Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So many ups and downs in the past few days, I am hoping for a nice normal day today.... no dramas, no nerves eating away at me... just kids to school, RPM at the Gym, maybe lunch in town with Stew? I hope so...

Lisa is not here at the mo, she's "housesitting" for her grandparents....? Don't know what's the haps really, but as long as Steve is ok, and he seems to be, I'm keeping out of it.

Now, I must get Mike out of bed, he's got to find himself a job for the next 10 months..... stuffed if I'm gunna watch him sleep all day!

Dragged me sorry butt down to the gym..... soooo didn't feel like going, but once the class started I got into in and ended up enjoying it, now I'm darn tired!
Got home to find a comment (yeah thanks Lee-anne) saying I was having too many normal days...

Guess What? I love being "normal" and having "normal" days, cos it means I am just like everyone else, not a hugely overweight, reclusive, suicidal person who is miserable day in day out. My life is busy, full of friggin annoying kids (who I love), endless housework, and it IS good.

Sometimes things just don't get done, like the vacuming, cos I want to enjoy my life a bit now, like going to the gym, so if that makes me selfish, TOO BLOODY BAD! *Shrugging shoulders*

I have been raising kids for 28 years now, and I still have two littlies, but the difference now is that I know I have to make time for myself. You only live once!
Lee-Anne, thanks for giving me some fodder for "something" to yak about today, it has been a very boring day! Normal even!!! ha haha.
Hmmmm, come to think of it, I don't think I like boring days, too much time to wander around looking for something to eat.... why oh why does my mind always think of food when I am bored?! Something I still have to work on constantly.

Someone doesn't like me! I have been smelling gas on and off for a few months in my kitchen/dining room... havn't been too worrried thinking it was just residual smell from the gas oven, but today it was so strong I had to ring the Gas Company, who declared it an 'EMERGENCY' and sent a chap out immmediately ... who found the new stove was leaking gas. As a consequence we have no stove (oh yaaa, I can't cook)! What a disaster.... NOT ! Now I have to get the Gas Fitters out who installed the stove to fix it, hope they pay the $175 call out fee I'm gunna be charged by the Gas Company ! so, not so boring day afterall... ha ha ha.

Sooo tired now, just did the grocery shopping... Over $740 later.... So don't know what it all goes on! Anyway, that's the end of another day. nite nite.


  1. Thank you soo much for the tummy tuck post.
    I really appreciate your honesty and openess about it all.
    The pics were a real eye opener!
    p.s.. you are a stunning looking woman!

  2. Ahhhhhh ... normality is blissss!! lol. I so know what you mean with that comment.

  3. You're starting to scare me - you're using the normal word a bit lately. Still I hope you have a normal day but know how difficult it can be with so many teenagers. It's a bit like a rollercoaster - nah, actually it's a lot like it.

  4. I'm sure the teenagers will be fine. You are doing the right thing keeping out of it.


  6. my work we only live once... so get out there and live it...
    Woooohoooo what friggin vacuuming... oh and dust is my friend... aaachoooo yeah well i try to live for today.. and not stress about the dust wallabies hiding under my bed... have a gr8 week... Love the tummy tuck post... you have been there and back hey girl..
    Hopefully my tummy will stay where it should be...

  7. Anonymous3:38 PM

    "a clean house is the sign of a broken computer"

    remember that Chris!

  8. Hey Chris .... I was posting some new pics just as you made the comment!! lol .....
    Go have a look ..... he is a cutey!!


  9. Saw your comment on Sue's blog about the aqua classes - try the 'other' pool 6.00pm Tuesday and have a work out!!

  10. Hi

    Thanks for your comments on my blog.
    I'm coming to NZ for a holiday in May. Stopping in HK on the way and LA on the way back. That will be difficult on my regime.

    It is basically high protein. The foodpacks are almost 40% protein. There is carbohydrate but only about 50g a day, which is a lot less than I would normally take.

    Sandra (

  11. I understand what you mean. If I recall when my kids were small a normal day usually did not equate to calm and quiet.

    It was usually hectic, just meant I did not have to deal with any disasters.

    May you have continued strength. All the best in your normal day.


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