Thursday, March 15, 2007


I have done a lot of thinking today.... I am petrified of gaining any more weight, and really scared that I was losing the plot permanently.... and I AM NOT GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN !
So, I've decided to :

- Plan my day's meals the evening before, and stick to it.
- Have no sweet foods/treats/snacks except on saturday
- Have no food after 7.30 pm, no matter what
- Stay within my points (Derrrr)
- Commit to losing 500 grms a week
- Focus on losing 5kgs, then maintain that loss for at least a fortnight before trying to lose more.

I was reading another girl's blog today and she was talking about losing 5kgs, then learn to maintain that loss before moving on to the next 5kgs.... what an awesome idea! When I was losing the 61 kgs I never learnt that step... sure I had to maintain at the end, but not during..... it was just lose, lose, lose. I obviously need to change something, so that's it.... focus on small amounts, maintain that then move on. I am feeling a bit more positive tonight, so on that note I shall say "nite, nite".


  1. Learning to maintain during your weight loss is a great way to make sure that your gains and losses are true, and to keep your weight loss at a steady pace. I do it with my loss/reward schemes, and its worked pretty well for me.

    You've got a great plan set out for yourself - best of luck sticking to it! Nite nite! :-D

  2. Setting yourself some strategies is a great idea - your action points are suited to the purpose and achievable. Planning is definately the key to just about everything, good on you!

  3. My sympathies you've had a tough day. (Group Hug from your faithful readers). This will pass, you've got a plan. You can do it!

    Kids, aren't they enough to drive anyone crazy.

    Tomorrow will be better.

  4. Hi Chris, I have been a lurker on your blog for a while now, so thought I should say HI.
    If you get a chance, read the book called "Clothesline Diet" by Karen Gatt. It is a fantastic read and will surely motivate you no end. She designed her own system in 6 week cycles (if I remember rightly) 5 weeks of losing then 1 week of maintaining. It worked wonders. A highly recommended read.
    Catch you again soon :)

  5. I quite like the idea of the 5kgs maintain too. Glad to hear you are planning ahead. The fear of gaining it all back must be huge. I haven't lost it yet so I dont have that worry!
    Have faith in yourself, you'll be ok.


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