Saturday, October 31, 2009


Here is the 'round' bag.. not totally round as you can see, but I like it. My problem now is:
What sort of handle/Strap?
Where to position the handle/strap?
Should it have a 'flap' thing to hold it closed?

Just not sure with this one.

TODAY: Stew and I have our respective Doctor's appointments. Then we will go check out Cross Trainers, have lunch out... all the usual Saturday stuff.

That's about 'it' for now... will come back later.. you KNOW I will ! *smiles*

OK... Doctors - DONE
.... ...Lunch - DONE
...Look at Cross Trainers - DONE

Upshot? We are thinking about the corss trainer... don't want to rush in and impulse buy... well Stew doesn't! Me.. I would have bought it yesterday! lol

A few good ideas coming in on the bag... probably will go with two handles ... was thinking of two cane handles, but they will be too heavy for the bag, so will make them.. and a small flap with a magnetic clip....

AAO'BEIRNE : good try.
End of Day: I finished the round bag.. I don't like it as much as the others... but that's OK, cos it's going out to my SIL's Gallery to be sold. No idea yet what price to put on it! Had a quiet evening, Stew watched the rugby (no surprises there) while I sewed. nite nite.

Friday, October 30, 2009


The Sewing Machine Shop were going to ring me yesterday afternoon to let me know I could go and pick up my machine. THEY DIDN'T.. Yeah, how did I know that would happen?

So... I await their call today. AND I am going to draft a letter detailing all the problems I have had with it, every time I have taken it in to be 'repaired', how long it was away, the time involved (and lost) in taking to and from their shop... and then wait.

WHY WAIT? Simple, once I get it back and IF/WHEN it plays up again I am going to send them the letter... and explain my Consumer Rights... and ask for a replacement (BRAND NEW) machine... or my money back. There is going to be no more of this ... It has gone on long enough. Someone mentioned yesterday I needed to put my concerns in writing... and it's a very good idea. It's too easy to 'forget' a phone call....

So today I will continue sewing with their loaner machine, and await their call.

I am SO SO tempted to go down to the school and sit in Griffin's class ALL DAY to see just what he does all day... and how he copes. I know it is hard on him ... he obviously cannot keep up with what his classmates are doing... so WHAT IS HE DOING? Is he left to just twiddle his thumbs, get up to mischief? I want to know! I'm quite sure I won't be able to go down and sit in on his class though... for sure.
HOW COULD YA NOT LOVE THIS LITTLE FACE? Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth... I'm sure!


So, I have drafted a letter to the Sewing Shop... now I wait to get my machine back and see how it goes! Wonder if I will get a phone call today? What a great thing this blog is... I have all the dates documented here to remind me of when I took it back every time! Awesome.

***Drumming fingers on the desk****... no phone call.... hmmm.... what to do? I know! I will go do some retail therapy instead of sitting here waiting!

Stew and I have decided to probably get a Cross Trainer... our Treadmill is broken... and rather than pay hundreds to get it fixed... we are going to investigate Cross Trainers. So I am going out right now to have a preliminary look...


STEVE: "we chose this school".. ha ha, that made me laugh mate! WE did indeed choose this school as it was seemingly a very good school, you are quite right there. Treadmill: needs a new 'end cap' part.. costs hundreds... maybe not worth fixing?

I got sick of waiting and rang the shop.. NOW my machine won't be back until Tuesday. WHATEVER. Had a look at a couple of Cross Trainers, will take Stew back there tomorrow to look at them too. Rest of the day looms.. might just have a nap.. got woken up too darn early this morning... friggin kids! OH and I went for a walk this morning! I feel very virtuous about that... I do. lol

TWO HOURS! Yep, I took a 2 hour nap... no idea how that happened! I just lay on the couch and .... woke up with the kids knocking on the door to be let in after school! Totally shocked about that.

Anyway... it's been a good day really... didn't get my machine back but I have now decided what I'm going to do if it craps out on me again.. so hopefully you poor buggers will no longer be hearing about the SEWING MACHINE FROM HELL! Ha ha ha!

End of Day: yeah it's a bit early but hey!... It's friday night, I've shaved a few bits and bobs, lost a kilo in the process... plan on having a couple of drinks with Stewy tonight... and..... nite nite! *cheeky smile*

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I sent a note to school with Griffin yesterday, asking his teacher to explain what, if anything, is happening with Griffin right now in relation to his learning.

WELL... I got a letter back detailing EVERYTHING they have done since he got there.... which amounts to virtually NOTHING. Sure, they put him into Reading Recovery.... 6 MONTHS after we got there... and only after I insisted he be taken into the programme!

AND they have gotten an assessment done showing he has 'Moderate Needs'... but NOTHING has happened since then.

So..... I am going to make an appointment to see the Deputy Principal (hopefully for tomorrow) to discuss our dissatisfaction with what is happening (or rather not happening) to help Griffin at the school.

WHY does everything have to be a bloody battle? Why must I push and push to get him help? Why can't they just do their job?

Once that is done... I'm gunna sew... well...after I ring the Sewing Machine shop to find out what is happening with MY machine... they were supposed to ring me back on Tuesday... but DIDN'T. Yet another battle waiting to happen I think. *sigh*

ONWARD.... the day can only get better right?

First and foremost: FREEDOM.....

I....TOTALLY...AGREE with your second comment... and as asked, did not publish it... and I get why I couldn't. Too many 'judgemental' people out there eh? Shame that we can't have our opinions and be respected for them.

Today so far:
- rang and made an appointment to see the School Deputy Principal on MONDAY to discuss Griffin.
- Rang Sewing Machine Shop... can get MY machine back this afternoon.
- Rang and got quote to fix our broken Treadmill.... took 2 hours to track someone down who knows anything about our treadmill!

In all... a successful morning... AND I did not yell any anyone!


Look at this and tell me:

Griffin will be 8 years old in 3 weeks... which means he has been at school for 3 whole years. Please tell me .. am I wrong in thinking his writing is like that of a 4 year old? Or am I really worried about nothing? I think not... ? Edit: his reading/spelling and maths skills are ALSO well below his peers.... From what Kip McGrath said he's at a 5-6 year old level with those. His vocabulary and ability to communicate is EXCELLENT.

End of Day: I ate too much at lunchtime... a regular fault of mine.. and have paid for it all afternoon... heartburn, acid reflux... totally sucks. One of these days I will learn THAT lesson. *sigh* That's me for the day... nite nite.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


DON'T try using your Alligator vegetable dicer to dice a tomatoe:

Because all you will end up with is tomatoe juice squirting right across your kitchen, and...
One VERY squished tomatoe! So not a good look... and so much work to clean up the mess! Though Teddy liked it.. he can move really fast when he wants to lick food off the floor! Little bugger.

I made a seafood pasta salad for dinner last night... it was OK... but I don't think the kids thought much of it. OH well, I tried.

Today: sewing. Have started making a ROUND Bag! Like the other ones.. I'm making it up as I go.. hope it turns out!

AND it's Weight Watchers.... and this afternoon Griffin goes to Kip McGrath again... so a full day really.

Weigh In: I lost .100 gms, better than a gain I suppose! I will take it anyway.

I am freezing! It's a lovely day, and I'm freezing??? I have spent the last hour or so in the lounge with a hot water bottle and a blankie on! WEIRD.

Finally warm , going to do some sewing now...

Hmmmm...interesting! Griffin's Tutor thinks he might have a PERCEPTION problem... and wants me to investigate getting his eyes tested ... he thinks MAYBE he needs TINTED lenses for Irlen Syndrome? HE MIGHT... or he MIGHT be Dyslexic?. And the other thing he wondered about was: IS GRIFFIN LEFT HANDED, and been made to use his right hand for writing? Ahhhh, nope! Looks like this Tutor is exploring every possibility for Griffin's inability to write! This is good.

End of Day: didn't get much done today... just one of those days. nite nite.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


See this gorgeous bundle of Fat Quarters? You could be in to win by popping over to : TRUE UP... She is giving them away to a lucky reader! AWESOME. I can't get over how many Giveaways there are out there!

Today Stew and the kids go back to work/school.... and I get to do the housework. How lucky can a girl get?

I am also expecting a bloke (0oooo excitement!)... to arrive and fix my garage door opener. Freaking thing is playing up something shocking! I am over having to press the button a dozen times before it finally works. AND NO, it's not the bloody battery. I may be a girl and an ex-blonde, but I ain't dumb!

I am going to start work on a couple of bags too.... for my SIL's Gallery.... feeling excited about that. There will be NO PRESSURE to make heaps, just as I get them done. MORE AWESOME!

Soooo... what am I doing today?

ABOVE: I am tidying up this bedroom....

ABOVE: and I am taking all the toys out of the hallway cupboard...

ABOVE: so I can fit all the blankets etc BACK in there.....
ABOVE: and I'm tidying up this linen cupboard so I can put the toys in the bottom......SEE? Almost done too! Well... I still have to tidy up that bedroom.... *sigh*... DONE! And it ONLY took 3 hours. *sniff*
Time to take a break ....
Right, I've had me break, the bloke has been and fixed me garage door, and now I'm cooking dinner.
I must be incredibly boring today... or you have all stopped reading. Pfffffffft! GOING NOW.
***** There be a mini rant over on PEPSI *****
It will have been two weeks tomorrow since I took my sewing machine in to be fixed AGAIN.... I just rang them to see how much longer it will be.... to be told that the technician who fixes their machines is on holiday, and has been for the last TWO WEEKS! UMMMM... WHY then make me take my machine in to be repaired??? ALMOST started screaming... ALMOST!
End of Day: I made a start on another bag tonight. I probably put my foot in me mouth with a fellow blogger.... (sorry B)... and have been stressing about it all night. Hate that. *sigh* nite nite.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Before I started 'patchwork'.. I had no idea what a Fat Quarter was... and since then I've been asked a few times what it was... so I'm gunna tell you!

ABOVE: let's pretend this is a 'normal' bolt of material... as you can see it comes off the roll folded in half eh? Well it does...

ABOVE: here I am showing you the material cut off the roll into 1/4 and 1/2 metre amounts, and opened up....

ABOVE: if you ask for a 1/4 of a metre the long skinny piece is what you would get... not very useful like that is it? NO..... so instead if you ask for a 'fat quarter' they cut 1/2 a metre, then cut it on that fold... and wah-laaa... you get a FAT QUARTER! It's a much more 'handy' size to use in patchwork.

There ya go... for all you girls who have asked... my job is done. I feel much better now.

Today: it's still a holiday here. NO IDEA what we will do today... most of the jobs in the yard are done (Stew is a darling).... and I really don't want to spend the day doing housework..... so I won't.

I'LL be back..... later...... with something to yak about I'm sure!

Decison made... we are going out to Bethell's Beach to visit Stew's sister... she has re-opened her Art Gallery on her own property after having to close her shop earlier on in the year due to the Recession. Here's hoping she can do some good business now, without having the big expense of renting retail premises and all that!

I will buy a chook or two and some lovely fresh bread for a picnic! It's supposed to be utter crap weather today... so maybe it will be a picnic on the lounge floor!

ABOVE AND BELOW: MY Sister In Law's new Gallery
ABOVE: While it is still quite small... it is lovely. I am going to make some bags to sell in it I think.
ABOVE AND BELOW: the Gallery and her home is surrounded by beautiful native bush.
After having a lovely picnic lunch we drove over to Piha.. one of the most notorious beaches on the west coast of Auckland... it was just voted the most DANGEROUS Beach in New Zealand.
There is a programme on TV called "Piha Rescue", which shows the life guards on duty... and many of the rescues as they happen.
While it may look lovely.. is is a very very dangerous beach with rips and holes everywhere. I ain't ever swimming here!
It's late afternoon now, and the weather is getting quite ikky.... as predicted it would. Good time to curl up with a blankie and chill out till dinner time.
End of Day: a lovely day overall.... very happy about that. nite nite.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


While we were out yesterday afternoon, Stew and the kids decided to have an ice cream... I declined. But Stew found these:

I had a taste of his (the Berry one) and OMG it was delish... so I got me one afterall... cos THEY ARE WORTH ONLY ONE POINT!...(58 cals) And so yum! Totally worth it on a hot summers day I tell ya! I had the Tropical one... Pineapple and Passionfruit. *drool*

Now I know that even when staying 'on track' I can have an ice cream... I must go to the supermarket and see if I can buy them in a box of 6 or more! One a day is gunna be so OK!

Now.. today... hoping to go on a day trip somewhere... still giving it some thought... first off we have to put some vege plants in the garden....

We ended up going to Dress Smart in Onehunga.... where Stew bought some new open sandle type shoes to wear over summer...

Then I quickly popped into a shop I'd been told about at the end of Onehunga Mall (ABOVE)... WHAT A SHOP! A veritable treasure trove of material and notions... fringes, laces, bit and bobs!!!

I couldn't take enough photos to show you even a fraction of what is in this shop! I am going back one day WITHOUT Stew and the kids!

Home now... going to be a quiet afternoon... I don't even have the energy to sew!

End of Day: Stew was a busy beaver this afternoon and got the lawns mown... I on the other hand.. had a nap! Quite evening.. now going to bed! nite nite.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Did anyone else find BLOGGER was down last night? I couldn't get on to my blog. .... or comment on anyone else's either! It was SO FRUSTRATING!!!
So no doubt I will have masses of blogs to catch up on!

So, it's a long weekend here in NZ (Labour Weekend)... but we are not going away at all.

Might do a day trip somewhere... but that's about it.

We have quite a few jobs to get done around the house/yard...
and I would like to do some more sewing too!
Having two whole days of doing none was nice.... but I have missed it.

This morning Stew and I have our respective visits to the Doctors... me Weight Loss Group, him Diabetes Group.
After that... the usual lunch out... muck around at home afterwards I reckon.

Will come back later with an update.....
Good news... the Doctor's scales ALSO showed a 1.9 kg loss for this week... I'm happy about that.

I am finding being ACCOUNTABLE to Weight Watchers AND the Doctors is working for me right now! Having to weigh in twice a week is great! I really can't pig out in between or one of them will show a gain! AND I am NEVER EVER going to show a gain AGAIN! I swear to god I am over this bloody yo-yoing shit. OVER IT ... I am gunna be a 'normal' size again, and be fit again... AND BE HAPPY ABOUT MYSELF AGAIN.

I am looking forward to getting out and about today! It is just the most gorgeous day out there... there is a bite in the breeze... but overall... GORGEOUS!

I have a new commitment: enjoy the weekends with the family... DO NOT spend any time reading or commenting on blogs unless it does not impinge on family time.... and on Monday morning...MARK AS READ all the blogs you have missed over the weekend! I know it is harsh...but I am really struggling to read all the updates and leave a comment... and I FEEL SO GUILTY! But not any more... I need to take a wee step back from all the blogs I read.. and only read/comment Monday to Friday. RIGHT, SORTED.

Lunch: healthy kebab at Sylvia Park. Then we decided to go for a drive down by the waterfront in the city... and I spotted a cute-as little Lighthouse near a marina..... so we just had to walk over the rock pier to get a good look at it eh? Only, I had on the most stupid shoes to be walking on rock walls.... so now I have the most sore feet EVER! But it was worth it:
ABOVE: almost there!....
ABOVE: Stew and the kids at the lighthouse... told ya it was only a little one!
ABOVE: I had to photograph this boat.... it is very very similar in design to the last one my Dad owned before he died... it's MY SORTA BOAT! LOVE IT.
After that we wandered down to a large wooden pier that juts out into the harbour:
Where Brylee and Griffin were totally intrigued by a dying fish...
ABOVE: waiting for the final gasp!
So, it has been an awesome family day... and I am feeling very... good that I have made some good decisions today about a few things.... one being to start putting myself first and not letting outside influences affect me so much. IT'S ALL GOOD.
End of Day: I'm cooking Teriyaki Chicken for dinner... *drool*.... *smiles*.... nite nite!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Amazingly, this year I have won at least 3-4 blog GIVEAWAYS! And I have done it again! Heather over at Needles and Pens was having a 'Pay it Forward' giveaway and I won it on my Birthday!

I won these gorgeous fat quarters!So, as it was a 'Pay it Forward' Giveaway, that means I have to do another Giveaway... but not right now OK? Maybe just before Christmas... and the prize will be some fat quarters from New Zealand. Keep your eyes peeled in December!

There is a good chance I will be babysitting for my cousin again today. I quite like that idea. Nico is such a doll to look after.

Hopefully it will be a nice enough day to take him out for a walk .... our suburb is quite nice to walk around. I might even head to the Botanic Gardens... it's even nicer there.

I wonder if I will get around to doing any sewing? I kinda missed doing any yesterday! But then, it was nice to have Nico too.

Right that's me for now... totally boring today! LOL ... but sometimes BORING is good. No dramas! No hassles! yaaaaa.

So.. I AM having Nico today... and we are going to SPOTLIGHT to buy some material with the Birthday Vouchers my girls gave me... and I will get 10% off too as it's the week of my birthday. AWESOME.

I'm so pleased I kept my buggy! It has a multitude of uses! Nico loved holding all the materials for me... he is being delightful again today.

ABOVE: today's materials and cottons, purchased with my girls gift vouchers.. THANKS GIRLS (and partners!)
ABOVE: Nico is an incredibly fussy feeder (Like Brylee)... but I'll tell ya this for free....
HE LOVES HAM! And he say's 'Yummy' too! SO SO CUTE.
FEW! Today has been never ending.... once I got Nico to bed one of my neighbours came over and yakked my ear off for two hours... which was very nice... but I've gotten NOTHING done this afternoon at all! Nico has just gone home and I'm totally knackered... hmmmm.... maybe dinner tonight will be something easy!
End of Day: I'm going to chill out and have a drink... just as soon as Stew gets home! I feel all tense... looking after a toddler is hard work. How the hell did I do it with 6 kids under 10...? nite nite... LOL.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


You buggers out-did yourselves yesterday with all the Birthday comments!

What a turn out! THANK YOU!
I got a really happy feeling with every single one as they came in.... I must be liked eh?

OH and by the way: 5 of my kids remembered, thanks AMANDA, LACY, KELLY, STEVE AND MIKE... I love you. AND my Mum did too!

TODAY: I'm gunna start my day with a long soak in the bath with me lavender bath stuff .... it's supposed to calm me .... YEAH RIGHT!

After that I might just do some housework (don't envy me now!).. followed by some sewing? Not sure what to do next... I got the button for Bag #4:
And some little 'magnetic' things to hold the flap down, so I don't need to make a buttonhole. It will be easier to use than a buttonhole me thinks. I think that button is the shizzzz.

I want to start something else now... another bag shape or something! What about a round bag? Hmmmmm..... that could be a challenge....

ONWARD....WEll.. seems I am babysitting today! My cousin's little boy.. who is almost two... and quite adorable. They are moving house and just need him entertained and looked after for the day. I don't mind... how much fun can we get up to? First off we are going grocery shopping..... oooo shopping!
I haven't lost the touch! Nico screamed when he was put in my car... but like... 30 seconds after we left he was FINE. And what a helpful wee man with the shopping!
He totally LOVED shopping.. and 'helping' me put the groceries in the trolley! OK... some he quite liked and wanted to keep... but he was ADORABLE! It is just so LOVELY to have a wee one around the house.
What a shame he has to have a nap after lunch... *sniff*.
ABOVE: I don't want to give him back! He is just so bloody cute! Here he is getting into the kitchen cupboards.. and rearranging where I hang things... such a helpful wee bubba.
I got a phone call too! From Sparklingmerlot in Australia... again! She wanted to wish me a personal Happy Birthday, and to let me know that her GIVEAWAY parcel arrived safely... thanks for the chat girl... it was lovely. {{{HUGS}}}
FROGGY: too right I want more grandbabies! I would love Amanda to have another soon, so I can go nuts over him/her and have him/her on the weekends... bliss! I know she will let me have her baby for little 'holidays' with Grandma and Granddad..... Maybe Lacy and Tim will be lucky enough to have a baby or two as well! Now that would be awesome.
And let's not forget Steve and Mike have yet to even START giving me grandbabies yet! OOOO... can't wait for more.
Stew and I are going out to dinner this evening, it's a Farewell for one of his staff members... and we are very lucky to have Andrew, our Son in Law .. coming up from Hamilton to babysit for us. How darn nice is that then? I am really looking forward to the evening.. Stew works with some really lovely people, and we get on so well with them. ONWARD...
End of Day: and we had a really lovely dinner.... it was a chinese dinner, so it was very healthy to say the least!
We got stopped by the police on our way home... compulsory breath testing.. Stew rolled his window down and the policeman said "Bugger me! It's Stew isn't it?" "Hell man you don't drink, I ain't testing you!".... too funny, it was the son of a man Stew used to know very well in Whitianga years ago! And Stew hadn't been drinking either, so we didn't feel bad! Funny who you can run into for sure.
On that happy note.. nite nite.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009



I hope it's a nice day.
It has the POTENTIAL to be.

But knowing my luck.... it won't be.

I have 6 kids.
Two or three MIGHT remember it's my birthday.
One will definitely FORGET....or pretend to anyway.

Stew ..... will be a darling as per usual.
Brylee and Griffin will no doubt give me a card.
My mother... will forget most likely.

Last year I hounded EVERYONE so that at least ONE of my Birthday's would be IMPORTANT to more than just Stew.

So come on... cheer me up with a Birthday COMMENT.... I is a-waiting.....

ABOVE: Bag #4: just needs the button and some hand sewing now. Very happy with this one, hope my SIL likes it.

Stew gave me my FAVOURITE perfum for my bithday... ha ha ha! He kinda had to... I left the empty bottle on his bedside drawer as a HUGE HINT a week ago! LOL... he also gave me some smelly stuff to put in me bath and a bath pillow.... awwwww.

So the day has started out nice and smelly... the kids are going to school with my perfum on too.... just this once you understand!

It's a gorgeous sunny day out there today, hope it lasts!

ANNE: Ooooo Ginger Crunch! I'm drooling at the though! Meanie!

I have a confession to make: I have been going back to Weight Watchers for the past few weeks.. I tried a new meeting in Papakura.. HATED IT... so two weeks ago I went to Botany Downs.... AND I LOVE THE MEETING/PEOPLE/LEADER! LOVE IT ...LOVE IT....LOVE IT~! I have finally found my new meeting. OH and I lost 1.8kgs this week... AND I was invited to join a couple of the ladies after the meeting for a coffee! I am getting back into the groove! *smiles*

And to make my day even NICER.. I got home to 36 comments/emails waiting for me... I'm such a sook I cried! AND I had missed a phone call from SPARKLINGMERLOT in Australia too! BUGGER!

Gotta go ... teacher here to discuss Brylee now....Bloody hell, don't come to my house if you are all 'Prim and Proper'... cos I'm gunna make you blush! Ha ha ha! I think I SHOCKED her a couple of times with the odd 'bad' word.... too bad. We had a good meeting. Brylee is doing well scholastically...just not socially. We can work on that. I also got a word in about Griffin... and she is going to see what she can do in relation to him too. AWESOME.

Must go wash me mouth out with soap now....OR NOT! lol

End of Day: and YES! It's been a really lovely day, much to my surprise! I am HUMBLED by the number of lovely Birthday Wishes comments... I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.... you have NO IDEA how much each and every one has meant to me. IT WOULD APPEAR I AM LIKED! LOL and a huge *smile*.

Stew has gone out to buy dinner... something evil I'm sure... but's me birthday! I will continue to enjoy my day... and evening... and say nite nite now.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well to be truthful... I did have my doubts for a while there... in relation to my sewing machine that is!

Ever since I got the 'loaner' machine.. NO PROBLMES ..none at all! So it is MY MACHINE that was the problem. What a relief to finally feel that really, I AM NOT AN IDIOT!

When you have an 'expert' yelling at you and thumping their hand on the desk in front of you and yelling "It is NOT THE MACHINE, IT IS THE OPERATOR".... you do start to wonder. But no, it's not me.
I don't miss my machine at all... in fact I dread getting it back. *sigh*

So... what I did last night on Bag #4:

ABOVE: Step One: lay all the strips out and iron them onto the 'fusing stuff'.

ABOVE: Step Two: start having fun going over all the joins and down the middle of each strip with different cottons and stitch patterns. This is the really fun part!

That is all I got up to last night! I decided to spend a wee bit of time with Stew... Teddy had been monopolising me man all night! LOL.

ABOVE: I got this darling wee Fat Quarter in the mail from KAREN in Windy Wellington as a prize on her blog. Ta Chick!

Today: hmmmmm.....might do some gardening! Might I said, there is no guarantee I will. LOL.
Housework is a definite.
So is some sewing.
Might do some exercise too.... but like the gardening, might not happen! *snigger*


***FAIR WARNING***... if ya don't leave me a comment today, you bloody well better tomorrow! TOMORROW is me birthday! *sniff*
You can win a huge bundle of Fat Quarters! Just go over and enter!
I just got a phone call for a woman at school... she wants to meet with me to discuss working one on one with Brylee? Seems back in April I signed a form that Brylee's teacher handed me, requesting extra help for Brylee.
Ummm, shit a brick I can hardly remember what I did yesterday, let alone back in APRIL! AND... just how long has that taken them? 6 months!!!! Can you see WHY I am taking Griffin for outside help? *shaking my head*
AND what are they doing at that school to help Griffin right now?
NOTHING. Grrrrrrrrrr. And does this mean Brylee needs extra tuition too? FUCK. (ooo sorry for the 'f' bomb) What I really wanted to say was "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! So there.
OK, I'm over my little HISSY FIT now. The RTLB lady is coming to see me tomorrow to discuss Brylee's programme. WHATEVER.
I calmed down and have been doing some sewing (no surprises there)'s a shitty day outside... raindrops the size of saucers one minute, then sunshine. Stoooopid weather.
I am THRILLED to BITS with how Bag # 4 is coming along.. I have learnt a few things from making #3 that I can improve on with #4.... yaaaa.
Today the kids are walking home from school ALL ON THEIR OWN! I am going to hide where they can't see me and watch how well they observe the rules! I know... I can't help myself... yet.
******************** PEPSI UPDATED....Totally unexpected crap! ******** AND NOW HAS BEEN DELETED. Too hard basket.
End of Day: I am totally OVER today. nite nite.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Stew cooked dinner last night, sausages, mashed potato, peas and onions (lots of ONIONS)... so... I've been farting like a trooper! IT'S HIS OWN FAULT if he thinks I'm a bit stinky! ha ha ha!

GIRL GOING SKINNY: I don't think I plan on selling any of my sewing projects! I want to make them for the sheer pleasure, not for money. I sold my pottery years ago, and it wasn't fun having to make it after a while cos it became a 'job'.

Today I'm concentrating on UFO's... I have 3 I know I can get done today... and one that will take a lot more time. I keep putting that one off... The Star Quilt... dunno why it isn't done yet!

This afternoon Griffin goes to Kip McGrath for the first time too.... I hope he enjoys it... and LEARNS heaps! Cos it's costing HEAPS! Not that I mind if it helps him, NOPE, not at all!

I'm dying to start another bag too... do ya think I can slip that in too???

OH and let's not forget the BUTTON! I must go buy a button for Bag No#3.....

ABOVE: I got a button... OK, it's not THE MOST PERFECT, GORGEOUS button I was hoping for .. but it was the next best thing. I wasn't prepared to spend hours looking in different stores for THE BUTTON, that totally ROCKED... so this one had to do.
I'm home now.. and feeling jaded. Don't know why. Just am. Must be AGE catching up with me...
So... I take Griffin to the Centre.. we get there early ( 10 minutes )cos I wanted to be sure NOT to be late on his first day... and I got a lecture about being too early! Come on !... I explained how I wasn't sure how long it would take to get there, and not wanting to be LATE.. but he still gave me a lecture! FRIGGIN MAN IS A MORON.
I didn't feel that was a good start. So, now we wait and see how it goes. When I left Griffin was playing a game on the computer... and I said I hoped he wasn't going to be doing that too often, cos he can do THAT at home. Call it pay-back for the lecture I suppose. I. am. not. nice. I KNOW.
End of Day: and Griffin enjoyed his first lesson.. and has homework which he even seems happy about! Wonders! All good this evening, started work on Bag #4, which is for my SIL for Christmas. Hopefully at this rate I will have enough 'stuff' made by mid December to not have to worry about 60% of the family presents! They will be done... yaaaaa. nite nite.