Monday, March 31, 2008


You have heard it all before eh? But, at least I continue to try, and try again to get back on track ....

-Take Stew back to Airport
- Kids to School
- Sort out kids books, get rid of more kitchenware ( you know, the stuff you only use once in 5 years! )... that should give me something to do.

Right, Stew is safely delivered to the airport.. I was grumpy too cos I can just see this dragging on and on and on.... and I hate being on my own. Anyway.... am off to make beds, lunches, all the usual shit.

Did you know menopause can CAUSE grumpiness? Well, that just makes my day, I'm jumping up and down with GLEE.

Well, ya just gotta laugh eh?

I was just sitting here looking at the screensaver/background picture on my laptop... it's of my new skates... and it suddenly hit me... when they arrive and I put them on I will be about 3 inches taller... Does this mean my goal weight should be HIGHER too? NO? Oh well, it was a nice thought. I will be able to reach the higher shelves in the pantry though... I plan on skating around the house you see! Hopefully they will be here soon.

Now, what was I doing... oh yes, defrosting the big freezer.... how NEAT.

End of Day: I have done well... got all my wee jobs done, kept on track..... just got the evening to get through now.... I've booked a movie on Sky to watch.... hope it's worth it.

NSV: just feeling positive about having my eating under control is great. nite nite

Sunday, March 30, 2008


No hangover!!! Slept like a log! Big smile on me dial! That is all I will say about that.....

Must find me kids, I think they are upstairs playing on the Playstation... suppose I will have to feed them... make all the beds, vacum and all that palarva.... Open Home again today...

Not much else to say right now, better get going....

With all of our Open Homes except the first one 5 and a half months ago, it's been lovely and fine.... today... it's raining! Maybe it will make a difference? Who knows. I have also put a basket full of toys in a corner of the lounge for kids to play with... they are not all over the floor, just in the corner in a basket. We are ready...

Today we had 3 groups through the house, no feedback yet.... so don't know if any of them were keen or not. The advertising for this weekend cost about $1,700 .... *shaking me head*.

Guess what I have been doing today ???.....
Did you guess COUNTING POINTS ? Well, I did, and I think I will do it again tomorrow ! Shock ... horror.... I stood on the scales and nearly cried.... Nothing is happening, I have been the same for months... and months... and I must do something about it!
End of Day: no idea how the open home people felt about our home, no feedback yet from our Agent.
NSV: I counted POINTS, I feel great and in control ... hope it bloody lasts. nite nite.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Yeah I know, suckful title for the day, but.. me brain is in slow-mo this morning.... we have to get out to the airport to pick up Stew at 8am....

And I didn't sleep well ... the story of my life. I'm just a pit of misery ....yet.... I'm feeling quite positive about this weekend! Maybe, just maybe our elusive 'buyers' will come tomorrow?

Re : going to the wedding... yep I have had offers of babysitters... but my vehicle is playing up so I cannot rely on it to get me there and back right now! So, there really is no way I can go, also, if I went Stew would be left carless with the kids... not a good idea.

Now.. we have to get going....
BRRRRR... I'm cold! There is a definite nip in the air this morning! I'm in long pants, a skivvy and socks! We have picked up the man.... not got anything planned of course... probably go to town for lunch before getting on with yard/housework. later...

*Hanging head*... yes I do go out to lunch a lot... I get so bored at home on my own... but this will stop once we move to Auckland..we will be so bloody broke from having a HUGE mortgage that it will be crackers and Diet Coke for lunch for me! LOL ....EARTH HOUR.. turn your lights off for one hour this evening... not sure what time, will find out. *8-9pm*.. turn off all your lights!!!!
Stew and I are having a wee dwink..... to wet da baby's head Ya know? ....
I got bottles of the stuff in me fridge... might as well have a tipple or two... heee heee, Stewy might get LUCKY tonight!!!! Oooo errrr, or maybe not, depends on how much I dwink eh? LOL shit I be semi pissed already already, and I only had one kinda HUGE glassful ....
End of Day: gunna turn all the lights off at 8pm, hope Stewy jumps me bones....
NSV: no food since lunchtime.... grog was da dinner! nite nite.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I used to get a hot flush now and then, but this week I have been PLAGUED with them! They are driving me nuts..... it's like I get one every 10 minutes or so..... NOW DON'T GET ME WRONG... I like being WARM, but these are not nice at all.

Does anyone know of a natural remedy for them? I ain't taking any drugs for the "change of life".... I want to do it naturally.

- kids to school
- go to lunch with Anne and Jenny
- pack for my trip to Rotorua tomorrow (Lee Anne's Wedding!)

Stew is driving back tonight, so he will be looking after the kids tomorrow ... yipee I get a weekend away without kids! I have to get back pronto on Sunday though, we still have an Open Home to do!
There is going to be a huge Editorial in the local paper Featuring our Home tomorrow too... and lots of other advertising, so we are still giving the house a BIG PUSH. Gotta do everything we can eh? I WANT TO BE IN AUCKLAND.

It is now 5 months since we put our house on the market.... who is totally SICK TO DEATH of hearing about us trying to sell our house? ME ME ME.

LYNISE: thanks for the advice.. we have looked at one in Mt Lebanon I think... what one are you talking about? Do you know what number? Yes the prices are dropping up there too, which is great for us! I can't wait to go back and have a THOROUGH look again.. last time we only had one afternoon and were so rushed! I think I will just ring an Agent and get her/him to line them all up and go for it.... but I still love the one we have already found... it's on Hill road, Charles Prevost End.

My day so far....
- Lunch with the girls, including Chris D , was lovely.
- Bought two new clothes airers, they are neat!

- My car is playing up, almost died today, so it's booked into the garage next Tuesday.
- Stew just rang, he can't get home tonight afterall, he's got meetings backed up till late tonight. This means....

- I can't go to Rotorua tomorrow for Lee Anne's wedding. I am not a happy girl!

End of Day: been up and down ... bummed out and missing my darling.

NSV: Well I have been quite good actually! We have easter eggs in the pantry and I have gone and looked at them several times today cos I've been crabby, but I left them alone... again! nite nite.


I have absolutely NO plans for this day... none whatsoever!

How boring can a girl's life get????

I can't wait to move, so then I will (hopefully) have a whole new house and yard to tittivate! I am so looking forward to that! And in our new suburb in Auckland there is The South Auckland Hospice and Hospice Shop, so of course I will be volunteering there too.

I just have to be patient..... *drumming fingers on table* ... not something I am reknown for I'm afraid! When I want something I want it YESTERDAY people!

I am going to get the kids to school, then try and find something interesting to photograph.... hmmmmmm....we need photos eh?
And I really do need a Nana Nap today.... woke up at 3am to take Griffin for a piddle and that was it! No more sleep for me, so now I feel like a wrung out dishrag....

Well it's as I thought, I have spent the morning day dreaming about the house I have fallen in love with! Below are the views from the Master Bedroom:

This house is so much smaller than where we are now too, I have been trying to mentally place our furntiure in it... I think we are going to have to sell a lot of stuff! And get a sleep-out put on the property as a gym/storeage room ! That is, IF WE GET IT! I am getting ahead of myself again darn it!

Anyway, enough dreaming, I'm off to tidy the yard a bit more.

I decided to drag the toddler PlayGym out from behind the garden shed and give it a clean...

Two hours later, it's nice and clean and in the yard... makes the back yard look more "kid friendly" I reckon.

End of Day: I'ts been quite nice actually, I enjoyed doing something constructive, even if it was more bloody cleaning!

NSV: I was very tempted by some chocolate in the pantry, but I resisited, I did! nite nite.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Kids are back to school today. ... thank god, thank god.... I am rapidly running out of strategies to stop myself throttling them ! Also today, have viewers coming in at midday, so this means.... mad cleaning , vacuming, dusting, rubbish bins emptied, bla bla bla.

Don't go envying me now will ya? I am really at the end of my wick when it comes to trying to sell this house... if something doesn't happen soon I think you can book me into the looney bin. Right, enough bitching, better get outta bed.

Alrighty then, been to town, picked up my new lipsticks... tried to find something to buy cos I was grumpy... but NOTHING took my eye.... went and bought copious amounts of Diet Coke.... and have just finished vacuming and washing all the floors, house is ready for viewing. Expecting them at 2pm..... later....

Hmmmm, does anyone else think I should leave a bit of mess around when viewers come in? ... Am I too tidy?... Maybe some toys on the floor? Any ideas appreciated!

Feedback from the Agent... they loved the house, will be coming back for a second look on sunday... BUT they have a house to sell first before they can make an offer, if they want it that is! ONWARD.... not getting my hopes up. NOT NOT NOT.
End of Day: another kinda ho-hum day... not very exciting at all.
NSV: well I got a good amount of exercise today... wasn't fun tho. nite nite.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Slept like a log, it sure is nice to be home again.... even though we had a FANTASTIC time away.

Today: we need to do a grocery shop, as I gave all our food to the boys before we left! And I shall be mowing the lawns as we have viewers coming in tomorrow... the house is quite spotless so at least that's one less thing to do.

I have already done all our 'away' washing and it's out on the line... I still havn't unpacked our bags so that's to be done too. So, on with the day....

When I got home last night I weighed myself (FUCK!).... then I took me piddle pills... and I have been piddling ever since!

So, after piddling for 12 hours I weighed myself again... and I have lost 4.2 kilos ! That's one hell of a lot of water to have 'on board' .... I am feeling a million times better for having got rid of it!
Been to town, done a bit of shopping, had lunch with Chris D and caught up on her goss.... hoping to have a quiet afternoon now! YEAH RIGHT with Griffin and Brylee home.

End of Day: I've been rather crabby actually, so over the kids and their chocolate induced behaviour. NO MORE FOR THEM! Went grocery shopping, top of the list was Diet Coke cos I had run out, spent about $300 on groceries, got home, unpacked it all... NO BLOODY DIET COKE! Derrrrr. Talk about crabbier!

NSV: Had a Weight Watcher prepared meal for dinner, it was yum, gunna get more! nite nite.

Monday, March 24, 2008


After so many awesome sunny days, today is a bit cloudy, may get some showers too. It rained quite a bit during the night.... we want to go to the Easter Show today.... I hope it stays fine!

Today we go home too.... so I want to make the most of the day! I LOVE THIS PLACE! Maybe it's just cos I'm not at home cleaning, vacuming and going nuts? Whatever reason, I am loving this trip away. I needed it.

Righty ho, time to get on with the day......

Above: on the beach, this was FREE !
Below: The Easter Show, this was bloody EXPENSIVE!! And rather a rip off.... everything was overpriced and the rides were about $3 a minute!
Sitting on a Police Motorbike... this was FREE!
Petting Alpaca's.... sweet.
Above: A couple of rides they went on.
After The Easter Show we went and checked out SYLVIA PARK, which is a newish Shopping Mall in Mt Wellington.... I was in awe! Such a neat mall... I think I will be visiting this one a lot!
It's now 3.30pm and we are packing up ready to fly home (BOO HOO)..... I am not looking forward to getting home. later...
End of Day: safely home again... still hate landings but today I managed to keep my eyes open the whole time!
Will be spending the whole evening either piddling or keeping me feet up! The fluid retention hasn't been THIS bad in a very long time, learnt a lesson I did... never leave the friggin piddle pills at home. DERRRRRR.
NSV: I have earnt my skating pads! NO CHOCOLATE has passed these lips! nite nite.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well, it's after 8 am and we are just all waking up.... a good night's sleep was had by all of us. I doubt Kelly got much sleep, but hey, she has to get used to it now eh?

Today we have several houses lined up to look at.... at least by looking around now we can eliminate a lot that won't be suitable for us. I am sure it won't be long now before we can really make an offer on something....

It is a really beautiful day out there too, so no doubt we will take the kids to the beach for a swim too....

We have had another FANTASTIC day! Visited Stew's Dad and his wife... had a lovely lunch and then looked at about 8 houses , of which we found 3 that were definite possibilities! In no particular LOVE IT ! order, here they are:

I am amazed that there were 3 that I loved, each one is totally different in character, but they all have a decent amount of section... enough room for a pool even, not that we will be able to afford a pool right away!

After looking at the houses all afternoon we went to Kohimarama for the kids to have a swim again... they are loving the beach.

Nothing else planned for the evening ... I MUST put my feet up, my legs and feet are so so swollen... I didn't bring my piddle pills and am paying for it BIG TIME. Shit happens.

End of Day: has been neat.

NSV: still had NO CHOCOLATE! Too cool. nite nite.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


OK, this will be quick, it's 1.15 am and Stew, the kids and I are heading off to Hamilton... our Daughter Kelly is in labour, things are a bit rough by the sound of it... and I want to be with her.

I will update once we are back in Auckland with all the goss.... later.....

We got to Hamilton at around 2.30am.... straight into the delivery room I went to be with Kelly and her partner Gordon.... Kelly was exhausted and really struggling to cope... but with 'our' determination and her hard work.....

A beautiful, healthy wee baby girl was safely delivered! Meet RENA BELLA...... 6 pound 13 ounces, not much hair, EXTREMELY cute. 4.07 am, 22nd March, 2008.

Being weighed. ... the only time is really does NOT MATTER what a girl weighs!

I'm not camera shy .... yet.....

The very very PROUD DADDY Gordon, and big cousin Griffin.


Yes, very special moments...

Hmmm, after having a major sookie and saying you "COULDN'T DO IT".... look at that Kelly!!! You are a MUMMY, and your smile says it all.

My totally GORGEOUS new Granddaughter !

We are back in Auckland now..... been looking at a few houses this afternoon... now back at our unit trying to rest..... had NO SLEEP (again!).... exhausted.

End of Day: and WHAT a day! I am thrilled to bits that Kelly managed to oblige me and have Rena while we were up here in Auckland! It's been a magic day.... finished off with a really lovely dinner in Mission Bay... and now we are all going to bed early cos we had NO SLEEP last night! It was worth it though.

NSV: I have had NO BLOODY CHOCOLATE, NOT ONE BIT! How good is that, being Easter an all! nite nite, and thanks for all your lovely congratulations..... Rena is my 6th grandbaby!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Ok, we got here ... and I definitely HATE the landing part of flying! Take offs OK, actually flying along is OK, but the LANDINGS...... HATE EM.

The kids were just so excited when we got to the airport and took out the bags.... Griffin "twigged" straight away that we were actually flying up to Auckland to see cute.

It only took an hour to get here, so the kids didn't have a chance to get bored, and the flight attendant gave them both a huge cup full of lollies! Sure kept them quiet!

Today our plans are simple.... go check out our new suburb, show the kids their new school, look at houses.... I'm really looking forward to it.
Our Daughter Kelly still hasn't had her baby, but we are hoping it will arrive in the next day or two so we can drive down to Hamilton to visit. Fingers crossed on that one.

Right, I'm gunna get outta bed and start the day! Later....

We have had a busy morning, visited Stew's Dad then out to The Gardens... had morning tea with my Aunt and Uncle then looked around the suburb, here's the kids new school:
I hadn't walked around it before, but I'm glad I did cos it's BEAUTIFUL... the kids loved it too. Had lunch and we are now just chillin out for a while back at the apartment. Might go out to see Stew's sister soon... she's moving her shop from Swanson to Kumeu this weekend. She has an Art Gallery/gift shop.
End of Day: busy afternoon too... kids had a swim at Kohimarama beach too! In their shorts... so had to drive home in the car with no pants on either of them! Eating lots of crap food, but NO CHOCOLATE!!!
NSV: sticking to my resolve.. and it is HARD... the kids have been eating chocolate all darn day. nite nite.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


- kids to school
- pack the bags
- clean the house (just in case some bugger wants to view it while we are away)
- give key to house sitter, thanks Mike!

I think that's all I have to do..... once I pick up the kids after school it's out to the airport for our flight to Auckland.

I havn't told the kids we are going yet, they think we are going out to the airport to pick up Stew .... hee hee he! Won't they be surprised when we actually get on the plane instead!

I will do my best to update while I am away, but if it's sporadic.... tough shit! I'm on holiday! I'm having fun! NO HOUSEWORK!!! How bloody cool is THAT going to be? Gawd I can't wait.

The Estate Agent just rang, seems we do have viewers coming in over the weekend... which means I will have to vacum afterall.... dammit. Today is going so S.....L....O....W.....L....Y.

Made a 'weekend' resolution: I ain't gunna eat any chocolate, not one teeny tiny bit. If I stick to this, I am going to reward myself with some elbow and knee pads, for when I get my skates! Yipee, I can hardly wait! NOT that I intend to fall over....much!

If I remember rightly, last year my boys gave me some of this:

It is my favourite chocolate treat... DON'T GET ME ANY!!! I do not need it! And if for some reason this turns up in my driveway:

I will shoot the bastards! NO CHOCOLATE... NO CHOCOLATE...

Daughter No 3 has still not had her baby... due ANY DAY NOW.... I am hoping like hell she has baby while we are in Auckland so we can pop down from there to see her and baby.

I'm off to get the kids from school soon, I'm feeling nervous! I hate flying..... If I don't get a chance later to sign off.... I will do it now! Nite nite babes.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I went to bed an hour earlier than 'normal' last night, well hell I WAS tired! And...... taaa daaa..... SLEPT like a log! I had to get up once to take Griffin for a piddle, but that was all. I feel WONDERFUL....

Today: get the kids to school then get the house TIP TOP tidy as I've got an Editor from the Local Paper coming to do an Editorial and to take pictures of our home.... MORE advertising to try and get this bloody house sold. I'm not sure when it will be in the paper, but I think at the end of the month?

I tell ya, we are doing EVERYTHING we can to get this darn house SOLD! What more can we do????

Anyway, enough for now, I have to go make the kids breakfast, lunches, make the beds.... bla bla bla.

So, who's a lucky tart then? ME! ME!.... I may not have my darling Stew bringing me a latte in bed every morning anymore, but I do have my dearest friend Chris D delivering me one !!! How neat.... such a nice girl is Chris D !

And she is so busy with her job and a very ill hubby too.... I don't know how she does it all. I am going to miss her so much once we move.

The newspaper lady has been and gone, taken heaps of photos (AGAIN)... looking forward to seeing it in the paper in two weekends time... we are getting a full page feature (maybe a page and a half) ! I hate to think what THAT is costing!
I AM IN SHOCK.... we just got this month's power/gas bill.... LOOK what happens when you don't have teenagers living in your house anymore!
Our bill went from $287 a month (that's with prompt payment discount) to $84.89 ! Of course we pay more over winter, this is a summer account... but still.... a HUGE DIFFERENCE ! I think we will be able to afford to live in Auckland afterall, LOL. No more 45 minute showers taken by teenagers and their bloody girlfriends! Sure makes a difference. Stew will be pleased.

End of Day: I'm tired again.... Griffin is coughing fit to kill, probably means I am not gunna get much sleep... bugger it.
NSV: Hmmmmm... I havn't been very bad at all.... unless you count the yogurt and cocoa pops I had for pudding? nite nite.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


And I get it, I really do! I'm not getting enough exercise! That has got to be the reason.... I don't sleep at night, so I have a Nana Nap in the midday... and I'm not going to the gym, I'm not walking in the mornings.... so I'm just not physically tired enough!

Makes sense doesn't it???

So, today I am going to NOT HAVE A NAP, and tonight I WILL get on the friggin treadmill and exercycle once the kids are in bed, followed by a sauna.... what do ya bet I sleep like a log tonight?

Kids to school
visit Contours again to suss out membership
Have lounge suite cleaned around midday
Pick kids up at 1 (it's an early finish)... hell I hope I remember!

That's about all for now... better go get the kids breakfast....

For all you women out there, I just read a rather funny post by my friend Pavel in the States.... pop over and have a laugh! It's about MAXI PADS !

In the middle of Palmerston North CBD there is a huge Green Area, with duck ponds etc etc.... BUT there is this one DORKY DUCK that has decided to make her nest slap bang in the middle of the medium strip on the road! she sits there day after day on her eggs, watching thousands of car whizz by, and hundreds of pedestrians too.... and doesn't give a shit. This is a girl with ATTITUDE I tell ya!

I just hope that once the ducklings hatch someone saves them before they get squashed on the road!

Men are here cleaning my lounge suite, it's so NICE to sit and watch MEN do the cleaning! Ahhhhh....
AS if I'd take a photo of men working! .... YEP, I DID ! ....

As you can see, it took two blokes to do it too... one to clean, one to watch.... such HARD WORK it was! *yeah right*
End of Day: I've done 20 minutes on the treadmill and the same on the exercycle.... going to have a suana shortly then head off to bed... fingers crossed I sleep! Tonight is the very first night I have felt REALLY LONELY! Weird.
NSV: I've been DAMN good today! Yipee for small mercies. nite nite.

Monday, March 17, 2008


I am gobsmacked at how quiet Blogworld is! Where is everyone???

Ok, now that's said.... it's another week... and I am looking forward to it for a change. Only three sleeps and the kids and I will be flying up to Auckland for Easter with Stew... so looking forward to that!

But for today:
must get the kids up/dressed/fed and then take Stew out to the airport.
Later on, I am going to ring around and get someone to come and give our lounge suite a bloody good clean! It's filthy! Friggin kids are always putting their feet up on it, wiping their hands on it... yikkkky. Nothing else planned yet. Onward....

Here is the last picture in my recent painting stint:

It's another one I really like, and I think I will stick to these colourings from now on. I don't know if I should/can be bothered making any more right now... what with moving soon (I hope!) and all. But, there is one more word I really want to do "RESPECT".... might do it yet.

gotta go... busting for a piddle! Took the piddle pills today after not taking them over the weekend, gunna pay now by having to spend half the day piddling!

It's been a lovely day so far, I went into town and bought some winter track pants, paid the rego for me car, had lunch with a girlfriend, had a nanna nap and now it's time to pick up the kids. Oh what a life....

DONNA: maybe I didn't read back far enough, all I could see was that you had been back blogging for a while, and I was kinda hurt. Shit happens, people do play mean little games, it happens all the time... and I have been hurt a few times already by this sort of carry on... I am sorry if I have now gone and hurt YOUR feelings.... I didn't mean to I think! I will look forward to reading your blog again..... and to meeting you in Auckland one day! OK babe?

Readers, just so ya know, all is sorted with me and The Miss Donna.... she's a neat girl.... and we are going to be great friends once we BOTH LIVE IN AUCKLAND!

Onward... dinner to make, kids to sort out... bla bla bla.

Janene and Jorja came for a visit after dinner.... lots of noisy kids... great way to get them good and tired for bed. Upon leaving, young Jorja needed to use the loo...EEEEEKKKK... it is blocked with too much paper and water is all over the floor! Fuck, I don't have a plunger!!!! So, an SOS out to my boys, come and watch the kids in bed so I can go buy a bloody plunger... oh the joys.
End of Day: Steve FIXED IT!!!! Yaaa for handy sons.... I've had a nice day! Much to my surprise I might add.
NSV: OOOO ERRRR, none really. Bad start to the day, but a good ending.... yummy chicken for dinner. Was OK. nite nite.

Sunday, March 16, 2008



For some reason lately, I have not been enjoying food... NONE OF IT... It doesn't taste that nice, it is making me feel ill in fact.

I crave something, I get it and eat it, and then think... hmmmm that wasn't even nice! WHAT THE FUCKS GOING ON???? This is a very sorry state of affairs....

I don't know what it is, maybe I'm eating all the wrong things, or too much of's got me buggered. I used to LOVE FOOD, It was all I thought about... what was my next meal going to be ! Now, I couldn't give a shit. And once I've eaten... I wish I hadn't.

Yet... I don't like being hungry, I get the shakes, I come over all faint if I don't eat... THIS IS SO ANNOYING. HELP!!! Any ideas and/or suggestions would be appreciated, really.

TODAY: Open Home again.... got lots of advertising out there this weekend, new signs, lots in the paper.... so fingers crossed we get a good turn out. If we don't it simply means a shit-load of money has been wasted! Big colour adverts in the paper cost around $800 a time! Anyway... onward... housework awaits...

CASDOK: PREGNANT??? ME!!!! ... Not in a MILLION YEARS MATE!!! Jesus, I'd be A FUCKEN COT CASE if I were!!!! There is NO WAY IN HELL I am pregnant...!!!!! NO WAY. You are funny suggesting it though!
A disapointing turn out, only two lots of viewers through, one was a definite "NO" and the other was a "MAYBE".... so we wait and see....

Was knackered afterwards so had a nanna nap... we shall be having Pizza for dinner so I don't have to cook.. NEAT.

That's all for now.

I am ever so....

.. that something will happen soon! One lady was very keen today and is bringing her hubby back for a look....

End of Day: another tiring, stressful, 'wishful' day.

NSV: I don't have much of an appetite, no doubt due to stress I suppose. nite nite.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Me man is back, all is good in my world... I can ESCAPE for the morning and meet the girls for morning tea!!!! I do love him, really I do... but it's nice to get a break.

I finished two more paintings last night... one of them is LIFE... I'm quite rapt with it actually.

The other one was still a bit tacky so won't show it right now.

I'm off to meet the girls, yipee......

After morning tea. ... it will be straight into housework.... I have been a lazy tart during the week and done bugger all... no vacuming, dusting, or polishing....did keep up with the washing and getting the rubbish out though .. so I'm not a complete sloth.

AND I BAKED A PIE... let's not forget the pie. ha ha ha.
Morning tea was just lovely... Jo was up from Wellington, so she came with her little daughter too.
Home, then a quick turn around and we went back into town for a family lunch....
Home and.... got a cracker headache AGAIN so am taking some Nuerophen (sp?) and lying down for a while. Stew is going to do the weeding (lucky Man)....
End Of Day: very quiet in blogland! not much happening around here either.
NSV: Been quite a good girl. nite nite.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Stew comes home today.... yipeeeee.... but it means I have to bake another Bacon and Egg Pie! Stew loves my pie, and he was really SAD the other day when he read he had missed the last one.. so I'm making him one. Ain't I nice?

Today: kids to school, then more painting people! Don't ya think my life is just so much fun? Oh well, at least I'm not bitching about the house eh.

JO: yes the "K" would appear to be upside down, lucky it still looks OK eh?
Felt like posting some random photos:

Geraniums in a home-made pot.

A cute LAAF who greets you at the front door.

Fish in the garden... and

My Pig Weather Vane.

Hmmm.... a bit of a contradiction here in the pantry!

Stew's side of the bed... he will be in it tonight! Yipeee.

Pink corner in the lounge.

"KISS ME YOU SWINE"... in the spare bedroom. Now wasn't that nice?

- *drumming fingers on table* .... waiting for paint to dry.
- Pie made and ready to go in the oven.
- Got friggin bad headache.
- gunna pick up kids soon.
- Then pick up the man from airport.
- Oh Yeah, top that all of with BLOODY HOT FLUSHES.

JO: errrm, what part of me TALENT would ya like me to teach ya? I don't think I'm very talented girl, just a bit crafty !

End Of Day: hubby safely home, fed and watered, watching his favourite on TV... RUGBY. Kids off to bed in a mo, me ? Painting.

NSV: too busy to be bad. nite nite.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I have really missed my Stew... I think this is the longest we have ever been apart...

Last night I finished "KING"...

Today I am working on a picture for Griffin's teacher from this year, she taught Brylee as well... I asked her yesterday what her 'favourite' word was... it's "LIFE".... so I will be working on that one today. As well as working on "WISHFUL" AND "FAMILY".

I'm really enjoying the painting... it's keeping my mind off other stuff.

So, no point asking what I'm doing today then.... I do need to pop out to get the letters for LIFE... and some more paint. I wonder if there is a weekend Market up in Auckland that I can go to and try selling some of my pictures at? Hmmmmm?

So, I went out and got my bits and pieces... driving home and OH MY GOD! My van starts making this godawful HIGH PITCHED SCREACHING noise!!!! I stop, I look around, nothing looks different, no big leaks... so I limp home ever so slowly, all the time the van is screaching it's head off.... I think it might be a stone trapped in the hubcap??? So anyway, the mechanic is coming out soon to investigate! WONDERFUL...

JAXX: thanks you so much for that! It worked!!!! I cancelled the mechanic in the nick of time so don't have an $80 Call Out Fee to pay... yipeeeee.

End of Day: been a busy painter... got a wicked backache from bending over all day...but it's all good. Means I will sleep well tonight again.

NSV: I bought a big packet of evil biscuits today, had one and gave the rest to Mike when he came around! Getting them out of my house is good, don't know what posessed me to buy them! NEVER go shopping when you are PMS'ing! nite nite.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today: I am going to get the kids to school, then...

I am going to paint, all day .... I have started doing a 'word' picture for one of the teachers at the kids school... she had both the littlies for their first year... and is just a lovely woman. I spoke to her daughter to find out if there was a 'word' that was important to her... and it's her maiden name! So, today's word is "KING"....

I will also work on "WISHFUL" ....

It would appear that the Rescue Remedy Sleep Aide does work... I got a decent night's sleep again last night, it makes such a difference! I feel less grumpy ( THIS IS GOOD )... and I am feeling more positive too. Not about the sale, just life in general I suppose. Two more sleeps and Stew is home for the weekend... the kids are counting down, but not more than me! ...

AMANDA: ya gorgeous girl... go paint ya own friggin toilet walls... what a tart! Seeing as I can't afford a plane ticket right this minute, maybe I can swim? See ya in ...oh... about 5 years eh? LOL

I'm having fun... working on 3 pictures actually, doing "FAMILY" as well.
Summer seems to be over.. we have a cold wind this week, and it's getting nippy in the mornings too.... Ya I can cover up the fat bits with jumpers! That is the ONLY good thing about winter.
So, I really have been painting all day! My fingers hurt from the constant brush washing.....
Picked the kids up after school then nipped down to the Doctors to meet Steve and Lisa there. Steve had a nasty blackout and fall at work (slight ding on head) so he wanted to talk to the doc ... he's been prescribed blood pressure pills (He better bloody take them!)... I just can't see this ever ending for him.... he had a blood test too to check out why he's always tired. Such a worry when he's only 20... this has been a problem for 5 years now!
End of Day: The wellington 'buyer' finally fessed up to not having the money to buy the property~! Back to square one.
NSV: I've been quite good actually, not had anything evil today, kept my hands busy with painting. nite nite.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I heard from our Agent last night... the people with 4 teenage boys have to sell 3 (!) houses in order to buy our house, and those houses have been 'on the market' for 10 months already! So, they don't have a shit show in hell of buying this house. WANKERS just wasting my time. Can I scream now? Cos that's how I feel....

Today: kids to school. THAT'S IT. No other plans. I'm thinking of joining Contours Gym.. I can transfer my membership to the Auckland branch when we move.... so might go check them out. They have a weight loss programme running right now too... might be worth joining?

SLEEP? Well I wasn't sure when to take the Rescue Remedy, so tried with an hour before I went to bed.... it still took me a while to get to sleep (about an hour) but I did get to sleep! And I slept all night... except for when Griffin padded into my ensuite at 4am (on his own!) and had a piddle! I was so proud of him. Now I'm sitting up in bed updating and both those little kids have got themselves up and dressed and are quietly watching TV till I get up! Awwwww.
- went and had morning tea with Chris D at the hospital, her hubby was in having more chemo.
- checked out Contours... not that impressed, might wait and visit the Auckland Branch when I'm up at Easter before commiting myself to a membership.
- did a tiny grocery shop.
- home.
Am now killing time till I go and pick up the kids... another day down.... think I shall do some painting this evening.

END OF DAY: took the remaining bacon n egg pie to Chris D and her hubby...cooked myself some cauliflower cheese for dinner...doing some painting...yakked to the gunna watch Boston Legal. LOVE that show.]
NSV: thinking of joining a gym again, this could be good for the bod I suppose. nite nite.

Monday, March 10, 2008


SOMETIMES Stew drives me nuts.... but since he didn't come home this weekend I am REALLY looking forward to seeing him on Friday! I can't sleep, I am finding the kids constant noise and questions so very irritating... I need a break from them BIG TIME.

And it will be nice to actually see him and spend some time with him... I feel like I am ready to throw a hissy fit... surely selling one's house shouldn't be this stressful!

Today: well it's kids to school (thank God), then I am off into town to buy some Rescue Remedy Sleep Aide... our new Agent told me about it last night... it's worth a try! I would KILL for a full night's sleep right now. Not much else planned... will wait and see what the day brings.
Had a decadent morning...
had a sauna
had a shower, washed, dried and straightened the hair
ironed a dress! and went to town.

Dropped of a load of stuff at the Op Shop, library books back... and then went to the chemist for the Rescue Remedy Sleep Aide... is was quite expensive but hopefully it works. I also decided to buy a new lipstick... they say as you age you should wear lighter lippy, so I got... 4 ! OK OK, they were on SALE, buy one get one free!!! So, I got two for daytime and two slightly darker (but still light pink) for evening... gawd I love shopping.

Ummm... NO YOU LITTLE BASTARD, you are NOT having my pie!
I knew we had a mouse or two again.... I have been watching one little bugger come out from behind the lounge heater in the evenings when it's been nice and quiet... this morning I saw 'evidence' of one in the kitchen... so set a trap under the sink and WAAAA LAAA... success! LOVE IT. OH Sorry! Were you eating your dinner???? ha ha ha
End of Day: another average day, still no house buyers.
NSV: Been fairly good today! nite nite.