Thursday, June 30, 2016


I've been noticing some things around this new house that I really like.

- There is a 'rapid heat' button on the oven, so instead of waiting 20-30 minutes for the oven to heat up to temperature, it takes about 3 minutes!

- I turn the button on the gas hob, and BOOM!  Instant flames. And I don't have to keep holding the button down for 10 seconds or more to keep the flame going.

- Double glazing is wonderful!  It really does keep the house warmer for longer.

- The 'door in door' feature in the fridge. It's pretty cute.

-  Ice and ice water on tap... not had that before.

- I'm loving having the laundry in the garage... so much room, instead of being in a little internal laundry that you can't swing a cat in.  (if ya had a cat that is !).

- Having easily DOUBLE the kitchen cupboards and a full height pantry.  

- Don't need to mention the HUGE kitchen bench eh?  ha ha

Starting to see a trend here?

KITCHEN ... it really is the most important room in the house, and I am loving our new kitchen.
And laundry.... cos well... I spend a good amount of time in there too.

Another thing: Stress.  What's that?  Seriously, I am so chilled out now!  It just goes to prove moving house really is one of the most stressful things that can happen in your life.

Right up there with other major life stresses that's for sure.

So, it's the last day of June today.  JUNE has been a very BUSY month for us!  I'm glad we are moving into a new month tomorrow with everything, well almost everything, DONE.  We have settled in and are so very happy.

Who knows.... I might get some sewing done in July!  I have more UFO's than I remembered, so will be working on them FIRST... I will try and get one or two finished a month.

Stew has been in Auckland on business since yesterday morning, so I'm looking forward to him coming home tonight.

Sometimes I will be sitting here minding me own business, when I remember that I'm actually IN CAMBRIDGE, and I get a weird feeling like "REALLY?"  It's like I get this little map that flashes up and shows me where I am... and it gives me a shock!  I wonder how long that will last? *smiles*

For so long we were moving to HAMILTON.  lol

Right, I'm off to get dressed and most likely take the kids to school.  It's bound to be raining at 8 am.  


And would ya look at that, I forgot to update!
It's almost 4 pm, and I've just got home from picking the kids up from school.
It's another wet day here, probably the same all over the country.

This morning I went into town and met with a District Planning Officer to discuss if we could put up a carport.
Answer:  NO.
We are deemed 'rural', and anything closer than 15 metres from our front boundary has to have 'special dispensation', and she said there was no way we would get it.

Even the new houses down this end of the road had to be given special dispensation to be built on the subdivided land here.  So. No carport. 

We can lay more concrete to form a turning bay, so maybe we will do that, and Stew's car can go there.

After that I went to the supermarket and got a few things we were running out of.

Home.  Lunch.  Vacumed. All the usual stuff.

Winding down.  Stew got home from Auckland safe and sound.  It's nice to have him home again.  Now I will get a decent night's sleep again.  I never sleep well when he's away.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Today I'm going into 'town' (Cambridge) to take another load to Hospice, and I also have to register the dogs at the local council.

Then I will be going to the 'City' (Hamilton) to look for new curtains for the family room.  I will have to do my homework on the 'net to find out where local curtain shops are.  Spotlight had bugger all when we were there last.

I'm also going to suss out some plywood to make a design wall in my sewing room.

Now, I suppose I should show you what I got up to yesterday.

 ABOVE:  I worked in the garage, taking the remainder of the 'shed' stuff and putting it in the 2nd shed, and putting everything else that is waiting to go up into the attic in the hallway.
I did all that so I could do this:

ABOVE:  MY CAR IS FINALLY IN A GARAGE AGAIN!  I think it's been about 4 years since my car was in a garage.  I'm thrilled to bits.  No more getting wet when getting in and out of the car in the rain.  

ABOVE:  It's not even a really tight fit!  You can easily walk around the car.  Now I just have to set up some sort of system so I know how far to back in... I'll probably hang a tennis ball from the ceiling like I did in Auckland.

ABOVE:  Our neighbour's chickens visited again yesterday afternoon, and again the dogs went ballistic.  

I listened to cows moo'ing yesterday too. Because we are on the very edge of town, our road is really near to surrounding farms.  
Visiting chickens and listening to cows, I love it here!


1.34 pm:  And I'm back from town and the city.
Dogs are now registered for the next year.  I aslo made an appointment with a planning officer at the District Council, to ask questions about a carport.  That's on Thursday morning.

Hospice ladies were happy to see me AGAIN with a car load of stuff for them.  I told them it was the last load.  I sure hope so too.

I can't quite believe how much STUFF I've given to Hospice of the past year... both here and in Auckland when we first de-cluttered the house!

I had success in the city with finding just the right curtains for the family room too.  Very expensive, but worth it in the long run.  Once I've hung one I will show you the difference.

ABOVE:  Original curtains on the right, blockout curtains on the left.  I also went with full length where 'they' had shortened ones.  Now we will be able to SEE the TV during the day/afternoon without the sun shining through the curtains.  It's the small things that make such a difference eh?

Now I just hope the creases drop out on their own before my Mum decides to visit!  I sure in hell didn't feel like ironing all of them.  I'm lazy, there I admit it.

OMG... I just spent the last hour getting a mirror off the garage wall (put there by the previous owners, so they could see where to stop their car), which didn't work for my car.  It had been put on with no intention of it ever coming off again!

It took many, many swear words before I got it off!  THEN I had to get a ball suspended from the ceiling.  Another mission and many swear words!

But I found a ram in toggle and a big hook and a ball and string, and now it's done.  So next time I back in, it SHOULD be easy, peasy!

SHOULD.  Tomorrow will tell.

Time to stop and just relax, unwind before bed.  I'm all hot and bothered.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Anyone else find 'Lucifer' on TV rather interesting?  It's a new programme on channel 1.  Stew and I are enjoying it... it's a bit weird.

I opened with that cos seriously, I don't have too much to yabber on about yet!

Oh! WW result?

How about a LOSS of 1.5 kgs?  

Not bad eh?

Now to repeat it this week!

I had planned on going to Auckland today, but it's just wet and miserable out there, and I don't feel like going anywhere.

I will potter around here, there's still heaps I can keep myself busy with.

Catch ya later...


Stupid, stupid, fickle weather!  One minute pissing down, the next blue skies and sunshine.

I decided to do lots of housework today.  I've vacumed and swept the floors, and am about to wash them.

I've had to lock the dogs outside cos they are underfoot ALL. THE. TIME.

Had to do some furniture moving, because when the electrician was here yesterday he noticed I've put a shelving unit in front of the fuse box in the garage.

Apparently that is a big NO NO!  So ...

 ABOVE:  I moved it to there, and put this in it's place...

ABOVE:  The white marble top unit.  I had it listed for sale on TradeMe, but just withdrew it as it fits there perfectly!

Rather happy about that.

Now... back to those floors. 

3.17 pm:   And the floors got done, then I spent 5 solid hours doing another  job.  It was tough.  It was VERY tiring.  But I did it!

Until Stew gets home and see's it, I will not say what 'IT' was.  Suffice to say,  I'm a very happy girl right now!

I had a big win today!  The recycling box here is VERY SMALL, so I have been putting all our plastic drink bottles and milk bottles in a huge plastic bag.  I WAS going to melt them down so they took up less room, but it was taking too long to melt them with the heat gun.

So, when the recycling truck turned up this afternoon I ran out and asked if he would take all my bottles?

He said "Yes", so I quickly ran (nah, kinda hurriedly walked) back to the garage and grabbed them.  What a relief.  Now I just have to make sure I'm home on a Tuesday afternoon so I can do that every couple of weeks!  *smiles*

Well I'm utterly shattered tonight.  Everything aches.  Not staying up too late that's for sure.

I will be having a much easier day tomorrow.

Monday, June 27, 2016


This morning I'm heading off to a new Patchwork Class with my neighbour.  I'm quite looking forward to it.

I found a few small UFO's that I can take with me to work on.  But I think I will be gas bagging more than sewing! I'm hoping there are some ladies there of a similar age to me.

After we get home, I will be turning around and going out again.
I want to return the carpet samples and get the carpet square ordered.

Then I'm getting some slippers, I've been meaning to for ages but never got around to it.  I'm going to check out the local Warehouse, so will probably get the slippers there.

I've got a few more photos of activities yesterday:

ABOVE:  Little Archer learning the trade.  He is just so adorable, getting tools off Steve's belt and trying to use them.

ABOVE:  I was worried he would thump Steve on the head with that hammer!  Archer can be quite.... rough!  But, oh so cute.

ABOVE:  The sewing room wardrobe with shelves, and everything in it's place at last.

ABOVE:  I am just so bloody happy with my sewing room!  

ABOVE:  I got this lovely card in the mail on Saturday!  Thanks Felicity! 

And now... I am off to get ready for the day.


OMG another really wet, shitty cold day here.
I can certainly tell we are back in the Waikato!

Patchwork class was nice... it's quite a large group!  I ended up just chatting for 2 hours!
Next time I go the group has a guest coming to sell/show laser cut patterns.  I've already put a deposit on one.
Quite a few of the ladies have done the same.

Now I am home awaiting the arrival of an Electrician to give us a quote on adding some powerpoints and a couple of other smallish jobs around the house.

The heater is ON, my feet and hands are frozen!

GRIFFIN just learnt a big lesson.
When Mum tells you to put the cherrios (little sausages), in a container with a little water, and zap them in the microwave for 1 minute... she DOESN'T mean PUT THEM IN A METAL POT, then put the pot in the microwave!!!!!

I could smell a dreadful smell in the house, took me a while to figure out what it was!

KIDS.  You would think by that age he would KNOW ... clearly not.  My bad.

I had a right shit of a job backing out of our driveway tonight.  I loathe driving at night, and I couldn't see where our concrete driveway edges were, so I had to get Griffin to help direct me!
I think I will have to back into our driveway during the day, so I can drive out easily at night.

WW result?  Will tell ya tomorrow!  ha ha

I felt really ill after dinner tonight. Don't know why.  Maybe low bloody sugars?  All I do know is I felt dreadful.  Going to bed early tonight.

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Today the guys are making the two garden sheds, rain or not.

There's a few other jobs on the list, but all I really want done is shelving in the sewing room wardrobe.  Then I can get it properly finished and I will be like a pig in mud. 

ABOVE:  The little Harvey boys, playing with the new toys.  They love them as much as Amanda and Andrew's kids, and Keera.

ABOVE: The two solar lights the guys mounted by the driveway last night.  Hopefully I can now tell which is our driveway when I come home in the dark.

Well, time to get moving, and supervise the jobs!  Oh and play with little boys of course.  *smiles*


Well... clearly I slept in! Poor Steve is out in the pouring rain assembling garden sheds. I feel dreadful. It's so cold and wet today. He really is a wonderful son!

Dante had coco pops for breakfast, and now he's hyper energetic and all over the place.  Archer is having a ball chasing the dog's tails, they seem to be irresistible!  

ABOVE:  My sewing room is a mess again, as I've had to haul everything out of the wardrobe so Steve can make the shelves later on today.  That's Bex and Archer tidying up my wool. 

Well OK, Archer isn't really helping, in fact he got all tangled up himself and had to be rescued!  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  The boys watching Stew and Steve building the first shed.
Once it's made, Steve is doing my shelves, then if he has time he will assemble the 2nd shed.

 ABOVE: Tallulah has spent a lot of time growling... she didn't recognise the guys in their raincoats! 

ABOVE:  The weather is so fickle today.  Torrential rain, then lovely sunshine. When it rains it's bloody freezing!

ABOVE:  the solar lights in the daytime, charging up in the sunshine.

ABOVE:  The first shed almost finished, with Dante driving around on the baby motorbike.  He put the first little dent in the shed!

 ABOVE:  Sadly this bike runs on a recharge battery, so it doesn't last for long, maybe an hour?
Just enough time to have fun.

ABOVE: Bex made a lovely banana cake for afternoon tea.   Steve put the shelves up in my sewing room after the first shed was made, then he went out and made the 2nd shed.

The 2nd shed didn't take as much time as the first one.  

I've got chicken casserole in the oven for dinner.

Steve, Bex and the boys are leaving for home after dinner.

Then it will be time to relax for the evening and  watch two programmes we've been following, that are ending tonight.   Blindspot and The Family... both have been very interesting to watch.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Today I can finally reveal our finished lounge:

ABOVE: Throught 'the gap' is the front door to the left and my sewing room.

 ABOVE:  In the front door entrance is the antique credenza, and behind it is our big mirror, that is waiting to be hung up on that wall.  I hope it gets done this weekend.

ABOVE:  It is a lovely, warm and inviting room.  The kids watch their programmes in here, and Stew watches sport in there too.

While he's doing that, I'm in the family room watching CORONATION STREET!  lol

ABOVE: Yesterday morning I was sitting in my chair in the family room, and I could see the girls in Brylee's bedroom.  They were just sitting on the bed, staring at me!

ABOVE:  They have a good view of the back yard from there.  I think they are really enjoying their new home.  So many places to lie in the sun and enjoy the view.

Now, today.
We are going down to the local carpet court to suss out some carpet samples to bring home.  We are getting a really big rug made to go in the Family Room, to protect the carpet from track marks.

And then it will be on with some more jobs around the house and yard.

I think Stew and Steve are going to be building garden sheds tomorrow.  


3.34 pm:  Well today is the first day I can say I've been really COLD!  It's wet and miserable out there.

We went down to the local shops, picked up some carpet samples and the garden sheds, took them home then headed into Hamilton.

While there we got the kids more jeans and sweatshirts, a new cuddly blanket for me... cos it is such a pretty dusky pink!  Another clothes airing rack, and a BBQ cover. Solar lights for the front driveway, so we can tell where our house is in the dark, and a little wooden stool for the front door area, to sit and put your shoes on with.

ABOVE:  While it was nice shopping, all I really wanted to do was come home and get warm... and I also felt rather ikk today.  Just so tired!

 ABOVE:  The little stool in the front entrace.  It's very solid, but not too big.

ABOVE:  The carpet samples we chose to bring home.  I've already made up my mind which one I want to go with.  

Steve, Bex and the boys are on their way.  Hopefully the weather stays rain-free so the guys can get the sheds built tomorrow.

Well the kids arrived safe and sound.
We are now enjoying a few wines and beers (the guys)... and watching Stewy cook dinner.  My night off.

Friday, June 24, 2016


Yesterday afternoon I had a visit from 'A' from next door.  She lives with her hubby, 'C'.  They are both retired.

Anyway, she is a sewer/quilter like me, she's been doing it for a similar amount of time as me too.

She came over to invite me to go with her next Monday to one of the quilting groups here in Cambridge.  Of course I said 'Yes'.  *smiles*

She was lovely for coming over and inviting me.
So far we have meet three of our neighbours.  

Today I am actually at the 'titivating' stage!!!
You know, tweaking things, moving things, hanging things, admiring things... lol.

And doing some housework.  The washing needs to be done and hung on drying racks, it's too wet outside to hang it... HANG IT!

Ha!  My new clothesline is not up yet.  So it has to be racks for now.

I don't mind DARLING... I know it's been too dark when you get home to get it up.  *smiles*

At some point today I shall be ringing around for an Electrician to come and do some work here.  We desperately need more power points!
I can't believe how few there are here.
Oh and we would like some lights above the kitchen sink.  At the moment when you stand at the sink you have lights behind you, and you are working in shadow.

So hopefully I can get someone to visit early next week.

Now, how about some photos from last night?  Yeah.... you know you want to see 'em!

ABOVE:  Gotta love this set up!  Littlies at the bench, Bigs at the table.  *smiles* 

 ABOVE: Master Smiley... little Liam ... what a poser!  He loves having his photo taken.

 ABOVE:  Cutie Emily... another cheesy smiler!

ABOVE:  Little Miss Muppet, giving me one of her reserved smiles.

 ABOVE: I just bought these new toys for the toy box.  The three of them loved them and played with them for ages.

ABOVE:  there's some advantages of having a lovely long kitchen!  They made a lot of noise, but were so happy!

Well... that's it for now.
I plan on being much lazier today!


Well I have been pottering around, got the washing on... feeling very content with my lot today.

 ABOVE:  Our bedroom.  When we bought the house, we thought the master bedroom was fairly small.  How did we get that so wrong?  It's huge!

 ABOVE:  Taken from our bedroom ranchslider.  Looking back ... that window in the distance is the Kit/Din/Family room.

 ABOVE:   Looking the other way.  As you can see, all our neighbours are a nice distance away.  And shielded by hedges, so it's quite private.  Well... except for the neighbour directly behind us.  I hope that hedge grows taller!

They have NO curtains, which we find a bit weird.  We can watch their big screen TV from our kitchen!

ABOVE:  It's a funny day today, some rain, then beautiful sunshine.  Ha ha, I fink that's called SHOWERS.  lol

I popped down the road this morning to get a few little things... and as I walked up the main shopping street there was a rather elderly lady coming towards me.
She was smiling at me, so I smiled back.

Then she said "Nice bosoms".

Now just what do you say when an old lady says THAT to you?

A myriad of ideas came to mind, but in the end I just said "Thank You"... and continued my walk!

It gave me a right chuckle.  *smiles*   

After lunch today I just kinda wound down... lost any energy I might have in reserve... so lay down and had a nap.

It wasn't really a good idea, cos you always wake up feeling like shit.

But... I am fine again now.  Dinner is on, washing is on and I'm looking forward to a lovely evening, Coronation Street is on.  Yaaa hoo.