Thursday, July 31, 2008


- kids to school
- Visit the Surgeon for post-op check up (must remember to wear lovely knickers) ha ha ha
- be home in time to meet trailer buyer and get the money!
- Moving company coming at 1pm to organise our MOVE!!!

Oh man, I can't believe it really is going to finally happen! JUPMING UP AND DOWN FOR JOY (in me head you understand!)....

And because my weigh in last night went so well I'm going to eat well again today... I'm on medication to stop me feeling ill all the time so now I can eat! Hmmmm..... might have lovely soup and toast for me lunch.

- All is good with me fanny, the Gynaecologist is very happy with me progress. Can probably give it a 'try' in a few more weeks!

- did a grocery shop and managed on me own.

- man came and paid for and took away the trailer.

- No power at home so had to have a sandwich for lunch. boohoo.

- Lady came from moving compay, they will start packing our home up on august 25 - through to 29th.... so we will be leaving here around about the 30th! Our puppy Teddy is going into kennels during the pack up and move, he will come to our new home a few days after we have moved in.

All is good, it's coming together! Still lots to organise, but it will get done.
Feeling really tired now, so will just relax till it's time to go and get the kids from school....

Below: some happy snaps of us and our newest Granddaughter, Rena.... she didn't really like us, she cried in fact if she was facing us... won't be long now and we will be living close to her and she will get to know us and not cry!


She has MY EYES... ok, and her Mummy's!

Awww even Griffin thinks shes the shizzz.....

Mother, daughter and granddaughter.....

End of Day: overdid it a bit I think... feeling wiped out.... quiet evening ahead... hopefully I can get Steve to do the dishes and a few odd jobs before I go to bed.

NSV: ate well today.... pasta and chicken for dinner... all good. nite nite.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Lots of bloggers do a "Wordless Wednesday"... can you imagine me having nothing to say? Not likely to ever happen.... how would ya like to pop in and only see a picture?

Oh well... I really don't have much to say this morning.. it's blowing and wet outside, yuk, bring on summer.

After I take the kids to school this morning I'm taking my car and trailer to the garage for their Warrants of Fitness. It's a bit like going to the Dentist, you hope like hell they don't need any work cos it's gunna cost ya!

While they are there I plan on coming home and doing another room... probably the rumpus, which will no doubt take me quite a while cos it's such a big room and includes the attic under the roof too. *sigh* BUT it's got to be done. And seeing as I'm here on me own I suppose it's up to me! (well Steve IS here, but he sleeps all morning) so there is no point relying on him to help.

So there ya go, a lot of boring drivel about me day's plans....

OH yes, all this de-cluttering is tiring, so a welcome spin off is that I'm sleeping all night again! That is so good! Onward.....

YIKES!!! I just about killed me laptop! I spilt some of me Milo on it.... and now the mouse pad thingee doesn't work.... hope it dries out! For now I'm using a plug in mouse... I will be gutted if I've killed it. I suppose that's what we have insurance for eh?

WOO HOO, me car and trailer needed no work on them, so didn't bust the bank! It's blowing a gale here! Nice day to be inside clearing out the junk... YEAH RIGHT! I can think of a dozen things I'd rather be doing... like shopping, visiting a girlfriend, shopping, OH I have done the visiting a girlfriend bit already today... while waiting for me car/trailer to get seen to.... so that just leaves... SHOPPING! Not likely ... we be broke! So I suppose I better get back to clearing out the bloody junk.

MILO = hot chocolate drink.

Well... I listed my trailer for sale on Trademe about 4 hours ago and I've already sold it! wooo hoooo.... money in the bank! Now I'm gunna sell me upright freezer! *rubbing hands together with glee* Ok, scrap that idea! There's hundreds of freezers for sale on Trademe, and not selling for much and my freezer is kinda new.. so it can just go to the beach house!

I'm going to Weight Watchers this evening, I know I'm not focusing on the numbers right now... but I have pre-paid for my meetings and it's nice to go along and have a yak! I LOVE YAKKING! ....I wonder what the scales will say though? I had a gain last week weighing in on different scales.....

Last week I coughed and vomitted, could hardly eat a thing... and I GAINED .700 grms.

This week I've been eating heaps, chocolate biscuits even..... and I LOST 1.5 kilos! That is so WEIRD. But good!

End of Day: friggin shitty weather, got bugger all done... but I'm happy.

NSV: We had KFC for dinner, no dishes for me! And maybe I will lose some more weight if I now eat another chocolate biscuit? LOL. nite nite.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Oh what fun... I'm off to the hospital again today to have yet another blood test with the Haematologists.... they like me blood! I hope they have good news for me on another front... two weeks ago I had to have tests for high glucose levels and low iron levels... so we will see how they came out.

Just before my operation my blood glucose level was at 16.4... dangerously high! I reckon it was just adrenalin coursing through me system making for a high reading... well that's what I'm hoping for anyway! I am OVER being a Drama Queen, I want to be 'normal' again... feeling fit and healthy!

It will happen, I know it will.... and then just you wait and see, I will be getting all sorts of exercise .... and feeling fantastic again.

so ... today:
Kids to school
hospital visit
few jobs in town
home for more decluttering!


So much for taking it easy! I went out at 9am and I'm finally home at 1.30pm ... and I've been all over the place! Paid some bills, bought some filler-stuff for Griffin's quilt, had me bloods taken... yakked to the Haematologists... me blood glucose levels have come down again and me iron levels have come up... so ALL GOOD there!
I will probably have to have my glucose levels checked again soon cos there really was no reason for it to be so high! Whatever, think I will put that off for as long as possible.... friggin needles!

OH YEAH, I decided to cheer myself up by buying new carseat covers, mats and a steering wheel cover for me car.... in BLUE of course!

And Yes, we drive on the right hand side of the road! We do! We do!

What else... I had half a glass of Diet Coke with my lunch too... waiting to see if it stays down! Fingers crossed....

End of Day: well the diet coke stayed down... but I really don't feel like it still. Mike came around this afternoon and enabled me to have a two hour nap... I needed it too.

Having Steve living here is not the help I thought it would be, I havn't seen him all day, so as a consequence I have had to do everything... I have just got in all the washing off the line and am airing it before folding it and putting it away. Then I might move on to another area to de-clutter.

NSV: I am loving drinking Just Juice with bubbles (Lite) with Sparkling WATER! So yum, I have it half/half..... gotta be good for you! nite nite.

Monday, July 28, 2008


It's been three LONG weeks with the kids off school... I am so happy to be taking them back today! Walking them up there will probably be the longest walk I have taken since my surgery.... but it's worth it! I will let the school know they will be leaving in 5 weeks... quietly jumping for joy!

After that I'm coming home to do a bit of housework, hopefully Steve will give me a hand.... THEN I have a hair appointment/pamper session.... they give customers a free Hair Conditioning Treatment once you have spent $XYZ amount, and I have! So that will be lovely.

THEN I will come home and do some more decluttering! It is neat to be doing something constructive towards our move.

And for all you Worry Worts.... I don't have to do ANY of the packing or lifting etc... Stew's company pays for a Moving Company to come in and do it all for us! And I am going to get quotes from somewhere (?) and have the house cleaned professionally when it's empty so I don't have to do that either! So ya see, I am not going to do anything to stuff up my recovery, I'm not silly.

Right, on with the day.....

Darn... I didn't get the 'pamper session' afterall, they ran outta time... another time then. However I did get my hair cut and straightened... looks lovely.
Am off to the doctor's shortly (AGAIN) cos I have this really NASTY pain in me lower belly often and it's really pissing me off! Want to make sure it's nothing to worry about.... I'm turning into a hypacondriac!!!

AND... I'm expecting our Real Estate Agent this afternoon sometime too... seems he's bringing me flowers! AWWWWWW. And he's re-named himself just for me.. and now goes by the name of ARSEHOLE cos that's what I keep calling him! He even text'd me using that name, so funny!

Above: flowers from Tim.... the Estate Agent... so pretty.

Our family doctor reckons my pain is due to nerve endings and scar tissue forming... and wants me to tell the surgeon when I see him on Thursday just to be safe. So I'm reassured it's nothing sinister... I am paranoid about something else going wrong!

End of Day: I've been busy, and now I'm so tired... I do believe I might just sleep well tonight. Steve and I got one room 'finished' today... only 18 rooms/areas or so to go! And let's not forget the outdoor shed.....

NSV: been eating well, and feeling much better for it too. I think I need to not worry about the scales for now.... recovering is more important than a bloody number. nite nite

Sunday, July 27, 2008


But with one HUGE exception... no more OPEN HOMES!!!

- morning tea with some girlfriends
- go home and finish unpacking
- see Stew off back to Auckland for one of the last times!

- start decluttering some more!

I know I have done a huge declutter already, but getting such a smaller house necessitates doing even more.... I can do it! In fact I am looking forward to it... we all keep far too much crap!

At the moment, I am sitting up in bed having me piece of toast... so I can take the blood thinner pill.... must be taken right after food... so as a result I am now hungry in the morning!

Oh and I got on the scales and seems I have gained weight? Totally NOT FAIR, I have been eating bugger all...... no exercise is obviously making a difference too. Grrrrr, must try and start working on that.

When I got home yesterday I had an email from a lady in Auckland, seems she reads my blog (is a Lurker) and saw me at Weight Watchers in Manurewa on Thursday night, but was too shy to come and say "Hi" ...... so HI ANITA! Next time just come up and yak would ya? I am just a normal person!!! I hope we can catch up once I'm living up there!

Morning tea was lovely... so neat to catch up with me girlfriends. Then Stew and I went to look for a flat screen TV for the new house... and ended up getting the new Barstools instead! I KNOW I'm supposed to be downsizing our 'stuff', but we needed barstools! These ones were the most comfortable, they swivel and are height adjustable, and are made of leather for ease of cleaning. I'm wrapt with them! We got 4.....

We also will need a smaller fridge/freezer for the kitchen, at the moment we have a big double door fridge/freezer which will have to go in the garage. *sigh*....

Stew has gone again, he got through the Desert Road ok.... last I heard he was in Taupo.

I have spent the afternoon sorting out all the 'paper stuff' in the house, it does get spread all over .... now it's all in only two places, the writing desk and the china cabinet drawer... it's only taken me 4 hours so far! And I havn't finished yet! I have decided to just go through one room at a time after this.... I'm knackered.

End of Day: lovely.... lots to do which is good... just so long as I pace myself.

NSV: been too busy to eat much... hell it's dinner time and I still havn't given it a thought. nite nite.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


And... it's bloody freezing in our house! Steve has had all the heating off.. (idiot boy!)... so the first thing we did was turn on all the heaters... we were cold enough! The trip home was good, uneventful in fact. The motel was basic but OK.. we had breakfast at McDonalds! Their McMuffins are quite nice (wash me mouth out with soap for saying such a thing!)......

Anyways: here's a couple of photos I took of the house...

And here is the kids (and me) with the Flat Stanleys in the snow on the Desert Road:

It was bitterly cold and about to snow. In fact it was snowing by the time we got back in the car. There is a huge storm due today so luckily we came home when we did. I hope Stew can get back to Auckland tomorrow!

In Taihape there is a gift shop that has a 'year round' Christmas Room... I love going in there. In this photo the Flat Stanleys are on the Xmas Tree!

I couldn't help myself and ended up buying a few more Xmas Decorations... and some cute wee metal 'things'.... will get a photo of them on tomorrow....

For now.... I'm going to chill out and relax for a while.... I no doubt have a million blog posts to read on Goggle Reader! Will work my way through them during the week do not fear! .....

"SOMEONE" is going to die!!! I have just been down to my bedroom.... and SOMEONE has been sleeping in my bed! THEY ARE IN FOR IT..... they have even washed the pillowcases.... WHY???? And they washed then with fluffy towels obviously, cos they are NAVY BLUE and are now covered in white bits of fluff.... I AM SEETHING.... ready to have a fit in fact! Just wait till Steve gets home.......seems it was Mike! And cos I had new sheets on the bed the fluff from them came off on the pillowcases... so I suppose I shan't kill him... though why he had to sleep in our bed is beyond me! There were like 4 other beds he could have slept in.

End of Day: while it's nice to be home.... I can't wait till it's not our 'home' any more! It was such a thrill to enter our driveway and see SOLD on our sign... it took so long.

NSV: none today, and now I'm tired and going to bed. They guys are watching rugby, power to them.... nite nite.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I have decided I ain't leaving this place till our house purchase is finalised, and if that means we don't leave till tonight, so be it! I want this sorted and settled..... I can't sleep, I can't eat.... (well much!)... it is so BLOODY STRESSFUL!

I am looking forward to being home again though, you are never totally relaxed staying in someone else's home.... and while my Aunt and Uncle have been FANTASTIC with looking after me AND Brylee and Griffin, it will be nice to be home. I miss my wee Teddy (puppy)... and my bed!

I am itching to get home and start throwing out stuff I don't need, sell some furniture, the trailer.... etc! No point taking it all with us, the new house is so much smaller. The plus to that is there will be that much less house to clean! WOOO HOOO.

Health wise, I am feeling better each day, I'm still coughing a lot, but I'm sure that will pass too. Still have NO energy, but oh well, one step at a time.. let's get rid of the pain first! Then I can work on inproving my fitness again.

So much to do..... so little time! We will be moving permanently to Auckland in *5* weeks!!! I am sooooo thrilled! onward....

Weight Watchers last night... GET THIS..... I gained .700 grms!!! IMPOSSIBLE... totally impossible! I have been eating no more than about 15 points a day!!!! Grrrrr, I now have to wait till I weigh in at home to get a true reading. I was so annoyed....

It is going to be another suspense filled day, waiting to see if our purchase goes unconditional.....


I am crying cos I am so relieved... it has been so stressful... there were so few houses in our price bracket here... they were either horrid little square boxes in the $400,000 bracket, or really lovely ones in the $650 - 700,000 bracket!!! So getting this house was so good, it was listed at $639,000 originally, we got it for $52,000 less. WE are so happy!!!

I have taken a couple of lovely photos of it, they will be on my blog tomorrow night when I get home. HANG IN THERE IF YOU HAVN'T BEEN ABLE TO SEE IT YET...... LOL.

We are leaving this afternoon, driving half way, to Taupo, and staying in a motel, then tomorrow we will continue on our way to Palmerston North. There may not be an update tomorrow till I get home.... SHAME.

I am going to say:

End of day: a FANTASTIC DAY, we got the house of our dreams... at a fair price, and it's close to the school and in an excellent street in the suburb we so wanted to be in.

NSV: I'm crabby about that weigh in, but am sure it's cos they were different scales. I will continue to be good and I'm sure it will show up next week. nite nite.

P.S.: if ya can't find the house on the net it might be cos the Agent has already withdrawn it from the site as it's SOLD! *big smiles*...... Teddy is being looked after by Steve .. he lives at home at the moment... he will have to find somewhere else to live now eh?

Thursday, July 24, 2008


The state of play when we went to bed last night was that the house owners had accpeted our offer verbally, but won't be signing the contract till some time today.....


If you want to have a look go Here: .... Listing Number: PMN 10344

It is a lovely house, needs nothing done to it... and we love it. It is much smaller than we are used to, but hey, it's for us and the two little kids..... not the whole family! If they visit they will be sleeping in the garage! LOL (not really, we will have a spare bedroom).

I intend on having a very quiet day today, yesterday wiped me out.... and I am really struggling to drink enough of ANYTHING, which is giving me headaches... AND NO, I don't drink tea or coffee or water..... or much of anything right now! It's a real problem.... I am going to try WATER today!!! SHUT UP .... I know I hate water and have always said I would not drink it... but I'm dehydrating away to nothing.... and I think this is why I feel like shit all the time. So ... water with lots of ice is on the menu today. We will see how it goes ..... later....

12.30 pm... still waiting to hear from 'their' Agent.. but we are quite sure it will all go ahead.
WANNA: the listing number is : PMN 10344....
It is a 'spanish looking' place, blue kitchen... bla bla bla, will get photos up eventually when I get home.
It has passed an Engineer's report, building report and has been checked for water tightness by another company.. it is FINE on all counts. This house is 5 years old.... needs no work... which Stew loves. (lazy bugger!) *smiling*

Onward... feeling marginally better today, not doing anything!
End of Day: I don't think the purchase will be a DONE DEAL today afterall.... the owners are dicking around with their finances and they have to try and get the owners of the house THEY ARE BUYING to come down in price a bit... it is all so frustrating. I am sure we will have gone unconditional tomorrow before we leave for Palmerston North again.... GOD I HATE THE WAITING. I wish I could scream!
NSV: going to Weight Watchers tonight before dinner.... so I'm not avoiding going even though I'm up here in Auckland! I am being a good girl. I have been darn good with my food all week, yet I don't feel any lighter... I suppose we will wait and see. nite nite, and hopefully by tomorrow we WILL own our new home (well at settlement date anyway).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today Stew and I look at the narrowed down list of houses... and make a decision on which one to buy!

I am so excited......

Kids have been so very good, the weather has been abismal.. wet and windy.... can't take them out anywhere!

And don't ya just hate the NO PHOTOS??? Can't wait to get 'home' to use me own computer.... just wait for the day... cos I will put up photos of our new home! CHOICE. 40 sleeps till we move! The countdown begins.....

Right I'm off to have me breakfast then go find THE HOUSE......

A totally EXHAUSTING day has been had... in and out of cars, up and down stairs... looking.... looking.... DECISONS??? We narrowed it down to two homes.... I kinda thought we would go for House A, but when we went to House B it just felt 'right', so we have put an offer in, it has been counter signed, and we are still in negotiations as I type this... (7.30pm).... it could be a long night.

We went into town as well today so I could meet all the people Stew works with.. they were all so lovely! Then the kids and I sat in the Staff Room for 2.5 hours while Stew was in a meeting.... and in that time I started to feel really really ill.... I drank a small tin of Coke Zero didn't I? OHHH Errrr, me thinks me belly still can't tolerate Coke. BUGGER IT.

On the other front, I think things are finally starting to settle down a bit, the belly doesn't hurt so much.... I'm still coughing fit to kill, will wait till I get home and if it's still bad I suppose I will have to go back to the Doctor. At least at home it won't cost me $70 to see the Doctor!

End of Day: it's been tense... and exciting....
NSV: can't eat much .... feel ill as.... this is NOT good. I am totally over being ill.... someone shoot me and put me outta my misery. LOL... nite nite.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008



- 10 am I'm being picked up by an Agent and looking at one house that is a definite possibility...

- 1.30 another agent is taking me to about 4 homes ...

I also want to see two "private sale" homes.... will try to fit them in today, but if I can't they can wait till tomorrow.

The doctor last night: well I can't tell ya cos I'm actually typing this on Monday night, for auto publishing in the morning! Will let ya know later on this afternoon when I can get back on me Uncle's computer!

Yesterday my Aunt took Brylee for a haircut... she looks so cute! I am so lucky ... my Aunt and Uncle are doing everything for me... even bathing the kids and dressing them for me, cooking etc.... I am a spoilt tart.. OH ..... I think I have said that before eh? ha ha ha.... well I am! Hopefully I will be feeling so much better soon.... later...

IT HAS HAPPENED.... THE SALE IS 'UNCONDITIONAL'... yaaa hoooooooooooooo!!!!

Unconditional means they have paid their deposit and CANNOT back out of the deal.... soooooo... I am going to buy a new house this week!

The doctor gave me some Gees Linctus which is a stong (old fashioned) cough medicine... I have a viral throat infection.... just what ya need when you have a sore tummy/chest/fanny eh? Oh well, shit happens. I will be fine.... just have to take it easy (and I AM)....and before I know it I will be all better.

Stew has been coming out to where we are staying each evening, which is just lovely.... I can't get over seeing so much of him lately... I love him to bits... (and his bits!) ha ha ha.
He's coming out again tomorrow to look at house with me... can't wait.
End of Day: I've had fun while pacing myself so I don't overdo it... rest assured I am not overdoing it! I have had to do NOTHING but walk from the house to a car... and stroll around a few houses. BLISS.
NSV: Me black pants can be pulled on and off without undoing the button or zip... yee haa! Losing weight people, losing weight. I will be slim(ish) again one day! nite nite.

Monday, July 21, 2008


All going well (and we are assured it will happen) our house sale will go unconditional today, then look out! I will be on the phone to the Agents up here and seriously looking for our new home!

Today is really a rest day until then.... I have an awful annoying cough which is doing me tummy in.... so if it persists I will probably go to the Doctor up here..... Don't want to upset me internal healing by coughing so much eh?

Stew is back at work today, he's staying with his cousin closer in to the city, where he works.... I expect he will pop out to see us this evening.... at least we are in the same city! Love that man...

Right, better go get the kids sorted, think my Aunt is going to take them out for a walk while I rest.... SEE, I am being good! later peoples....

UNCONDITIONAL? no, NOT till tomorrow, though it has been verbally approved by their solicitor and Bank Manager, the bank just didnt have enough time today to finalise the legal paperwork... so tomorrow. I'm going to look at houses tomorrow anyway....
Have been very quiet today, doing NOTHING except coughing and vomitting... so Stew is taking me to the Doctor's this evening... I am so over the pain and misery!
I am a sook.
End of Day: a shitty day, but I'm still happy to be here and in the position of being able to finally find our new home.
NSV: well when ya throw up ya lunch you lose them calories Eh? This has got to be good? lol.... nite nite.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


OK, I'm excited! We are off to Auckland today.... AND...

I get to bury my uterus with my family! AWESOME!! AND....

The Flat Stanleys are coming for the ride too, they can get to see some more of New Zealand! Totally neat. AND....

I am going to see my grandkids in Hamilton I hope! Must ring them and organise a meet up somewhere....

so there ya go! that's me for the rest of the day, we are travelling you understand? My Uncle and Aunt have a computer, so will update later tonight.... until then... chow!

End of DaY: it's been a neat day! It rained pretty much the whole trip ... so no photos with the Flat Stanleys I'm afraid. The 'burial' went well, no problem at all! LOL. Met up with two of our daughters in Hamilton for a 2 hour yak .. and lots of cuddles with our 4 month old granddaughter Rena.. who cried at me! Gutted... but once we are up in Auckland proper she will see us lots and get used to us. Am now safely at our Aunties home, kids are asleep and I'm not far away from heading to bed too...VERY tired... even though I have done bugger all today! Dozed most of the trip even!
NSV: well I'm coughing heaps ... which has killed my appetite... this is good.... nite nite.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Stew and I are quite sure our Counter Offer will be rejected and the buyers will walk away... but what can we do? It is too low an offer for us to accept and still be able to buy a semi decent home in Auckland! I AM NOT GOING TO LIVE IN A BLOODY HORRIBLE LITTLE BOX...

So, we wait for the Real Estate Agent to come around at 9.30 am, then he takes our offer back to THEM at 11am..... and then we will see.....

DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH cos we arn't....
No morning tea with the girls today obviously ... but hopefully some of them can come around here in the afternoon to help me drown my sorrows! LOL....

Oh and I've been up since about 4am... can't sleep, Stew is snoring (the shit)... and my mind is just going around and around in circles. One good thing ... I sneezed in the night and didn't immediately SCREAM at the same time from the pain! So, things are getting better....

Please don't go thinking Stew and I are being unreasonable with our house price expectations.....we have droppped our price 4 times already... and this latest offer is $95,000 BELOW our last offer and $65,000 below our government Valuation! There is no way we can afford to accept it and buy something in Auckland that we would be happy to live in.


Well we did it, we sold the house! Unfortunately for way less than we thought we would ever go, but we just HAD TO.... we know that the market is still dropping and this has been the only offer all year... we would have been fools to reject it... we did get them to come up a bit from their original offer.... but still not that much... we have to move on... at least now we can finally be back together.

We are going out for lunch, then home for afternoon tea with some freinds I hope! Maybe a wine or two? OH HELL NO, THAT STUFF IS EVIL... evil I tell ya!

You all can have one for me OK????

We have had a lovely lunch, I had a chicken burger thingee, it was lovely and I enjoyed every bite! Now back home fielding calls.... texts.... comments!
The house goes UNCONDITIONAL on monday... so the kids and I are going up to Auckland tomorrow with Stew... house hunting. I wish I felt more excited, but what with the low price of our home and me not feeling the best.... I'm just feeling a bit FLAT. Maybe by tomorrow I will start to feel more positive about it all....

End of Day: I've had a two hour nap, woken feeling knackered still... but ready to have dinner so I can take the all important blood thinning pill.. then pack for tomorrow's trip up to Auckland.
NSV: hmmmm....wore me jeans again today, which always makes me feel happy! So, I'm happy. nite nite.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Stew and I are totally over the house sale shit.. if it happens, so be it.... if not today with these plonkers, it will happen eventually.

Teddy has to go to the Vet's today to have his stitches out, I'm not happy with his hernia. It doesn't look like it has been fixed at all, in fact it looks worse. I hope the Vet can sort it out.

I was in a lot of pain yesterday afternoon/evening, so have started taking pain killers again, I'd been off them for about 4 days. I feel a bit cross about having sucumbed to the pain, but I am not a fool... pain is pain and ya don't have to put up with it.

Anyway... onward with the day....

Sorry but it's going to be a long, quiet day.
- The Estate Agent rang... another meeting is being held at 3.30 this afternoon... ! WHATEVER.
- I have woken up feeling really ill, and the bleeding 'downstairs' has picked up a bit, so I'm in bed and intend on staying here till I'm feeling a bit better. If I don't feel any better in a few hours I will go to the doctor. *bugger damn and blast*
- Thank God Stew is still home....

2.30 pm... feeling marginally better ... think I might be getting a cold? Head is all fuzzy...
COFFEE BEAN: I had reconstructive surgery of me Vagina, as well as the hysterectomy... so there's 4 'wounds' within to heal... and they are going to take much longer to heal because (a) I'm a bleeder and (b) I'm now on blood thinners to stop me getting another blood clot! So I will take much longer to stop bleeding .... shit happens. Thanks for caring babe.

End of Day: well, we have an offer on the table for the house... it is way way too low.... so we are sleeping on it.... I don't think we can afford to accept it. GUTTED.
NSV: had no appetite today... wonder why? hmmmmm . nite nite.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today I go for the first of many visits to the Hospital Haematology Clinic to monitor how my blood is reacting to the new drug Rivaroxaban... a new drug to prevent blood clots which is in World Wide Trials right now. I know I am in for a blood test....

But I feel very confident that it will be OK, they are experts at this, and the last time they took blood (in the Emergency Department) it hardly hurt at all! I am one of the biggest sooks when it comes to needles!

The things that I have remembered from my time in hospital... One thing that stands out is when I was in Recover after the first operation (I think).... someone kept asking me to 'poke out me tongue' ... UMMM WHY?

AND then the buggers pricked me ear lobes and ankles to get blood! UMMM WHY? I so don't get that!

Anyway.... what else is on today?

Well, we hope to hear from the Real Estate Agent with good news, but Stew is not hopeful, he reckons they will come back with a super low offer which we will, of course, reject. But, let's just wait and see eh?
I am trying to be positive and hopeful.... later...

I've had the first blood test, now waiting till 11 am to go back for the next one.... ikkkkkk. While we were there we picked up my UTERUS from Histology/Pathology... it weighs bugger all! Sad. Stew is going to bury it in the cemetary with my brothers and Dad on his way back to Auckland this weekend.

We walk into the house, Stew is carrying me uterus (in a brown paper bag)... Griffin sees the bag and says "Oh neat, you got lunch for us!"..... AHHH No mate, we did not! LOL *kinda grossed me out that did!*

To answer some of your quetions:
- yes we have permission to bury my uterus at the cemetery.... under a tree.
-No, I will not be getting it outta it's little box for a gander, put it under a microscope or anything like that!
- Yes, we will accept an offer on our home under our asking price, as long as it's reasonable! We want to move!

And for anyone who is even remotely interesed... above is me uterus in a cute wee box. It weighs bugger all.... so I suppose I had better continue with the diet then.....*sigh*
Oh and thanks for the comments... most of them really cracked me up and made a yukky day much happier!
HOUSE SALE... is still in negotiations, MIGHT hear something more tonight..... the 'buyers' are now consulting with their solicitor... I could throttle them for dragging this out so long.
It's 3pm, Stew has taken the kids to the movies, I'm bloody tired so gunna have a nap... so bugger off and come back later!
Well so much for a nap, the phone kept ringing, then Teddy started howling, so no nap.
I have just spent an hour sitting in the kitchen teaching Steve how to make Macaroni Cheese...he did well, and didn't burn it even! We will be having it for dinner tonight, AFTER I go to Weight Watchers! Am expecting a gain cos I have been EVIL.... well I gained 600 grms.... so not as bad as I expected.
End of Day: havn't heard from the Real Estate Agent... this is like psychological torture!
NSV: been totally on track today and feel good for it. Lots of ice in me Just Juice... so I'm getting some water! wooo hooo. nite nite.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Wooo hooo... another award given to me! This time from Coffee Bean.... and this time... I ain't passing it on! If you want it, it's all yours! Or if you know of a really good blog... you can give it to them from me! What ever...... I'm just too lazy to find all me great blogs and do it... I'm on an old computer that doesn't have me favourites on it.... fogive me OK.


Got to go into town and pick up me new boots from the cobbler... got new soles put on them to extend their life.

Hopefully my laptop will be ready too... I miss it so much.

Not sure what else... maybe we will hear from the Real Estate people? Man I hope so.... they are still 'working' on the buyers..... they are Asians and are having trouble understanding the 'ins' and 'outs' of it all... An interpreter has been brought in to help it seems.

I live in hope....

I just had a call from an Aunty... she insisted on me ringing my doctor to see if I can get some Home Help when Stew goes back to Auckland... so (feeling like a fraud).. I did and.. she's working on it. While I am feeling much much better, I am a bit concerned about how I'm going to cope once I'm on my own.... still hurts, still bleeding.... got some concerns still about having another hemmorhage... so maybe it's a wise move?


Our Agent rang an hour ago: "Can you get outta the house in 10 minutes, they want to have another look with their builder?"....

alrighty then, mad dash around to make sure it's tidy .... then off we go ... drive around for about 45 minutes, then...

"Ok, you can go home, I will call you later today with any news"....

WAITNG.... WAITING... YET AGAIN. Visualise 'SOLD'.... cos I am. Power of the Positive and all that .....

ANNE: you are a darling for offering to do me housework... lets wait and see if Midcentral Health come to the party and help me eh? Otherwise... YOU ARE ON! lol

STOP holding your breath! The Agent rang, he's got a meeting with 'THEM' tomorrow at 10 am.... so maybe things will start to move then! Far out I hope so, I am sooooo over all this anticipation, and I bet you poor buggers are too!

Here's our darling wee Teddy, on me legs .... which are covered with the most lovely cuddly rug ever.... he is so spoilt! And doesn't he know it? LOL
End of Day: another long one... with some suspence thrown in for good measure. Had a grumbly, sore tummy today too.... think it's just me insides settling down... and trying to get back to 'normal'... well I'm hoping that's all it is!
NSV: had pizza for dinner, didn't mean to, it JUST HAPPENED.... nite nite.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I FEEL BAD, a while ago I was given an award from and now I've just been given it AGAIN from Karen! So here it is:

It's called Arte y pico, and I now have to pass it on to 5 Bloggers....

Bugger me! How the hell do ya narrow it down to 5 deserving bloggers? I will try...

- My Grimm Reality.... cos he's a nice Dad and Dude! And he's not too bad for a 'bloke blogger' !

- Lynda in America..... cos she's special, and loves her kids and hubby and has gone through hell lately with one of her precious kids.

- Nannette..... cos even though she's not blogging much at the moment, she's me mate and I loves her.

- Anne....cos no matter what, this woman just keeps on going!

- C.... cos she rocks, and is an inspiration to all who homeschool their kids!

I was only allowed 5... so the rest of you don't go pack a shit on me! I know how it feels when others get 'awards'... and you don't! Ya feel ..... sad. (sorry)

Onward with me day....

who knows what's in store? When I went to bed last night I was feeling so low, I cried even, I didn't want to talk to anyone, in fact I was REALLY REALLY MISERABLE....

And overnight I get 18 comments from you lovely buggers who read me blog and I'm feeling so much better! Thank you so much for perking me up....

I am still feeling 'FLAT' and unhappy, but I'm sure if I force myself to get outta bed and move around a bit I shall start to come right. I am just dreading Stew going back to Auckland.... and can't see an end to Open Homes and trying to sell this friggin house. I WANT TO BE WITH MY HUSBAND IN AUCKLAND SO MUCH... settled in a new home and all that.

Right, bitch and moan over, shall start me day.....

My girlfriend Janene gave me this thingee that you can attatch to ya jeans (mostly for pregnant girls) and it means you can wear your jeans without having to do them up.... so I'm so happy... I can wear me jeans without hurting me tummy.... it's not the best shot of me belly, but I don't care!

And here's another crappy shot... of the wound on me belly.. it is healing so very well, I'm rather happy with it all things considered. It goes RIGHT DOWN past the pubes.... so ya only get to see 3/4 of it!!! lol

There is only one tiny bit left at the top that has a scab on it still.... once that falls off it will be all better....

'downstairs' is still not right.... quite a bit of pain, still bleeding... but that is to be expected I'm told... being on blood thinners is slowing down the internal healing... bugger! I wanna wear me cute new knickers! Still can't.

I really do have the most amazing, understanding husband! He took me out for some RETAIL THEREAPY... and we bought...

A BOAT!...... Ok, it's a replica to sit on top of the credenza... but it's a boat... I love boats! Well anything nautical in fact!

AND I saw a really pretty Ceylonese Sapphire and diamond ring I wanted too. Stew would have got it for me, but I think I should wait till it's me birthday.... did ya all know that in October I turn ***50*** ? Fair warning right now.... I want LOTS AND LOTS OF CARDS from you buggers too!!!

Right, I'm tired, gunna have a wee nap.....

End of Day: a much better day... there is a tiny glimmer of hope in relation to the 'buyers'.... just a waiting game. And tomorrow will be another better day I am sure. Must be positive eh?

NSV: wore me jeans, and a nice top .... and me lovely winter coat.. so felt great ... funny how wearing me jeans perks me up! nite nite

Monday, July 14, 2008


Hey LORI (sister)... I don't hear from you in weeks, you read me blog.... and all you can say is "make me poor dog a quilt"? ARE YOU MAD?

Where is the " sorry to hear you have been so sick/nearly died" eh? *shaking head in disbelief*

Right, now that's off me chest (sorry about that faithful readers who care)...... I will start me day!
Steve is going to take the kids out soon so we can whip around and get the house tip top again....

Then we will bugger off and go into town, drop off me poor laptop to be fixed hopefully, dunno what else for now... but I'm sure I will find something to do!

We made the house all beautiful and warm, left..... came back an hour later and now... it's 3 hours later and we still have not heard a word from the Agent... that is just piss poor! I am going nuts waiting to find out what's happening... or not.

Having a quiet afternoon, kids are watching some stoooooopid movie on TV (George in the Jungle)....
The Mail today consisted of all the usual stuff, PLUS a letter from America from the Flat Stanley's Family! Elf and Emperor made me Get Well Letters! How lovely, it really brightened my day no end! THANK YOU BOYS!

Aren't they just lovely?

While I'm thinking about them... the Flat Stanley's need a new place to visit... so if you feel you would like to 'host' them and show them around, get back to me! They are SICK TO DEATH of being in my handbag! LOL

We have heard from the Estate Agent, he is 'working' on the buyers.... won't hold me breath.

End of Day: feeling really depressed, does not look like a 'Go' for selling the house today. I am so over getting my hopes up only to have them dashed yet again. And Stew will be going back to Auckland end of week.... leaving me here AGAIN .... just want to cry.
NSV: none. too tired/grumpy/sad to give a shit. nite nite.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Sundays seem to roll around so quick... worst luck. Open Home AGAIN this afternoon... and as per usual we will be spending the day cleaning, tidying up, freshening up.... yadda yadda ya.

Had a AWESOME night's sleep! Feel on top of the world, sitting up in bed having just had my breakfast brought to me on a tray.... Stew is taking such good care of me. I am a spoilt tart for sure!!! Poached egg on toast, hot latte.....

Last night I ventured upstairs and made a pillowcase to match Griffin's quilt, I am going to put the 'unfinished' quilt on his bed today for Open Home... so needed a pillowcase didn't I? It looks lovely too... will take a photo later so ya all can see....
But for now... I suppose I better get outta bed and help Stew a wee bit.

TRISHA: I usually understand everything you Americans say, just the odd word here and there I misunderstand.... like you guys say fanny for BUM, here it is ya vagina!
Right.... onward.....

Doesn't that look just lovely?....

Well another open home where we spent hours getting the house in tip top condition for nothing! No one came.

Had lunch in town, and am now at home thinking I might just have a nap! So tired... done bugger all but still tired.

End of Day: got some people coming through the house tomorrow morning.... cross everything!!!! They have been here before... they are keen... hope they have the money!!!

NSV: totally on track with food, still no diet coke is being tolerated... and.... me fluid retention is nowhere near as bad as 'normal'... oh bugger does this mean Diet Coke was contributing to the problem? Maybe is was... shame that cos I still love the stuff... nite nite.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


This morning's 'Morning Tea' will be the first NORMAL thing I have done in over 3 weeks! I can't wait .... for me latte and yak with the girls.....
AND I have a yearning for some retail thereapy too.... wonder if Stew will oblige me? Or for that matter, if my body will ? Suppose I will have to wait and see.

Son Steve has packed a wobbly with me and buggered off for the weekend... nice one son. Just run away from an argument... it will get you NOWHERE. Friggin kids.


Well I have had a very busy morning... met the girls and had a right gas-bag... it was so neat to be out and about like normal. Then I bought me some cute new knickers! Well I NEED them! So what if they cost an arm and a leg... it's going to be so nice to be able to wear pretty knickers without worrying about ruining them every month!

See? Pretty.....

After that I met up with Stew and the kids and they had lunch at a foodcourt.... I didn't feel like anything but a drink. Then they dropped me home and went back into town to get Griffin new shoes (AGAIN)... shit that boys goes through shoes ever 2 months!

I have heard from pain in the arse son (Steve) ... maybe he doesn't hate me afterall? *SIGH*

My beloved laptop is packing a wobbly as well.. so it will have to go into the repair shop on monday.... in the meantime I at least have the old one to use. I would be lost without me computer!

Pack a wobbly = pack a sad, have a hissy fit, pack a shitty, blow a gasket, have a temper tantrum, etc!

Well once again I paid for it for kinda overdoing it... spent most of the afternoon on me lounge chair feeling exhausted! Had a lovely visit from Janene and her Mum... her Mum just LOVED Teddy, now she wants another wee dog too. He IS gorgeous ... so how could she resisit?

I tried on all me new knickers, they are lovely! Makes ya feel good to wear pretty knickers I reckon.

End of Day: all in all a good day has been had. Stew cooked devine pork steaks for dinner... I'm stuffed!

NSV: the weight is holding off... even with no exercise. This is good. nite nite.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Yep, bald as a badger, just like my 'nether regions' were the other day (the buggers shaved me!)... but NOW.... the hair is growing back and IT IS DRIVING ME BLOODY NUTS!!!!


Today: well I so don't know! Steve is home now, so I am going to make the most of him being here somehow! Little shit ..... I have forgotten how many times he's moved out / back in!

I have woken up feeling so very good this morning! So I'm thinking... I might try getting on the exercycle for about 5 minutes and do a few light dumb bell exercises on me arms too..... JUST A LITTLE BIT.... cos I have to start somewhere eh?

Oh forgot... how's this for aftercare? The Hospital Heamatology Department rang me twice yesterday to check up on me, THEN my surgeon rang me too yesterday to see how I was!!! I was impressed and touched.... seems they really care and want to make sure I am not having any more problems. So nice.

When Teddy had his 'boy bits' removed the other day the Vet also repaired a tiny umbilical hernia too... I looked at Teddy's tummy this morning and was not happy.... he has severe bruising and the hernia seems to still be there and BIGGER.... so Stew has taken him back to the Vets.... he will be staying there for the day till the Vet can see him (he's doing surgery right now and will see Teddy asap) .... so the bloody dog is a copy cat it would seem! I have a: Drama Queen Dog!
After sitting in a cage at the Vet's for 7 hours the Vet FINALLY said Teddy was ok, and give me $45 ! The bugger! So, at least Teddy is not in trouble eh?
Been a quiet day, did not get on the exercycle afterall... had a nap instead! lol
Useless I am.
Had an argument with Steve this afternoon once he finally got out of bed, I don't have much tolerance for people who sleep all day, stay out all night and wonder why they can't sleep at night after doing that for years! He is useless too. I am already regretting him coming home... I can see it is not going to work. What to do? Dunno.
I reckon when I can't drag the photos down it's a glitch with Blogger... cos now I can get this photo of Griffin being a dork to come down! Derrrr......
End of Day: I'm feeling a bit grumpy, and have a grumpy face to match. Bored. Annoyed. Still sore... mostly the fanny (vagina you people who think it's me bum!)
NSV: think I actually ate too much today... must watch that cos I am getting no exercise eh? nite nite.