Thursday, May 31, 2007


Well it looks like my PARTY PARTY PARTY will be in the first week of August... plenty of time for everyone to plan on it! Why so long away? cos Lee Anne want to come, and she's not coming down this way till then! That's cool, gives me time to hopefully get the lounge re-painted! Maybe not, who cares! But it is on, don't have a date, I'm still in bed and can't see a calandar!

PERFECTION: one of you lovely ladies suggesed I had it perfected when it comes to parenting.... sorry mate... but I am absolutely sure there is no PERFECT parent, and for sure NOT ME! I do the best I can, and I am happy with that. LOL

Today: Well I don't feel like doing much, my shoulders, back, legs, oh hell.... ALL OF ME....aches!!! All that gardening, walking, cycling has near done me in! Never mind, I'm off walking again this morning, followed by a gym session (Upper Body and Core) later on. Wooo hoooo.....

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I'm sitting in bed... just talked to the little shits.... you know who I mean... and asked them ever so nicely to be lovely little kids this morning! Wonder if it will work? One can only hope, would hate to have to go find the friggin duct tape!

I had visions of a million people reporting me to the cops yesterday after I admitted to using duct tape on me kids... glad to see I am still here! Phew!

Today, usual morning stuff, kids to school, walk the dog, ... but not going to the gym!

I am going to garden! I hate dirt, with a vengence, but I want to get the front garden sorted before friday.. cos on friday and over the weekend I am going to be "helping" the teenagers move out !!! OH YEAH, OH YEAH.... and I have already told them, once they are gone, there is NO COMING BACK! If they get into trouble they can go live with HER MOTHER !! Cos this one has done her dash.

I am going to have my nice clean house back, no more piles of filthy washing on the floor, no more stinking dishes piled up all over the upstairs rooms, no more parties, no more cigarette butts all over my driveway and in the garden, oh god I could go on and on..... Maybe I will have a party to celebrate! You are all welcome!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Not much of a title today eh? But hey, thinking of a title first thing every morning is HARD!

Today I am doing a first.... taking Izzy with me to the gym to meet and walk with my gym buddy... we have never taken her with us before, I usually walk her on our own then meet Janet and walk with her.... I hope she behaves !

What else? I had a shitty evening last night, don't really know why... but was picking all night and then blew it all and had a monster chocolate cookie ... maybe I am PMS-ing? I even tried to get Stew to go out and buy chocolate, but he wouldn't.... good man that. Not that I thought so at the time.

So, what else on today... NOTHING! Maybe that's what's wrong with me, nothing planned ... though I have heaps to do around the house, two bedrooms waiting to be painted, then the lounge and dining room .... maybe I just need to go do some retail therapy.... might get myself a new pedometer today... not going swimming anymore so can't drown it like the last 3 ! later...

Monday, May 28, 2007


For all you poor buggers who hate Mondays, cos ya gotta go to work.... I feel sorry for ya. I love Monday's, it means everyone goes back to school and work and I am left in peace! YAAAA.

Today... kids to school, walk the dog, go to the gym, do a few jobs in town... all the usual stuff that makes my day so much fun! Lovin it...

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Not feeling too crash hot this morning, got a great sleep last night, but have a killer headache this morning... so am going to take a pill and do nothing for a while!

Linda... NO it was not my jam sponge cake... Stew bought it for the kids AND I had none. I don't even like the stuff, too dry.

So don't have much to say this morning!... later!

Last night: we were watching American Idol, .. anyway... Brylee and Griffin were on the couch together under a blankie, and I thought 2 things...

1. Griffin was actually sitting beside Brylee and not screaming "I hate you, get away from me, you stink, I don't like you.. " get the drift? Amazing in itself!

2. I was amazed at how alike their profiles were! I mean, to look at from the front, they are soooo different! But hey, there is definitely a family resemblence there eh! I thought this was so cool!

These two kids have the same mother (our daughter), but different fathers... Brylee takes after Lacy to a "T", Griffin is darker and way bigger.. must take after whoever was his biological father! Must have been a good looking guy!

Something else that's very funny... people are always saying "Isn't Griffin like his Dad" meaning Stew... it always makes us laugh cos Stew is really his Grandfather! And in no way genetically linked to him either! Lacy (Griffin's birth mother) is Stew's adopted daughter, I had my first 4 children to my first husband before I met Stew, and when we got married Stew adopted them all. My Hero! Confused yet??? lol

I let Stew sleep in, ain't I nice? Now he's up, and we have plans for the day.. going out for lunch, feeding the ducks, taking some photos of "where we live" for a nice photo post soon, watch the friggin rugby, mow the lawns.... in that order. later....

14PK, sorry about that, no I thought what I saw last night was the final, derrr, I thought she had won... will find out tonight I suppose. I hope she does, that last song she sang last night made me cry!

Been for our ticky tour... and went to the park to feed the ducks and ran into this group of guys... must have been a Stag Party cos it was all blokes and the one below wearing the pink top and frilly skirt.. with "I'M GETTING MARRIED...Kick Me" written on it! It was very funny... they were having "Toilet Races" on the little skating rink...


... It looked like fun, apparently they don't go very fast, but tip over quite easily.
Feeding the ducks, no shortage of ducks... it's Duck Shooting Season and they are all in town at the parks, clever little buggers! We are home now, Stew is watching the rugby, Samoa Vs. Junior All Blacks.... oh joy!
COOL !!! JORDIN did win American Idol, I thought she would !!! Awesome singer. With that said, nite nite.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Have not had the best night... those friggin teenagers kept us awake all night AGAIN! But.... they are leaving soon so that should be the last time..... it better be!

Mike's room is right next to our's, and he's had a harem in there since about 4am... sounds like he's still yabbering to her and it's now 8.30am! Steve and Lisa are upstairs, I have no idea how many other teenagers/young people are asleep up there, but if they think they are getting breakfast from me they can think again.

Today, I'm off into town at 10 for morning tea with the girlfriends, then if it's fine outside we are doing yard work... lawns, leaves, etc. No gym today, rest day.

Am feeling a tad jaded, not surprising after getting very little sleep all night... might end up having a nana nap this afternoon

Friday, May 25, 2007


I got up bright and early this morning to book into sunday's RPM (spin cycle) class, and Steve and Lisa were up ... and they told me they got the house they were after... and move out next week!

***YES*** ***YES*** ***YES*** **YES*** ***YES***

Now of course, I do love them to bits....but oh my god, I am sick to death of them! And their mess! And their weird hours... up all night, sleeping all day, coming and going during the night and waking us up all the time..... when did they say they were going??? Like soon!!!!

A year ago I would have felt differently, but not anymore, those two need to get out into the real world and learn to look after themselves.... and maybe Mike WILL go to Auckland next year... oooo, then it will be just the 4 of us at home! IMAGINE THAT??

Wonder what that will do to the grocery bill, and the power bill ?

Today: Kids to school, walk Izzy, go to the gym...

Thursday, May 24, 2007


NOOOOO not me, Lisa.... as we speak she is off to the doctor for a blood test to rule out pregnancy! Far out I hope she's not! They are too young to be bringing a kid into the world!

That said, worse things can happen I suppose. I am waiting till after I've walked the dog to ring my specialist re: my results. I am sick of being told, ring tomorrow.

On Survivour last night, Yau-man said this :

"Love Many,

Trust Few,

Do No Wrong To Others"

I just loved it, it is a great way to live your life, and how I hope I am living mine. I try hard to anyway!

Right, I just got a phone call from the Specialist's nurse, he's gunna ring me this morning with the results....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It's gunna be a normal day today, kids to school, gym, walk the dog...

Right, as promised... the monster Photo Post:

Me on the plane.. showing the excess seatbelt strap!!! I fitted into the seatbelt with spare!!! AND the loo!!! AND the tray came down with no belly to sit on or stop it!!!!

The kids and Stew in the pool on the Gold Coast.

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast....................Rollercoaster at Dreamworld, Stew and Griffin were on it in this photo.

The Ferris Wheel at Seaworld............Stew and Bry at Dreamworld

Views from the Ferris Wheel at Seaworld. That Ferris Wheel was soooo huge!

Rollercoaster at Seaworld, and below it the Log Flume which we went on about 8 times! Stew and Griffin on the Ferris Wheel, I love this photo!

On the Ferris Wheel..... awesome views... scary! Don't I look scared!

The aquarium at Seaworld, it was amazing!

Stew and Griffin on the rollercoaster at Seaworld, me and kids, with a huge shark behind us.... ewwwww.

Getting dinner at Grandmas, with Uncle Ron too.

Griffin and Uncle Ron with fire hose, Mum and Ron's House.(Coffs)

Mum trying out her massage cushion, the house from a distance on the hills.... theirs' is the house on the right, white.

Mum getting a cuddle from a New Zealand Fur Seal on her 70th Birthday, at the Porpoise Pool in Coffs Harbour! Me having just fed a dolphin.

Kids and dolphin..............Mum doing a Haka ..... ha ha ha.

Kids playing ball with the dolphins! How cool is that?

Mum's 70th Birthday dinner and cake.

Griffin bored and watching the washing going around..... and blowing bubbles in the back of Diane's convertible Peugeot, we were on our way home from having dinner, it was drizzling and we had the top down anyway, it was fun!

Me and the kids on the Jetty at Coffs Harbour, a view of Coffs Harbour.

Griffin in bed on the train trip from Coffs to Sydney. Diane (Ron's daughter), Me and Mum on our last night in Coffs Harbour. I grew up with Diane as a childhood friend, along with her two sisters and brother.

Griffin sound asleep in a shoe shop in Sydney! Brylee in bed on the train.

Sydney Opera House, from the ferry. Kerry (Celtic_Girl), and us in Sydney.

Kerry and I on the ferry in Sydney Harbour, on our way back from the Zoo... no photos of zoo!...... a Harbour View.

Briony (from Newcastle) and Me in our Hotel, our Hotel view from the window.... 'city scape'......... awesome .

Our pretty plane (Freedom) and Me and Belinda (Cranky Bee) and Catherine (CKK) at a dessert Restuarant in Sydney, where we were all evil ! But it was yummmy!

Right, that's it!