Sunday, August 19, 2018


COME ON... wake up!
I'm up... ready to rattle Stew's dags into doing a few jobs around the house.

He needs to put netting in the guttering around the front door today.

And we might do some more water blasting too.

But... right now...

Here's that question I mentioned yesterday.

IF you had thin, whispy, light coloured eyebrows like ME, would you 

- colour them in with eyebrow pencil, like I did last night:

ABOVE:  And I'm NOT very good at it... 

Or would you...

- get them TATTOOED on?

There's a girl in our FBG group who has the most amazing eyebrows.  They are perfect, and I always thought she did an awesome job of penciling them on.  Till she admitted they were tattooed on!

And of course, that got me thinking, should I do that too?

So, that's the question.  Should I get me eyebrows tattooed on?  Or not?  

Has anyone else done it?  Does it last?  Does it hurt like bejezus? Is it worth it?

OK, that's more than one question... but well... I need answers to them all.  *smiles*

NEXT:  some photos of our dinner last night from Hello India:

ABOVE: Our entree's arriving!  I had Marinated Prawns which were delicious, and Stew had Tandoori Chicken.

 ABOVE:  My main, Butter Chicken.  Seriously, THE VERY BEST Butter Chicken I've ever had!  I had it with some garlic naan bread, which Stew helped me eat too.  I never have rice with my butter chicken.  The Butter Chicken was so rich I couldn't eat it all, but so yum!

ABOVE:  Stew had Chicken Tikka, he asked for medium/hot, but it was quite mild.  But nice.  I had a tiny bit and didn't find it hot at all.

After our dinner, I felt like some dessert, so we went next door to Onyx. 
And we shared these:

ABOVE:  Bearing in mind they were very small, we didn't go overboard really!  
The Sticky Date pudding came with a Salted Caramel Sauce which was FAR too salty, so kinda ruined it.
But on a whole it was very enjoyable... and the atmosphere at Onyx is very nice.  They were super busy, a sure sign of a good restaurant.

Hello India was busy too, and as they do Takeaways too, we shall be getting a few more meals from there for sure.

We had a lovely evening together ... and hope to do it again a little more often... just as soon as we really are 'Darby and Joan'.  *smiles*


10.20 am:  Well we  have some VERY pissed off Sparrows!  Hee hee, poor buggers can't get under the roof to their nesting sites. Luckily it's still too early for baby birds, so I don't feel too guilty.  They have plenty of time to make new nests somewhere else... there's plenty of roof spaces in other areas on the house.  I  just don't want them in certain places.

I've been into Hamilton quickly to get more white backing fabric for tree runners.  Gawd I'm in there 3 times a week at the moment.
My dream home would be next door to Spotlight!  Can't see that happening any time soon.  We love it here!

ABOVE: It's all go! Stew has been working on the guttering, and a bit of water blasting.  Then Griffin took over the water blasting, so all good.

I've been in the sewing room cutting out 'trees' all morning.
Brylee did something totally different... more on that tomorrow.

After a very foggy start to the day, and freezing cold too... it's turned into a glorious day, if a bit cool.

Well... I've managed to cut out a million trees for runners today.  And now I am going to be putting some together... that's the exciting part.

Dinner tonight was:

ABOVE:  ?  Pork Belly.  lol

And now... I'm freakin' tired... going to chill out now and do NOTHING else.
There's probably bugger all on the TV tonight, so will no doubt end up watching something on You Tube.
It will be neat when we have Netflix, then we can watch a movie or two when TV sucks.

Saturday, August 18, 2018


RIGHT ... first up for the day, let me show you what Stew got put on his new car yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Whisper quiet roof racks.  Now we are able to take the Gazebo to Market... and use our Roof Box when necessary too.
Stew had originally planned on only having the roof racks on the car when we needed them, but by getting the Whisper Quiet ones, they can stay on permanently. 

The other thing Stew got sorted out this past week was our Karcher Water Blaster.  We had a really good one, have had it for over 20 years.  It died.  So Stew took it into the Karcher Retailer in Hamilton, for a quote for repair.

WELL... it transpired that it would cost $569 + GST to repair it!  So he said, hell no, because the cost of a brand new one was $599!

We didn't want to spend that sort of money... so Stew said he would give it a miss.

Then the retailer said they had a couple of ex-demo models, and he could sell him one of those for a cheaper price ... and he quoted Stew $480.  Stew said NO... shaking his head and starting to walk away.

Then the retailer said how about $450?

Stew still went "Hmmmmm.....not sure", and the retailer then said "Let me see what I can do... and came back and said "$400".

So Stew said "YEP, let's do that then"...

 ABOVE: So we now have an almost brand new Karcher Water Blaster for $200 less than the new price!  BARGAIN.   AND the retailer threw in a bottle of concrete cleaner and a car wash brush!  It just got better and better.

Guess what we will be doing this weekend... providing the weather holds off.  Washing the concrete and the house roof, all going well.

The other thing we will be doing this weekend is putting up the Gazebo (trial run).
Well... hopefully we get it up!
I had put the instruction sheet on the coffee table beside me, planning on referring to it when it came time to put it up.

UNTIL Marley decided it might be nice to EAT THE BLOODY THING!

ABOVE:  Seriously, the little bitch ATE almost the entire sheet!  It was a double sheet too.
Now we just have STEP 5, and part of another step, no idea what it is.
Now I have to hope it's not that hard to put the gazebo up!

I am kinda laughing, kinda not.  Just shows I have to be more careful what is lying around for her to snatch.

Griffin is out all day on a day trip with friends.
Brylee works 12 midday till 8 pm.
Stew and I are going to be on our own for the majority of the day!

WHOOP.... we are thinking of going out for lunch/the afternoon.  Just don't know where ... yet.

Today's date:  18/8/18.  Just sayin'.


11.30 am:   And even without the instructions, Stew and I managed to get the Gazebo up NO PROBLEM AT ALL! I don't know what I was worried about.

 ABOVE:  It looks superb... we only put 2 of the 3 sides on it, as it wasn't necessary at this point.
I am going to get a travel bag for it to go in and maybe the sandbags too.
But not right now, I don't need them right this minute.

ABOVE:  view from the back.  Isn't it splendid!
I know there's heaps of gazebos 'out there'... but this one is MINE.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  We went and bought a mallet... and some neat pegs for holding stuff inside the gazebo.

Griffin has just been dropped off to his friends, he won't be home till quite late tonight.  Brylee is about to go to work.
Then we will be giving that water blaster a go.
And Stew is going to be putting chicken wire inside some of the guttering to stop the birds nesting over certain areas.

I get really cross have the entrance area and our cars outside the house being covered in bird shit... so this should stop them nesting and flying over that area.

 ABOVE:  This section of concrete gets virtually NO sun, so it's filthy.  And heavily covered in bird shit too.
It was the first part I started cleaning.

ABOVE: See how filthy it is?  Ikkk.

ABOVE:  I had a bit of fun with the mats... putting patterns on the concrete.  Silly waste of time when there's so much to do... but oh well.

ABOVE:  While I waterblasted, Stew got the netting into the guttering on this section of the roof.  It's going to keep the birds from nesting under the roof and fouling the seating/concrete on our patio.  Yaaaaa!
That's going to be so awesome in Spring and Summer.
No more bird shit.

ABOVE:  I'm just a little bit grubby... taking a break for a while as my back is killing me.  You have to do a slight bend when waterblasting, which KILLS my back.  Stew's taken over for a while.

We have decided, seeing as both kids are away till late tonight, we will go out to dinner, (instead of lunch).
A local Indian Restaurant, as we can have Tandoori Chicken without rice, which we both like.

SO... DON'T EVER wash ya hair with Selsun Blue anit dandruff shampoo, unless you LOVE knots and stringy hair.  
The kids stole my shampoo and conditioner for their bathroom... so I had to use Stew's shit.

And I ended up CRYING trying to get my hair brushed out!  Seriously. Crying.  And OMG did I lose a serious amount of hair brushing it out.  Never again.

Done now... moving on.  Got me face on.  Got dressed and now relaxing till we go out to dinner.

OH and I have an IMPORTANT QUESTION to ask you all TOMORROW.  So bloody well come back tomorrow if you can.  If I don't ask it tomorrow, I'll bloody well forget.  Cos I forget shit.  ALL. THE. TIME. 

Just home after having a really lovely dinner, followed by desserts too!  Yep, we went all out.  It's not like we go out to dinner much... hell this has to be the 2nd time THIS YEAR!  On a roll... lol.

Time to chill out now... feeling full as a bull.

Friday, August 17, 2018


I find it hard to come to grips with Cambridge's lack of shops.
I need red buttons for that table runner... and there is NOWHERE in Cambridge where I can get some!
Seriously... I have to drive 25 minutes into Hamilton for BUTTONS!

It's annoying.  Apparently there was a fabric shop here years ago, but it closed due to lack of custom.  

So, that's what I'm doing first thing this morning.  Heading into Hamilton.
I will be going to David's Emporium first for buttons, they are much cheaper even that Spotlight!

I should think about what else I might need before going in though... cos it's silly to go in JUST  for buttons!

I could do a grocery shop... we are overdue to do that.  ONLY... ya all know how much I loathe grocery shopping eh?  Perhaps I will put it off till Saturday, when Stew can help me do it?
Yeah, much better idea.

ABOVE:  Did ya all know I wear glasses?  I do, for watching TV, reading, computer work and driving.  A friend commented the other day that my glasses were now too big for me face!
I didn't give it a second thought, till I was trying to take a selfie ...  for a new profile photo on my TradeMe account! 

She was right.... my glasses are a bit big now!

Not that I'm going to do anything about it... glasses cost far too much to be changing when there's nothing really wrong with them!

But I will pop into OPSM and see if they can adjust them around my ears so they don't keep slipping down my nose so often.

How weird that my HEAD has shrunk!!!  *laughing*

Once I'm home again I will work on that Christmas Table Runner, then move on to a couple more Tree Runners, in Christmas tones.
That should keep me busy for a few days.


Mission accomplished.  Got me buttons.  Got me glasses adjusted... free of charge of course.  OPSM's after care is excellent.
They took my lenses out, and heated up the frames and squished them to make them fit better:

ABOVE:  I'm very happy with the result.  They feel so much firmer on me face, and they don't look so 'sticky out' now.

Sadly, I ended up having morning tea on my own as neither daughter was available.  Oh well.. I'm used to it really.

I'm now going to sit and stitch on 20 odd buttons before moving on to the next step.

20... buttons... later...:

ABOVE:  button on, now I have to add the backing fabric then the red binding (outer edge)... It's going to be lovely.

But right now... I'm taking a break.  Sewing on 20 buttons was not fun.

Brylee came home from school, and made me change the 2nd 'glasses' photo! Cos in the new one I'm kinda smiling.  Derrrr.

I really should get off me butt and do some more sewing... 

And I did ... well... I spent 2 hours cutting out trees.  Didn't finish that runner yet, that will happen tomorrow.

Stew got home early-ish tonight.  

Tomorrow's post will feature why he got home early... and a BARGAIN... and Marley... .who's in trouble!

For now though, we just has roast chicken and salad for dinner.  And I'm having another shitty low blood sugar episode.  They are awful.

Looking forward to a quiet evening, Coronation Street...and not much else.  I'm freakin' tired.

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Things happen in 3's eh?

Yep.  Yesterday did end with a third shitty thing happening.

1.  Bathroom light replacement took WAY, WAY TOO LONG.  Expecting a huge bill.

2.  Gazebo didn't arrive in it's entirety, so sent it back.

3.  Shit meal at the pub.

I ordered a Beef Burger... I was really looking forward to it too.

Well... my burger turned up and I took the top half of the bun off and OMG!  The meat was black and ROCK SOLID on the outside, and dry and like cardboard inside!  It was carved meat... that had obviously been in the oven keeping warm all day!

I couldn't eat the meat at all... it was IMPOSSIBLE to even chew it!  So I asked the waitress to take it back.   She was horrified when she saw the meat, everyone was!  

So, after a 10 minute wait they bought me a new one, which was a bit better!  But that experience has put me off their food for sure.  Anyone who can send out a meal THAT BAD shouldn't be in a kitchen. There were not many meals that came out that I thought looked amazing in fact.

So... apart from the meals, the evening was good.  It was nice to spend time with the girls in a social setting.

Today I am hoping like hell my gazebo arrives... ALL of it that is.  
I have a walk on at 1.30 pm, it's the one that got cancelled the other day.  Fingers crossed the wet weather holds off long enough for it to go ahead.

Until then, I am going to get back to making Christmas table runners.

 ABOVE:  a Christmas runner partly done.... I love this design and will be doing more.

 ABOVE:  I got this piece of fabric yesterday, it's stunning!  

ABOVE:  I will be sitting down and going through this book today too.  I hope to find a few patterns worth doing.  I've had this book for quite a while and never really had a good look through it!


I'm still in bed... but the day has started really well. The Gazebo has arrived.. ALL OF IT. So that's awesome.

ABOVE:  Just a little video to watch from this morning.

I just stabbed my finger with a pin in the sewing room, so took my blood sugar reading.  7.5! Whoops.  Clearly what I ate last night is still making a difference to my readings.  *sigh*

It really is so touchy.  I can't eat any carbs by the look of it without boosting my blood sugar level.  Grrrr.

Just worked out the video glitch... it was too big on the screen.  Hopefully everyone can see it now?  Had a couple of disgruntled viewers text me saying they couldn't view it on their phone!

The weather has cleared up, so looks like the FBG walk WILL go ahead.  That's great, I need a walk.

It's clouded over again, but not raining, so should be all good to go for the walk.  Just had a good yak with me Mum, she's doing fairly well now she's home from hospital.

I have stitched around 90% of the holly leaves (thanks Felicity!)... brain freeze is alive and well.  Glad it doesn't only happen to me!  Seriously, it took me ages to remember what those freakin leaves were!  

Just realised I will need to get some red buttons or use red felt for the bottom bit of the leaves... buttons would look better me thinks.

Right gotta go... walk is on in 25 minutes and I have to get me sneakers and T-shirt on, and get to the start point.

Yaaaa, finally the walk went ahead.  It was not a super long walk (5.3 kms), but I'm tired!  I think everyone was tired today.  The walk just seemed to go on and on.

Anyway... I get home and there's an email from Ultrafast Fibre, asking me to fill in a survey about how well they did in reconnecting me to the Fibre network?

I'm like What The Hell???  I'M NOT CONNECTED.  And I've not heard back from the SPARK people down the road, after I sent them an email asking them about it yesterday.

So I rang the manager down here at SPARK... to be told my 'job' had been held up, then deleted, and she was working on cancelling the latest request and re-doing it!  With a 'rush' on it.

OMG talk about bloody useless... it's been well over a month since that first order went in.  AND I'm positive they sent it to Chorus and didn't even realise Chorus doesn't do my area.  Friggin twats.  

Why do I want fibre again?  It's not so my internet will go faster, cos it's already fast!  It's so I can watch stuff on Netflix! Cos there's bugger all on 'regular and SKY' TV.  Grrrrr.

I'm a bit tired of getting cross. 

So.... no more upsets for the day.  I made beef rissoles, potatoes and lettuce salad for dinner.  
Not sure how the rissoles tasted as I put the 2nd tray of them in the oven (were for Brylee and me), and promptly forgot them.  They got well and truly cooked!
Came out looking like little rocks. WHOOPS!

At least Stew and Griffin got nice rissoles.  *smiles*

I did some sewing this evening, then settled down to watch Coronation Street, and read some news online.

Time for bed... all is good.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


I heard from the Gazebo company last night, and the gazebo should arrive in the next day or two!
Whoop whoop!   AND I am getting a white one, which is what I really wanted.

Why white?  Cos my products will show up better with a white background, and the white will be the 'coolest' colour to have come summer time too.

I'm like so excited to finally be getting a gazebo.

I spent a bit of time last night downloading and filling out the Booking Form for the Tamahere Market too.  So now I just have to wait and see if I get a site soon... hopefully for the September Market,  and onwards.  It's going to be interesting to see if there is a different 'clientele' at that market?  

Stew reckons we will get more people from Hamilton at the Tamahere Market.  Stands to reason really, it's much closer to Hamilton.

I have a fellow blogger and patchworker who is a kiwi girl who lives in Australia named Sue.  She saw the farmyard animal panels I used recently for placemats and she contacted me... and get this:  She has that exact panel and is going to give it to me!  

AND ... and... she is coming over here at the end of the month and has/is doing some animal panel shopping for me from over there!  *SQUEALS*.... 

ABOVE: These are some of the panels she took photos of for me... I love the one with the dog and cow!  Hopefully she can get me that one for sure.

It's going to be neat to meet her when she gets over here.  We will be meeting up in Tauranga, so that's going to be a lovely day trip for me.

Lots to look forward to!
But for today... lazy day by the look of it!  I might get working on a few more placemats.
Or Xmas table runners.  I don't have many of those at all.  In fact... only 2 Trees, and 2 Elfs.
Better pull me finger out!


Anyone else has issues with Chorus?  I signed up for Fibre over a month ago.  We already have it connected to the house, all we needed was a new modem, and have CHORUS flip a switch to turn it on!

ABOVE: Spark gave us the modem etc.... so we still wait.  And wait.
I'm about to cancel it cos it's just pissing me off.  I'm NOT the most patient person obviously.

OH I left a  message on their Facebook page... just saying it was taking a long time to flip a switch!

LITERALLY..... 1 .... MINUTE .... LATER.... and I get a message from them!  They are going to 'look into it'.

Get this!  Just heard from Chorus again. They told me they don't do the fibre connections in our area, and it's down to Ultrafast Fibre!

So.. SPARK told me Chorus were doing it.  Clearly they don't know what they are talking about then.  Useless gits.  Now I have to go annoy UltraFast instead!

Actually NO, I'm going to annoy SPARK, cos I reckon they sent our 'job' to Chorus, and have stuffed up.

TWO ... HOURS ... LATER.... not heard a word from SPARK.  No surprises there.

So, I went into Hamilton to get more batting for runners. Spotlight had NONE of the one I wanted, and the only options were double/triple the price of my usual batting.  So I coughed up for just 1 metre of the more expensive batting, then went to David's Emporium.  They are a cheap, cheap 'got a lot of shit' sort of shop in town.

And I found some needlepoint there (it's like batting) for a QUARTER of the price compared to Spotlight!  So I got me some of that too.

Home now, and waiting on an electrician to arrive.  He's going to fix our bathroom lighting, it's all died and gone to lighting hell.

I think I need a new nickname.  DRAGON LADY.

The electrician arrived, wandered down the hallway to check out our lighting in the bathroom.
He checked, double checked, triple checked.... tick tock, tick tock.

So I said to him after half an hour... 

- "How about you just go get a new unit, that way you are not wasting too long on a dead unit?"

- He said "OK... are you worried about cost and time?"

Well hell yes!
And I told him how long it took the computer guy to 'not fix' my computer problems (FOUR HOURS!!!!)... 

So now my little electrician has RUN down my hallway, jumped in his van and gone to get a new lighting unit!  HE RAN PEOPLE!  Splitting my sides laughing.

I think he's scared of me.

SERIOUSLY?  It's now been two hours with the electrician here, and the unit is STILL not installed... far from it in fact.
Why do I always feel like I'm getting ripped off?  Goddamn it.

Well... that job took almost three hours!  AND, when he turned the unit on the fan made a rattling noise.  He said he really should take it out again and see what was making the noise!  I said HELL NO!  I'm not paying you another hour's time for you to take it out, investigate what's causing the noise then put it back in, when it might STILL make the noise!  

It's under warranty, if it dies you have to come back and fix it for free.

Tradies really do have you over a barrel when it comes to time eh?  Wish I wasn't so untrusting, but been burnt a few times over the years.  Kinda puts your back up.

Onto something nicer.
I've got a Social FBG evening out tonight.  Just to the Good Union Pub... nibbles and spending time with the girls in a social setting, instead of on the footpath walking.  Should be nice.
Better think about what to wear and get me face on.

I just had a courier turn up to deliver my gazebo.  *SQUEALS OF DELIGHT*

BUT HOLD ON ... they only had two parts of the delivery, the third part has been LOST SOMEWHERE!
So I refused to sign and accept the two packages.  No way.
I told them to take the two packages back, and not to return till they had all three.

This is not my day.

I have spent the past 90 minutes trying to find the missing parcel.  To no avail. Two courier companies .. both say it's not with them.  The company that sent the Gazebo say it's not with them either, they are sure it's been delivered in fact!  FAR OUT.
I better get the damn thing!  I know it's NOT HERE for sure.
Will try and put it out of my mind now, so I can enjoy tonight.

I'm going to sign off for the day early... catch you tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


February... Stew's HbA1C reading was 68.
May... it went down to 58, after being on the new diet for 1 month.
August... and it's down to 46!  So he has done exceptionally well too!
I'm really proud of him, it's much harder for him to do this diet than me, he's around temptation much more than me.

And he's a bloke, he gets hungrier than me.

So now, we are BOTH down in the 'normal' range.  Now we just have to keep up the good work.

My weigh in yesterday showed another 'stay the same' weight.  That could have contributed to my mood yesterday?  But, moving on, I know it's just a little blimp in the grand scheme of things.  Waiting for that 'WHOOSH' again.  Patience.

My Mum leaves hospital and flies back to Coffs Harbour today.  That means my niece can get back to her job in Melbourne and Ron (Mum's partner) can get back to his gardens!  It can't have been easy on them sitting day in, day out in the hospital while Mum recovered from her surgery.  But, it's what ya do for someone you love eh?  

Sadly I couldn't be there too, but hopefully we will get over there at some point.

Ummmm.... I have another FBG walk scheduled for this afternoon, but the weather is supposed to turn to crap, so time will tell if that walk goes ahead.  Not many of the girls like walking in the rain. 

What else?  Meh... should do some more housework.  Utterly boring shit.

I did start knitting up some of that super chunky wool I've got.  I plan on making a nice sized knee rug to use at market.  I still get so damn cold just sitting there waiting for customers.  Can't wait till it's summer... at least then I will be in the shade, but not freezing cold.

Right, better get moving... the day can't start till I'm actually out of bed!


Today WILL be a better day ....

10 am and most of my jobs are done.  Awesome.
Next... prepare dinner.  Might go down the road and get a salad... I've got some surimi out for my lunch... salad with it might be nice for a change.  I've not had a salad in ages.

As it's raining on/off, I am betting the afternoon walk will be cancelled.  If it is I think I will get on our treadmill.
While it's nowhere near as nice as walking with friends, I'm now in the mindset that I need to get some meaningful exercise most days to keep up my weight loss and fitness.

5 pm:  And the walk was cancelled, as I expected.
I have NOT been on the treadmill as my tummy has been a bit 'iffy' today.  Felt a bit off all day really.
But ...not to worry, I'll be fine.

I've made a lovely big potato salad to go with a seafood salad for dinner.  The kids will be having fish fingers and fish pieces instead of the surimi/shrimp salad... yaaa, more for me and Stew.

Not sure what I will get up to tonight, probably just chill in front of the telly.  It's cold and miserable today.  I might even turn the heater on soon, it's really starting to cool down now.
And blow up a storm outside by the look of it!  I think there's a few storm/wind warnings been put on the news too.

A little update over there.  

AND... that's me done for the day.  No idea why I've been feeling off today?  Let's hope tomorrow my need to stay near a bathroom has gone!
TMI?  Tough shit.  Pardon the pun.  lol