Sunday, September 24, 2023


 Today Stew and I are going out to Mystery Creek (an event centre outside Hamilton), to look at caravans and motor homes.  And other stuff that's being sold out there.

My friend Susan D has a stall out there, she sells Stop Pain, a topical medication for pain relief.  Along with a few other things.

It's not like a craft fair though.  In fact, I'm not sure what will be out there aside from the caravans and motor homes.

We will find out.

I've never been to an event at Mystery Creek in all the years I've lived in the Waikato. So, it's about time I did.

ABOVE: With any luck, the weather will hold and it will be a pleasant day.

Stew has suggested we visit the Pirongia Market before we go to Mystery Creek.

We decided not to do the Pirongia Market as the stall fee is just too expensive!  It is VERY popular, but still.  I'm happy with the markets we do attend at stall holders.

We are going to make a day of it... pack us a lovely picnic lunch, take drinks and just enjoy our day.

Daylight Saving starts today.  So we end up getting up an hour earlier.   I hate Daylight Saving.  Stew reckons 'they' should just put it an hour forward and then LEAVE IT there.  

HOW do YOU feel about Daylight Saving?

ABOVE:  I thought that was really funny.

10.56 am.  We just 'did the Pirongia Market. There's actually two on here today. The regular monthly market, and the big Annual Market.

ABOVE: I found a little heart  for our bedroom wall. That was all that caught my eye.

ABOVE: Apparently it isn't as busy as it usually  is. Still plenty of people though.

We are now off to Mystery Creek. 

ABOVE:  The very first person we run into at the Caravan show was Robyn  C, and her Cockatiel Ollie.  Robyn was selling Pottery caravans, and bits 'n' bobs.  She primarily fund raises for HUHA 
NZ, an animal shelter, and Ollie is her trusty side kick.

Robyn C was the lady who instigated the FBG group in Cambridge.

ABOVE: This was the proto-type for a very new, very funky caravan.  It was AMAZING!  

ABOVE: If we were ever to purchase a caravan, it would be a ROCKWELL.  They are just awesome, I love them.

On our way home from Mystery Creek, we stopped in at Trade Depot to look at their baths.

ABOVE:  I found just the right bath there, and for half the price of the ones in the Bathroom shops in town!
This one is IT, and should be in my house after Christmas.
Can't wait!

ABOVE:  We were not tempted to buy anything at the Caravan show, except this chutney.  It's bloody delicious, and the only 'food' we tried while there.
We had our chicken and cheese buns for lunch, as a picnic.  LOL, standing at the back of our car, in the paddock at Mystery Creek.  That's still a 'picnic' isn't it?  😂😅😊

I am very happy with how our little outing went.  We were out for about 5 hours all up.  Now it's time to relax for a little while, then I might get back in the sewing room and do some more work on that Reindeer runner before dinner.

6 pm:  We just had an impromptu mini family gathering.  Griffin and Tarsh were on their way home from Auckland, and stopped in. 
Brylee and Dom,  and Steve, Bex and the boys came over to say 'Hi' to them while they were here.
Very unexpected to see Griffin and Tarsh!

Griffin just bought himself a new-to-him  ute.  A four door Ford...

ABOVE:  Griffin's new wheels.  Very nice, for a Ford!

ABOVE: Griffin was being a very typical brother, and annoying Brylee... so I grabbed his crotch...

ABOVE:  Hysterics ensued!  Poor boy, he was shocked to the core.  *snort*  

And while they were all here, it was so fun!  Then boom... they all left again.  And Stew and I are back to sitting together in the family room, watching the telly!

Time to think about some dinner I do believe.

Dinner was chicken and chutney!  OMG that chutney is even better than my usual favourite, Whitlocks Caramelised Onion.
I will certainly be buying more of that, as soon as I find a retailer here in Hamilton that sells it.
It looks like there are a few, thank goodness.

And now, it's time to say, catch ya tomorrow.

And happy to say not ONE thing tempted me at the markets or the Caravan show.  And let me assure you, there was food EVERYWHERE.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

# 12 DONE

 Late last night I finished Mr R on a Roof:

ABOVE:  I think he's rather lovely.  I enjoyed doing him, maybe not the 25 lights!

This morning Stew is out giving a talk to The Deaf and Hard Of Hearing Association - Waikato.

There will be interpreters, so they can follow what he is saying.   He will be out for at least 2 - 3 hours.

So while he's out I will lay out the next Reindeer Runner.

Once he is home we might go for a walk, not sure yet as the weather is a bit iffy, with a 100% chance of rain according to the weather forecast.

We will be going out to The Base later on as well.... I am getting a jump on some Christmas Shopping.  WHOOP WHOOP!

ABOVE:  In other news, Steve 'n' Bex got a new to them car.  Their previous vehicle was written off after it got hit by another car a while ago.

Bex is going to really enjoy getting in and out of this one!  She's been using Steve's big work van for the past few weeks. Not easy to get in and out of while pregnant. 

The new car is a Mazda Premacy, so has 7 seats, handy for when they have the new baby, and a couple of grandparents in the back.  😋😊😉

Things go in threes right?
So today I ended up going up to the hospital for the third time in less than a week.
No panic... it was just a pick up and deliver home again.  Family.... I'm the taxi!

Once home, Stew took off for his work.
And I came into the sewing room to do what I'd planned to do.

ABOVE:  I'm quite happy with myself, getting his lower legs looking 'right'.  lol
I'm already thinking of my next one.... but for now, I've got heaps of stitching to get done.
Maybe a bit later, as it's lunchtime and I want a break.

Lunch today was left over lasagne and cheese scones I made to go with it.  
After lunch Stew and I went to The Base and did some shopping.
While there we ran into Sharon from Taupo, and her son Samuel.  They were in town to do some birthday shopping.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMUEL!

ABOVE: So funny, Sharon said she recognised my stripey top before me!  It was so neat to run into you both, have an awesome day.

Home again, and Stew's gone to do the weekend grocery grab and I am going to just relax for a while.

RELAX = Nana Nap!  For about two hours in fact.
Very nice it was too.

After me nap I went and did some more sewing.
It's now 6.14 pm, and I'm done for the day.

Time to wind down, and enjoy the evening with me darling.


Today was the first time we were at a mall in AGES.  Walking past the food court, which was packed to the gunnels with people... and I had no desire to buy or eat anything there.  NOT ONE THING APPEALED TO ME.  Quite a novel feeling.

Friday, September 22, 2023


 I am feeling so very lucky to have my girls.

They are both walking with me today.

How lucky am I to have such lovely company, and motivation and encouragement with my walking?

I know I probably wouldn't go so often if it wasn't for Lacy, and now Amanda too.

We will be 'doing' the lake walk again... cos let's get real, it's PERFECT.

Just the right distance.


Beautiful scenery to look at.

Lots of lovely fellow walkers to say 'Good morning' to.

And it has Ducks, Geese, Pukekos, Australian Coots, and a few other cute birds to look at.

In fact, I've not shown you any Australian Coots have I?  They are so cute, with the most FUNKY fleshy lobed toes!  Let's see if I can get a good photo to show you today.

Once I get home from our walk, I will make a start on the stitching of this Reindeer Runner:

ABOVE:  He already looks so cute.

I'm sure it will be even better once I've done the stitching and titivating.

I'm mentally smiling heaps today.  Cos I just don't care anymore!  So liberating, knowing that my life is so happy... filled with family who LOVE us so much.  And yes, just thinking about our new grandbaby, who is coming in just a few months, is enough to wipe out anything else.  I'm free from giving a fuck anymore.

ABOVE: I've started wearing my 3/4 tights instead of full length ones.  And none of them have a phone pocket.  So this morning I put one on these tights, and later on today I will put a pocket on all of them.
Having a phone pocket is so damn handy!

Not long till I leave with Amanda to pick up Lacy, and go walkies.

ABOVE:  Never a truer saying.   I just saw it on Facebook.  Gosh there's some good ones on there almost every day.

ABOVE:  My second best time.  And I was puffed!
I am blaming Amanda this time for pushing the pace.

ABOVE:  We fed the ducklings.

ABOVE: Lacy tried patting one.  What a dick.

ABOVE: That goose is the 'defender of the flock'.
Seriously.  It stands guard.
We didn't see and Australian Coots on the ground today, they were all in the water.

ABOVE:  They make the walk .... .... ... interesting.

ABOVE:  GM... just for YOU.  I'm smiling.

ABOVE:  As I said, having them makes walks interesting.  

ABOVE:  I'm taller!  NO, I am... standing on tip toes the pair of them!  Eeeegits.

Now, after such a good walk, I'm off to the sewing room to get on with my runners.

PENNY:  I can see how that might be confusing!  lol  😂😅😉

ABOVE:  bloody hell... there's twenty five freakin' lights on that string.  😕😒😖

And they ain't gunna get stitched unless I make a start....

8 pm:  And we just got home from Steve 'n' Bex's, who kindly invited us around for dinner.  Lasagne, Steve and Archer's speciality.
Very yum, and I have some for my lunch tomorrow as well.

Time to wind down for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


I wasn't around any temptations today, so a good day.  

I was just saying to Stew, it's not the food I am  missing now, it's the social aspect of going out and enjoying a meal in a nice place.  I do miss that.

We will have to be very careful once the Challenge is over that we don't go straight back to over doing the takeaways/meals out again.
I don't want to do that.

Thursday, September 21, 2023


 Alright, today I am staying home and sewing all day.

I hope there are no interruptions cos I really want to get heaps done.

ABOVE:  I did do a little bit of this one late yesterday.  So, let's see how much I can get done today.

Catch ya later.

12.40 pm:  And yep, I've done exactly what I wanted to do today.

ABOVE:  I got this little cutie finished just now.
I love it (of course!).  lol

I'm now going to take a lunch break, before getting on with the next one.
He's gunna be on a roof...

ABOVE:  Our darling little Coco enjoying the sunshine while I work behind her.
She's so damn cute.

Our day started off with a horrid fog.  Now look at it!  A stunning day.

2.50 pm: It's rather QUIET on here the past wee while.  Sad, I do love to hear from you all.
But I understand.  It's all just walking/sewing and boring shit like that now days.

I can't do much about that. 
There's PLENTY going on in the background that I simply don't talk about cos well, it's not all my own business!

And I don't  have anything to rant about right now either!

Well I do, but it's really PERSONAL, and I ain't sharing with people who don't need to know... like arseholes who are no longer in the family.

Or Trolls who think they can say whatever they like and get away with it.

So yeah, it's TAME on here.

But you could still stop and say 'HI' sometimes!!!

Back to it.... laying out the next Reindeer Runner right now.
It's going to be gorgeous!
I am biased though.

ABOVE:  LOL, I actually just had my lunch, at 5 pm!  I kinda forgot I was meant to a few hours ago, I got carried away in the sewing room!
It happens.

Stew arrived home, then promptly left for the pub.  I hope he has a lovely time.  One day I might join him again, but not tonight.  I ain't got any face on today.
Not a good look.

8.59 pm:  I've had a lovely, lovely evening.  Yakking with Mike and Steve for ages.  I've lined Steve up for a few building jobs in the near future.  And Mike and Joyce are coming up in October, I can't wait!

Changes are coming, a very good one too.

Just have to wait a little while... so that's it for today.
Catch ya tomorrow.


It feels like the days are flying by!  I'm so excited for October the 21st!
We will be having a feast for my birthday, and lots of loving family will be here to help us celebrate.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023


 Sorry peeps, it's gunna be a normal sort of day here.

Walk with Lacy, and possibly Amanda too.

Then home to sew the next Reindeer Runner.

Gosh, I look at what's sold lately and realise I have quite a bit of work to get done before the 4 November markets.

Less than 3 weeks and counting down.

ABOVE:  I took the time a couple of days ago to wander in my garden and pick a few spring flowers.

I just love that I have some to pick.  I've never had many flowers in any of my gardens.  I am going to try and get more.

I love them.

ABOVE:  My 'indoor garden' is also flourishing.  I'm proud I've not killed any lately!

I have put quite a few outside so they don't die.

And that is all I have for now.  I'm off to walk around the lake with my girls.

11.45 am:  And I'm finally home from our walk and talk.
Only Amanda came today, Lacy is in a frazzle and didn't sleep well... so she stayed home.

ABOVE: Mother duck still has about 12 of her babies.  And my gosh they have grown!  Doing very well.

ABOVE: Amanda spied some baby Pukekos!
They are soooooo cute!

ABOVE: There were three babies in and around the nest.
Little fluff balls.

ABOVE:  A lovely photo of Amanda near the children's playground.  Nice and colourful.

ABOVE: And me, no colour!  Boring.  Next time I'll position myself with some COLOUR around me.
We had a very nice walk, it wasn't too cold today, and in fact it was almost warm!
I'm freaking out about it getting too hot to walk there over summer.

ABOVE:  A decent time again today, not breaking any records.  Keeping a pace that is sustainable and consistent for me.

I am adding to my 'workout' routine, so that my body does not get used to the same old thing, by getting on our Cross Trainer 2-3 times a week as well now.  

After our walk we went over to Amanda's for a little while, then came home for lunch.
Which is like.... NOW.

Since lunchtime, I've been doing odd jobs around the house, went out on a mission for someone, then came home again.  Kind of an on the go afternoon really.
Third day in a row I've been out on the roads at end of school time.  Something I usually avoid like the plauge!
Oh well... looks like sewing is not going to happen today.

ABOVE:  Just in, a nice photo Amanda took of us this morning.  It's such a nice feeling not being scared of my photo being taken!  When you are 'bigger' you avoid it as much as possible.

6.36 pm:  I actually got into the sewing room late this afternoon!  I did the background quilting on the next Reindeer runner and started the stitching around everything else.  I didn't get much of that done before Stew arrived home from work.
And that is my 'knock off' time.
I do not sew when he's home in the evenings.
It is 'our time'.
And that's it for another day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


Slowly getting there!  Who thought I'd never do it and cave in by now?  I didn't, not for one minute, even though it has been tough sometimes.