Sunday, March 18, 2007


I'm sitting here, thinking..... and my mind is a blank! I have RPM in an hour, I'm looking forward to that, then I have no idea what's the haps's wet and miserable out there so a bush walk with the kids is no doubt out of the question.

I could do some bedroom painting? I could do the dusting? I could tidy the storeage loft? Oh bugger, I don't feel like doing anything really, but I know I will end up doing something or I shall just sit and veg out all day... which is not good.

I had a quick scan of The Clothesline Diet by Karen Gatt last night, amazing woman.... her "diet" is what I advocate to everyone : pure and simple common sense dieting, mixed with exercise. It's not rocket science, why can't we all see how simple it is?

Simple, it boils down to the "want" factor, you have to want to lose your weight enough to actually do it. You have to want to lose it for YOURSELF, not to please or impress someone else.

Ok, I better go and get ready for my spin class....PHEW! That was hard man!!! I'm wet with sweat.. eeeewww. Loved it though, will definitely keep doing that twice a week.
Got home to be informed: Brylee has her first wiggly tooth! Wow, the start of the tooth fairy AGAIN... my biggest problem will be making sure HE doesn't leave too much money (tooth fairy named "Stew") lol

later...Ok, some random photos, cos it's sunday and nothing is happening !

Above, my kitchen tiles, not very "grown up" but I loved them and had to have them! Very cute.
My "pink" corner in the lounge, I love pink in small doses.
The back of my van, I didn't want it being called The Banana, so I had white/blue bubbles put on it (sides and back) and named it The Yellow Submarine.... just cos I could. I like things to be a bit different, if possible.
It has been a very quiet afternoon/evening.... like nothing is happening! So nice for a change. Steve had to do a quick trip to Wellington to pick up supplies for the Pizza Shop he works at.... so I was kinda worried about that.... having to go in a rush and with all the traffic and bad weather, but he and Lisa got back safely... thank goodness.
Now I can relax and watch some telly and then get on the treadmill later.... was going to do the exercycle, but me bums a bit sore from the spin class this morning! Wonder how long it will take for me fanny to get used to it? ha ha ha. nite nite


  1. hi ya, just read yesterday post and I would have been spitting tacks about the haircut issue. If it needed to be cut then the coach DEFINITELY should have told in advance. I hate it when things like this happens as people not doing their job properly really tics me off. (and lets face it, it was the coaches job to pass on this info). I have a similar issue with the principal at Evianahs school at the moment and is frustrating the heck out of me. The only reason why I havn't raced on down there is due to the fact that we will be moving out of the district. (but the school doesn't know that yet, so should have their act together a lot more then they do). Just hate being one of those mothers who whinge so will refrain from saying anything at the moment.

  2. love the yellow submarine..very cool!!! hehehehehe

    enjoy your class!!!

    love your 'want' to lose weight true. i have wanted to do this in the past but only now do i REALLY want the weight gone.

  3. Re: your rant yesterday. I for one love ready and receiving comments from you for the very reasons you mentioned - because you say it like it is.I much prefer people who tell the truth without putting little blue bows on everything.So don't change that keep it coming.

    Also, on your son missing out on an event - what a mongrel thing for the coach to do. Is the coach's name Rick spealt PRICK with a silent P?

  4. Yay.. See, weights are good for you... your friend Livy isn't such a twit after all!!lol
    Love the pics.
    David just stacked it off the motorbike, just came home from hospital with 6 stiches and a broken toe. Great, now I have 2 men hanging around the house driving me nuts.
    Any chance you are a workout junkie girlie??
    I have just noticed you are about a kilo lighter than me, maybe 1.5 lighter.
    Just stop excercising and dieting for a week and let me catch you, then we can race each other to 79kgs. I cannot even imagine seeing those numbers on the scales!!

  5. hi ya again, (gosh, two comments in one day, thats a record for me) Anyway, just wanted to say I changed the comments to opinions a few days ago (honestly) at the same time as I changed the background colour behind my slideshow. I also added a really fun looking template but it had major errors that showed up as big bits of missing graphics, so I took it off and am trying to find something else to liven my page up a bit. I love those tiles, I have winnie the pooh characters in the laundry, looks very child like, but I loved them.

  6. Hi ya, I was just reading your entry from yesterday where you were talking about weightloss = more out and less in ... well fundamentally thats right, but I reckon what happens is your body metabolises to the amount of exercise you chuck at it, then it metabolises at the food you chuck at it and it learns to become real efficient at burning its energy - so you cut back food and then it goes into starvation mode and then that leads to weight gain. So mate, maybe you need to reevaluate the amount of exercise you are doing and the sort of food you are consuming and trying and get some balance in again. Although after reading your last couple of weeks, you have been a real oinkie, so cut it out and get with the programme babe. LMAO

  7. oops *doh* I just realised you have comment moderation on, I sent through the first comment and it didnt show up so I reposted it and then realised you have moderation on LMAO! oopshie

  8. thaks for the comment on my blog chris. I am just going to what exercise i feel i can stick too, no use burning myself out. ilove reading your blog and have become a definte daily reader. keep being you chris, your great. oh and i love your piccies for today.


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