Saturday, March 03, 2007


This week's round up:
Sunday: gym morning, food: 21.5 points
Monday: gym morning and night, 19 points
Tuesday: gym morning and night, 19 points
Wednesday: gym morning and night, 17.5 points
Thursday: gym morning and night, 18 points
Friday: gym morning, 15 points

So, Obviously I have been a very very good girl! I know the points were a bit low on a couple of days, but overall they were good.
Saturday is my "day off" from exercise and diet, so I shall enjoy it. Weigh in is 1.5 hours away, wonder how I will go? Somehow I'm not really expecting a huge loss, but any loss will be fine! ...

And the verdict is.....I lost .700gms.....Ok it's not the 15 kgs I wanted (!!!) but it is a loss, and I am headed in the right direction and that's what matters the most.... I feel great, I look great (YEAH RIGHT), and I am happy.

I had a HUGE sausage roll with tomatoe sauce for morning tea, Ann, a fellow blogger wanted to take a photo of it (!) the tart! It wasn't even that nice, but that's what I wanted at the time, so there!

Now... Livy..... as to your question about what prompted me to start the weight loss in the first place... Christ, where do I start?
Was it:
- having to buy men's t-shirts in a 5 XL
- having to buy from Big Shops with BIG PRICES
- crying whenever my Mum wanted to take me clothes shopping cos nothing ever fitted
- Not fitting into normal chairs, aeroplane seats, rollercoaster ride seats etc
- not being able to go to the toilet on planes cos I couldn't get through the door
- avoiding going out due to embarrassment
- hiding food to binge on later
- eating a huge meal in secret, then following it up with dinner with my family
- spending $100's of dollars a week on takeaways
- feeling like shit
- looking like shit
- not being able to play with my children
- not being able to reach anything on the floor
- not being able to climb the stairs in my house, walk to the letterbox without getting puffed, etc etc
- feeling like I wanted to die, and planning the best way to do it
- being worried that they would not be able to find a coffin big enough for my body, and how many pall bearers would they need
- struggling to tend to myself in the toilet ???

It was the last one that was the final straw that broke the camels back.... and let me assure you, I was not going there!
There are numerous other reasons for wanting to lose weight, I could go on and on and on.....

But there is, I believe, a FINAL STRAW for everyone, and sometimes you just have to get to it before you really really decide to do the right thing for yourself, and turn your life around. Some people get there sooner than I did, thank god. For those who are not "there" yet, believe me, it will happen.

Went out for lunch, I didn't have any.... until I couldn't resist anymore and I ended up having a chocolate milkshake with added ice cream and bits of chocolate ...very yum but now I feel sick! Me thinks I shall be having no dinner....oohhh errrr

Ok, I had dinner (Nachos), very filling, very bad, and lucky for me I'm going to the gym tomorrow!
I've just watched American Idol, the 12 woman all sang, my god, there was one who gave me goosebumps! She's a solo mum with a wee girl, Simon told the other 23 finalists they might as well go home now, she was so good! I don't usually watch this show, but I'm gunna have to now just to see if she wins!
Nothing else happening around here tonight (I hope), so nite nite.


  1. Great work this week - your list is a sight for sore eyes! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a nice loss for you.:-)

    As for your comment about our struggle with weight being a constant in our lives - you're absolutely right. I'd just rather get to the maintenance phase sooner, rather than later.;-)

  2. You have been a good girl and you deserve to be rewarded. I'm sure the scales will too. Enjoy your free day.

  3. Sounds like a plan Chris! Hunger is a big thing for me. I rarely, if ever feel hungry, as most of the time, I just eat consistently all day. All my slim friends tell me that I cannot lose weight without being hungry, and that when I feel hungry, I have to relish it, as my body is calling on those fat stores!
    You have lost an incredible amount of weight, just unreal.
    What were some of the turning points for you, that made you want to change?

  4. And great work on the loss, Chris!!!!! Way to go!!!

  5. Well done honey, all that hard work is paying off.

  6. Okay - this is my third comment on your one entry - I promise I'm not stalking your blog!;-)
    I'm reading your entry in parts, b/c my baby is being fussy tonight. Finally managed to sit down and read the whole thing!

    Wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your list, and being so honest. You're really inspirational, all the weight that you've lost.

    I need to give some thought to my turning point(s) this weekend - I think it would be a good exercise for me.

  7. Well done on the great loss Chris!! You will work those Nacos off at the gym.

  8. Good work Chris. Well done, and thanks again xxx

  9. Good on you for working sooo hard to get the scales moving in the right direction. Thanks for sharing some reasons for losing weight. You really are inspirational.

  10. congrats on the loss... You will get there doesn't matter how small or bit the loss is they all count. Keep uo the good work and keep motivated :)


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