Monday, October 31, 2011


While walking through Chartwell Square yesterday in Hamilton I saw some gorgeous linen displayed on a bed.... and said "Ooo, that's nice".... then we proceeded on to have lunch.

BUT, on the way back to the car we had to pass that shop again, and I just could not resist!

ABOVE:  the new bed linen!  It's perfect for summer.  We even got some white, Egyptian cotton sheets.  OMG they feel so devine!  Kinda expensive, but hey, ya only live once eh?  (and they were on sale!)  SCORE.
Since taking this photo I have taken the bags on the stand away from that corner... it looks too cluttered.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was busy making all my granddaughters a summer dress, a lady I know in Wellington requested one for her daughter Rachel.  I wasn't sure if I would have the time to do one for her... but in the end as I was 'on a roll',  I decided to whip one up for her too.

ABOVE:  And here she is, wearing her dress from me... at her 5th Birthday Party!  Doesn't Rachel look just GORGEOUS!  The dress suits her so well.  I'm really chuffed now that I made it for her.

ABOVE:  here she is blowing Out her candles.  So cute. (photos used with her parent's permission)

TODAY:  I'm going down to Manukau to get some card in the right colours for Christmas Card making.... then I'm going to do what I didn't do yesterday:  make cards!


'CHUFFED' =  thrilled to bits!

Miss me?  lol
I've been rather busy cutting out card and fabric... I've still not finished that yet.
Once it is done I can get on with sewing the fabric to the card backings.... AND then the fun part begins!
Putting all the finishing touches to the card... that's the part I love the best.
Probably won't get to that part until the end of the week  *sigh*

Kids just got home from school... and are having their afternoon tea.   Hopefully they will play nicely while I'm busy.

Yaaa, the cutting out is done!  Tonight after dinner I will make a start on sewing the fabrics on the card.  That will probably take me a few days and nights.

Dinner tonight is left over beef and bacon stew with veges.  It's nice having some in the freezer already made!

BUGGER!  As I sat here and updated... the stew burnt.  Luckily I had some more... but I had to add tomatoes and mushrooms to make it stretch to feed all of us.  Grrrrrr.
I hate it when I waste perfectly good food.

End of Day:  dinner was so-so... you really had to look to find some beef!  OH well... it filled a gap.
Going to go do some sewing now... so
nite nite.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Today I clear off all the sewing things... and get ready to make cards.

Christmas cards in fact.  I've not done Christmas Cards before.
I have an order from a girl in Australia for her Christmas Cards and Gift Cards.... so I am going to make a start on them today.

It will be fun coming up with some different ideas for the cards... luckily I have already bought Christmas themed fabrics...

ABOVE:  with this much choice I think I am going to have fun!

Change of plans... it does happen!
It's far too nice a day to be stuck inside so we are all going out for lunch.
I shall buy more card and supplies for the Card Making tomorrow... 


So... we went to Hamilton for lunch, and to visit Amanda & Andrew,  Kelly and their kids.

ABOVE:  we arrived at Amanda's just in time to get an ice cream from the Mr Whippy van  (Mobile Ice Cream vendor)...

ABOVE:  Yum.... there was just as much on Rena's face as in her belly!  lol

ABOVE: Amanda and Joel... her youngest boy.

ABOVE:  Grandma and Joel...

ABOVE:  Grandma and Huston, Amanda's eldest boy...

ABOVE:  Grandma and Emily.... Amanda's baby girl....

ABOVE:  Joel wanted to play this game with me... I wasn't that keen at first.... but it was actually fun!   I did not win.  *sigh*

ABOVE:  while out at the mall for lunch I saw something, said "OOO that's nice".... and ummm... bought it.  Will show ya tomorrow!  hee hee.

We are home now... and it's time to get dinner sorted.... Stew is on to it...ya.

End of Day: Watching a silly movie on TV... then off to bed. 
nite nite

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I said to Stew late last night:  "I feel peekish now"... and this is what he plonked on me lap:

ABOVE:  I didn't make much of a dent in that lot I can tell you!  lol

I am well overdue for a hair re-colour.... so I finally made an appointment and am getting foils again today.  More blonde... yaaaa... hopefully in a few more months I will be back to the 'right' colour for me.

Usually on a Saturday we go out and about, but as my appointment is at 10am... and it is bound to take about 3 hours, we will have to go out this afternoon instead.

I will leave darling Stew a little list of things he can do while I'm 'busy'.  hee hee.

Actually, Steve (son) is not working today, so he can help his Dad.  I am so lucky with my guys, they always do what I ask of them with such good natures.  Sometimes I have to 'hint' a few times that they need to move it...and do it... but mostly they are just lovely.  "Hint"  means "nag" to a man...really!  lol

I had planned to take lots of photos of the new baby last night, but there were so many people in the room it was just not possible!  Jackie is so lucky ... she has a private room!  But it wasn't that big... last night there were 10 adults and one child in the room... and the infant!  So, photos will have to wait until she's home.

Once I'm back from the the hairdresser I will post a photo of me hair.... I hope I'm as happy with it as I was last time.

SUE FROM CYPRUS:  you clearly do not know that ANON (Lacy) is my daughter.  We are raising her two children, Brylee and Griffin.  She is going through a tough time right now and is clearly taking it out on me.  Not a new situation...and one that will resolve itself one way or the other.  Oh and Sue, how did you find my blog, and do you have one?  Edit:  of course I don't mind you reading and commenting on my blog!  Silly girl....*smiles*

Righty ho.... off I go.... to do a wee bit of housework, make that list for me men... then go get pampered for a few hours!  NEAT!


My hair took 3 hours!  I also got Steve to come down and get his done too... I didn't feel like doing it for him this afternoon!  lol
I don't have time right now to finish drying my hair and straighten it... so you have to wait for the photo... LUNCH next...

ABOVE:  well... there's the hair... Stew took these photos... I just could not get a half decent shot myself. 
We had lunch at Masala in Papakura today... it was a little bit different from Masala in Mission Bay, but not by much.

Stew is out doing the lawns right now... Steve has gone to Hamilton to see his girlfriend... YES!  He has a girlfriend again.  And he's happy.

Dinner is in the oven... a roast of beef.  YUM.
Not much else to report for now.

I must credit Stew (hubby) with making a wonderful dinner tonight.  He is now going out to buy dessert... as we both feel like something sweet.  I am taking today off dieting obviously!

Steve (son) and Mike (son) are NOT twins!  Steve is older by 2.8 years!    I know they look similar, but to us not at all like twins!  lol

I just remembered why I hardly ever wear my hair down!  It is so bloody hot with it down.  I am off to put it up again.  Too many hot flushes this afternoon.  Making me crabby.

End of Day: very happy with my hair colour right now. 
nite nite.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Today I was supposed to go to Botany to have lunch with Beastie Girl.... that would have been really nice.  But as Brylee is now coughing and coughing I shall have to keep her home, so I can't go out.   Damn.

Tonight Stew and I are off to see Jackie and Marty's new baby girl.... I can't wait to see her!  I adore babies.... I just go all ga ga over them! 

I bought her some cute wee clothes, and a really lovely soft toy giraffe:

ABOVE:  it's not that often I find a soft toy that I simply adore... but this giraffe is one of them. 

Right, off to do some housework, followed by some sewing I think.


ABOVE: meet Sofia Grace!   I was sent this photo by mobile phone, so it's not the best... but isn't she gorgeous!  A perfect wee girl.

I decided that since I was home all day I had time to make a Baby Card for Jackie....

ABOVE:  I'm pleased with how it came out.
Now it just has to dry.

Off to do something else... 

MARY H:  how silly can people be?  PC in overdrive.  I have two gollywog dolls in me car:

ABOVE:  Seriously, what is wrong with them?  They are gorgeous.

I have said I would not publish any more ANON comments a while ago... but I am finding the last few amusing!
ANON:  I see you still cannot spell.  Maybe I shall post you a dictionary for Christmas! 


MARY H:  too funny... GOOD ONE!  NO dictionary for you then!

Lacy, I know you are bored shitless, being stuck at home all day every day... being on Home Detention an' all.... but please stop leaving silly comments on my blog.  It's getting tiresome now.  Twice in one day is enough ok?  And yep, I am going to send you a dictionary!  RONG?  Wrong.

To everyone else, just ignore the silly comments.... even though I am publishing them!  It's just amusing is all... *smiles*

*** The dogs did not get to play with that giraffe... they had a quick sniff, that was all.  It's for a baby afterall! ***

I'm now off to put me face on before meeting Stew in town.  OOOO a night without kids... what a novelty!  Uncle Steve gets to babysit.  He does not mind at all ... we are so lucky.

End of Day:  well.... Sofia Grace is the spitting image of her brother!  Only the plumbing is different.  AMAZING .... and as her Dad said... "she is obviously ours"... lol!
When you do IVF I suppose in the back of your mind you must wonder if they put the right embryo back in!  *smiles*
Stew and I didn't stay out for dinner afterall.  I simply was not hungry... had a late lunch. 
Probably have a light supper much later on tonight.
nite nite.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Amanda (bless her) bought me a new lipstick for me birthday, along with some foundation.
This new lipstick is AMAZING.

I wanted one that had the 'colourstay' ability. I had tried an older version of 'Colourstay' before and it came off fairly quickly, wasn't impressed.

But, not this new one!  It is totally different from any other lipstick I have ever used.   It goes on like a paint, you have to let it dry then put gloss on top.  It feels totally different on ya lips too... but not ikkky unless you put too much on.

The first day I tried it I put too much on and it felt weird all day.   Yesterday I only put on a thin application and it lasted ALL DAY and felt fine.   It's AMAZING!

You can kiss ya kids (and man) and you leave NO LIPPY on them at all!  You can eat your breakfast, lunch AND dinner and it's still on!

So, this is what I am now using:

ABOVE:  REVLON ColorStay OVERTIME.  It's awesome.

RIGHT, enough effusive praise for the lippy... it's time to make a start on today.   BUT... before I do, here's a photo of a house in our area last night:

ABOVE:  I must say, it looked better in person...

ABOVE: their chandelier is GORGEOUS!!!  Again, it looks better in person.

TODAY: It's Griffin's Speld lesson out Pukekohe way, so that's the first part of today taken care of.


ABOVE:  New lippy on...  I love it.

I had a lovely time at Pukekohe today... shopping for a baby gift for our friends Jackie and Marty, who were blessed with a baby girl yesterday after a few years of trying.  Sofia Grace is an IVF miracle girl!  She snuck in just before they were about to say "No more trying"... clever wee girl.

ANON:  you really should have signed your name No# 2, it is so obviously YOU.   Learn to spell would ya?  And have a nice day.

Off to have some lunch now... it's well after lunchtime and I'm starving...

MARY H:  no it won't have been my ex.  And when we lived in Palmerston North we were about a one minute walk from Dittmer Drive, and would also walk along the river bank!   I presume it's the same Dittmer Drive you are talking about!

Thank you for the lovely comments about me eyes!  I can't take any credit for them obviously... they are in the family!  Some of my kids got them too... and some didn't.

The colour of the lippy is:  FOREVER PINK
I am going to buy another real soon for my back up... sometimes you find something that you just love, but when you go back for more it's no longer sold.   So I want to get a few actually!

End of Day:  usual evening, watching the tv, dinner... Stew, Steve and Griffin took the dogs for a walk.  I stayed at home with Brylee who has a cold.
nite nite.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I went to bed in a right royal shitty last night due to my weight gain.
There is no way I want to stay in that mood.

BUT:   I have Hospice Shop today, and I'm hoping Mrs Smelly Pants is not in fine form.

There is a possibility I will make this my last day at the Hospice Shop.  It will depend on how it goes today.  I am back to feeling like I don't want to be there.  Mrs Smelly Pants has ruined my enjoyment of being there.  She is now CONDESCENDING towards me... saying things like "Oh, stand here, I know you want to share the counter".... which just gets up me nose, cos I know she hates me standing in 'HER' place.

Can I just say I really, really don't like her?  How do you work with someone who you really dislike without going nuts?
And to make it worse, it's a bloody voluntary 'job' to boot!

Sorry it's a downer post today, but I am keeping it honest.  I'm down in the dumps.

Seems according to 'someone', I'm living a 'fantasy life' here on me blog!  LOL

Funny, it seems very real to me.   I tell it like it is.  I don't LIE.  I don't make it any 'nicer' than it is.  And yes, I sure in hell do use my 'PRIVATE BLOG' to have a rant.  It's a safe place to do it.
WHAT A SHAME 'someone' can't read it.
And guess what?


Here's a few photos to make today's post less bla....

ABOVE:  it's so lovely when a baby goes to sleep in your arms....

ABOVE: detail on me new summer tights...  from K & K... what a neat shop!

ABOVE:  Ted and Coco this morning.  She's 'on guard', keeping the neighbourhood safe, and him?  Doesn't give a shit right now!  lol

ONWARD... almost time to go to Hospice Shop.

You are not going to believe this!  I got to work today and my mood lifted STRAIGHT AWAY!!  Why?  Cos the boss had moved both the serving counters in such a way that now I can serve too!   And I served lots of customers today, it was lovely.

I got some treasure:

ABOVE:  This really cute top, maybe for Brylee if it fits her, otherwise one of my girls.

ABOVE:  a BRAND NEW blue t-shirt for Griffin and a wee shift/dress.... again, maybe for Brylee, or one of the girls.

Oh yes, I also got a tall, thin wooden shelving thingee for Griffin's room, but it needs painting before we can use it..... it's still in me car.  Steve (son) can get it out when he gets home from work.

Just got a text from my girlfriend Chris D down in Palmerston North... after a couple of years of having no job she has finally got one!  So, so happy for her. 

I've decided .200 grms is not going to get me so down ever again.... It is just a number!   And in fact it's only a little piddle!  lol
I will LOSE next week... I WILL!  And it won't be a freaking piddly .200 grams. 

Cooking beef spare ribs marinated is sticky rib marinade... OMG they smell so nice!
So much happier this afternoon.... and looking forward to dinner for sure!

End of Day:  dinner was delish!  Going to blob out for a while, then have a spa before bedtime. 
nite nite.  edit:  Steve and I took the dogs for a walk after dinner... not the best time to walk... but we did it anyway.   Only half and hour, but it did involve two good hills!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


School starts again today, so it's back into the normal routine....
does anything happen on a Tuesday?  Ahhh... nope I don't think so!

Yaaa.... I can do whatever I want today.

I'm going to do a big clean up first thing... vacum, wash floors, tidy rooms.   I love a tidy house!

Then I think I will make a start on the placemats... didn't get any done last night, I caught up on Coronation Street.... I've started taping it and watching all 5 days in one sitting.   Now that it's on at friggin 5.30pm I can't sit and watch it.  The idiots at TVNZ moved it from 7.30pm for a blasted MASTERCHEF programme.  Grrrrrrrr.

I can't help but bombard you with a few more photos of our gorgeous Emily!...

ABOVE:   and of course her Granddad.... they are both gorgeous.  That wee dress she's wearing cost me 50c at the Hospice Shop!  NOt bad eh.

Right, enough yakkity yak....ONWARD....

Midday and I still have not washed the freaking floors or done any sewing!  I popped out to the local mall for ONE thing... and two hours later I'm home with MASSES of stuff for Christmas!  Oh and Griffin's Birthday next month. 
Was supposed to be having lunch with Beastie Girl.... but just knew I would run outta time to get everything done around here before the kids get home... so am meeting her on Friday instead.

RIGHT:  lunch then floors... oh yaaaa...

*sigh*  I don't know if I should go to WW tonight and show a BIG gain... or wait until next week and show a small loss.........

WELL!  Clearly I'm boring the pants off ya!  no reply... so I think.... I will go eat chips and dip.  I'm bored.  Feeling fat as.  And it's summer out there and I look god-damn awful in me togs. 

MARIE:  the first time around all I did was TRACK everything that went in me gob, stayed within points allowed and slowly started walking... and upping the distance every month or so.  It was a long, slow, hard slog... and one I have to do all over again.  Only this time I don't have the same motivation.  I am still trying to find that DRIVING MOTIVATION that will keep me on task, on track and losing EVERY week.

I had some chips and dip.... cos I was crabby.  Then I said "NO MORE"... and put them away.  I swear I only had a fifth of what I FELT LIKE HAVING... I will go to the meeting tonight.  But it won't be pretty.

I really did eat some amazing crap over the past couple of days I tell ya!  I blame it on the rugby...K?   lol

Brylee started gym again this afternoon... she loves it so much.  That's neat.... and she has the perfect figure for it too.  I have found a way to make her eat enough too... just said she could not afford to lose any weight, and if she did start to lose weight I would have to pull her from gym.   Wow, that worked!  She has been eating really well lately.  hee hee... there is always a way around fussy eaters eh?

End of Day:  crabby now.  Feel like I have just been piss arsing around for three weeks.  And I havn't been that bad, yet I am just going up and down 200 grams.   YEP, I gained .200 grams this week.  Pissed off at myself.
I so wish I could get that 'I can do it' feeling back.  The meeting tonight was so-so.   I stopped sitting with the group I first met... they are a 'family group' and I was feeling like an interloper on their happy little group.   So tonight I sat on me own... and almost left before the meeting even started... just wasn't into it at all.
nite nite

Monday, October 24, 2011


I have to start today with this:

OUR ALL BLACKS WON THE RUGBY WORLD CUP.  I do believe there are about 4 millions KIWIS on cloud nine today.... and the odd few who didn't give a shit!  (Jaxx!)  lol

Now back to usual transmissions:

I'm so chuffed with myself!
I have made a good start on the Christmas present wrapping:

ABOVE:  so far two piles.  One for posting and one for under our tree.  I am hoping to have all my Christmas shopping/wrapping done by the 1st of December this year. 
Then I can relax and just enjoy the season.

ABOVE:  I opened a 'UFO' box last night, and as soon as I get a chance I am going to work on this project.   It was going to be a quilt for one of my girls, but not now.
I shall go back to what I originally made these blocks for:  placemats for our table.   I am really looking forward to getting them finished.   I don't have a lot to do... just cut the batting and the backing fabric, quilt them and then bind them.

They will look lovely on our table.  I have already made a few things in this fabric for our home, so they will tie in nicely.

TODAY:  Me thinks Amanda wants to take me shopping?  
It's Labour Day here, so a Public Holiday.   Steve (son) is working, so he is happy as he gets more pay for the day.

Shopping done.  Amanda bought me some make up for my birthday... a foundation even.  I've never had a foundation before.
Shortly we are going out to Maraetai for a nice lunch by the water. 
It's such a lovely day... sunshine but not too hot.


ABOVE:  a sprinkling of the over 140 photos I took of Emily at the beach... there were so many really lovely ones!
The beach:  lots of people there already, it was a perfect sunny day.  Some people were swimming too... a wee bit cold for us yet.   Another 6 weeks should do it.

End of Day:  the end of a lovely long weekend, it's been so nice having Stew home too.
Amanda and Emily are safely back in Hamilton... might see Emily again next weekend apparently.
nite nite