Sunday, November 30, 2014


So, Today is going to be 'do some serious housework day'.

The kids don't know it yet, but they are going to be doing some too.

Most weeks I do the day  to day stuff, but there's some stuff that only gets done once in a blue moon.

Like cobwebs.  Dusting.  Polishing.  Crap like that.

We have cobwebs all over the house's exterior walls, particularly around the window corners.

I reckon some kid might just be getting the job of wiping them all off.  Might have to be Griffin, I can just hear Brylee's screams if a big spider were to come out of a creepy corner at her!

Come to think of it, it could easily be me screaming too!  Shit I hate spiders.

We are bloody lucky here in New Zealand that we don't have too many nasty spiders, and certainly not HUGE ones like in other countries.

So, that's what I want to be doing today.

Once I'm happy with our endeavours, we can stop and enjoy the rest of the day.

We are expecting Russell, his girlfriend and her son for the afternoon and dinner.
Hopefully I can get Stew to pop down to the supermarket to find us a good sized piece of pork belly!
If not, it will have to be something more hum drum for dinner.
They are bringing cheesecake for dessert... I hope they don't forget!

Right, I'm off to get a list drawn up of jobs!

Oh and... Dante has a cold and I am pretty sure I've caught it.  My throat is sore when swallowing and I feel like shit.  Yaaa.


OMG how do you stop a 14 year old from answering back ALL. THE. TIME.????   I am almost ready to throttle her.

Well.... we got most of the jobs done that I had on my list, then we went down to the local mall and got some shoes for Griffin.  They were an exchange as we got him some new one's 3 months ago and they were falling apart.
Can't say too many good things about No 1 Shoe Warehouse shoes.

Lunch at the mall, grabbed some meat for dinner, icecream for dessert and came home.

I'm feeling like death warmed up, so once I get the pork in the oven I'm going to have a nana nap.

Nana nap was short, but nice.
Russell and company arrived, and we all  had a lovely dinner of pork belly and veges, followed by cheesecake and ice cream.
Very nice.

ABOVE:  dinner time.  

End of Day:  a nice day... it's always nice to have family visit.  Hopefully they can come for Christmas day too.
nite nite

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Today we are going to Hamilton to do some Christmas shopping.
It's also a good chance to pop into Grandmother's Garden (quilting shop), in Gordonton.

I have offered to try and find a particular fabric for my Patchwork Tutor.  She's run out of it and hopefully I can get her some more at Grandmother's Garden, where she bought it a while ago.

We ordered our Archgola yesterday, so all going well, we will have it installed by mid/end of January.  

ABOVE:  another picture of an Archgola, with side blinds.  Very similar to what we are getting.  I'm really impatient now... I asked Paul (Archgola guy) if I could have it tomorrow.  *sigh*... he said no of course! 
It sounds like they are flat out keeping up with orders!  

I'm already dreaming up lighting ideas, and titivating the area. Such fun, it's going to be like having another room added to the house that I can decorate.  That is something I love doing.

Well, that's about all I have to natter on about right now... it will be quiet here until we get home again this afternoon.

What are you doing today?  How's ya Christmas shopping/preparations going?  All ready, or like me, just starting?

I don't even have any decorations up yet... THAT is something I don't enjoy.  Do you?

Hamilton was cold!  A very cold wind in fact.  Hard to believe it was so much colder than here, when we are only 1 hour north.
Anyways... we had a lovely lunch at Iguana, then visited a new to us gift shop, which is owned by a friend of a friend.

I saw something I simply had to buy!  I'd seen one in a shop here in Auckland a year or so ago and wished I could get it then.
This is what I got:

 ABOVE:  It is hand painted, the artist has made a few, but each one is slightly different.  I ♥LOVE♥ IT!  
It wouldn't fit in Stew's car, so we had to leave it there and I will pick it up sometime during the week in my car.

After that we went to our favourite shop in Hamilton and did some Christmas shopping.

ABOVE:  we got  a new night light for the house... it's a dinosaur, and it changes colours and is pretty cool!

ABOVE:  I also got a few bits 'n' bobs at Grandmother's Garden in Gordonton.  Sadly, they no longer had the fabric my Tutor needed... so she will have to go to Plan B with her quilt.

End of Day:  happily, I got a bit more sewing done this evening, so am now off to bed a happy girl.
nite nite

Friday, November 28, 2014


So... I got carried away taking photos of Dante yesterday afternoon, and this is what happened:

 ABOVE:  "NO"... stop with the photos Grandma!
So I conned him by saying I would photograph his shoes... he loves his shoes!

ABOVE:  So there ya go, one fat foot!  Can't have laces cos then ya can't get the freakin' shoe on.

ABOVE: Then I managed to sneak a few more cute ones of him.
He's a very photogenic child, as are all my grandkids I think.

Not that I get a chance to take many photos of the majority of them.  Oh well... will just have to make do with the ones that I can annoy with me camera!  *smiles*

Hoping like hell Lacy, Keera, Kelly, Rena and maybe Russell can come for Christmas, then I can go snap crazy!

Today I'm still car-less, so I'm going to catch a bus to Manukau, then walk the rest of the way to Patchwork class.  It's not that far, and I'm only going to take some hand sewing, so I don't have to lug my sewing machine onto the bus and down the road.  THAT would be just too much.

My car should be ready late afternoon, so maybe we will pick it up on Saturday morning, rather than me have to drive it home in rush hour, friday night traffic.  It would take me well over an hour to travel the 'normal' 20 minute journey.  Stuff that!

So, that's me plans for this morning, hopfully Bex can pick me up after my class, otherwise I shall just jump on a bus again.


I'm happy to say I caught the bus within a minute of arriving at the bus stop, and it only took about 20 minutes to get to the mall in Manukau.  Then I walked for about 8 minutes to the Patchwork class.  

It was raining, but what the hell... I had a brolly and didn't get too wet.

Today I was just hand stitching the binding on my Mariner's Compass wall hanging.  I was telling the Tutor about how crappy the machine applique looked around the little dots, so she said she would show me how to do 'Invisible Hand Applique'...

ABOVE: Ta da!  It's not perfectly invisible, but I will get better at it!  I don't think I'd do it on a big project with lots of applique, but for small projects I might, particularly one's that have small pieces.

This will end up being a mug rug.  

Lunchtime... off to find food.

Well... a quiet afternoon, caught up on some TV programmes I'd taped.
Thought about dinner... we are having left overs on toast.  It's always an easy dinner on a friday.

Later on I shall be doing some more sewing, I've got one Christmas gift I must get done soon so I can post it off.

Apart from that, it should be a quiet evening too.

End of Day: well as I thought, the evening went as planned.  I got some sewing done while watching Coronation Street, so am happy.
nite nite

Thursday, November 27, 2014


It was lovely to see Russell last night... he's been working up in Auckland and it was about time he came around for a visit!

Dante has always been very shy around people he doesn't know, but Russell must have a way with him, cos he just lets the kid come to him, and it works every time...

ABOVE:  it sure didn't take Dante long to be playing with his Uncle Russell.  So cute.

 ABOVE: Russell holding Griffin down and tickling the shit outta him... and Tallulah making the most of Griffin not being able to use his hands, and nibbling his ears! Poor kid.

ABOVE:  Steve picked up his 'new' van yesterday morning.  He's utterly rapt with it.  It's a bloody nice van I must say.  First time I've ever seen one with 'windows' in the sliding doors!
It's a 5 door van, so it's going to be super convenient for Steve to use for his work, and the roof racks are a big bonus too.

 ABOVE:  Everyone outside checking out the van.
Note my car is missing... *sniff*.   I should get it back on Friday sometime.

Bex, Dante and I are off to Sylvia Park this morning.  Dante needs a 'mop chop'...

ABOVE:  Dante sporting his 'mop'.  His hair is that long I could just about put it in pig tails!  I wonder if he will cry again at the hairdressers?

Time will tell....


EXCITED.  Just booked flights to Palmerston North for early December!  AND my girlfriend Chis D is on holiday the same days I'm down there, so how cool is that?  Talk about fluking it.  

The haircut... well what can I say about that?  Same as last time, lots of tears and snot.
But, he's got a lovely little boy haircut now.
We did some shopping, I can't show you what I bought as it's Christmas stuff.
We had lunch at Sylvia Park too, I had Subway again.  Just love it.

Now home, and am expecting the Archgola man THIS afternoon, he was supposed to arrive yesterday, but he got caught up somewhere else.  He better arrive today, or I'm going to be a bit crabby.

Yaaa, the Archgola bloke arrived early and as soon as we get his revised quote we can go ahead and book it.  ETA is mid January all going well.

LOL... he was talking to a lady at squash club a week or so ago and she asked him if he had done a quote for Chris H ?  Of course, he said yes, but how did she know?
From me blog... too funny PINKY aka Lisa!

So we had a quick chat about blogs.  He didn't know a thing about blogs.   I told him I'd give him a good write up.  *smiles*

ABOVE: Showing us his haircut... 

 ABOVE: Afternoon tea time.  Such a gorgeous wee man.

End of Day: well takeaway night, so we went to Carl's Junior, lovely burgers there.
Then I watched TV, played 2048 till my eyes bled, and now it's 1 am in the morning!

Shit.  I had planned on SEWING tonight!  Stupid game.
nite nite

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


And for once I really feel like it's a hump day.
So over this week already.

I found out a couple of days ago that a dear friend of our family passed away and it has been on my mind ever since.
I'd not seen her in about 9 years, and I could have easily visited her in that time.

Why do we let friendships lapse?  Or just not keep in touch?  It's sad.

I am going to do my best to not let that happen to the friends I do have.

That is why I am going to do my best to get down to Palmerston North again very soon, AND go and visit a dear friend up in Coromandel soon too.

Life is too short to not keep in touch with your friends.

I know that in some instances I don't keep in touch because I am embarrassed about my weight.  It does control what I do to a big extent, and that is sad.

It is in my hands to 'fix' it, but it's just so hard!
Your mind and heart has to be into it 100%, and as I have shown over the past 7 years, mine isn't anymore.  I go from being totally committed to not giving a rat's arse from one day to the next.

Depressing.  And I really don't know how to change that anymore.
It's like it's just out of my control.

So... I'm heading into today feeling down.
But not out.
I keep trying ... some days not much, some days heaps!

I think being AWARE is better than nothing.

As for my plans for today... sewing Xmas gifts.
And this afternoon the Archgola man is coming... I had to postpone his visit yesterday as I was out with me car/shopping etc.

I am hoping to get the ball rolling on it asap.


Steve and Bex recently had family photos taken  at Playcentre, and here's two of the best ones:

ABOVE:  very cute little family.  Next year there will be 4 of them.

PINS ...  are being very mean today!  I've just got pricked for the 3rd time, and copious amounts of blood has been lost.  Shame I can't use it for me next blood tests, which are due.  *sigh*

So I've been a semi-busy girl this afternoon sewing.
I think I got the Archgola guy wrong and he's coming tomorrow?  So... I spent all day waiting for nothing.

My car won't be ready till Friday now, so that's fine, I shall catch the bus to Patchwork class on Friday!  That will be fun eh?  lol

End of Day:  we've had a lovely evening!
Our son Russell called in for a few hours as he's up here for work.  Then Steve arrived home with his new van for work.  So lots of photos to share tomorrow.
For now though, it's freakin' late and I'm off to bed.
nite nite

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


My car got hurt yesterday on the way home from Hospice.
And for once, it wasn't my fault!

I got rear ended:

ABOVE:  it could have been worse!  The vehicle that hit me swerved to miss me, so only his front right side connected.  His car came out much worse than mine I must say.

Weird thing, both our vehicles are BLACK, yet the scrapes are white?

I love my car...  I hardly felt a thing when I got hit!  Just a small bump really.  Fantastic, solid vehicle.

So today I'm having a quiet morning, ringing the Insurance Company for a start.
Then after lunch I've got the Archgola company coming back as I want to make a couple of small changes to the side curtains.  Then we can order it... and hopefully have it installed sometime in the New Year.

ABOVE:  a cute little video of Tallulah chasing cars.... and getting in a little pickle.

Right... off to start the day, and hopefully I can get my car is sorted out quickly.


Well me day hasn't gone as I expected at all.
I ended up taking my car into Penrose so the insurance company could assess it and get it sent off for repair.  I was offered at FREE taxi trip home again from there, but instead I got them to taxi me to Sylvia Park, where I did some shopping.

I bought some summer clothes for me and some lightweight Pulp sandals too.

Then I caught the train to Manurewa, then a bus to the top of our street.  

So.  A good morning really.  Now I've had a very late lunch and am going to go and do some Christmas sewing, I need to send something off to me Mum soon!

I just got a call from the insurance company and my car should be ready by Thursday/Friday!  Talk about fast service.  Very impressed with AA Insurance I must say.

OMG... just HAVE to share this:


End of Day:  a quiet evening.  I MEANT to sew, but watched TV instead.  Tomorrow I shall have to devote to sewing, I need to get a few things made for Xmas!!!
nite nite

Monday, November 24, 2014


Tallulah likes Bex's wool:

 ABOVE:  That's the 3rd ball she's demolished.  Bex isn't that happy with our little girl right now.  I am sure Bex has now covered the top of her wool basket to keep Miss Tallulah out.

Last night I got the quilting done on the Mariner's Compass, and sewed on the binding too.  Now I have to put a backing on, work out how I'm going to hang it and do the finishing off...

ABOVE:  I'm really happy with it!

ABOVE:  fairly hard to see, but just showing you the quilting stitch I used... a wave pattern, quite neat!  Bex suggested it and I'm glad she did, or I might have been too scared to try it.
It wasn't even that hard, seeing as it's a programmed stitch on the machine.

So, today?  As we got bugger all housework done over the weekend, I might devote the morning to doing a bit... then after lunch I'm off to the Hospice Shop.

Right... catch ya later.

ABOVE:  Someone found the dog's bed quite comfy... and lots of fun.

ABOVE: Then he found out that the dogs didn't really enjoy his 'company'.

ABOVE: Tallulah decided Dante's little seat was a better option.

I've developed a cracker jack headache this morning... so fingers crossed it goes before I have to leave for Hospice.

Well... it's been an eventful afternoon.
I had a bit of an incident on the way home from Hospice... but will talk about that tomorrow.

Today's treasure:

 ABOVE: This rather nice winter dress... it's pure wool by the feel of it.  It will be great for next winter.  $1.00 !

ABOVE:  This lovely necklace, I've had my eye on it for weeks and today I just couldn't leave it there any longer.   

I also got about 6 wooden picture frames of various sizes, for me 'doodle' art pictures.

Bex cooked a lovely spaghetti bologniese for dinner.  I love not having to cook.

Excitement in the house.  Steve is about to buy a van for his work.  He's on the hunt and may have found a good one to look at, hopefully tomorrow.

So... I think that's me for the day... I'm going to have a nice, relaxing evening, probably watching TV tonight.  I've got a bit of eye strain from sewing so much the last few days, so am giving it a few days break.

End of Day:  a good day, with a bit of a 'blimp' at the end.  More on that tomorrow... I'm 'saving' it till then! *smiles*
nite nite

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Yesterday afternoon was bath time for the girls.
It was Tallulah's first time in the big bath.

She had no idea what was about to happen!

 ABOVE:  She just lay there, on the towel in the bathroom, while Bex ran the bath.  Poor unsuspecting thing.

ABOVE:  Then Bex dropped her in it!  She wasn't impressed.  And Dante wasn't that sure either.
I think he felt sorry for her.
Funnily enough, Tallulah tried 'swimming' when her feet hit the water... rather cute.
At least we know she can swim!

 ABOVE:  Two damp dogs... getting Brylee wet too.

Now... today.  This morning will be time for a bit of housework, then after lunch we are meeting Felicity from Christchurch for a catch up at Albany mall.
That should be lovely.

Looking forward to seeing you chick.


Well it's been one of those days where I've been out and about and nowhere near the computer to update our activities.

First up we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for their opening specials.  Managed to pick up a few things for Xmas.

Then we went over to Albany Mall and met up with Felicity and her friend.
We had a lovely catch up and might see each other again on Tuesday.

 ABOVE:  another girlfriend!  It't been a pretty neat weekend. 

ABOVE:  It is a gorgeous day out there today.  Perfect for Sandra's niece's wedding.

Now we are home and I'm mucking around with my camera.  I had to buy a new memory card cos I left my one and only one at home today.  Derrrr.

End of Day:  well another lovely day here in Auckland.  Certainly heating up.. summer is nearly here.  
Am I happy about that?  Maybe NOT... cos I really feel the heat and it's my own fault.  Being this overweight is not helping at all.
I'm my own worst enemy though.  I'll never learn I think.
nite nite

Saturday, November 22, 2014


I have been looking forward to this weekend all week long.
All going well we will be visiting Teddy at his new home this weekend, maybe even today.
I have to ring Gayle and tee it up.
It is going to be interesting to see how Teddy reacts to us after not seeing us for two weeks!

I hope he doesn't go nuts, or do the opposite and ignore us!
I'm still toying with the idea of taking Coco with us.  She is missing him too.

It's grocery shopping weekend too.  Friggin ya.
But a necessary evil.

I also want to get over to Albany to meet up with Felicity, who is a blogger friend from Christchurch.
She's up this way for a week's holiday.
It will be lovely to see her again.

I made these yesterday:

ABOVE:  They are going in the 'Gift Box'... I love making them.  They are so cute and quick to make.  Like tiny quilts.  Mug rugs.  LOVE THEM

OK... off to make a start on the day... catch ya later.


So!  I'm having a piddle (yep!) and I decide to ring my girlfriend Sandra, cos I have two missed calls on me phone from her this morning!
And she answers and says... "Open your door, I'm outside!"... OMG!
I like, VERY quickly finish me piddle and race to the door.

ABOVE:  They are up here for a family wedding.

ABOVE:  I hope Tallulah isn't hyper later on, she LOVED Neil's coffee!

It was awesome to see them, and it's made me very keen to jump on a plane and go see them all down in Palmy again.  So... I shall probably be down before Christmas girls!  I can also catch up with Mike and Joyce hopefully.

Right, now that our visitors have left, Stew and I will go and do the grocery shopping.

We are visiting Gayle, Teddy and family later on this afternoon too.  Exciting!

Yaaa, shit job done.  Groceries bought and put away. We are now grabbing a quick lunch before heading out to see Teddy and his family.

Our visit to Teddy's home went really well... Ted was happy to see his sister Coco, and us too I'm sure. 
Riley didn't like Coco AT ALL, so he had to stay in the bedroom sadly.

 ABOVE:  Jenna with Peppa, Coco's daughter.

 ABOVE:  Coco and Peppa sniffing, Peppa wasn't that fussed on her mother I must say!  I don't think they remember each other.

ABOVE:  Griffin with Teddy and Coco.  Just like old times.  So darn cute.

ABOVE:  Gail opening a little present from us as a Thank You for adopting Teddy.   Check out the little Christmas Stockings!  Each dog has their own one.  Very cute.

Gayle has all her Christmas decorations up.... I should get our's put up soon I suppose, but I think I'll leave it to the family this year.

 ABOVE:  The blokes.  Stew and Coco and Shane and Teddy.  Teddy sure looks like he knows and loves his home already.  I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with the fact he's spoilt rotten!

 ABOVE:  He looks AWESOME!  And happy, and that is the best thing ever.

ABOVE: "NO Shane, you cannot have Coco too!"
I"m sure that little tart would have stayed there too.  

 ABOVE: We needed more dog food, so on our way home we stopped at Animates and got food.... and a new bed for the girls.  It's so pretty, and they already like it.

Well... a most excellent day I must say!  First a visit from one of my very best friends, then visiting Teddy and family.  Just neat.

End of Day:  going to bed really happy.  
nite nite