Saturday, August 31, 2013


I've been internally debating with myself in the past couple of days.

I CAN get my new camera NOW... if I want to.
BUT... I will end up paying 4-5 months worth of interest on a rather large sum of money.

OR ... I can WAIT for a few months and pay cash.

It has been a hard decision, as I am a VERY IMPULSIVE person, and when I want something, I want it RIGHT NOW.

BUT... I am learning to listen to the little seeds of doubt that just spring into me head, and finally I am learning to listen to them.

So... I am going to wait.  The New 'WHIZZ BANG, AMAZING CANON 70D... will be mine.  By Christmas all going well.

I am rather proud of myself.  It's only taken almost 55 years to finally stop being an impulsive person!
Not bad eh?


I took a few photos of Dante and I last night, and came up with this little collage:

ABOVE:  I am really loving using PICASA now!
There is so much one can do compared to using Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Right... time to go and see what the day brings.  Steve, Bex and Dante are doing their own thing today, heading off to Hamilton to see friends and family apparently.


PAULA: Canon has not had a new camera out in about 2 years... so the 70D is the newest one of their range.  I doubt the price will come down much for a while, but if I wait I will be a cash buyer, and "money talks, bullshit walks"!  My Dad used to say that.
And it's so true.  If you have cash, you can haggle.

TODAY:  we decided to go for a drive to Hamilton like Steve and Bex.  So we did.

We met Kelly and Rena and we all had a lovely lunch together, then we went.... umm... shopping!

HERE'S some photos of our day:

TOP LEFT: Heading down the Bombay hills into the Waikato.  TOP RIGHT:  New homes being built at Pokeno.  BOTTOM L & R:  Huntly power station and a very full Waikato River.

ABOVE:  Our gorgeous granddaughter Rena. 

 ABOVE:  Kelly and her Dad.  She gave him a Father's Day gift... of a 'Date Night' with me... dinner and a movie.  Awwww... ta Kelly, that is going to be lovely.... for both of us.

 ABOVE: I did mention 'shopping' eh?  I got a new Bread Maker and some linen.  I didn't really NEED new towels, but OMGosh, the colour is DIVINE!  I have ordered some matching hand towels and bath mats too.

Little Miss Keera has arrived for a sleep over ... so I must go and make sure the house is 'Keera Proof'!  She is crawling really, really fast now.

End of Day:  a nice evening... got Miss Muppet to bed at 9 pm and not a peep out of her, she's sound asleep.  Hopefully she stays that way till the morning!
nite nite

Friday, August 30, 2013


Last night Steve came home with a gift for Bex:

ABOVE:  She got some utterly gorgeous flowers, for NO reason other than Steve loves her.  Awwww.

And funnily enough, Stew came home with a gift for ME too!

Only, my gift was something totally different:

ABOVE:  that's right.  I got a clock!   I'm sure I've told him I liked his work clock a few times while I've been visiting him at work.

So, he was doing some work involving downsizing their offices and he found this one... and gave it to me.  

It's neat.  I get the time, the humidity and the temperature all at a glance.  
Not bad eh?

It makes me smile, Stew knows me so well... he knew I would love the clock. *smiles*
And Bex loves her flowers too.  
Both our guys are just lovely eh?

Now, for today we have?
*shrugging me shoulders*... not sure.  Bex wants to go to Spotlight I think?
Other than that ... I might do some blog reading, it's been a while since I did that!
How ya all doing?


So... I've not got much reading done ... I got sidetracked.  But I'm back at it now.

Then I'm going to crack on with making Christmas gifts!
I'm hoping to keep this Christmas's 'budget' down to about $100 for everyone, except Brylee and Griffin.  It can be done...

FROGGY you are so funny... and right.  (Pepsi comment)

I'm freezing!  So much so I've had to change clothes, put on thick socks AND wrap me electric cuddly blanket around me!  

Well... it's early afternoon, I took a couple of hours 'off' to catch up with some taped programmes and have lunch, then Dante needed his photo taken cos he was looking so bloody cute in me blankie!...

ABOVE:  SEE?  He's just gorgeous.  I can say that cos I'm his Grandma.

Now... time to get a couple more hours of blog reading done...

TRACY:  totally spot on in both respects (PEPSI)

Well... I wanted to do more blog reading this afternoon... but I'm getting a headache from looking at the computer screen for so long!
Time to stop.
I apologise if I didn't visit your blog. 

Just watched Coronation Street... and I nearly cried when Schmeichel had to be put down.  TV eh?  You get sucked into the storylines and you forget it's all fake!  Oh well... I have been watching Coronation Street since I was 4 years old!  We got our first TV when I was 4 and the very first programme I saw was Coronation Street, followed by the 6 o'clock News... then the TV Station closed for the night and didn't come on again until the next day!

Shit that was 50 years ago and I can still picture our lounge, and the TV and everything!  I loved Ena Sharples ... she was one spunky lady! lol

End of Day:  time to bugger off ... and get to bed early for a change.
nite nite

Thursday, August 29, 2013


When my Mum left New Zealand to live in Australia with Ron, she brought all her photos and a few other bits 'n' bobs over to my house for storing.

Until she could 'go through it all'... she's been in Australia for 7-8 years now, and hasn't done that yet.

I have taken most of her 'stuff' down from the attic so it is easily accessed, so when she comes back in 5 weeks or so maybe she can take a look through it all?

Today:  I have Hospice Duty.  I am going to be GOOD today.  I simply CAN'T  buy a thing today!
If there is something I just have to own, it will be staying there until next week!

I am seriously thinking of cutting back to just one day a week as I'm finding twice a week a real tie... and EXPENSIVE.  *smiles*

I will just see how it goes though, as I do enjoy being there.  Too much sometimes.

Right, usual drill... off to make lunches then tottle off to Hospice.  Catch ya all later.


MARY H:  ha ha, have you not heard of 'put it on hold for next week'?  That's what I did with two cushions for Lacy today.
AND I bought a couple of items of clothes for the kids today.  I didn't go nuts though, there were several things that took me eye today, but I did leave them there.

It was BITTERLY COLD in the shop today, I couldn't wait to get home and warm up again.
Hence this is a late update ... the kids are due home shortly, so there ends me quiet time.

I'm defrosting two chooks for dinner.  But for now... I'm gunna go downstairs and do a wee bit of sewing...

I'm feeling cautiously excited.  I MIGHT be able to get my hands on my new camera SOON!

End of Day:  tired.  Tossing up some options for me new camera, get it now... or wait till December?  I so want it NOW... but my head is saying wait and pay cash for it.  I will sleep on it I think.
nite nite

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Late last night (read 10.30 pm), I realised I had to cook up another batch of dog food because I had none to give to the dogs in the morning.

So I chuck everything into a big pot and resign myself to staying up stirring it for an hour or so.
But my clever husband said why don't I put it in the crock pot overnight, and it will be ready by morning?

So that's what we did.

 ABOVE:  all in the pot, beef, kidneys, potato, tomato and mixed veges.  No additives, no preservatives, no colouring.  Pure.  Gotta be good for them.  And they love it.  

Bex finished a darling wee Rabbit for Brylee last night too..

ABOVE:  awww, how cute is she?  Brylee will think she's gorgeous.

Today we are going to visit Lacy, then hopefully go to Howick.  I want to check out the Hospice Shop there.  I've been told it's pretty good.

So... Retail therapy again... but maybe not spending ... cos I'm not exactly flush after paying for MAC'S visit last night!  He's an expensive 'boyfriend' for Coco!

I just found out that these have finally arrived:

I hope to track one down and see for myself how good they are compared to what was already on the market.  *trying not to drool!*

Right, gotta go.  Lunches have to be made... then we are going out.


CAROL: Why thank you for liking my blog!

This morning has been  DELIGHTFUL!  Bex and I picked up Lacy and Keera and we decided to check out Howick shops.

OMG there's some lovely shops over there!  The Hospice Shop is very small, but had some lovely stuff.   I didn't buy anything there though.

At the 'top' of the shopping area is an AMAZING Antique Shop.  I told the girls to leave me there to browse while they checked out the local Thrift Shop.

About half an hour later they came back... and I had only just made it around the entire shop.  And I wanted to go around again in case I'd missed something... it is a veritable treasure trove!  So ... I had another look around, and found this:

ABOVE: a brass hook thingee.  It wasn't very expensive so I got it.
I'm really going to try hard NOT to spend any more money of stuff I really don't need, and concentrate on saving for my new camera.

Famous last words.... I'm sure.

Oh I didn't mention yet... while I was still in the Antique Shop having yet another browse, Lacy came in and grabbed me by the arm and hauled me outta there!  What a tart.

I could have spent hours in there!

So, lunchtime came around ... so we grabbed some food and went back to Lacy's so the girls could feed their babies.

Then Bex, Dante and I came home...  but not before I took a few photos!

ABOVE:  Keera is standing on her own ... but still isn't walking.

 ABOVE:  Whoops!  If it's not her scragging him, it's the other way around! We do our best to keep them apart most of the time, they have no idea they are hurting each other... YET. 

Now, Most of the time I think Lacy is a right twit... but I've got to give her 10 outta 10 for this:

ABOVE:  The oven door does not close properly, so is unsafe for Keera, and she can't bake in it.  So she solved the problem her own way.

Housing NZ will get it fixed eventually I'm sure.

Dante had been awake since 6 am!  So of course he fell asleep in the car in like, 1 minute!
Luckily when we got home Bex was able to carry him up to bed and he stayed asleep.  Awesome.

Now it's quiet time before the kids get home from school... 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Well... here is the block I made last night, it is one of my most favourite blocks:

ABOVE:  it is one of those blocks that looks really amazing, yet isn't that hard to do.  It's called 'Card Trick'. 

Today Bex, Dante and I will be going out to the mall... I have a job to do at the Post Office (Hi Felicity!)... and I need to get some cash.... cos...

Tonight Mac is visiting Coco!  Let's hope she is just as 'ready' as he always is to make babies!

OMG... The 'countdown' will start tomorrow (Wednesday)... and in 58-59 days time we will have puppies.

Can't wait. 

What else is on today?  Oh yes... I've got Hospice Shop duty this afternoon, which means another opportunity to find treasure!

☻♥☺♥  we all know how much I love finding treasure...


I just took this little video to show you what Teddy has to put up with right now:

ABOVE: Teddy's in the pen with her cos she cries if he's not with her, and he begs to be put back with her too.
But he's not happy with her behaviour, nope, NOT AT ALL!
Hurry up Mac, she's so ready!

Well... we did our out and about, I sorted out postage for a friend, Bex prices getting her hair dyed at two of those 'No appointment necessary' hair salons.
Price to dye her hair all over, bearing in mind she has very fine, shortish hair?

$120 in one place, and the other... $260!
What a rip-off!
She is now going to wait until our favourite hairdresser is back from Iraqu.  Same with me.

Next:  we went into Farmers, and they had all these mini 'Red Carpets' dotted around the shop.   I couldn't resist:

ABOVE:  me on the RED CARPET... I don't look that stunning... But I feel way better looking like this, compared to this:

SERIOUSLY, what the hell was she thinking???
The chicken bum looks so much nicer than her's!  Miley has totally LOST THE PLOT!

That 'outfit' is positively OBSCENE.

BELLA:  those numbers reflect how many times in a day my blog is looked at.  If you went by URL... I average around 650 a day.

Hi... home from Hospice.  A good afternoon... spent selling stuff, buying stuff and listening to some random man go on and on and on about his life, his marriage breakdown, how he was a writer, how he was a 'Romeo' of the world  ... and after listening to his ramblings for about 20 minutes, I got Deb to come out so I could 'escape'... so she had to stand there for another 40 minutes listening to him!

I got a few dirty looks from her!  Ha ha... seriously though, he was WEIRD and creeped me out.

I got some treasure... two lovely long sleeved cotton tops for Griffin, a cute wee summer shirt with sparkly buttons for Brylee, a toy giraffe for Bex (she likes giraffes), and these:

 ABOVE:  this utterly gorgeous little painting.  I just love it... no idea YET where I shall put it, but never mind.  I will find a place.

ABOVE:  I really struggled over this platter... should I?  Shouldn't I?  But come on!  It's a hydrangea platter!  I love hydrangeas.  So I got it.... to add to my ummm.... collection of platters!

ABOVE: it was easy to get these cute dishes.... they are purple-ish... and Lacy loves purple.  I will give them to her tomorrow.

Dinner is smelling yum, Bex is making us Spaghetti Bolognese.(sp?) 

MAC has been, and done his 'job' with Coco... so all going well we will have puppies around 24-25th of October!  Coco was a total tease with Mac tonight too... she flitted around and went all HYPER on us, but after about 5 minutes or so Mac got her locked down and proceeded to make babies.

It's always nice to see Mac's owners too... we always have a good chat while the dogs are doing their business.

End of Day:  it's been a busy day, but productive!
Time to relax for a while.
nite nite

Monday, August 26, 2013


I've been told on many occasions lately that lots of you girls do read my blog, but can't comment for various reasons.  It's lovely to be assured that you are STILL reading!

Believe it or not, I need that reassurance some days, cos there are days when I feel stupid posting such boring crap day after day, and I do wonder who is still reading my drivel?

I've been blogging for almost 7 years!  7 years of sharing the good, the bad and the downright ugly... in an honest and 'call a spade a spade' sorta way.  That is just who I am.  

I have learnt that there are trolls out there who would love to bring me or my family members down.  For whatever reason.  And I still struggle sometimes to not react in a negative way... but I do think I am getting better at being more objective in how I deal with negative comments.

How someone comments is up to them, this is an 'open' blog after all, anyone can read it, and anyone can comment.  

BUT I KNOW that if I were to be standing right in front of one of the 'ANON' nasties, they would NEVER dare to be so rude as to say to my face what they 'say' in comment form.

They are cowards.  Some have signed their 'name'... yeah right.  I could call myself The Bloody Queen in a comment, but we all know I'm not!  Just as I know giving yourself a 'name' still makes you an Anonymous Bitch.... whoops, that just slipped out...  *smiles*

I too can be a bitch sometimes.

But the point I'm trying to make is I really appreciate everyone who reads, and everyone who leaves a comment... because you must care enough to bother.  Even the ANON's.  Thanks so much for caring.  ♪ lah ♪ lah ♪ la ♪ la ☻☺☻

Something very interesting happens on days like YESTERDAY.... 

The visits to my blog go up by a couple of hundred!  Last Monday I had more than usual visits due to the break in at Lacy's old house, and again yesterday!  So funny!  Obviously Steve's bum was interesting.  He's happy about that I'm sure.

Did I get ya with me Title today?  FORNICATING BEARS?

Ha ha... Stew, me darling hubby, made the bed yesterday morning, and this is how he 'arranged' the Teddy's:

 YEP... he's a dirty, dirty little boy is my man. ☻

TODAY:  well it depends on the weather.  If it's nice Bex and I are going over to visit Lacy and Keera, maybe wander around the Mall again.  Botany is such a lovely area.

If the weather is crap, we will stay home and I will do some more sewing.  Bex will no doubt do some more crochet.

I might as well show you the block I got finished last night too:

KAREN in Wellington:  I do get my block patterns off the internet.

ABOVE:  As you can see, I have a few!  Oh and Karen I am using the gorgeous blue batik fabrics you gave me on these placemats too.

Now, before I go ...

ABOVE:  a cute collage of Dante in my sewing 'room' last night.  He is into EVERYTHING now... he's on the verge of crawling.  He gets on his hands and knees and rocks... sometimes he forgets what he's doing and he 'rocks' his head up and down instead of his body!  It is really hysterical to watch him sometimes.

Right, I'm outta here for now... I'm off to make the lunches, feed the dogs, bla bla bla.. you know the drill.  Oh and I shall check out the weather...


Change of Plans:  Griffin is home with a sore throat, so we are going to the Dr's.
***I am posting your parcels today BLONDIE and ENZ.

Griffin thankfully does not have a Strep throat, but his throat is inflamed so he will be staying home for today at least.  

I am now spending my morning sorting out the cupboard under the stairs and the roof attic.

 It certainly doesn't take long for those areas to get all cluttered and untidy, especially when everyone (me included) just throws shit in there willy-nilly.

Ummm... hells bells!  It's already lunchtime! Where the hell has the morning gone???


Four hours later... and I have made another placemat block...

ABOVE:  another one done, only I made a major BOO BOO with this one.  At the top/middle I trimmed it too close to the blue point, so when I sew it onto the backing I will lose the damn point.  Grrrr... It makes me so crabby when I stuff up like that.

I'm now going to start making dinner... 

So... after getting a steak 'n' kidney stew on, I went up into the attic and started sorting stuff out.  I got to about half way done when I almost fell through the ceiling onto the garage floor!  No, my foot didn't go through (thank goodness), but I did go through the particle board that was on top of the joists.  Derrrr... gave me a big fright and I stopped.

It's darn hard work up there, trying not to put a foot wrong, and doing it all while bent over due to the roof sloping down.  I can stand up in the middle, but sure in hell not all the way around.

I might do the other half in a week or two, which will give me time to get over the fright I got and the terror of having to climb down the ladder again.  I swear my legs were shaking so much I really didn't know if I could climb down again!

It was good though, I found a few things I really wanted to find, and lots of stuff I can take over to Lacy's for storage. The less that's up in the attic the better.

MARIA:  yep  good idea, thanks.

End of Day:  well I might just go and do what Maria suggested... then do some more tidying up down in my bedroom/sewing room/gym!  Yep, one day it will a garage again too!
nite nite

Sunday, August 25, 2013


ANON FROM LAST NIGHT:  I will be nice and say you are entitled to your opinion... cos you are.
But, I do believe having some HARMLESS fun is nothing to be going off the deep end about.

I am sure there are millions of Dad's out there who are as much FUN to have around as our Steve is.  What he did was in the privacy of his own home, and therefore perfectly fine by us.

Moving on... I stayed up until almost 11.30 pm last night... I got stuck in and made two placemat tops.  I must say, I am loving doing 'true blocks' again!  I love the challenge of getting all the seams to align perfectly!
I don't always get that, but I consider myself a novice still... so I've plenty of time to get it right every time.

I finished two tops :

ABOVE:  I am making these ones for my Mum's Christmas Present.  I know she loves this fabric because she bought it!  lol
Those are 12 inch blocks with two 3 inch strips down the sides to make them rectangle Placemats.

I am suddenly thinking...  Wonder if I can make round ones?
I've not tried that yet...

Griffin was rather pleased last night, Bex made him a  'sack man' :

ABOVE:  I'm still amazed at how fast those two have picked up crochet!  I'm ALMOST tempted to give it a go... but I'll resist.  I am loving my sewing too much to add another thing into my repertoire of crafts.

Today?   Well Steve, Bex and Dante are out for the day... and I'm not sure if we have any plans to go out and about.  I'm hoping we just stay home and relax. 


Stew is working this afternoon at the Baby Show, so it will just be me and the kids home alone.  lol
I don't mind, B & G are usually pretty good at amusing themselves now days.  I'm going to sew... even though it's FREEZING in the garage.

Further to Anon's comment last night:  Steve is a fantastic son/partner/Dad... we are incredibly proud of him.
There's not too many young men who are happy to stay home with the family, take up crochet to share his partner's interests, and spend every moment he can with his baby and fiance.  

I would like to also let you know that my HUSBAND STEW used to 'moon' his Mum too!
Yep, that pillar of society, Manager of Public Trust Auckland Central is a fun-loving bloke too.  And I would have him no other way.

Heard the saying "Like Father, Like Son"?

ANON:  I did make it public didn't I?  Silly me.  But, you only got an 'edited' version... I did kinda bleep out his butt crack!  Whatever, no harm done as far as I'm concerned.

It's not often that I keep getting comments on a post from the day before!  Obviously quite a few felt the desire to have their say after ANON'S comment about Steve.  Thanks.

End of Day: quite a quiet day, which was nice.  Got some more sewing done, and more in my mind for tomorrow.
nite nite

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Last night I was trying to take a couple of cute photos of Dante with the earphones on again... he was listening so intently I just had to capture his darling wee face:

ABOVE:  Steve decided to be an arse and well... there is his arse!  That son of mine is such a shit!  Nice pictures of the baby though.  *smiles*

I did get 3 hand towels made last night, here's the last two:

ABOVE: These ones WON'T be going to anyone in Hamilton.  Just sayin'.

So... today.  Getting a big furniture trailer from the Hire place in Onehunga, then going over to the Smartbox facility in Sylvia Park to get all of Steve and Bex's stuff... then taking it over to Lacy's.
I expect that to take all morning.

After that... probably home to do some washing (kids uniforms etc) and just relax hopefully.

Now that I've got back to me sewing machine, I hope to get a few more Christmas gifts made over the weekend.
I am making EVERY CHRISTMAS GIFT myself this year.
So, I've got a lot to do in the next few months.

Right... I'm off to start the day...


FROGGY:  nope they don't. I do stitching all over the cotton, so it doesn't bunch up at all.

Well... the move is done... and it only took about 2 hours all up!  I'm happy to report that the Spongebob Beanbag STAYED in storage at Lacy's home.  *shudder*
AND Steve's shorts STAYED ON too.  He's hanging a roman blind in the garage shed so no one can see into it.

After we had finished that we all went out for lunch.  Bex and Steve went to Botany Town Centre and Stew, the two kids and I went to Manukau Mall.
Lacy and Keera stayed at their home.  I will visit them again on Wednesday.

NOW... I'm going to do some sewing.  I might just make a start on some Placemats for Christmas presents...

ENZ:  DON'T forget to send me your address so I can send you your mug rug and cards!

If I EVER needed proof Steve is a right DICK... this is it:

He fixed the Central Vac for me.  And he decided in his INFINITE WISDOM to shove the hose up his shorts while it was ON.
The hose latched onto his 'thingee' and did he ever yelp in pain!

Trust him to turn it into a positive ... he said it was the best blow job he's had in a while!


End of Day:  I forgot to do this bit last night!  It was a lovely day, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting some sewing done.
nite nite