Sunday, March 04, 2007


Well, it is another gorgeous day by the look of it.... I wish it would make up it's mind! We still havn't had a proper summer, some days I think "yes, finally" and then we get a cold blast with clouds and rain and I think "autumn is here already"! Well, I'm going to make the most of today....

11am I'm off to the gym for Bodycombat class, I quite liked this one last time I went, hopefully I can keep up with the moves a bit better!

Back on track with my food today, yesterday was nice, but I think too indulgent...

Bodycombat today was with a different instructor, so a totally different routine.. but it was ok. I think I am a very unco-ordinated person, I can do the arm moves, but not while doing leg moves as well! I am hopeless at side stepping and scissor moves! Oh well, we can't all be perfect eh? I know I give a few people a laugh watching me, *BIG SMILE*. My philosophy is: if it makes me sweat and get tired, IT'S GOOD. And I love being with other people, just exchanging a smile makes my day...

I had a moment of weakness this afternoon, and felt like something, anything with chocolate... and the only thing in the panty worth eating that was evil was one of Mike's school cookies! Now it might not sound bad, one cookie for goodness sake! But .... I just worked out the points for that cookie... 15 points for ONE !!! That's 1,500 calories !!! FUCK, it wasn't that nice ! Why of why do we do it???? I am going to have to work out tonight for at least an hour on the exercycle to repair some of that damage! But I WILL, I promise! Below is the evil buggers.

Evil Bugger Breakdown: Cookie weight 80grms

1580 kjs per cookie

Fat: 17.8 grms

Carbs : 49.2 grms

Sugars : 30.1 grms

So, they are not just evil, they are TRIPLE EVIL !!!

BTW: It has been the most beautiful day today ! Am watching Big Momma 2, quite funny! Watched the first half while pedalling like crazy on the exercycle..... told ya I would! Anyway, end of day, nite nite.


  1. I love Body Combat, ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well done on yesturdays blog mum :-)
    yeah we are having signs of autumn here too :-(

  3. Sounds like you enjoyed your day of indulgence:) Good to be able to talk to you about the gym yesterday. Have a great day and enjoy the last days of summer we ahve left:(

  4. Keep with it it gets easier . But you are right sweat and smiles makes it worthwhile.

  5. 15 points - holy shit!!! That's nearly a days worth. What the hell is in them?
    Thanks for the kick up the arse, and I know you're being nice in a mean way! hehe
    Keep it coming, I need all the arse kicking I can get right now.

  6. Hooooly dooooly... Makes me happy to be gluten intollerant..rofl...

  7. We are DESPERATE for rain here... I love the rain... please be grateful for it, when so many people are in drought(currently there are many suicides a week exclusively because of the drought). Rain sustains life, waters our lawn, keeps our animals alives and fills out tanks. We would have no food without it!

  8. Well done on the Combat class Chris. 15pts! I'd be chucking them straight out, what have they got in them?

  9. I'm still reeling. How does one cookie have 1500 calories and 18 grams of fat?
    Either way - you've been working out so hard, you'll be surprised at how quickly your metabolism burns off those calories!

  10. I am like that... so want something and I eat it and it wasn't as good as I thought it would have been but OH BUGGER too late now just eaten it.

    I love going to my kick boxing class and when I first started I couldn't coordinate both my legs and arms but it gets better... it makes me sweat like anything I JUST LOVE IT.

    Love ya my friend


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