Wednesday, November 30, 2011


What happens when you have two mad dogs running through the house... and they both try to jump out the dog door AT THE SAME TIME?

ABOVE:  they smashed the dog door!  And put a big crack in the glass!

ABOVE: running repairs until we can get a new dog door and a glazier to come and install a new pane of glass and the dog door.  *sigh*  

ABOVE:  The little shits lying in the sunny patch on Steve's bed... which  HE MADE yesterday morning!  WONDERS WILL NEVER CEASE!
Oh and why did I tidy his room the other day?  Cos I wanted to.  I know he can do it himself ... and should.  But sometimes I just like to see the room TIDY.  My version of tidy, not his!  lol

TODAY:  off to Hospice Shop.  Don't want to find any treasure today. Got to get the remaining Christmas Presents 'cos tomorrow....  is DECEMBER!  Far out, where did this year go????


ANON:  you are right, sometimes I no doubt do take comments the 'wrong way'.  That is all I am going to say, as addressing each point in your comment might be taken as 'ATTACKING YOU'.  Thank you for your comment and saying you still think I am a lovely person.  Ohhh NO HOLD ON... there is ONE thing I do want to clear up.  The Cheese.   Steve loves it, and he pays for it.

It was very busy in the shop this morning, and even though I didn't want to find any treasure.... *sigh*.... I did.
 ABOVE:  a cute wee glass jelly mould, two cute wee glasses, an oil jug, a glass jug and three cute little trays... 

ABOVE: this really neat basket!  All of the above for only $10!  Not bad eh? 

OH CRANKY!      

I can't be sensitive.
I can't be defensive.
I can't express my opinion.
I can't be depressed.
Seriously, I can't even say how much our cheese cost?
I can't do anything it would appear. 

I am never going to express an opinion again, or  say how I'm feeling, or anything.  

If I wasn't ME on my blog this would be the most god damn boring blog ever.   OH HOLD ON, some Anon's have already said it is!  Well... WHATEVER~

I'm crabby now.  Off to eat freakin EXPENSIVE cheese.

It would appear that people expect to be able to   make whatever sort of comment  THEY want on my blog, but I cannot reply without being accused of being overly sensitive, or defensive, or attacking them, or taking it the wrong way?

Is that fair?  

Or... YOU feel you cannot comment on my blog without being taken the wrong way?  

I give up!  It's like no matter what I do or don't do... I'm in the wrong!


DAMN!  I just did what I always do.  Knee Jerk Reaction.
I really must stop doing this.  You all must be sick to death of it.

Hee Hee... quite proud of myself right now.  I just realised I didn't say a very bad word... like FUCK!   LOL.

End of Day:  interesting day.  Annoying at times.  But still.... better than boring eh?
nite nite

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


First off today, just when you think your home is REASONABLY clean and tidy, someone points this out:

ABOVE:  the view UNDER the fridge!  OMG.  We are pigs!!!   (OK, I exaggerate a bit)... but still!  THAT job is going on the:  'You Guys' list!  Some bloke in this house needs to pull out that fridge and clean under it for me.

WTF?  last week this cheese cost $20....

ABOVE: this week?  $29.99  'SOMEONE' is ripping us off.

COMMENTS:  now I really want your opinion on this one (PLEASE)...
If you visit a person's blog over and over again, leave nice comments every time.... but that person NEVER comes over and leaves YOU a nice comment now and then.... do you think I should just stop visiting their blog and stop leaving comments???  I am in this 'position' with quite a few blogs I visit... I LIKE these bloggers/blogs, but am feeling a bit.... sad? that they don't return the favour.

(Some of these bloggers DO acknowledge my comment with an email... but still don't visit/leave me a comment EVER.)

So:  tell me what YOU would do in this situation... IF you are someone who actually leaves me comments!  lol

OH and another thing bugging me right now.  If I send you an invite to read my Private Blog (cos you asked for it) then I never hear from you again.... I feel awful.  So if this applies to you... I am weeding my private blog readers again... and you will be deleted.  Sorry, but if you read my private blog and don't even bother to comment... ta ta.

LYNDA:  we usually buy it once a fortnight.  And what do we do with it?   Just the usual thing really ... WE EAT IT.  DOH.  Sliced thinly on sandwiches mostly.

Right, I've been out and about this morning.  THANK YOU for so many suggestions re:  comments etc.  Muchly appreciated.

NOW on to my morning!  Bit of a long story ahead:

I mentioned the other day that my SD Camera Card was jammed in my camera eh?
Well... I rang the place where I bought the camera from,  and the guy there said to bring it in, and it would cost me $57.20 to get it assessed at Panasonic Head Office Service Department.  He also said it would be a minimum of three weeks until I heard anything, and repairs cost $120.00 +GST an hour, with the minimum charge being 1 hour.

I'm like... bugger that!

I found out where Panasonic's Head Office was and drove there this morning.... 10 minutes from me house.
The lady at the Service desk said she would take me camera out the back and see what the technician thought.... I waited about 10 minutes then the lady came back with the technician.
He told me the card was cracked and jammed in there, so it was a physical breakdown, NOT covered by warranty.  
I said BUGGER, and could I book it in to be looked at and repaired after Christmas?  

Well that really NICE MAN said he would have a go at getting the card out right there and then, and told me to go have a coffee and come back in an hour!

So I did.  Well OK, I didn't have a coffee (ikkkk).... I went up to Botany and posted some mail.
When I got back the camera was FIXED!  AND they waivered the assessment fee ($57.20)  AND did not charge me a cent for the repair either!  I was gobsmacked.

They said I would need a new SD Card as mine was dead, and would I like to buy one while I was there?  I said 'YES PLEASE', how much?
The cards are $40 in the shops... I got TWO for $50 at the Panasonic Head Office!

Those people are just so nice, I went out and bought them a dozen slices/pieces of cake for their afternoon tea!
I would have taken a photo of the cakes, but hadn't put the SD Card in me camera at that point.

So, I've had an EXCELLENT experience with PANASONIC again!

After that I went and bought a set of Tie Backs for Steve's room:
ABOVE:  the tie backs... I will show you them in use once I've put them on the wall I suppose!
I mean, I show you fulla's just about EVERYTHING don't I?  lol

I am really, really chuffed (happy, thrilled) with my day so far!

End of Day:  well after all you gorgeous buggers leaving me comments today I feel much better about what I am doing.  Blogging is quite a time consuming thing... well it is if you are me and blog on and on and on... all day!  lol

But I do love it, and I love visiting blogs too... but the number of blogs I read now is crazy, and I will probably have to start cutting down to just those who  are my 'regulars'.  I think this is necessary just so I don't have to spend 6 hours in one day reading/commenting just to keep up!
nite nite

Monday, November 28, 2011


The rounds of what?
Blogs... I am going to visit me regular blog friends this morning, then spend the afternoon sewing I hope.

When we were in Hamilton on Saturday I got Stew to take me to the local Spotlight shop... and they had the plain black fabric I wanted for the placemats.   Yaaaa hoooo.   

ABOVE:  I give you two 'funnies' I found on the net.... cos I don't have any photos for today yet!

I hope to get lots of washing done today too... the weather is due to crap out tomorrow for the rest of the week...

Getting there.... blogs that is....

ABOVE:  all set up for ironing.... NOT that I am stating CATEGORICALLY that I am doing any today.... just ready to is all.

SEWING:  ain't gunna happen.  Walking around the house has shown me that I have far too much housework to do... bugger it all.
BUT, I know I will feel better if I actually do it!  So... 
I just tidied up Steve's room, changed the bedding etc.  Got really cross with the curtains... no tie backs.... so I improvised for now:

ABOVE: nice and tidy.... won't stay like that long... *sigh*

ABOVE:  my 'improvised' tie backs.... stretchy elastic shoe laces!  Works for me.
I 'googled' tie backs... OMG what a minefield of ideas... I got off that site real fast cos I could have spent HOURS looking at all the different tie backs....

I'm making lists today:  of things to do.  NOT just for me.  Maybe if 'people' see the list they will do it?  Just sayin...
AND bugger!  My photo 'card' is jammed in the camera.  This is not good.  I can see $$$ signs ahead to get it out.

ABOVE:  this lot done, just got the bathrooms to go... and mopping floors KILLS me back.  Seriously... may employ me a housekeeper (I can dream can't I?).  

SIX HOURS reading/commenting on blogs AND doing housework!  I'm D.O.N.E.
Time to relax for a wee while before I have to turn around and cook dinner.  Far out,  being a kept woman is not all it's cracked up to be.

RELAX!  Ha, as if.  I just did one of the 'guys' jobs so I could hang larger items under the decking... took me a little while but I did it.  Weather is starting to pack it in... expect rain soon... just as well MOST of the washing got done over the weekend.  (thanks Darling)

End of Day:  a good day, if you like housework.  Lovely dinner, lamb chops cooked in thick mint sauce.  
Time NOW to actually relax.  
nite nite

Sunday, November 27, 2011


we are going out to Swanson to visit Stew's sister and check out her new house... she's had massive renovations done and we are really excited to see the changes.
I have some 'before' photos, which I will post now, then when we get home I will post the 'after' photos.

ABOVE:  front of house, hasn't changed much, new front windows and a door under the carport for access to self contained unit.

ABOVE:  before  ....

ABOVE:  and After.  She has put a vege garden in the front of the deck, and has even been eating salad greens from it already.  Impressed!

BEFORE:   from the kitchen door looking out to the deck... 

ABOVE:  deck area after she moved in.

ABOVE: the downstairs area BEFORE, just one very big room, the laundry, a storage room and the front door with stairs leading up to the main part of the house.

ABOVE:  the downstairs now has a completely seperate, self contained one bedroom unit.  It has a lounge, bedroom, kitchen and laundry/bathroom... with it's own new entrance.

My Sister In Law has retained the existing front door, existing laundry and the storage room is now a spare single bedroom.    

ABOVE:  the kitchen BEFORE:

ABOVE:  the kitchen AFTER. What you can't see to the right is a huge double pantry and on the opposite wall is the fridge and more cupboards.

ABOVE: the dining room BEFORE: ....

ABOVE: and the Dining room AFTER...  Where the metal filing cabinets are (on the right there)  is where she is putting a fireplace soon....she stripped the floors and knocked down the end wall to extend into the existing 3rd bedroom.... 

ABOVE: the 3rd bedroom became the Lounge!    She put French Doors out to the deck from the new Lounge too.... it's a lovely area now.

ABOVE:  the old Master Bedroom BEFORE: ...

ABOVE: the new Master Bedroom.   It's so light and airy... such an improvement.  This room has French Doors out to a HUGE deck too.

ABOVE:  the bathroom upstairs BEFORE: 

ABOVE: the bathroom AFTER.  All new whiteware, cabinets etc.

ABOVE:  this is the 2nd bedroom upstairs,  my SIL is still working on re-painting this room.  It was that dark blue everywhere... quite hideous.

So, we had a really nice visit with Khady, she made us a lovely lunch too.... we spent a nice few hours there. 

Home now and poor Stew is mowing the lawns.. it's really hot today.  Rather him than me!

*sigh*.... now I have to cook dinner.  Spag Bog for dinner tonight.

End of Day:  a nice day ... looking forward to me bed though... was very hot today.
nite nite.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Today our country holds it's General Election... where we get to say who we want in 'power' for the next 3 years.
I have and no doubt always will vote for :


I  had to take off the picture and blurb about John Key as it's classed as 'Electioneering'... oops, I didn't know that was a 'no-no' today!

So that is first order of the day...VOTE.  Then we are going to Hamilton for lunch .... possibly catch up with Steve too... he's there for the weekend.

So... ONWARD....  
LEIGH:  oooo was that electioneering?  My bad.   But I am keeping everything crossed and so want National to get enough votes to be able to go it alone!  THAT would be awesome.

Here's a couple of photos of today:

ABOVE:  Steve and Bec's, his girlfriend.  First time we had met her... she's nice.  *smiles*  And anyone who begrudges him being happy is not nice... just saying.   He has been on his own for a long, long time and his Dad and I are really happy for him.  His life went to shit for a long while there,  and it's just so good to know he's happy again.

ABOVE:  Stew with Emily.... she rather likes banging herself on the head with that emply bottle.  She's so cute.

Almost time to go back to Auckland....   
Home again... uneventful trip home, I slept!  
Before we left Hamilton we stopped in to see Amanda at her work:

ABOVE:  she's the Manager of a fashion Outlet shop at The Hub in Hamilton.  It looked like a very busy shop.  

Now:  dinner?  hmmmmmm....

End of Day:  Stew cooked dinner... such a good man.  Been watching the election results... looks like NATIONAL will win.  Can't say I'm surprised... can say I'm really happy though.
nite nite.

Friday, November 25, 2011


I know this may sound weird, but I live in a country that is renowned for it's produce.... but when it comes to rump Steak.. You can't beat AUSTRALIAN!

ABOVE: That is just ONE Steak! I cooked two and cut them up and they fed all of us last night.  And I usually 'kill' steak... it comes out dry and rubbery... but no matter what I do, I can't kill this meat!
It always comes out beautifully, and so tasty!
I hate to give our closet neighbours credit for much... but their Beef is amazing.

Actually, I suppose I have to start really liking Australians now... my Mother lives there, and my Sister, and my eldest Son and his baby daughter, and some nieces live there too!   So many Kiwis cross the ditch and never come back.  *sniff*

Before I was plagued by hot flushes I used to dream of living there... where it was always warm and balmy.  Not any more though.  I hate being hot now.  With a vengeance.

TODAY:  I may just do some sewing...  but all I feel like doing is going back to bed!  I'm just so tired lately.  I don't know why.
Probably lack of sleep, lack of exercise, just compounding upon itself and getting worse.

AND BLOODY MOSQUITOES!  They are coming back now that summer is almost here.  I can't sleep if I hear a mosquito! Griffin and I are always eaten alive.

ABOVE: Last night we bought some things that release a puff of insect repellent into the air regularly.  Hopefully they help.

ABOVE:  Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it.

Thanks to a lovely friend in America (Happy Elf Mom) I have had a really GREAT morning!
I watched a little video she put on Facebook yesterday of her home... and I saw how she had her Paper Towels hanging on a hanger under one of her kitchen cupboards.... 
AND I thought "What a great idea".... so I spent three hours this morning looking for a paper towel holder that would attach UNDER a hanging cupboard.

I went to The Home Store in Sylvia Park... No luck there, but I did find this (which I really wanted):

ABOVE:  a dinky little thingee to hang the dishcloth on, inside the sink!  Neat, and it was on SALE.  Even better.

While in Sylvia Park I was browsing the jewellery stores (as ya do)... and saw the next really GREAT buy! :

ABOVE: really cool watches for Brylee and Griffin... for Christmas.  They have the NUMBERS on them, and the minutes too.... excellent for a kid like Griffin who really struggles to read the time.  I am really thrilled to have found them.

So, back to trying to find a paper towel holder... I went to The Home Store, Stevens, The Warehouse, Bunnings, Briscoes, and finally Payless Plastics, where I finally found just what I wanted!   I was about to give up after Payless Plastics, so I was really thrilled to find one.

ABOVE:  Taaa Daaa..... just have to attach it now.  
AND... I am going to reorganise some of the kitchen cupboards too... the corner cupboard where all the plastics and bowls go is driving me friggin nuts...

AND.... 4 hours later.... the kitchen cupboards have been tidied up, shit has been moved around... and I'm now knackered.
The family are going to have fun trying to find stuff now.   lol  

End of day:  a neat day today.  Got heaps done and felt good about it.
A nice evening too... watching telly, then bed.
nite nite.