend, then into town to buy a present for my nephew, he's 30 this weekend! What the hell do you buy a 30 year old guy??? TOYS???? LOL

Wow, havn't I been quiet today? Been out visiting, home, made sandwiches for lunch then had an unexpected visitor arrive... so we gas bagged for a couple of hours! It's still a gorgeous day out there, but I'm cold.... so I'm going to have a suana! BLISS.

The most exciting thing to happen so far today.... I straightened my hair. That is, I did after I spent 30 minutes looking for my bloody hair straighteners... fuck I looked EVERYWHERE and got so mad..... and where do you think I found them? In my 18 year old SON"S bedroom! Fucked if he hasn't been straightening his hair..... what a DORK. What am I raising????

6.35 pm and Stew is safely home... took him 6.25 hours straight driving.. not bad!

End of Day: it WAS long and kinda dragged, but it's lovely to have Stew home for the weekend.

NSV: totally on track but not getting any exercise with 2 little kids home all day. bummer. nite nite.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Last night I found the perfect way to avoid nibbling on evil food.. I fluffed around de-cluttering, moving furniture etc. It was fun! And tiring.

Oh, and I did some cleaning too. ... seeing as I wasn't allowed to do any yesterday afternoon (thanks to Janene)... ha ha ha.

Today's plan? More fluffing around, it's good for the soul. I want to present the house at its VERY BEST on sunday... positive vibes people.... we NEED a sale.

And I would like to just say TOYS can NEVER replace the REAL THING. That is all.

I went to town to buy a White Table Runner for the dining table... and I got the runner...

And a fish dish, white stones, candles.......

And two white cane baskets for the clutter on my computer desk ........

And a white cane laundry hamper for our bedroom.....

And some pretty tea towels too. Well that was fun!

I better get on to some more serious fluffing now.....

Why do so many people say "I crack them up"??? I ain't trying to be funny, really I'm not! lol

Here's a little funny story for ya though:

The other day I decided to shave 'everything' down there, so I did. Stew liked it..... anyways... next Monday I have to go see the Gynaecologist (something I forgot while I was a-shaving)... now how the hell do I explain the baldness??? Maybe a New Year's Dare? I'm still thinking about that one~!

I forgot to mention the Napkins I bought eh? Looks pretty. I'm totally on track today... had a salad for lunch... was OK. And.... My darling is coming home for the weekend! How cool, I didn't expect him to come home this weekend.

End of Day: It's been fun, got lots done, happy with how the house is looking.. ....

NSV: Well kinda lost the plot tonight and had fish and chips for dinner. Bugger! nite nite.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Well, it would be nice! A couple of million and some new cars.... ahhh dreams eh?

Nothing planned for today, Steve is going to come around again... will try to find a few jobs for him.... yipee.

I'm hoping it's not wet today, the kids really did drive me nuts yesterday... and the poor little buggers got sent to bed at 7.30 last night! And then I had nothing to do but read ... I could have gone upstairs and done some exercise....BUT I DIDN'T. Useless me.
I will try not to be so boring today.... just to amuse myself if no one else!

I just read Leenie's last post, I am sad. She has done an amazing job of turning her life and body around and I am going to miss her posts something shocking. I can sorta understand why she's stopping.... I just wish she wasn't!
Sometimes I think of stopping too, cos really I am not doing very well on the weight loss front, and that is what my blog is supposed to be about .... I am sure I do not inspire anyone out there with their efforts to lose weight, so maybe I will stop.... only trouble is I am addicted! So don't go worrying .... I suppose I will continue to bore the shit outta all of you!
The Days of Our Lives will continue...... yeah, it's still raining, oh joy.

Are you sick of my face yet?

I am... I'm grumpy today..... picked up Steve, he's going to take the kids to the movies at 12.30... in the meantime they are playing Wii and arguing like mad. Janene, bless her, is coming around for a coffee.... hope I don't bore her to death! I don't know what is is about today.... feel so sad/lonely/bored/pissed off/fat and ugly... all rolled into one.
- Kids and Steve at movies
- Janene and Jorga been and gone
- Corn cooking for lunch
- have strict instructions from Janene NOT to do any cleaning while kids out.. must put feet up and read a book. YES MAM!
- feeling a bit better, marginal.

The girls playing... me thinks Janene is off to buy Polly Pocket for Jorga now.... cute.

Been piddling up a storm! Had run out of piddle pills, got more today... been about 10 times since 11 am. NICE.

- had my corn for lunch.

- felt like something sweet, so got me a HUGE bowl of ice cream. Sat down and .... put it back in the freezer! Don't want to be all crabby with myself later.

- Feel really good now.

End of Day: another of those "started out shitty, ended up OK" types of days. I've even fed everyone (including Steve and Lisa) AND bathed the kids without drowning them! Yee ha. Stew will be proud of me I'm sure.

NSV: I did not eat the ice cream, even though I NEARLY did! nite nite.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

I pinched this off Pissy, it was easy and fun.

Now onto today... First off.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING STEW, I miss you so much, and hope you have a nice day. I have no plans today, but whatever I do, it will involve the kids... might go to town and have a look around, the kids love going to town! Even Griffin, weird boy.

We now have 4 nights in a row DRY... what a relief, I was dreading wet beds for months!

I bought these pretty flowers for you Darling, I love them! LOL

- what a day to go to town with kids, it's pissing down!

- dropped Stew's old ties off to Karen, I'm sure she will find a way to use them.

- dropped my wee gold fish off at the jewellers to be fixed, it's about to break at the loopy part, don't want to lose it!

- kids and I had morning tea in town to 'celebrate' Stew's birthday.

- we are now home, I have a headache... havn't been sleeping that well.... hmmm no guessing why I suppose.

It's been a quiet afternoon, the rain has not let up at all, our back lawn is now a lake.... should have never got the sprinklers out yesterday, it was tempting fate.

I've had a quick trip to the supermarket for fruit and veges... not something I recommend in the pouring rain. Thank god the kids love TV, and SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS ..... he is my lifesaver ...that yellow square piece of nonsense!

I don't know what's gotten into the kids this afternoon but they are driving me nuts! They can't sit still, keep quiet or nothing... so this means... early to bed for them. It's that or I throttle them. I don't like noisy annoying kids, particularly my own.

End of Day: what can I say? It was L O N G and lonely. Stew has had a lovely evening swim with his siter and they are now having dinner at some nice place in Mission Bay. Glad he's not alone.

NSV: I had sweet corn for dinner, it was LOVELY. nite nite.

Monday, January 07, 2008


OH MY GOD.... I just realised that after an astonishing 29 years I do not have a child in nappies anymore !!! HOW is that? 29 years of nappies... fuck someone give me a MEDAL.... I DESERVE one! If you add it up (on average) I have changed 56,617 nappies on 8 kids! And that number is quite conservative! I have a nasty feeling it's more ... but who's counting? lol

So what's up today? Housework, keeping myself and the kids busy, trying not to miss Stew too much. Trying not to resort to food for comfort. Trying to get a bit of exercise too. Better get going, got to make me own latte......

JULES: I have visualised us signing a contact on our house lots... and we have signed on the dotted line TWICE already, just to have those contracts fall over. I will try harder to see the words UNCONDITIONAL eh? Visualising, visualising........

Anyone under 17 ... do not read my blog!!! It is bad, bad, bad. Thanks for this one Jules.

JAXX is my hero today! Go check out what she got up to this morning, before I even had my sorry butt outta bed!

WE went out and bought some hose connections so I can put the sprinklers on the lawn and gardens... they are turning brown! And we also picked up Steve... maybe he can do the vacuming? I live in hope!

My latte this morning didn't happen, too busy.... so I had DIET COKE for breakfast..... oh yum.

Lunch was 'healthier'... an egg and cheese sandwich on grainy bread (and Diet Coke). Steve did the vacuming, what a darling. I've done 4 huge loads of washing and hung them out... what next?

I asked Steve to come around and move the trailer for me, since he did that he's also done the vacuming, moved a big garden pot and now....

I volunteered him to help the neighbour paint the driveway fence!!! He loves me, really he does!

HA! Mike got home from work and thought he would watch for a while....


And I said "Do not get any paint on the kids", so.... Steve painted him. Typical.

I spent 5 hours rotating the sprinklers around all the gardens and lawns today... and now... it's raining.

End of Day: it's been nice having Steve over for the day... company is good.

NSV: Well... I have been a busy girl most of the day... this is good! nite nite