Friday, April 30, 2021


 I mentioned yesterday that I'd bought some large plastic bags eh?

Well... they are for my markets.  

ABOVE:  Usually I pack all my patchwork, tablecloths, props etc in these large bins.  They take up a lot of room in the car, and are awkward to lug from the car to the stall site.
It occurred to me that large plastic bags would be a better idea (took me a while!)...

ABOVE:  So, there ya go, for the princely sum of $30, I've got me plastic bags, all ready to have my stuff put in them today.

They are going to be so easy to 'fit' in the car, and carry to our stall site.  When empty, we can just fold them up and shove them under a trestle table.  Brilliant!

I have well and truly sorted out my layout now, and am happy with it too.

Today I might sew a white tablecloth it fit my square trestle table.
Other than that, it's all 'go' for Saturday.  The weather looks GREAT!  Probably damn cold early on, but warmer later on.

ABOVE:  Very clever.  

And that's me for now.  Catch ya later.

10.10 am:  And I've been on the go for over 2 hours.
Everything is sorted and packed up ready for tomorrow's market.

ABOVE:  Just have to add the gazebo now... then it can all go in Stew's car.

ANON:  Thank You for that information, I will be sure to repack everything into bins when we get home from market tomorrow, and only use the bags 'on the day', for transporting to and from markets.

I am now taking a break before getting all the washing folded and put away.  Housework is such a fag.

12.15 pm:  And bugger me!  I went and did the grocery shopping!
It wasn't too bad, now that I don't do a fortnightly shop, it's so much easier.

While in the parking lot at the supermarket, I spotted a Monarch Butterfly on a trolley.  So I went over and she flew off.   I used that trolley.

Cos I almost feel like my Mum visits me as a butterfly.

ANYWAY... as I arrived home with the groceries,  guess what I see straight away?

ABOVE: ANOTHER freakin' Monarch Butterfly!  

I've been thinking about Mum a lot lately.
The month of May starts tomorrow.
It will be Mother's Day on the 9th.
And my Mum's birthday is on the 14th.

I bought a Mother's Day card.  For Mum.  Cos it's far too soon to not get one.  Ya know?

I found out something this afternoon that has made my blood BOIL.  What do ya do with anger that has nowhere to go?
I'm absolutely furious, but can do nothing... NOTHING right now anyway.
KARMA... OMG I just have to WAIT.

I am going to need a drink or three tonight, just to calm the fuck down.  I was going to cook a lovely dinner too... but now?  I'm NOT IN THE MOOD! 
edit:  I am going to cook my darling his dinner. Not his fault I'm in a foul mood.

I'm cooking a Pork Eye Fillet, it's in a long solid roll.  I have to sear it then bake it.  NEVER done this before.  I hope I don't kill it.  

ABOVE:  I didn't kill the pork!  It was sooooooooo soft and moist!   The smashed roast potatoes were amazing, and the sauce with large onion chunks was yum too.   I feel like a proper wife.

The Bacardi and diet coke is not too bad.  I will probably only have one, cos seriously, I'm just not a drinker at all.

And alcohol never solves anything.

We had a heavy shower of rain tonight.  Fark!  It better not rain tomorrow.

I'm going now.  You have heard enough from me today.

Thursday, April 29, 2021



ABOVE: The volleyball I managed to purchase, closer to home.  Thanks to Stew of course, let's not forget he found it!

It isn't a 'Competition' Ball, it's a softer version, much more suited to kids and recreational games.

And better yet, it was NOT expensive at all.  Competition balls are $150!

Playing Volleyball has become a 'thing' among kids of late.  Dante and Archer just love it.

Hamilton literally has no volleyballs anywhere to buy.

That's how popular it has become.

The little and big kids played 'volleyball' all weekend with balloons!

So I decided a proper volleyball was needed.

I will also be buying a net, so the kids can play volleyball on our driveway.

Our driveway is huge.  Kids can play all sorts of games on it.  Tennis even, it's that big.

Right, moving right along... today?

Not sure, let's see what happens!

 8.30 am:  And well... I have been up, into town and back already today.
Bex had to drop their car off at the garage (it's not running too well), so I went into town to bring her and the boys back home.
She has no idea how long she will be carless, but hopefully not too long.

It's bloody cold this morning.  My hands are like blocks of ice.  ALMOST time to start bitching about being cold!  😆😅😂

ABOVE: Driving into town this morning and I spotted this balloon... so I stopped and snapped a photo.  Gotta love Hamilton!

1 pm:  And I've been out again.
This time I picked up Bex and the boys and we went to The Base.  
I wanted to find some large plastic shopping bags.  Not for groceries.
I will show you what for and what I got... tomorrow.

Bex found some wool she was needing, and then we had lunch.

ABOVE:  We were lucky to run into these two cherubs at the food court.  Emily and Liam were with their Dad, Andrew.  So a few quick hugs before I took Bex and the boys home.
I'm now going to continue sorting out my market stuff.
It's been so long since I did a market I had forgotten half the things I need to take with me.
Labels, price stickers, hooks, clips, pens, scissors, table cloths... bla bla bla.  It's not just me 'wares' I have to take!

8.45 pm:  Well, a very quiet afternoon and evening here. I cooked a Chicken/Bacon/noodle dish for dinner.  It was spicy.  Stew ate it.  I did not.
I had a sandwich and left over sushi thing from lunch.
Time to sign off for the day.  
Catch ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021


 Recently I reached out to a fellow blogger who lives here in Hamilton.

Margaret has a blog:

I hope you go and say 'Hi' to her!

She is going to visit me for morning tea today.  I'm really looking forward to her visit.

I don't get to meet too many fellow bloggers.

ABOVE: When Stew got home from work last night he checked out the 'stall lay out' in the garage.  It doesn't look much like that, but I think it will work just fine.  

Bearing in mind it will be inside the gazebo!

And there will be all me stuff on the tables etc. lol

ABOVE:  I saw this on Facebook last night.

What house do you think I would choose?

And what house would YOU choose?

It took me ages to pick, cos NONE of them have friggin Diet Coke do they?  Pfffft.  How rude.

ABOVE: Another funny... cos we all need a laugh don't we.

1 pm:  And my visitor has just left.  I don't know how, but we managed to yak for 2.5 hours and could have continued for a few more I reckon!

Margaret is lovely, it was so nice to meet her.  I am sure we will be meeting up again.  We are of a similar age and have had some similar life experiences, which made yakking very easy.

I made her laugh lots, which I love.  Nothing like making someone smile or laugh. 😊😄

Now... IF I HAD TO CHOOSE:  I'd chose House # 3!  I love the beach, the gym for Stew, Pizza and Beer... well ya gotta eat and drink something!  #1 would be my second choice.

Now... I'm off to have lunch then do bugger all till I go over to Cambridge for an FBG walk tonight.

6.30 pm:  Well, I went over to Cambridge mid-afternoon as Stew had tracked down a Volleyball in a sports shop in Cambridge.

So, off I go, buy the ball then visit a girlfriend until it's time to do the FBG Walk.

ABOVE: And... it gets canceled.   So I am now home and about to suggest to Stew that we go out for dinner.

Think we will go to Lone Star.

ABOVE:  You can't fault Lone Star's Lasso of Hog!

We both had it for dinner.  

Home now, enjoying the rest of the evening with our feet up. 😊

Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Yesterday was a public holiday, and Stew was home, so it feels like a Monday morning.

I don't have much on today, I just need to get all the washing done.

I got some of it done yesterday, but bloody hell, I don't know where it all came from cos I've still got two loads to go.

It's all going on racks in the garage cos it's supposed to rain today.

ABOVE: I liked this one.

Hmmm.... I forgot to get a 'float' for my market on Saturday, so I better get that today ... it will give me an excuse to go out.

I'm going to do a 'mock up' of my 'stall lay out' in the garage today.  I want to do this because of the new Table Runner rack I bought a little while ago.

I need to see how it will fit with my trestle tables.  I don't want to be taking along more tables than I need on the day.  Done that before.

12 noon:  And I'm finally home from the shops.
I got me float... Cash for the market in other words.
Then I decided to go into a Lingerie shop and actually get FITTED for a bra.  I'm sick to death of ill fitting bras that keep falling off me shoulders and cutting into me sides!
Didn't even check out the size till I got home.

Bloody hell ... I'm an F.  I've only ever been a D or DD before.
I really must work on reducing that down a notch or 10!

It is nice to be comfortable thought I must say.

The other thing I was on the hunt for was a Volleyball.
Can't find one in Hamilton ANYWHERE.  
So I'm at home doing a ring around now.
I might have found one in Tauranga... not sure yet.


Letting your fingers do the walking is so worth it!  I have found a volleyball... in Tauranga.  So Stew and I will be doing a day trip over there on Sunday to get it.
I'm very happy with my day so far.

1 pm, and my next job is lined up...

ABOVE: This is my 'baking' cupboard.  Only trouble with it?  Everything just gets thrown in there and you have to pull half the shit out to find what you are looking for.
So... I've pulled heaps out and am going to put all of the gadgets and appliances in another cupboard in the kitchen 'proper'.

It's about time I did it.

ABOVE:  These are some of the gadgets and appliances already out, and ready to move to their new cupboard.

The kitchen is sorted out, it only took 10 minutes.  So lucky we have so many cupboards, I literally had one spare, so all those appliances/gadgets went in there.  

3.41 pm:  And I'm exhausted!  Been on the go all day.
I think I've got my stall lay out set out right, to fit the bigger table runner rack in.
It took me ages longer than it should have, and now I'm bloody crabby as fuck.

I should be going to Cards tonight, but I'm not going.  I'm tired and need to just relax tonight.  At home.  With my feet UP.

The new bra fits wonderfully, but I'm feeling CONSTRICTED... I'm not used to wearing a 'proper' bra that holds everything IN.  
Including me back fat!   So I feel like it will have to come off soon, just to make me feel less like I'm wearing a straight jacket!  😆😅😂

Well... it's been a really nice evening.  Relaxing.
Watching the telly, doing Sudoku on the computer and so on.
Time now to head off to bed.  Loving the cooler temperatures!

Monday, April 26, 2021


 Well after three months in her first 'flat' situation, Brylee is moving into her new one today.

Into what is hopefully a better place, with 4 other younger people.   A couple and two other single girls.

I really hope this move is a good one for her.  And she's happier there than where she has been.

ABOVE:  Since we put the mattress topper on our bed, the girls have really struggled to jump up on it!

In some ways this is great, cos they can't throw all me pillows on the floor...  😏😂😄

But Marley finally got up after three attempts.  She's so damn cute.

ABOVE: So was our little Miss Muppet!  You can have 5 lollies and no more I said... yeah right.  She snuck a few more in I do believe.

It's one of the very naughty things we grandparents do... SPOIL them rotten.

While the guys are moving Brylee and her furniture, I suspect the little boys will be here making mayhem.

And noise.  OMG yesterday the noise level in this house was insane.


It was all down to freakin' balloons.

The kids got to play with balloons, tossing them all over the house, playing 'volleyball' with them and so on.

I never thought kids could have so much fun with humble balloons before. 

Little Kids AND Big Kids!  I'm gunna have balloons on hand ... forever

And... let's start the day!  It's bound to be wonderful... because the kids are here.

11.15 am:  Baking scones for the masses.

Moving is in progress.
Lacy is here for leftovers, among other things.

ABOVE: When ya daughter (Brylee) takes 50+ photos of you and ya dogs, and you simply cannot decide on which ONE to post.

So ya get 3.  edited photo, cos clearly there were 3 photos the exact same!

ABOVE: They ain't quite so noisy today!

ABOVE:  These were a hit with the family.
We have 5 left 😂😆😅... for now.

Well... it was a busy family afternoon.  
Mike and Joyce left for home mid afternoon and have just arrived home. (8 pm)
Brylee is all settled in her new home.

All is quiet in our home again.
Just hanging out in our lounge chairs watching TV till bedtime now.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, April 25, 2021


 I tried a Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate this morning.

ABOVE: The only thing I liked about it was my coffee mug!

It was too sweet.  Didn't really taste like hot chocolate either.  Might not have it again.


And... just to have a laugh... cos we all love a good laugh:

Totally changes it.

ABOVE:  Playing a new card game (to everyone except me and Stew), called Skip Bo.  We all really enjoyed it.

Stew stepped in to finish Joyce's hand when she had to step out to FaceTime family.

It was the first time Stew had played cards since my brother Vern died in 1999.

Stew and I used to play cards with Vern every time he came home from overseas.  When he died, Stew never played cards again, until yesterday.

I think Stew enjoyed it.  Maybe we can convince him to join in again?

ABOVE:  The big boy and the little boys hanging out together.  It was very sweet to see.  

ABOVE:  And some of our girls hanging out too.

ABOVE:  Steve and Mike had a quick game of Magic before dinner. It looks SO complicated!

ABOVE:  Snuggle time.  

ABOVE:  It is scary how much these two precious boys take after their crazy Dad.

ABOVE:  Lacy and her kids.  All so different, but lovely in their own ways.

ABOVE:  Oh look, I got in a photo eventually!

Today everyone is meeting back here after breakfast, and we are going to Hamilton Zoo.

I am sure we will have a very enjoyable time.
After the Zoo we will be having lunch in the mall, before probably going home.

BUT... there might be some shopping done too.
Ya just never know.

So, if you thought there was a lot on here already... just wait!

3 pm:  And we are finally home, having spent about 2.5 hours at the Zoo, then lunch at Chartwell Square.

WARNING:  Photo dump!....

ABOVE:  Heading off on our adventure.

ABOVE: Three little monkeys.

ABOVE: Awww ... little baby primate.

ABOVE:  We were lucky to be at some enclosures at feeding time, so got to view more animals than 'normal'. This porcupine was lovely.

ABOVE:  Lacy got to touch the porcupine spines... she wasn't allowed to keep one.  
I could have said she got to cop a feel, or stroke a prick... but I didn't!  😆😅😂

They felt like fingernails or even  a bit rubbery.

ABOVE: A very old female chimp. She sat on a blanket and had another blanket over her shoulders earlier on.  She was so sweet.

ABOVE:  Lacy stroking a Kune Kune pig.  

ABOVE:  It was lovely seeing the Giraffes, but the smell of their urine was SO STRONG I felt extremely sick, and couldn't leave them fast enough!
That was sad, as I really love seeing them.

ABOVE: Rhinos are by far my most favourite wild animal.  They are majestic.

ABOVE: Finally leaving.  
We had to dodge a few showers during the first half of our visit... but it was still a wonderful morning.

Everyone is tired now, so we are just sitting down relaxing for a while.

9.54 pm:  Well I cooked up a huge dish of Chicken and Bacon Rice Risotto for dinner.  I do believe it went down well.
Except for Brylee.  She didn't come back for dinner, she hates Rice Risotto!

Everyone has left now, Mike and Joyce are sleeping at Steve and Bex's tonight for a change.

We expect them all back in the morning to help Brylee move to her new abode.

And that's it for the day!   
Catch ya tomorrow.